Name Date Description
IINJECT.ARJ 12-19-13 Allows you to replace icons in Windows 3 program with ones of your own.
IIRGACR8.ZIP 05-25-94 Hackers acronym chart
IJ1_12B.ZIP 06-13-97 Utilos2 Injoy Beta Upgrade V1.12 for Any Version Greater Than 10
IJB14B1.ZIP 08-20-97 Junkbuster is an Instrumentable Proxy That Filters the Stream Between
Web Servers and Browsers
IKE.ARJ 12-19-13 PC Magazine icon editor for Windows 3
IKE.LZH 01-06-14 PC Magazine icon editor
IKE.ZIP 02-19-91 Icon Editor:Win 3.0, incl BASIC source code.
IKK.ZIP 02-05-93 International Keyboard Kit - switch lang in Win
IKK12.ZIP 04-25-93 International Keyboard Kit v1.3 IKK is designed for people who need to
work in multiple languages using MS Windows 3.1. Features: "Hot" keys,
INSTANT access between languages, on-screen keyboard layout & works in
any Windows app. Other languages available via add-ons. (Newest File
Date: 04-25-93)
IKNMANA.ZIP 01-31-95 Icon Manager v3.4 is a powerful tool for working with Icons in Windows.
Icon Manager allows you to move, copy, edit and organzize all your
icons. You can now create your own icons and include them into Program
Manager or Norton Desktop.
IKONIZ.ZIP 01-25-93 Ikonize V1.20. Create Windows Icons and Wallpapers By Screen Capture.
(Newest File Date: 01-25-93)
IKSPQ1.ZIP 05-01-97 Quake: - Fingers' First Single Player Quake Level
IKSPQ2.ZIP 05-12-97 Quake: - Fingers' Second Single Player Quake Level
IKSPQ3.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - Fingers' Third Single Player Quake Level
IL0083.ZIP 07-15-96 Inoculan V3.0 Virus Signatures 2.53. This Has Been Updated to
Incorporate New Virus Scanning Signatures (V2.53). Note: These Files
Update Inoculan Version 3.0 Signature File Set 2.42 or Later.
ILABMI.ARJ 12-19-13 Bloomington Illinois scenery for FS
ILACT1.ZIP 02-01-94 Interlac Type1 PostScript font Version2.0 This is a scaleable computer
font designed after the characters and language shown in comics
published by DC Comics Inc.: "Legion of Super-Heroes" (LSH), "Superman"
"Superboy", "Legionnaires" and "Valor" This computer font is Freeware.
(Newest File Date: 02-01-94)
ILACTT.ZIP 02-01-94 Interlac TrueType font Version 2.0 This is a scaleable computer font
designed after the characters and language shown in comics published by
DC Comics Inc.: "Legion of Super-Heroes" (LSH), "Superman" "Superboy",
"Legionnaires" and "Valor" This computer font is Freeware. (Newest File
Date: 02-01-94)
ILAND10.ZIP 08-12-94 Anne of the Island, Lucy Maud Montgomery [GG#3]
ILAORD.ZIP 06-18-91 FS4 O'Hara Airport scenery file.
ILAPP102.ZIP 10-12-91 ILink APPlications Forms Generator v1.02.
ILAPP111.ARJ 12-19-13 ILink APPlication Forms Generator v1.11: provides backround info about
the ILink mail
ILAPP23.ZIP 06-01-93 Ilink Application Form Generator V.2.3: Provides Background Information
About the Ilink International Echomail Network and Generates
Application Forms for Both Existing Member Updates and New Member
Applications; 6/1/93;
ILAPPLY.ZIP 10-09-95 Appling to Ilink From Jetstream Bbs
ILASPI.ARJ 12-19-13 Springfields Illinois scenery for FS
ILCNF401.ZIP 01-01-94 Official ILink International Conference List for January, 1994. All
ILink conferences with descriptions and hosts; also a short list
suitable for a member BBS's bulletin. Uploaded by: Nancy Miller
ILEAVE19.LZH 01-06-14 Adjust your HD interleave for MAX Prfmce
ILEXFREE.ZIP 11-21-95 C Internet Lexicon 1995 Freeware - Free Internet Lexicon and Networking
Dictionary for Windows With Nearly 1,500 Acronyms and Terms Described,
Defined and Cross-referenced. A Sample of the Pc/Internet Lexicon
ILGDM120.ZIP 03-06-94 Dirmaster 1.20 Directory Manager for Os/2 Pm Inspired by Dopus on Amiga
- Full Featured
ILGDM132.ZIP 05-21-94 Fwutils Ilogic Software Dirmaster 1.32 - Dopus Inspired Filemanager for
Os/2 Pm. Fully Hpfs Aware, With Two Dir Windows, 25 Internal Functions,
User-configurable Functions, Archiver Support and Much More!
