Name Date Description
DMSRCC.ZIP 02-21-94 Alternate SERSETUP for running DOOM at a higher baud rate. (Newest File
Date: 02-21-94)
DMSTAR.ZIP 06-26-94 This is Another Cool Pwad File for Doom About Escape From A Starship A
Really Good Demon Pwad Best I've Seen.
DMSTR22.ZIP 05-23-92 Data Master Ver2.2
DMSTR30.ZIP 02-13-93 DATA MASTER v3.0 - Database manager. Create, modify, sort, report
and query dbase files. Convert 1-2-3 files to dbase and vice versa.
Report writer. Form letter/mailmerge utility. Mailing Label utility.
Find duplicates. Search & replac
DMSTRY11.ZIP 03-22-95 Doom: the Story. An Illustrated Story to Doom; Id's Popular Game. With
Screen Shots, Told From Several Perspectives.
DMSTUFF.ZIP 07-01-94 A Lot of Doom Things. ZIP [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the Zip. New Characters, Levels, all
That Fun Stuff.
DMSTUPID.ZIP 02-01-94 This is another sound set for Id's great game DOOM! Doom Stupid by Eric
Wilkinson. (Newest File Date: 02-01-94)
DMSW40.ZIP 07-28-96 Professional DOS Mastering Program Lets You Run Many Advanced DOS
Command Line Switch Functions With the Ease of A Pull Down Menu, Has
Almost 200 Functions, Custom Formats, Information, Partition Work
DMSWRD.ZIP 07-05-94 Another Doom Pwad File.
DMT.ZIP 08-23-94 Info on DMT
DMT11.ZIP 07-03-94 A Tp Unit Providing A Group of Low Level Disk Oriented Routines. The
Toolkit Will Help to Supercharge Turbo Pascal Programs With Direct
Access to DOS Services and Undocumented Data Structures. Units Included
for Tp 6.0,
DMTC10.ZIP 01-21-96 Uac Engineers Have Built the Perfect Installation for Marines to
Practice Deathmatching in Which They Named The Dethmatch Training
Center. Cool Doom Wad With New Sounds, Music, Graphics, and Cool Layout
DMTCP08.ZIP 03-05-94 DOOM TCP/IP Network Driver v0.8; 03/05/94; Jake Page. (Newest File
Date: 03-05-94)
DMTDEMOS.ZIP 07-02-94 Demo Files to Accompany Dmt 1.1.
DMTEX09B.ZIP 07-22-94 Doomtex 0.9b - Doomtex is A Suite of Banged Together Tools for Adding
New Patches and Textures to Doom in Pwad Form.
DMTFTD5B.ZIP 08-17-95 Dmtftd Revision 95b. Patch Your X-com Terror From the Deep Saved Games
Files. $320 Million in Your Account, Heal all of Your Wounded Soldiers,
Increase all of Your Soldiers Attributes
DMTFTD5D.ZIP 10-02-95 Dmtftd Revision 95d. Patch Your X-com Terror From the Deep Saved Games
Files. $320 Million in Your Account, Heal all of Your Wounded Soldiers,
Increase all of Your Soldiers Attributes
DMTHEA.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-05-94.
DMTOON10.ZIP 09-11-95 Give Doom II Cartoony Sound Effects!
DMTOWN.ZIP 04-17-95 Wad File for Doom (I or II?).
DMTRAIN1.ZIP 09-17-94 Doom Trainer Episode 1 all Maps of the 1st Episode Recorded and
Completed With 100% Kills, Items, and Secrets. These Walk Through
Training Demos Are Intended for Beg- Gining Doom Players Who Don't Know
There Way Around
DMTREN.ZIP 08-29-94 New Deathmatch Level for Doom. Lots of Dark Areas, Monsters Only on Uv
DMTT.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive08-05-94.
DMTWR.ZIP 09-15-94 Doom Level - Tower.
DMU100.ZIP 10-03-94 Datamenu 1.0 DOS Menu for Pcs and Network Servers. Simple,powerful
DMU12E.ZIP 09-01-96 Cookheal Diabetic Meter Utility V1.2 for Windows (Freeware)
DMU172.ZIP 02-11-94 DougMenu v1.72 (Feb 94) - a versatile, free menu system suitable for
standalone PCs or as a network menu. Looks like Novell 3.x menu, but
this one works. Updated for VLM 1.1. (Newest File Date: 02-11-94)
DMUTIL01.ZIP 01-05-94 DOOM Utilities Version 0.1 (c) 1994 Bill Kirby This is a very
preliminary version of DOOM Utilities. It will currently allow you only
to view the maps. It should work with all versions of DOOM. FREEWARE.
