Name Date Description
E100BNT.ZIP 01-12-96 Novuser: Updated Etherexpres 100 Drivers - Intel
E101W95.ZIP 09-04-95 e-Mail Notify 1.01 for Windows 95. POP3 Mail Notifier, retrieves mail
headers from POP3 Server and notifies the user of new mails. With
"Quick Delete" and "Quick View".
E111W95.ZIP 12-18-95 E-mail Notify 1.11 for Windows 95. Pop3 Mail Notifier, Checks for Mail
Headers and Notifies the User of New Mails. With "Quick Delete" and
"Quick View" and Dial-up Networking Control
E120W16.ZIP 07-22-96 Notify V1.20: Ms-windows for Win16 Companion for Your Regular Mailer
That Retrieves Mail Headers From Your Pop3 Server W/Out Deleting Them
and Notifies You When New Mail is There; Scheduled Checking & Dialing
E14.ZIP 12-15-91 E v1.4, programmer's text editor
E148G0S.ZIP 12-05-96 Ezycom V1.48g0 Structures
E16DISK.ZIP 12-20-95 Novuser: Latest Drivers for the Intel Etherexpress/16 - See E16disk.Txt
for More Information and A Complete List With Revision Numbers
E17CSH.ZIP 07-30-93 Gnu Emacs V19.17 for Emx - Color Syntax Highlighting.
E17INF.ZIP 08-01-93 389467 Emacs Documentations Files (.Inf Format).
E17INFO.ZIP 09-04-93 Emacs Info Files (On-line Help).
E17MAN.ZIP 09-04-93 Documentation Files (Mostly for Tex).
E17MIN_1.ZIP 09-04-93 Minimal Set of Files for Running Gnu Emacs.
E17MIN_2.ZIP 07-27-93 Minimal Set of Files for Running Gnu Emacs.
E17MORE.ZIP 09-04-93 More .El Files for Gnu Emacs 19.17 for Os/2.
E1L5KO1.ZIP 03-11-94 New level for DOOM. Requires registered version to use. Good for
deathmatch play. Unzip to C: /DOOM and run with doom -file newlevel.wad
(Newest File Date: 03-11-94)
E1M1BALL.ZIP 07-08-96 E1m1ball.Zip is A Program That Replaces Your Music in Doom on E1m1 to
Some Ballgame Music Uploded By: Heath N. Caldwell
E1M1DEMO.ZIP 07-06-96 Quake Demo Recording Of
E1M1LATE.ZIP 04-03-94 Brand New! Episode 1, Level 1 for Registered Doom! This Level is harder
than you might like, and has been redecorated with visually STUNNING
E1M1MC.ZIP 06-24-96 E1m1mc.Zip is A Cool Wad File for Doom That Will Change the Music From
E1m1 to Some Pretty Cool Rock Song With an Awesome Guitar Solo in It
E1M1MONT.ZIP 07-07-96 E1m1mont.Zip is Another Cool Music Changing Program for Doom, it Plays
Music That is Really Familiar, You May Remember it From That Old Game
Hunt the Wumpus! Uploaded Bu Heath N. Caldwell
E1M1TRPS.ZIP 04-05-94 Doom Edited Level 1,1 "Traps" Name Says it (Newest File Date: 04-05-94)
E1M1TRY.ZIP 04-19-94 Another Doom Level. This is a Demented First Level With Wall Structure
Edited. (Newest File Date: 04-19-94)
E1_LMPS.ZIP 02-25-94 Doom Demo Levels - All Levels From Episode 1. (Newest File Date:
E2864106.ZIP 09-22-95 Zyxel Elite 2864 V1.06 Flash Rom.
E29LIB2.ZIP 06-22-95 Os2 Emacs V19.29 E-lisp Library
E29MAN.ZIP 06-20-95 Os2 Emacs V19.29 Documentation Files Mostly.
E29MORE.ZIP 06-26-95 Emacs V19.29. Additional Files.
E29NET.ZIP 06-22-95 Emacs V19.29. Additional Files for Networks.
