Name Date Description
HNR121.ZIP 06-13-92 HEADLINE NEWSROOM v1.21-News File Generator
HNS.ZIP 02-20-91 Heart & Soul (.fli) (impressive...)
HNTKIL.ZIP 06-09-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
HNWIN10.ZIP 11-15-93 Hoinga V1.0. Vietnamese Lanquage Utility/Look Up Table.
HN_1994.ZIP 01-01-94 ypernov PreSeNtZ: THe 1St ReLEasE oF 94! A HYPERNOVA VGa-DeNTRo SB(PRo
HN_DOOM.ZIP 03-27-94 HellNet DOOM Patch #1 v1 Taz, Smashing Pumpkins, James Brown, ST: NG,
MST3k, and hot girls all in one package!
HO.ZIP 02-12-94 Fwutils Ho Allows You to Perform A Command Line Action on A Group of
Files Specified With Wildcards. A Shortcut Way of "For %p in (*.*) Do.
.", Has Some Built-in Macros.
HO2.ZIP 02-12-94 Ho will perform a command line on every file that matches a spec.
(Newest File Date: 02-12-94)
HO51.ZIP 12-29-13 HANDS ON REMOTE ACCESS VERSION 5.00 Remote support/access to
115200 baud. Good feature set in limited RAM. Minimally intrusive and
easily customised. Liberal developers distribution policy.
HO56.ZIP 11-22-95 Free-sys Hands on Remote Control V5.61 - Connects Two Pcs by Modem or
Cable and Accepts Input From Either Keyboard. Both Displays Will Appear
the Same. Fast DOS Background File Transfers, Network Access,
Unintrusive Opera
HO561.ZIP 11-22-95 Hands on V5.61: Pgm That Will Allow You to Connect Two Pcs Together
(Via Telephone Lines and Modems, or Via A Direct Cable, or Via A Common
Mini- or Main-frame Computer), and Arrange for Input to be Accepted
From Either
HO5M.ZIP 03-18-95 Hands On Remote Access 5.10 Easy Up and Running Update. Easy
use. Hands On has small RAM size, useful set of features in a complete
toolkit. Minimally intrusive and easily modified. Now has 465 modem
setup strings. Liberal distributio
HOAGCO.ZIP 12-31-89 Transcript of CompuServe conference on UFOs
HOAGLAND.ZIP 12-31-89 Marsface author writes Pravda
HOAX.ZIP 12-31-89 Newspaper report on UFOs
HOB100.ZIP 09-09-91 Create object tree from TP or Quick Pascal
HOBB6_95.ZIP 07-28-95 Romdoor V4.X Premade for the Hobbes Os/2 6/95 Cd Rom Disk.
HOBBIT.LZH 01-06-14 Simple game written in Basic
HOBBIT.ZIP 02-12-94 Bilbo and Friends
HOBO.LZH 01-06-14 Screen Font
HOCKBETA.ZIP 03-31-94 Hockey Doom! Play hockey in DOOM over the modem or network. (Newest
File Date: 03-31-94)
HOCKEY.ZIP 10-03-93 Hockey Door Game
HOCKEY10.ZIP 04-10-94 Hockey DOOM v1.0 - Hockey game add on for the DOOM arcade game. (Newest
File Date: 04-10-94)
HOCKEY11.ZIP 01-19-97 Get the Betting Advantage on Hocky Games With This Program That can
Keep Up With Stats That Show You the Best Odds
HOCKEY94.ZIP 08-18-94 Nhl Hockey 1994 by Carter Sports Games. Shareware Pc Hockey Game
Includes Realistic Game Play for the 1993-1994 Season.
HOC_TT.ZIP 03-08-92 TrueType Font
HOD001.ZIP 02-22-94 HAM ON DISK Vol.1 Iss.1 An Executable/Text magazine dedicated to the
amateur radio operator. Direction Finding And CW Extravaganza!
