Name Date Description
MDFE1A.ZIP 04-06-92 MEGADOOR Front End v1.0a; Allows the use of multiple protocols and
local sysop usage of Megadoor through one convenient doorway.
MDFEDEX.ZIP 01-05-96 G Fs5 Mcdonnel Doublas Md-11 Federal Express (Cargo) Plane to use With
Flight Shop
MDFJOBD.LZH 01-06-14 Prompts CHGJOBD with parms filled in
MDFSPC.ZIP 09-23-93 Mhs Modem Definition File
MDG11516.ZIP 03-10-97 Midget/16 V1.15 - A Simple Yet Powerful Replacement Calculator for
Windows 3.1 and 95. Just Type in Any Expression (Like "2 3/7.1-3sqr 5")
and Hit Return. 27 Functions 6 Memories (Variables), Deg/Min/Sec
Fractions, Unit
MDG32112.ZIP 12-20-96 Midget/32 V1.12 - A Simple Yet Powerful Replacement Calculator for
Windows 95 (32-bit). Just Type in Any Expression (Like "2 3/7.1-3sqr 5"
and Hit Return. 27 Functions, 6 Memories (Variables) Deg/Min/Sec,
Fractions, Unit
MDI.LZH 01-06-14 Demo of MDI - Multiple Document Generator
MDI2.LZH 01-06-14 Part 2
MDIC200.ZIP 09-02-93 The Modem Dictionary v2.00. Freeware. This is a must for anyone using a
modem. It contains easy-to-understand definitions of over 730 words
that come up when using modems and BBS's. Helpful for both the beginner
and expert. No need to try to figure out the jargon anymore!
MDIDEMO.LZH 01-06-14 Demo
MDIFF.ZIP 02-11-93 Nt Gnu Diff For Mips R4000 Processors (Feb 1993 Build). (Newest File
Date: 02-11-93)
MDIR11.ZIP 11-05-94 Megadir V1.1: Great Little Directory Listing Utility W/The Ability to
Sort the Files by Name, Extension, Size or Date (Either From Low to
High or High to Low); Colors Filenames Based on the File's Extensions
MDIR30AB.ARJ 12-19-13 MenuDirect GOLD v3.0(a) formerly P&Shoot MenuDirect GOLD - lower
registration $
MDISK41.ZIP 02-17-97 Maxi Disk Version 4.1 for Windows is A High-powered But Easy-to-use
Disk Formatting and Copying Utility That Can: Format or Copy Any Type
of DOS Disk- Including Maxi-style Extended Capacity Disks and Microsoft
1.7 Mb Dmf
MDIZ102.ZIP 09-24-95 Maxdiz: Will Extract File Id.Diz's and Place Them in Files.Bbs.
Designed for Maximus But Will Work for Just About Any Files.Bbs System.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - V1.02!
MDL0204.ZIP 02-02-94 Microsoft Download Service Files As of 2/4/94
MDLANG2.ZIP 11-24-96 Maindoor/2 V1.10gamma7 Language Files Converted From Spanish to English
Approx 80% Converted. After Install, Place These [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto the Md
MDLANG3.ZIP 11-28-96 Maindoor/2 V1.10gamma7 Language Files Converted From Spanish to English
Approx 80% Converted. After Install, Place These [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto the Md
Directory. Revison #3.
MDLAVI.ZIP 10-10-94 Screencam Demo (With Sound) of Easy-to-use Lan Modeling Tool. Although
Easy to Use, Tool Incorporates Statistical Modeling, Traffic Analysis,
and Expert System to Explain About Network Bottlenecks
MDLBRY.ZIP 08-24-91 Middlebury CT golf course for JNUG
MDLLATI.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for ATI/unsup. SVGA
MDLLCIR.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for Cirrus 640x480
MDLLCPQ.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for Compaq Q-Vision
MDLLCR8.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for Cirrus 800x600
MDLLS3.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for S3
MDLLS38.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for S3-805, 256 clr
MDLLS3H.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for S3 - 64k colors
MDLLTRI.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for Trident 8900
MDLLTSG.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for Tseng ET4000
MDLLV7.ZIP 01-10-93 Win. MPEG player DLL file for Video 7
MDLLWD.ZIP 08-29-92 Zing Drivers for Viewer - Update
MDLPBK21.ZIP 09-01-95 Hubi's Midi Loopback Device V2.1 - Sept 95 Virtual Midi Driver for Win3
X Connect Multiple Midi Programs Add Multiclient I/O for all Midi
Drivers Midicable: Simple Midi Application With Realtime Sysexthru and
MDLV13.ZIP 07-14-96 Meddle V1.3 by Brian Martin
MDLX1.ZIP 02-05-95 Micro! Deluxe V1.0 Enjoyable Puzzle/Logic Game W/ 3d 256-color Vga
Graphics, A Large Scrolling Playfield, and Many Unique Levels.
