Name Date Description
INET20.ZIP 04-28-95 The Internet Connection! Version 2.0 by Mark Williamson, Omega Software
Allow Your Users to Easily Write an Internet Message From Your System!
Menu Driven, Mousable Setup Program, New Built-in Message Editor
INET31.ZIP 08-23-95 The Internet Connection! Version 3.1 by Mark Williamson, Omega Software
Allow Your Users to Easily Write an Internet Message From Your System!
Menu Driven, Mousable Setup Program, New Built-in Message Editor
INET32.ZIP 09-09-95 Qfn_mail the Internet Connection! Version 3.2 by Mark Williamson, Omega
Software. Allow Your Users to Easily Write an Internet Message From
Your System! Menu Driven, Mousable Setup Program, New Built-in Message
INET40.ZIP 12-03-93 Nlm: Inetcfg for Netware 4.0 4.01.
INETA100.ZIP 06-20-97 Door - Intranet Igm for Hackers: the Role Playing Game V1.5. The Point
of This Igm is to Hack A Company's Intranet and Download Files, and
Crash Security, and More
INETAX12.ZIP 09-11-95 Internet Access F. Proboard, V1.2.
INETBKS7.ZIP 07-25-94 Books About Internet Topics.
INETCON2.ZIP 07-04-94 WinSock DLL, utilities, tools & sample sources
INETD10.ZIP 04-04-95 Internet Super Server Daemon for Os/2.
INETEXT.ZIP 05-31-93 Internet; very interesting texts about security issues on
INETFAX.ZIP 09-06-94 Internet Fax Service
INETFIX.ZIP 01-21-95 "/Reply" Bug Fix. Executable Only (Inet.Exe) Replacement for Inet15.Zip
INETGD.ZIP 03-08-93 Internet guide for beginners.
INETGUID.ZIP 07-11-92 Official Internet Resource Guide published by the NSA (Nat
INETLG49.ZIP 11-03-95 Inetlog.Cmd V4.9 Analyzes the Os/2 Warp Dialer's Connection Log File.
Compatible With Date Stamps in all Dialer Versions (1.53 Beta is Latest
. Command-line Options to Update Older Dialer Entries, and to Strip
INETLOG.ZIP 02-12-95 Inetlog.Cmd is A Rexx Program to Extract and Totalize Daily and Monthly
Time_ons From the Ibm Warp Internet Dialer Connect.Log File.
INETLST1.ZIP 07-19-97 Door - Listing of Internet Sites for General
INETMAIL.INF 04-01-91 Internet-Mail-Guide (all about gateways etc.)
INETMAIL.ZIP 03-27-97 A Full Featured Internet Mail Server for Smtp and Pop3 Protocols
INETPUZ.ZIP 02-05-95 Puzzles From the Internet. Ranging From Brainteasers to Rocket-science
INETRIS2.ZIP 10-25-95 G Software Forge Inetris 20
INETSET.ZIP 09-03-95 Dvn-tech Technote on Testing Internet Suite
INETTIME.ZIP 01-29-95 This Small Rexx Program Searches for the Internet Connect Log on all
Available Drives, and Reads Thru all the Entries in the Log
(\tcpip\etc\connect.Log) and Summarizes the 'Connect' Time by Month.