HOD002.ZIP 03-08-94 * HAM ON DISK Vol.1 Iss.2 * An Executable/Text magazine dedicated to
the amateur radio enthusiast. From Novice to OM. Ham Radio BBS' and
Packet Radio this month!
HOD003.ZIP 03-27-94 * HAM ON DISK Vol.1 Iss.3 * An Executable/Text magazine dedicated to
the amateur radio enthusiast. From Novice to OM. This Month, HAMS In
HOF0293.ZIP 02-07-93 HOF Freeware Hall of Fame, 2/93. Sorted Guide to tested Fr
HOF100.ZIP 01-27-93 Hall of Fame utility for Global War.
HOFF120.ZIP 12-29-13 By using a combination of psychology and your existing computer
hardware, "HandsOff!" helps protect your home or office. No special
hardware is needed! AWARD-WINNER: Public Brand Software, one of the
largest shareware vendors in the world, se
HOFF120A.ZIP 06-08-92 Hands Off v1.20a PC security devices.
HOFPCH.ZIP 02-14-94 Patch for Hand of Fate, fixes lockup problems on Pentium and fast 486s.
(Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
HOFRAGS.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - House of Frags
HOGAN4.ARJ 12-19-13 Soundblaster.Voc File. Hochstetter-"What Is This Man Doing Here?"
HOGAN5.ARJ 12-19-13 Soundblaster.Voc File. Hochstetter-"What Is This Man Doing Here!?"
HOGG.ZIP 09-21-94 Ceramic Glaze Program to Calculate Glaze Analysis
HOGS13.ZIP 08-14-94 Hogs V1.3 - Find the Biggest Memory Hogs. Which Windows Programs use
the Most Memory? Hogs Lists all Running Windows Programs in Order of
Most Memory Used to Least.
HOGS15.ZIP 05-20-95 Hogs - Find Out Which Windows Programs use the Most Memory.
HOGS_15.ZIP 08-20-95 Hogs V1.5 - Find the Biggest Memory Hogs. Which Windows Programs use
the Most Memory? Hogs Lists all Running Windows Programs in Order of
Most Memory Used to Least. Take A Look at How Much Memory
HOHO93.ZIP 12-30-93 A story about HoHoCon '93
HOI11.ZIP 06-02-94 Ad-bus Home Office Inventory V1.1 - Organize Property and
Insurance Information With Unlimited Dates and Notes. Prepare Claims.
HOI11A.ZIP 12-29-13 HOME/OFFICE INVENTORY - VERSION 1.1 Invaluable tool for
organizing home/bus insurance & property data by location & type for
insurance, tax, warranty, or maintenance. Prepare claims, record dates
& notes, monitor premiums & expirations. DOS: rqs HD, 640kb RAM EGA+.
Spts mouse.
HOJ24.ZIP 03-09-95 Home Office Juicer - Squeeze More Money Out of Your Home Office Three
Ways: 1. Ideas - 101 Businesses You can Run From Your Home Office.
Brief Snapshots. 2. Advice - 1,750 Valuable Tips, Insights &
Motivational Sayings
HOL.ARJ 12-19-13 Help Online - a TSR ascii code display util.
HOLCAL.ZIP 09-06-95 The Holiday Calendar - is A Compact 3d Calendar Featuring Dynamic Data
Exchange With Your Applications, A Holiday Database Using Microsoft
Access, and A Comprehensive Help File. Requires Vbrun300, Vbdb300,
HOLD100.ZIP 12-15-96 Hold-anything for Windows V1.00 Freeform Database Program Holds Just
About Anything in A Microsoft Access Database Specify Any Criteria to
Limit Records Displayed. Edit Records on A Spreadsheet-like Grid
HOLD11.ZIP 12-29-13 HOLD-ANYTHING! VERSION 1.1 Keeps track of just about anything.
Extremely easy to use - just start entering your data. Records are
quickly located by typing the first few letters of an item's name, or
by picking from a list. Holds multiple categories of information.
