Name Date Description
HILOTO11.ZIP 03-09-97 Hilotto 1.1 - Auto-tests Hundreds; Shows Top 10; Uses Best. (Pick 5,6
HILOV1_2.ZIP 05-04-95 Hi-lo Dice V1.2 - Gamble Your Earnings in A Frantic Effort to Make A
Fortune. Casino Style Onliner for Bbs's. Multi-node Non-standard Irq's
and Com Ports, Fossil Driver Support, and Most Drop File Type Support.
HIMAGE11.ZIP 10-25-95 I Hyperact Image Editor V1.1 for Windows Powerful Built-in Scripting
Language Features Include Scanner Support Resize/Resample Options,
Color Reduction Screen Capture Support, Special Effects Filters and
HIMEM.ZIP 07-26-88 ADD MS HI-MEMORY 64K TO 286 386 PC'S 011B
HIMEM26.LZH 01-06-14 Text Files on High Mem
HIMEM278.ZIP 11-11-91 Himem v2.78 DOS XMS driver (XMS Spec v2.0)
HIMEM303.ZIP 01-19-92 Updated HIMEM.SYS v3.03 for MSDOS 5.0
HIMEM60.ZIP 10-03-92 New Microsoft Himem.Sys Version 6.0 Fixes Some Screwey Bug With Upper
Memory Blocks. (Newest File Date: 10-03-92)
HIMEMBUG.LZH 01-06-14 Describes Bugs in Windows 3 Himem.sys
HIMOV214.ZOO 02-18-91 Upper memory manager (for Neat chipset, others?) v2.14
HIMOV220.ZIP 05-12-93 Himove V2.20 - Upper Memory Manager for Computers With
Neat-chipset. Himove Uses the Shadow Ram of Computers With the Neat
Chipset From Chips & Technologies to Load Device Drivers and Tsrs Into
Unused Areas
HIMOVE.ZIP 07-10-93 HIMOVE V2.20 Upper memory manager for computers with a 286 NEAT
CHIPSet, a 386SX NEATsx CHIPSet or a AT/386 CHIPSet (Chips &
Technologies).Uses shadow RAM to establish DOS5 compatible UMB areas
.Easy installation and configuration.
HIN1993.ZIP 04-01-95 U.S. Health Insurance Coverage/Prevention Services (1993).
HINT200.ZIP 11-20-95 Door Game Hint Door! This is A Compilation of all the Best Door Game
Hints Found by Door World Magazine. Every Six Months A New Publication
of Hints Will be Made Available
HINTEDIT.ZIP 10-09-95 Pasdelph Description Not Available
HINTERN.ZIP 02-04-95 Hayes Tech Support Paper Detailing Proper Methods of Installing
Internal Modems.
HINTS.ARJ 12-19-13 Hints on telling what type CPU, and I/O ports.
HINT_SQ1.ZIP 10-23-91 Roger Wilcom/Space Quest I hints.
HIP200.ZIP 03-20-95 Adsmusic Modplayer for Os1.2+ Xm Support
HIP206.ZIP 05-19-95 Modplayer for Kick 1.2 Try It
HIP97_20.ZIP 09-17-97 Hippie 97 HTML Editor
HIPCLP10.ZIP 04-30-97 Hipclipboard 1.0 for Windows 95/Nt Shareware -enhan- Ce the Windows
Desktop With Up to Eight Independant Clipboard-buffers, Each Having Its
Own Hotkeys for Copy, Cut and Paste. You can Run it Totally in the
HIRE8_1.ZIP 07-06-96 Doom2 Hire8 1. Level (Doom Deathmatch)
HIRE8_2.ZIP 07-06-96 Doom2 Hire8 2. Level (Doom Deathmatch)
HIRE8_4.ZIP 07-06-96 Doom2 Hire8 4. Level (Doom Deathmatch)
HIRE8_5.ZIP 07-06-96 Doom2 Hire8 5. Level (Doom Deathmatch)
HIRED.ZIP 09-07-94 Emlith is A Tetris-like Game With A Lot of Enhancements and Fun! the
New Feature Includes the Items Such As Bombs and Oil! There Are 60
Kinds of Liths That You can Enjoy. Each Lith Consists of 1 to 6 Blocks!
