Name Date Description
LASERPRO.ZIP 05-26-91 Dbase Clipper library for laser printers.
LASTKEY.ZIP 06-15-91 Routine to display lastkey value of key
LEXCEL2.ZIP 03-19-91 Showboat THE DEMO MAKER
M&M007C.ZIP 12-21-13 Bug fix for M&M007C.MOD: By Snorkel #1 @2100. Date: 06/30/95
M&M007D.ZIP 12-21-13 Bug fix for M&M007D.MOD: By Snorkel #1 @2100. Date: 07/02/95
M&M007D1.ZIP 07-02-95 Make specific files AND/OR directories "FREE" By Snorkel #1 @2100.
Date: 07/02/95
M&M007E.ZIP 07-05-95 Make specific files AND/OR directories "FREE". By Snorkel #1 @2100.
Date: 07/05/95
M&M012.ZIP 07-17-95 Prevent user from removing sysop sub from qscan. By . Date: 07/17/95
M&MR110.LZH 01-06-14 Memos and More
M&PCOLOR.ZIP 01-02-95 M&PCOLOR Version 1.1A *NEW* WORKS! Lets user define colors for bbs!
Works on multinode, networks, OS/2. New options! Look in whatsnew.doc!
M-DISK.LZH 01-06-14 boot or partition disinfector by McAfee
M-DISK.ZIP 03-31-90 McAfee Boot Sector Virus Remover
M-MST301.ARJ 12-19-13 High School/College Algebra tutor. Good.
M00SE_1.ZIP 04-11-91 M00SE Droppings Volume 1
M00SE_2.ZIP 04-11-91 M00SE Droppings Volume 2
M00SE_3.ZIP 04-11-91 M00SE Droppings Volume 3
M00SE_4.ZIP 04-11-91 M00SE Droppings Volume 4
M00SE_5.ZIP 04-11-91 M00SE Droppings Volume 5
M00SE_M1.ZIP 06-24-91 Miscellaneous M00SE stuff - 1/2
M00SE_M2.ZIP 08-20-92 Miscellaneous M00SE stuff - 2/2
M103.ZIP 02-11-94 Update for Mig29 from Spectrum Holobyte to version 1.03. Improves stick
handling but you still have to use the trim tabs. Released 2/7/94.
(Newest File Date: 02-11-94) Uploaded by: Bob Craycroft
M103READ.ZIP 02-10-94 Direct from the Spectrum Holobyte BBS: Description of Mig29 update to
version 1.03 Download M103.ZIP for update program. (Newest File Date:
M16BOMB.ZIP 04-22-95 New Dehacked for Doom II Must use Dehacked 2.2. Try It.
M16DOOM.ZIP 09-16-94 Awesome New Weapons Patch for Doom Ver. 1.2. Done by Yours Truly.
Replaces all Weapons Except Chainsaw and Shotgun. Digitized Graphics,
New Sounds, Etc. Must See!
M16FULL.ZIP 12-30-96 Gaseous Pillars (Star Birth) in M16. Hst Wfpc2 Image
M1ED10.ZIP 05-10-94 M1edit is A Gamer's Utility for Editing the Saved-game File in M1 Tank
Platoon (Tm) From Microprose (Tm). It is A DOS Application That Uses A
Sophisticated, Window-based User Interface.
M21SHP2.ZIP 04-05-93 Latest Ini Fixes for March Os/21 Beta,.
M2CMP20.ZIP 11-30-88 Fitted Modula-2 v2.0a compiler
M2D100.ZIP 08-26-96 Mail2dir 1.00 - Moves Mail and Files for Specified Addresses
M2D169.ZIP 09-02-94 Os/2 V2.1, Drivers Backmaster V1.1 Beta Drivers for Summit/Mountain
Mach2 Card. Sent to Execnet Via Ftp by Sean Michaels!
