Name Date Description
GNDSHLD.ZIP 06-17-93 Grounding Shields
GNDTOUR.ZIP 07-18-91 Voyager Giotto Space Mission Simulator
GND_FIRE.ZIP 01-23-96 Groundfire! is A Challenging,addicting Non-stop Action,war Shooter Game
for Dos Great Graphics and Good Game Play. Fully Functional Demo
Version. You Gotta Try This One! Min Requirements: 386/Sx With A Sound
GNET0395.ZIP 02-19-95 Galactic Net, A International Sci-fient Information File. A .Qwk
Packetftsc Network Designed to Lin Less Complicated And Restrictive
Than Other N is Actively Recruiting Sysops to Participate.
GNET0492.ZIP 04-01-92 GENIUSnet EMS Is A New Exciting Network
GNET0693.ZIP 06-01-93 Geniusnet Ems is a New and Exciting Network Based Out of the
Mid-atlantic Region We At Geniusnet Are Always Looking for New Nodes
and Hubs to Help Our Network Grow and Expand to Meet the Needs and
Wants of Our Users.
GNETMAIL.ZIP 07-12-95 Getmail - is A Component That is Used to Retrieve Internet Mail From
Mail Servers Supporting A Variety of Protocols.
GNEWS.ZIP 04-07-93 Gnostics and templars
GNEWS111.ZIP 11-26-91 Gnews; news mailer v1.11 for RemoteAccess v1.0->
GNEWS203.ZIP 05-07-93 Generates news bulletins for RA, QBBS and SBBS
GNKT200.ZIP 12-07-95 Genealogy Tool Kit V20
GNOME103.ZIP 08-18-94 Gnomes V1.03, DOS Utility: Random Tagline Displayer. Freeware (C) 1994
94/08/18 by Dda - Reign Ware. Continuous or Single Mode. W/.Pas Source.
Enhanced, W/2000 Trek Gnomes.
GNOME110.ZIP 10-24-95 Gnomes V1.10 - DOS Thing: Display Random Tags (Gnomes). Freeware (C)
1995 18 Oct. By Dda/ Reign Ware. Colorful, Flexible, & Now Faster and
More Robust Than Before. W/Pascal Source.
GNOMES.ZIP 07-14-93 Gnomes- Free Dos Utility: Tagline Displayer V1.00, 7/14/93. (C) 1993 by
David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. Gnomes Displays a Line of Text on
the Screen, Chosen Randomly From a File.
GNOS.ZIP 04-14-92 The Gnostics and the Templars from the Gnostic Gne
GNOSTIC.ZIP 01-22-91 Understanding Gnostic beliefs
GNOUN.ZIP 08-17-94 German Noun Tutor Version 1.0 From Sproglogic Helps Students to Drill
and Learn Up to 600 German Nouns and Their Associated Articles. This is
the Shareware Release.
GNPLT.ZIP 02-07-95 A Fantastic Mathmatical Graphing Program That Uses Simple Line-entering
Requires Dpmi Server.
GNR.ZIP 06-28-94 Guns 'n Roses
GNSCHAT.ZIP 06-20-94 Genesis Chat V1.0 100% Configurable, Line Chat, Splitscreen Chat,
Online Menu.
GNS_B13H.ZIP 03-15-95 Bureau 13 (C) Gametek Hints 1/1.
GNS_DOE1.ZIP 12-08-94 Gr Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empire 1/2.
GNS_DOE2.ZIP 12-08-94 Gr Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empire 2/2.