INETV22.ZIP 03-22-95 Internet-Connect v2.2: Winsock TCP/IP stack
INETWORM.ZIP 10-21-89 A Report on the InterNet Worm
INET_CMC.ZIP 08-05-92 The Internet and Computer-Mediated Information
INET_LIB.ZIP 02-15-91 List Of National Library BBSs
INF-IPHK.ZIP 03-12-95 INTERNET PHONE v2.5 Released: (build 6 and up) [o3/o2/95] Real Working
KEY-MAKER! -=INFINITY=- created by Misha [o1/o1] any name/addr/reg#/etc
INF-PLUG.ZIP 02-09-95 Plug-In For Windows Released: [o2/o9/95] SERIAL NUMBER GENERATOR
-=INFINITY=- by Misha [o1/o1] register under any name "THE QUALiTY
INF02A.ZIP 04-02-94 Os2 Description of the Ipf.Inf Format. Last Revision Date in Archive:
INF111.ZIP 06-29-96 Sdsfront Infomail 1.11, the Latest Release of This Popular Document
Server (Bug Fix)
INF120X.ZIP 11-26-96 Infomail/386 1.20 - A Document Server for Fidonet Systems - Posts
Documents Via Netmail in Response to Requests From Users - Document
Requests, Updates and (New!) Searches Suppored - Supports Documents Up
to 64k
INF121D.ZIP 04-28-97 Ubbsdos Infomail/86 1.21 -*- A Document Server for Fidonet Systems
Posts Documents Via Netmail in Response to Requests From Users Document
Requests, Updates and Searches Suppored Supports Documents Up to 64k
INF5459A.ZIP 02-27-95 Inform 5.4/5.9. Compiler and Interpreter to Create and Play Infocom
Type Text Adventure Games. This Package Includes A Large Collection of
Files From the Internet Dealing With Creating and Playing "Interactive
INFBAR11.ZIP 09-29-95 Infobar V1.1 . By Dale Nurden (Win 3.1) Displays Time, Date, Free
Memory and System Resources on A Small Info Bar at the Top or Bottom of
the Screen. Display is Completely Customizable and Full Instructions
Are Included.
INFBAR13.ZIP 04-10-90 Show exact (X,Y) position of point on the screen; v1.3
INFDSK10.ZIP 06-30-95 Infodisk V1.00: Ide Hard Disk Auto-detection Utility; Includes Tp and
Asm Source Files 06/30/95; Willy Tarreau.
INFECT.ZIP 09-07-91 Joke and warning .GL file about viruses.
INFI9602.ZIP 01-14-96 Fgpcbmis T H E I N F I N E T I N F O P A C K Infinet: International
Freedom of Information Network is Dedicated to Providing Responsible
and Intelligent Freedom of Expression. F E B R U A R Y 1 9 9 6 U P D A
T E Infinet -
INFIELD2.ZIP 01-04-93 Fast, Compact Data Entry & Processing.
INFILTRN.ZIP 11-03-96 Doom II: - Infiltration Info S/C/D New . (By Gamesnet) Infiltrate A
Base and Set the Self-destruct
INFIN01.ZIP 06-27-95 network callout mod! By Cory Arnold #598 @10100. Date: 06/27/95
INFINBOX.ZIP 06-24-94 Infinity Boxes
INFINET.ZIP 11-27-95 F Fgpcbmis Infinet Infopak: International Freedom of Information
Network Dedicated to Providing an Intelligent Conduit for Freedom of
INFINI12.ZIP 02-13-93 Infinite Fantasies Vol. 1 a Graphic Adventure Game That Competes With
the Best. This Release is in Cga. Following Additions to the Volume
Will be in Vga.
INFINWAD.ZIP 05-12-95 Serenity III Aka Infinity (V1.2) for Doom 1 Levels E1m1-e1m8.
INFISHN.ZIP 11-04-95 Fishing for Windows, Cool Fishing Simulator!
INFMAN10.ZIP 07-25-95 Information Manager Version 1.0 (A Pim) - A High Quality Personal
Information Manager Address Book, Calendar, to Do Lists, and Notepads -
Simple, Easy-to-use Interface Context-sensitive Help - Lost Cost
INFM_.ZIP 07-18-95 Infinity Machine V1.5 Hints .
INFO.ZIP 03-24-92 Door that allows viewing specific text files.
INFO11.ZIP 11-06-92 InfoRecall - Version 1.1
INFO20.ZIP 10-18-95 D Cominfo V.2.0. Database Management System Keep Track of People, Their
Names And Addresses, Their Companies, Phone, Fax, And E-mail Numbers.
All Records can be Added Edited, Deleted, Sorted, Printed, Displayed
And Searche
INFO2BMP.ZIP 08-30-94 This is A Tool to Assist You in Converting Icons From Amiga to Os/2.