M2DOC20.ZIP 11-22-88 Fitted Modula-2 v2.0a compiler (docs)
M2EXA20.ZIP 11-07-88 Fitted Modula-2 v2.0a compiler (example)
M2LIB20.ZIP 11-26-88 Fitted Modula-2 v2.0a compiler (library)
M2R-100.ZIP 03-20-95 MNU-2-RIP v1.00 by: Tom Klepl Renegade utility - Reads your menu files,
and creates customizable RIP menu screens
M2UTL20.ZIP 11-21-88 Fitted Modula-2 v2.0a compiler (utils)
M2VBBS14.ZIP 08-01-93 Set of REXX command files that will allow the VBBS SysOp t
M2Z211.ARJ 12-19-13 Version 2.11 of the venerable M2Zmodem for OS/2.
M2Z211.ZIP 10-01-91 OS/2 Zmodem implementation.
M2Z213.ZIP 06-14-92 OS/2 External Zmodem protocol, faster than DOS Zmodem. Protocol has a
built in host mode and erminal and is less than 160k! Very simple,
powerful and fast. A must have for all OS/2'ers.
M2Z214.ZIP 04-29-93 External Zmodem protocol program
M31C.ZIP 04-27-95 Here is A 338x337 Color Jpeg View of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31).
M32V85.ZIP 09-23-94 Ati Mach 32 Drivers for Os/2.
M32W20.ZIP 06-21-93 ATI Mach 32 Windows drivers v.2.0-fixes many of the bugs in build 54
and 59. You'll need loader.zip to install this and all future ati video
drivers Uploaded by: Walter Arnold (Newest File Date: 06-21-93)
M32W20P.ZIP 06-24-93 ATI Ultra+/Pro Windows drivers v2.0 (6/23/93)
M32W22.ZIP 11-05-93 ATI Mach 32 drivers, Oct. 1993 release Uploaded by: Walter Arnold
(Newest File Date: 11-05-93)
M32W23.ZIP 06-07-94 Ati Mach 32 Drivers V2.3 for Windows You Must Have Ati Drivers Already
Installed for This to Work, Plus You Have to Have the Loader Utility
From Ati.
M3RIP250.ZIP 07-28-95 The Fastest Ripper!! Supports 4/6/8 Chn Mod, Stm, S3m, Ult, Mtm, Far,
Xm and Midi Files. Searchs for Given Strings Manual, Command Line and
Automatic Extraction. File Menu and Info About all Formats
M3RIP252.ZIP 08-24-95 The Fastest Ripper! Supports 4/6/8 Chn Mod Stm, S3m, Ult, Mtm, Far, Xm
and Midi Files. Searchs for Given Strings Manual, Command Line and
Automatic Extraction. File Menu and Info About all Formats Supported.
M401B2.ZIP 10-24-95 M.Exe Expands Over 80 Different Macros in Command Line and Writes to
Standard Output, Executes, or Sets Environment Variables With the
M402A.ZIP 11-03-95 H M V4.02a. Expands Over 80 Different Macros In Command Line and Writes
to Standard Output Executes, or Sets Environment Variables With The
M4KIT12.ZIP 06-01-96 Metakit V1.2 - C Classes for Persistent Structured Data. Features:
On-demand Loading Commit/Rollback, Serialized I/O, Simple Api in A Few
C Classes. With Hypertext Intro & Winhelp Api Reference Guide
M4W110SL.ZIP 02-21-94 MOD 4 Windows v1.1 - a great MOD player. (Newest File Date: 02-21-94)
M4W200SL.ZIP 06-27-94 This is an Excellent Mod Player for Windows. W/ all the Bells and
Whistles. It Also Supports Many Other Formats.
M4W210SX.ZIP 03-14-95 Mod4win V2.10 Digital Music Mod Player for Windows. Supports all
Archive Formats Too!
M4W211SX.ZIP 11-07-94 Mod4win Version 2.11 Windows Mod Player Allows You to Select Multiple
Mods and Play Them Consecutively. Bug-fix Version.
M4W212CR.ZIP 07-08-95 Mod4Win v2.12 Crack Works GREAT!!!