GNUARJ.ARJ 12-19-13 32 bit ARJ file extractor ported with the GNU C compiler for OS2 2.0
GNUAWK.ZIP 01-17-96 Fwutils Gnu Awk 3.0, Should be Upwardly Compatible With Bell Labs
Research Version. Almost Completely Compliant W/ 1993 Posix 1003.2
Standard for Awk
GNUCAL.ZIP 08-06-96 The Gnu Calendar, Compiled for Os/2. - Version 2.10 - Requires Emx 0.9b
Runtime or Newer
GNUCHESS.LZH 05-19-91 GnuChess 3.1+ source
GNUCHESX.ZIP 02-17-97 Gnuchess for X. Needs Xfree86-os/2, Emxrt.Zip. (Now Includes Xboard.Zip
GNUCHS31.ARJ 12-19-13 GNU chess v3.1 - docs & 'C' source code
GNUCHS95.ZIP 01-05-97 Gnuchess for Windows 95 - Faster Executables
GNUCPIO.ZIP 01-01-96 Gnu Cpio, A Program to Manage Archives of Files
GNUDEV.ZIP 12-04-94 Emx 0.9a: Gnu Development Tools for Os/2
GNUDEV1.ZIP 09-08-96 The Gnu C Compiler, the Gnu Debugger, and Other Tools (Part 1)
GNUDEV2.ZIP 09-08-96 The Gnu C Compiler, the Gnu Debugger, and Other Tools (Part 2)
GNUDIFF2.ZOO 07-31-90 GNU v2.0
GNUDOC.ZIP 08-20-96 Documentation for Gnu Programs (Texinfo Sources Etc)
GNUEGREP.ARC 03-18-89 GNU (e)grep (nearly) compatible with BSD and Syst.V
GNUGREP.ZIP 08-22-95 Gnu Grep/Egrep/Fgrep V2.0 for Os/2
GNUINFO.ZIP 09-08-96 Texinfo (Includes Info File Browser)
GNUMAKE.ZIP 02-18-94 Fwprog V3.70 Gnu Make
GNUMANS.ZIP 07-02-97 Inf Style Manuals for Gcc, Gasp, Etc
GNUMSDOC.ZIP 02-16-92 Differences between Unix and MsDos
GNUNET10.ZIP 07-27-96 Gnu Inetutils 1.0 for Os/2 (Req. Emxrt.Zip) Ftp and Telnet From the Bsd
Unix Distribution. Includes Source Code (Emx 0.9b/Dmake)
GNUNZIP.ARJ 12-19-13 32 bit ZIP file extractor ported with the GNU C compiler for OS2 2.0
GNUPAT.ZIP 09-09-96 Patches for Gnu Sources
GNUPATCH.ZIP 04-03-97 Gnu Patch, Compiled for Emx+gcc. - Version 2.1 - Requires Emx 0.9c
Runtime or Newer Under Os/2 and Rsnt 1.3 Under Win32
GNUPLOT.ZIP 05-03-90 GNUPLOT interact. plotting binaries for MS-DOS (w src) (good)
GNUPLOT2.LZH 10-14-90 GnuPlot v2.0: plot data or functions (various platforms)
GNUPLOT3.ZIP 04-04-91 3D extensions with GNUPLOT 2
GNUSRC.ZIP 09-04-96 Patched Gnu Sources (Info, Termcap, Gppdemid)
GNUTUTIL.ZIP 07-28-96 The Gnu Text Utilities, Compiled for Os/2. - Version 1.19 - Requires
Emx 0.9b Runtime or Newer
GNUVIEW.ZIP 09-08-96 Emxgnu.Inf (Emxgnu.Doc in Os/2 .Inf Format)
GNUWGET.ZIP 03-19-97 Gnu Wget is A Network Utility to Non-interactively Retrieve Files From
the Wwweb Using Http and Ftp
GNUZIP.ZIP 03-28-93 GZIP v1.0.3; compression utility designed to be a replacem
GNVIA30.ZIP 04-06-95 Viaprint! V3.0. The all Purpose Printing Program. Use Preset Avery
Label Templates to Print Custom Labels Flyers, Business Cards, Audio
and Video Cassette Labels and More! Import and Resize .Bmp and
GNWIN2.ZIP 10-27-95 Grabber V2.0 Grabs Info & Text From Web Sites.
GO.LZH 01-06-14 Go to a directory based on a "name" you give it
GO100.ARJ 12-19-13 go quickly between sub-directories on (multiple) hard disks by means of
typing GO [mnemonic]
GO10_WPA.ZIP 08-21-95 Go V1.0 Windows Process Automation. Run Batch of Command Lines or Find
Already Running Apps. Resize, Place, Hide Windows. Send Key Hits.
