Name Date Description
DYORE13A.LZH 01-06-14 Dayo Reports
DYORE13B.LZH 01-06-14 Dayo Reports (DOCS)
DYOXE13.LZH 01-06-14 Dayo Index
DYRA.ZIP 01-04-93 Implement Dynamic Arrays on the Heap.
DYST3.ZIP 05-14-96 A New Doom II 11 Map Replacement With Very Tough Fighs, and Puzzles!
Extremely Detailed Archetecture, and Awesome Effects, Like
Level-over-level Design! A Must Download for Those Who Like Trickery,
and Nasty Brawls
DZ100.ZIP 11-11-95 Os2 Drop Zone V1.00 - Warp Desktop Utility
DZ15.ZIP 08-22-92 Drag-and-ZIP file(s) from WIN3.x file manager
DZ16.ZIP 10-04-92 Drag And Zip v.1.6 - Zip Shell for Win 3.1 File Manager or any file
manager that supports Drag and Drop. ASP Shareware. Drag And Zip makes
any file manager that supports Drag and Drop into a Zip file manager.
Drag files to a zipper icon and run PKZIP on them. Double click on a
zip file and view it. Extract, delete, view. run and run the
associated program on [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the Zip file.
DZ17FN.ZIP 01-21-95 Dezktop V1.7f: Ms-windows Program Launcher/ Shell That Provides Menued
Windows Which Pop Up When You Click the Desktop; You can Drag Files Out
of File Manager Onto the Desktop Like A Mac; Provides Hot-keys
DZ18AN.ZIP 05-14-95 Dezktop is A Program Launcher for Windows 3.1, Windows Nt and Windows
95. Can be Used As A Windows Shell. Next-like Icons on Your Desktop
With One-click Launch, Auto-arrange Etc. Shareware (But Not Nagware)
DZ18BN.ZIP 06-10-95 Dezktop 1.8. Application launcher for Windows 95/NT and 3.11
DZ18BW.ZIP 06-10-95 Dezktop V1.B Program Launcher for Windows.
DZ32.ZIP 09-04-95 Win_util Drag and ZIP .Zip File Manager for Win95/Nt
DZ50.ZIP 02-14-97 Pc-windw Drag and ZIP is A Powerful ZIP Manager for the Windows 3.1
File Manage
DZ95.ZIP 02-12-97 A Powerful ZIP Manager for Win 95. You can ZIP and Unzip Files With
Just A Right Click of the Mouse. Drag and ZIP Features Built-in Zipping
Unzipping, and Virus Scanning, Built-in Extraction of Tar and Gz Long
DZ95V10.ZIP 08-05-95 Drag and ZIP for Win95/Nt V1.0 - Archive File Manager for Windows 95/Nt
DZ95_113.ZIP 12-27-95 Drag and ZIP for Win 95 V1.13 - ZIP and Unzip [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Windows 95 With
Just A Right Click of the Mouse. Built-in Zipping, Unzipping. Password
DZ95_13.ZIP 01-14-97 With Drag and ZIP You can ZIP and Unzip Fileswith Just A Right Click of
the Mouse Builtin Zipping, Unzipping and Virus Scanning. Built in
Extraction of Tar and Gz Files. Zips Long File Names and Path Names
Links to Mosaic
DZDIR.ZIP 01-29-95 Directory Utility
DZHOST17.ZIP 04-10-88 Host mode for DSZ - instant BBS for up/downld
DZIP10B.ZIP 04-10-93 Zip Each File In Dir Into It's Own .ZIP
DZIP12.ZIP 12-29-13 SZIP v1.2 utilities for PKZIP/PKUNZIP
DZIP1_3.ZIP 12-29-13 DZIP v1.3 Auto-set for PKZIP switches
DZIP20.ZIP 02-01-94 DZIP Version 2.0 The purpose of DZIP is to create ZIP files or extract
ZIP files with all the switches in PkZip automatically set to copy or
create an entire disk. This includes all hidden, read only, system
files and subdirectories and then puts the files back into their
directories just as they were on the original disk. DZIP will also zip
an entire hard drive, directories, and span large ZIP files across
several diskettes. You can view and test ZIP files and much more.
DZK16C.ZIP 09-03-93 DeZkTop/NT - Application Launcher Shell for Windows NT (WIN-NT).