M4W212D1.ZIP 12-11-94 Mod 4 Windows, 1/2, the Best Mod Player for Windows, Version 2.12 Plays
From Mods to S3ms(Up to 32 Tracks) Has Surround Sound
M4W212D2.ZIP 12-11-94 Mod 4 Windows, 2/2
M4W212SX.ZIP 12-15-94 Mod4win Version 2.12 Mod4win is A Player for Digital Music Modules on
Ibm-pc Compatible Machines Running Microsoft Windows. Supports Mst, Mod
Wow, Okt, Stm, S3m, 669, Far, and Mtm Modules Up to 32 Channels
M4W220SL.ZIP 08-21-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
M4W220SX.ZIP 08-21-95 Mod 4 Windows - Version 2.20 Sx Sdc
M4W230SL.ZIP 11-15-95 S Mod4win V2.30. High Quality Mod Player Supports Nts, Mod, Wow, Okt,
Stm, S3m, 669 Far, and Mtm Formats With Interpolated Dynamic
Oversampling to Reduce Clinking
M60G9316.ZIP 05-03-93 Actionmedia II Media Control Driver for Mmpm/2.
M64AC153.ZIP 05-24-95 Ati Mach64 Autocad Driver V1.53 (5/10/95) for Mach64 Based Graphics
Cards, Pci, Isa, Eisa or Vlb. Includes the Autocad Driver and Ati's
Setup Program - Load64. Downloaded From Ati's Bbs.
M64DK3.ZIP 06-14-94 Ati M64 Drivers for Windows 3 of 3.
M64V75.ZIP 09-19-94 Ati Mach64 Os/2 Drivers - Dated 08/18/94.
M64W13.ZIP 08-09-94 Ati Mach 64 Video Drivers for Graphics Pro Turbo Vlb.
M72_W95.ZIP 03-20-97 Most Current Longitech Mouse Drivers
M72_W95.ZIP 03-20-97 M72 W95 Contains the 7.20 Version of the Logitech Mouse Driver for
Windows 95. The Driver Works With Any Logitech Pointing Device(S)
Operating Under Windows 95 Including Previous Versions of the Logitech
M8BTA2.ZIP 04-25-93 Ati Ultra Mach8 beta video drivers. Fast & buggy. For Windows 3.1
(NEWEST FILE DATE: 04-25-93)
M8W20.ZIP 06-21-93 ATI Mach 8 (graphics ultra) Win 3.1 drives. June 93 release. You'll
need Loader.zip to install this and all future ATI drivers Uploaded by:
Walter Arnold (Newest File Date: 06-21-93)
M8W23.ZIP 05-26-94 ATI Mach 8 and Mach 32 Windows 3.1 driver version 2.3 direct from ATI
BBS. (Newest File Date: 01-25-94)
M95X.ZIP 09-02-97 MediaSauce: CD Player/Multimedia Organizer
MA.ARJ 12-19-13 Memory Alert 1.0 shows memory usage in real time updates automatically
or on request
MA.LZH 01-06-14 Micro-Accountant checkbook & budget program
MA.ZIP 10-31-95 System tool from Executive Partners Software that allows you to trace
memory status over time and to finally analyze your system efficiency.
MA21.ZIP 07-15-96 Microangelo V2.1 for Windows 95 Impact Provides Access to Icons of all
Sizes and Color Formats Used by Windows 95. Browse Manage, Create, and
Edit Icons From 8x8 to 64x64 Pixels in Size and Up to 256 Colors
MA5_1H.ZIP 09-24-92 Program To Learn Or Increase Speed. Has Many Special Featu
MAA0B6.ZIP 03-17-93 Fs4/Asd Scenery: Chatham, Ma.
MAA9B1.ARJ 12-19-13 Marlboro, Massachusetts - FS scenery
MAABED.ARJ 12-19-13 Bedford, Massachusetts - FS scenery
MAALWM.ARJ 12-19-13 Flight Sim 4 A&SD scenery: Lawrence, MA.
MAAMVY.ARJ 12-19-13 Marthas Vineyard. Extensively SEE02'ed
MABEL.ARJ 12-19-13 Address and Notes Notebook for Business Clubs and Home, complete with
labelling system. VG.
MABELL.ZIP 06-24-94 A little something about your phone company
MABON.ZIP 04-05-93 A Mabon Outline
MAC-DOS.ZIP 01-12-92 MAC-IN-DOS provides you the ability to read/ write Macintosh ( 1.44 MB
diskettes .
