Name Date Description
JPOLES.ZIP 08-24-94 Text files about J-Pole antennas
JPOST110.ZIP 07-27-97 Door - BBS Utiliteez Software - Jpost V1.10 is A Freeware Utility Used
to Import/Export Listserver E-mail Between A Jam/Squish/*.Msg
Compatible Bbs, and Juno V1.38 (Or Greater) E-mail Software. Super
Simple Setup
JPOT103.ARJ 12-19-13 Searchlight Jackpot Lotto V1.03. Full-featured SlBBS 2.X lottery door.
Easy installation.
JPP.ZIP 04-27-93 A ZX Spectrum 48K RAM Z80-based micro emul
JPRD252A.ARJ 12-19-13 Jeepers v2.52 personal reference system Journal and editorial reference
(1 of 3)
JPRD252B.ARJ 12-19-13 Bibliograph database management (2 of 3)
JPRD252C.ARJ 12-19-13 Writers, scientists, students (3 of 3)
JPRDY101.ZIP 09-01-93 Jeopardy Detector, V 1.01 - a Diagnostic Program Which Monitors Disk
Caches for Periods When the Disk Structure is in Jeopardy. Many Disk
Caches Produce Periods
JPRS111.LZH 01-06-14 Journal Editorial Personal Reference Sys /sec
JPSOUSA1.ZIP 03-20-97 Sounds of John Phillip Sousa Assorted Music of John Phillip Sousa With
A Picture
JPSRC11.ARJ 12-19-13 JETPAK v1.1 - C source for all utils in JETPAK package of LaserJet &
DeskJet utils.
JPTUI38B.ZIP 04-10-97 Jptui V3.8 Borland C V4 Version. Norton-like Visually Attractive Object
Oriented Text User Interface for Djgpp V2 and Borland C V4 Designed for
C , it Provides Both A Simple to use and A Powerful Application
JP_NMS_1.ZIP 04-09-94 JetPack v1.2 additional levels package for the JetPack arcade game.
(Newest File Date: 04-09-94)
JQ14.ZIP 03-31-94 Jokes & Quotes V1.4 is a Standalone Or Network Ready, Daily
Message Display System. Nearly 4000 Jokes, Quotes, Maxims, Antecedents,
Stories, Facts, Axioms & More Selected From 25 "On Screen" Categories.
Send Messages
JQ15.ZIP 09-21-94 JOKES & QUOTES 1.5 Network or stand alone daily quote/message
system. Nearly 4000 jokes, quotes, facts, axioms, & more selected from
25 on-screen categories. Send messages to all/selected users. Mouse
support, print quotes, screen save
JR061013.ZIP 07-15-93 Ibm Lan Transport Landd.Os2.
JR07011.ZIP 06-24-93 Extended Services V1.0 Apar Jr07011 - Fixes Relating to Use of 3270
Host Print for Os/2
JRC102.ZIP 11-01-93 JRCHIVE 1.02 Program to compress files and store them in an
archive file. 'Concatenated archive' creates archive file first, then
compresses it for better compression ratios. Self extracting archives &
file extraction program may be dis
JRCNFIG2.LZH 01-06-14 Excellent PCjr .sys driver Ver 2.11
JRCOOKB.ZIP 11-20-85 Jolly Roger's Cookbook vIII
JREAD10.ZIP 11-03-93 Internet Faq: Jewish Reading Lists 10/93 Ver
JREHOM.ZIP 08-26-92 JRE Home Inventory requires Windows 3.1.
JREHOM55.ZIP 01-16-94 Home Inventory v5.5: MS-Windows 3.1 program that will keep track of all
your household items for insurance purposes; property can be grouped by
insurance/personal categories, locations, and sub-locations; various
reports include insurance lim
JREZIP20.ZIP 07-14-91 Jonathan Richards' Intelligent Rezipper v2.0
JRSCOPE.LZH 01-06-14 Interesting color patters for PCjr
JS70.ZIP 01-19-93 Turbo Pascal 7.0 Code for Joystick Control and Manipulation.
JSBSON.ZIP 08-28-93 J.S. Bach - Organ Trio Number 3. Sbpro Midi
JSC0007.ARJ 12-19-13 Orbital elements for STS-49.