ILGDM200.ZIP 10-09-94 Fwutils Ilogic Software Dirmaster V2.0. Powerful Dopus Inspired
Filemanager for Os/2 Pm. Fully Hpfs Aware, With Two Dir Windows, More
Than 30 Internal Functions, User-configurable Functions Etc.
ILGUIDE3.ZIP 09-21-95 Ilguide V 3.0: the Etiquette Guide for Ilink. Every Ilink Participant
Should Get This File ZIP Contains Only Ascii Text File: 09/21/95.
ILIB_10.ZIP 04-08-93 Icon Librarian *very Good* (Newest File Date: 04-08-93)
ILIB_11.ZIP 04-09-93 The Icon Librarian v1.1 by Keith Ledbetter. Successor to "Icon
Chooser"; totally redesigned and rewritten. Manage up to 100,000 icons
in up to 100 user defined categories with the Librarian's intuitive
drag-and-drop interface. REQUIRES WINDOWS 3.1.
ILINK1_0.ZIP 04-21-97 Ilink/2 is A Pm Drop-in Replacement for Ibm's 'Dial Other Internet
ILINK1_2.ZIP 05-26-97 Ilink/2 V1.02 Pm Drop-in Replacement for Ibm's Dial Other Internet
Provider. Includes Redial, Reconnect, Multiple Numbers Cps/Bytes Meters
and More
ILINK99D.ZIP 04-10-97 Ilink/2 V0.99d is A Pm Drop-in Replacement for Ibm's 'Dial Other
Internet Provider'. Includes Redial, Reconnect, Multiple Numbers,
Cps/Bytes Meters and More
ILLINOIS.ZIP 03-31-93 Laws pertaining to computers in Illinois
ILLU162.ZIP 12-28-92 ILLUSION Bulletin Board System Version 1.x Was created from the
Telegard v2.5g source code Illusion has a very nice, easy to use
interface with the users and SysOp, yet powerful enough to meet today's
ILLUSION.ZIP 04-07-93 Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
ILLUSORY.ZIP 03-09-95 Illusory Wad for Doom.
ILNK0693.ZIP 06-01-93 Official Ilink International Netmail Network Membership List and
Network Map for June, 1993. Both Long and Short Forms Are Included.
ILNK9511.ZIP 11-03-95 Ilink International Netmail Info Packet. Ilink, the First Qwk-based
Network, Remains One of the Premiere Echomail Networks in the BBS
Industry. This Archive Includes Our Conference Listings and Member BBS
List. If You Are
ILOCK2.ZIP 02-23-95 Iconlock V2.00: Ms-windows Util That Enables You to Put Password
Protection on to Iconised Windows; Req Vbrun300.Dll; 02/23/95; Semka.
ILOGO33.ZIP 05-16-96 Infolog V3.3 for Os/2 Pm - Online Time Monitor
ILOGO40.ZIP 10-05-96 Infolog V4.0 for Os/2 Pm - Online Time Monitor
ILORD06B.ZIP 10-14-96 Inter-lord 106b Inter-bbs Gaming for Lord by GAC Computer Services
Provides an Easy to use Inter-bbs Option for Lord Now Uses Bre Host
Style of Routing System and Does Not Need to Find the Msg Files It Has
ILORD103.ZIP 06-22-96 Lord Inter-lord 1.03b Inter-bbs Gaming for Lord
ILORD105.ZIP 08-16-96 Lord_igm
ILORD109.ZIP 11-19-96 Lord Net Version 109
ILORDS.ARJ 12-19-13 Improvements to default Chicago scenery
ILQ20.ZIP 05-11-92 Ultimate ANSI quotes generator. 401 quotes.