Amiga Has all Kinds of Strange Icon Sizes, So This Program Converts
.Info Files to Os/2 Bitmaps. You can Then use the Icon Editor
INFO32.ZIP 02-28-93 Instant Reacall - Version 3.2
INFO32B.ZIP 05-08-93 Instant Reacall - Version 3.2b
INFO34.ZIP 10-23-93 INFO RECALL (Version 3.4) for Windows. Info Recall is an information
storage system designed for recall when and how you need it. (Newest
File Date: 10-23-93)
INFO3_96.ZIP 05-09-96 Infopak Magazine Issue #4, Vol 2 One of The
INFO4.ZIP 01-28-96 Inforecall 4.1a Powerful Free-form Information Database Manager
INFO5_96.ZIP 05-20-96 Infopak Magazine Issue #6, Vol 2 One of the Newest, Easiest E-zines in
Cyberspace. Just Type "Reader" and Your Ready to Check Out Why Pas16 is
Better Than Sb16, and the Disadvantages and Advantages of the Gravis
INFOB1.ZIP 07-01-94 Infobar for Windows. System Resource Display. Includes Calendar, Small
Pim, Lots of Goodies. Runs at the Top or Bottom of Your Screen.
INFOB12.ZIP 01-08-97 Infobar for Os/2. Shareware. Displays Swap File Size and History.
Displays Many Internal System Counters and Registers. The Registered
Version Tunes Your Swap File.
INFOB20.ZIP 08-31-95 Infobank V2.0. Generic Information File
INFOBAR1.ZIP 09-13-93 Infobar Ver 1.01 for Windows 3.1 and Nt Show System Info on a Window
Bar on the Top of Your Desktop. Files: 9 04-28-93..09-13-93 New: 4
INFOBASE.ARJ 12-19-13 INFOBASE - Text file index & search by Keyword.
INFOBK11.ZIP 08-14-95 Infobooks V1.1 - Welcome to Infobooks, A Program That Makes Cataloguing
Books Easy and Hassle-free. Using A Simple and Easy to Understand
Interface, Infobooks is Designed From the Ground Up to Make Keeping
Tracks of Books
INFOBLT.ZIP 08-13-92 Attention SYSOPS: GAP BBS Bulletin SYSOPS: D/L this. It is
INFOBR21.ZIP 12-21-94 Infobar System Monitor Bar W/ Popup Applets
INFOC102.ZIP 10-09-94 Information Centre version 1.02 Information centre is the
almost-perfect way to give your users, old and new, information about
your bulletin board and what's happening in it. Author:David Hudson
INFODB.ZIP 07-26-95 Cl-52 Return Database Information
INFODISK.ZIP 12-12-95 Infodisk 500. Contains Over 500 Pages Of Money-making Reports, Projects
Businesses Ideas, Opportunities, Sources and More
INFODOOR.ZIP 09-04-93 INFO DOOR DISPLAY TEXT FILE Use this to display a text file. Requires
the Brainex Door Manager. From Brainex System: 310-275-2344
INFOGUID.ARJ 12-19-13 INF version of the OS/2 2.0 Information and Planning Guide for use with
INFOLT11.ZIP 07-28-96 Infothek Lite V1.1 Intuitive and Versatile Mailing Label Maker. Usps
Postnet Barcodes, Cod39 Bar Codes. Easy to use and Powerful Query
System for Searching Filtering and Sorting the Address Data. Reads
INFOMA21.ZIP 12-12-95 Free-sys Infomania V2.1 - Store all Your Text Files Offline on Floppy,
and Find Any Word or Combination in A Second. Insert the Detected
Diskette and Read, Copy, Edit, or Print Portion(S) With Its Built-in
INFOMTCH.ZIP 09-20-95 Fwcomm Sl/Ip Dialing Script, With Patch to Allow Iak Dialer to
Recognize Busy Etc.
