Name Date Description
DTA17.ARJ 12-19-13 Directory Tree Attributes v1.7 Good DOS utility replacement. (1-14-92).
DTA17E.ZIP 07-07-92 TGA animation v1.7e. Converts graphics to FLI
DTA202.ZIP 08-11-93 Dave's Tga Animation Program V2.0.2: Converttga, Gif, Img, or Pcx Image
File Sets Toflianimation Sequences. Also Performspost-processing on
Image Files.
DTA20A.ZIP 08-22-94 DESKTOP ADVISOR (R) V2.0 Create hypertext documents with images
and sound. Great for manuals, catalogs, job performance aids, other
reference materials. Automatically convert existing documentation.
Multi-user support on LAN. Browser pops up over app as needed. No
DTA20B.ZIP 08-22-94 DESKTOP ADVISOR 2.0 (2) DESKTOP ADVISOR (R) v2.0 -Disk 2 of
2 Create popup hypertext documents with images and sound. Great for
manuals, catalogs, job performance aids, other reference materials.
Automatically convert existing documentation, Includes Authoring System
and Browser. Easily create hyperlinks, search keywords, and more.
Register and freely distribute runtimes. $59. Automated link manager
simplifies hy
DTA21PB.ZIP 01-17-94 Dave's TGA Animator, Rel. 2.1 (public beta) Tons of new features,
including 24-bit flics, channel insertion, animated arbitrary rotation
and location, more speed, me meory. Includes a w relase of DFV. (Newest
File Date: 01-17-94)
DTA22B17.ZIP 07-02-95 Command Line Utility for Creating Autodesk Animator .Fli and .Flc
Animation Files by Dave Mason.
DTAFIT21.ZIP 11-22-95 V2.1) Datafit/Viewplot for Windows is an Easy to use Tool Which
Provides A Wide Range of Curve Fitting Functions Plus Fft Analysis.
Simply Enter/Import Data, Select Which/All Equation Types to Fit and
Solve. Solution Can
DTAFIT41.ZIP 09-03-97 Nonlinear Curve Fitting and Data Plotting
DTANIMAT.ZIP 10-12-94 Desktop Animator. Allows You to Show 256 Color Images in the Background
DTAPE22.ZIP 08-23-93 DoorTape 2.2 for Colorado Memory Systems tape software
DTAVLNTN.ZIP 02-07-94 Short story "Data's Valentine" from alt.startrek.creative. (Newest File
Date: 02-07-94)
DTBOOK.ZIP 01-15-93 Okna's Phone Book - for Use with Desktop
DTC3290.ZIP 01-13-93 Jan93 Drivers For The Dtc3290 Controller For Nt. (Newest File Date:
DTCAD12.ZIP 01-06-96 Deltacad V1.2 - Powerful, Easy to Learn, Computer Aided Design (Cad)
Program, for Windows, Nt, or 95
DTCAD23.ZIP 10-27-96 Deltacad V2.3 - Win A Powerful, Easy to Learn Computer Aided Design
(Cad) Program for Windows 3.1, Nt, or 95
DTCAL.ZIP 01-15-93 DeskTop Set Jr. is a completely functional subset of the award-winning
personal information manager for Windows. The DeskTop Set erlier
versions have been critically acclaimed in all major software reviews
and received PC Magazine's Editors' Choice, PC World's Best Buy (twice)
PC Week's highest rating for PIM's, PC World's Best Windows Utility,
and PC World's Expert Choice Awards.
DTCALC24.ZIP 04-22-95 Date Calculator V2.4, April 1995. Freeware From Spyder Software. This
is A Visual Basic Application That Performs A Number of Date
Calculations, Such As Converting A Standard Date to A Julian Date
DTCHMDMA.ZIP 08-23-94 Dutch analysis of Ecstasy
DTCIDE.ZIP 12-14-93 Driver for Dtc 32-bit Ide Controllers, Supporting >1024 Cyli
DTCKP150.ZIP 09-26-96 Date Check Pro Version 1.50 - Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Monthly, or
Annual Maintenance Utility. Also Generate Semaphore Files. Freeware
DTCKP161.ZIP 01-03-97 Date Check Pro Version 1.61 Oct 25, 1996 Date Check is Designed to
Handle Maintenance on Your Computer That Everyone Tends to Forget Many
Configurable Options. Freeware From Wasted Lights Software
DTCSONG.ZIP 08-07-91 Background Song Player v1.60 & SP Units for TP (good)
DTCWIN95.ZIP 08-15-95 Tis File Contains the Win95 Drivers for the Dtc 3xx0 Series Scsi
DTDBBS32.ZIP 01-02-92 BBS Sysops drop to DOS Simulation, for your "hacker callers" - lets
them think they're at your DOS Level. Simulates a wide variety of DOS
commands and appears to "run" programs.
