Name Date Description
HZCOMM31.ZIP 08-29-87 Fossil for Zenith Z-100
HZV1_52B.ZIP 04-30-95 A Brand New Chinese Guobiao Text Reader
H_1.ZIP 03-18-95 This is A Doom Wad That I Created From Scratch. Countless Hours and
Revisions in the Making. Finally I Feel it is Time to Put it Into
Circulation for Others to Enjoy! Not Recommended for Deathmatch.
Author: Mark Holtkamp
H_CRAZY.ZIP 05-22-95 Crazy, A Wad Level for Heretic Esp for Single Play Very Large and Well
Designed and Very Tough But can be Done Without Cheating, Lots of
Secrets, Ect.
H_DLISTS.ZIP 01-11-97 1997 Internet Health and Disability Mailing Lists.
H_H.ZIP 02-17-93 Emergency codes
H_NOTES.ZIP 04-11-94 Notes for setting hitachi cd-rom drive when files is unzip just type aw
rcd. (Newest File Date: 04-11-94)
H_QG_REV.ZIP 07-19-94 Cf-nfo "Handwoven and Quilted Garments" Video Review
H_RUCK10.ZIP 11-03-93 Hack Report Upload Checker For PCBoard 15.0 Sysops Only! This
is a CO-upload checker - it works with Ziplab, etc.! H-Ruck checks the
uploaded file against the Hack Report IDX file and/or the COL file,
and will fail the upload if it finds a match. Prevent known trojans
and virii that McAfee can miss! Disallows pirated files.... For
PCBoard from Maritime Computer -now faster & adds PASSED screen
H_TTF.ZIP 05-09-92 True Type Fonts Beginning With H. (Newest File Date: 05-09-92)