(Newest File Date: 01-05-94)
DMV10.ZIP 03-16-97 John Dailey's Dungeon Master V1.0 On-line Rpg - Breaks the High-speed
Barrier With Solid 3-d Ansi Polygon Dungeons, Awesome Ansi Graphics,
and Sound. Visually Face Opponents With This Power-packed Online Game
DMVENG.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive08-16-94.
DMVGA101.ARJ 12-19-13 Library For Clipper Allows More Than 24 Lines And Split Screens.
DMVIEW11.ZIP 02-03-94 DoomView v1.1: util to help you learn about the Doom WAD file and its
related structures; 02/03/94; Michael Swanson/Anyware. (Newest File
Date: 02-03-94)
DMVOID.ZIP 11-17-94 In the Ruins of Deimos Base, the Mop-up Crew Found Plans for A Ship
That Will Cross the Void Between the Galaxies. This Ship Will Enable
the Hell-spawn to Spread Their Evil Across the Entire Universe! Uac can
Send One
DMVOIL4.ZIP 02-23-94 DM-VOILA helps direct response marketers quickly/easily
calculate/analyze sales, profits and response. Run what-if models too.
(Newest File Date: 02-23-94)
DMWACH.ZIP 09-15-94 Doom Level - Watch.
DMWAVS.ZIP 07-13-94 Different Wave Files to be Used With Doom all Are in A Format Usable by
Doom and or Dmaud or Other Doom Utilites. Includes New Gun Sounds, Wild
Giggles, My Infant Son Crying, and Other Wierd Sounds
DMWEAPON.ZIP 12-16-95 Doom Id: - Add-on..New Weapons!! Rocket Launcher
DMWHITE.ZIP 03-01-94 ToWhite will modify the Doom 1.2 (ONLY) .WAD file making other players
in a multi-player game appear ghostly white; their uniform colors
remain the same; 03/01/94. (Newest File Date: 03-01-94)
DMWRLD.ZIP 04-19-94 A new DOOM level. I LIKE it! (Newest File Date: 04-19-94)
DMXCMX10.ZIP 06-10-96 Cmx V1.0 is A Pgm Designed As A Pc/Windows Based Tool to Allow Off-line
Logging of A Batch Digitizing List or A Simple "Cuts Only" Edit
Decision List. It Produces A Simple Non-drop Frame Cmx340 Style List
DMXCOM5A.ZIP 02-02-95 Dmxcom Revision 95a. Patch Your X-com Saved Games Files. $320 Million
in Your Account Heal all of Your Wounded Soldiers, Max-out all of Your
Soldiers Attributes, Complete the Work on all of Your Base Facilities
DMXCOM5E.ZIP 09-28-95 Dmxcom Revision 95e. Patch Your X-com Saved Games Files. $320 Million
in Your Account Heal all of Your Wounded Soldiers, Max-out all of Your
Soldiers Attributes, Complete the Work on all of Your Base Facilities
DMXCOM5F.ZIP 10-02-95 Dmxcom Revision 95f. Patch Your X-com Saved Games Files. $320 Million
in Your Account Heal all of Your Wounded Soldiers, Max-out all of Your
Soldiers Attributes, Complete the Work on all of Your Base Facilities
DMXCOM91.ZIP 09-17-94 Dmxcom Revision 09/94-01. Patch Your X-com Saved Games Files. $320
Million in Your Account, Heal all of Your Wounded Soldiers, Max-out all
of Your Soldiers Attributes, Complete the Work on all of Your Base
DMZMENU.ARJ 12-19-13 Quick and easy menuing system.
DM_100.ZIP 04-07-93 Create Working "Demo" Copies of Clipper 5.01 / Clipper 5.2 Applications
Set Applications to Expire After a Certain Number of Executions, or
DM_58.ZIP 08-02-92 DoorMaster v5.8. Run any door on any BBS
DM_A.ZIP 03-21-97 Quake - the Death Mall
DM_DON.ZIP 12-03-94 A Collection of Lmp's From A Guy Who Says He is the Doom Master! Maybe
He Is.