Supports: Sb/Adlib/Mt-32/Pc Speaker/Joystick
MDM-RDC.ZIP 01-11-93 Capture of modem recommendation msgs in comm conferences.
MDM2.ZIP 10-01-95 For Golded/2 2.50.Beta6: Put This Mdm.Dll
MDM2LEV5.ZIP 07-02-96 A Good Doom2 Wad Made From Scratch. Made by Mike Sokolowski. It Took
Many Hours Please Try It. Wad Supports Deathmatch (Not Recomended) and
Co-op. This Level Has Some Pretty Good Secrets
MDM32386.ZIP 12-21-94 Master Disk Menu 3.2 - 386 Version Menu for Dos. Features Include:
Built in Calendar, Clock, Calculator, File Viewer and Screen Saver.
Easy to use With Built in Mouse Interface. Uses No Menory After
MDM400.ZIP 08-18-93 SatisFAXtion Modem/400: Information and Solutions to Commo
MDMA.ZIP 08-23-94 Misc MDMA info
MDMAIL10.ZIP 11-11-96 W32_apps Medmail 1.0 Medical Newsletter Sent to You Via E-mail Every 2
MDMAIMPR.ZIP 08-23-94 A not about MDMA impurities
MDMANEUR.ZIP 08-23-94 MDMA neurotoxicity
MDMAREPT.ZIP 08-23-94 California report on MDMA
MDMASSRI.ZIP 08-23-94 MDMA interaction with SSRI's (Prozac, etc)
MDMASYNT.ZIP 08-23-94 MDMA synthesis
MDMCFG22.ZIP 12-05-91 MODEMCFG.EXE program 2.02, a setup program for Telix versi
MDMDEF.ZIP 04-26-94 Current Modem Definition File From Esoft.
MDMINIT.ZIP 07-26-93 Modem commands and responses for use in tuning up your modem
initialization string.
MDMODE20.ZIP 07-16-93 Mdmode 2.0 Video Diagnostics 6 Mode Utilities
MDMSHARE.ZIP 12-06-95 Artisoft(R), Inc. Acquires Modem Sharing Technology
MDMTELIN.EXE 10-23-95 Telindus Aster 4 PSTN TT, Partita PC 14.4 SFP, Partita PO 14.4 SFP.
(MDMTELIN.EXE, 21k bytes, dated 7-10-95)
MDMUSRCR.ZIP 09-01-95 Windows 95 Mdmusrcr.Inf for V.34 Courier Place in /Windows/Inf
Directory and Redetect Courier V.Everything.
MDMUSRIM.ZIP 01-03-96 Usr Imodem Win95 Updated .Inf File
MDMUSRVI.ZIP 10-13-96 Win 95 Inf for Usr Sportster Vi Modems. Includes 33.6 Voice
MDMWZ303.ZIP 12-29-94 Fine tune your modem/resolve COM-IRQ problems, J.Krahmer
MDM_BUZZ.ZIP 10-29-90 Modem Buzz words explained
MDNGHTBT.ZIP 04-09-94 Midnight V0.6 - Moduler Blanking System (Beta Release)
MDOC11.ZIP 04-26-93 Mortgage Doctor For Windows v1.1: MS-Windows app designed to fill all
your amortization (etc.) needs; 04/26/93; Joseph G Ferrante. (Newest
File Date: 04-26-93)
MDOCH.ZIP 12-01-93 Cl-tool Multi-doc Descriptive File: Clipper 2 Help To/From Eh &
MDOOR10.ZIP 01-01-93 MultiDoor V1.0. Front end utility for BBSes. Read and log Caller ID
info,compare # against twit list. Distinctive ringing support (one
number for BBS and another for voice calls), saves extended connect
info (protocol and compression used). For multi-node systems,
MultiDoor can be used to notify callers that the BBS is down while
performing maintenance. -AV by author, Affordable Computer Services.
