Name Date Description
MSNGR12A.ZIP 02-18-95 MESSENGER 1.2a - Deluxe tagline manager which supports multiple tagline
files or categories. It has many powerful features for organizining
your tagline collection including dupe checking, alphabetizing files,
savable multiple keyword search
MSNGRA12.ZIP 01-22-95 Messenger 1.2a - Deluxe Tagline Manager Which Which Supports Multiple
Tagline Files or Categories. It Has Many Powerful Features for
Organizining Your Tagline Collection Including Dupe Checking,
Alphabetizing Files
MSNOTIFY.ZIP 11-24-95 Enhanced Mail Notifier for Ms Mail From Cis
MSNTCN14.ZIP 02-27-95 Convert Mosaic Site Lists to Netscape.
MSN_153.ZIP 09-29-95 Mcafee's Server-based Tape Backup Program!0
MSO232.ZIP 01-16-90 RTTY BBS
MSOFT17F.ZIP 05-05-95 Msoft17f Will Format A 3.5" Floppy Disk to the New Format Scheme Being
Used by Microsoft. This New Scheme Creates A Floppy That Holds 1.7 Megs
Rather Than the Standard 1.44.
MSOFTBBS.ZIP 12-08-93 Listing of files available on the MicroSoft BBS in Washington state.
Phone number included. (Newest File Date: 12-08-93)
MSOFTFIX.LZH 01-06-14 Use mouse on COM 3 & COM 4 in WIN 3.
MSORT112.ZIP 01-21-95 Msort112: Master Sort Program, Dos. Faster And More Powerful Than DOS
Sort. Can Sort Files of Almost Unlimited Length. Version 1.12. By
Martin Katz, Ph.D. Many Options. Fully Functional Shareware (No Nag).
MSORT115.ZIP 11-04-95 Msort115: Master Sort Program for Dos. Can Sort Files of Almost
Unlimited Length. Faster and More Powerful Than DOS Sort. Extensive
Control of Sorting Order, Sorting Over Multiple Columns, and
Elimination of Duplicate
MSPAC111.ZIP 11-14-96 Ms. Pac-em - Superb Graphics, Soundblaster Support and Enhanced
Gameplay That Truly Makes You Feel Like You're in an Arcade
MSPELL.ZIP 05-26-93 MSPELL V1.5 C/C++ Spell checking library Spell checking library for
c/C++ programs. Includes library files for all models of Borland and
MicroSoft C. Current dictionary sizes are: 39,000 words and 119,000
words. Very easy to use interface is
MSPIG10A.ZIP 03-12-94 Ms. Piggy Bank - Six Entertaining and Effective Activities Teach
Children From 6 to 10 All About Money. Vga Graphics, High Quality
Speech, and Full Mouse Support.
MSPIG11C.ZIP 05-11-94 Ms. Piggy Bank 1.1: Six Entertaining and Effective Activities Teach
Children From 6 to 10 all About Money. Vga Graphics, High Quality
Speech, and Full Mouse Support. Shareware From Kidstuff Software. File
3 of A 3-file
MSPIG22A.ZIP 05-10-95 Ms. Piggy Bank 2.2: Six Entertaining and Effective Activities Teach
Children From 6 to 10 all About Money. Vga Graphics, High Quality
Speech, and Full Mouse Support. From Kidstuff Software. File 1
MSPIG22B.ZIP 05-10-95 Ms. Piggy Bank 2.2: Six Entertaining and Effective Activities Teach
Children From 6 to 10 all About Money. Vga Graphics, High Quality
Speech, and Full Mouse Support. From Kidstuff Software. File 2
MSPIG22C.ZIP 05-10-95 Ms. Piggy Bank 2.2: Six Entertaining and Effective Activities Teach
Children From 6 to 10 all About Money. Vga Graphics, High Quality
Speech, and Full Mouse Support. From Kidstuff Software. File 3
MSPOOL.LZH 01-06-14 A better print spooler program
MSPROJ.ARJ 12-19-13 MS Project Working Model, all the windows files removed.