INFOMTR.ZIP 07-22-96 Info Meter - is A System Resource Monitor for Windows That Also
Displays the Date and Time in A Small Window on Your Desktop. Requires
INFOP145.ZIP 03-03-91 INFOPLUS v1.45 generates 18 screens of info
INFOP55.ZIP 01-19-96 Inforecall Pro V5.50 - Powerful Free-form Information Manager for the
Windows Environment. Easy to use and Fast; Has Strong Search Engine
INFOPACK.ZIP 11-19-96 Talismans is A Whole New Technology in 3d Online Gaming, Featuring: 3d
Virtual Reality Interface Unfolds Stunning Fantasy Worlds in Svga
Exciting all Digital Sound Track Create Your Own Worlds, Quests, and
INFOPD12.ZIP 09-13-95 Os2 Infopad V1.2, System Info Utility.
INFOPLS.ZIP 12-29-13 INFORMATION PLEASE V3.0 Store and retrieve textual information
such as product descriptions , catalogs, briefs, records, etc.
Optionally display a graphic for each item. View/Print by keyword,
number, boolean search. Mouseable Windows-like menus.
INFOPLUS.ZIP 09-17-93 INFOPLUS 1.58 alpha, system information Display 21 pages of information
about different aspects of your computer. This 9/17/93 version is the
INFOPM12.ZIP 07-27-95 Infopm System Info & Benchmark for Os/2 Warp V1.1 With or Without Drive
INFORM10.ZIP 11-29-92 Informant is a MS-Windows performance meter that displays the load on
your system by way of a 3D-graph. It's crammed with features and is
simple to use.
INFORMAL.ZIP 07-10-93 Informal Oblique TrueType font. Converted from Macintosh. (Newest File
Date: 07-10-93)
INFORMER.ZIP 02-23-93 INFORMER is a program to survey your system resource's and the amount
of free memory while running Windows. It has an alert function to warn
you, if the free resources or the amount of free memory falls under a
certain value.
INFORMNT.ZIP 12-31-89 An MJ-12 Informant
INFORM_1.ZIP 03-31-93 Informatik - Volume 1, Issue 1
INFORM_2.ZIP 03-31-93 Informatik - Volume 1, Issue 2
INFORM_3.ZIP 03-31-93 Informatik - Volume 1, Issue 3
INFORM_4.ZIP 03-31-93 Informatik - Volume 1, Issue 4
INFORM_5.ZIP 03-31-93 Informatik - Volume 1, Issue 5
INFOSCR.ZIP 10-22-95 Pasdelph Tinfoscreen is A Delphi Component Which Allows You to
Implement an Info
INFOSHO1.ZIP 08-18-94 Beta Version of an Interactive Marketing Presentation for Infoage
Associates. Comments Invited.
INFOTAG.ZIP 01-05-93 Infotag V1.0 for Windows. a Utility That Allows You to Tag(Attach) a 1
Line(255 Char) Description to Any File You Desire. Freeware. From
Creative Solutions Inc. Requires Vbrun100.Dll. (Newest File Date:
INFOTERM.ZIP 07-12-93 Infoterm Plus. Excellent Comm Program. Mouse Support, Color Scrollback,
300 Entry Dialing Directory, Qwk Mail, Menubar, Extensive Help Screens,
Fast Configuration, Simple Scripts and Many Special Features!
INFOTG11.ZIP 01-18-93 InfoTag is a utility for attaching a one line, up to 255 characters, to
any file. You simply drag a file from the Windows File Manager and drop
it on the InfoTag icon to tag(store) or view a description for any
given file.
INFOTK11.ZIP 09-06-95 Infothek Information Manager V1.10 Complete Information Manager for
Business and Personal Use. Popular Relational Database Engine. Very
Easy, Intuitive, Yet Powerful Sql-based Query Method. Databases can be
INFOTK15.ZIP 01-15-96 Infothek V1.50 - Information Manager Using Popular Relational Database.