Perform Dde Poke, Dde Execute. Place Text on Clipboard. Play .Wav Files
GO132.ZIP 08-31-94 Galactic Overlord V 1.32
GO136.ZIP 08-02-95 Galactic Overlord 1.36 BBS Door Game Go is A Game of Galactic Conquest.
Each Player Will Attempt to Control A Universe of Planets. Go Has 20
Ansi Screens/Animation and is Multi-node Friendly! Uses Jsw.
GO230.ZIP 06-08-94 Go Utilities V2.30 - "Go" is A Set of Utilities for DOS Software
Developers; the Central Unit is an Installation Program Which Enables
You to use and Compression Prgm to Save Room on Your Disk.
GO2LHARC.ZIP 12-29-13 Decent ARC/ZIP to LHARC converter
GO2_11.ZIP 05-05-95 Go 2 V1.1 is an Os/2 Directory Changing Application Which Allows You to
Very Quickly Move Between Directories and Even Across Disks.
GO2_12.ZIP 01-20-96 Fwutils Go2, Version 1.2. An Os/2 Command-line Directory-changing
Utility. Crosses Disk-drives, Networks, Simple to Use
GO310.ZIP 03-16-94 Go! 3.10. "The Way Chdir Should Have Been Written." Searches for
Directories Which Match Command Line Argument on all Logged Drives and
Automatically Goes There. In Order to Go to the Directory Called
GO311.ZIP 01-16-94 GO! v3.11 - "The way CHDIR should have been written." Searches for
directories matching command line argument on all logged drives &
automatically goes there. For example, to go to a directory named
H:\WIN\WORD\DOCS\QUOTES instead of having to type two commands, an H:
then CD \WIN\WORD\DOCS\QUOTES, you only need type GO QUOTES. Now GO! is
"Desqview aware" as well. Shareware - $5 reg/fee
GO312.ZIP 04-04-94 Go! V3.12 - "The Way Chdir Should Have Been Written." Searches for
Directories Matching Command Line Argument on All Logged Drives &
Automatically Goes There. for Example, to Go To a Directory Named
GO313.ZIP 06-01-94 Go! V3.13 - "The Way Chdir Should Have Been Written." Searches for
Directories Matching Command Line Argument on all Logged Drives &
Automatically Goes There. For Example, to Go to A Directory Named
GO320.ZIP 11-07-94 Quick Directory Finder, V 3.20
GO40.ZIP 08-04-91 GO v4.0: a change directory utility
GO4SOFT.ZIP 12-16-95 Go/4 Software Unikey Aware Software the Best of the Best From Go/4
Software. This Megazip Contains Sharewre Versions of Vrs, Loopback
Auction, Suggestion Box, Pcbde, Ho'house User Profiler and Voter
GO75.ZIP 06-29-91 Modify Procomm Plus for use with 75/1200 split line
GOAK2_3A.ZIP 04-09-93 Vacation Alaska Southeast & the Inside Pass- Age is the First of a
Series of Hypertext Travel Vacation/Business Planners. Designed With
Business Listings, Brochures & Ads. Activities Hobbies, and Interests
GOAK2_3B.ZIP 04-06-93 Vacation Alaska Southeast Part 2
GOB2CD.ZIP 02-19-94 GOBLINS Patch which fixes several problems with CD-ROM drives (Mitsumi,
Orchid) and certain Sound Blaster compatible audio cards.
GOB3UHS.ZIP 10-20-94 Universal Hint System 91a Hint for Goblins Quest 3 From Sierra/Coktel
Vision. Requires A Uhs 91a Reader for DOS or Windows.
GOBBLE.ZIP 10-15-91 Ver. 2.0 - Gobble Man game door. Object of the game is for you, the
Gobble Man, to try and get all of the .'s before the Monsters get you.