MSPUB2.ZIP 01-22-94 Microsoft Publisher 2.0 text converter filter for Word for Windows 6.x;
01/22/94; Microsoft (Newest File Date: 01-22-94)
MSPWLUPD.ZIP 12-23-95 Fix for Password Sercurity Flaw in Windows 9
MSPY11.ZIP 05-09-96 Mailspy - Government Breathing Down Your Back? Have Players With Foul
Mouths? This May be the Util for You to Easily Keep Tabs on What is
Going on Inside Your Games or Just
MSPY3210.ZIP 09-01-96 Memoryspy32: Stay-on-top Memory Gauge for 32-bit Windows Monitors
Memory Usage and Availability. A Small Tool-type Window Dynamically
Observes Memory Conditions/ Changes. Displays A Percentage
Representation of Memory
MSQ21AP.ARJ 12-19-13 MSGED/Sq for OS/2 version 2.1a. A Maximus-compatible message editor.
MSQ21AP.ZIP 07-12-92 Msgedsq v2.1; FTSC + Squish Compatible Message Editor
MSQ22B.ZIP 01-05-93 Msged 2.2: wide beta squish/*.msg reader for DOS. 01/05/93
MSQ2_1.ARJ 12-19-13 MSged/Squish V2.1 Bypasses Beta 2.0.6.
MSQ2_1P.ZIP 06-22-92 FTSC + Squish compatible message editor
MSQ305.ZIP 04-29-95 Msged 3.05 for .Msg/Squish W/Many Features Direct From Zone 3 Author.
MSQEBEAT.ZIP 12-31-95 Sdc_demo Demo: Masque - by E-beat -
MSQP22E.ZIP 01-01-94 MsgSqEd message editor for fido/squish messagebases
MSQU103.ZIP 09-14-93 Magic Squares v1.03: MS-Windows collection of three sliding block
puzzles and one math puzzle; you can toy with the 3x3 size, fiddle w/
the 4x4 size, and agonize over the 5x5 size; 09/14/93; Randy A. Harris.
(Newest File Date: 09-14-93)
MSR700.ZIP 08-19-96 Latest Modemshare 7.0 Files (Patch 45) Incl Inhost.Exe, Mclient.Dll,
Mclient.Exe Mlclient.Exe, Mlights.Exe, Monitor.Exe Mserver.Exe, Mshare
.Vxd, Msrci32.Dll Msrrdir.Vxd, Paredit.Exe, Pedit.Msg Portsetc.Exe,
MSRCH10.ZIP 07-01-96 Multisearch Text Door V1.0 Set Up Security Specific Text Files or Ansi
Graphics for Viewing, Searching, or Downloading! Multiple Document
Categories, Highlighted Search Results, Boolean Search Algorithm.
MSRCH11.ZIP 07-07-96 Multisearch Text Door V1.1 Set Up Security Specific Text Files or Ansi
Graphics for Viewing, Searching, or Downloading! Multiple Document
Categories, Highlighted Search Results, Boolean Search Algorithm
MSREAP20.ZIP 01-15-97 Quake: - A Multiskin Mdl for Reaper Bots
MSREC31.ZIP 04-05-93 Windows Sound Editor For .Voc, .Wav And .Snd Files. Can Play .Voc
Through Pc Speaker (Using Speaker Driver). Free! (Newest File Date:
MSRESIZ2.ZIP 09-15-97 OCX for automatic handling of form-resizements
MSRG10.ZIP 06-28-93 MOD Spec v1.0 for Renegade. This utility will scan a file directory
data file and check for MOD files; when found, MOD Spec will process
the descriptions to include the specifications for the MOD. Similar to
GIF specs.
MSRIP100.ZIP 07-30-93 MSRip v1.00; QB/PDS Compatible functions to allow usage of
MSRPR111.ZIP 03-11-94 Miserprint V1.11 - Print Utility for Hp-deskjet (Needs Os2.X)
MSS10.ARJ 12-19-13 Leave On-Screen Message While Away From Desk
MSS15.ZIP 01-10-92 Message Screen Saver v1.5
MSSCRSAV.ZIP 01-26-94 MeySoft(TM) Simple Saver 1.0 is an easy to use screen saver collection.