DM_EP5.ZIP 04-30-94 Doom Episode 5: Yahoos Burning Here is A Completely New Episode for
Doom. All Episodes can be Completed Without Cheating. Only the Best
Pwad Releases Were Include in Episode5.Wad Thanks to all the Pimply
Kids Who Have
DM_GRNDY.ZIP 02-09-95 Green Day Sounds for Doom or Doom 2. Features Music From the Dookie
Kerplunk, and 1039. Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Cd's. Replaces 9 Sounds
DM_LEV1.ZIP 06-24-94 Another Collection of Add-on Doom Levels Doom V1.2 (Registered) is
DM_LEV2.ZIP 06-24-94 Another Collection of Add-on Doom Levels. Doom V1.2 (Registered)
DM_MINE.ZIP 08-05-94 Excellent New Doom Level for Version 1.2r. This Was Created Using
Doomed for Windows and Was Meant to be One of the Most Difficult in
Existence. Try This Level and See How Good A Doom Player You Really Are
DM_ROCK.ZIP 05-17-94 Disk Manager & Drive Rocket V6.0 & 1.1 Disk Manager Diagnostics and Hd
Manager Break the 528 Mb Barrier. Drive Rocket Accelerates Data
Transfer in Most Ide Drives. From Ontrack BBS 1-612-973-0860 Files: 18
New: 5-17-1994
DM_SHOCK.ZIP 04-21-94 This is the Ultimate Doom Modem Package! Compiled By One of the Best
Communications (And Doom) Experts in the Usa! Includes a Bullet Proof
Front End, Quick Modem Config, Fossil Driver, Play at Almost Any Speed,
External Wad Loader & More! You Will Never Need Anything More! Also Has
an Install Program That Sets it All Up! You Must Get This Outstanding
Package! Freeware! (Newest File Date: 04-21-94)
DM_SNDS1.ZIP 09-02-94 Alternate Doom 1.2 (Reg) Sound Package (Mav).
DM_V104.ZIP 04-05-93 Deletes 'missing' files.bbs entries.
DM_WAR_B.ZIP 07-11-94 Doom Wars Beta Filedm War B.Zip Turn the Cacodemon Into an Imperial
Fighter. 7/11/1994.
DM_WAR_D.ZIP 07-12-94 Doom Wars Demo Screen Shots of Doom Wars 1 From Vu Arts 1994 Filedm War
D.Zip 07-12-94.
DM_WIN.ARJ 12-19-13 Technical note on using Disk Manager 5.10 and Windows 3.1; 04/03/92;
DN0831.ZIP 09-06-95 The Delphi Newsletter - August Edition.
DN1010.ZIP 10-12-95 Delphi News, October 10, 1995 Issue.
DN1109.ZIP 11-14-95 A Delphi News Issue #9
DN1212.ZIP 12-12-95 Delphi News, December 12, 1995 Issue
DN141.ZIP 12-05-95 DOS Navigator V1.41. The Most Powerful Dos Shell Available Anywhere!
Multi-windowed Interface, Disk Utilities, Comprehensive File Manager,
17 Types of Archives Supported Powerful Customizable Editor,
Spreadsheet And More
DN215_4.ZIP 02-09-97 Dn2 is an Intelligent Self-relating Free Format Database System;
Automatically Links Related Items; Automatic Hypertext Links Between
Records; Data Stored in Free Format Text and Retrieved by Title,
DN25.LZH 01-06-14 Desktop Navigator file/disk manager
DN2_115.ZIP 02-22-94 DOS Navigator II v1.15 Shareware. Released February 22, 1994. Copyright
(C) 1991-94 by TISH(R), AxoNSoft Programmers Group (Stefan Tanurkov
2:469/35.10@fidonet) (InterNet BitMaster@silk.glas.apc.org) DOS
Navigator is a high performance shell. Lots of features - file manager,
disk utilities, spreadsheet, text editor, communications and more. OS/2
aware. Registration for exUSSR users - $10, FidoNet members - $4. For
non-exUSSR users - $49, FidoNet members - $29.