DTEDIT14.ZIP 02-06-94 Doom Thing Edit(DTEdit) Version 1.41 created by Jeff Lee(Carrot Games).
(Newest File Date: 02-06-94)
DTEK95B.ZIP 10-01-95 Bfds Dtek is the File Detective That Records File Changes. Dtek is A
DOS Program That Also Runs Under Windows and Os/2 in A DOS Session.
Great for Finding Problems.
DTERM172.ZIP 09-05-91 DAVETerm v1.72; terminal program written by BBSer ...
DTEST.ZIP 06-08-93 ANSI driver performance test for EGA/VGA disp. *** Archive description
file (file_id.diz)*** *** created by the authors of BigSky ROMs ***
DTEST.ZOO 11-19-90 ANSI Display Driver Test (good)
DTFTP.ZIP 03-31-97 W32_int Desktopftp 1.1. Displays and Operates on Your Network Ftp
Folders Just Like A Folder on Your Hard Drive. Drag N' Drop Support
DTH4AL11.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Death 4 all 11
DTH4AL2.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Death 4 All
DTH6S.ZIP 04-30-95 Dth6s 1.0 Ai Pgm of A New Kind Based on Dna Array (1979) Emulates Human
Thought Within the Limits of A Small Vocabulary. Can be Used to
Broaden/Refine Thinking. Bonus Modules: Nuchi Oracle, Qualcalc New
DTHELP.ZIP 01-15-93 Okna Desktop Set Jr. 4 of 4 - Online Help. (Newest File Date: 01-15-93)
DTHEME12.ZIP 05-11-97 Desktop Themes V1.2 A Direct Replacement for the Desktop Themes Control
Panel Provided With the Plus! Pack. It Offers the Same Functionality As
the Plus! Version With A Few Additional Features.
DTHIEF.ZIP 11-01-91 Another Maze game.
DTHLIFT1.ZIP 03-12-95 New Death Match Wad for Doom II. Replaces Level 1. Tough to Get Bfg
Lots of Shotguns and Some Enclosed Lifts Out in the Arena That Allow
You to Pop Up and Shoot and Drop Down Again. Try it and Drop Me A Line
If You Like
DTHRM.ZIP 10-21-95 Deathroom is A Doom 1 Level Made From Dck. About 30 Cyberdemons in the
Whole Level.
DTHV344.ZIP 08-02-94 DTH - The Doctors Tagline Handler V3.44 Limited Shareware version of a
great tagline handler by David Rawsthorne, now with MOUSE support and
support for over 100 billion taglines. Registration also gives B1FF,
Backwards, Hi-ascii, Upper and Lowercase, Find specific word and HEAPS
more. Only AUS $25 for the full version.
DTHV350.ZIP 08-02-94 Rad_othr Dth - the Doctor's Tagline Handler V3.50 Gamma. Supports Over
100 Billion Taglines, Ins/Del/Modify/Move/Copy and More!
DTHV361.ZIP 06-12-95 DTH - The Doctors Tagline Handler V3.61 Latest release of DTH.
DTH_STAR.ZIP 09-10-95 Death Star Wav File This Sample is From the 1st. Star Wars Movie. It is
the Death Star Obliterating the Planet Alderaan, Princess Leia's Home
DTIME120.ARJ 12-19-13 Doubletime Savings Door V1.20 For PCB/Wc.
DTIMER.ZIP 12-14-91 Tracks And Reports Billable Tasks.
DTLINE31.ZIP 02-17-93 Dateline: Starfleet
DTLZ15.ZIP 02-01-97 Quake: - D-toolz V1.5 Progs.Dat and Source
DTL_20.ZIP 08-15-93 Door Time Limiter v2.0; Limit your users time limit in each door based
on their security level. Modifies both DORINFO1.DEF and DOOR.SYS (if
found) making DTL compatable with both RA 1.11 AND RA 2.00.