Very simple animation of objects and random line drawings. Requires
less space and memory than the more popular screen savers, only 243,902
bytes of disk space. Contains 19 modules, plus one to display brief
images from each module. Registration $15.00 . Copyright (Newest File
Date: 01-26-94)
MSSERIAL.LZH 01-06-14 MSC 5.1 serial code
MSSFS.ZIP 03-24-95 Mail for Windows Mssfs.Dll Update Applies to Versions 3.0b,
3.2, and 3.2a of Microsoft Mail for Windows. Microsoft Provides A
Replacement for the Mssfs.Dll File That is Included With Versions 3.0b
and 3.2
MSSLIDER.ZIP 01-31-97 Slider Controls - is A Vb Control That Provides Horizontal and Vertical
Sliders. You can Select From Different Slider Styles Track Styles,
Colors, Ticks, Etc. Description Copyright 1997 Psl
MSSLITE.ZIP 05-31-92 MSS LITE Screen saver
MSSNOW3.ZIP 02-07-92 Hiver.exe winter animation
MSSUP201.ARC 03-23-89 MS DOS source support package for Zoo 2.01
MSSUPP.ZIP 06-26-93 Windows help file containing microsoft suppo. (Newest File Date:
MST.ARJ 12-19-13 Kids Spelling Game With Soundblaster Support
MST15.ZIP 04-12-93 Kids Spelling Game With Soundblaster Support
MSTAR2.ARJ 12-19-13 Electronic magazine (christian)
MSTAR202.ARJ 12-19-13 Morning Star Volume 2 Issue 2 Christian Oriented newsletter magazine
MSTAR3.ARJ 12-19-13 Electronic magazine (christian)
MSTAR405.ZIP 05-01-94 Cdn_news May 1994 Issue of Morning Star Christian Magazine
MSTAT.ZIP 06-23-92 WC3.x bulletin maker shows conferences more
MSTAT111.ZIP 10-16-94 Msgstats V1.11 Lists Hudson Message Area Info for Quickbbs, Ra, and
Superbbs. Number of Messages, Space Occupied, Etc. Finds Areas Where
Tossers Have Created "Garbage" Messages So You can Clean Them Out.
MSTATS.ZIP 05-12-95 Memory Status utility for Windows 95 by Mark Gamber This utility
displays the current memory status of Windows 95 including the total
and available physical RAM, total and available paging memory, total
and available virtual memory and free system resources.
MSTDOS12.ZIP 08-23-95 The 32 Bit Dos/Dos4gw Automated Episode Guide V 1.2 for Mystery Science
Theater 3000. This is A Text Mode Menu-driven Program That Makes
Viewing the Episode Information Very Simple.
MSTEST.ZIP 01-22-93 Microsoft Test 1.0 Demo, Automated Testing Environment for Windows
Application Developers.
MSTOS211.ZIP 08-13-95 32 Bit Automated Episode Guide V1.0
MSTOS212.ZIP 08-23-95 The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Automated Episode Guide V1.1 for Os/2!
MSTPIX11.ZIP 06-06-94 MYSTIC PIXELS 1.1 Manipulates pixels. Runs in 1 of 10 modes that
either move, recolor, or erase pixels on the screen. You can pick a
mode or allow Mystic Pixels to randomly pick one each time it starts.
MSTR25.ZIP 06-27-95 Data Master V.2.5 - is A Free-form Database System That Lets You Store,
Retrieve, Sort and Print Any Kind of Information Quickly Simply and
Safely. Very Fast Find Option Will Search for String (Word or Words)
MSTRALGN.ARJ 12-19-13 Align/Adjust your color monitor.