E2A102.ZIP 09-07-91 Creates Areas.BBS From Sysmsg.dat
E2FLT12.ZIP 07-26-95 This Filter, V1.2, Allows You to use Ext2-os2.Ifs to Read Linux Ext2
Filesystems, Without Having to Edit the Partition Table.
E2FLTSRC.ZIP 07-26-95 Source Code for Ext2flt V1.2, A Filter Device Driver That Makes it
Possible to Load Ifs for Linux Partitions.
E2L1.ZIP 03-31-94 This is A modified version of DOOM registered version episode 2 level 1
Very strange. Doom 1.2 registered and doom utilities editor are
required to install patch. (Newest File Date: 03-31-94)
E2L2_GG1.ZIP 04-01-94 A heavily modified level for Doom. Works on the registered version only
Use the IDCLEV 22 command to get to the level. (Newest File Date:
E2NF6_CB.ZIP 02-18-95 1.C4 C5 2.Nc3 Nf6 1102 Games; Chessbase.
E2S295B.ZIP 12-29-13 systems BBS List - 2/95 [TcP / 20MNN] File is in executable Infodoc
format v2.0. rev 2.0 1/31/95
E2SLIST.ZIP 01-04-95 systems BBS List - 1/94 [TcP / 20MNN] File is in executable Infodoc
format v2.0. rev 1.0 1/3/94
E2_LMPS.ZIP 02-26-94 Doom Demo Levels - All Levels From Episode 2. (Newest File Date:
E30INFO.ZIP 12-21-95 Os2 Emacs 19.30: Info File (On-line Help)
E30LIB1.ZIP 12-21-95 Os2 Emacs 19.30: Emacs Lisp Library (Compiled
E30MAN.ZIP 12-21-95 Os2 Emacs 19.30: Documentation Files (Mostly
E30MIN.ZIP 12-21-95 Os2 Emacs 19.30: Minimal Set of Files to Run
E30MORE.ZIP 12-21-95 Os2 Emacs 19.30: Additional Files
E30NET.ZIP 12-21-95 Os2 Emacs 19.30: Additional Files for Network
E31MORE.ZIP 06-03-96 Gnu Emacs V19.31.1 for Emx (Os/2 2.0, 2.1, & 3.0) Ported by Eberhard
Mattes and Based Upon Ideas of the Port of Gnu Emacs for Os/2 Done by J
Rg Viola; This Port Also Works W/Emx on Ms-dos
E33EL1.ZIP 08-18-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx. Lisp
Files (Source), Part 1 of 3
E33EL2.ZIP 08-15-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx. Lisp
Files (Source), Part 2 of 3
E33EL3.ZIP 08-15-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx. Lisp
Files (Source), Part 3 of 3
E33INFO.ZIP 08-13-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx. Info
Files (On-line Help)
E33LIB2.ZIP 08-18-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx. Lisp
Library 2 of 2 (Remaining Files, Compiled)
E33MAN.ZIP 08-13-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx.
Documentation Files (Mostly for Tex)
E33MIN.ZIP 08-19-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx. Minimal
Set of Files for Running
E33MORE.ZIP 08-18-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx.
Additional Files
E33NET.ZIP 08-18-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx.
Additional Files for Network Support
E33REST.ZIP 08-16-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx.
Remaining Files
E33SRC.ZIP 08-18-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx. Source
E33X.ZIP 08-18-96 Emacs V19.33: Extensible Self-documenting Text Editor for Emx.
Additional Files for Xfree86/Os2
E3MOONCM.ZIP 03-26-95 Moon Chainshaw Massacre Wad File With A Complete E3 for Doom. Includes
8 Maps, and New Graphics. Single and Multiplayer Doom Registered V1.666
66 Mhz Cpu or Higher Recommended.
E3_LMPS.ZIP 02-27-94 Doom Demo Levels - All Levels From Episode 3. (Newest File Date:
E4DV200.ZIP 06-16-93 Eeditor V2.0 - With User-defined Menus Mouse Outlining/Folding Svga
Support Load Wildcards, Edit 100 Files Search/Replace Across All Open
Files. Full On-line Help. Resume Mode. Editable Extension & Content
Specific Macros
E4V160.ZIP 05-06-93 E4 Editor V1.60 - "Everyone's Editor" Mouse. Outlining. Svga Support.