DN2_133.ZIP 01-10-95 DOS Navigator II -version 1.33 of the Popular Ultra High Performance
DOS Shell From Russia Has On-line Help for Novices and all the
Flexibility Experts Require. Watch Out Xtree! Recover Mangled Files,
View and Manage
DN30RA20.ZIP 03-01-94 Doornews V3.0. Ra 2.0x Door: Display Quote's of Moment, Birthday's of
Day/Month/Year, Special Screen for Birthdays of Users.
DN511.ZIP 05-25-95 18 May 95) - Nds C Library.
DN961101.ZIP 12-02-96 Pasdelph Delphi Newsletter 22.11.96
DN970101.ZIP 01-10-97 Delphi News, January 1997 Issue.
DN970301.ZIP 05-15-97 Pasdelph No Description Available
DNA.ZIP 01-17-95 Dna Screen Saver V1.02. Screen Saver That Animates A Dna Molecule on
Your Desktop.
DNA095.ZIP 01-11-94 DNA v0.95Exports DNA-shaped twisters to your POVRAY input file.
Interesting twirled shape where you specify the amount of twists and
number of colors. The result, when raytraced, is a 3-D DNA-shaped thing
made of what looks like matte finished pipe. (Newest File Date:
DNAV1I1.ZIP 05-05-93 DnA 1.01 (04-May-93)
DNAV1I2.ZIP 05-29-93 DnA Volume I - Issue #2 Memorial Day, 1993
DNAV1I3.ZIP 07-04-93 DnA Volume I - Issue #3 (in)Dependence Day, 1993
DNAV1I4.ZIP 09-06-93 DnA Volume I - Issue #4 Labor Day, 1993
DNA_TECH.ZIP 08-31-95 Dna Technology Laboratory Wad for Doom -single Player Level Info : Here
is A Level Based on An, Admittedly Often Used Idea, That of Mutatory
Genetic Experiments Result- Ing in the Production of Hideous Monsters
DNB2.ZIP 07-13-94 The Daily Number Buster, V.2.0 -daily Lottery the Only One Designed
Solely for the Daily Games! This Best Selling Product is Now Available
for the First Time As Shareware! Powerful Analysis and A Variety of Bet
Types, Incl
DND.ZIP 02-24-93 Dungeons of the Necromancers Domain (Dnd Game).
DNE50B.ZIP 10-05-95 Hcg Software & Firezone Entertainment. It's Called Dealing North East!
Your Goal. Become the Richest Alive! Qbasic Rpg With Graphics and Color
Eta V5.0 With A Few Rewritten Areas. Save/Load Automatically Upon
DNET1195.ZIP 11-06-95 Diamondnet Network Packet 11/04/95 Download This and Join the Best Net
Around. Qwk Based Easy to Setup and Anyone can Join - Any Type of Bbs.
DNETBETA.ZIP 12-16-96 Directnet V1.2 - Quickly Connect to the Internet and Launch Your Web
Browser With A Single Click.
DNF500.ZIP 07-13-95 Diskinfo 5.00 07/10/95 Displays Information About A Computers Disks.
From Hyperware.
DNGIN105.ZIP 07-12-96 Dynamic Gin (16-bit) V1.05 - Win Gin Rummy Game for Windows 3.1. Drag
and Drop Cards, Stunning Background Images, and Much More. 16-bit
DNGIN110.ZIP 10-19-96 Dynamic Gin (16-bit) V1.10 - Win Gin Rummy Game. Drag/Drop Cards,
Stunning Background Images, and Much More
DNGIN114.ZIP 12-16-96 Dynamic Gin 1.14 (16-bit). Classic Gin Rummy Card Game for Windows.
Play Against Computer Opponent That Adapts and Learns As it Plays
Select From 3 Gin Variations, 8 Cardbacks 4 Skill Levels. Drag/Drop
Cards for Flexible
DNGSAMP.ZIP 09-29-96 Arrowbridge II - Sample Maps
DNICINF.ZIP 09-11-90 Info on DNIC
DNLOAD30.ZIP 04-22-93 Download Door v3.0; Fast Downloading of up to nine specifi
DNLOAD30.ZIP 04-22-93 Download Pro 3.0 for Procomm plus for Windows Script to au
DNLOAD31.ZIP 05-04-93 Download Pro 3.11 (Procomm Plus for Windowssc
DNLOADPR.ZIP 03-07-93 Procomm Plus for Windows Script to Automate and Log Your Downlaods on
PCBoard BBS's. the Log Tracks the Date, Time, Files Downloaded, and
Start/Stop Time of Downloads. Works Great. Check it Out. This is
Version 1.01 (Download Pro). (Newest File Date: 03-07-93)
DNOT.ZIP 11-30-93 This is a really great version of EMACS for DOS and Windows. Both
versions are included with all docs. There are redefinable keystrokes -
the editing power of emacs without all the frills! (Newest File Date:
DNOT18B.ZIP 11-07-95 DOS Version of Notgnu, an Emacs Clone Which Sacrifices Programmability
for Speed and Small Size. This is the Version 1.8 Beta.