MACADE41.ARJ 12-19-13 MacroAde Utilities For WordPerfect 5.1 Macros
MACANUDO.ZIP 10-19-92 Windows Dice Game Similar to Yahtzee. (Newest File Date: 10-19-92)
MACARC.ZIP 12-29-13 Macintosh ARC program, with PC unARCer
MACARONI.ZIP 09-23-96 Hey, Macaroni! Screen Saver by R.I. Soft Systems, Inc. This Hilarious
Screen Saver Includes Sound and A Music Track Spoofing the Popular
Macarena Song and Associated Dance Instead, Watch Elbow Macaroni Dance
and Sing
MACBLA11.ARJ 12-19-13 MacBlaster Game for Win 3.0.
MACBLAST.ZIP 02-09-92 Blast away the Macs! It a Mac attack!
MACBLSTR.ARJ 12-19-13 Blast Macintoshes like Space Invaders in windows.
MACCHARS.ZIP 02-25-93 Mac-Characters Truetype & Atm 15-Character Fonts Including Sigma,
Aproxequal, Lozenge, Etc. a La Macintoy. (Newest File Date: 02-25-93)
MACE130.ARJ 12-19-13 MENU ACE v1.30: a PC menu/datebook/calendar system; unlimited menus, 3
levels of password
MACFILE1.ZIP 01-13-93 MACFILE V1.0 PCBoard "Roll Your Own File Listing DOOR" Let
MACH.ZIP 01-14-92 Machinist help:for speeds, feeds, much more.
MACH1.ZIP 01-19-95 Good Wad File for Doom 2.
MACH10.ZIP 10-22-91 Mach-10 BBS; Good features, Some source code
MACH64.ZIP 01-19-95 Ibmos2vd Os/2 Disp. Driver for the Mach64 Chipset From Ati Technologies
MACHELP.ZIP 07-13-93 Wp V6.0 On-line Macro Help File.
MACHINE2.ZIP 12-13-93 Playable Demo of Sierra's "Incredible Machine 2". It's Worth the
Download Time If You Like Solving Spacial Puzzles.
MACHINES.ZIP 07-14-93 Magic and Machines
MACHLP.ZIP 06-01-92 WPWin Macro Help - This WordPerfect for Windows (WPWin) quick reference
is a companion help file for the book WordPerfect for Windows Power
Tools, by Gordon McComb, published 1992 by Bantam Books. It contains
on-line help on all WPWin macro commands, including programming and
product function commands.
MACHNOV.ZIP 01-17-94 Nov. '93 ATI MACH32 Drivers for ATI Graphics Ultra Pro SVGA WIN
Accelerator Cards. (Newest File Date: 11-05-93)
MACHSYM.ZIP 07-17-91 Machining symbols for AutoCAD icon select
MACHUMAN.ZIP 08-19-91 Achumaine font for Adobe TM/Win3.
MACKS11.ZIP 06-01-93 Mack's Tavern v1.1: bartender database for MS-Windows; recipes can be
printed using text or graphics; default printer can be chosen from w/in
the pgm since it can shell to Print Manager; req VBRUN200.DLL. (Newest
File Date: 06-01-93)
MACMAN50.ZIP 06-17-94 Macro Manager, Version 5.0. An Enhancement to the Macro Recorder That
Comes With Windows Which Uses A Two-key Macro Entry Systemyou Press A
Trigger Key (User-defined), Followed by A Letter or Number and
MACMENUS.LZH 01-06-14 Menu/Mice Drivers for Wordperfect 5.0
MACMLT.BMP 01-06-14 A Meltic MacIntosh Bitmap for Windows
MACOPY1.ZIP 03-02-92 MACOPY V1.0 Search all drives and directories for a file(s) and copy it
over to a different location. Great for BBS's or large networks, save
all those "whereis" commands prior to copy a file somehwere
MACPHON2.ARJ 12-19-13 Phone Book Program - Features input, loading and saving of phone books,
editing options,
MACPRN10.ZIP 04-25-92 PrintMacros macro V1.0 24/04/92 - Allows you to print macros, either
from NORMAL.DOT, an open template file or the template on which an open
file is based.