Load Wildcards, Edit 100+ Files. Search/Replace Across All Open Files.
Full On-line Help. Resume Mode. Editable Extension & Content Specific
E530UD1.ZIP 10-19-91 E! V5.30U, full-featured/configurable
E920603.ZIP 06-03-92 KA9Q TCP/IP, NOS 920603 version, executable
E991132S.ZIP 08-18-95 E-mail Notify 0.99.11 for Win32s -p- Op3 Mail Notifier, Retrieves Mail
Headers From Pop3 Server and Notifies the User of New Mails. With
"Quick Delete" and "Quick View". Ludovic Dubost - 5$ Shareware Url:
E9911W95.ZIP 08-18-95 E-mail Notify 0.99.11 for Windows 95 -p- Op3 Mail Notifier, Retrieves
Mail Headers From Pop3 Server and Notifies the User of New Mails. With
"Quick Delete" and "Quick View". Ludovic Dubost - 5$ Shareware Url:
E999W16.ZIP 08-05-95 Background POP3 mail checker for Win16
E999W32S.ZIP 08-05-95 Background POP3 mail checker for Win32s
E999W95.ZIP 08-05-95 Background POP3 mail checker for Windows95
EA180.ZIP 10-21-93 Electric Avenue is a very well-written Board-type DOOR that supports
most drop-files. It's somewhat similar to Monopoly, yet different.
Users can join-in, but if they don't play for 'x' days it allows the
other users to continue without them.
EABK10.ARJ 12-19-13 Extended Attribute Backup Utility V1.0.
EABRWS02.ZIP 10-25-93 Beta Version 0.20. Browse, Change, Delete
EAC102.ZIP 04-04-97 Tenhavicap Handles Video for Windows Devices You can Open, Preview, use
Live Overlay Video Capture to an Avi File, Call Standard Dialogs W/An
Easy Interface and Much More. You can Receive the Frames Directly
EACLIB.ZIP 05-22-96 Ea Class Library Package Consists of Two Classes (Ea and Ealist)
Wrapping the Os/2 Extended-attribute Apis. You Have to Compile and Link
the Appropriate Files Together With Your Application. Needs an Ibm C
Compiler Either
EACSN105.ZIP 05-21-96 Email Assist for Csnav V1.05 - Adds Three Major Features to Csnav's
Email and Forum Message Windows: Spell Checking, Easy Quoting and
User-defined Signatures or Taglines. All Features Are Tightly
EADATA.ARJ 12-19-13 Description of The ea Data.Sf File, Found on OS/2 Fat Partitions.
EAFAQ1.ZIP 07-14-96 Ea Faqs. (Last Revision Date in Archive 07-14-96)
EAG2NAP.ZIP 04-28-93 Pcx to Naplps Conversion Tutorial. Req Tursho
EAGLAND.ZIP 11-05-95 Astrnomy Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Sequence (Wav)
EAGLAND2.ARJ 12-19-13 'The Eagle has landed' .WAV file for windows 3.1
EAGLE.ZIP 10-28-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
EAGLEVER.ZIP 01-21-93 Small SYSOP Utility to quickly locate a name in your callb
EAIFF.LZH 12-12-90 8svx (IFF 8-bit) definition
EAL_DC3.ZIP 08-06-96 Fsfs Mcdonald Douglas Dc-3 Great Silver for Fs5
EAM_V2.ZIP 07-01-96 E-mail Address Manager V2.0 for Windows 31 and 95. Maintain Bulk E-mail
Addresses to Promote Your Product or Business. $14.95 Shareware
EANSIPIC.ZIP 07-22-93 Color Ansi Collection 'E'.