JSC003.ARJ 12-19-13 Latest obital elements for STS-49.
JSC004.ARJ 12-19-13 Latest orbital elements for STS-49.
JSDEMO.ZIP 04-13-91 NOVELL job server demo program.
JSEARCH.ARJ 12-19-13 Free search routine - and good!
JSFB4B15.ZIP 09-12-93 Jsf-b4b V1.50, Btye-4-byte File Comparison Differences Shown As Dec,
Hex and Ascii Value Has Output File and Brief Display Options!
JSFTDF.ZIP 07-14-93 Thedraw Fonts by J.S.Fowler: Thin, Thick, Wide and Raster.
JSF_TDF.ZIP 03-25-93 TheDraw Fonts: Thin, Thick Wide and Raster
JSGO122.ZIP 09-17-93 Galactic Overlord 1.22 BBS Door Game; GO is a game of galactic conquest
Each player will attempt to control a universe of planets. GO has
20+ ANSI screens/animation and is Multi-node friendly! GO can create
text, ANSI, or Wildcat! ranking
JSGO130.ZIP 12-01-93 Galactic Overlord 1.30 BBS Door Game GO is a game of galactic conquest.
Each player will attempt to control a universe of planets. GO has 20+
ANSI screens/animation and is Multi-node friendly! GO can create text,
ANSI, or Wildcat! ranking
JSLEAR.ZIP 12-31-89 An explanatory hypothesis of Aliens
JSMDOOR.ZIP 07-04-92 Subtracts 5 min from user's time in a door
JSPELL10.ZIP 05-28-93 Spell Checker for Ascii Text Files, Featuring Easy to Use Interface,
Fast and Reliable Word Suggestions for Misspelled Words, Global Action
(Ignore All, Replace All, Mark All, Etc.), Undo, Tex/Latex System
JSPELL20.ZIP 11-15-93 Jspell V2.0 Shareware Spell Checker That Youcan Use W/Tex! Fast, Mouse
and Networksupport, Foreign Language Character Support,multiple
Dictionary Support. More! $20 Reg
JSPL202C.ZIP 01-12-94 jspell 2.02c, ASCII file spell checker Release date: Jan.12, 1994
Features: Mouse support, Undo up to 400 steps, Dictionary manager,
Multiple user dictionaries, File specific dictionary, Fast and
intelligent suggestion for nearly misspelled w
JSPV101.ZIP 05-27-93 Joes Snow Paint v1.01; ANSI Graphics Drawing Program with plenty of
JSQDOS.ZIP 01-15-94 JumbleSquares - Word game with a twist! Combines the word
knowledge required for crossword puzzles with the logic necessary for
building magic squares. Solve ten word definitions (all answers contain
five letters), then rearrange the le
JSQUOT11.ZIP 10-19-91 Enhance your .QWK Mail Reply Quotes.
JSSCRAM1.ZIP 03-04-97 Javascript Scrambler V1.0 for Windows 95/Nt Shareware - A Utility for
all Javascript Programmers Who Are Fed Up With the Fact That Their
Source Code can be Stolen and Simply Modified
JSZIPCDE.ZIP 11-04-93 Zipcode Master--freeware!! Nearly 40,000 Zip Codes in This Massive
Database Program. Locate City and State by Knowing Zipcode. or Find
Zipcode by Knowing City and State. or Sorted by Just City Names. Easy
to Use, Quick to
JS_FCO50.ZIP 03-22-94 JS-FCopy 5.0 - By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-FCopy is a utility that will
help you in finding and copying [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN a very fast way.
JS_FDE50.ZIP 03-22-94 JS-FDel 5.0 - By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-FDel is a utility that will
help you in finding and deleting [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN a very fast way.
JS_FIE50.ZIP 03-21-94 JS-Field 5.0-By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-Field will greatly simplifies
the task of manipulating data; selective extraction of fields from an
input records; output in either delimited ASCII or non-delimited ASCII
format; Selectable column posit
JS_LCA50.ZIP 03-22-94 JS-LCase 5.0 - By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-LCase will take in a file and
convert all the uppercase letters into lowercase letters.
JS_PACK2.ZIP 03-22-94 JS-Pack 2.0 - By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-Pack has some of the best
utilities from Johnathan Mark Smith You have to try this one out ! !