(Newest File Date: 09-03-93)
DZK203.ZIP 05-09-96 Program Launcher and Shell for Nt and W95
DZK4D271.LZH 01-06-14 Works with 4DOS features
DZK4D272.LZH 01-06-14 The first to work under 4DOS
DZK4D304.ZIP 01-10-93 DiZk4D 3.04 The FIRST dizk cataloger created specifically for
4DOS. Edit & Create description files, catalog dizks, print 4 styles of
labels, dizk sleeves, perform searches and MORE! Works as easy as
slipping a disk into the drive and r
DZKBB001.ZIP 11-15-91 The DKZ BBS list: Includes echo nets
DZKBB008.ZIP 05-31-92 DZK BBS-List 175+ BBSs worldwide (06/92)
DZKVIEW2.ARJ 12-19-13 DZK BBS-List Interactive Viewing System V2.00. A Powerful browsing and
search environment for the
DZKWR221.ARJ 12-19-13 Dzk War-Ranker V2.21 New For Gobal War.
DZVIEW10.ZIP 04-28-95 DizView v1.0 - BBS util that displays the COMPLETE file_id.diz or desc
.sdi of a specified file(RG only shows the first 5 lines). |02S*|10T*A
D_1_2.ZIP 12-14-94 D! Version 1.2 (Demo) Front-end for Doom and Doom 2 - This is the
Ultimate Front-end for Id Software's Doom and Doom 2:hoe From the
Makers Of
D_3K3TRN.ZIP 02-10-94 Three Kingdoms ]I[ Trainer 0210941/1
D_5MACRO.ZIP 01-25-92 DOSKEY Macros. If you use DOS 5.0 you need it
D_CHOICE.ZIP 07-09-93 A Nice Cad Program With Zoom, Scaling, Rotation, and More. From
Titanium Seal.
D_DARK.ZIP 04-20-94 Dark Ages (A Wad File for Doom). (Newest File Date: 04-20-94)
D_DLISTS.ZIP 07-27-95 List of Items Used for Dungeones and Dragons.
D_D_VEST.ZIP 05-27-94 No Sew: Denim and Doily Vest Instructions (W/Gif).
D_HOGMAN.ZIP 04-14-95 Hogman V1.01 - Utiltiy to Manage Descent Hog-files. Hog-files can be
Split Into Parts Modified and Created. The Programm Runs Under Windows
3.1. Hogman is A Easy Way to Create Hog Files for Usercreated Descent
D_ICNS.ZIP 01-02-94 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
D_LSEC.ZIP 08-30-92 D&L Freqs / Dallas
D_LSQTRN.ZIP 12-19-93 Laser Squad Trainer Rel:12/14/93 Dsk:1/1
D_MASTER.ZIP 07-08-95 Dungeon Master - the Role Playing Judge's Assistant. Vx-rexx App Rolls
Multi-faceted Dice Used in Dungeons & Dragons, Etc.
D_MODEM.ZIP 03-21-94 Having problems with DOOM 1.2 and modems? This is a TXT with init.
Strings for alot of modems. Also help and ideas. Doom HELP. (Newest
File Date: 03-21-94)
D_NEX1.ZIP 06-10-94 Designsnexus V1.0a is A Recordkeeping and Objects Reference Facility
for Designers or Users of Creative Works in Any Form That can be Stored
As Binary Objects on Computer-readable Media. 1/4.
D_NEX2.ZIP 06-21-94 Designsnexus V1.0a. 2/4.
D_NEX3.ZIP 06-21-94 Designsnexus V1.0a. 3/4.
D_NEX4.ZIP 06-21-94 Designsnexus V1.0a. 4/4.
D_PRISON.ZIP 07-23-94 The Prison Project for Doom Find Out Your Way of the High Tech Prison,
Deep in the Wastelands. Including A Lot of New Sounds, Some New Grafix
and Tons of Fun. Release 22.7.94 1/1 .
D_PROVO4.ZIP 12-20-96 Stoned Brain Records Sbr Sega Sequence Gamma 1996 20/12/96
D_SHOW20.ARJ 12-19-13 DtaShow v20a multimedia slide show Create your own presentation with
D_SHOW20.ZIP 08-01-91 Dtashow V20a Multimedia Slide Show Creator
D_SIMP12.LZH 01-06-14 Applications code generator
D_SIMP12.LZH 01-06-14 Applications code generator
D_SM1TRN.ZIP 01-29-94 Spider Man 1 Trainer Rel:01/25/94 Dsk:1/1 )( uPPeD By SiLK )( SuCKeD
FRoM XeDoS s
D_SMPL12.LZH 01-06-14 dBase III+ code generator
D_STGTRN.ZIP 01-30-94 Steg The Slug Trainer *STEG /c, systime=on* Rel:01/30/94Dsk:1/1
D_TEXT.ZIP 07-05-93 Ppe] Enables You to Display a Text File Before a User Begins a Download
Useful to Inform Users About Their Ratio and Available Bytes (Etc)
D_TRUTRN.ZIP 01-29-94 Trueblood Trainer Rel:01/25/94 Dsk:1/1 )( uPPeD By SiLK )( SuCKeD FRoM
XeDoS s