Easy-to-use and Powerful Query System. Reports, Labels, Etc
INFOTRAK.ZIP 10-16-91 Help Desk and inventory tracking software
INFOTREE.ZIP 10-13-94 Infotree V2.2 for Windows. Free-form Information Storage and Retrieval
INFOV20.ZIP 11-05-93 INFO-DOOR DOOR program for most bbs software. Creates menued,
searchable database from simple text file. MENU is created
automatically. Easy to install. Built in support for most bbs software.
Excellent for displaying online services such as USA TODAY, BOARDWATCH
MAGAZINE, or create your own Caller Registrys, BBS Lists, Classified
Ads etc.
INFOVGA.ZIP 02-20-94 Checker for SVGA modes. (Newest File Date: 02-20-94)
INFOWRLD.ZIP 03-19-93 Infoworld Article By Steve Gibson on Winbench Tests. (Newest File Date:
INFO_41A.ZIP 01-18-96 Inforecall 4.1a Not Crippled! Fully Functional Demo. 1995 Release.
Advertised In Pc Magazine. Thousands Sold. Store and Find Information
Fast and Easy! A Few Words to 30k Plus in A Free-form, Variable Size
INFPM131.ZIP 11-10-95 Infopm System Info & Benchmark for Os/2 Warp Version 1.31.
INFPRO55.ZIP 01-28-96 Inforecall Pro 5.5 Powerful Free-form Information Database Manager
INFQWK10.ZIP 07-20-92 QWK v1.00 The ULTIMATE ANSI/ASCII Generator for your QWK Packets!! Use
With -=- RemoteAccess 1.11 ONLY! -=-
INFRN092.ZIP 05-08-93 INFERNO v0.92() Online Door Game
INFSPY.ZIP 08-31-93 InfSpy 1.0 by Dean Software Design. Shows Heap, Windows, Tasks and
Modules in a window and relates them to each other. Other features
include Heap Memory Dump, printing and saving options, a Task
terminator, Module Unload, and more SHAREWARE: $7 (Newest File Date:
INFTXT.ZIP 07-18-92 OS/2 2.0 Set of trouble shooting text files
INFVIEW.ZIP 08-31-93 InfView 1.0 by Dean Software Design. A file viewer/printer for Windows.
You can view all [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN ASCII or Hex, with file size limited only by
available memory. Other features include file launching, file iden-
tification by extension, and more. SHAREWARE: $6.99 (Newest File Date:
INFVU110.ZIP 09-30-93 InfView v1.10 - Windows File Viewer. View ANY size file in either ASCII
or HEX. Features includes formatted printing (source!), execute
directly or by association, searching, file identification and much
more. Great replacement for NOTEPAD as your File Manager viewer. Safe
for users! Try it. (Newest File Date: 09-30-93)
INFVU145.ZIP 03-10-94 InfView v1.45 - Windows file viewer displays ASCII, Hex and most
graphic image formats along with the contents of .ZIP and .LZH files.
(Newest File Date: 03-10-94)
INFVU146.ZIP 03-29-94 InfView v1.46 - Windows ASCII/Hex file viewer views multiple files of
any size. (Newest File Date: 03-29-94)
INFVW160.ZIP 01-23-95 Infview - Windows File Viewer. Lets You View Any Type and Any Size of
File Since The Entire File is Read Into Memory. View In Ascii, Hex, Raw
or Text Only Modes. Full Search, Cut, Save and Formatted Printing. You
Can View
INFXDL86.ZIP 05-10-94 Fwutils Infconvert Pm V.0.86 - Converts Os/2 Inf and Hlp Files to Plain
Text Files. Inf and Hlp Files can be Searched for Text and Opened to
View (Requires Vrobj.Dll).
INF_UTOP.ZIP 12-29-95 Sdc_demo Demo: Utopia - by Inf -
ING03.ZIP 07-14-95 About the Holy Bible, Liberty in Literature and Which Way? (Natural or
Super-natural) and Robert Green Ingersoll on Robert Burns Abraham
Lincoln, Voltaire, and Shakespeare.