ILS110.ZIP 06-02-96 Infolist 1.10 Bug-fix Utility for Infomail 1.10, of Interest to Those
Running Large Numbers of Documents. Allows You to Define More Documents
Than the Screen can Show Without the Annoying Display Glitch Found in
ILSDPA.ZIP 02-24-93 Dupage and Surrounding Area for Fs4 A&sd.
ILSR12.ZIP 03-27-94 Intermail Log Summary Report V1.2 the Ultimate Utility for the
Intermail Sysop. Reads the Intermail Log File Producing A Report of
File and Message Activity, System Calls, and Expenses. Can Also Track
Message Volume And
ILTREE03.ZIP 12-13-91 Tree structure of Ilink network
ILUSON11.ZIP 04-30-95 Illusions This Game Requires Windows 3.1 Vbrun200.Dll, and an Unzipping
Utility. Depending on Your Computer's Configuration You May Need 8
Megabytes of Ram. This is A Sliding Tile Puzzle.
ILUVNW.ZIP 08-02-94 I Love Needlework" Fair in Anaheim, Ca, 1994.
IM010009.ZIP 12-19-95 Courier I Modem Internal Isdn Firmware Update V1.09; Adds Async-to-sync
Ppp and 33.6k V.34 12/19/95; U.S. Robotics
IM120.ARJ 12-19-13 IMAIL v1.20 - netmail/echomail processor/bundler for use with
Qbbs/RA/Sbbs format msg bases.
IM140G.ZIP 05-29-93 Imail V1.40 Gamma. Full-featured Echo Mail Processor Which Offers Lots
of Features!
IM140G3.ZIP 12-22-93 IMAIL 1.40G3 Released Dezember 1993. Copyright (C) 1992/1993 by Andreas
Klein IMAIL is a full-featured echo mail processor which offers lots of
features to its users. This includes one of the most powerful area-
managements currently availabl
IM150A.ZIP 04-24-94 IMAIL 1.50a Update Patch from IMAIL 1.50 Released April 1994 Copyright
(C) 1992-1994 by Andreas Klein IMAIL is a full-featured echo mail
processor which offers lots of features to its users. This includes one
of the most powerful area- manage
IM17.ARJ 12-19-13 Screen blanker - 'drift through the stars' (Inner Mission)
IM17.ZIP 12-18-90 good screen saver, can set many options,
IM17.ZOO 02-01-91 Inner Mission v1.7 screen saver
IM1_LOG.ZIP 08-23-94 Filename: Im1 Log.Zip Backs Up Intermail Log Files Nightly Via Batch
File. Im1 Log Will Backup Your Intermail Log Files. A Shareware Utility
Another Utility by Ld Creative .
IM229.ZIP 03-20-95 Darklord's (tm) Nifty Setup Kit For A HUB or Node -=-=-Included are IM
AND GECHO!!!!-=-=- -=-=[Intermail 2.29 and Gecho 1.02]=-=- -=-=99%
configured to run with OBV/2!=- -=-=BUT easily set for other systems!=-
-=-Most of the works DONE. Sheee
IM229APR.ZIP 04-01-95 Intermail 2.29c/Demo. Free Trial Version of Our Famous Fido Style Front
End Mailer. Try It, You'll Like It! Includes Mailer, Message Editor,
Nodelist Manager and Compiler, Robot Message Creator Setup Program
IM229AUG.ZIP 07-31-96 Intermail 2.29k/Demo - Fidonet Style, Secure, Dialup Front End
Mailerfor Your Pc! Expires: 9/1/96
IM229DEC.ZIP 11-27-96 Intermail 2.29k/Demo - Fidonet Style, Secure, Dialup Front End
Mailerfor Your Pc! Expires: 01/01/97
IM229JAN.ZIP 01-01-96 Im_demo Intermail 2.29g/Demo - Fido Style Front End Mailer, Exp
IM229JUL.ZIP 06-14-96 Intermail 2.29j/Demo. Front End Mailer for Fidonet. Includes Mailer,
Message Editor, Nodelist Mgr, Robot Message Creator, Setup Program,
Install Program and Manuals. Works Well With Most BBS Programs Such As
IM229JUN.ZIP 06-01-95 Intermail 2.29d/Demo - Fido Style Front End Mailer, Exp 7-1-95
IM229MAR.ZIP 03-01-95 Intermail 2.29c/Demo. Free Trial Version of Our Famous Fido Style Front
End Mailer. Try It, You'll Like It! the Package Includes Documentation
That Will Guide You Trough the Installation.