(requires DORPCH38.EXE and BRUN30.EXE)
GOBBLR.ZIP 11-14-91 Gobbler packet analyzer/monitor for LANs
GOBJCDEV.ZIP 09-09-96 Programs and Files for Compiling Objective C
GOBLIN.ZIP 04-27-94 Cl-fox Goblin 1.0 - Bitmap/Vector Graphics Power/ Userinterface for
GOBMAN10.ZIP 09-03-93 Gobman V1.0. Gobman is a Pacman Clone With a Few Nice Twists. Collect
Bombs, Chests, and Special Red Dot to Use Against the Monsters.Nice
Graphics and Good Game Play.
GOC100.ZIP 02-22-94 GODFATHER OF CRIME Door Game - Vers 1.00 A rip-roaring, knock-em-dead
ANSI door game of the 1930s New York organized Crime Scene! Carefully
researched, the game provides authentic flavor as well as a fun to play
game of the period. Using treachery, bribery, corruption, illegal
businesses and, of course, some criminal acts, you attempt to work your
way up from a young family Lieutenant to become the GodFather and most
powerful crime family in New York City. Supports most BBS Software
packages, including PC Board Vers 15 & WildCat 3.9. The game is RIP
aware, does not require a fossil, supports non-standard interupts, com
ports 0-15, and speeds up to 115,200 baud. Compiled on 02-22-94.
GOC122.ZIP 07-14-94 Ddsdoors Godfather of Crime V1.22 Door Game - Become A Crime Lord in
the 30's!
GOC201.ZIP 03-22-95 Godfather of Crime Door Game - Vers 2.01 Now Supports Multi-node and
On-line Multiple Players! A Rip-roaring, Knock- Em-dead Ansi Role
Playing Door Game of the 1930s New York Organized Crime Scene!
Carefully Researched
GOC203.ZIP 05-31-95 Godfather of Crime Door Game - Vers 2.03 Now Supports Multi-node and
On-line Multiple Players! A Rip-roaring, Knock- Em-dead Ansi Role
Playing Door Game of the 1930s New York Organized Crime Scene!
Carefully Researched
GOC210.ZIP 07-13-95 Godfather of Crime Door Game - Vers 2.10 A Rip-roaring, Knock-em-dead
Ansi Role Playing Door Game of the 1930s New York Organized Crime Scene
Supports Multi- Node and On-line Multiple Players! Carefully
GOCIS.ZIP 12-29-13 GOCIS 1.01 GoCIS (Formerly WinCIS) is a Windows based automated
CompuServe session manager. All message composing, catalog review and
viewing is done offline. When done, GoCIS goes online to read mail,
download files, and leave composed mail.
GOD02A.ZIP 06-17-95 CD-ROM Door from Transfer Menu - DAR'S included By Godarky #1 @12108.
Date: 06/17/95
GODCONV.ZIP 09-14-93 Conversations With God. No Joke! Messagesfrom Our Creator to the People
on Earth.Very Serious. a Blessing to Read for Peopleof All Faiths.
GODCREAT.ZIP 09-14-95 God Created the Heavens and the Earth According to the Bible.And
Evolution is A Lie!
GODDESS.ZIP 04-05-93 Info on the Star Goddess
GODIR.LZH 01-06-14 Utility for directory
GODIR10.ZIP 09-12-96 Godir - Version 1.0 Powerplex - 12/09/96 - Change Current Directory by
Just Typing the First Letters of the Directory
GODIRV10.ZIP 06-09-95 Bfds Goto Directory V1.0 (Freeware) A Substitute for Dos's "Cd" Command
Supports Changing Directories Across Drives and Has "Cdpath" Feature.
GODMOM.ZIP 06-12-92 FGODMOM version 3.0. Save Fairy Godmother.
GODOS100.ZIP 04-25-93 Godos V1.00 - Allows You to Shell to Dos and Back Within Any
Application. Handy!
GODSEND.ZIP 06-19-95 Great 9-level Episode for Doom (Registered).
GODSPD2.ARJ 12-19-13 'God Speed John Glenn' .WAV file for windows 3.1
GODSWORD.ZIP 07-21-95 An Exposition of the Fables and Mythology of the Bible and of the
Impostures of Theology by Joseph Wheless.