HIRE_ME.ZIP 10-30-95 Hire Me Html 4.11 (Wcx-4.11) "Jobs-wanted Ads" Database W/Html-packet
Robust Jobs Wanted Database With Hyper-text Markup Language Packet
Output. Hire Me Html is the Premier Jobs-wanted Listings Database For.
HIRING.ZIP 09-14-95 Salesmgr - Freeware. Save Time & Money When Hiring. Personnel Mgr.,
Sales Mgr., Sales Person. If You Are in Sales, This File is Valuable.
Use to Hire the Best! No More Endless Interviews, Psy Tests, or Other
HIROLL34.ARJ 12-19-13 Hiroll Dice Door Game V3.4
HIROLL44.ZIP 08-15-92 Hiroll Dice Door Game, v4.4
HIROLL54.ZIP 03-12-94 Hiroll Dice - Door Game V5.4 . * Part of the Sunrise Door
Collection a Fast Paced, Challenging Dice Board Game. Makeup Games
Missed, During the Month. Automatic Game Reset & Hall of Fame Bulletins
At End of Month.
HIROLL55.ZIP 08-11-94 Hiroll Dice - Door Game V5.5 . Part of the Sunrise Door Collection A
Fast Paced, Challenging Dice Board Game. Makeup Games Missed, During
the Month. Automatic Game Reset & Hall of Fame Bulletins, at End of
HIROLL56.ZIP 01-19-95 Hiroll Dice - Door Game V5.6 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
HIROLL58.ZIP 09-16-95 Hiroll Dice - Door Game V5.8 . Part of the Sunrise Door Collection A
Fast Paced Challenging Dice Board Game. Makeup Games Missed, During the
Month. Automatic Game Reset & Hall of Fame Bulletins, at End of Month.
HIROLL59.ZIP 02-02-96 Sunrise Hiroll V5.9 From Sunrise Door Software
HIROLL60.ZIP 06-11-96 Hiroll Dice Door Game V6.0 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection. A Fast
Paced Challenging Dice Board Game. Makeup Games Missed, During the
Month. Automatic Game Reset & Hall of Fame Bulletins, at End of Month
HIROPS.ZIP 05-19-93 Hirosh (Dingbats) Type 1 Font is a font made up of Unusual modernistic
letters with a Japanese flavor, and Dingbats patterned after Japanese
crests and design motifs. Contains numbers, letters, punct. and many
"dingbats". (Newest File Date: 05-19-93)
HIROSH.ZIP 05-03-93 Hirosh (Dingbats) True Type Font is a font made up of Unusual
modernistic letters with a Japanese flavor, and Dingbats patterned
after Japanese crests and design motifs. Contains numbers, letters,
punct. and many "dingbats".
HISCAN.ZIP 06-18-93 Plustek New Hiscan Image Scanning and Editing Program. Support All
Plustek Scanners From B/W, Grayscale to 24bit 1 Pass True Color. File
Save in Tiff, Pcx, Bmp and Tga Formats. Support Almost All Vga Card
From 256kb
HISCHGCT.ZIP 01-28-96 Fwutils Chg_ctls V2.1- Titlebar Customizer is A Utility to Replace the
Default Os/2 Controls: Minimize, Maximize, Etc
HISCOR10.ZIP 08-26-92 [ HiScore 1.0 ]- Multiple Topusers Bulletin Generator for
HISGR103.ZIP 08-26-93 Hisgraph v1.03 - The Best History Graph Maker For Renegade BBSs.
Command Line Motivated, Can Run In Your Events, Easy To Install, The
Info Is Shown In A Very Attracting Way, Will Make Users Call Your BBS,
Bug Fixed By Ofer Wald.
HISGR104.ZIP 01-04-93 Hisgraph v1.04 - The Best History Graph Maker For Renegade BBSs.