IM229NOV.ZIP 11-05-95 Im_demo Intermail 2.29g/Demo - Fido Style Front End Mailer, Exp
IM229SEP.ZIP 08-13-95 Intermail 2.29f/Demo - Fido Style Front End Mailer, Exp 10-1-95
IM2CC101.ZIP 08-28-95 Imail 1.70 - Concord V 1.01 (30.08.95)
IM2CC102.ZIP 09-16-95 Imail 1.70 - Concord V 1.02 (16.09.95)
IM2FD02.ZIP 07-20-95 Im2fd 0.2 Imail 1.70 to Frontdoor Released July 1995 Copyright (C) 1995
by Gordian Schuermann Im2fd Converts the Imail Area.
IM2I170A.ZIP 07-19-95 Im2imp V1.70a Copyright (C) 1995 by Christian Coehn (2: 2480/412).
Creates Echoscan.Log From Imail.Ar for Third Party Utilities Like Reply
Linkers and Personal Mail Scanners. DOS Version Bugfixed.
IM2MAX10.ZIP 08-15-95 Imail 1.70 -> Maximus 3.00 (15.08.95) by Christian Coehn
IM2PB041.ZIP 09-02-95 Im2pb 0.41 Imail 1.70a to Proboard 2.11 Converter Released August 1995
Copyright (C) 1993-1995 by Andreas Klein Im2pb Converts the Imail Area
Configu- Ration to the Proboard Msgarea.Pb. The Sysop Needs Only to
Change One
IM2R170D.ZIP 08-09-95 Imail to Reader 1.70d; Imail -> Golded, Squish, Timed, Fm
IM2RA_25.ARJ 12-19-13 IMail 2 RA/FroDo/QBBS/AreasBBS conv.
IM2RA_25.ZIP 03-04-91 Imail 2 RA/FroDo/QBBS/AreasBBS conv.
IM2WC10.ZIP 04-08-94 Im2wc V1.0 - Intermail 2.2x Dobbs.Bat to Wildcat Translater.
IM31.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD LSP: Insert manager..new release. Manage your block entities.
IMA001.ZIP 06-17-95 enforces ratio in chains By Ima Moron #1 @10331. Date: 06/17/95
IMA002.ZIP 12-21-13 Enhanced remaining prompt By Ima Moron #1 @10331. Date: 06/17/95
IMA20.ZIP 04-15-95 Image'n'bits Ole Imaging Program Supports all Major Image-file Formats
IMAGDX20.ZIP 03-27-94 Imagedex V2.0 - Adpro Front-end, Makes Image Indexes.
IMAGE.ZIP 10-09-96 Doom2 Deathmatch Wad With 7 New Map's
IMAGE03.ARJ 12-19-13 VGA Graphics Program.
IMAGE100.ZIP 03-20-97 The Amazing Images Screen Saver Windows 95/Nt Version 1.00 Screen Saver
That Displays Floating Jpeg,gif,png,bmp Images Requires Windows 95 or
Nt Shareware $16.95 by Esm Software
IMAGE104.ARJ 12-19-13 OS/2 2.0 - Image Adapter version 1.04
IMAGE68.ARJ 12-19-13 Image PRO with Talking Slide Show v1.1 Image processor - GIF,PCX,PIC
IMAGEBR.ZIP 03-20-97 Progname:image Browser Version: 1.1b Description:thumbnail File Manager
for Windows 95. View Convert and Print Multiple Images in A Single
Action. Platform: Win95 / Pc Compatable 16bit Display Website
IMAGECOM.ZIP 11-15-93 ImageCommander v1.0 - A Windows prog. for image manag. and
manipulation. Features include: Organizing images into albums. Arrange
using drag & drop or a sort option. Catalog images using keywords &
comments for future searches. View ima
IMAGEEGA.LZH 01-06-14 Image 3D - wire frame modeling program
IMAGEFAQ.ZIP 06-10-95 Internet Faq on Graphics File Formats.
IMAGEIND.LZH 01-06-14 Icon Editor for Windows 3.x
IMAGELIB.ZIP 10-11-95 A Image Library V3.0. Display Jpeg, Gif, Pcx Bmp, Wmf and Ico Images
IMAGEPIX.ZIP 02-07-97 Thought So! Then Check Out Imagepix, the Graphic Database Workshop!
