Name Date Description
LGHTFX.ARJ 12-19-13 NW386 V3.10a fix for Install w/large hotfix area
LGHT_FAQ.ZIP 08-23-94 Grow lights FAQ
LGLASS17.ZIP 03-10-94 THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Lewis Carroll from Project Gutenberg, 23rd
aniversary edition, #17. Public Domain Etext.
LGLASS18.ZIP 08-12-94 Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll
LGMS1051.ZIP 04-06-95 Mouse Driver for Logitech Serial Mice D453.
LGM_KOSM.ZIP 08-13-95 Little Green Men - an Asm'95 Demo by Kosmic O O O O O O O O /I\ /I\ /I\
/I\ /I\ /I\ /I\ /I\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ Do You Have A
Little Green Man? -
LGNMSG16.ZIP 08-09-93 Log On Mesage 1.6; To be called in LOGON.BAT or similar pr
LGNP9.ZIP 03-16-92 Grabs 8 items from DOOR.SYS writes to db
LGNP9C.ARJ 12-19-13 Logger Generic is a data collector & uses the dBase file format. Works
great as a viewer too!
LGNTSR.ZIP 06-02-93 Allow Execution of Memory Resident Programs From the Netware Login
Script With Using the "Exit" Command. 10,20,50,100,250 and 500 Node
Licences Are Available, Priced At $25,$30,$65,$75,$125,$250
LGOPHR10.ZIP 04-04-94 La Gopher 1.0 - 32-bit Gopher Client for Os/2 2.11 and Ibm Tcp/Ip 1.2.1
LGRING10.ZIP 10-03-92 Logs time and date of incoming phone calls
LGROOM20.ZIP 08-22-94 LEGROOM (TM) 2.0 Press a 'hot key' to shell to DOS from any app
and reclaim almost all of your memory for running BIG programs. Works
with apps that lack a built-in DOS shell feature. Ver. 2.0 lets you
turn ANY program, even a batch file, into a TSR with no programming!
LGROOM30.ZIP 02-06-95 Legroom (Tm) V3.0 Asp Tsr Utility Which, on A 'hot Key', Shells to DOS
From Any App (Text Or Graphic). Make Any Program/Batch File A Tsr, Make
Popup Command Menus. Works With Dos 2.0 and Up. Swaps to Xms, Ems
LGSTRP1.ZIP 03-27-93 Strips Colors So RGBUSY Will Work Properly.
LH113.EXE 01-06-14 LHARC - Makes and extracts .LZH type of archives
LH113C.EXE 01-06-14 For .LZH - Lharc v1.13c
LH113C.ZIP 05-31-89 LHARC 1.13C - LATEST LEVEL 021A
LH113DE.COM 03-28-90 LHarc (un)compressions for .lzh files; v1.13d (old method)
LH113SRC.ZOO 06-25-89 Lharc v1.13 source
LH205.EXE 01-06-14 Newest 2.05 without English docs
LH2211.ZIP 05-22-91 Lharc for OS/2.
LH2_211.ARJ 12-19-13 OS/2 Unpacker for files with the LZH Extension (use PKZip to unpack!)
LHA.EXE 01-06-14 Newest version of LHA
LHA113.MAN 06-18-91 Lharc v1.13c manual
LHA114A.COM 01-06-14 LHARC v1.14 - file compression/extraction
LHA205E.EXE 01-06-14 Newest LHARC 2.05 with English docs
LHA206E.EXE 01-06-14 Newest LHARC 2.06 with English docs
LHA210.EXE 01-06-14 lharc v2.10
LHA210.EXE 01-06-14 Same version 2.10
LHA211S.ZIP 10-15-95 LHA ver.2.11 SOURCE FILES.
LHA211SR.ZIP 03-04-91 LHa v2.11 DOS source (LSI C-86 v3.20)
LHA212.EXE 01-06-14 Same version 2.12
LHA213.EXE 12-29-13 LZH file compression/archive format.