DTMF.ZIP 07-13-93 Sound Blaster Dtmf (Touch Tone) Decoder.
DTMF100.ARJ 12-29-13 DTMF.EXE SoundBlaster DTMF Decoder. Uses the Creative Labs SoundBlaster
card to decode telephone tones and log them to a file. by Peter
Jennings, VE3SUN
DTMF101.ZIP 08-24-94 DTMF Decoder v1.01
DTMF_D.ZIP 09-19-94 Dtmf Decoder Dem for Soundblaster Card.
DTOKNA.ZIP 01-15-93 Okna's Desktop Set - Amazingly Elegant Program
DTOOL100.ZIP 12-10-95 Disk Tools V1.00 - A Combination of Two Useful Utilities, Space Manager
to Do an Analysis of Your Directories to Identify Duplicate Files Then
Allow You to Archive and Delete the Tuplicates, and Disk Image
DTOPDLX.ZIP 11-11-96 Desktop Deluxe Allows Windows 95 Users to Access and Automatically
Change Themes Without Having Microsoft Plus! Installed. It Also Allows
Users to Automatically Change Wallpaper Using Bmps or Jpg Files.
DTP.ZIP 01-02-92 Allows you to browse a variety of DTP [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN various directories to
see what is in these files.
DTP0294.ZIP 02-07-94 Feb 1994 update of International List of BBSs dedicated to Desktop
Publishing and other BBSs of help to DTP enthusiasts! Uploaded by:
Steve Gjondla
DTP0493.ZIP 04-10-93 April Update of International List of Bbss Dedicated to Desktop
Publishing and Other Bbss of Help to Dtp Enthusiasts!
DTP1210.ARJ 12-19-13 a review, Disk Technician Pro vs SpinRite II
DTP23.ZIP 05-12-91 DeskTop Paint Specifically For Clip-Art(Mono)
DTP25.ARJ 12-19-13 Desktop Paint v2.5: bitmapped paint program for those using desktop
publishing software
DTP256.ZOO 05-23-91 Desktop Paint 256 v1.2 bitmapped paint program (w SVGA)
DTPB.ARJ 12-19-13 Text file and bitmap viewer
DTPB101.ZIP 04-03-92 DTPBrowser - A multi-window bitmap and text viewer\editor.
DTPBBS02.ZIP 02-03-91 List of Desktop Publishing BBSs, Feb. 1991
DTPBBS03.ZIP 03-15-93 March update of International List of BBSs dedicated to Desktop
Publishing and other BBSs of help to DTP enthusiasts!
DTPBBS07.ZIP 07-07-93 July 1993 update of International List of BBSs dedicated t
DTPC14.ZIP 06-20-91 256 Color Paint Program W/ Commercial Quality
DTPC15.ARJ 12-19-13 Desktop Paint 256 v1.5: bitmapped paint pgm for use with extended
resolution super VGA cards;
DTPC15.ZIP 05-09-92 Desktop Paint 256 from Alchemy
DTPFAQ.ZIP 07-19-94 Frequently Asked Questions Containing A Wealth of Information About
Pagemaker and Desk Top Publishing in General Including Scanning,
Printing, Etc.
DTPTLS11.ZIP 12-06-92 Ami Pro 3.0 Macro Collection for Dtp Uses. (Newest File Date: 12-06-92)
DTQ21.ZIP 04-09-95 Dualtools Quest Ver 2.1, April 1995 Dtq is A File Search and Management
Utility That Uses Virtual Memory for Unlimited File Handling Capability
Dtq can Search on Multiple Keys Then Copy, Move or Delete Located
DTQWK11.ZIP 07-19-93 DT-QWK, v1.1; Program for reading QWK-compatible message p
DTQWK14.ZIP 02-09-95 DT-QWK, Version 1.4 QWK compatible offline reader for the PC. DT-QWK
features message base handling, support of PCBoard, SLBBS and DMS color
codes, SLBBS include statements, SAA user interface (bilingual - German
/ English), message threading
DTR40.ZIP 04-16-94 DTR V4.0, The diskette-transporter, copy disk to files and vice versa,
DTR is very small (so it can be included in a archive with the
disk-file), and very FAST, its also formats disks. *FREEWARE*
DTRAP2.ZIP 08-20-95 Trap Doom-this is Cool New Level for Doom That Contains Lots of Traps
and Puzzles. Have Fun!