MSTRBSTR.ZIP 02-16-95 Masterblaster Game - Dynablaster Clone - Shootem Up
MSTRM10D.ZIP 07-10-92 Master Mind {V 1.0-D} *) Part of the TEMPEST
Network Collection (* This is the old game of Master Mind. You and the
computer match witt's. You try to figure out the code generated by the
computer based the clues given you after each move. This is the Door
MSTRMI.ZIP 07-07-93 Master Series II a Powerful Library of Winword Macros.
MSTRP10A.ZIP 03-03-93 Masterprint V1.0a: Word for Windows Macro That Offers You Total Control
Over Printers & Print Jobs From One Easy Control Panel; Allows You to
Easily Select Any Open Document for Printing, Any Printer Port or Fax
Card, Any Set of Page Ranges or Odd/Even Pages; You Can Print the
Selected Text or the Current Page. Mastermind Software. (Newest File
Date: 03-03-93)
MSTRTRKS.ZIP 12-20-94 Master Trek is the Large, Exciting, Full Featured, Multi-level,
Multi-screen Strategy Required, and Pretty Windows Game
MSTRV12.ZIP 12-28-93 MSTRALL v1.2 Full featured AllFiles generator for Maximus and
compatibles BBS. Includes support for ANSI colors ! Fully configurable
WarmBoot Productions Carlos H. Cantu
MSTUD41.ZIP 08-14-95 Midi Studio V4.1 - Windows Player / Sequencer Features - Play Songs in
the Background Uses Musical Staff and Musical Notation. Printing, Print
Preview, Dotted Notes, Play Animation, Enhanced Midi Events Supports
MSTUD42.ZIP 12-12-96 MIDI Studio v4.2: Windows MIDI editor/player
MSTWIN10.ZIP 11-04-95 The 16 Bit Windows Automated Episode Guide V 1.0w for Mystery Science
Theater 3000. This is A Full Featured Windows Program That Makes it
Easy to View Information on the Popular Comedy Central Tv Show Mst3k.
MSUB13.ZIP 08-30-95 Utilnet Msub V1.3 Standalone Search-replace. Commandline or Script
Driven Textfile Manipulation Tool. Changes Multiple [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN One Go
W/Wildcards. Flexible Regular Expression Searches. Rearrange or Extract
Parts of Text
MSV30.ZIP 11-07-94 Menu Swapper V3.0 - Shiver & Associates Allows the Users of Wwiv BBS
Systems to Choose Their Own Main Menu and Transfer Menus for use on the
Bulletin Board.
MSVIBMP0.ZIP 01-18-95 Kermit 3.14 Mstibm Telnet Ansi Wyse50 Columb.
MSVID.ZIP 04-29-93 Ms Video for Windows Interface Routines for Borland Pascal for Windows
- Nice!
MSW6SCR.ZIP 12-08-94 Six Microsoft Windows Screen Saver Modules: - 3d Dots - 3d Figures -
Bouncing Lines - I.F.S. Fractals - Lissajous Figures - Spirograph
MSWEXT34.ZIP 09-03-93 Microsoft Windows Logo 3.4 (Extended Kit) This is Part of the Kit is
Only Needed for Windows 3.0 Users. the Base Kit (Mswlgo34.Zip) is
Required for Both 3.0 and 3.1 Windows Users Files: 1 09-03-93 New: 1
MSWINCOM.ZIP 07-31-93 Explains how to improve communications and serial performa
MSWINDL.LZH 01-06-14 Cardfile of Windows shareware
MSWINOS2.ZIP 05-17-94 Allows You to use Win-os2 From Msdos. Replaces Fix-w Os2.Zip. Last
Revision Date in Archive: 05-17-94.
MSWLGO34.ZIP 09-03-93 Microsoft Windows Logo Version 3.4 Free Files: 113 08-21-90..09-03-93
New: 108
MSWLGO41.ZIP 09-18-95 Pdnwin Logo Languge for Windows Mswlogo 4.1 is A Language Based on Lisp
This Implementation Extends the Language to Include Window Bitmaps,
Examples, Online Hypertext Help and A Demo. Req: 386 Cpu, Windows 3.1
and 4meg
MSWLOGO3.ZIP 07-03-93 The Latest Version of Logo for Windows.