Command Line Motivated, Can Run In Your Events, Easy To Install, The
Info Is Shown In A Very Attracting Way, Will Make Users Call Your BBS,
Bug Fixed By Ofer Wald.
HISONG12.ZIP 08-12-94 The Song of Hiawatha
HISPEED.ZIP 05-29-91 Help/info on setting up high speed modems.
HIST0196.ZIP 01-05-96 This Month in Space History - January.
HIST115.ZIP 08-18-92 Nice program that will generate a bulletin showing your pa
HIST12R.ZIP 12-31-96 T-hist - T-mail History Utility V0.12 Release For Dos,os/2,nt.
HISTLIN3.ZIP 06-09-92 Time Line
HISTLINE.ZIP 12-12-91 Goddess Timeline: history time line
HISTO101.ZIP 09-14-92 HISTOGRAMS Version 1.01 David Gay and David Lovelock. Dept. of
Mathematics, University of Arizona. This program will calculate the
mean, median, and standard deviation of a data set. It will also
generate a histogram, a bar chart, a box and whisker plot, and a stem
and leaf plot.
HISTORY.ZIP 12-29-13 Chronology of History Version 1.0 Chronology of History is a
history reference & research tool for IBM & compatible PCs that
provides information about the major events of world history in a
timeline format. The program provides information on over 230
countries and world regions in 4 different types of history
chronologies. Useful for quickly forming an outline of history. Runs
under DOS, requires 4.5 Mbytes Hard disk space.
HISTQUOT.ZIP 10-19-91 Discuss of costs/quality of stock quote svc
HISTRY11.ZIP 03-05-94 American History Trivia 1.1 Update! A BBS Door Program Based on the
History of North America. Supports Ripscrip Graphics, Com1-4, Irq 0-15,
Fossils and Pcb/Wc! Environment Variables. Also Creates Full Color
Bulletins in
HISTRY14.ZIP 02-23-93 v1.3 of Year in History which lets players guess what year events
happened. Multi/bbs, Multi/node, handles bauds up to 115k, fossil
driver aware plus much more.
HISTRY17.ZIP 07-19-93 Year in History v1.7; which lets players guess what year events
happened. Multi/bbs/node bauds up to 115k, fossil driver and dv aware,
com-ports 0-15. No other files needed! Fixed the NO ANSI errors. Will
work with Fossil Drivers now.
HIS_OTO.ZIP 01-24-91 History of the Ordo Templis Orientis
HIT.LZH 01-06-14 Antimated Cartoon, use instead of PAUSE in BAT
HIT.LZH 01-06-14 Graphic representation of "Press any key when ready"
HIT120.ZIP 06-18-94 Microsoft Smartdrive(Tm) Disk Cache Performan Evaluator Version 1.20 -
Gives A Percentage O Hit to Misses for the Smartdrive Disk Cache
Included With DOS 6.0. Supports Windows 3.1 Smartdrive As Well.
HITCHHIK.ZIP 04-05-93 Hitchhikers Guide to the InterNet
HITCHNET.ARJ 12-19-13 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet.
HITHERE.ARJ 12-19-13 Hi There: VOC file.
HITIME.ZIP 09-11-94 Visual Basic High Resolution Timer This is A High Resolution Timer
Custom Control for Visual Basic. It Allows You to Have Timer Events
Come in Nearly Every Millisecond, As Opposed to Every 55 Milliseconds
HITIME10.ZIP 08-31-94 HITIME VBX 1.0 This is a high resolution timer custom control for
Visual Basic. It allows you to have timer events come in nearly every
millisecond, as opposed to every 55 milliseconds with the normal Visual
Basic Timer control.
HITIME11.ZIP 02-08-95 Hitime Vbx V1.1 - This Custom Control Gives You A Timer That Will Fire
an Event Every Millisecond (Rather Than Every 55ms).