DTREEDIR.LZH 01-06-14 Sorted directory listing for all directories
DTS11.ZIP 11-24-96 Deutex Shell V1.1 - A Simple Text-based Menu for Deutex.
DTSD.ZIP 12-29-13 DTSEARCH 2.01 FOR DOS Full-text retrieval for all major word
processors. Indexed and unindexed searches (unlimited indexing
capacity); wildcard, boolean, phrase, and proximity searches; network
support; notepad; launch applications; mouse. Req. DOS 3.3 or higher.
DTSD20.ZIP 04-14-93 Dtsearch 2.0 for Dos - Full-text Retrieval for All Major Word
Processors. Indexed and Unindexed Searches (Unlimited Indexing Capacity
; Wildcard, Boolean, Phrase and Proximity Searches; Network Support;
International Lang
dtSearch for DOS/Windows, and (2) dtSearchALPHABET utility, for using
dtSearch with non-English text.See DTSD.ZIP for dtSearch for DOS, DTSW
.ZIP for dtSearch forWindows.
DTSDOC10.ZIP 11-18-95 D Manual for File Dts-v10.Zip; $15 Shareware. Diabetes Tracking System
V1.0: James E. Canty
DTSDOC20.ZIP 04-14-93 Dtsearch 2.0 Documentation and Alphabet Utility. Includes a Printable
Manual and the Dtsearch Alphabet Utility.
DTSDOCS.ZIP 04-14-93 Dtsearch Docs & Utlities
DTSDOD.ZIP 04-14-93 Dtsearch 2.0 for Dos: Full-text Retrieval Fo All Major Word Processors.
Indexed and Unindexed Searches (Unlimited Indexing Capacity); Wildcard,
Boolean, Phrase and Proximity Searches; Network Support; International
DTSEARCH.ZIP 11-14-91 DTSEARCH 1.1 Program to quickly find docs.
DTSJR4.ZIP 05-13-94 Dtsjr4 This is the Complete Desktop Set Jr. Version 4.0. This is the
Freeware Jr. Version of Top-rated (May 17, 1994 Pc Mag) Pim Desktop Set
Versio 4.0c ($86 to Purchase)
DTSRCH.ARJ 12-19-13 dtSearch is a document search and retrieval prog many search features
and indexes for speed.
DTSW.ZIP 12-29-13 DTSEARCH 2.01 FOR WINDOWS Full-text retrieval for all major word
processors. Indexed and unindexed searches (unlimited indexing
capacity); wildcard, boolean, phrase and proximity searches; network
support; notepad; international language support. Req Win 3.1 or
DTSW20.ZIP 04-14-93 Dtsearch 2.0 for Windows: Full-text Retrieval for All Major Word
Processors. Indexed and Unindexed Searches (Unlimited Indexing Capacity
; Wildcard, Boolean, Phrase and Proximity Searches; Network Support;
DTSWIN.ZIP 04-14-93 dtSearch 2.0 for Windows
DTSWPS.ZIP 08-26-96 Wps Programming in Dts C . Utilities and Fil for Programming Wps Som
Classes Using Directtosom C . Includes Postscript Documentation and an
Example. This File Accompanies the "Going Directtosom With C "
DTS_EV32.ZIP 12-05-96 Disk 1 Disk 2 Dtsearch Has .. Industrial-strength Text- Searching .
.Superb-pc Magazine Instantly Search Gigabytes of Word Processor, Zip,
Html, Database (32-bit Via Odbc) Files & More on Your Pc/Network.
DTS_EVAL.ZIP 08-05-96 Instantly Search 100s of Mbs of Text in Word Processor, Html, Zip, Dbf
Files, Etc. A Dozen Text Search Options. Built-in Graphics Viewer. Runs
on Pc or Lan. Optional Bundle With Xerox Textbridge Pro96 Ocr Upgrade
DTS_V10.ZIP 11-08-95 D Diabetes Tracking System V1.0: With A Menu Post and Print Diabetes
Logbook Information Maintains One Full Year of Data on A Cyclic Basis.