MSWORD6.ZIP 04-07-94 This is A Microsoft Patch for Word 2.0 That Will Allow You to Read Word
6.0 Doc. Files. You Will Need to Run the Setup From Windows and This
Microsoft Patch Will Install Into Your Ms Word 2.0 Program. The Change
MSW_OL03.ZIP 08-12-95 Enhanced Online Message System V0.3 Send Messages to Online Users on
Other Nodes, Up To 10 Msg Lines, Very Configu- Rable, Return Receipts,
Excluded Users. One of the Best Olms! (Beta But Bugfree) -ppe 3.01- - -
- - - -12/
MSXLPTCH.ZIP 12-21-95 Ms Excel V7 Bug Fix (From Microsoft)
MSYS109.ZIP 01-30-91 Radio BBS software
MSYS111.ZIP 09-02-91 Packet Radio BBS program
MSYS114.ZIP 04-19-93 MSYST; A User Terminal Program For use with TNC's or Modem
MSYS118.ZIP 12-05-94 Amateur Radio Packet BBS and Network Node Program.
MSYS119.ZIP 09-23-95 Amateur Radio Packet BBS & Network Node Upgr.
MSYSB119.ZIP 09-23-95 Amateur Radio Packet BBS Only Program Upgrad.
MSYSDRV.ZIP 01-14-91 Special drivers for msys and Tandy's
MS_AD11.ZIP 12-14-93 Add Descript V1.1 -- Written by Ray Akey (Aka Heavy Metal)
Distributed by Metalsoft Written for Cnet Amiga V2.96+
MS_MJ.ZIP 08-23-94 Marijuana as medicine for MS references
MS_QWK43.ZIP 01-25-94 Ms-qwik Os2 V4.3 From Metal Software -- the Best Amiga Qwk Reader! --
MS_SET7.ZIP 09-07-95 Shareware Slideset 7 for Microscope for The.
MS_SH16.LZH 05-06-90 Bourne shell for MS-DOS v1.62
MS_SH164.ZOO 11-06-90 sh,rsh - MS-DOS shell v1.64 (5 Nov 1990)
MS_SH200.ARJ 12-19-13 A Unix shell ported to both OS/2 and MSDOS; usable under OS/2 2.0.
Like your '$' prompt?
MS_SH200.ZIP 05-21-92 OS/2 1.x and 2.0 Korn and Posix shell
MS_SH21S.ZIP 04-27-93 Stewartson's Ksh-like Shell for MS-DOS - Source
MS_SHOCK.ZIP 02-15-95 Microsoft Consent Decree Shot Down in Court.
MS_VIEW.ZIP 05-19-95 Text/Ansi File Viewer for the Majorbbs This Majorpro Module Allows Your
Users to Read and Download Text Files. Allows Charging Credits
MS_WALL2.ZIP 01-10-96 Wallpapers Name: Jets Format: Bmp Res: 640x480 Colors: 256
MS_WIN92.ZIP 08-13-92 Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Windows - This file contains a series of
articles on various aspects of Windows.
MT.ZIP 11-08-91 Write your Senator today about the ban on scanners
MT1.ZIP 01-30-94 TURBO TPU TOOLKIT KIT #1 VERSION 1.0 Pascal TPU math functions
that have 19 significant digits. Calcs. hyperbolics, inverses, averages
primes, matrix math, simul. solns, unit conversions. Req. 512K RAM,
math coprocessor, DOS 4.0+.