HITLN101.ZIP 10-09-93 Hitline v1.01: MS-Windows CD-player/database pgm; stores artist, title,
tracks, length, etc. In a high-speed Btree-database; multi10/09/93;
Dieter & J rgen Schmitz/ Reinhard Tyrakowski/BIG 3 Software. (Newest
File Date: 10-09-93)
HITRATE.ZIP 05-21-93 Smartdrive Performance Evaluator
HITS100.ZIP 05-05-96 Hiding in the Shadows V1.0 Lord Igm One of the Best Igm's to Date! From
the Mind of Kenneth Padgett. Take A Trip to the Underground Lair, Meet
Alec Mccour and Lielani, His Beautiful Sister! Options Never Before
HITS62.ZIP 01-18-94 Hits62 - measures the success rate of the SmartDrive disk caching
software from the command line. Requires DOS 6.2 and SmartDrive 5.0.
HITSU10E.ZIP 08-29-95 Sheep for Windows (Hitsu.Lzh) is A Program That Counts Sheep Jumping
Over A Fence. It Could be Used to Teach Counting to Children. Free
Software International Support.
HITSYS.ZIP 06-23-93 HITSYS v0.10beta; Creates USERS.SYS on the fly from the DO
HITTING.ARJ 12-19-13 E/VGA animation of hit any key and a digitalclock/date.
HIVE1_4.ZIP 07-04-94 More Doom Levels (E1m1-4).
HIVE_101.ZIP 01-13-96 G The Hive - Update ->1.01
HIVID203.ZIP 05-08-93 Hivideo V2.03 - Dos Memory Expander for Vga/Ega Systems. the
Unused Graphics Memory of the Vga/Ega Display Adapter in Text Mode is
Used to Expand the Conventional Dos Memory by 96kb.
HIVIDEO.ZIP 07-10-93 HIVIDEO V2.03 Uses unused graphics memory of the VGA/EGA display
adapter in text mode to expand the conventional DOS memory by 96kB. The
graphics modes are disabled if the memory is expanded in this way. Can
be switched on and off dynamically from the command line.
HIWAY13.ZIP 08-27-95 Lord Highwayman V1.3 Igm for Legend of the Red Dragon
HI_LO.ZIP 02-18-93 New Card Game For Windows. (Newest File Date: 02-18-93)
HI_Q20.ZIP 03-26-95 Hi-q 2.0 is A Fun & Addictive Puzzle Game Door With Top Ten Bulletin.
Allows Callers to Match Their Wits With Each Other. Easy
Installation/No Maintenance. Reg. Only $10.00.
HI_SCAN.ZIP 07-18-90 Hawaiian freq. list
HI_SPE.ZIP 02-10-92 2 Articles on hi-speed modems and data comm.
HI_SPEED.ZIP 01-07-92 Everything you need to know about HS modems
HI_TRV01.ZIP 02-24-93 HAWAII STATE TRIVIA - VERSION 1 Volcanic Islands, Polynesian
girls, Lava beds, Ocean Cliffs, Snow-Capped Peaks of Mauna Kea, Lava
Deserts, Bamboo forests. Did you ever want a vacation to explore Hawaii
Well then, this is the next best thing to being there. EGA, Mouse &
Kbd support.
HJ03F.ZIP 12-21-13 Hackmaster 'J''s Super color mod By Dale Cooper #1 @10118. Date:
HJH.ZIP 09-19-93 Hangman Jr. Hebrew edition
HJKFMS13.ZIP 01-07-90 RBBS FMS directory utility from Holland
HJMORPH.ZIP 05-20-96 Hijaak "Morph" From Quarterdeck. For Win 95 Trial Edition
HK10.ZIP 09-11-93 Hk, Pc Mag's Utility to Assign a Broad Range of Hotkeys to Applications
HKCHKG.ARJ 12-19-13 Honk Kong scenery for FS
HKFR110.ZIP 08-20-92 Hkfree V1.10 Here! Now! Latest Version of Win Resource Monitor Has Disk
Mapping, Network Info and Configurable Icon as Well as New Windows Info
Options That Y'all Asked for From V1.10. Written in Tpw5. Try it Out!