GOETHE.ZIP 06-19-93 Neat germanic true type font for windows. Both caps and lower case.
Looks like german script, much like the print used in goethe texts.
(Newest File Date: 06-19-93)
GOFER2.ZIP 05-18-96 Warcraft 2 Scenario
GOFER230.ZIP 10-26-95 Fwprog Functional Programming Environment, Version 2.30a
GOFIND.ZIP 01-16-94 GOFIND The Quick File Finder Directory Changer. Gofind searchs your
hard drive for specified file(s) or DIR(s) and then changes to where it
is located in one keystroke.
GOFR005M.ZIP 04-17-93 Allows your users to use the Gofer door to select file that they would
like to download from another bbs that has GoferNet capability.
GOGOMAP.ZIP 10-23-95 Doom Wad.
GOHOM10A.ZIP 05-14-94 1-util Gohome 1.0a Ultimate Prog Scheduler and Automator Registration
GOLD.ARJ 12-19-13 TSR that makes the Num Lock key work as a VTnnn Xmit key in MS-Kermit.
GOLD10.LZH 01-06-14 Windows type 0 memory DOS SHELL.
GOLD20.ZIP 03-29-91 TSR to simulate GOLD key with Num Lock (VTxxx) (w ASM)
GOLD20A.LZH 01-06-14 Complete GUI with utilities, VGA Only
GOLD20B.LZH 01-06-14 Complete GUI with utilities, VGA Only
GOLD230.EXE 01-06-14 GoldED 2.30 Reader/Editor for QBBS/*.msg
GOLD231U.ARJ 12-19-13 GoldED 2.31 (incl Patch of 2.31p)
GOLD275A.ARJ 12-19-13 QBBS v2.75. Many new enhancemetns and some but fixes. A good solid BBS.
(1 of 2)
GOLD275B.ARJ 12-19-13 QBBS version 2.75b. (2 of 2)
GOLD35.ZIP 02-24-95 Don't Miss This One! Gold35 is A Menu-driven Ipx Application That Lets
You Monitor Standard Vga Output of Any Pc, Whether Across the Office or
Across the Country - in Realtime! Server Connection is Not Required
GOLD3_00.ZIP 07-23-93 Gold Hunt! ver 3.00 Door program. Welcome to Gold Hunt ! The game is
simple to play with all instructions in the door itself. You start at
the entrance to a mine and all you have to do is explore the mine
looking for gold. Along the way are storage boxes which could hold some
items useful to you on your quest. Be careful for disasters which could
befall you on your journey through the mine. This release fixes makeup
days problems.
GOLD60.ARJ 12-19-13 fastmenu GOLD v6.0 - complete GUI system. VGA
GOLD70B.ZIP 02-09-95 Fastmenu Gold V7.0b Graphics Based Desktop/Menu (Gui)
GOLDBOX.ZIP 06-24-94 Gold Box Plans
GOLDDRVS.ZIP 09-02-93 Ad Lid Gold 1000/2000 sound drivers for Windows. From Ad Lib BBS.
(Newest File Date: 07-13-93)
GOLDEN.LZH 01-06-14 collection of dos utilities
GOLDEN1.ZIP 01-21-96 Golden Oldies Ver. 1.0 - the Absolute Best Free Baby-boomer Oldies
Music Database Has Now Been Combined With the Best Free Music Database
Program! the Result is A 2500 Title Catalog of Most of the Very Best
GOLDEN13.ZIP 09-13-96 Dogsaver V1.3 Screen Saver (Golden Retriever
GOLDHT11.ZIP 08-02-92 GOLDHUNT v1.1 Requires EGA/VGA Goldhunt is a challenging, arcade
strategy game in which you try to gather pots of gold while avoiding
devils and deadly floor sensors. Hide behind blocks or push them to
block the villains as you prospect for g
GOLDIES.ZIP 10-10-95 The Absolute Best Free Oldies Music Database in the Computer Community!
2500 Song Titles Artists, Year Charted Cd Title, Labels and Catalog
Numbers for Songs From 1950 to the Present. In Dbase IV (Dbf) Format.