Shareware, $20 registration.
MDOR10.ARJ 12-19-13 Mdor V1.0 Fast And Simple Mailing List Database Program.
MDOR10.ZIP 11-24-91 MDOR v1.0 - Fast and Simple mailing list database program.
MDOS401.ZIP 10-27-91 Multi-DOS v4.01 DOS Multi-tasking Shell/OS
MDPCB11.ZIP 03-08-93 Modify PCBTEXT Utilities v1.1. PCBoard Utilities. Two programs - One
converts PCBTEXT into an ascii file you can edit with your favourite
word processor. The second program converts that ascii file BACK into
the PCBTEXT file! This allows very
MDPERL22.ZIP 05-07-94 1-data M.D. Pearls 2.2 Over 10,000 Medical & Computing Acronyms
MDPERL31.ZIP 09-02-94 Data M.D. Pearls 3.1 Over 10,500 Medical & Computing Acronyms Explained
MDR30A.LZH 01-06-14 Formerly Point & Shoot (1 of 2)
MDR30A.ZIP 12-29-13 MENUDIRECT v3.0 file/directory program mgr.
MDR30B.LZH 01-06-14 Nominated for BYTE Product Of The Year
MDR401.ZIP 03-01-92 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
MDR6DRV.ZIP 08-26-95 Modem Doctor 6.0 External Driver File. External Driver File for Modem
Doctor 6 Adds Support for the Zyxel 2864 Series Modems. Installation is
Simple, Just Place the Mdr6.Drv File in the Same Directory As Modem
MDRAFT.ZIP 05-23-94 Easy Draft V3.2. Great Drafting Program.
MDRAW07E.ZIP 11-30-93 Mdraw, Object-oriented Drawing Program
MDRDRV02.ZIP 09-19-92 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
MDRIL201.ZIP 03-05-94 Multiplication Drill (Md), Version 2.01. A Windows Application Created
to Help Your Child Learn His or Her Multiplication Tables By Drilling
Them on One Hundred (100) Possible Combinations. Enhanced With Graphics
And Sound
MDRSC394.ZIP 08-06-94 Internet/Bitnet Health Science Resources 3/94
MDS.ZIP 12-29-13 MDS OBRA ASSESSMENT TOOL V.3.3 PCMDS is a complete quality
control program featuring MDS Face sheet, MDS Data assessment, and
resident quality review, RAP summary, OBRA quality reports, and much,
much more. Availiable for any state regulations by request.
MDT4429.LZH 01-06-14 Track member donations - non-profit
MDVS22.ZIP 07-18-94 Media Vision Sound Driver.
MDW100A.ZIP 05-21-96 Membership Databank for Window V1.00 - Win (File 1of4) A Non-profit
Accounting System. Manage Information Concerning Financial Condition
and Operating Performance of Their Organization
MDW100B.ZIP 05-21-96 Membership Databank for Window V1.00 - Win File 2of4
MDW100C.ZIP 05-21-96 Membership Databank for Window V1.00 - Win File 3of4
MDW100D.ZIP 05-21-96 Membership Databank for Window V1.00 - Win File 4of4
MDW121.ZIP 02-09-92 M O R T G A G E D E S I G N E R - Version 1.21 Mortgage calculations
complete with amortization schedules! Supports easy to use "What if?"
MDWVGA.ZIP 03-05-93 Cam Debuck Software & Game Crafters Present Maddog Williams. a Vga
Adventure Game. Help Maddog Williams Save the Princess. Includes
Soundboard Joystick (Optional). One of the Best Shareware Games.
MD_9412.ZIP 02-19-95 Ablenews the Braille Spectator, Newsletter of the Nfb of Md, Winter
MD_DATE.ZIP 07-24-94 Md_date is A Program to Set the Date Into the Environment Using the
System Date. Command Line Parameters Are Not Accepted. Environment
Format: Dateyrmody Where Yr - Year, Mo - Month, Dy - Day. Freeware.