LHA252.EXE 12-23-13 LHarc Archiving Utility. Version 2.52. Public Domain archiver. Very
popular and very good. Handles all *.LZH compression files.
LHACHNKR.ARJ 12-19-13 LHA Chunker - Splits Large .lzh Files
LHAIM198.ARJ 12-19-13 Weekly Jewish Newsletter. Man is Like a Tree.Shabbat Shira.
LHAIM199.ARJ 12-19-13 Weekly Jewish Newsletter. Tu-B'Shvat--Parshas Bshalach.
LHAIM200.ARJ 12-19-13 Weekly Jewish newsletter. All About Rebetzen Chaya Mushaka--Parshas
LHAIM201.ARJ 12-19-13 Weekly Jewish newsletter. A Lesson From the Leap Year--Parshas
LHAIM202.ARJ 12-19-13 Weekly Jewish Newsletter. Substantiated Evidence--Parshas Trumah.
LHAIM215.ARJ 12-19-13 Weekly Jewish Newsletter. Jewish women have a decisive role. Parshas
LHAIM216.ARJ 12-19-13 Weekly Jewish Newsletter. Illuminating Life-Lag B'Omer--Parshas Behar.
LHALF.ZIP 05-08-91 Fully functional graphics/text adventure.
LHARC113.EXE 12-19-13 LHARC v1.13 - Archiver for LZH files.
LHASRC.ARJ 12-19-13 Source code for LHArc v2.11
LHAWIN10.ZIP 11-27-91 LHA Windows Interface v1.0, Windows interface
LHAXENIX.ZOO 04-02-90 C-Lharc v1.0 for XENIX and OS/2
LHA_E206.EXE 12-29-13 LHA(rc) v2.06 English version.
LHE101.ZIP 02-28-95 Lhe V1.01 - Superfast Lzh Extract Utility (Free Soft) Lhe is an Ms-dos
Lzh File (File Compressed by Lha Util) Extraction Utility.
LHEXE15.LZH 04-23-90 Lharc library file execute utility
LHEXICON.ZIP 05-17-93 Lhexicon 0.3 Become the Master of a High- Strategy Word Game. Place
Letters to Form Words Which May be Straight, Staggered, Etc
Single-player Version. $ 15 Reg Mindgames
LHL232FR.ZIP 06-01-94 Lhl, Un Lecteur Hors-ligne Franais 100% Compatible Qwk (Jc-qwk) Et
Bluewave, Interface Agrable, Installation Simple, Documentation Complte
Enregistrement Vie!
LHL232US.ZIP 06-01-94 Lhl, A Full Color Off-line Reader 100% Compatible Qwk (Jc-qwk) and
Bluewave, Multilingual, Easy Installation, Full Mouse Support,
Intuitive And.. Ho No! More More More!
LHL23US.ZIP 11-14-93 LHL, a full color off-line reader 100 compatible QWK and BlueWave,
multilingual, easy installation, full mouse support, intuitive and more
more more!
LHL_V2.ZIP 05-02-93 Lhl Qwk V2.0 - French Based Qwk Offline Reader With Turbo Vision Like
Interface. Very Close But.. in French. See Lhl.Ans for Support in the
LHMENU.ZOO 04-04-89 A menu driver for lharc
LHPEDS31.ZIP 07-07-96 Lehipeds 3.1 Medical Office Management System for Solo or Group
LHPMDB.ZIP 05-24-93 Landscape & Herbaceous Plant Manager Dos/Dbase(R) Version by Robert W.