MACQ.ZIP 06-18-93 Macro Manager v1.5. Program any number of keystrokes into a two-key
macro. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. (Newest File Date: 06-18-93)
MACRAI11.ARJ 12-19-13 Macroaid v1.1: Collection of utils to manipulate WPCorp macros (WP5.x,
DrawPerfect, PlanPerfect
MACRM11.ZIP 01-10-93 MACRM V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x - 15.x Removes files & descriptions from
PCBoard directory listings. Handles unlimited number of files and dirs.
Runs from constructed lists of files and dir locations. Very fast and
safe. Saves tons of time when p
MACRO351.ZIP 03-14-97 Macro Mania 3.51 - "A Power User's Dream" Launch New or Switch to
Currently Running Windows Programs. Send Any Keystroke to Any Windows
Program-fast and Easy! You can Transport Data Between Programs,
Schedule Macros
MACROCVT.ZIP 08-26-93 MACRO CONVERT v1.0; Program for converting the @MACRO codes in
FeatherNet BBS v4.2a's screens to the NEW code names in FeatherNet BBS
v5.0. This will work for ASCII, ANSI, XCODE & RIP screens and menus.
MACROM.ZIP 12-13-95 Macro Mania V1.1 - Start Programs, Send Keystrokes, Switch Back and
Forth Between Any Running Windows Program Using Clipboard Function to
Cut, Copy, & Paste. Vbrun300 Req
MACROM10.ZIP 11-24-95 W Macro Mania 1.0 Powerful, Very Easy-to-use Program That Works With
Any Windows Program! A Power User's Dream! Start Programs, Switch to
Currently Running Programs, and Send Keystrokes to Programs With One
MACROM31.ZIP 08-10-96 Macro Mania 3.1 - "A Power User's Dream" Launch New or Switch to
Currently Running Windows Programs. Send Any Keystroke to Any Windows
Program-fast and Easy! You can Transport Data Between Programs,
Schedule Macros
MACROMGR.ZIP 06-24-94 Macro Manager - Lets You Program Any Number of Keystrokes Into A
Two-key Macro. New: Full-screen Macro Editor, Sample Macros, A Tutorial
for Beginners, More Customizing Options, Multiple Automatic Playback of
MACROS.ZIP 06-23-91 Macros for DOS 5.0 DosKey Not for Beginners
MACROVIR.ZIP 12-11-96 Macro Viruses - an Informative Report From the Antivirus Researchers at
Dr. Solomon's, A Well-respected Antivirus Vendor. Rich Text Format (
.Rtf) can be Read by Most Word Processors.
MACROWKS.ZIP 10-07-85 24 123 MACRO FILES 017A
MACSEC11.ZIP 01-19-93 MAC SEC V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x is an ON-LINE Security Upgrade Door for
your users. Lets your users upgrade themselves, without waiting for an
event to occur. Protect up to 50 levels, File or Byte ratio, allow 50
levels to be altered. Very fast
MACSEE31.ZIP 07-06-93 Macsee V3.1: Utility That Will Allow You to Read/Write Macintosh Format
Diskettes on Your Pc, Including 1.44 Mb High Density Macintosh
Diskettes, 800k Low Density Spectre Format Macintosh Diskettes and
Macintosh Hard Disks
MACSEE40.ZIP 04-13-94 MacSEE for DOS and Windows, version 4.0. A utility which will allow you
to read/write Macintosh format diskettes on your PC. This includes 1.44
MB High Density Macintosh diskettes, 800K Low Density Spectre format
Macintosh Diskettes (this is the Mac emulator for the Atari ST), and
Macintosh hard disks including SyQuest removable hard drives. (Newest
File Date: 04-13-94)
MACSEE4B.ZIP 05-01-94 Utilnet2 Allows Pcs to Read From/Write to Macintosh Formats
MACSHA20.ZIP 10-10-93 MacShare v2.0: MS-Windows macro mgr intended to replace Win's Macro
Recorder w/a two-key macro entry system; NOT affected by macros built
into other apps, so you can playback a macro manager keystroke in the
middle of a WordPerfect macro, for example; VBRUN300.DLL is req'd;
10/10/93; John Ruzicka/JSR. (Newest File Date: 10-10-93)
MACTERM.ZIP 04-28-95 Macterm: the Computer User's Bible - Macterm Contains Over 1,000
Computer-related Terms and Concise Definitions Hot New Internet Terms
and Even A List of Internet Providers. With Macterm You can Edit or
Delete Terms
MACTOWIN.LZH 01-06-14 MS Windows readmac to MS Paint xlator
MACTR01.ZIP 10-19-95 Mainactor/2 - A Modular Animation Package for Os/2 Warp - Beta.