MD_THIEF.ZIP 01-01-92 The Multi-Dimensional Thief
MD_VIDEO.ZIP 10-01-94 Md Video Poker Version 3.0. For Windows.
ME.ZIP 07-22-91 Make colorful screens with ascii input.
ME071393.ZIP 07-13-93 Mystic Earth Roleplaying Game, Rules Update of 7/13/93. Includes Major
Changes in the Character Construction System, New Trads, and More. This
is a Roleplaying Game Stored in Dart Format and Not a Computer Game.
ME11.ZIP 05-28-96 Servile Software Movie Editor Kit Capture Text Screens to File, Convert
Them to Ansi Create Movies and Play Them Back With Defineable Delay
Between Each Frame of Between Zero and 65000 Miliseconds
ME141.ZIP 11-03-93 Hex/Ascii Editor - Full Featured - Docs in German.
ME150.ZIP 04-24-93 Microemacs V3.12: Tool for Creating/Changing Documents, Pgms, & Other
Text Files; String Searching/Replacing Paragraph Reformatting/ Deleting
Automatic Word Wrapping, Word Move/ Deletes, Easy Case Controlling
ME1DEM.ZIP 12-16-94 Mail Expert! This Evaluation Copy of the World's First Server-based
Personal Email Manager From Lanshark Systems Expires 02/28/95.
Automatically Sort, Delete, Forward, Reply, Move, and Handle Vacation
ME201F_B.ZIP 04-27-88 2OF2 WITH DEMO.
ME207.ZIP 12-13-92 Megaedit07 Windows Text Editor, Mega Times Better Than Windows Notepad.
(Newest File Date: 12-13-92)
ME2_099.ZIP 08-14-94 Me/2 - A Pm-based Editor for Os/2. Mdi Interface, Movable Toolbar,
Statusbar, Dynamic Menus. Integrates Automatically With Mr/2 and Mr/2
Pm Using Os/2 Ipc to Work in "Remote Control" Mode. Can Access Mr/2's
ME2_099A.ZIP 08-30-94 Me/2 - A Pm-based Editor for Os/2. Mdi Interface, Movable Toolbar,
Statusbar, Dynamic Menus. Integrates Automatically With Mr/2 and Mr/2
Pm Using Os/2 Ipc to Work in "Remote Control" Mode.
ME404A.ZIP 04-29-94 Musicease V4.04a - A Music Score Editor Which Lets You Create,
Edit, Print, and Play Music Notation. Musicease Provides A Wysiwyg
Screen Oriented Editor; Lets You See on Your Computer Screen the
Musical Score
ME412.ZIP 11-07-94 MusicEase v4.12 MUSICEASE v4.12 - A music score editor
which lets you create, edit, print, and play music notation. Includes a
WYSIWYG screen oriented editor which allows you to see the musical
score exactly as it will be printed. Limited MIDI I/O. facilities.
MusicEase can even be operated from a single 360k floppy disk system.
(Sound cards are not supported). Now supports HP DeskJet printers!
ME420.ZIP 09-10-95 Ad-homhb Musicease V4.20 - Music Score Editor W/Wysiwyg Interface,
Professional Quality Output, Extemely Comprehensive Music Notation
ME920921.ZIP 09-21-92 Maine BBS Directory - Area Code 207
MEA11.ZIP 11-06-95 Maximum Exclusion Allowance Calculator for Windows V1.1 11-01-95.
Calculate the Maximum Amount the Irs Allows Teachers, Educators and
Others Who Have 403(B) Tax Shelters to Contribute Each Year. A Superb
Income Tax
MEA95800.ZIP 07-27-97 meaSure v8.00: 32 bit measure converter
MEAD.ZIP 08-23-94 How to make Blue Mead
MEAL.ZIP 02-15-97 Meal Planner 1.00. Allows You to Keep Track of Foods and Their
Nutritional Value As Well As Plan Your Meals
MEAL100.ZIP 02-15-97 Meal Planner 1.00 for Os/2. Allows You to Keep Track of Foods and Their
Nutritional Value As Well As Plan Your Meals. Analyzes Your Eating
Patterns and Prints Out Menu
MEALMAST.ARJ 12-19-13 Meal-Master v6.07 - a menu database with 200 recipes. good searching
MEALS.ZIP 01-19-95 Over 1800 Recipies for Meal Master 6.X
MEANDER.ZIP 01-09-94 This is a linear fractal system generator. Does Koch, Sierpinski, etc.