JS_PIC50.ZIP 03-21-94 JS-Pick 5.0-By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-Pick can match 2 files on a key
and create a file of the matching records, the non-matching records or
Both. A great advantage of this matching utility is that the files
being matched do not have to be i
JS_SPA50.ZIP 03-22-94 JS-Space 5.0- By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-Space will greatly simplifies
the task of converting an X amount of space to a tab. Converting spaces
to tabs will save you space on your drives.
JS_TAB50.ZIP 03-22-94 JS-Tab 5.0 - By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-Tab will greatly simplifies the
task of converting Tabs to an X amount of spaces.
JS_UCA50.ZIP 03-21-94 JS-UCase 5.0 - By Johnathan Mark Smith JS-UCase will take in a file and
convert all lowercase letters into uppercase letter.
JTF16A16.ZIP 03-18-97 Just the Fax, V 1.6a - Freeware. Powerful Easy to use Personal Fax
Program. - Wysiwyg Fax and Cover Sheet Editor. - Create Unlimited Cover
Sheet Templates. - Spell Check Fax Documents &d Cover Sheets Unlimited
JTG_BBS4.ZIP 06-06-92 Jimmy the Geeks trivia gems v1.3 live door game.
JTP113.ZIP 07-31-93 JunkTick for OS/2. A Tick/Raid/etc. replacement.
JTR32_20.ZIP 04-02-97 Winjottr32 V2.0 - Everready Desktop Notepad Designed Exclusively to
Streamline Your Note-taking. Easy to Use; Position Anywhere Adjustable
Size. Short-cut Keys for Datestamp, Calculator, Autodial, Elapsed Time
JTSC1.ZIP 09-30-94 J.T.S. COSTINGS V1 Calculates seat prices for Tour Operators who
purchase blocks of seats on weekly holiday flights at a fixed price.
Allows changes to Load Factor, Tax, Overheads and agents commission.
Saves hours of work on costings.
JTSTS1.ZIP 09-25-94 J.T.S TIME SHEETS V1 Creates client bills based on the time spent
by employees on the clients account. Allows for separate hourly charge
rates for each employee. Additionally maintains up to date Work In Hand
figure for accounting purpo
JU87.ZIP 11-22-93 FS4/AAF Airplane: JU 87 Stuka. The aircraft that rocked Europe in
Hitler's lightning war. Newest File: 11-22-1993. (Newest File Date:
JU88C.ZIP 02-10-94 Patch for Dynamix Aces Over Europe. Fly the German Bomber JU88 Added
plane for this sim and other improvments [event processed 01-25-94].
(Newest File Date: 02-10-94)
JUD09.ZIP 09-05-91 A B/W editorial BMP suited for text editors
JUDAI09.ZIP 09-12-93 Faq - Sources of Reading on Judaism
JUDAS.ARJ 12-19-13 Adobe Type I Font For Postscript Emulators
JUDAS.ZIP 09-15-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
JUDNA.ZIP 09-16-94 Judicial Acceptance of DNA Profiling
JUDSEAL.ZIP 09-16-94 The Judicial Sealing Requirement in Elec. Surveill
JUDYBLUE.ZIP 09-09-93 Midi Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Crosby, Stills &nash) Check This One Out!
JUGGLE.ARJ 12-19-13 JUGGLE, animated Juggling display. using many patterns, program
calculates & shows the Juggle
JUGGLER.ZIP 11-14-91 3 ball Juggler v1.12 juggling tutor with game
JUGLE121.ZIP 12-13-93 3-ball Juggler V1.21. Fast, Ega/Vga Juggling Tutor With Arcade Game.
Uses Fast Animation With High Resolution Ega/Vga Graphics. Teaches
Fundamentals of Juggling. Demonstrates Common Mistakes.
JUKEMB10.ZIP 05-28-97 Maxbase Plugin Which Implements A Jukebox for Multimedia Files, Like
Midi, Wav, Videos Etc
JUKER14.ZIP 09-13-93 The Juker V1.4 - Versatile Midi Jukebox Forwindows From the Free
Windows Softwarefoundation. With Very Advanced Features!