EARLYBRD.ZIP 04-15-92 Early Bird v1.0: Calendar/Reminder program
EARLYGMS.ZIP 01-10-96 Collection of Early Games (1485-1861), From Philippe Boulet
EARLYTV.ZIP 01-21-95 Early T.V. Trivia!" V1.0 - A BBS Door Progra the T.V. Shows of the
Early Years. Supports Ripscrip Graphics, Also Creates Full Buletins in
Ascii/Ansi. A BBS Door Program Fr.
EARN.LZH 01-06-14 Tells how to make money with your computer
EARNTOOL.ZIP 11-14-93 Intools: Network Resources Guide from EARN v2.0 9/93 - Internet
EARP01C.ZIP 06-22-95 Timebank Enhancment mod By Wyatt Earp. Date: 06/22/95
EARTEST2.ZIP 08-01-95 Eartest! Test for Deafness & Also Hearing Ability. Try it Now, Before
It's Too Late! Measures Hearing Ability in Hertz. Returns Health
Status/Interactive. Pc Speaker Required. Has Helped Many People
Identify Hearing Loss
EARTEST_.ZIP 07-13-94 Eartest! Hearing Accuracy Tester Test for Deafness & Hearing Ability.
Try it Now, Before It's Too Late! Measures Hearing Ability in Hertz. Pc
Speaker Required. Hear Me Out! by Ttw Sw $5.
EARTH.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation created in 3D Studio spinning earth
EARTH.ZIP 05-01-95 Andrea Benoni has used BmpWizard to do this animation from an image of
EARTH1.ZIP 06-24-91 Rotating icon of planet Earth. Cool.
EARTH110.ARJ 12-19-13 Earth map file for Imperium 3.49+ door game.
EARTH11D.ZIP 07-11-93 Earth Invasion V1.1d. Space Fight Game With Air Combat Missions.
Feature Great Eag High Resolution Graphics.
EARTH3.ZIP 06-24-91 Windows 3 spinning globe as an icon
EARTHBMP.ZIP 01-11-96 Nice Color Photo of Earth From Space Bmp.
EARTHS20.ZIP 11-09-93 EarthSun-Earth's sunlit-side in Win 3.1 icon EarthSun's title can also
display the current date and/or time in many formats. Full Borland C
source code to registered users. (Newest File Date: 11-09-93)
EARTHS25.ZIP 01-20-94 Earth & Sun 2.5. Clock icon for windows and also shows the position of
the earth. (Newest File Date: 01-20-94)
EARTHS41.ZIP 07-14-94 Earth Sun Version 4.1. A Windows Icon That Shows the Date and Time in
Many Different Languages. Also Shows the Sunlit Side of the Earth and
Gives Many Neat Sun/Moon Facts.
EARTHS43.ZIP 11-01-94 Earth/Sun V4.3 Directly From the Author. Puts A Globe in the Corner of
Your Windows 3.X Screen. Includes A Clock and the Globe Shows the
Sunlit Side of the Earth. Multiple Language Support.
EARTHSCM.ZIP 12-05-94 Doom II Pwad - Introducing Earth Scum. A New Doom II Pwad Adventure by
Guy Stockie. Good Quality Game. Works Best With A 486-66 or Better.
Nevertheless, be Prepaird to Die, Earth Scum..
EARTHW20.ZIP 05-27-92 Displays Earth, Sun, and time.
EARTHWAD.ZIP 09-13-94 Earth Day - Earth Ball - Now Earth Doom!
EARTHWCH.ZIP 11-09-91 CGA prog sim to GEOCLOCK. Nice almanac data.
EASE10.ZIP 10-16-91 Ease v1.0 - disk utility
EASEL.ZIP 08-30-88 Easel* is a Microsoft Windows* program for displaying, manipulating and
converting various format picture files.
EASEL41E.LZH 01-06-14 Graphics display/convert prog. for Wind.