ING08.ZIP 07-16-95 5 Ingersoll Interviews; Art & Morality Fragments; Some Interrogation
Points; Address to the Press Club; and A Look Backward and A Prophesy.
INGWIN21.ZIP 02-18-97 Ingles-ingles V2.1 Interacitve Windows Program to Learn English for
Spanish Speakers. Large Data Base, Make Your Own Word Lists.
Intermediate and Advanced Levels Available by Registration
INHAM01.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Issues 755-779
INHAM02.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Issues 780-809
INHAM03.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Issues 810-839
INHAM04.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Issues 840-845
INHAM05.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Issues 846-858
INHAM06.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Issues 859-899
INHAM07.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Issues 900-949
INHAM08.ZIP 01-01-80 Infohams Digest Isuues 951-1000
INHAM89.ZIP 01-01-80 InfoHams Digest Issues 1000-1070
INHLP11.LZH 11-19-89 Instant help v1.1 library fo Clipper
INHLP11.ZIP 02-26-88 InHelp v1.1 for Clipper Help programming
INI160.ZIP 05-03-95 Ini Manager 1.60 Manage Your Windows Ini Files With This Program,
Understands the Internal Structure and Will Allow You to Search Based
on Section Headers in Large Files, Maintains A List of Your Ini Files
for Easy
INI170.ZIP 05-08-95 Ini Manager V1.70 - Manage Your Windows Ini Files With This Program.
Understands the Internal Structure and Will Allow You to Search Based
on Section Headers in Large Files. Maintains A List of Your Ini Files
for Easy
INI235.ZIP 10-11-95 Ini Manager V2.35 - Manage Your Windows Ini Files With This Program.
Understands the Internal Structure and Will Allow You to Search Based
on Section Headers in Large Files. Maintains A List of Your Ini Files
INI240.ZIP 12-02-95 Ini Manager V2.40. Understands the Internal Structure and Allows You to
Search Based On Section Headers in Large Files. Maintains A List of
Your Ini Files for Easy Opening
INI280.ZIP 09-02-96 Ini Manager V2.80 - Manage Your Windows Ini Files With This Program.
Understands The Internal Structure and Will Allow You To Search Based
on Section Headers in Large Files. Maintains A List of Your Ini Files
For Easy
INI2REG.ZIP 02-21-97 Ini2reg - Migrate Existing Applications From 16-bit Windows Ini
Settings to the 32-bit Win95 and Nt Registry
INIBRO10.ZIP 02-09-97 Ini Browser and Editor
INICON31.ZIP 08-14-94 INICON VBX 3.1 Visual Basic custom control that makes INI file
access simple. No Windows API calls required.
INICON32.ZIP 02-08-95 Inicon Vbx V3.2 - This Custom Control Deals With Ini Files for You.
Easy Access Through Properties. No Api Calls Required.
INID2152.ZIP 09-13-96 Iniedit/2 V1.52 for Editing Ini Files
INID216.ZIP 03-30-97 Iniedit/2 Version 1.6. Os/2 Binary Ini File Editor. Bug Fixes! (Vrobj
.Dll Not Incl)
INIDESC.ZIP 01-07-94 Short Description of IniMaint and SysMaint. (Newest File Date: 01-07-94
INIDIF.ZIP 02-15-95 Inidif is A DOS Utility to Compare Two Ini Files and Produce A Third
File That Contains the Differences Between the Two Files. The Change
File can Then be Used With Inityme to Change Other Ini Files on the Net
INIED212.ZIP 11-09-95 Iniedit/2 V1.2 for Os/2. Edit Os/2 Ini [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INcluding the System and
User Files.
INIEDI.ZIP 05-22-93 Steve's INI Editor - Load Up to 4 Win INI File
INIEDIT.ARJ 12-19-13 INIedit is a Windows 3 application designed to make modifing, viewing,
and printing INI files.
INIEDIT.LZH 01-06-14 System file editor for Windows
INIEDITW.ZIP 12-06-94 Ini Edit for Windows 1.0 Edits Ini Files for Windows Fast and Easy.