JUL0592.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL0791.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL1292.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL1491.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL1992.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL2191.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL2692.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL2891.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUL91.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD NEW: Code from CADalyst Magazine, July 1991
JULAUGNL.ZIP 06-17-93 Another from Cmdr. Kortron
JULIAGEN.ZIP 04-07-91 Generate julia sets fast
JULIAND8.ZIP 09-10-90 Simple julian day conversions
JULIUS.ZIP 01-09-94 TXT: "Julius Ceasar" by William Shakespeare. FTPd from Internet Wiretap
(Newest File Date: 01-09-94)
JUMBLE30.ZIP 02-22-94 JUMBLE v3.0 - DOOM Item Jumbler Doom Item Jumbler. Intelligent
Semi-Random Jumbler of all Items (selected) inside of DOOM. Full user
interface. Save Favorite Jumble files .JBL Read RanDOOM v1.x *.w files.
Weight fields added. Leave out items
JUMBLE3S.ZIP 02-22-94 JUMBLE v3.0 - Supplemental JBLs This archive contains several JBL files
made from sources around the nation. Send me YOUR JBL creations. joakim
erdfelt@swsbbs.com a production FREEWARE
JUMBO301.ZIP 11-24-92 Information on protecting your Jumbo tapes from Virus using Jumbo 3.01
JUMBO404.ZIP 04-27-94 Colorado Memory Systems Tape Backup V4.04 for Jumbo Dj Series Drives.
(Newest File Date: 04-27-94)
JUMPDIR.ARJ 12-19-13 JD maintains a database of directories and their names. Changes to
dir/drive if found indatabase.
JUMPJACK.ZIP 12-15-91 FLI demos mannequin by humancad in 3d-studio
JUMPJOE.LZH 01-06-14 Janitor Joe game - like Donkey Kong
JUMPMAN.ZIP 06-01-91 A game similat to Donkey Kong (EGA/VGA)
JUN0291.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN0792.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN0991.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN1492.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN1591.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN2192.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN2391.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN2892.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN3091.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
JUN91.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD NEW: Code from CADalyst Magazine, June 1991
JUN91_MI.ZIP 03-30-93 CPSR/Boston Minutes (Jun, 91)
JUN91_NE.ZIP 03-30-93 CPSR/Boston Newsletter (Jun, 91)
JUNEMIDS.ZIP 06-04-97 Classical Mids for June-97 See Inclosed Txt Files
JUNG3.ZIP 09-23-91 Good netware utils for managers.
JUNGLE.ZIP 11-07-91 Run water lines in a jungle using a mouse
JUNGLE7.ARJ 12-19-13 Sounds from Jungle Book in .SND format.
JUNGSUFO.ZIP 12-31-89 Concepts from book - "Flying Saucers"
JUNK.ZIP 03-30-93 Common junk strings/words
JUNK110.ZIP 08-06-92 JunkNews: Do you ever wonder where in the heck these sleaz
JUNOINST.ZIP 04-12-97 Latest Version of Juno.. The Place That Provides Free Email Accounts on
the Web
JUPITER.ZIP 12-20-91 The Rite of Jupiter.
JURAINFO.ZIP 07-13-93 Jurassic Cad for Windows Money Making Offer and Bmp File With Jurassic
Cad Dinosaur Graphics and Detail Info.
JURAS122.ZIP 01-23-94 Jurassic Spelling, V2.0 a Fantastic New Spelling Program That
Really Talks! it Features Sound-board or Pc Speaker Support and High
Resolution Graphics. You Can Use the Existing Word Files or Enter Your
Own Words
JURASCAD.ZIP 06-26-93 Windows Dinosaur Drawing Program.
JURASPLL.ZIP 01-23-94 JURASSIC SPELLING, V2.0 A fantastic new spelling program that
really talks! It features sound-board or PC speaker support and high
resolution graphics. You can use the existing word files or enter your
own words -- up to 500 of your own
JURRASIC.ZIP 06-21-93 Jurassic Park Logo Bmp
JURRCAD1.ZIP 06-21-93 Jurassic Cad: Full Featured Drawing Program for Windows 3.1. Makes it
Easy to Design Dinosaur Pictures and Provides Hours of Educational Fun
and Entertainment.