(Newest File Date: 01-09-94)
MEANMINI.ZIP 03-02-93 MiniGolf A simple - but good - minigolf game. Play 18 holes of golf
with obstacles such as... sand, water, moving holes, etc. A fun
distraction from time to time. Ver 1.1 - By: Jonathan Lexa
MEASURES.ZIP 07-09-96 Measures Unit Conversions, Ver.1.1d - Convert Shareware $12.00 Reg. Fee
Compuserve Swreg
MEAS_100.ZIP 12-13-96 Measures Allows Fast Accurate Conversions Between Measurements. Several
Ascii Conversion Files Are Included for Mass Volume, Length, Velocity,
Cooking Measurements, and More. Users May Also Define Their Own
MEAT301E.ZIP 09-25-95 Mod-eater 3.01e Appends Text to the Song-messages of *.Mod,*.S3m,*.Mtm
MEBCST.ZIP 03-17-91 Gulf region english broadcasts
MEC2ANS.ZIP 07-07-92 Mecca to ANSI Converter. Companion for bulletin maker, all versions.
MECDER.ZIP 08-23-94 McDermott's Guide to Depressant Drugs
MECH12B.ZIP 09-08-95 Mechwars V1.2 Beta! the Updated Version of Klaus Breuer's Awesome
Battletech Related Game. This is the Beta Version, But it Gives You A
Good Idea of What is in Store. A Definite Must for Any Btech Fan.
MECHCODE.ZIP 01-18-96 G An Exe File That Gives Most of the Mechwarrior Codes; Bugs
MECHKIT.ZIP 03-16-95 Mechkit: Ray Tracing Program to Create Robots/Mechs. Demo Pics and
Meshes Only.
MECHWAR2.ZIP 12-24-96 Quake: - Mech War V20
MECH_DSN.ZIP 11-21-95 This Program is for the Battletech Game
MECH_X60.ZIP 07-10-94
MECWORK1.ZIP 04-06-94 Mecca Workshop V1.0 - Sysop Utility for Writing Mecca Files. Hotkey
Entry of Tokens. Default Switches for Oracle Tests. Mecca Without
Redating. Dated Bulletin Headers, View, Rename, Run, Delete, Etc! Runs
Under Maximus
MECWRK11.ZIP 07-24-95 Mecca Workshop V1.1 - Maximus Sysop Utility for Writing, Compiling and
Testing Mecca Files. Hotkey Entry of Tokens. Default Switches for
Oracle Tests. Mecca Without Redating. Dated.
MED.ZIP 07-14-93 Meditative Exercise
MED0393.ZIP 03-21-93 Latest black bag medical/science bbs list. March 1993.
MED0494.ZIP 03-31-94 DelGrosso's Med BBS list April, 1994. (Newest File Date: 03-31-94)
MED0992.ZIP 09-07-92 Medical/Science/EMS/Fire BBS list (Sept. 1992)
MED1.ZIP 10-11-94 Med #1 - Medical Office Management System That Will Keep and Track
Doctor, Patient and Insurance Records. Very Comprehensive. 1/3.
MED10.ZIP 04-20-93 Quiz and Test on Medical Questions
MED102E.ZIP 09-14-95 Use Pkunzip -d Option to Unzip for Os/2
MED107_1.ZIP 06-15-92 Medical Office Management System. File 1 of 3
MED107_2.ZIP 06-15-92 Medical Office Management System. File 2 of 3
MED107_3.ZIP 06-15-92 Medical Office Management System. File 3 of 3
MED108A.ZIP 01-06-97 Medshare#1 V1.08 Medical Office Management System. Ms-dos 3.3 or
Greater (Dos 6.22 Preferred) 1/2.
MED108B.ZIP 01-06-97 Medshare#1 V1.08 Medical Office Management System. Ms-dos 3.3 or
Greater (Dos 6.22 Preferred) 2/2.
