Name Date Description
EZT126.LZH 01-06-14 Variable fields - from Jim Hass (HDM)
EZT211.ZIP 04-11-93 EZ-Tree 2.11 Genealogy from MicroFox Company --> Family Tree Tacking
and Reporting System. EZT211.ZIP (EXE, DOC, and sample tree files).
Improved ancestrial and descendant print outs with connecting lines.
Many more people can be added to eac
EZT213.ZIP 08-08-93 Ez-tree V2.13. Family Tree Tracking and Reporting System. Improved
Ancestral and Descendant Print Outs With Connecting Lines.
EZT221.ZIP 11-11-93 Ez-tree 2.2a Genealogy From Microfox Company.A Family Tree Tracking and
Reporting System.[asad] Star (Authors: Ron Martin, Jim Hass)
EZT222.ZIP 09-09-94 Ez-tree 2.2a Family Tree Tracking & Reporting
EZT223.ZIP 01-01-95 EZ-Tree Genealogy Version 2.23 EZ-Tree Genealogy from MicroFox
Company. A Family Tree Tracking and Reporting System. EZTnnn.ZIP
contains EXE, DOC, and sample tree files. It has improved pedigree,
ancestrial, and descendant print outs with connecting lines. Capacity
of each tree has been greatly expanded, and you can link family trees
together for seemless searching, reporting and movement through family
members. [ASAD]
EZT230.ZIP 05-11-95 Ez-tree 2.30 Family Tree History Tracking and Reporting System
EZT231.ZIP 01-01-96 Ez-tree Genealogy From Microfox Company. A Family Tree Tracking and
Reporting System. Eztnn.Zip Contains Exe, Doc, and Sample Tree Files.
It Has Improved Pedigree, Ancestrial and Descendant Print Outs
EZT233.ZIP 03-03-97 Ez-tree Genealogy From Microfox Company. A Family Tree Tracking and
Reporting System Eztnn.Zip Contains Exe, Doc, and Sample Tree Files. It
Has Improved Pedigree, Ancestrial
EZTREE1.LZH 01-06-14 Simple Geneology Tree Program
EZTREE23.ZIP 05-05-95 Ez-tree Genealogy/Family Tree V2.3 - Displays Family Trees on Screen
With Boxes & Lines. Prints & Displays Many Reports. Can Link Tree Files
EZUP311.ZIP 04-01-95 Adaptec Scsi Controller Upgrade to Ez-scsi V3.11. This Program Will
Update Old Versions of Adaptec Aspi Managers and Device Drivers With
the Device Drivers Contained in Ez-scsi 3.11. Includes New 32-bit Disk
EZUTL103.ZIP 02-19-90 EZ Reader Utility Programs v1.03
EZUUE.ZIP 08-29-95 Ezuue Ver. 1.0 - Freeware. Very Easy to use Windows "Uue" File
Management Program. User Friendly Interface. Encoding and Decoding Made
Easy. Makes Your Internet Coded File Transfers A Pleasure. Compatible
With all "Uue"
EZV110.ZIP 08-05-93 EzVerify v1.1; The first and only full-featured callback v
EZV121.ZIP 08-29-93 EZVERIFY 1.21; The first and only full-featured callback verifier
created specifically for the Ezycom BBS! Guaranteed to work with Ezycom
1.02! It's easy to set up, yet includes many configurable options for
the advanced sysop.
EZV1BETA.ZIP 04-17-94 Ezverify 1.0 Beta Callback Verifier Specifically for Searchlight(Tm)
BBS Systems! 100% Sl Compatible, Works on Any Com Port Config.
Including Digiboard. Seamlessly Integrates With Sl Unlike Any Other
Cbv. Database
EZVAPOR.ZIP 08-23-94 How to build a blender vaporizer
EZVER10.ZIP 07-29-93 Callback verifier with reward for callback.
EZVIEW33.ZIP 10-29-96 Ez-viewer32 V1.0: the Fast, Easy Way to View and Manipulate all Your
Graphic Files. Supports Jpg/Gif/Bmp/Tif/Ico/Wmf/Etc. Features: Browse
all [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN A Directory, Thumbnail View, Print, Zoom In/Out, Resize,
EZVIEW94.ZIP 11-11-94 EZVIEW 94 View, Print, Copy, Edit, Delete text type files. Menu
driven. On screen prompts. Quick & EZ to learn & fun to use. No mouse
needed. Runs from DOS or WINDOWS. Free mailing label & list maker plus
an expense tracking system with your $5.00 registration.