Requires Vbrun300.Dll Shareware $10 Copywrite (C) 1994 Disk and Desk
INIEDT12.ZIP 09-30-91 INI Edit 1.2
INIEDV10.ZIP 10-05-94 Ini File Editor is A Specialized Editor Optimized and Including
Enhancements, in Order to Make it the Editor of Choice When Editing
Windows and DOS Initialization Files
INIEXE11.ZIP 12-29-92 INIMAINT V1.1 EXE - DLL and HLP files
INIEXE3.ZIP 11-05-93 IniMaint v3.0 - EXE, DLL. (Newest File Date: 11-05-93)
INIM21K.ZIP 10-07-93 Inimaint v2.1k. (Newest File Date: 10-07-93)
INIM30K.ZIP 04-08-94 Version 3.0k of Inimaint, Which Allows Modification and Testing of Os2
.Ini and Os2sys.Ini Files, Among Other Things
INIMAINT.ZIP 08-16-92 Os/2 2.0, display maintain os/2 ini files.
INIMAN12.ZIP 02-11-95 Ini Manager 1.20 Manage Your Windows Ini Files With This Program,
Understands The Internal Structure and Will Allow You To Search Based
on Section Headers in Large Files, Maintains A List of Your Ini Files
INIMG2.ZIP 03-24-95 Inimgr V2.23 Contains A DOS Environment Variable Bug. Please Download
This New Version V2.24.
INIMN200.ZIP 07-22-93 INI Manager v2.00: pgm designed for people who are reluctant to edit
their ini files but need a safe way to do it - will backup your ini
files before making any changes; 07/22/93; Martinsen's Software.
(Newest File Date: 07-22-93)
INIMT21B.ZIP 06-19-93 Inimaint V2.1b, a 32 Bit Pm Application Tha
INIMT21F.ZIP 08-27-93 Os/2 Os2.Ini Maintenance Utility Accommodates/2v2.1! Pm Based
Application.Larryj Martin
INIMT21L.ZIP 10-17-93 Inimaint V2.1l, a 32 Bit Pm App to View, Edit, Copy, Move, Backup,
Search, Compare, Size, Repair and Otherwise Maintain Any Ini
INIMT30I.ZIP 03-12-94 Ini Maintenance Program for Os/2
INIMT30K.ZIP 04-08-94 Ini File Maintenance V.3.0k. Pm Based Utility That Will Display,
Maintain, Copy or Move all Os/2 and User Ini Files.
INIMT30L.ZIP 04-24-94 Inimt V3.0l - Os/2 Presentation Manager Program Manages .Ini Files
Including Edit, Copy and Delete.
INIMT30P.ZIP 06-20-94 Ini Maintenance, Version 3.0p. An Os/2 Pm Program to Display and Manage
.Ini Files. It Gives You the Ability to Make Virtually Any Change You
Want to Any of the .Ini [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Your Os/2 Environment. This Upgrade
Adds Some
INIMT31.ZIP 07-11-94 Ini Maintenance V3.1. Pm Package Displays and Manages .Ini
Configuration Files.
INIMT33G.ZIP 03-01-95 Inimaint Set of Utilities and Tools for Backing Up and Repairing Inis.
INIMT33J.ZIP 03-28-95 Set of Ini Maintenance and Repair Utilities.
ININAV.ZIP 07-19-93 Win Ini Navigator for Windows.
INIO31G.ZIP 08-21-95 Ini 'Ol Editer Version 3.1.G Written by Steve Carson for Business Link
Nw (Blnw) August 1995 Ini 'Ol Editer is Designed to Make Editing Ini
Files Such As Win.Ini, System.Ini and Others Simple and Quick.