MT100.ZIP 06-04-96 Mt V1.00 - Move to Drive/Directory. Complete Cd Replacement. Features
Slash As Well As Backslash; Partial Directory Names (No Pop-up Window);
Two Previous Directories; Multiple Dots (Greater "Lineage"). Freeware
MT14.ZIP 06-11-95 Enhanced //QSCAN Feature By Maintech #1 @4203. Date: 06/11/95
MT210.ZIP 02-14-97 Mt V2.10 - Move to Drive/Directory. Complete Cd Replacement. Features
Slash As Well As Backslash; Partial Directory Names (No Pop-up Window);
Two Previous Directories; Multiple Dots (Greater "Lineage"); V2.10
MT220.ZIP 04-05-97 Mt V2.20 - Move to Drive/Directory. Complete Cd Replacement. Features
Slash As Well As Backslash; Partial Directory Names (No Pop-up Window);
Previous Directories; Multiple Dots (Greater "Lineage"); V2.20
MT250.ZIP 11-01-93 My Time V2.50 Personal Information Managermajor Features Include:
Calendar, Dialer,morenon-tsr Approach to Preserve Memory. This Isthe
First Shareware Release.
MT320.ARJ 12-19-13 MsgTrack 3.20 - powerful Point, Node, Exceptions and Routing handling.
MT32_15.ZIP 09-06-96 Musical Tutorial for Win95 V1.50 - W95 Excellent Way to Encourage
Musical Study Using Graphically Oriented Environment. Makes Music
Lessons Fun for Children and Adults
MT32_17.ZIP 06-05-97 Musical Tutorial for Win95 V1.70 - W95 an Excellent Way to Encourage
Musical Study Using A Graphically Oriented Environment. Makes Music
Lessons Fun for Children or Adults
MTA100.ARJ 12-19-13 MsgTrack Analyser 1.00 - reads MsgTrack logs and maintains statistics.
MTA1450.ZIP 06-06-91 Take Them Anything v14.5.0
MTABLE.ZIP 03-24-93 Reachout remote control modem config file.
MTAC_002.ZIP 05-03-94 Message to all Callers Door - Freeregware!
MTALK100.ZIP 04-17-94 Mtalk V1.0 - Multi-user Teleconference for Most Bbs's
MTANK15.ZIP 06-22-96 Win Mega Tank V1.5 - Freeware Version
MTAOVF10.ZIP 05-03-92 MTA is a conversion utility to convert al- most any archive and/or GIF
to another for- mat. It contains special support for BBS's, exits,
doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while
you convert. Add-on utilities included !! See MTA_VF10 for a
description of changes. ** THIS IS THE OVERLAY PART OF MTA **
MTAOVF57.ZIP 03-07-94 Mta V 15.57 Overlay Version Make Them Anything Converts Almost Any
Archive And/Or Gif to Another Format. Contains Support For Bbs's,
Exits, Doors and the Like. Also Can Check for Virus Inside the
Archives While You Conv
MTASK.LZH 01-06-14 Multitasking program for DOS 3.2 or less
MTASK20.ZIP 03-15-90 Simple multitasking for Turbo Pascal v5.5
MTA_VE01.LZH 01-06-14 Make Them Anything - Repacks from/to any archiver
MTA_VE55.ZIP 12-29-13 Make Them Anything v5.5: Arc-to-arc convers.
MTA_VF10.ARJ 12-19-13 MTA is a conversion utility to convert almost any archive and/or GIF to
another format.
MTA_VF35.ZIP 02-22-93 MTA is a conversion utility to convert almost any archive
MTA_VF40.ZIP 07-25-93 Make Them Anything V15.40. Converts Almost Any Archive And/Or Gif to
Another Format. Special Support for Bbs's, Exits, Doors and Such. Also
You Can Check for Virus Inside the Archives While You Convert.
MTA_VF57.ZIP 03-07-94 Make Them Anything V15.57. Convert Almost Any Archive And/Or Gif to
Another Format. Contains Special Support for Bbs's, Exits, Doors and
Such. Check for Virus Inside the Archives While You Convert.
MTBOOT.ZIP 11-22-94 Multi Boot 1.0 | Multi-Boot Configuration Program Configure up to four
different boot configurations. Easy, no boot-up menu or nothing! Just a
simple command line... Shareware $15 US dollars! Written By Richard
Ratayczak For Disk And Desk Inc
MTC32B10.ZIP 09-12-95 Mtrxcalc 32-bit V1.00 - Mtrxcalc Calculator Interface to Matrix Algebra
includes A Parser for Expressions Such As: Inv(A)*(3*B- Trans(C)) Etc.