MED1094.ZIP 10-02-94 Medical Black Bag List for October 10, 1994
MED1095.ZIP 10-04-95 Blackbag Medical BBS BBS List (10/95).
MED125.ARJ 12-19-13 Mod Editor/Creator v1.25 GUI interface.
MED2.ZIP 10-11-94 Med #1 - 2/3.
MED2GO.ARJ 12-19-13 Med2Go-W 2.01 for Win3 - MedLine file conversion util for clinicians
and biomedical scientists.
MED2GO.LZH 01-06-14 Medline database file interconversion program
MED2GO10.ARJ 12-19-13 Med2go v1.0 for medical and scientific For use with on-line and CD-ROM
MED3.ZIP 10-11-94 Med #1 - 3/3.
MEDBILLS.ZIP 01-14-96 The Medical Bill Analyst Shareware Program That Tracks Your Medical
Bills, Insurance Payments and Your Payments. For Windows
MEDCODE.ZIP 12-21-89 Scanner freq. for Kansas
MEDCONTR.ZIP 05-31-94 Media Control
MEDDEMO.ZIP 07-20-93 Complete Practice Management System Demo for Medical Offices
MEDDEMOX.ZIP 07-28-95 MediaSauce Demo v1.0 - MediaSauce is a Windows 3.1 / Windows 95 program
that plays Wave, Midi, Video for Windows, and Quicktime movie files.
You can copy, rename, delete, get information, and assign your favorite
editors to these files. MediaSauce is also a CD Player / CD Database.
The CD database stores the name of the track, artist, disc name, year
released, category, etc.. The CD Database can store up to 65,535
compact discs. You can export the database and do searches on it.
MEDDLL.ZIP 10-20-94 Multi-feature Edit Control Demo, Support .Dll Required for Medmfc.Zip,
MEDEX404.ZIP 05-21-94 Abletext U.S. Medical Experiments Without Consent
MEDHERB1.ZIP 04-18-95 The Illustrated Medical Herbal Encyclopedia all the Medical Herbal
Knowledge You Need at Your Fingertips! Full Color Illustrations Detail
Descriptions, Match Herbs to Ailments.
MEDHERB2.ZIP 01-21-96 Illustrated Medical Herbal Encyclopedia 1.8 Complete Medial Herbal
MEDIACDB.ZIP 05-01-95 Graphics (.Bmp) and Text Information on Mediagenix Compact Disc
Recording Services. They Transfer Audio, Computer, Photos and Video to
Cd and Cd-rom.
MEDIAPLA.ZIP 04-13-92 MEDIA PLAYER 1.0b! - Its a Windows 3.0/3.1 Player for Wave,Midi,Fli and
Flc files.
MEDIC11.LZH 01-06-14 medic 1.1 windows hard&software info program
MEDIEVAL.ZIP 02-12-94 Game for Two Adventurers
MEDINA.ARJ 12-19-13 Course For Jnug Medinah #3.
MEDINFO1.ZIP 08-01-94 Medinfo2 Contains Many General Drug Catagories, Medical Suffixes and
Prefixes, Medical Abbrevations and Their Meanings, 1-800 List of
Medical Hot Line Numbers. Perfect for Anyone Wanting to Know More About
MEDIPLY1.ZIP 08-12-96 Mediplay 1.01 for Win95 - Fast & Funny, Plays Whole Dir's, Sends
Gm-reset, 4 Free Midifiles. Software and Music by Rainald Schwenke
MEDIT121.ZIP 05-21-96 Medit V1.21: Free, Graphic, Multi-window Cross-platform Text Editor
Initially Written to Demonstrate Mgui Designer Capabilities But Now is
Evolved Enough to be Considered A Useful Tool, Especially in DOS and
MEDIT140.ZIP 09-30-95 Medit 1.40 A Multiple Document Editor Large Documents,as Well As Word
Wrap, Drag and Drop. Calendar, Calculator.