HOLDA21A.ZIP 11-16-94 Holidays! V2.1a - all the Dates Your Organizer/Pim Forgot! Over 130
Holidays! for You to Enjoy all Year, Every Year! Export Holidays! to
"Feed" Your Organizer/Pim With all the Dates You Could Ever Want, Year
After Year!
HOLDIT11.ZIP 04-26-95 Hold it V.1.1 - Database Management System That Will Store Records of
Just About Anything. You Give A Name to Each Record Field, You Decide
What to Store. The Search Facility Allows You to Find Any Record
HOLDN212.ZIP 11-08-93 HOLDON Version 2.12 is a variable delay program for batch files. HOLDON
has five different ranges. Milliseconds, eighteenths of a second,
seconds, minutes and hours. These delays are totally independent of the
CPU speed. A delay time message is also included. Registration is only
$6.00 SMSnet, SDN
HOLDON21.ZIP 08-12-93 HOLDON Version 2.10 is a variable delay program for batch files. HOLDON
has three different ranges. Seconds, milliseconds, and eighteenths of a
second. These delays are totally independent of the CPU speed.
Registration is only $6.00 SMSnet, SDN
HOLD_IT.ARJ 12-19-13 GREAT! Batch file delay program.
HOLECHOP.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation of a helicopter, used raytrac pretty good, need fli
viewer to view.
HOLECHOP.LZH 02-19-91 Chopper-demo for aaplay (good)
HOLECHOP.ZIP 02-07-91 AutoDesk Ray-Traced VGA Helicopter Animation
HOLEDRAW.ARJ 12-19-13 HoleDraw v1.00 - a graphical representation of a mathematical equation.
HOLID200.ZIP 06-23-93 ------------- Holidays V2.00 --------------- Creates Ansi/Ascii Holiday
and Special Day Screens easily and automatically! For use with
Spitfire and Wildcat! Creates about 23 Holiday Screens and Days B4
Christmas!! ------- Registration is a mere $5.00 -------
HOLIDY11.ZIP 10-28-94 ESF'Holiday Clip Art, Version 1.1 LONG DESCRIPTION:30 black and
white PCX images for every holiday occasion. These 300 dpi scanscover
every holiday you can imagine including: Christmas, Thanksgiving,
Easter, weddings, St Pats, parties, New Years, birthdays, Halloween,
love notes, and more! $20 registration, Elfring Soft Fonts, 10/28/94
HOLISCRN.ZIP 09-01-92 Screens for Wildcat 3.xx.
HOLLY.ZIP 07-06-96 The Hollywood Murders Adventure
HOLLYTXT.ZIP 07-06-96 The Hollywood Murders Adventure
HOLODOR1.ZIP 10-09-91 AVATAR -)ANSI filter for doors, DORINFO1.DEF.
HOLYMOLY.ZIP 06-06-93 Holymoly Normal Truetype Font is a Heavy, Sans Serif Font With "Holes"
in It. (Newest File Date: 06-06-93)
HOLYWARS.ZIP 03-11-95 Holy Wars Episode for Heretic
HOLYWOOD.ARJ 12-19-13 TV & Movie theme tunes for Adlib/SoundBlaster
HOL_TT.ZIP 03-18-92 TrueType Font
HOME20DM.ZIP 09-25-96 Homework V2.0 Demo Provide Your School With the Technology for Your
Students to Get Their Homework Right Over Their Modem From Their Own
Home Computer. Highly Configurable and Very Easy to Set Up and Use.