Bouffard Fine Shareware From Agricultural Institute
LHTOOLS.LZH 09-19-89 Check lzh's for trojans & make self-extr.lzhs
LHX.LZH 01-06-14 Repair .LZH (LHArc'd) file C source code
LHX.LZH 01-06-14 Repair .LZH (LHArc'd) file C source code
LHX_EXE.ZOO 04-15-89 Fiz-like tool to repair lharc files
LHX_SRC.ZOO 04-15-89 Fiz-like tool for lharc
LH_DC1.ZIP 04-07-94 FS4 Aircraft: Luftansa DC-10. (Newest File Date: 04-07-94)
LI111.ZIP 06-23-91 File manager and viewer for Windows 3.0
LI120.ARJ 12-19-13 LI v1.2 - Windows 3 file viewer/finder/editor/ deleter/launcher/printer
LI122.ZIP 11-02-93 File Finder/Lister/Viewer/Editor
LI131.ZIP 03-25-93 LI version 1.31 Shareware Windows file utility to view (text/hex), find
grep, launch, print, edit, delete files. String search in text, hex,
with AND, OR, NOT. MDI. Online help. Win 3.1 drag & drop target. Button
bar. Clipboard support. User config. color, font, tab stop. Dir windows
similar to Win 3.1 file manager.
LI132.ZIP 03-28-93 Li Version 1.32 Shareware Windows File Utility to View (Text/Hex), Find
Grep, Launch, Print, Edit, Delete Files. String Search in Text, Hex,
With And, Or, Not. Mdi. Online Help. Win 3.1 Drag & Drop Target. Button
Bar. Clipboard Support. User Config. Color, Font, Tab Stop. Dir Windows
Similar to Win 3.1 File Manager. (Newest File Date: 03-28-93)
LI32_133.ZIP 05-27-96 Li Version 1.33 Shareware Windows File Utility to View (Text/Hex), Find
Grep Launch, Print, Edit, Delete Files. String Search in Text, Hex,
With And, Or, Not. Mdi Online Help. Win 3.1 Drag & Drop Target Button
LIA10.ZIP 09-10-94 Great Windows Wallpaper Girl in Bikini.
LIABICON.ZIP 09-24-93 Icons needed for Lightning in a Bottle BBS
LIB131.ZIP 04-24-97 The Library V1.31 - the Library Online File Viewer Allows Infinate Menu
Levels Deep and Menu Chaining in Any Order. Allows Callers to View Text
Ansi, and Ripscrip Files Located in Any Directory, on Any Drive
LIB232B4.ZIP 12-29-13 Scripts for Telix automated mail runs.
LIB3D30A.ZIP 03-10-94 3d Animation Library for Tp/Bp/Tpw/C 1of2.
LIB3D30B.ZIP 03-10-94 3d Animation Library for Tp/Bp/Tpw/C 2of2.
LIBBY.ZIP 08-12-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
LIBBYSCR.ZIP 06-18-91 WIN3 ATM1 font Libby Script
LIBCONGR.ZIP 05-13-94 Info about Library of Congress catalog on Inet
LIBDEMO.ZIP 06-14-95 Demo of Pcb Component Library for Pcad.
LIBDIR.ZIP 06-16-90 Dump the directory of a MS library
LIBELEC.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD LIB: Electronic apparatus symbols
LIBER11.ZIP 08-12-94 Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Patrick Henry
LIBER220.ZIP 05-18-91 Commentary on the Book of the Law.
LIBER536.ZIP 04-07-93 Liber 536
LIBERHHH.ZIP 04-07-93 Liber HHH
LIBERIII.ZIP 04-07-93 Liber III Vel Jugorum
LIBERKKK.ZIP 09-21-94 Liber KKK
LIBERSEX.ZIP 05-25-92 Liber Sex by Tagi
LIBERTY.ZIP 07-02-95 The Liberty Disk, Edited by Adam Starchild. Are Personal Liberties
Being Threatened From Every Corner? Do People Have Any Privacy at all
These Days? This Collection of Essays Deals With These and Related
LIBER_AL.ZIP 04-09-93 Liber CCXX
LIBER_CH.ZIP 04-09-93 Liber CLVI
LIBGEMAT.ZIP 04-07-93 Liber Gematria
LIBKB100.ZIP 08-01-96 Libkb - A Free, Advanced and Portable Lowlevel Keyboard Library for
Dos/Linux Allows Access to all Keys and all Key Combinations. Also
Handles Pause Key and Control-break. Practical Getkey Interface for
Textual Input
LIBMAC.ARJ 12-19-13 Libraries and macros for SEE. New objects.