DNOTE400.ZIP 07-04-94 Utility/Files - Disk Note Librarian
DNOTE41.ZIP 02-13-95 Disk Note Librarian - Adds File Notes Disk Cataloger and DOS Shell in
One! Now Add 300 Character Descriptions to Each Filename and Directory
on A Disk. Kind of Like BBS File Listings. V 4.1
DNOTE412.ZIP 05-29-96 Disk Note Librarian - Adds File Notes Disk Cataloger
DNR120.ZIP 10-07-95 Sdc_dig Demonews Reader - Version 1.20
DNRD11.ZIP 01-14-97 Dnread Uses the Vast Power of the Deja News Web Site to Supplant
Conventional News-reader Programs. It's an Easy-to-use Os/2 Rexx Script
That Acts Like A News Reader With Turbo Charging
DNRD123.ZIP 03-06-97 Not A New News Reader-a Whole New Way to Read Usenet News, Using the
Deja News Server As Its Source
DNS.ZIP 11-21-95 Domain Name Search V1.1 - Searches for Host Names Give A Range of Ip
DNS201.ZIP 06-23-96 Dns 2.01 Distributor Netwroking System for Amway Distributors
DNS20C1.ZIP 09-07-94 Csd Un60004 Domain Name Server Kit Tcp/Ip 2.0 for Os/2. Download Then
Execute "Dns20c1 -d" to A Diskette or File.
DNT10.ZIP 06-08-97 Door - Donuts-brain Teaser BBS Door.. Visit
DNT2V304.ZIP 06-09-93 DATE 'n' TIME Color r2.03.04; AutoDetect System Date; Date
DNTFR101.ZIP 03-11-93 Don't Forget v1.01: MS-Windows list manager; free form PIM, indexable,
searches, & paperclips. (Software for the Little Guy.)
DNUMBR33.ZIP 10-01-95 Dino Numbers V3.3 - Windows Arithmetic Game for Children Ages 7-12.
Help Derik the Dinosaur Rescue Books From Rex the Tyrannosaurus by
Solving Various Arithmetic Problems. Minimum System Requirements: 386
or Faster
DNUMBR40.ZIP 01-09-96 Dino Numbers V4.00 - Windows Arithmetic Skills Game for Ages 7-12. Help
Derik Rescue Cows From Rex
DNZ16.ZIP 10-04-92 Drag And Zip v.1.6 - Zip Shell for Win 3.1 File Manager or any file
manager that supports Drag and Drop. ASP Shareware. Drag And Zip makes
any file manager that supports Drag and Drop into a Zip file manager.
Drag files to a zipper icon and run PKZIP on them. Double click on a
zip file and view it. Extract, delete, view. run and run the
associated program on [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the Zip file.
DN_LIQ.ZIP 10-19-96 Trance - O - Mania Psc & Deep Bass & Prance & Dionysus & Link-d &
Caliber-x Present Liquified .Xm
DN_NET.ZIP 04-22-93 A Brand New Network, We Are Looking for Hubs and Nodes.
DO.ZIP 07-01-94 DO.EXE, VER. 4.1 Fast, easy, stable, flexible ASCII and binary
file manipulator. Find, replace, insert; sort by column or number; can
ignore case; blank/duplicate lines removed; tag or cut lines or
columns; many filters; expand tabs; MORE. Includes DO, PEEK & PSORT
DO101J1.ARJ 12-19-13 The DO script processor ver 1.01j. Now with COLOR ANSI support, new and
better features.
DO101J2.ARJ 12-19-13 The DO script processor ver 1.01j file 2/3.
DO101J3.ARJ 12-19-13 The DO script processor ver 1.01j File 3/3.