HOME25.ZIP 01-18-93 THE SMART HOMEOWNER Shareware Version1.0 Save money by reaching the
right home- buying, selling or renting decision. Buy- or-rent,
sell-or-rent, smart prepayment, PMI removal, home-equity options, loan
choices, home affordability, reverse mor
HOME26.ZIP 03-22-94 Home Plan 2.6 Draw, Save, Edit, Print House Plans. Fast/Easy;
Undo. Auto Dimension; New for 2.6: Move/Copy/ Resize Drawing Elements
Reverse/Move Plans; Wide Carriage Printers; Show Studs and Joists;
HOME27.ZIP 11-01-94 Home Plan version 2.7 HOME PLAN v2.7 - Draw, Save, Edit,
and Print house plans. Fast/Easy; Undo; Auto Dimension;
Move/Copy/Resize/Reverse/Move plans; Show studs & joists; Pre-Drawn
furn & Appl; Calc. square ft; Print 1/8" per ft; Arc; Doors, Walls; On
screen 'odometers'show Horiz & vert measure; Clone; Wide or regular
carriage printers. VGA req. Shareware: $20.00.
HOME527.ARJ 12-19-13 Organize Your Home V5.27 Specialized Database specifically For
Maintaining A Home Inventory
HOME562.ZIP 01-04-94 Organize Your Home v5.62,specialized database designed specifically for
maintaining a home inventory. Helps you track of what you own, where it
is located and what it costs. Easy-to-use and completely menu operated
with 3-D pull down menus. Handles up to 10,000,000 entries-Alphabetize,
Search & Cross Reference Includes reports -Print labels/index cards or
full page reports. -=SHAREWARE=- by HomeCraft
HOME563.ZIP 01-07-94 Organize Your Home V5.63,specialized Database Designed Specifically for
Maintaining a Home Inventory. Helps You Track of What You Own, Where
it is Located and What it Costs. Easy-to-use and Completely Menu
HOME6.ZIP 03-01-95 Organize Your Home V6.10. Know What You Have, Where it Is, and What it
is Worth. Easy-to-maintain, Simple to use Home Inventory System. Just
Fill in the Blanks! Great for Insurance Purposes! Display Pictures of
Each Item!
HOME601.ZIP 05-17-94 Organize Your Home -v6.01 You'll Know What You Have, Where it Is, and
What It's Worth. Provides an Easy-to-maintain, Simple to use Home
Inventory. Just Fill in the Blanks! and It's Great for Antiques. Fully
HOME95_4.ZIP 09-09-96 Homewise 3 for Windows 95 the Complete Home And Family Organizer Now
Better Than Ever Disk 4 of 4 the Complete Home and Family Organizer
With Over 150 Helpful And Easy-to-use Features. Calendars Things To Do
HOMEAC22.ZIP 03-28-93 The Windows Home Accountant program allows you to keep track of your
household expenses, incomes, bank accounts, and credit cards.
HOMEAC24.ZIP 06-19-93 Home Accountant v2.4: MS-Windows pgm allows you to keep track of your
household expenses, incomes, bank accounts, and credit cards; has
ability to memorize commonly-entered transactions and recall them at a
later time; generates reports and charts; 06/19/93; Brad Winslow.
(Newest File Date: 06-19-93)
HOMEACCT.ZIP 01-27-95 Home Accountant for Windows V3.21. Track Your Household Expenses,
Budgets, Bank Accounts, and Credit Cards. Expenses and Incomes Are
Categorized, and Several Types of Reports can be Sent to Screen or to
HOMEBBS.ZIP 04-17-94 Innovative ** NEW ** Home Based Computer Syst Put $$$ In Your Pocket
With VERY Little Effor Get In On The Ground Floor NOW!
HOMEBIZ1.ZIP 04-18-95 A Complete Home Business Information Package Which Will Save You Lots
of Time and Money, and Keep You From Making Many Mistakes Which Many
Times Breaks A Business. Stay in Business With These Little Known Tax
HOMEBIZZ.ZIP 06-02-95 The Complete Home Business Guide Tired of the Dead-end Nine to Five
World in Which You're Working? There is A Way Out:a Home Based Business
If You're Looking for the Home Business Opportunity That's Just Right
HOMEBREW.ZIP 05-26-94 How to make homebrew beer
HOMEBS1.ZIP 08-19-95 Home Business Success 1.0 Business-building Information to Save Time &
HOMECOST.LZH 01-06-14 Evaluate mortages to find best for you
HOMED1.ZIP 02-13-94 ~~FREE~~ February 94 IRA's Compendium FREE! E-Magazine Many Topics! *
BBS Sysops Info * * Snowmobiling * Winter Fun in New Hampshire * Cold
Weather Starting Tips * Gardening * * Troubleshooting * Recipes *
Business * * Books * Gold * Money * Antiques * Politics * Homeschooling
* Environmental * Much More! Download, Unzip, Type IRA4U, rest is
HOMEDT21.ZIP 03-14-95 Homedata V2.1 Home Data Base.