MACTR015.ZIP 10-26-95 Fwapps Mainactor/2 (V0.15), A Mod Animation Package, is Able to Load,
Edit, Play, Create and Save Animations and Pictures of Any Size in A
Format Independent Manner.
MACTR019.ZIP 01-19-96 V0.19 Mainactor/2, A Mod Animation Package Mainactor/2 is Able to Load,
Edit, Play Create and Save Animations and Pictures Of Any Size in A
Format Independent Manner.
MACTR020.ZIP 01-31-96 Fwgraphx Mainactor/2 V0.20, A Mod Animation Package. Mainactor/2 is
Able to Load, Edit, Play, Create and Save Animations and Pictures of
Any Size in A Format Independent Manner
MACTR035.ZIP 06-27-96 Mainactor/2 V0.35, A Mod Animation Package, is Able to Load, Edit, Play
Create and Save Animations and Pictures of Any Size in A Format
Independent Manner
MACTR050.ZIP 09-12-96 Mainactor/2 V0.50, A Mod Animation Package
MACTR065.ZIP 03-27-97 Mainactor/2 V0.65, A Mod Animation Package Mainactor/2 is Able to Load,
Edit, Play Create and Save Animations and Pictures of Any Size in A
Format Independent Manner Mainactor/2 Includes Most of the Animation
and Picture
MACVOC2.ARJ 12-19-13 Voc file some words from the bard v2.
MACWHERE.ZIP 03-01-92 MacWhere V1.0 extreamly fast type Whereis pgm
MACWIN1.ARJ 12-19-13 MACWIN - MS Windows 3.0 Screen Enhancer
MACXW4.EXE 10-23-95 ATI Graphics Pro Turbo PCI (mach64) (dated 8-11-95)
MAC_05.ZIP 03-22-95 New Macgyver Utility, Split, Uuencode Abm.
MAC_COMP.ZIP 05-11-93 Macintosh/Dos/Windows Compatibility Database
MAC_DOS.ZIP 01-12-92 MAC-IN-DOS provides MAC access on your IBM
MAC_FONT.LZH 01-06-14 Mac-like Font for Windows
MAC_SYS7.ZIP 02-03-92 Mac System 7 Sounds in WAV Format
MAD112.ARJ 12-19-13 Madness: cult erasure game - v1.12 - by Andrew J. Mead
MAD117.ARJ 12-21-13 Madness version 1.17 Online Game Door Madness is an online game written
with the BBS Onliner Interface, meaning it will run under virtually all
DOS based BBS systems. Madness is a simple to play hard to master and
extremely addictive scr
MAD118.ZIP 08-07-93 Madness v1.18 Online Game Door; Online game written with the BBS
Onliner Interface, meaning it will run under virtually all DOS based
BBS systems. Madness is a simple to play hard to master and extremely
addictive screen clearing game.
MADAMBOV.ZIP 02-18-94 Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (1857) This Edition Edited and
Digitized by New Wave Publishers 2103 N. Liberty St. Portland, or 97217
Currently in the Public Domain.
MADAVE.ZIP 02-15-93 Madison avenue font - truetype. (Newest File Date: 02-15-93)
MADDEN11.ZIP 10-29-96 Update Madden '97 11
MADDER.ZIP 06-07-94 Cf-misc Madder Dyeing Information
MADDLIB1.ZIP 01-28-94 Maddlibs v1.000: old-time Maddlib game that enables you to create your
own hilarious stories; 01/28/94; Joseph Jesena. (Newest File Date:
MADDM3.LZH 01-06-14 Full featured 'desktop' adding machine
MADE.ZIP 07-14-93 The Devil Made Me Do It!