This Utility Imports Your Photos Into A Database Where You can
Categorize Them, Catalog Them, Name Them, Cut Them, Copy Them, Paste
Them, Rotate Them
IMAGEPRE.ZIP 11-24-94 Image Previewer 1.0 for Windows This Program is Unique in the Ease That
it Gives the User to Browse Through the Disk Drive and Preview Images.
It Will Display Bmp, Pcx, Tif, Gif, Dcx, Jpg, Wpg, and Eps Image Files
IMAGEPRO.ZIP 06-22-92 Graphic image processor for most formats
IMAGEV11.ZIP 05-01-96 Image Viewer 1.10 Image Viewer is A Combined Still Image Viewing
Program As Well As A Movie Program. It Will Display Many Still Images,
Including Gif,jpg,pic,mac,bmp,tif and Many Many Others, it Also Has A
Movie Player
IMAGINET.ZIP 07-25-95 Imaginet Imaginet is Fully Dedicated to Open Discussions on the Very
Fine Music That Has Been Part of Our Culture Since the Mid-fifties.
IMAGV111.ZIP 03-05-95 Imager V1.11. Toolkit for Nasa Image Files.
IMAGV200.ZIP 04-02-95 Os2 Imager/2 V2.00 - Viewer for Nasa Images.
IMAGV204.ZIP 08-15-95 Imager, A Nasa File Viewer.
IMAGVIEW.EXE 11-19-95 First image viewer with a true Windows 95 look and feel. Support for
BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, and TIFF files. No more repeated File Close,
File Open to view multiple images! Pro- fessional looking interface.
Floating/Docking Toolbars, plus much more.
IMAGVIEW.ZIP 05-24-94 Imagview Creates Custom Slideshows and Screen Savers for Windows Using
Bmp Bitmap Files. Requires Windows 3.1 and the Visual Basic Run-time
Library File Vbrun300.Dll.
IMAIL107.ZIP 07-11-95 Now Your Users can Store E-mail Addresses Onaddress File, Too) Download
A Names & E-mail Internet Messages On-line (Or Off-line and Up Files,
Edit Their E-mail After Writing it Plu Read or Download Their Mail. BBS
& User
IMAIL121.ZIP 11-06-91 Fidonet echomail processor for Hudson msgbase
IMAIL150.ZIP 03-27-94 IMAIL 1.50 Released April 1994 Copyright (C) 1992-1994 by Andreas Klein
IMAIL is a full-featured echo mail processor which offers lots of
features to its users. This includes one of the most powerful area-
managements currently available and
IMAIL175.ZIP 10-07-95 Imail Imail-386 1.75 Release (07.10.95)
IMAJ601A.ZIP 06-16-94 Imajica Bulletin Board System Version 6.01 Test Drive Version, But
Mostly in Working Order. Well Worth the Dl Time! Ansi Conf, Multi-line,
Qwk Echomail, Subscriptions, Dual Msg/File Conferencing, Internal
IMAJ901A.ZIP 09-03-95 Imajica Bulletin Board V9.01 Alpha Full Installation! Conversion
IMALL08.ZIP 08-17-94 The Internet Mall (Shopping on the Net).
IMALL11.ZIP 02-15-95 Intermall V1.1 Interbbs Online Shopping Mall Door Program. Features
Interbbs Shopping and Up/Download for Offline Store Managers.
IMARC101.ZIP 04-15-93 Image Archiver V1.01 Jpeg Conversion/Viewing Utility for Os/2;
04/15/93; Keith Murray
IMARL01.ZIP 09-04-95 Imail Area Action Logfile Modifier (08.09.95)
IMASR160.ZIP 12-19-94 Imail's Area Statistic Reporter V.1.60 - Report Imail's Areastats to
File, Net- or Echomail. Allows to Reset all Entries. For use With Imail
IMASR17B.ZIP 08-15-95 Imail Imail Area Statistic Reporter V.1.70b; DOS & Os/2 Version
IMASR185.ZIP 01-19-97 Imail Imail Area Statistic Reporter V.1.85
IMAST101.ZIP 11-10-91 INTEGRITY MASTER1.01A Data intregity anti-vir
IMAST160.ZIP 05-22-94 Infomaster V1.60 for Gt 15.00-18.00 - User Information Utility;
Displays During File Transfers, Just Place in Your Protocol Batch File.