DO1031.ZIP 08-19-92 The "DO" Script Processor v3.1. 1 of 3
DO1032.ZIP 08-19-92 The "DO" Script Processor v3.1. 2 of 3
DO1033.ZIP 08-19-92 The "DO" Script Processor v3.1. 3 of 3
DO1BETA.ARJ 12-19-13 Object Oriented Programming For DBase!
DO21.ZIP 03-12-95 Do.Exe V2.10: Do Does DOS Operations Like A Daemon, Find, Copy, Move,
Delete, Wipe, Xcopy and More. Command Line or Menu Driven. Freeware
DO43.ZIP 01-01-95 Do.Exe V4.3 Asp Includes Psort.Exe Peek.Exe. Do is A Fast Flexible Text
or Binary File Manipulator. Includes Blank Line Delete, Line or Column
Cut or Copy, Expand Tabs, Find or Replace With Booleans And,or,not,xor
DO4DISK2.ZIP 08-20-95 Desktop Observatory V4 60 Day Evaluation Code - Disk 2of 2.
DOA.ZIP 02-19-97 Quake - Dead on Arrival
DOARJ10.ZIP 04-08-94 DOARJ v1.0 Save precious Hard Drive space! Compress and move all files
in a seldom used directory into a single .ARJ file, saving up to 50%!!
Requires ARJ (any version) Creative Software. Uploaded by: Darrell
DOB.ZIP 08-23-94 DOB has been found on blotter
DOBOX12.ZIP 06-06-93 Dobox V1.2 Scan Baseball Box Score Files and Generate Lots of
Statistics! Version 1.2 Includes Support for New Nl Teams & Better File
Handling. Great for Fantasy Baseball Owners & Fanatic Baseball Fans!
DOBTT.ZIP 06-18-93 TrueType font-TT font - Dobkin-Script, Art N ouveau like (Newest File
Date: 03-18-92)
DOBV332.ZIP 04-14-97 Date of Birth Verifier Ppe V3.32 Force Your Users to Enter Their Dob
for Verification Purposes. Use As Replacement for the Verification
Information in Pcb. Formats the Month, Day, Year and Enters in the Age
DOB_TT.ZIP 03-18-92 TrueType Font
DOC202.ARJ 12-19-13 Source Code Documentor For Clipper 5.X.
DOC202.ZIP 04-08-92 Source code documenter for Clipper 5.x
DOC2COM3.ZIP 06-27-92 Doc2Com v3.0 Turn ASCII text [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto .COMs
DOC310.ZIP 08-17-93 Doc V3.10 - Clipper Source Code Documentor
DOC6_2.ZIP 05-05-96 Doctor6 Ver. 2.00. The File Doctor for Wordperfect 6.X. Fixes Corrupted
Wp6 (Dos or Windows) Files. Doctor6 is to 6.X As Wpmd is to Wp5.X, But
Has More File Recovery Methods Ver. 2 Fixes More Files. Registered
DOC95.ZIP 08-31-95 Windows 95 Virus Scanner.
DOC9509.ZIP 09-27-95 The Doctor AntiVirus for Windows 95 Unregistered Version 95.09c
September 25, 1995 The Doctor AntiVirus is a 32-bit anti-virus program
designed for the Windows 95 environment. The Doctor will detect and
eliminate all common viruses, including viruses found in the wild.
Using a VxD (virtual device driver), The Doctor for Windows 95 is able
to scan diskettes and files automatically for viruses.
DOCBROWS.ZIP 01-16-94 Doc Browser add-in template for WinWord 6.x that lets you quickly move
to any part of your document w/wysiwyg, making it alot more intuitive
than Word's Edit GoTo command; (Newest File Date: 01-16-94)
DOCCLEAR.ZIP 01-09-97 Docclear 1.0. Sits in the System Tray and Clears the Documents Menu
When You Choose, or at A Specified Interval.
DOCCLN11.ZIP 01-23-94 Document Cleaner 1.1. Converts Text Files to a Format That Can be
Viewed on Screen, Dumped to Printer, or Loaded Into Hyperread Generator
for Conversion to Hypertext. it Adds Margins, Converts Tab Characters
to Spaces,
DOCDB100.ZIP 05-30-97 Document Database V1.00 An Easy to use Word Processor Integrated With A
Powerful Database. Search for Any Text in all Your Documents. Assign
Categories to Your Letters and Documents for Easy Retrieval.