EZVOTE61.ZIP 08-04-95 Ezvote 6.1 Advanced Online BBS Voting Door. Ezvote Allows Users to
Create Questions for Others to Vote On, and is Very Flexible. The
Ezvote Voting Door Allows Up to 400 Questions to be Created and Voted
EZW1V30A.ZIP 06-05-91 Fast pulldown menu system library for QB 4.x
EZWALL10.ZIP 01-11-95 E-z Wall V1.0 Llanoware Another Graffiti Wall for Your Users to Write
Their Mindless Ramblings On. E-z Wall Supports Most BBS Dropfiles. E-z
Installation Will Have You Up and Running in Minutes, Even on
EZWIN21.ZIP 09-30-91 dBaseIII Window and Menu Generator Utility
EZWINDO1.ARJ 12-19-13 Easy Windows - an excellent library of popup window and pulldown menus
for QuickBASIC.
EZX-SS21.LZH 01-06-14 EZX Spreadsheet Vs21 by EZX Corp.
EZX.ZIP 04-04-94 EXPENSE TRACKING V4 Keep track of your home or business expenses
The software is free. Use the data for budgeting and tax reports. Up
to 28 catagories. Ez to scan or edit data and print reports. Menu
driven with on board help and prompts. Ez to use.
EZXIT15.ZIP 12-20-96 Ezee Exit 95 V1.15.0 - Ezee Exit 95 Adds an Icon to the System Tray of
Win 95's Taskbar and Replaces the Many Steps Normally Used to Display
the Shut Down Windows 95 Dialog.Ezee Exit Adds an Exit Icon Which You
can Double
EZXMS.ZIP 09-11-94 Unit Which Allows Programs to Access Xms Memory As A Heap Structure.
Allocates and Frees Blocks of Xms Memory. Manages Xms Memory in A
Sub-allocation Type Scheme: it Will Allocate Large Blocks From Xms and
Sub-divide Them
EZXT-201.LZH 01-06-14 EZX-TALK V2.01 by EZX Corp.
EZXWING.ZIP 02-17-94 A heavily modified Mission file for X-wing, Including all Historical
and TOD missions for XWing, Imp. Pursuit, and BWing, changed so they
can be completed by kids and those not quite so strong with the Force.
They are the originals, just a LOT easier. Read AAREADME.TXT for info
and installation. (Newest File Date: 02-17-94)
EZY102-1.ZIP 11-15-92 Ezycom 1.02 EXE files. 11/15/92.
EZY102-2.ZIP 11-14-92 Ezycom 1.02 util files. 11/14/92.
EZY102-3.ZIP 11-14-92 Ezycom 1.02 doc files. 11/14/92.
EZY102-4.ZIP 10-21-92 Ezycom 1.02 conversion files. 10/21/92.
EZY102U.ZIP 11-22-92 Ezycom 1.02 bug fix (.EXE's only). 11/22/92.
EZY102_1.ZIP 11-15-92 Ezycom 1.02 EXE files. 11/15/92.
EZY102_2.ZIP 11-14-92 Ezycom 1.02 util files. 11/14/92.
EZY102_3.ZIP 11-14-92 Ezycom 1.02 doc files. 11/14/92.
EZY102_4.ZIP 10-21-92 Ezycom 1.02 conversion files. 10/21/92.
EZY110_1.ZIP 03-29-95 * Ezycom BBS v1.10 Full Release * Ezycom is a fully featured electronic
bulletin board system with support for full multi node operation. With
network and multitasker support. Features Include : 65000 File Areas.
1500 Message Areas. Full ASCI
EZY110_2.ZIP 03-29-95 Ezycom V1.10 Disk 2 of 2
EZY148G0.ZIP 12-08-96 Ezycom BBS Package V1.48g0 Gamma Version : Registered Users Only
EZY280.ZIP 08-13-95 Easyhelp/Web V2.80c - Hypertext Authoring Very Easy to use Hypertext
(Help/Web) Authoring Tool for use With Word 6. Specially Designed for
Non Technical Users. The Same Document(S) can be Used for Printing
EZY280A.ZIP 07-23-95 Easyhelp/Easyweb V2.80a - Hypertext Authoring Very Easy to use
Hypertext (Help/Web) Authoring Tool for use With Word 6. Specially
Designed for Non Technical Users. The Same Document(S) can be Used for
EZY282.ZIP 09-26-96 Easyhelp/Web - is an All-in-one Hypertext Authoring Tool That Creates
Both Windows Help and Web Files From the Same Word 6/7 Document Without
Leaving the Familiar Environment of the Word Processor.