Works in Terminal Mode Too, Reporting Disk Space Free. Supports Bimodem
and Others
IMASTR12.ZIP 09-28-95 Info Master V.1.2 (By Ultimaware) A Great Little Utility to Request
More Information From A User on An
IMB111.ZIP 03-12-94 In-between Cards V1.11. Card Game Where 2 Cards Are Displayed. User
Then Wagers That the Next Card be Higher Than the First and Lower Than
the Second.
IMB191.ZIP 04-17-95 In-between Cards BBS Door Game V1.91
IMB192.ZIP 04-24-95 In-between Cards (Door Game) Ver. 1.92 Card Game Where 2 Cards Are
Displayed. The User Then Wagers That the Next Card be Higher Than the
First and Lower Than the Second. Odds of A Winning Hand Are Contiually
IMB193.ZIP 01-03-97 In-between Cards (Door Game) Ver. 1.93 Card Game Where 2 Cards Are
Displayed. The User Then Wagers That the Next Card be Higher Than the
First and Lower Than the Second.
IMBROGNO.ZIP 12-31-89 A CompuServe conference about UFOs
IMCPW31.ZIP 06-11-96 International Morse Code Processor V3.1 Win 3.1 & Win 95 Compatible.
Translates Program-generated/User-defined Text and Text Files to Morse
Code. Excellent for Learning and Maintaining One's Morse Code Skills
IMCPW312.ZIP 02-23-97 International Morse Code Processor V3.12 Morse Code Tutor for Win 3.1 &
95. Code Speed of 3-50 Wpm With Character Speed of 10-50 Wpm for
Farnsworth Code. Includes Window for Copying Code With Keyboard, Help
Facility Main
IMCT.ZIP 08-15-92 Morse code training program, with computer simulated radio
IMD102.ZIP 08-24-95 Imd V1.02 - Free DOS Image Directory Utility. W/Pas Src; (C) 24 Aug.
1995, Dda/ Reign Ware. Imd Displays A "Dir" Type File Listing, Plus
Size and Color Info for Most Image Files.
IMD111.ZIP 12-18-96 Imd V1.11 - Free DOS Image Directory Utility W/Pas Src.; (C) 18 Dec.
1996, Dda/Reign Ware Imd Displays A "Dir" Type File Listing, With Image
Information, Archive Identification and 4dos/ Ndos Descriptions.
IMDIM170.ZIP 07-09-95 Imail's Description Importer V1.70 Add, Change or Delete Imail's Area
Descriptions From Commandline.
IMDIM185.ZIP 01-19-97 Imail Imail Description Importer V.1.85
IMDISP56.ZIP 01-22-91 PDS Image Display utility v5.6
IMDISP74.ZIP 08-22-91 Image Editor Viewer Used By NASA
IMDOOMED.ZIP 02-06-94 This is a .fli file that i created using a morphing program. At seeing
it, my son uttered "I'm doomed!". (Newest File Date: 02-06-94)
IMED256.ARJ 12-19-13 Sprite Editor For C Language
IMED256.LZH 01-06-14 For use with Mirosoft C programming
IMEDIA_1.ZIP 10-07-94 Infomedia's National Software Review Issue #1 A Brand New E-mag for
Windows With Over 40 Articles and Reviews, Over 40 Screen Shots and
Images, and A Point and Click Interface for Easy Navigation.
IMETER.ZIP 04-26-97 Internet Monitoring Tool for Windows 95 Shows all Kinds of Info on Your
Connection Etc. Very Handy and Free
IMFAXCON.ZIP 02-13-94 Intermail 2.Xx With Zyxel Modem Fax Connects
IMFIX.ZIP 03-11-91 Fix point incompat of IMail/TosScan.