MEDIT200.ARJ 12-19-13 MegaEdit, full-featured text editor
MEDIT200.ZIP 06-23-92 Mega Edit v2.0: Windows ASCII/binary editor
MEDIT203.ZIP 08-20-92 Mega Edit v2.03: MS-Windows editor
MEDIT208.ZIP 09-23-93 Mega Edit v2.08: MS-Windows ASCII/binary text editor w/unlimited file
sizes, split screen editing of one or multiple files, variable/
sizeable fonts, formated display of binary files, import/export of UNIX
Macintosh & DOS text formats, adjustable word-wrap, help, etc
09/23/93; Rob Conklin/Computer Witchcraft, Inc. (Newest File Date:
MEDIT211.ZIP 03-24-94 Mega Edit (TM) v2.11 - The very popular general purpose text
editor for Microsoft Windows that can edit very large files. Chosen one
of the best programs for less than $50.00 in PC World roundup. Split
window feature, understands DOS, UNIX, Mac text file formats, edits up
to 20 files at once, sizeable display fonts, many other features
(Newest File Date: 03-24-94)
MEDIT212.ZIP 04-29-95 Mega Edit (Tm) V2.12 - the Very Popular General Purpose Text Editor for
Microsoft Windows That can Edit Very Large Files. Chosen One of the
Best Programs for Less Than $50.00 in Pc World Roundup.
MEDIT214.ZIP 10-16-95 T Mega Edit V2.14 for Windows the Very Popular General Purpose Text
Editor That Can Edit Very Large Files. Split Window Feature Understands
Dos, Unix, Mac Text File Formats Edits Up to 20 Files at Once, Sizeable
MEDIT23.ZIP 04-01-93 M-edit, Programmer's Editor for Windows 32/Nt
MEDITATI.ZIP 04-07-93 Basic Meditation Techniques
MEDITATN.ZIP 05-26-94 alt.meditation
MEDITBIB.ZIP 12-14-93 Dn_east Meditation Bibliography (Zoz Imos)
MEDIT_.ZIP 04-24-93 Allows You to Design or Edit the Mouse Cursor for Graphics Modes.
Export Directly to C Source Code. Import it Right Into Your
MEDLEY.ZIP 07-30-92 Medley Jim Button's very small, easy to use and free DOS menu program.
Screen blanking, tiny (6K, perfect for laptops), user defined hot keys,
includes menu designer utility program and Users' Manual. FREE ($0
Shareware). Member ASP.
MEDLIN.ZIP 01-29-91 MEDLIN Accounting full featured.
MEDLIN94.ZIP 01-04-94 MEDLIN ACCOUNTING 1994 VERSIONS Five fast, easy to use accounting
programs- Five fast, easy to use accounting programs for the small
business. PC-GL Ver. 3.8 Double Entry General Ledger. PC-AR Ver. 4.3
Accounts Receivable and Sales Summary. PC-PR Ver 2.4 Payroll Writing.
PC-AP Ver. 1.8 Accounts Payable. PCINV Ver 1.3 Invoicing Business
MEDLIN96.ZIP 01-22-96 Medlin Accounting Shareware - 5 Fast Easy to use Accounting Programs
for the Small Business. G/L, A/R, Payroll, A/P, and Invoice Writing.
Original Winner of Shareware Industry Awards (1992). Ziff-davis 5 Star
MEDLIN97.ZIP 01-19-97 Medlin Accounting Shareware - 5 Fast Easy to use Accounting Programs
for the Small Business. G/L, A/R, Payroll, A/P, and Invoice Writing.
Original Winner of Shareware Industry Awards (1992). Ziff-davis 5 Star
MEDLIST1.ZIP 01-09-93 List of mailing lists you can subscribe to on the Internet
MEDMAIL1.ZIP 11-22-96 Medmail 1.0 Medical Newsletter Sent to You Via E-mail Every 2 Weeks
MEDMAN27.ZIP 09-04-94 New Doom Wad "Medicine Man"-can Get Tough. This is A Corrected Wad;
First Run Had A Bug. Includes Text File.
MEDPCX.ZIP 06-29-91 Various drawings: medical theme. PCX format
MEDPM101.ZIP 11-14-94 * MUEd/PM Version 1.01 * Copyright 1994, Craig Morrison A simple PM
based user editor for Maximus v2.xx. Freeware.
MEDPRL11.ZIP 12-02-94 Medical Pearls Version 1.1 Electronic Medical Book for Internists,
House Officers, Medical Students, Residents, Family Physicians,
Surgeons, Dentists, Physician Assistants, Nurses and Other Health
Related Fields.