32-bit Version.
MTC95V22.ZIP 09-02-96 Mtrxcalc V2.21 - W95 Numerical Matrix Algebra, Includes Very Easy to
use Interface, With Calculator Buttons or Sophisticated Parser
MTCALC10.ZIP 07-18-95 Mtrxcalc V1.0 - A Calculator Interface to Matrix Algebra. Ease and
Convenience is Combined With Elementary to Advanced Methods.
MTCHPRPS.ZIP 10-05-95 Fwprog Match Properties External Macro for Vx-rexx 2.1c
MTCPB2.ZIP 04-20-94 MS 32-BIT TCP/IP stack for WfW 3.11, the beta 2 version. (Newest File
Date: 04-20-94)
MTC_V205.ARJ 12-19-13 Make Them Check v2.05 errorlevel BATch utility.
MTD103.ZIP 03-30-93 MaxTools v1.03:(MS-DOS version) 17 utilities for Maximus B
MTDOS11.ZIP 01-23-95 Music Tutorial for DOS V1.1 - Promotes Musical Study Using A
Graphically Oriented Environment. Great for Children and Adults.
MTDOS12.ZIP 11-01-95 A Musical Tutorial (Dos) V1.2 - Makes Music Lessons Fun for Children or
MTDOS13.ZIP 08-01-96 Musical Tutorial for DOS V1.3 - DOS Promote and Encourage Musical Study
Using Graphically Oriented Environment. Play, View, and Print Scales,
Chords. Print Sight-reading Tests
MTECH96.ZIP 05-13-92 .MDM NRAM for Multitech MT932EAB v.32 9600.
MTERM11.ZIP 02-26-95 MTerm 1.1 by Matthew Campbell This is a simple communication program.
It includes the ability to automatically dial a number, shell to DOS,
and upload and download using external protocols such as DSZ. This
program requires a FOSSIL driver
MTESP101.ZIP 02-12-95 Mt: Earthsiege Update V1.01, 1994 Game by Sierra Earthsiege Update
Patch. Adds Difficulty Levels to Career Mode, Support for the
Thrustmaster Wcs Throttle and Other Minor Fixes. V1.01 Self Extracting
File Direct From Sie
MTEXT.ZIP 06-09-93 Miscellaneous hacking text
MTEXT120.ZIP 04-05-95 V1.20) Multitext Vbx (Mtext.Vbx). Visual Basic Vbx Allows Displaying of
Hypertext Multiple Fonts, Font Styles and Colors. Text May be Selected
With Cursor and Copied to Clipboard. Text can be Loaded Direct From
MTEXT130.ZIP 10-02-95 Multitext Vbx V1.3 Visual Basic Vbx for Displaying of Hypertext
Multiple Fonts, Font Styles, Colors and Tables. Text May be Copied to
Clipboard. Text can be Loaded Direct From Disk and Converted From Rtf.
MTEXTRA.ZIP 09-19-91 Mt Extra Plain Truetype Font. (Newest File Date: 09-19-91)
MTG20.LZH 01-06-14 Graphs, curve, reports, teachers dream
MTG21.ARJ 12-19-13 Making the Grade v2.0 - Rick Redley shareware 33. Complete store and
process student grades,
MTG302.ZIP 12-13-93 Making the Grade V3.02 Teachers' Gradebook.
MTGEM2_5.ZIP 06-13-95 Mortgage Modeler - Multiple Document Interface Mortgage Analysis
Package. Calculates Differing Loan Payment Ranges and Accompanying
Amortization Tables. Allows Comparison of Differing Loan Scenarios (V2
MTGINV30.ZIP 01-20-95 Magic the Gathering Inventory Program Copyright 1994, Tom Niwinski
MTGMAID.ZIP 07-08-92 Megatraveller RPG Game Master's Aid for Windows 3.1 - Ver 1.0. (Newest
File Date: 07-08-92)
MTGP302.ZIP 12-13-93 Making the Grade Plus (Teachers' Gradebook).