(Newest File Date: 08-20-92)
HKLN20.ZIP 03-21-95 Hklaunch V2.0 for Os/2 the Ultimate Replacement for Startup.Cmd or
Startup Folder. Launches Any Number of Applications With Parameters and
Allows to Send Them Up to 255 Keystrokes to Control Their be Haviour
HKLNCH21.ZIP 06-11-95 Hklaunch V2.1 for Os/2 the Ultimate
HK_SET.ZIP 12-01-91 HK (Hunt and Kill); file deletion utility. Files deleted w
HL131.ARJ 12-19-13 Hi-Low 1.31: Searchlight BBS door game.
HL131.ZIP 02-10-92 Hi-Low 1.31: Searchlight BBS door game.
HLAVAFLW.ZIP 05-09-95 Hlavaflw.Wad is A Replacement Level for E1l1 of Heretic. Requires
Registered Version.
HLC111.ZIP 04-17-95 High-low Cards BBS Door Game V1.11
HLC112.ZIP 01-03-97 High-low Cards Door Game V1.12 Attempt to Guess If the Next Card Will
be Higher or Lower Than the Previous One. Keeps Track of Individual
Day's Highest As Well Total for the Month. Excellent Contest Door.
HLEDGES.ZIP 01-12-95 Heretic Wad: King of all Deathmatch Wads is Undoubtedly Ledges. This
Small Level Has Been Played and Played Since Its Introduction for Doom1
So in the Spirit of Ledges and in the Deathmatch Traditon I Proudly
HLIST109.ARJ 12-19-13 HList v1.09 Files.bbs File List Compiler
HLIST109.ZIP 10-01-91 Hlist V1.09 FILES.BBS File List Compiler BBS.
HLIST110.ARJ 12-19-13 File List compiler for FILES.BBS systems.
HLIST110.ZIP 05-04-92 File list compiler for files.bbs systems.
HLNDR6.ARJ 12-19-13 Soundblaster Voc - From 'the Highlander' Sean Connery - "patience
HLOG223A.ZIP 01-12-94 Hyperlog logging program for ham radio latest version direct from
hypersoft. (Newest File Date: 01-12-94)
HLP145AN.ZIP 02-07-92 PCB Helpfiles v14.5a English and German Vers
HLPCOL.ZIP 03-01-94 Helpcolr 2.0 for Setting the Colors in Your Help Files, and Now Also
for Setting the Colors of Multimedia Viewer! Provides You With A
Preview Mode So That You can See Exactly How Your Changes Are Going to
Look Before You
HLPCRD10.ZIP 04-26-95 Helpcard for Windows Ver 1.00e (Free Soft) Helpcard Assists Windows
Programmers Write Simple Help File by Filling in Cards. Table of
Contents and Browsing Sequence Are Automatically Created by the Program
HLPDK60.ZIP 06-21-93 Rl Help Engines/Help Compiler, Run-time.
HLPDK90.ZIP 09-15-93 Help Development Kit - a Hyper-text Help Database Development Kit That
Includes Two Royality Free Help Engines
HLPEDT11.ZIP 02-17-91 Help editor for OS/2 PM.
HLPMAC.ZIP 12-20-91 This Word for Windows macro is used to enter help text footnotes.
HLPMATIC.ZIP 02-08-95 Helpmatic - Helps Create Windows Help Files.
HLPMK422.ZIP 06-21-94 Helpmaker V4.22: Excellent Util for the Automation of Formatting Ami
Pro 3.0 Documents That'll be Compiled Into Windows Help Filesincludes
Iconbar, Context-sensitive Help, and Instructions
HLPMKR.ZIP 07-11-93 Three Amipro Macros for Making Windows Help Files.