IMG2DXB.ZIP 08-12-90 Convert IMG (raster images) to DXB for ACAD
IMG3D_29.LZH 01-06-14 Computer Aided Drawing Program
IMGARC13.ZIP 04-27-93 .Gif and .Jpg File Viewer for Os/2 2.0+ Pm Also Compresses .Gif Files
Into .Jpg Format
IMGCAT30.ZIP 04-21-93 Imagecat V3.0 Cataloging Utility for Pcx Image Files; Will Print or
Display Up to 20 Images At a Time on an Hplj-compatible Laser Printer,
an Ibm Pro-printer Compatible Ninepin Dot-matrix, or Standard Vga
IMGCON.ZIP 11-02-93 Image Convert Util Works With File Manager
IMGCT140.ZIP 05-20-96 Imgct140 - Image/Document Managment System Supports Over 40 Image
Formats (Bmp, Jpeg Gif, Tiff, Png, Wpg, Pcd, Pcx, Avi, Etc) Complete
Image Processing/Editing Tools Imports Images From Twain-supported
Scanners Builds
IMGEDIT.ZIP 04-01-97 Pasdelph Do You Need A Kind of Paintbrush for Delphi?
IMGF101.ZIP 10-28-93 ImgFun Ver.1.01 *ASP*:Image Enhancement and compression utility.
Powerful SVGA viewers for GIF, PCX, BMP and JPEG file. Fast JPEG
compression to reduce gifs to a fraction. Instant ZOOM and scroll
images on the screen. Adjust colors, brightness, contrast and cut area
of images ALL INSTANTLY. Lean and fast: 286, 512k, VGA or SVGA Best GIF
companion!!! Try to believe it!!!
IMGFUN.ZIP 06-12-93 Edit Graphics Images, Colors, and Sizes.
IMGHNDLR.ZIP 12-17-95 Leadtools Imagehandler Demo Disk
IMGLIB20.ZIP 09-10-96 Image Librarian Maintains Libraries of High Quality Image/Picture
Thumbnails. All Thumbnails Are Stored in One File, With Good Colour
Computation. Please Read Imagelib.Wri for Register Information and for
Help. Image
IMGMAC10.ZIP 10-27-95 Image Machine V1.00 - A Powerful Image Processing, Converting, and
Display Program. Import and Export Images in all of the Current Image
IMGNARIA.ZIP 09-07-94 Fun Screen Saver Demo for Win. Need Sound Card to Appreciate. This Was
Included in A Computer Magazine As A Promo. ?
IMGR100.ZIP 06-24-96 Icemgr V1.00 Complete Message System Which Will: Generate Today's and
Tomorrow's Birthdays List,top 10 Carrier Offender List Pwd Failure
Messages, Welcome Messages, Happy Birthday Messages, Carrier Messages
IMGRY10.ZIP 10-13-95 I Imagery V1.0 Image Manipulation Library and Demo Apps, Supports Png
,jpeg,tiff,pcx,tga Bmp,ppm,psd and More. Rotates, Resamples Dithers,
Blurs, Sharpens and More. Includes 32-bit and 16-bit Binaries
IMGSCAN.ZIP 09-26-96 Imagescan/2 Version 1.0 Demo. This ZIP File Contains A Demo Version of
Imagescan/2, A High Performance, 32-bit, Multi-threaded Application
Designed to Turn Your Hp Scanner Into A High-end Copier and Fax Machine
IMGSIZ10.ZIP 01-21-96 Imgsize 1.0 24bit Img/Pcx Graphic File Scaler
IMGSTA2A.ZIP 08-18-97 ImageStation v2.1a: Office imaging utility
IMG_FLTR.ZIP 11-25-91 Image processing filter kernals
IMG_NX_1.ZIP 07-25-94 Imagerynexus V1.0 for Windows. Image Objects Reference / Container.
Binary Image Objects (Ole 2 Automation) May be Added, Viewed,
Updated/Edited. 1/4.
IMG_NX_2.ZIP 07-25-94 Imagerynexus V1.0 for Windows . Image Objects Reference / Container.
Binary Image Objects (Ole 2 Automation) May be Added, Viewed,
Updated/Edited. 1/4.
IMG_NX_3.ZIP 07-25-94 Imagerynexus V1.0 for Windows . Image Objects Reference / Container.
Binary Image Objects (Ole 2 Automation) May be Added, Viewed,
Updated/Edited. 1/4.
IMG_NX_4.ZIP 07-25-94 Imagerynexus V1.0. 4/4.