DOCDEM.ARJ 12-19-13 TurboPascal for Windows .DLL math lib example
DOCDSKCA.ZIP 05-18-91 Dr. Filefinder's disk cataloging program.
DOCK1.ZIP 08-01-95 A Doom 2 Add On. You're Ship is in A Drydock and You're Fighting Down
Terrorist Aliens Trying to Destroy it and the Drydock. Newest File:
DOCL11.ZIP 01-01-94 Document Cleaner 1.1. Converts text files to a format that can be
viewed on screen, dumped to printer, or loaded into HyperRead Generator
for conversion to hypertext. It adds margins, converts tab characters
to spaces, splits long lines into lines of less than 80 characters (at
a space), etc.
DOCLIS.ZIP 02-06-94 DocLister 2.0 Automated Creation of Document and Macro Information
report (Amipro). (Newest File Date: 02-06-94)
DOCMAN12.ZIP 08-02-95 Docman12.Zip: Docman 1.2 (Windows95 Only) -docm- an is A 32-bit
Windows95 Application That Extends the Functionality of the "Documents"
Folder in the "Start" Menu. Docman Allows You to Open Documents
Load/Save Document
DOCMAN13.ZIP 08-04-95 DocMan 1.2 (Windows95 Only) is a 32-BIT Win95 application that extends
the functionality of the "Documents" folder in the "Start" menu. DocMan
allows you to open documents, load/save document lists, remove one,
some, or all documents, protect documents from removal, add documents,
and more. There are no limitations on this product.
DOCMAN17.ZIP 11-06-95 Docman17.Zip: Docman 1.7 Docman is A 32-bit Windows95 Application That
Extends the Functionality of the "Documents" Folder in the "Start" Menu
Docman Allows You to Open Documents, Load/Save Document Lists, Remove
DOCMAN19.ZIP 01-27-96 Docman19.Zip: Docman 1.9 Docman is A 32-bit Windows95 Application That
Extends The Functionality of the "Documents" Folder In The "Start" Menu
Docman Allows You to Open Documents, Load/Save Document Lists
DOCONFIG.ZIP 09-05-95 Fwsysutl Utility to Merge Config.Sys With Entries Tailored for Specific
DOCPOW.ZIP 11-24-93 DocuPower Pro 2.2 - W4W Document Management Super-charge WinWord 2.x &
new WinWord 6.x Smash the 8 character file name barrier! Give documents
long, descriptive names. OPEN, INSERT, PRINT or FAX your documents by
pointing & clicking on descriptions. Use FILE FIND and TEXT SEARCH to
recover your "missing" documents. Plus integrated FILE MANAGEMENT
utilities. A Shareware Magazine Editor's Choice Award Winner (9/93)
Never misplace a file again! (Newest File Date: 11-24-93)
DOCPOW22.ZIP 11-24-93 Docupower Pro V2.2. W4w Document Management. Smash Dos' 8-character
Filename Barrier As You Give Your Documents Long, Descriptive Filenames
Open, Merge, Print and Fax Your Documents by Pointing & Clicking on
Their Descrip
DOCPRC13.ZIP 06-01-93 Doc-Proc v1.3; On-line document retrieval system for a Loc
DOCPRN.ARJ 12-19-13 DocPRINT is a program the formats and prints .DOC files. and other
DOCPRN.ZOO 01-26-91 DocPRINT for Epsons v1.30
DOCRUN13.ZIP 03-01-93 DOCRUN13.ZIP - Freeware Document File Runner, Ver 1.3
DOCS106.ZIP 11-19-92 NOS 2.0d NET/ROM and AX.25 facilities.
DOCS25.ZIP 03-11-90 Docs for telegard 2.5
DOCS350.ZIP 09-10-93 Searchlight BBS 3.50; Documentation Complete user manual for
Searchlight BBS version 3.5, the BBS software with built in RIP
Graphics Support. Includes browser program. For use with file DEMO350
DOCS400.ZIP 05-23-94 Searchlight BBS 4.0 Documentation Complete user manual for Searchlight
BBS version 4.0, the BBS software with built in RIP Graphics Support.
Includes browser program. For use with file DEMO400.ZIP.