GOLDLTRS.ZIP 12-31-89 Goldwater's request for Wright-Patterson UFO data
GOLDNYR4.ZIP 07-29-96 Gold'n Years Retirement Funds Analysis (V4) Projects Your Returns for
Up to 5 Funds and Shows Your Resulting Yearly Incomes Using 5 Payout
Methods, From Earnings-only Payouts to Multi-year Payouts Adjusted for
GOLDP10.LZH 01-06-14 Windows like interface for Fastmenu
GOLDP20.ARJ 12-19-13 fastphone GOLD v2.0 fastmenu GOLD module Complete address/dialer
database system
GOLDP60.ZIP 02-09-95 Compuphone Gold V6.0a Phonebook/Dialer A Phone Book Database That
Provides Options for Multiple Databases With No Limit to the Number of
Entries. Dual Phone Number Fields With A Built-in Phone Dialer.
GOLDR10.ZIP 09-03-95 The Golden Road" Lucy Maud Montgomery, From Project Gutenberg
GOLDSR.ZIP 12-31-89 Goldwater attempts to look at Hangar 18
GOLDSWAN.ZIP 09-21-94 Golden Swan Needlework Exposition
GOLF.ZIP 05-26-94 rec.sport.golf
GOLF181.ZIP 04-01-93 LAN/BBS TOURNAMENT GOLF; LBGolf is a very unique multi-user tournament
oriented graphical golf game that can be played on BBS's, networks, and
on your PC at home. 99 simultaneous players can compete against each
other in real-time for optional prizes.
GOLF31.ZIP 07-07-93 Combination Golf Score Database and Handicap Calculator.
GOLF41.ZIP 02-13-94 Golf - can calculate the golf handicap of any number of individuals who
may have played on any number of courses. It maintains a file of
players and golf courses, plus an individual game file for each player.
GOLF43.ZIP 11-23-94 Golf 4.3 This is A Program to Calculate the Golf Handicap of Up to 255
Individuals Who May Have Played on Up to 255 Courses. It Provides the
Ability to Add Players and Courses.
GOLF82A.ZIP 01-24-97 1982 DOS Text Golf Game. Listen to Sound to Swing Club Uses Pc Speaker
or Sound Card. Has Bios Writes and Built in Macro Keys for Screen
GOLF94H.ZIP 03-26-95 Golflog V9.4h Golf Handicapping System and Database.
GOLF95E.ZIP 05-16-95 Golflog V9.5e Golf Handicapping System and Database.
GOLF95M.ZIP 07-23-95 Golflog Golflog V9.5m A Golf Handicapping System. Golflog V9.5m A Golf
Handicapping System. .
GOLF95N.ZIP 08-13-95 Golflog V9.5n Golf Handicapping System and Database.
GOLF95T.ZIP 10-21-95 Golflog 9.5t Golf Handicapping System and Stats Database.
GOLF96A.ZIP 01-28-96 Golf Database and Handicapping System for 1 to 8 Golfers
GOLFAVI.ZIP 03-09-93 THis is a .AVI file (Video for Windows) of a great shot of a golfer
teeing off. It is like a home movie.use Media Player in the Control
Panel to play the file. (Newest File Date: 03-09-93)
GOLFBS1.ZIP 10-06-94 Golf Budde V1.0. Tracks Multiple Golfers Scores, Courses, Expenses and
GOLFC22A.ZIP 09-05-95 Golfclub Golfclub V2.1c Handicap System & Database for Golf and Country
Clubs. Maintains all Stats for 2,500 Golfers, 65,000 Games, and 1,000
Courses. Determines Handicap.
GOLFCAP.ZIP 08-13-95 Golfcap V1.0a Golf Handicapping System and Database.
GOLFCAP4.ZIP 01-28-96 Golfcap -golfcap V4.0a A Golf Handicapping System. Maintain Stats for 1
Individual Golfer. Determines Handicap Index and A Course Handicap.