MTGPATCH.ZIP 04-25-97 Magic the Gathering Game Patch
MTGPL10F.ZIP 04-12-94 MortgagePlus/Tracker for Windows, version 1.0f. A detailed Windows
mortgage analysis program which features itemized closing cost details,
Fixed or ARM rates, monthly or bi-weekly payment schedules, prequal
analysis, professional printed reports and more. (Newest File Date:
MTGR9_95.ZIP 09-10-95 Complete Magic: the Gathering Game and Card Rulings From the Official
Archive. These Are the Sept.5, 1995 Update.
MTGU100.ZIP 12-13-93 Making the Grade Utility V1.00.
MTG_LIST.ZIP 08-24-95 Card List for Magic: the Gathering.
MTH1848.ZIP 03-11-94 Methodist Ministers and Deaths for around the world in 1848. (GENE)
(Newest File Date: 03-11-94)
MTHMODE1.ZIP 04-12-94 Mode Command Replacement V1.0 by [eddie/Bb] Let You Choose Between Rip,
Graph, Ansi, And No Graphic Modes With a Menu Interface Using Hotkeys.
Great Pc-style Look /User Friendly. Last Revision Date in Archive:
MTHMST23.LZH 01-06-14 Math tutor add/sub/multiply/divide
MTHPL212.ZIP 01-01-94 Mathplot V2.12 - a 2d Function Plotter for Os 2.04 and Higher
MTHRBDS.ZIP 06-17-96 Info on Recent Motherboards With Problem Chips
MTHSHP1.ZIP 04-01-93 Generate Whole Number Math Problem Worksheets
MTHSHP2.ZIP 04-10-93 Generate Fraction Math Problem Worksheets
MTHSHP3.ZIP 04-10-93 Generate Decimal Math Problem Worksheets
MTIC130D.ZIP 08-01-96 Megatic V1.30 for DOS Systems. Tic File Processor for Ezycom and Others
MTIC132D.ZIP 10-20-96 Ecf_util Megatic V1.32. Tic File Processor for DOS Based Ezycom Bbs's
and Others
MTIC132O.ZIP 10-18-96 Megatic V1.32. Tic File Processor for Os/2 Based Ezycom Bbs's and
MTIC144D.ZIP 01-12-97 Dos/16m Dpmi Megatic - the Maximum Tic-processor V1.44.00 Lot of
Bugfixes Reqproc. Speed 2 Times Faster. Filelist Function for Maximus.
The Direct-filebase Ticprocessor for Raccess 2.Xx, Pboard 2.Xx Concord,
Ezycom 1.2x
MTIC144O.ZIP 01-12-97 Fwbbs Megatic V1.44.00 Tic File Processor
MTIDE135.ZIP 07-01-95 Mitsumi Quad Speed Ide Cd-rom Drivers Version 1.35.
MTKIT1.ZIP 11-30-93 Turbo Tpu Toolkit! V1.0 Asp Tpu Based Toolkitof Math Functions Such As
Inversetrigonometric, Hyperbolic and Otherfunctions. Accuracy to 19
Significantfigures. for Use With Turbo Pascal 5.5compilers. Functions
Plug in Where
MTL-COPS.ZIP 05-26-93 List of Montreal urban community police radio frequencies.
MTL100JE.ZIP 05-06-93 Class DOSThread: a base class for multithreaded DOS progra
MTLABSND.ZIP 04-26-93 Rd/Wr/Play .WAV files from Matlab 3.5 (Win3.1)
MTLMAX21.ZIP 04-15-94 MotelMAX v2.10 Hotel, Motel, B&B or Resort Manager-including
reservations, advance deposits, front desk, accounting, room inventory,
point of sale, guest history, audit trail, general ledger and many
reports. Standard version manages up to 50 rooms and 10 room types -
$135. Assigns room rates automatically. Supports all date and currency
formats and all printers. Business - MKM Software.