EASIL330.ZIP 11-01-95 B Utilnet Easi-plan Lite: Business Financial Planner. Enables New &
Mid-size Businesses to Prepare Complete 3-year Financial Projections
for Business Plans, Raising Finance Etc. Produces P&ls, Cashflows,
Balance Sheets
EASINV11.LZH 01-06-14 Easy-Inventory v1.1 inventory system
EASIP330.ZIP 11-01-95 B Easi-plan Pro V3.30
EASIPLAM.ZIP 10-21-95 Easi-plan Micro R3.3.Shareware.Reg: 45 Comprehensive Integrated 3-yr
Business & Financial Planner for New & Very Small Businesses. Use for
Raising Finance, Business Planning, Appraisals Etc. Suits New Users
EASIQS31.ZIP 10-22-95 V3.1) Quick Study - Flashcards - Any Subject Based on Flashcards, But
Much Better. You Create the Questions & Answers, So the Data Suits Your
Study Habits & Prefs. Reviewing A Chapter is Fast, So Studying is
EASI_ESP.ZIP 01-22-96 Scientificallu Sound/Fun Way to Tst/Train Yo
EAST-NET.ZIP 08-15-85 Map of East Coast Net
EAST1914.ZIP 04-17-95 East Front, 1914 V1.0 Strategy Wargame. Boardgame Style, Operational
Level, DOS Game Covering the First 3 Months of Wwi on the Eastern Front
Needs 286, 1meg Expanded Memory, 590k Free Ram, Vga. 386 Recommended.
EASTER.ZIP 08-12-89 What day is easter on a given year
EASTFONT.ZIP 01-25-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
EASTSIDE.ZIP 05-14-92 A True Type Font Called Eastside. (Newest File Date: 05-14-92)
EASTVW_1.ZIP 05-18-96 Warcraft 2 Scenario
EASY-Q13.ARJ 12-19-13 I Qualify v1.3: calculates loan amount, sale price, ratio %, total
income/expenses, etc
EASY12.ZIP 09-05-97 EasySoft: All-purpose store management system
EASY225.LZH 01-12-90 EasyEdit II editor based on TP toolbox v2.25
EASY95.ZIP 04-23-95 Icon Viewer/Library Maker for Windows 95.
EASYA61F.ARJ 12-19-13 Easy Access -the most complete, flexible and easy to use MS/DOS Menu
EASYAC61.LZH 01-06-14 Easy Access v6.1 professional menu
EASYAC61.LZH 01-06-14 Easy Access v6.1 professional menu
EASYBA.LZH 01-06-14 Write easy batch files for use in Wind.
EASYBK23.ZIP 06-15-95 Easy Book V2.3 - the Electronic Book Creator. Combine Up to 250
Chapters Into A Single Exe Ebook. Add Hypertext, Graphics, Voice.
Select Colors and Fonts to Use. Design Your Table of Contents Screen.
EASYCAD.ZIP 11-29-90 Distribution copy of fast CAD system!
EASYCADD.ZIP 10-08-91 A CADD program file selection for EASYCAD
EASYDEX.ZIP 12-02-91 Easy to use phone book.
EASYDIAL.ARJ 12-19-13 EasyDial 4.2 - use your computer's modem to dial your telephone for
normal voice communication
EASYDOOR.ZIP 03-01-93 QuickBBS-compatible Door Maker BASIC Library.
EASYFB.ZIP 03-26-91 Easy One Key menu driven FASTBACK backups.
EASYFILE.ARJ 12-19-13 EasyFile, dual-list file manager
EASYFILE.ZIP 02-05-92 Easyfile 3.0 - Shell/Archive Manager
EASYH103.ARJ 12-19-13 Easy Home Office v1.03 - integrated package.
EASYHLPA.ZIP 09-28-93 Easyhelp is used with winword 2.0, great help file. (Newest File Date:
EASYICON.ZIP 08-20-94 Easyicons V1.O for Windows 1/1 Easilly Scroll Through Pages of Icons.
Simply Select A Directory, and Easyicons V1.0 Needs Vbrun300.Dll
(Visual Basic Run-time Lib.
EASYLET.ZIP 09-22-93 Eazylet Mail Merge and Letter Generation Utility
EASYMOD.ZIP 01-17-95 Easymod V1.0. Assists in the Creation and Editing of Mod [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN
Windows. It Includes A Song Table Editor, Pattern Editor, and Sample
Editor for Fully Integrated Mod File Creation and Sample Recording.