LIBMAN13.ZIP 03-24-95 Automatically Maintains and Updates .Library Files V1.3
LIBNDIR.ZIP 10-09-91 Coherent (maybe Unix/Xenix) libr handling rtn
LIBPATH.ZIP 09-14-95 Libpath - Provides A Quick and Easy Way To
LIBPATHT.ZIP 08-29-95 Lists Libpath Directories.
LIBR000.ZIP 01-24-91 Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and Notes
LIBR001.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber B Vel Magi [A]
LIBR002.ZIP 12-13-90 The Message of the Master Therion [E]
LIBR003.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber Jugorum [D]
LIBR004.ZIP 01-24-91 On the Gematria of Fairy Tales by Crowley
LIBR005.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber V Vel Reguli [D]
LIBR006.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber O Vel Manus et Sagittae [B]
LIBR007.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber Liberi Vel Lapis Lazuli, Adumbratio Kabbalae
LIBR008.ZIP 12-21-90 Liber VIII [D]
LIBR009.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber E Vel Excercitiorum [B]
LIBR010.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber Porta Lucis [A]
LIBR011.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber NU [D]
LIBR013.ZIP 12-21-90 Graduum Montis Abiegni [D]
LIBR015.ZIP 04-13-91 O.T.O. Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae
LIBR016.ZIP 05-01-91 Liber Turris Vel Domus Dei [B]
LIBR021.ZIP 11-20-91 Khing Kang King
LIBR025.ZIP 03-08-91 The Star Ruby [B]
LIBR026.ZIP 05-05-92 The Star Saphire
LIBR027.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber Trigrammaton [A]
LIBR028.ZIP 05-05-92 Liber TzBA Vel NIKH Sub Figura XXVIII, The Fountai
LIBR030.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber Librae [B]
LIBR031.ZIP 05-05-92 Liber XXXI
LIBR033.ZIP 05-01-91 An Account of the A:.A.:
LIBR036.ZIP 01-24-91 The Star Sapphire [D]
LIBR044.ZIP 01-24-91 The Mass of the Phoenix [D]
LIBR046.ZIP 05-05-92 The Key of the Mysteries
LIBR049.ZIP 07-17-90 Jack Parson's Writings
LIBR051.ZIP 01-24-91 The Lost Continent
LIBR052.ZIP 01-01-80 Manifesto of the O.T.O.
LIBR055.ZIP 12-13-90 The Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua
LIBR058.ZIP 05-05-92 The Temple of Solomon the King
LIBR059.ZIP 09-19-91 Across the Gulf [C]
LIBR061.ZIP 12-16-90 Liber LXI Vel Causae [D]
LIBR064.ZIP 07-15-90 Liber Israfel [B]
LIBR065.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente [A]
LIBR066.ZIP 03-10-91 Liber Stellae Rubeae [A]
LIBR067.ZIP 09-29-92 The Sword of the Song
LIBR077.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber OZ
LIBR078.ZIP 05-27-92 A Description of the Cards of the Tarot
LIBR081.ZIP 09-29-92 The Tao Teh King
LIBR089.ZIP 04-29-92 Liber Chanokh
LIBR090.ZIP 12-21-90 Liber Tzaddi Vel Hamus Hermeticus [A]
LIBR093.ZIP 12-21-90 The Fountain of Hyacinth
LIBR096.ZIP 05-01-91 Liber Gaias, A Handbook of Geomancy [B]
LIBR097.ZIP 05-05-92 Soror Achitha's Vision
LIBR101.ZIP 11-22-90 O.T.O. An Open Letter to those who may wish to joi
LIBR106.ZIP 01-24-91 Concerning Death