EZY2AREA.ZIP 06-28-93 EZY2Area v1.0; Utility for converting EZYcom BBS v1.0x message area
configuration to a QBBS/RA compatible type "AREAS.BBS" file.
EZYC103A.ZIP 12-20-92 EzyChext v1.03a: Ezycom BBS archive conversion
EZYCDROT.ZIP 08-06-93 Ezycom utility for working with multiple CD-ROMs.
EZYD2.ZIP 01-01-95 Nice Cmnd-Line Phone/Dig. Pager Dialer Ezy-D is a great little dialer
for use on the command-line and in batch files for making unattended
pager calls in response to system/application events. Features: -
Automatically locates modem. - Automa
EZYD21.ZIP 12-01-94 Nice Cmnd-Line Phone/Dig. Pager Dialer Ezy-D is a great little dialer
for use on the command-line and in batch files for making unattended
pager calls in response to system/application events, or for creating
menu items such as "Page Ralph" o
EZYDOSV1.ZIP 09-29-94 Eazy Dos-it by Plastic Studios,dallas A Very Eazy to use Alternative to
the DOS Command Line or Windows. Offers A 100% Graphical User Inter-
Face for Any Machine With 640k,vga and A Mouse. Features Trashcan,
EZYDOSV2.ZIP 01-09-95 Eazy DOS (V2)v3 Gui for DOS Program.
EZYDROP.ZIP 09-16-93 EZYCOMM BBS Drop Carrier Bulletin Creator.
EZYED102.ZIP 11-16-92 EzyEdit: Full screen editor for Ezycom BBS
EZYGIF.ZIP 02-01-92 EzyGif: JPG to GIF converter for Ezycom BBS
EZYLO150.ZIP 11-23-96 Lastones V1.5 the Ultimate Caller Door for Ezycom Bbss. Supports Alias
Usage, and Has Support for Multi-node Systems.
EZYNETL.ZIP 03-05-93 Ezy-com file network node list utility.
EZYOL010.ZIP 12-23-96 Ezy Online is A Line/Node Monitor for Ezycom. It Displays What the
Users on Each of Your Nodes Are Doing at A Glance. Requires Ezycom 1.20
& Win95. * Full 32 Bit Code * Online Configuration * Up to 250 Nodes *
EZYSB102.ZIP 08-14-92 Ezycom BBS Sound Blaster module v1.02
EZYSHP2.ZIP 01-15-95 Easy Shopping: Shopping Lists Made Easy! Quick Accurate Shopping Lists
in Minutes Simple Interface, Drag and Drop, Sounds. Support 8
Categories, Stores, or Mix of Both. Holds Unlimited Number of Items.
Print Preview
EZYSPY12.ZIP 08-13-96 Ezyspy V1.2 - A Carrier-drop Monitor That Keeps Track of How Many Times
A User Drops Carrier and Sends A Warning Message to That User After A
Number of Carrier Drops, and Optionally Lowers Their Security Level
EZYWIN1.ZIP 01-28-96 Easymenu & Winalot 1.0 Fast DOS Menu, With Lottery Guesser and
EZZCOMM.ZIP 12-29-13 Scripts for ZComm/ProYam from TeleGodziulla
EZ_CHECK.ZIP 03-27-97 Ez-check - is A Powerful Electronic Check-writing Program for Win95.
Features Include Easy Setup of Check and Bank Balance A User-defined
Payee Listing, Support for Recurring Bills, and Much More.
EZ_DB015.ZIP 10-24-95 Ez-db V1.5 - A Powerful Database for Dummies, With Tutorial. Holds 2
Billion Records. Create A Custom Database.
EZ_DBASE.ZIP 03-09-95 Ez-db Version 1.0. This is A Very Easy to Use, But Powerful Database.