EASYMONY.ZIP 01-01-94 Easy Personal Finance Manager. Checking, Savings, and Credit Card
accounts. Pull-down menus and on-screen entry forms make keeping on top
of your finances easy and (Newest File Date: 01-01-94)
EASYNET.LZH 01-06-14 Program to network 2 computers with cable
EASYNOW.ZIP 02-17-94 Word Processing Program WordPerfect Compatible Newest File: 2-17-1994.
(Newest File Date: 02-17-94)
EASYPAGE.ZIP 04-16-94 EasyPager v1.20 - Powerful, user-friendly program dials alpha-numeric
pagers under Windows. Features backround paging, delayed paging and
multiple page queues. (Newest File Date: 04-16-94)
EASYPLAY.ZIP 05-24-94 Easyplay, the Easy Way to Play. Now Plays Avi Mid, Voc, Wav, and
Another Other Mmos2 Type. Last Revision Date in Archive: 05-24-94.
EASYQBE.ZIP 03-12-86 Query-by-example for novices, DBA 4/86
EASYREF.ZIP 03-07-93 EasyRef - Reference Utility for Windows
EASYRG.ZIP 12-21-95 Easyreg is an Ole In-process Server Dll for use With Visual Basic 4.0
32-bit. It Makes Simple the Task of Writing and Reading the Windows
Registry. Sample Code/Help File Included. Shareware. Not Crippled.
EASYTEXT.ZIP 06-12-93 EASYTEXT v1 - Customized prompts for PCBoard 15.0. Makes some PCBTEXT
prompts easier to understand for Novice PCBoard users.
EASYTP.ZIP 12-21-95 Easytip May be the Easiest Way You Have Ever Implemented Tooltips Into
Your Visual Basic 4.0 Application. Shareware. Not Crippled. 30-day Eval
EASYU108.ZIP 04-04-95 Easy Uploads V1.08 - Save Time/$ Uploading to Cis. Works With Both
Wincim and Csnav, and Includes A Forum Tracker and ZIP Viewer. New!
Save Descriptions As Diz Files, and 8.3 Filenames. Spell Check With
Excel5 or Word.
EASYU202.ZIP 08-07-95 Easy Uploads V2.02 - Save Time/$ Uploading to Cis With Wincim or Csnav.
With Easy Uploads Just Enter all the Data for Your Uploads Once, and
Then Fill the Contribute Dialog in Wincim/Csnav in Seconds, Time After
EASYW110.ZIP 09-16-94 Doom Easywad V1.10 by M. Van Der Heide of Thunderware Research Center
This Program Was Made for all Those Doomers With Loadsa Wad Files. It
Produces A Nice Wad Selection Interface, Which Should Put an End to
Losing Track
EASYX1.ZIP 11-16-95 G Easy Crosswords Vol 1 Contains 25 Ms-windows Crosswords for Your
Solving Pleasure Either on Screen or on the Go; Req Vbrun300.Dll
11/16/95; Barbara H. Schulak/Tracker Software
EASYX2.ZIP 11-16-95 G Easy Crosswords Vol 2 Contains 25 Crosswords For Your Solving
Pleasure Either on Screen Or On the Go
EASY_A13.ZIP 11-04-91 Easy Agent v1.3 Real estate office package
EASY_Q14.ZIP 05-19-92 Qualify v1.4: Calc loan amt/sale price/costs
EAT16V20.ZIP 04-25-97 Cookprog Eaternet Converter V2.00 Meal-master Conversion (Windows)
EATDUST.ZIP 11-19-96 Heretic (Only Tested: - Dust Shalt Thou Eat Info S/C/D New G/M (By
Gamesnet) What Am I Doing Here? in A Place Such As This? Surely, I Am
Not A Heretic?
EATING.ZIP 08-23-94 Eating/Cooking MJ
EATMEM10.ARJ 12-19-13 EATMEM is a simple TSR utility that reduces the amount of memory
available to programs.