HOMEINV.LZH 01-06-14 Do a complete home inventory with this
HOMELESS.ZIP 09-16-94 Police and the Homeless
HOMEM.ZIP 10-12-95 D Ad-winap Organize! Your Home (Win) V2.20 - the Complete Home
Inventory System
HOMEMAN.ARJ 12-19-13 Home Management program.
HOMEPL25.ZIP 04-01-93 HOME PLAN v2.5 - Draw, Save, Edit, Print house plans. Fast/Easy;
Undo. Auto Dimension; NEW for v2.5: CLONE Commands; ARCs; DOORs; WALLs;
CUSTOMIZE COLORS; Cursor CROSS HAIRS; WIDE Carriage Prnters; Show studs
& joists; Pre-Drawn furn &
HOMEPLAN.ZIP 04-30-94 Home Plan V2.5 - Draw, Save, Edit Print House Plans. Fast/Easy;
Undo. Auto Dimension;new for V2.5: Clone Commands; Arcs; Doors;
Walls; Customize Colors; Cursor Cross Hairs; Wide Carriage Prnters;
Show Studs &
HOMEPN25.ZIP 08-01-93 Home Plan V2.5 Asp - Draw, Save, Edit, Print House Plans. Fast/Easy;
Undo. Auto Dimension;with a Host of New Features in V2.5!draws Door
Swings; Print 1/8" Per Foot, More!calculate Square Ft; Needs Vga,
Hplaser or 9/24 Pin
HOMESC94.ZIP 04-05-94 Homeschool Organizations Directory 1994
HOMESEWR.ZIP 07-19-94 Cf-nfo "Sewing for the Home", Book Review
HOMEWO12.ZIP 10-01-94 Version 1.2 of Icon Software's Homework Organizer. New Weekend Shutoff.
HOMI41.ZIP 08-03-93 Jre Home Inventory for Windows 3.1
HOMI64.ZIP 10-05-94 JRE HOME INVENTORY V6.4 Keep track of all your household items
for insurance purposes. Over 11 different types of reports. Property
can be grouped by insurance policy, personal categories, location(house
and room). Needs VBRUN300.DLL.
HOMR101A.ZIP 03-09-94 Home Refinancing V1.01 - File 1 of 1. Computes Actual and Time
Value Adjusted Savings From Refinancing. Points May be Optionally
Capitalized. Bonus Calculators Show Alternative Payment Options (Any
Number Of
HOMR101B.ZIP 12-03-93 Print Multiple Options. Mouse Support, Dos Gui or Text Mode. 2/2.
HOMRDOE_.ZIP 07-04-93 Homer's DOE! Is a little MS-Windows "game" to play when thinking of
Fox's The Simpsons TV show; req VGA, mouse, Soundblaster-compatible
card & VBRUN200.DLL; 07/04/93; Ross C.Goldstein. (Newest File Date:
HONEYSUC.ZIP 01-05-96 So You Like Dixie Land Listen to This " Here Is A Dixieland Rendition
of an Old Favorite Of Mine Called "Honey Suckle Rose"; Song Includes
Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Trombone Clarinet, Honky Tonk Piano, and Acoustic
HONOR110.ZIP 06-24-96 Falcon's Honor V1.10
HONTO096.ZIP 09-03-93 HONTO v0.96beta; Displays colored file info based on the f
HONTO099.ZIP 01-16-94 HONTO v0.99: The BEST directory lister availible. HONTO displays
colored file info based on the file's content, NOT its extention. HONTO
displays extra info such as GIF sizes, file compression, etc. A must
download! 01/16/94
HONTO100.ZIP 06-01-94 Honto V1.00: the Best Directory Lister Availible. Honto Not Only
Displays Extra Information, Such As Image Sizes, But Honto Colors Its
Display, Based on the File's Content, Not Its Extention. Note: This is
the 4th Public
HONTO211.ZIP 04-25-95 Honto V2.11: the Best Directory Lister Availible. Honto Not Only
Displays Extra Information, Such As Image Sizes, But Honto Colors Its
Display, Based on the File's Content, Not Its Extension. A Must
Download! 01/08/95.