Shareware, $15.00 Registration Fee
DTS_V11A.ZIP 01-22-96 Diabetes Tracking System Information Ver 11 Maintains Full Year of Data
on A Cyclic Basis $15.00 Shareware by James E. Canty: 01/22/96
DTTM9530.ZIP 02-13-97 Date/Time Changer 95 Version 3.0 for Windows 95/Nt. Change the
Date/Time and Attributes of Any File. Runs on Any Windows 95/Nt Pc. To
Install Run Setup.Exe and Follow the on Screen Instructions. Windows 3
.1 Version
DTU10.ZIP 08-09-95 Lord Dragon Town University V1.0 Igm
DTVIEW13.ZIP 12-24-95 Datatype Picture Viewer & Converter Works With Graphic Cards
DTW10.ZIP 10-12-95 Drive Test for Windows (Dtw) V1.0: Dtw Performs Integrity Test Suites
on A Specified Drive. It can Also Shell Out and Run User-defined
External Diagnostic Utilities Such As Norton's Disk Doctor for Windows
for Additional
DTX100.ZIP 05-25-96 D1: Dtx V1.0 - Hog/Music/Image/Sound-editor
DTX2.ZIP 07-09-96 Dtx 2 V1.0, Beta 1 Descent II Hog/Music/Image/Sound Editor Hog
DT_171.ZIP 12-29-13 DISCTRAK SYSTEM V1.71 Home Entertainment Cataloging Database.
This program can organizeall of your CDs, Cassettes, Albums, LaserDiscs
and VCR Tapes easily. Search for any song title on any CD, Star in any
movie, all films directed by a specific director and MUCH MORE!!
DT_801.ZIP 04-05-95 Disctrak System V8.01 - Home Entertainment Cataloging Database Program.
This Program can Organize all of Your Cds, Cassettes, Albums Laserdiscs
and Vcr Tapes Easily. Search for Any Song Title, Star, Director and
DT_811.ZIP 08-31-95 Disctrak System V8.11 - Home Entertainment Cataloging Database Program.
This Program can Organize all of Your Cds, Cassettes, Albums Laserdiscs
and Vcr Tapes Easily. Search for Any Song Title, Star, Director
DT_TSG.ZIP 02-23-94 Alt.Startrek.creative. (text story) (Newest File Date: 02-23-94)
DU.ARJ 08-08-91 Disk Usage
DU104.ZIP 07-31-94 Doomutil 1.04 is A Powerful Doom Front End for the Casual Player Up to
the Wad Developer. It Provides Support for Single or Multiple Player
Sessions, and Extensive Pwad Control. Episode/Mission Numbers of Wads
(Maps And
DU11.ZIP 04-17-90 Recursive disk usage v1.1 Jouni Leppajarvi
DU111.ZIP 10-29-91 Unix-like disk usage for MsDos
DU21.ZIP 11-18-95 G Dracula Unleashed Patch -> 21
DUAL.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - the Dual Duel
DUAL15GC.ZIP 05-30-93 Pc-tools Like Clone by Regina Author.
DUALDOS.ZIP 05-26-95 Windows Demo Version of the Ibm Dualstor Backup Program Self Extracts
to Diskette.
DUALDOSC.ZIP 08-01-96 Dualdosc.Com Will Test an Os/2 Dual Display System
DUALEX.ZIP 08-09-94 Bpascal7 Code to Add A DOS Stub to Win3x .Exe Instead of Getting
"Program Requires Windows" Message, Stub Will Execute DOS Program. Need
Bp7 to Compile.
DUALICON.ZIP 07-04-94 A Utility Program Created With Visual Basic 3.0 to
View/Copy/Rename/Move Windows Icons (.Ico Files) in Two Different
Directories. Very Useful Utility to Keep Track of all Those Icons You
May Have. Needs Runtime Library (Vb
DUALMON1.ARJ 12-19-13 Lister for Mono monitor on 2 monitor system
DUALOS2.ZIP 05-26-95 Dualstore for Os/2 Demo. Limited Function Code. Self Extracts to
Diskette. See Dualstor.Scr for Details.
DUALWIN.ZIP 05-26-95 Dualstore for Windows Demo. Limited Function Code. Self Extracts to
Diskette. See Dualstor.Scr for Details.