Provides Summary Showing 40 Stats Like Those Maintained for the Pga
GOLFCD20.ZIP 10-23-96 Golf Score Card V2.00 - Win User can Enter Rounds of Golf and View
Statistics and Graphs, Which Will Help Improve
GOLFCLB2.ZIP 05-16-95 Golfclub V2.0a Golf Handicapping System and Database.
GOLFCLB4.ZIP 01-28-96 Golf Database and Handicapping System for Golf and Country Clubs
GOLFCLIP.ZIP 09-30-95 Golf Clip Art in Gif Format.
GOLFCP20.ZIP 06-06-93 Golf Handicap (Golfcap) V2.0: Database Program for Golfers That
Comprises of 3 Seperate Databases for Golfers' Names, Golfers' Scores
and One for the Courses W/Report Generation;
GOLFCP22.ZIP 10-25-95 D Golfcap V2.2a Golf Handicapping System Maintain Stats for 1 Golfer,
1000 Games
GOLFFAQ.ZIP 08-10-94 Internet's Frequently Asked Questions: Golf.
GOLFH40.ZIP 05-11-94 Golf Handicapper 4.0. Stores Any Number of Scores for Any Number of
Players and Automatically Calculates Their Index and Handicap for Each
Game. Can be Used by Individual Players, Teams, or Entire Golf Clubs.
Uses Slope
GOLFL402.LZH 01-06-14 Track up to 100 golfers, 100 teams
GOLFLERN.ZIP 05-22-92 Information Toolbook Application developed to Teach one how to play
golf better.
GOLFLG83.ZIP 12-10-93 GolfLog v8.3d Expanded version! The Golfer's Database. Maintain stats
for 4 Golfers, 50 Courses, 250 Games. Determines HANDICAP INDEX and
COURSE HANDICAP along with a Summary for each Golfer showing 30+
GOLFLG91.ZIP 05-07-94 1-misc Golflog V9.1a the Golfer's Database. Handicap, Stats, and More!
GOLFLG9D.ZIP 03-09-94 Golflog V9.0d the Golfer's Database. Handicap, Stats, and More!
GOLFLG9E.ZIP 04-12-94 GolfLog v9.0e The Golfer's database. Maintain stats for 8 Golfers, 50
Courses, 2000 Games. Determines HANDICAP INDEX and COURSE HANDICAP.
Provides Summary for each Golfer showing 30+ stats. Keeps scorecard for
each game. Provides stats like those maintained for the PGA touring
pros! Now includes Equitable Stroke Control (ESC).
GOLFLOG3.ARJ 12-19-13 GolfLog v3.0 for the serious golfer Keeps track of your scores to date.
GOLFLOG9.ZIP 02-14-94 Golflog V9.0a the Golfer's Database. Maintain Stats for 4 Golfers, 50
Courses, 250 Games. Determines Handicap Index and Course Handicap
Along With a Summary for Each Golfer Showing 30+ Different Aspects of
His/Her G
GOLFLR18.ZIP 02-03-97 V1.8) Golf League Recorder - (Usga Method) Handicap and Performance
Tracking for Personal and League Use. Handicapping can be Tailored for
Casual Leagues That Play A Variety of Schedules and 9 Hole Rounds
GOLFNR21.ZIP 08-07-95 GolfSave V 2.1 for Windows CMB Software GolfSave is a Windows 3.x and
Windows/95 screen saver that will display 20 famous golf course holes
played on the PGA tour. GolfSave will display the pictures in full
color using 25 different fades, wipes and dissolves. Password
protection is provided. Requires at least 256 color. *Shareware $19.95*
GOLFSTA2.ZIP 01-28-96 Golf Database and Stats System for 1 Golfer
GOLFTOR2.ZIP 08-02-95 Golftour V2.0a Golf Tournament Database and Flight System.
GOLFTR30.ZIP 12-05-95 Golftour V3.0a Database System for Golf Tournaments. Used by Clubs,
Leagues, Etc. Maintains Tournaments, Scores, Golfers Teams, Flights,
Etc. Provides Print-outs of all Scores, Flights, Etc.