DOCS450.ZIP 05-12-95 Searchlight BBS 4.5 Documentation Complete user manual for Searchlight
BBS version 4.5, the BBS software with built in RIP Graphics Support.
Includes browser program. For use with file DEMO450.ZIP.
DOCSDB.ZIP 08-21-94 Docsdb is A Retail Document Management Package for Word for Windows 6.0
and A Workbook Manager for Excel 5.0.
DOCSMASH.LZH 01-06-14 Prints more pages per sheet on printers
DOCSNX11.ZIP 03-26-94 Documentsnexus 1.1 - Rcco Research Recordkeeping for Professional,
Institu- Tional, or Corporate Collections of Docu- Ments or Projects
Development Records. Attractive Visually-oriented Environment. 9 Sort
DOCSWP20.ZIP 09-07-96 Docsweep V2.0 - Win95 Utility That Runs Silently in the Background,
Scanning Your Menu List of Recently Opened Documents Every 10 Seconds
and Automatically Deleting The List When it Becomes Longer Than You
DOCSWP30.ZIP 11-24-96 Docsweep V3.0 Win95 Utility That Runs Silently in the Background,
Scanning Your Start Menu's Submenu of Recently Opened Documents Every
10 Seconds and Automatically Deleting the List When it Becomes Longer
Than You Want.
DOCTOR.LZH 01-06-14 watch the DOCTOR do it to Mary, Jane,...
DOCT_INT.ARJ 12-19-13 TSR debugger for INT. Anti-viral protection.
DOCU4A15.ZIP 01-14-96 Docuthek for Ms-access V1.50 - Complete Document Imaging System for
Business and Personal Use. Most File Formats Are Supported, Incl. Tiff.
Very Easy, Yet Powerful Sql-based Query
DOCUDX15.ZIP 01-15-96 Docudex V1.50 - Docudex Document Imaging. Documents & Graphics Archive.
Supports 10 Graphics Formats, Tiff Group 4 Compression. For Relational
Database Version
DOCUNET.ZIP 08-04-94 Windows Document Management System Docunet Create A BBS on Any Network
Anywhere. Great for Sharing Files Over Any Type Network or Managing
Your Documents. Ready for Chicago and Nothing Disabled Wingames.Inc
DOCUTK10.ZIP 07-11-95 Docuthek V1.00 (07-15-95) Comprehensive Document Imaging System for
Business and Personal Use. Industry-standard Format and Compression.
Tiff, Dcx, Gif, Jpeg and Other Formats. Multiple Pages.
DOCUTK11.ZIP 09-06-95 Infothek Document Imaging V1.10 Comprehensive Document Imaging System
for Business and Personal Use. Industry-standard Format and Compression
Tiff, Dcx, Gif, Jpeg and Other Formats. Multiple Pages. Popular.
DOCUTK15.ZIP 01-15-96 Docuthek V1.50 - Complete Document Imaging System. Popular Relational
Data Base. Most Formats. Easy, Powerful Sql-based Query System
DOCUTK31.ZIP 04-08-97 Docuthek Document Imaging V3.1 Comprehensive Document Imaging System
for Business and Personal Use. Industry-standard Format and Compression
Tiff, Dcx, Gif, Jpeg and Other Formats. Multiple Pages. Msaccess or
Jet 20
DOCVU20.ZIP 07-07-96 Infothek Docview V2.0 Image Viewer For Document Imaging Systems. Easy
Integration With Virtually Any Database. Tiff Format And Compression.
Many Other Graphics Formats Are Also Supported. Docview Features
DOCWHO.ARJ 12-19-13 Doctor Who: echo mail for you Whovians out there.
DOCZ16.ZIP 04-24-94 DOCZ 1.6 DOCZ builds on-line references and reference manuals for
programs a and subroutine libraries. Features editor interface,
on-line brows ing, on-line tutorial, on-line user manual,
version-control support , printer support, revision notices, fix
DOC_PROC.ZIP 11-30-92 DOC-PROC (Version 1.1) Doc-Proc is an on-line document information
retrieval system for DOS or LAN. It also provides a News feature
allowing special items of interest to be shared with users.
DOD-IPHK.ZIP 07-08-95 Internet Phone v3.0 (build 13 and up) >> 100% Working Key-Maker <<
DOD-TT.ARJ 12-19-13 DavysOtherDingbats TrueType font is a picture font; 05/08/92; David