DUAL_MON.ARJ 12-19-13 setup for running dual monitors in DV
DUAL_STD.ZIP 04-30-91 Text file on U.S.Robotics Dual Standard modem
DUATSCR.ZIP 12-29-13 TelixScript: gives weather at Hartsfield-Intl
DUBIEL.ZIP 06-03-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
DUBIRTH1.ZIP 07-14-96 Creates Hello Screen of Users Birthday & Wrotes Them A Message
DUBLTK15.ARJ 12-19-13 DoubleTake V 1.5 - Interactive file compar
DUBLTK25.ZIP 05-31-93 Doubletake Professional V2.5 Side-by-side File Browse & Compare Utl;
Formerly Goodlook Includes Full Ascii & Hex Modes, String Searches,
Find Next Mismatch, Block & Write to a File, Full Zoom Mode & More.
DUBL_110.LZH 01-06-14 DoubleDos aid - Control ALL functions in one program.
DUB_TT.ZIP 05-25-92 TrueType Font
DUCA9505.ZIP 10-06-95 DUCA95 - The Dial-Up Connection Alarm for Windows 95 version 0.5 This
program was initially built only for private use, but once I started
changing its appearance and adding new options, I decided that
everybody else could also be able to enjoy its features. The sole
purpose of DUCA is to sound an alarm whenever a connection is
established and the user is logged on with a Dial-Up server.
DUCK.ZIP 08-30-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
DUCKICN.ZIP 08-15-93 All of the RIP Icons needed to use with The Flying Duck BBS. One of the
best RIP Graphics BBS's seen.
DUDE32_1.ZIP 05-31-96 Dave Dude is A Completely Animated Adventure Game for Windows95 and
Every Resolution. Nearly the Whole Screen is Used for Graphics. You
Control Dave Dude With the Mouse
DUDE32_2.ZIP 05-31-96 Dave Dude is A Completely Animated Adventure Game for Windows95 and
Every Resolution. Nearly the Whole Screen is Used for Graphics. You
Control Dave Dude With the Mouse
DUEL10.ARJ 12-19-13 Dice Duel Triple Yahtzee Door by Mike Wilson.
DUEL100.ZIP 06-16-93 Duel V1 00: Two-player Game in Which Each Player Tries to Kill the
Other; Players Move Their Characters Around a Maze Filled W/Ropes Traps
Teleporters and Moving Sidewalks, Attempting to Shoot the Other Player
DUEL40.ZIP 04-06-95 Duel 4.0 - by Matt Ebel - Requires: 386-dx40 Duel is A Fast-paced, 2
Player Battle Game De on One Computer! Battle in A Mine-filled, Aci
With Weapons Ranging From Your Trusty Pistol Bazooka!
DUELEYE.ZIP 09-04-94 Pc-distr Dueleye V1.0 - Icon Viewer for DOS Machines. Allows You to
Have Multiple Directorys Open. Movingor Copying Icons is Easy As Drag
and Drop. Up to 64 Icons May be Viewed at One Time. Rename or Delete
DUEPROC.ZIP 05-31-94 Due Process
DUG104.ZIP 01-13-93 Dug ver 1.04 - Door Usage Graph A TopherSoft Product! A Door Usage
Graph Generator. Works on any BBS system capable of displaying a text
file. Features include ease of setup, flexiblity, speed and program-
able color codes. Fully Functional S
DUGL210.ZIP 01-17-94 Collected Articles of Frederick Douglass, author of many works on the
escape from slavery around the time of the Civil War. Public domain
Etext from Project Gutenberg January, 1994 [Etext #103]
DUGLAS11.ZIP 08-12-94 Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of
DUH13.LZH 08-19-89 Deletes files that are in other archives by same name
DUKECHET.ZIP 01-12-92 Duk Nukem Cheat Sheet for all three Duke Nuk'em games.
DUKECODE.TXT 12-19-13 The Duke Nukem 3D Cheat Codes.
DUKEEDIT.ZIP 02-02-93 View, Print and Edit Existing Worlds on Great Duke Nukem Gam
DUKEN1.ARJ 12-19-13 DUKE NUKEN is an arcade/adventure game like none ever seen on an IBM PC
DUKESET1.ZIP 04-21-93 New Worlds to Use With Duke Nukem. Adjunct.