HLPMKR32.ZIP 01-08-96 Helpmaker V3.2 - With Help Maker Anyone Who Knows How to use Microsoft
Word 6.0 can Create Their Own Windows Help Files! Create Regular Topics
Popup Topics, Simple Jump Destinations, Hypertext Jumps, Fixed Regions
HLPRWIN.ZIP 08-10-93 HELPER 2.0 by Bud Brown. A WinWord document template that simplifies
the drudgery involved in making Windows Help files. Edit, compile, test
and modify your help files; run your favorite screen capture utility;
run SHED.EXE and manage your project files within the WinWord
environment! SHAREWARE. (Newest File Date: 08-10-93)
HLPSY204.ZIP 07-18-94 Easy Help System for Clipper 5 w/help topics
HLPTRIX.ZIP 10-20-92 HLPGLOSS is a sample help file that demonstrates creating a "glossary"
button for a help file. This sample shows how to add the glossary
button, as well as how to display the secondary window in which the
actual glossary text appears.
HLPTXT10.ZIP 10-15-95 Convert Any Windows Help File (.Hlp) Into an Editable Text (.Txt) File.
This Program is the Author.
HLRB.ARJ 12-19-13 Handy Little Ref Books Print Palm Sized Books
HLS2.ZIP 03-11-93 Fixes Bugs in Hockey League Simulator 2.
HLTHCARE.ZIP 04-05-93 This File Contains a Position Paper by the Consortium for Psychotherapy
on the Place of Mental Health Care in a Restructured U.S. Health Care
System. Argues for Single-payer. Presents Arguments Against Managed
HLTHCR.ZIP 12-19-93 2 Articles on the Health Care Reform Plan and the Disabled.
HLWD.ZIP 10-01-91 Hollywood film Trivia, one to four players.
HLYWR10.ZIP 01-31-96 Ep-ascii "The Holy War" John Bunyan, From Project Gutenberg
HM-READR.LZH 01-06-14 High Mesa Publishing and Juniper Software
HM11A.ZIP 12-07-92 Harmony bbs v1.1a, last update for a while.
HM11C.ZIP 01-30-94 Harmony Bulletin Board System (Bbs) is a Fully
Featuredrbulletin Board Package.
HM2SHARE.ZIP 06-08-91 Home Manager II v3.32: Great Home Manager
HM931004.ZIP 10-04-93 Hartford/Manchester Call Areas BBS List: Contains the BBSs
HM940406.ZIP 04-06-94 BBSList: Hartford/Manchester Connecticut. (Newest File Date: 04-06-94)
HMAIL.ZIP 11-28-94 Happymail - A Free Windows Based E-mail Client for Banyan Vines
HMAIL1.ZIP 05-26-95 Happymail is A Free Windows Based Mail Client Which can Replace the DOS
Based Banyan Mail Client. It Includes Such Advanced Features As A Spell
Checker, an Extended Address Book, Stda Integration, Wordperfect
HMAIL100.ZIP 10-07-94 Sdswc Hypermail! V1.00, the Affordable Mail Tosser. Hypermail!
HMAIL120.ZIP 06-08-95 Hypermail! V1.20, the Affordable Fidonet Mail Tosser. Hypermail! Offers
an Incredible Suite of Features While Maintaining A Low Cost. Hypermail
Boasts A Makewild-like Config Program, Fast Tossing Speeds, and an
HMAKEO29.ZIP 01-12-97 Utilos2 Hypermake (Makeipf) 2.9 for Os/2 Html and Ipf Builder. Win32
Version Also Available. Your Input is A More Simple and Intelligent
Ascii Format. Generates A Number of Html Files From One Source File,
Creates Conten
HMAKEO30.ZIP 04-22-97 Hypermake (Makeipf) 3.00 for Os/2 Html and Ipf Builder. Win32 Version
Also Available. Your Input is A More Simple and Intelligent Ascii
Format. Generates A Number of Html Files From One Source File, Creates
HMAN10.ZIP 02-03-94 Hang Man v1.0: MS-Windows classic game played on a desert backround &
includes the Hang Man graphic; three levels of play; comes w/ a
selection of words and phrases; 02/03/94; CanalRun, Inc. (Newest File
Date: 02-03-94)
HMB3.ZIP 08-08-95 Hatemail Lord Igm
HMBBS225.ZIP 02-27-92 Examples and "How to" make menus for SLBBS
HMBED2.ZIP 11-30-93 --==[[ HMBED version 2 ]]==-- A low-level editor for the Hudson
Messagebase. Everything of the HMB can changed with this editor. Use at
your own risk. Feedback wanted...
edit the Hudson Messagebase: You can change everything, MSGTXT, MSGHDR,
MSGIDX, MSGTOIDX and MSGINFO. Ideal for repairing the HMB when you
write your own programs...