IMHPGL.ZIP 08-02-92 New Import Filter for HPGL for Corel
IMH_110.ZIP 02-15-94 Imhist V1.10 - Intermail History File Analysis Door. Allow Users to
View Recent Im Mailer Activity. Supports the Dorinfo1.Def Door File
IMIEGED2.ZIP 08-03-96 Setup Intermail/Interecho/Allfix/Golded for the Ultimate Point System
or A Fidonet Hub Easy to Setup and Maintain. All the .Cfg and .Bat
Files Needed As Well As Complete Text File Setup for Allfix (Dos) and
Golded (Dos)
IMILE11.ZIP 06-23-95 InfoMiles v1.1 for OS/2 PM ------- A comprehensive solution for
tracking communications usage among multiple comm programs including
Internet, Services, BBS, fax, etc. Quickly determine connection, file
transfer and cost information from any
IMILEO13.ZIP 07-27-95 Infomiles V1.3 for Os/2 Pm -communications Usage and Cost Monitor.
IMILEO15.ZIP 08-26-95 Infomiles V1.5. Communications Usage and Cost
IMILEO21.ZIP 10-11-95 Infomiles V2.1 for Os/2 Pm. Communications Usage and Cost Monitor for
Internet Services, Bbs, Fax, Email, Etc.
IMILEO22.ZIP 11-12-95 Infomiles V2.2 for Os/2 Pm -communications Usage and Cost Monitor for
Internet Services, Bbs, Fax, Email, Etc
IMILEO30.ZIP 06-21-96 Infomiles V3.0 - Communications Usage and Cost Monitor. Determine
Connection Dates, Times, Online Durations, File Transfers, and Costs
From Virtually Any Communication Software That Maintains A Usage Log
IMILEO31.ZIP 02-14-97 Infomiles V3.1 for Os/2 Pm -produce Reports of Connection Dates, Times,
Online Durations File Transfers, and Costs From the Usage Logs
Maintained by Your Communication Software Includes Infolog V4.1.
IMLFAQ10.ZIP 12-26-95 Adstext Imagine Mailing List Faq #10 December 25,1995
IMLITE_1.ZIP 04-06-93 Infomap Lite, Graphical Outlines. File 1 of 2
IMM1_10R.ZIP 12-05-94 imMORTAL COMBAT v1.10R!! Awesome new BBS door for most BBS packages!
Really awesome!
IMM1_50R.ZIP 02-28-95 Immortal Combat V1.50 Another Run Around Explore the World, Kill
Everything, Find Treasure,and Hide From the Other Players Type of Game!
the Overall Object is to Complete Several Quests to Become
IMMORTAL.ZIP 04-24-94 Immortal - - - - - - - A Free Ultimate Universe 2.0 Utility Resurrects
Dead Ships in Uu Games Safely and Intelligently Without Rewarding Them
for Stupidity; Better Than Practice Mode.
IMMR0895.ZIP 08-06-95 Inews Monthly Medical Reviews August '95 Monthly Review of Recent
Medical News. Requirements: Dos, Vga, Mouse.
IMMR0995.ZIP 09-01-95 Inews Monthly Medical Reviews Sept. '95 Monthly Review of Recent
Medical News. Requirements: Dos, Vga.
IMMR1095.ZIP 11-30-95 F 1-misc Inews Medical Montly Review October 1995
IMMR1195.ZIP 11-30-95 F 1-misc Inews Medical Montly Review Movember 1995
IMMR1295.ZIP 12-14-95 Inews Monthly Medical Review, Dec '95. Electronic Medical Magazine
IMMTRK_1.ZIP 11-06-91 Immigration Tracker v2.01. File 1 of 2.
IMMTRK_2.ZIP 11-06-91 Immigration Tracker v2.01. File 2 of 2.
IMMUNITY.ZIP 02-03-92 Using Immunity disk mirroring with Lantastic.
IMMYDM16.ZIP 05-02-96 Doom2 Computer Deathmatch V1.6 for Doom 2 - by the Immortal
-unglaublich, Aber Wahr! Deathmatch-gegner, Die Vom Computer
Gesteuertwerden! Bewaffnet Mit Bfg, Plasma-gun, Shotgun, Pistole
IMM_100E.ZIP 11-18-95 C Intermail Task Manager 1.00.Sw Powerful and Complete Offline
Enhancement Utility Software for Intermail 2.2x. Must Item for
Multiline Intermail Users