HOOF11.ZIP 11-12-95 Hoof Biter, the Fast-paced Horse Racing Game Featuring Ansi Graphics.
Adjust the Accuracy of Odds As Up to 5 Players Bet and Root the Mini
Horses On.
HOOK.ZIP 12-29-13 Takes a Hayes-compatible modem on or off hook
HOOK142U.ZIP 10-23-94 Hooked V142b Upgrade for Ver.1 Rel 3.8 Windows Gui Communication
Program for Internet. "Surfing the Internet" is Easy. This is A Fully
Functional Client/Server Application for Navigating the Internet in
HOOK20.ZIP 12-22-94 Keyboard "Hook" for Os/2 2.X/3.X This is Great for Accessing Icons
Hidden on the Desktop, Sending A "Shutdown" Sequence, Etc.
HOOK22.ZIP 01-07-95 Hook V2.2: Hot-key Router & Macro Facility for Os/2 Designed to
Alleviate the Need to Clear Up the Desktop in Order to Obtain Access to
Icons to Load Pgms & to Facilitate Switching From One Active Pgm to
HOOK401.ZIP 12-03-95 Fwsysutl Kb Hook. Assign 110 Keys to Start/Switch to Prgs.
Record/Playback Facility. Assigned Progs May be Scheduled. Highly
HOOKCRA.ZIP 04-14-93 Hook Fixx.
HOOKED14.ZIP 10-23-94 Int/Sw: Hooked 1.42b for Windows. Gui Communication Program for
Internet. Point and Shoot. This is A Fully Functional Client/Server
Application for Navigating the Internet in Windows.
HOOKINF1.ZIP 01-22-95 Hooked for Windows Information Files. Hooked is A Gui Point and Shoot
Client/Server Program for Surfing the Internet. You can Remote Access
the Client/Server.
HOOKINT.ARJ 12-19-13 Hooks interupts enabling certain programs to run in background
HOOKR10.ZIP 04-29-92 Hook Relay v1.0: menu or cmd-driven util to place your mod
HOOK_32.ZIP 07-03-95 Hook Allows You to Map Macros to Specific
HOOP11.ZIP 06-23-94 Reasonably Simple, But Addictive Card Game. Goal is to Become the
President. Requires Vga and Mouse.
HOOPLA.ZIP 02-11-94 Version 3.00 college basketball tournament software. (Newest File Date:
HOOPS.ZIP 03-13-94 The College Hoops Pick-Em Pool Extravaganza! Automates 1994 college
hoops tournament pool Contact: Morty Bernstein, HomeGrown Software,
HOOPS2.ZIP 02-22-95 Os2 Program for Managing College Basketball.
HOOVER.ZIP 09-23-95 G The Monsters Have Taken Over One of Our Most Prized National
Landmarks. The Hoover Dam Has Been Infested With Hell-spawn and It's
Your Job to Clean House! Battle Your Way Up and Down Canyon Ledges and
Caves in This Very
HOP.LZH 01-06-14 Small, simple game for Windows
HOP102.ZIP 12-01-91 Interesting little game for Win 3.0
HOPKIN.ZIP 12-31-89 CompuServe interview with Budd Hopkins
HOPKINCO.ZIP 12-31-89 Budd Hopkins responds to UFO letter
HOPLONG1.ZIP 01-01-95 HopAlong FTP: Toll-free file transfer protocol
HOPP.ZIP 09-02-91 New FBI Attempts at Secure Communication
HOPPY16G.ZIP 09-14-95 Nightfall! Software Presents Conference Hopper V1.6g Select Conferences
Via Search Strings. Command Line Driven. 0.00$.