HMCKBK.ZIP 10-24-95 Cookprog the Home Cookbook (Requires 386, Windows 3.X)
HMCKBK4.ZIP 01-11-96 Cookprog the Home Cookbook Recipe & Shopping List Mgr. (Windows)
HMCODE.ZIP 03-15-95 This File Contains the Source Code to Happymail, A Windows-based Banyan
E-mail Client. The Code is Written in C, and Requires the use of
Borland C++ 3.1 or Higher and the Vines Api Toolkit in Order to Compile
HMCOOK12.ZIP 06-17-96 Home Cookin 1.2 Windows Recipe Database/Meal Management
HMCOOK13.ZIP 11-12-96 Home Cookin (1.3) Easy to use Meal Management System for Win 3.1/Win95.
Includes A Full Featured Recipe Database, Grocery List Manager, and
Calendar/Meal Planner. Other Features Include A Powerful Search System
HMCOOK14.ZIP 02-06-97 Cookprog Home Cookin (1.4) - Meal Management System for Windows
HMCOOK20.ZIP 06-26-97 Cookprog Home Cookin 2.0 Recipe, Grocery & Meal Planning Management
HMD-01.ZIP 12-21-13 Better Caller of the Day Mod By Elston Gunn #1 @4161. Date: 07/05/95
HMEDIT.ZIP 12-21-95 G Heros of Might and Magic: - Savegame Editor
HMLAWYER.ZIP 06-24-92 Home Lawyer for Windows
HMLOAN20.ZIP 08-17-93 Home Loan Diary V2.0: Easy to Use-see How Much Money You Can Save by
Making Additional Principal Payments Each Month to Pay Off Aloan Early;
With Many Features.
HMMWV.ZIP 04-24-91 Harvard Graphics Symbol Library
HMONTR10.ARJ 12-19-13 Complete Home Monitoring System for Windows.
HMPPLANE.ZIP 08-23-94 Hemp aircraft proposed
HMP_FLYR.ZIP 08-23-94 Hemp flyer
HMP_FRNC.ZIP 08-23-94 Hemp paper in France
HMSCHOOL.ZIP 09-23-95 Simple, Yet Very Useful Program to be Used by Those Parents or
Guardians, That Are Involved in Home Schooling. Simplifies Creating and
Maintaining Individual Assignment Sheets, for Each Class Type, for Each
HMV1.ZIP 11-17-92 HOUSE MOUSE FOR WINDOWS - Version 1.0 - This shareware amortization
program offers: * immediate re-calculation of monthly payments, total
loan interest and total cost as factors are varied * graphs of interest
and principal based on payment and loan life * selectable loan factors
for calculation * easy to use mouse-driven input screen * printable
graphs, schedule and comma delimited file (for import into your
favorite spreadsheet)
HMV1W.ZIP 11-17-92 HOUSE MOUSE FOR WINDOWS - Version 1.0 - This shareware amortization
program offers: * immediate re-calculation of monthly payments, total
loan interest and total cost as factors are varied * graphs of interest
and principal based on payment and loan life * selectable loan factors
for calculation * easy to use mouse-driven input screen * printable
graphs, schedule and comma delimited file (for import into your
favorite spreadsheet)
HMV2W.ZIP 03-13-94 House Mouse V2.0 Windows Mortgage Shareware Many Enhancements, Based on
Pbs Trophy Winning V1.0, Including Loan Save/Load, Piti Equity, Graphs,
Install and Great What-if Analysis. Req. Vbrun300.Dl. Easy & Powerful!