An Online Editor Makes Creating Personalized Letters, Form Letters and
Labels Very Fast and Easy.
and automatically add a FILE_ID.DIZ Description to ANY zip file! ***
EZ_DOOR.ZIP 12-30-95 Ez Door V1.0 Door Management Utility Ez Door is A Great New Door
Management Pp That Allows You to Configure and Run Up to 999 Games From
A Single Menu. Takes Some Setting Up But Once You Complete the Initial
EZ_EIS14.ZIP 03-14-94 EZ-EIS (Executive Information System), version 1.4. A Windows tool for
keeping, analyzing, and displaying key indicator information. Once
postings have been completed, combinations of periods of time for
selected items and selected data types (actual, planned or standard),
can be reviewed. (Newest File Date: 03-14-94)
EZ_E_201.ZIP 09-24-93 Gui Interface for Programming in 'E', V2.01
EZ_INI1S.ZIP 08-20-96 Ez-ini 1.0 Shareware: A Very Easy to use Unit for Turbo Pascal 7 Users
to Read/Write to .Ini Style Files With Ease. Only 3 Variables and 2
Functions to Deal With, and A Maximum of 4 Lines of Code to Type!
EZ_SWAP.ZIP 07-18-93 Pm Util to Monitor Swap File Size - No Cpu Overhead! (Rtl Included).
E_13SND1.ZIP 01-20-94 New from ENIGMA-13! E-13 Sounds is a set of alternate sound effects for
Id's great new action game DOOM! These sound effects will raise a smile
from even the most serious fan. This archive contains everything you'll
need to load/unload the sounds into DOOM. Be sure to read the docs
(just run the .BAT) before using this. FOR COMMERCIAL DOOM ONLY. E-13
E_CENTR.ZIP 08-10-94 Autocad Drawing of Eaton Centre.
E_EATERY.ZIP 09-27-96 Cook-ot (Ot) the Electronic Eatery - .Pdf Format Cookbook
E_EVER.ZIP 12-17-95 Sdc_xm
E_FILING.ZIP 04-02-93 Amateur radio filings by electronic medium
E_FMODS.ZIP 04-09-91 MODS for scanners E-F
E_HDR026.ZIP 03-29-93 File area header editor for Ezycom.
E_HDR028.ZIP 04-28-93 (V0.28) Ezy-header, Now With User Definable Colours.
E_ICNS.ZIP 01-04-94 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
E_ICONS.ZIP 09-15-92 Icon Library "E".
E_JINGLE.ZIP 12-16-96 Happy Jingles (Are You Ready) A Song to Celebrate X-mas! by Jay.Xpl
Merry Christmas! Jay.Explizit Single Release
E_MDEMO.ZIP 11-12-95 B A Real Estate Management Program
E_MW1.ZIP 01-09-95 Freeware Disk 1/1 Megawolf is Pre-installed for You! Grafx Attributes
Have Been Changed! Learn More About Eclypse, the M.C.! Many More
Additions That Won't Fit! .
E_PARCEL.ZIP 05-21-97 Leader of the New "Push" Technology.. Where You Have to Locate Info and
Wait on Slow Downloads One at A Time.. And Start Over If You Lose Your
Connection.. This Sends You Info You Subscribe To
E_RIDING.ZIP 10-24-95 Genetxt Topographical Directory of Yks (Uk) 1822. East Riding Section
E_RIDW4W.ZIP 10-24-95 Genetxt Directory of E.Riding Yks (Uk) 1822. As E-riding.Zip; M/S Word
E_SCAN10.ZIP 04-15-93 E-scan V1.00: Returns the Manufacturer of an Ethernet Network Interface
Card in the Current Workstation. Ipx Must be Loaded But Netx is
Optional. (Date Req: 286+cpu. Freeware From Micro House International.
E_SYS040.ZIP 06-12-93 Ezy-Cosysop v0.40; Aids you in managing all your EzyCom Us
E_WCTY02.ZIP 03-23-93 Who called today/yesterday; This is a simple utility to vi
E_WWR.ZIP 12-03-93 E-wwr.Zip is an Executable Program Once it is Unzipped. it is an
Electronic Sampling of Writer's Workshop Review, a New Writer's
Magazine. This Sample Includes Only Nonfiction Samples But Ww Prints a
Lot of Fiction Stori
E_Z_BOOK.ZIP 10-30-95 I E-z-book V5.0. Electronic Publishing Program For Publication and
Display of Electronic Books. Full Color Graphics, Hypertext Changeable
Fonts, Covers, Title Pages Auto-scroll, Auto-bookmark, Mouse Control