EATMEM10.ZIP 02-25-94 EatMem v1.0 - A tool for debugging memory allocations. (Newest File
Date: 02-25-94)
EATMEM11.ZIP 11-16-91 Eatmem v1.1a; limit memory availability
EATSHROM.ZIP 08-23-94 Mushrooms on Pizza, in salad
EAT_EM2.ARJ 12-19-13 PAC-MAN style game, simple graphics but quite challenging. Worth a try.
EAW250.ZIP 07-05-94 Ddsdoors Empires at War V2.5 Door Game
EAWC.ZIP 10-10-94 Email Assist for Wincim V1.01. Add in Program for Compuserve
Information Manager for Windows. It Adds Three Major Features to
Wincim: Spell Checking, Quoting, and User-defined Macros, Called
EAZIMON.ARJ 12-19-13 Phone bill calculator for Eazilink users.
EAZY341.ZIP 02-27-95 Eazy V3.41 - the Ultimate Event Reminder Calendar, and Program
Scheduler. Features Many Event Reminder Types, Help, Advance Warning,
Mouse Support, Ega/Vga Support Quick Backup and Restore Options, Print
Out Xms/Ems
EA_FREE.ZIP 02-02-97 Eclectic Avenue 2.02fw. The Final Freeware Release (Including Source
Code!) of the BBS Board Game Door Where Players Attempt to Own Entire
City Blocks to Collect Higher Rent From Other Players. Supports
EB101.ZIP 10-29-95 Ad-dosap Easy Base V10.1 - First True Rapid Application Development
System to be Available As Shareware. Create Sophisticated, Menu Driven
Applications in Record Time.
EB103.ZIP 12-14-95 First True Rapid Application Development System to be Available As
Shareware. Create Sophisticated, Menu Driven Applications in Record
Time With Easy Base. Applications Written in Easy Base
EB108.ZIP 11-21-96 Easy Base V10.8 - DOS Programmable Database Program Allows You to
Create Your Own Address Books, Pims, Contact Managers, Etc. Runtime
Module Allows You to Sell the Pgms You Write
EB110.ZIP 12-07-96 Easy Base 11.0..Diy Programming..Make Your Own Address Book, Pim,
Contact Manager, Do Your Accounts,rent Records, Estimates. Any Business
Task. You Won't Believe How Easy it Is. You can Even Sell the Programs
You Write
EB111.ZIP 01-21-97 Fully Programable Relational Database (Rdbms) and can be Used to Write
Almost Any Business Application. Programs can be Distributed on Runtime
Modules. The Developer Version Contains Everything for Pc and Network
EB112.ZIP 03-27-97 Easy Base V11.2 - DOS Relational Database (Rdbms) for DOS Appl Creation
Pc or Network (Lan) Dbms (Rad) Runtime Modules. Developers Programming
Package Includes Installation Disk Maker
EB143_RR.ZIP 01-06-94 Eeeek Bits! e-mag Issue 143 in .TOC format, includes offline reader
EB33.ZIP 10-03-94 Easy Base 3.3 Rapid Application Development System for Data Management
EB495_RR.ZIP 04-16-95 Eeek Bits! Readroom Format Ver Apr 1995 (C) Copyright 1995 Eeek
Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved for More Information Contact Us At:
(310)-372-9792 Fax: (310)-372-9254 or Write Us: Eeek! Po Box #331
Manhattan Beach Ca
EB60.ZIP 12-29-13 Easy Base Version 6 EASY BASE V6.0 - Rapid Application Developer
(RAD) for data management. - Easy Base is the first true RAD system to
be available on shareware. Create sophisticated menu driven apps in
record time. Applications created in Easy Base can be sold as stand
alone programs with the Easy Base Runtime Module (not Included).
Database Applications Reg. $25 EASY SOFTWARE
EB72.ZIP 04-17-95 Easy Base V7.2 - Rapid Application Developer (Rad) for Data Management.
- Easy Base is the First True Rad System to be Available on Shareware.
Create Sophisticated Menu Driven Apps in Record Time.