HMVS104E.ZIP 09-24-96 Hmvs 1.04 24-sep-96 Shareware Intelligent Heuristic Ms Word 6.X, 7.X
Macro Viruses Scanner Standard Scanner/Cleaner (C) Jan Valky & Lubos
Vrtik, Slovakia E-mail: Vrtik L@inst.Vujett.Sk Download the Newest
HN22DEMO.ZIP 04-19-93 Hotnotes V2.2 Demo April 1993 by Jan Unter This Demo Has Been Designed
to Give Those Who Use Paf for Their Genealogical Records a "Taste" of
the Power of Hotnotes!. Hotenotes is a Tool to Help You More Easily
HN309.ARJ 12-19-13 HOTNET v3.09: single/multi-user help desk phone support/call tracking
system; network capable
HN309.ZIP 03-18-92 HotNet v3.09: single/multi-user help desk phone support/ca
HNBBS048.ZIP 02-17-95 Healthcarenet BBS Listing Day 048 Edition.
HNDBAR20.ZIP 04-11-93 Handy Bar - Version 2.0
HNDDOS12.ARJ 12-19-13 HandyDOS v1.2 contains several of the most wanted DOS utilities.
HNDFST2.ZIP 04-07-93 Handfasting Ritual
HNDM_10A.ZIP 01-13-95 Hellnet Doom Wad V1.0a Taz, Smashing Pumpkins, James Brown, St: Ng,
Mst3k, and Hot Girls all in One Package!
HNET_1.ZIP 09-16-94 H-Net Magazine - Volume 1, Number 1
HNGMAN10.ZIP 06-22-94 Hangman V1.0 - One or Two Player Classic Hangman Game for Os/2.
HNGMN121.ZIP 03-15-95 Hangman V 1.21 for Os/2.
HNGWN130.ZIP 10-10-93 HANGWIN v1.30 HangWin is the traditional hangman word game in a
Windows 3.1 package. Words are randomly chosen from a text file which
can be user supplied. Guess the word before the prisoner hangs! For fun
the prisoner has an animated face and HangWin supports
Windows-compatible sound boards. HangWin comes with extensive on-line
help and an install program will set up the Windows program manager.
(Newest File Date: 10-10-93)
HNGWN172.ZIP 05-30-94 Hangwin V1.72 Asp Hangwin is the Traditional Hangman Word Game in A
Windows 3.1 Package. Word Puzzles Are Randomly Chosen From A Text File
Which can be User Supplied. Guess the Puzzle Before the Prisoner Hangs!
for Fun, Th
HNGWN175.ZIP 11-08-94 HangWin Version 1.75 HangWin -- The traditional hangman word game
in a Windows 3.1 package. For fun, you can assign sounds to game events
Choose between Luckless Larry or Hapless Harriet. Puzzle dictionaries
can be user supplied. Also includes an easy to use installation program
Includes two dictionaries: PLACES.DIC contains both real and imaginary
places and AANMOVIES.DIC is a short list of Academy Award nominate
HNGWN204.ZIP 07-14-95 The Traditional Hangman Word Game in A Windows 3.1 Package. For Fun,
You can Assign Sounds to Game Events. Choose Between A Number of
Prisoners to Rescue. Puzzle Dictionaries can be User Supplied.
HNKSLAIR.ZIP 03-21-95 Wad for Doom II - Deathmatch.
HNL.ARJ 12-19-13 Tracon sector file for Honolulu
HNOTE121.ZIP 08-30-95 Hypernotes for Windows V1.21 - Brings Freeform Text Management to A New
Level! Every Word in Every Note is Indexed, Giving You Instant Access!
use True Hypertext Links Between Documents! Even Link to Bitmaps
HNPCRYPT.ZIP 02-24-95 Cryptograms - Explore the Spooky Crypt As You Solve A Scrambled
Quotation by Substituting Correct Letters for Incorrect Letters. If You
Like, You can Make Things A Little Easier by Starting With Some Letters
HNR110.ARJ 12-19-13 Headline news room ver 1.10 - news file generator for sysops.
HNR110.ZIP 01-27-92 Headline newsroom ver 1.10