DUKESHOW.ZIP 11-19-95 Duke Nukem 3d Slide Show - 3d Realms
DUKEWALK.TXT 12-19-13 Walkthrough of Duke Nukem 3D
DUKE_BP.ZIP 04-28-97 Win A Cool Duke Nukem 3d Screensaver for Win
DULCE.ZIP 01-08-91 The Dulce Base
DULCEPAP.ZIP 12-31-89 The Dulce Papers
DULWC10.ZIP 07-20-92 Door Usage Logger v1.0 - Wildcat! 2.x & 3.x Systems Makes Log file of
door usage. Inludes upto user's name, door # entered, time/date
called/door entered, connect rate, ansi/mnp enabled, databits, security
level, minutes left, whether or not caller dropped carrier in door, com
port #, dte locked rate, and many more! BRUN45 is required but not in
DUMB1_20.ZIP 09-16-95 Dumb Graphics Number One. Polygons and Other Shapes. Supports Most
Graphic Cards. Freeware From James Huckabey! .
DUMP.LZH 08-12-90 NGDUMP; A decompiler for Norton Guides database files
DUMP0891.ZOO 10-09-91 Dumpscr; dump CGA,EGA,VGA or HERC graphic screen to printer
DUMP100.ZIP 10-23-84 DUMP 1ST 100 BYTES OF MEMORY 026B
DUMP31.ZIP 12-27-92 Dump V3.1 for Windows- Allows Background Printing of Large Files From
DOS Apps That Can't Use Print Manager. Passes All Escape Codes, Etc.
(Newest File Date: 12-27-92)
DUMPCR21.ZIP 06-10-91 Cardfile dumping program v2.1
DUMPER10.ZIP 09-08-92 WIN3.x trashcan plus pattern file list/delete
DUMPER31.ZIP 09-04-92 Dump files to printer from Windows 3.1
DUMPICON.LZH 01-06-14 Dump Icons to an HP LaserJet
DUMPIT11.ZIP 06-11-96 Dumpit V1.10 for Os/2 This is A Nntp Compatible, Binary Retreival
Program for Os/2. Dumpit Runs in Pm Mode Allowing A Simple Binary
Retreival of Various Files From Multiple Newsgroups and News Servers
Selectable File
DUMPMSP.LZH 01-06-14 Dumps MS Paint fomat graphics to an HP LaserJet
DUMPNS.ARJ 12-19-13 dump - displays file in binary decimal hex or ASCII
DUMPPROG.ZIP 08-14-91 Disassembles DOS & Win3 .exe files, D.Murdoch
DUMPREG.ZIP 05-20-95 Somar Dumpreg is A Pgm for Ms-windows Nt and Ms-windows 95 That Dumps
the Registry, Making it Easy to Find Keys and Values Containing A
String; 05/20/95; Somar Software.
DUMPSTR2.ZIP 04-12-93 Dumpster v2.0: drag 'n drop delete utility. (Newest File Date: 04-12-93
DUMPT12A.ZIP 10-22-96 Dumpit V1.2a is A Nntp Compatible, Binary Retrieval Program
DUMPT12B.ZIP 01-25-97 Fwcomm Dumpit V1.2b is A Nntp Compatible, Binary Retrieval Program
DUMPV12.ARJ 12-19-13 File to Printer for Win3 - dump files which include printer codes
directly to the printer.
DUMPV12.ZIP 04-08-93 Dump [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INcluding Control Codes to Printer
DUMPV31.ZIP 09-04-92 WIN3.x: Dumper v3.1 ASCII/binary file printer
DUMPY.LZH 01-06-14 Display Capture programs
DUMP_21.ZIP 11-09-93 Replacement Os2dump to Support Ati Ultra Graphics Adapter and Image
Adapter/A. Fixes Dump Procedure on Some Machines Where Bios Problems
Prevented Dump.
DUN217TR.ZIP 02-10-94 Dune 2 v1.07 Trainer by Sny < SPZM COURiERS '94 >
DUNANI95.ZIP 04-12-97 Interactive Tutorial: How to Install Windows Dial Up Networking, Under
Win 95
DUNCE132.ZIP 12-13-95 Dunce (Dial-up Networking Connection Enhancement) V. 1.3.2 Allows You
to Connect to A Dial-up Network With Much Greater Ease. It Will
Automatically Press Connect for You on the Connect to Dialog Box
DUNCE252.ZIP 06-02-97 Dial-up Networking Connection 2.52 R2. Adds Features to Your Dun
Connections Such As Bypassing Connect To, Auto Reconnect, Etc