JURYINFO.ZIP 08-20-91 Info about jury nullification
JURYLEG.ZIP 05-01-93 Your Rights As a Jurist. Details the Legal History and Recent Supreme
Court Decisions Outlining the Powers That Juries Have
JUSTAPRI.ZIP 05-31-94 Just a Privilege?
JUSTICE2.ZIP 08-07-93 Mod: and Justice for All, Im Workin on Here!
JUSTWRIT.ZIP 06-10-91 JustWrite demo launch program
JVAS110.ZIP 07-28-93 JVArcServ v1.10: 'Archie' server for FidoNet
JVFAX51.ZIP 07-26-93 Ham Radio FAX and SSTV program version 5.1
JVFAX60.ZIP 10-01-93 Jvfax 6.0 is a Multi Purpose Program for the Reception of Both Weather
Chart and Photo Style Fax. There is an Additional Transmit-option for
Fax and a Sstv Transmit/Receive Facility.
JVFAXPCB.ZIP 03-13-94 Post Script PCB layout for JvFax (HAM). (Newest File Date: 03-13-94)
JVIEW09.ZIP 07-25-92 This software provides a fast and free viewing capability for JPEG
image files under the Microsoft Windows environment.
JVIEW12.ZIP 02-10-94 JView v1.2: A RIP Script/ICN viewer.Fast and reliable. View files with
the file selector or by command line. Also views Windows 3 ICO files.
Registered users will receive BONUS programs! Join Blueview Software's
uploading team. From the maker
JVIEW52.ZIP 05-11-95 JView v5.2: A RIP Scrip viewer. Fast and reliable. View files with the
file selector or by command line. Also views Windows 3 ICO files. Now
even faster and more compatible!!! Also includes file tagging/viewing
and slide show mode. The best R
JVLOT115.ARJ 12-19-13 JVLottery v1.15. Online time lottery door for RA/QBBS/SBBS.
JVVIRUS.ZIP 07-19-91 Source for Jerusalem B virus
JWDA01AA.ZIP 08-19-97 jWWWData: Web aware JDBC Data Base Client
JWHITE.ZIP 12-31-89 Aliens Among Us
JWLTHF14.ZIP 10-28-93 Jewel Thief, Arcade-style Game
JWLTHIEF.ARJ 12-19-13 Jewel Thief, animated game for Windows avoid bad guys, get the treasure
JWP48X48.ZIP 10-31-92 48x48 Kanji Font for JWP File 1 of 7
JWPEDICT.ZIP 11-20-92 Japanese/English Dictionary file for JWP File 2 of 7
JWPFONTS.ZIP 10-21-92 Fonts for JWP File 3 of 7
JWPKINFO.ZIP 09-02-92 Information files for JWP File 4 of 7
JWPPROG.ZIP 12-02-92 JWP - A Japanese Word Processor for Windows File 5 of 7
JWPSRC.ZIP 10-26-92 Source Code for JWP File 6 of 7
JWPTAGS4.ZIP 02-07-94 Jim Pedicord's Tagline Collection Feb '94 1. (Newest File Date:
JWPWNN.ZIP 07-06-92 Addional Dictionary for JWP File 7 of 7
JWSOS2.ZIP 04-20-97 Use This Rexx Script to Fire Up Sun's Javaworkshop Under Os/2. Author:
Cristiano Guadagnino (Herbie@mbox.Vol.It)
JX4NT1.ZIP 12-30-93 Nt_apps Jax4th Standard Fourth Interpreter for Nt Console
JZ32V30Q.ZIP 08-27-97 The JAZZ++ MIDI sequencer v3.0q
JZJUTILS.ZIP 06-26-93 Jzj Miscellaneous Utilities V1.0 by Jeremy Z. Jedynak * * * *
Programmed on or About 06/26/93 * * * * Extensively Beta Tested! * * *
Completely Bug Free! * * * **
J_CEMTRY.ZIP 01-02-94 List of Cemeteries/Arline Sachs (GENE). (Newest File Date: 01-02-94)
J_OS2.ARJ 12-19-13 'j' - A Dialect of Apl - For OS/2.
J_PC_41.ARJ 12-19-13 J Dialect of Apl - A Matrix/Mathematical Programming Language - Version
J_STR101.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD LSP: J-STR v1.01 - Julian to String conversion