INIOUTSW.ZIP 02-27-97 Pasdelph Iniout is A Component Property Manager
INIP10.ZIP 09-01-93 Ini Profiler for Windows (Version 1.00)easy-to-useini File
Editor/Manager for Mswindows. Features Automatic File Backup
Morerequires: Ms Windows 3.1 or Higher,vga (640x480) or Higher Graphics
INIPRO3E.ZIP 06-05-96 Inipro V3.0e - Ini Editor for Win3.X, Win95, Winnt and Os/2 Designed to
Make Editing Standard ".Ini" Files Quick & Easy
INISED10.ZIP 12-30-94 Os2 Utility to Read/Write Windows Ini Files.
INISPY95.ZIP 07-23-96 Inispy95 - Allows You to Monitor Read and Write Activity by Any Windows
Application Against all Ini-style [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Your System it Reports the
Values Read and Retrieved From Ini Files and Attaches to the Log the
INISUM10.ZIP 12-28-92 Inisumm V1.0: DOS Cmd Line Driven Util That reads Your MS-Windows' Win
.Ini File & Creates a Log File Called Win.Log of All Application
Information That is Stored in Your Win.Ini, Enabling You to Review the
Summary File Using Notepad or Any ASCII File Viewer (Editor) and See
What Apps Have Entries in Your Win.Ini. (Newest File Date: 12-28-92)
INIT-200.ZIP 03-25-93 Modem Init Strings v2.00; Database contains more than 400
INIT.EXE 01-06-14 Initialize 2400 baud modem
INIT2DEG.ZIP 04-05-93 A ceremony to recognise completion of the 2nd degr
INITDR23.ZIP 09-04-95 Modem Init Strings "The BBS Door" V2.2 Needs Only Dorinfo1.Def or Door
INITDR24.ZIP 09-27-95 Rad_dors Modem Init Strings "The BBS Door" V2.4 - A Door for Users to
See Init Strings & Download If They Like..
INITIATI.ZIP 04-05-93 Ceremony of Initiantion
INITME.ZIP 06-16-93 Inityme is a Windows .Ini File Manipulator. Good for Maintaining a
Bunch of .Ini Files Across a Network
INITOR11.ZIP 07-05-96 Initor 1.1 ( Inifile Editor )
INITOR17.ZIP 10-17-96 Initor 1.7, Os2 Ini File Editor. Adds, Deletes, Edits, Saves and Reads
Applications, Keys and Key Data. Also Saves and Reads Data From the
Current Ini File to and From Another Ini File(S)
INITOR20.ZIP 01-22-97 Fwsysutl Ini File Editor
INITOR22.ZIP 05-10-97 Initor 2.2inifile Editoros2 Ini File Editor Initor Enables You to Edit
Os2 "Ini" Files You Are Able to Add, Delete, Edit, Save, Copy and Read
Applications, Keys and Key Data Further More You Are Able to Save and
Read Data
INITOR23.ZIP 06-17-97 Inifile Editor 23
INITS.ZIP 08-03-93 All types of modems listed with the proper init string to make them run
Very detailed.
INITYM10.ZIP 06-15-93 IniTyme v1.0: MS-Windows.INI file manipulator designed to assist the
network administrator who has to maintain INI files for many users;
06/15/93; Marc Perkel/Computer Tyme. (Newest File Date: 06-15-93)
INITYME.ZIP 06-16-93 DOS Program to Mass Update WINDOWS.Ini Files on a Network. (Newest File
Date: 06-16-93)
INIT_200.ZIP 03-25-93 Modem Init Strings v2.00; Database contains more than 400 strings
Search quickly your modem init - string With a print to paper option
INIUP3.ZIP 11-27-94 Iniupdate 3.0, A Network Ini File Update Utility This Utility is Used
to Update Ini Files on A Network. Version 3.0 Has Been Rewritten to Run
Faster Than Previous Versions. Also Allows You to ZIP Backups
INIUPD10.ZIP 03-09-93 INI Update and Edit Utility
INIUPD11.ZIP 08-08-93 Ini Update and Edit Utility V1.1 for Windows. Intended for Use by
Network Administrators in Maintaining Windows/Winapps on Lans That
Enables You to Edit/Update Ini Files.