GOLFTS20.ZIP 10-15-94 Golf Tournament Scorekeeper v2.0 Golf Tournament Scorekeeper v2.0
Calculates gross and net scores with established or Callaway
handicap method. Outputs a sorted leader board or skins results to
screen or printer. Allows up to 10 separate flights and team play
including best ball. Full support for a mouse. Reduces time spent
calculating standings from hours to minutes.
GOLF_91B.ZIP 05-27-94 Golflog V9.1b the Golfer's Database. Maintain Stats for 8 Golfers, 50
Courses, 2000 Games. Determines Handicap Index and Course Handicap.
Provides Summary for Each Golfer Showing 36+ Stats. Keeps Scorecard for
GOLF_92A.ZIP 08-23-94 Golflog V9.2a Golf Handicapping System and Database.
GOLF_93G.ZIP 01-11-95 Golflog V9.3g Golf Handicapping System & Database Latest Release
Features Full Mouse Support Maintain Stats for 8 Golfers, 50 Courses,
2000 Games. Determines Handicap Index and Course Handicap. Provides
GOLGTT.ZIP 09-14-93 GolgothaRegular TrueType font is a special Halloween offering that has
that special morbid feel that so many people are looking for this time
of year; contains the 26 capital letters without any punctuation or
special characters; 09/14/93; David F. Nalle/Ragnarok. (Newest File
Date: 09-14-93)
GOLISP.ZIP 01-20-95 Acad.Lsp File and Lisp Routines That Will Speed Up Your Work. Underline
Text, Copy Rotate, Delete Entire Layer, Change Layers on the Fly and
More. Includes Descriptions of Each Command and How to Install.
GOLNR100.ZIP 08-12-95 GOLiners v1.0 - The definitive oneliner utility for Renegade.
Dupe/empty checking, random fg/bg colours, remove/replace strings,
logging, multinode, blacklisting, subliminal messages, sysop override
and much more. ____)\ ____)\ ___ _/ _
GOMOKU12.ZIP 09-02-96 Go-moku 95 - the Best Windows 95/Nt Implementation of the Game of
Go-moku, Also Known As "Five-in-a-row". Old Game is the Best Game! Just
Some of the Features Are Unlimited Undo/Redo, Hints, Comments Autoplay
and Replay
GOMOKU21.ZIP 06-29-95 Go-moku 2.1 is A Version of the Old Japaneese Game, Sometimes Called
"Five in A Row". You can Play With Computer or With Friend. Setup
Utility is Included. Shareware. Price: $20. Author: Konstantin
Gredeskoul, Melbourne
GOMOKUWN.ZIP 03-29-94 Gomoku v1.0 is a windows shareware version of the ancient Japanese game
of 5 in-a-row. Written in Visual Basic 3.0 (requires VBRUN300.DLL to
run). Excellent graphics and user interface. Play against a friend or
the computer on three levels. Interesting insights into Japan, Japanese
culture, and an accessible are of mathematics. Fun, easy to learn and
understand, challenging, beautiful to look at! (Newest File Date:
GONADS.ZIP 10-09-95 The New Wad Made Exclusively for Deathmatch.You and Your Opponent
Battle it Out in an Open Area With Shotguns and Plasma Energy.With
Sniping Towers and Huts That You can Lock Doors On.This Wad is
Definitely the Coolest
GONEW11.ZIP 04-08-92 Leaves a message on computer while it is not in use.
GOOBES.ARJ 12-19-13 Jack Nicklaus Signature - Vilamoura.
GOODBOOK.ZIP 12-31-89 Review of book on Majestic-12
GOODGUYS.ZIP 03-19-93 The Good Guys. 3 computer-related orgs. working to promote better
public policy toward the computer community. What they stand for; what
they do; how to join. The Electronic Frontier Fdn, the League for
Programming Freedom, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.
GOODIES.ZIP 05-30-91 Turbo Pascal 6.0 goodies from Borland (Germany)
GOODMGE.ZIP 04-07-93 The Microstar Graphics editor is a drawing program similar to CorelDraw
that uses the standard NAPLPS format for it's saved drawings. NAPLPS is
a compact format that is VERY efficient to transmit via modem and
decode on the fly with appropria