HOPREPLY.ZIP 12-31-89 Another Budd Hopkins response
HORAS18A.ZIP 11-30-96 Horas V1.8a - Need to Know the Time Around the World? This Application
Lets You Create Several Clocks Corresponding to Different Time Zones.
Just Like Those You See in Banks A Time Converter is Also Provided
HORDEMO.ZIP 03-22-94 Playable Demo of the New Game, 'The Horde'.
HORINV1.ZIP 04-08-93 Horus Invocation
HORIZON.ZIP 09-20-87 Calculates distance to horizon from height.
HORMB2TC.ZIP 06-15-93 Hit -or- Miss is a multimedia arcade game for Windows 3.1 featuring
digitized sound and music. There are many levels of play in increasing
difficulty and a surprise at the end! There have been a shortage of
arcade games for the Windows environment and DSI Software is working
and playing toward eliminating that deficiency. Recommend 80386DX/25, 2
megs memory and sound card. Hi-Color or TrueColor display required.
SHAREWARE $20 (Newest File Date: 06-15-93)
HORMONES.ZIP 09-27-90 Infection control assuming cooperation among compu
HORNS.ZIP 04-09-93 Horns Across the Water
HORO13.ZIP 05-29-94 Horoscopedoor Provide Your Callers With A Weekly Horoscope! Runs on
Most BBS Software, Easy to Install! From "Drsoft" (C) Software
HOROS003.ZIP 01-05-96 Horoscopes-n-such, Displays Daily Horoscopes Ski Slope Data, Soap,
Lottery, Weather Info Transmitted by Planet Connect.
HOROSCO1.ZIP 04-09-93 Real Astrology That is Fun and Easy to Use.
HOROWITZ.ZIP 12-31-89 Newspaper report on UFOs
HORPLE.ZIP 03-27-97 Doorware Horple is A Simple Game of Artificial
HORROR11.ZIP 06-01-93 Endless Horror Arcade Game; Needs Ega; Parody of Street Fighter-type
Games; Spar With Mutants: Knock Their Heads Off or Get Slimed!
HORROR30.ARJ 12-19-13 Horror Collection v3.0 text adventures Three adventure games to scary
HORRORDM.ZIP 06-22-94 Pwad for Doom. Last Revision Date in Archive06-22-94.
HORS32.ARJ 12-19-13 HORS v3.2: menu-driven horse owner's record keeping system
HORSE.LZH 01-06-14 Galloping Horse in an Oversize Icon
HORSE.ZIP 12-31-89 Newspaper report on UFOs
HORSE11.ZIP 01-07-95 A Day at the Races v1.1 Test your betting skills and luck on an
exciting animated horse racing game for up to four players. Choose one
of eight horses to win, place, or show, based on posted odds which
influence the horses' performances. Create your own voice overlays and
hear yourself introduce the races. Also included are a full on-line
help, the option to toggle voices on and off, and to change the speed
of the r
HORSE12.ZIP 02-17-95 A Day at the Races V1.10 Test Your Betting Skills and Luck on an
Exciting Animated Horse Racing Game for Up to Four
HORSEA13.ZIP 11-16-95 Animated Horse Racing Game Part 2
HORSEB13.ZIP 11-14-95 Test Your Betting Skills and Luck on an Exciting Animated Horse Racing
Game for Up to Four Players. Choose One of Eight Horses to Win, Place
or Show, Based on Posted Odds Which Influence the Horses' Performances
HORSEWIN.ZIP 05-10-94 Win_game Day at the Races, Horse Racing/Wagering Game With Sound
HORSEWMN.ZIP 07-28-93 Renoir, Pierre: the Horsewoman Bmp
HORSHOE.ARJ 12-19-13 Course For Jnug Horseshoe Bend.