MADEMO1.ZIP 07-04-93 Maestro Pro 1.0 - the Best Shareware Music Cataloging Program on the
Market. the Program Keeps Track of Albums, Songs, Who Played What, and
Prints Cassette Liners (J-cards). Full Documentation Included. Only $19
95 Regist
MADHOUSE.ZIP 03-20-97 Quake - Madhouse
MADLIB10.ZIP 02-05-94 MadLibs!, version 1.0. A Windows program which allows you to create
MadLibs. A MadLib is a paragraph or short story where some words are
missing, and must be filled in. The blanks are filled with answers to
various questions like "Name a hotel". Once all the questions are
answered, the filled in paragraph or story is shown. (Newest File Date:
MADNESS.ZIP 08-27-94 New Doom Wad File From Patrick Woods. No New Sounds or Graphics.
MADRID.ZIP 11-17-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
MADTV2.ZIP 10-27-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
MADV100.ZIP 04-21-95 Opti Mad16 Audio Device Driver V. 1.0 for Os/2.
MAEST30A.ZIP 05-01-93 Maestro Pro V300 Dos File Manager With Ten Color Coded Sort Modes, Ten
Pre-built Color Schemes, Can Display 372 Files On-screen Auto-switch &
Hotkeys [1/3]
MAEST30B.ZIP 04-29-93 Maestro Pro V3.0 Dos File Manager [2/3]
MAEST30C.ZIP 04-29-93 Maestro Pro V300 Dos File Manager [3/3]
MAEXTOS2.ZIP 06-06-96 Mailextr V3.X (Os/2) for Microsoft Mail Mailextr Polls Ms Mail for
Messages Sent to it and If it Gets One, Copys the Attachments to A
Directory of Your Choice And, As an Option, Notify Another User Via A
MAFIA102.ZIP 04-02-93 The Mafia posts underground contracts on players that incr
MAG101.ZIP 11-24-91 MAGNUM v1.01 LARGE Hard Drive dup file finder
MAG110.ZIP 08-30-90 WIN3: Screen saver with password protection
MAG13.ZIP 03-04-94 Magazine Subscription Door 1.3: Sysops Earn $1 for Each Magazine Sold,
Plus One Free Magazine Subscription. Ansi Only! Over 800 Titles to
Choose From. Users can Order by Credit Card or Check. Very
Sophisticated and Easy
MAG14.ZIP 02-18-94 Magazine Subscription DOOR v 1.4. Sysops earn $1 for each magazine
sold, plus one free magazine subscription. ANSI ONLY! Over 800 titles
to choose from. Users can order by credit card or check. Very
sophisticated and easy to use. Support
MAG20.ARJ 12-19-13 Mag Pie BBS software Very Good ANSI!
MAG3.ZIP 11-28-95 L A New Add-on Mission for Registered Descen Magnum Three V 1.0 This is
the Third Mission of Seven for the Magnum Mines. You Stopped Them at
Magnum Tw But They Escaped and Are Back for the Hot Plate Materials at
MAG6DEMO.ZIP 06-09-92 This is a DEMO of version 6 of Magnum, an OS/2 BBS system.
MAG7DEMO.ZIP 09-01-93 Magnum BBS v7.00D2 (demo); The most powerful BBS available for OS/2
operating system!
MAGCAT11.ARJ 12-19-13 The MAGazine CATaloger v1.1: magazine article cataloging program for
MAGCAT11.ZIP 04-20-92 MagCat is a magazine article cataloging program and is being
distributed as shareware. MagCat provides a method of cataloging all
of the magazine articles, books, files, and other pieces of information
lying about in a form that allows fast searching for information based
on keywords.
MAGCAT13.ZIP 06-21-92 MagCat - Version 1.3 for Windows
MAGCOM2.ZIP 01-05-92 Magcom˙v2.01-Telecom prog for OS/2 X/Y/Zmodem
MAGCOM23.ZIP 09-01-93 MagCom V2.30; telecommunications program for OS/2. Support
MAGCOMGR.ZIP 09-22-92 MagCom 2.20 telecommunications program (German version)