LIBR111.ZIP 12-15-90 Liber CXI Vel Aleph, The Book of Wisdom or Folly
LIBR120.ZIP 05-12-91 Liber Cadaveris, Ritual CXX
LIBR148.ZIP 05-01-91 The Soldier and the Hunchback
LIBR150.ZIP 11-22-90 Liber CL Vel {Lamed}{Ayin}{Nun], A Sandal, De Lege
LIBR156.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber Cheth Vel Vallum Abiegni [A]
LIBR161.ZIP 12-13-90 O.T.O. Concerning the Law of Thelema
LIBR175.ZIP 12-21-90 Astarte Vel Liber Berylli [D]
LIBR185.ZIP 05-05-92 Liber Collegii Sancti
LIBR194.ZIP 12-13-90 O.T.O. An Intimation with Reference to the Constit
LIBR197.ZIP 09-19-91 The High History of Good Sir Palamedes the Saracen
LIBR200.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber Resh Vel Helios [D]
LIBR206.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber RU Vel Spiritus [D]
LIBR216.ZIP 05-01-89 The Yi King
LIBR220.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber AL Vel Legis, The Book of the Law [A]
LIBR242.ZIP 05-01-91 AHA! [C]
LIBR2911.ZIP 05-05-92 A not on Genesis from the paper written by the V.H
LIBR300.ZIP 11-22-90 Khabs am Pekht [E]
LIBR312.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber A vel ARMORUM
LIBR335.ZIP 12-18-91 Adonis [C]
LIBR341.ZIP 12-21-90 Liber HHH[D]
LIBR343.ZIP 12-16-90 Amrita, The Elixir of Life
LIBR370.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber A'ASH Vel Capricorni Pnuematici [A]
LIBR400.ZIP 04-09-93 Liber TAU Vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum [A]
LIBR412.ZIP 12-21-90 Liber A Vel Armorum [D]
LIBR414.ZIP 10-22-90 De Arte Magica Secundum ritum Gradus Nonae OTO
LIBR415.ZIP 11-13-90 Opus Lutetianum, The Paris Working [AB]
LIBR451.ZIP 10-10-92 Liber Siloam
LIBR474.ZIP 06-16-91 Liber Os Abymsmi del DAATH [C]
LIBR500.ZIP 05-05-92 Sepher Sehpiroth
LIBR555.ZIP 12-21-90 Liber HAD [D]
LIBR570.ZIP 05-05-92 Vel Ararita
LIBR633.ZIP 12-13-90 De Thaumaturgia
LIBR666.ZIP 10-02-89 The Beast
LIBR671.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber Pyramidos [D]
LIBR729.ZIP 11-13-90 The Amalantrah Working [C]
LIBR777.ZIP 12-03-85 Liber 777
LIBR800.ZIP 01-01-80 Liber Samekh Theurgia Goetia Summae, Congressus
LIBR811.ZIP 03-06-92 Energized Enthusiasm
LIBR813.ZIP 03-10-91 Liber DCCCXIII Vel Ararita Sub Figura DLXX [A]
LIBR831.ZIP 12-21-90 Liber IOD [D]
LIBR837.ZIP 12-13-90 The Law of Liberty [E]
LIBR860.ZIP 12-18-91 John St. John [C]
LIBR868.ZIP 01-24-91 Liber Viarum Viae [B]
LIBR913.ZIP 01-24-91 {Beth}{Resh}{Aleph}{Shin}{Yod}{Tau} Liber Viae Mem
LIBR963.ZIP 12-19-90 The Treasure_House of Images [A_B]
LIBRARY.ZIP 08-28-93 Online Library 1.6; Add a librarian to your BBS! User's can
view/download and upload ANSI/AVATAR and any text files you have
available! Stores all [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN an archive file (ZIP/ARJ or whatever
you define). Files are unpacked as they are needed. 100 categories
and up to 200 [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN each category! An impressive addition to any