HORST_2.ZIP 12-18-95 Horst Schaeffer's Batch/Dos Utilities, V2.0 Strip Ansi Codes.Report Crc
Make Debug/Xx Scripts.Del/Report Files by Age.Check Disk
Ready/Environment Space/Date & Filedate Vs.Today.Date/Time As
HORTNE.ZIP 08-11-93 Interesting Example of Drawing under Windows NT (WIN-NT). (Newest File
Date: 08-11-93)
HORUS11.ZIP 04-08-93 Affirmation to Horus
HORUS12.ZIP 01-13-92 EYE OF HORUS: fast-paced, action-packed, game
HORUS13.ARJ 12-19-13 EYE OF HORUS arcade game, needs mouse/ega, lots of action, very
colorful, upload by author.
HORZMENU.ZIP 04-09-95 V3.10 Horizontalmenu. Easy Win-menu Access. Horizontalmenu is A Utilty
That Makes it Possible to Select the Topmenu of the Active Window, From
Wherever the Cursor is at the Moment, Therefore Saving Armmovement.
HOSE_B.ZIP 03-23-95 Doom-fdn Doom 2: S/C/D Deathmatch Pwad
HOST-III.LZH 01-06-14 Access the files on a system from a remote location
HOST.ZIP 07-22-96 The Host Program is an Internet Utility That is Used to Retrieve
Information From A Domain Name Server (Dns) About A Particular Host
Name or Ip Address
HOST103.ZIP 03-15-94 Updated Alternative HOST script for Qmodem Pro for Windows. Allows
change directory and download any path without full path. See lookat.me
file in this zip file for details and fixes. (Newest File Date:
HOST111.ZIP 12-15-94 Updated Alternative Host Script for Qmodem Pro for Windows. This is for
Version 1.11a. Allows Change Directory and Download Any Path Without
Full Path. See Lookat.Me File in This ZIP File for Details and Fixes.
HOST200.ZIP 08-25-95 Updated Alternative Host Script for Qmodem Pro for Windows 95. This is
for Version 2.00. Allows Change Directory and Download Any Path Without
Full Path.
HOST22.ZIP 04-04-92 Miniature BBS (only 27K!). Configurable, yet runnable 'right out of the
box'. File transfer, Mail, Chat, Userlog, Shell, more. Adds new
options: Selectable file directory, ringback, answer rings. Now has
prompt wipe and noise rejection at low speeds. Fixes bugs in HOST 2.1.
HOST24.ARJ 12-19-13 Bob Eyer's HOST v2.4 simple home/office host BBS.
Files/Mail/Chat/Logs/Shell/Ringback & more.
HOST315A.ZIP 06-06-94 Latest Version of Vga Planets Host, This Ver Req 550k Free to Run, Much
Faster Than Prev Versions.
HOST31H.ZIP 08-26-93 Newest host (3.1h) for VGA Planets.
HOST44.ZIP 10-27-90 HOST3; SALT scripts for Telix add-a-host v4.4
HOST50.ZIP 12-29-13 Host 3 v5.0 =Complete BBS for Telix v.3.xx=
HOST501.ARJ 12-19-13 Telix Host BBS v5.01 bug fix of 5-8-92. Complete functions.
HOST503.ZIP 06-01-92 Host v.5.0: host/bbs system for Telix. 06/01/92.
HOSTAGE.ZIP 09-16-94 Hostage/Barricade Incidents
HOSTAGE3.ZIP 06-04-93 HOSTAGE 3--America Held Hostage calendar program, updated for June,
HOSTAKER.ZIP 09-16-94 Confronting the Terrorist Hostage Taker
HOSTBBS2.ZIP 12-29-13 Boyan Host script file, BBS style, Sysop menu