Name Date Description
DMCOMP.ZIP 07-25-95 The Doom Compound! for Doom V1.2 My First Wad File. Hope You Like It!
Replaces Episode 2 Mission 1.I Like It! : ).
DMCPHO.ZIP 06-11-94 Four Doom Maps for Level Two, all in A Castle.
DMCY1.ZIP 08-22-94 A Small Court Yard for Doom Deathmatch.
DMC_BKST.ZIP 05-31-94 Cf-nfo Dmc Recommended Colors for Backstitching
DMC_BUNY.ZIP 02-19-94 Dmc (Tm) Wearable Bunny's (W/Gif). Last Revision Date in Archive:
DMC_CARN.ZIP 02-17-94 Dmc Floral Bouquets - Carnations (W/Pcx)
DMC_CCAT.ZIP 02-19-94 Dmc (Tm) Wearable "Cool Cats" (W/Gif)
DMC_DOLL.ZIP 02-17-94 Dmc Floss Clothespin Dolls (W/Pcx)
DMC_FAM.ZIP 08-06-94 Dmc Floss Inventory by Color Family
DMC_GLSC.ZIP 02-19-94 Dmc (Tm) Floss Eyeglass Holders (W/Gif)
DMC_JEWL.ZIP 05-27-94 Dmc Pearl Cotton Jewelry Collection Instructions (W/Gif).
DMC_JP_A.ZIP 06-19-94 Dmc - J&p Coates - Anchor Floss Conversions Topic: Cf-nfo.
DMC_NEW.ZIP 09-21-94 New Dmc Colors and Numbers to be Released October 1994
DMC_PENS.ZIP 06-02-94 Cf-misc Dmc (Tm) Frienship Pen Instructions (Gifs)
DMD212.ZIP 05-04-91 Disk Meter Deluxe v2.12 Shows many stats
DMD9.ZIP 07-19-94 Three Interconnected Doom Deathmatch Levels. Weapons, Hiding,
Cooperative Exits.
DMDED.ZIP 07-23-94 Death" Level for Doom (.Wad File). Great Deathmatch Level!
DMDEEP.ZIP 12-29-94 Deep V6.11 is A Doom Enhanced Editor Program for Editing Doom and Doom
II Levels. Deep is A Complete Rewrite and Major Enhancement of Deu.
Features : 1. Doom to Doom II (And Back) Level Conversion. 2. Total
Mouse Command
DMDIS.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-07-94.
DMDTRV31.ZIP 08-29-93 Diamond Trivia v3.1; BBS door program concerning trivia of
DME1M2.ZIP 04-10-94 A new Episode 1 Level 2 for DOOM. (Newest File Date: 04-10-94)
DME2MUS.ZIP 10-16-95 New Music for all Nine Levels of Doom I Episode 2. Created Oct. 18 1995
by Patrick Kalinauskas.
DME4BT13.ZIP 07-11-96 Dmapedit V4.0.13 (Beta) - A Map Editor for Doom
DMEDEMO.ZIP 06-23-95 This is the Demonstration Version of the Drastic Mpeg Encoder. It
Encodes Small System Streams From A Series of Images (Jpg,tga,gif,ect)
and A Wave File or From an Avi File. It is Windows Compatible and Runs
Under 3.1
DMEDIT4.ZIP 01-01-94 Doom Editor v.4 - Works with registered! (Newest File Date: 01-01-94)
DMEDUT.ZIP 01-26-94 Doom editing utilities version 2.0 Allows you to add/change/delete
objects from the level maps. (Newest File Date: 01-26-94)
DMELT5.ZIP 02-24-94 Another great Death match WAD for Doom! This one focuses on radaition
problems. (Newest File Date: 02-24-94)
DMENU.LZH 01-06-14 Menu generator for dBase II & III
DMENU1.ARJ 12-19-13 DAMENU-DOS application MENuing Utility
DMENU1.ZIP 10-15-91 Doug Menu: replaces Novell Netware menu.exe. Considerably
DMENU121.ZIP 07-01-93 An Efficient Replacement or Addition to the Program Manager. Provides a
Menubar At the Top of the Windows Desktop With Menu Headings Defined by
You to Represent the Categories of Applications
DMENU173.ZIP 05-09-94 Dougmenu V1.73. Novell Netware Menu System Uses 0k of Ram, Launches
Tsrs and Includes Ansi or Ascii Backdrops.
DMENU177.ZIP 04-02-95 Utilnet Dougmenu V1.77 Menu System for Novell Systems or Stand Alone
Pc's DOS 3.3+
DMENU2.ZIP 06-04-94 Damenu V2.01. Application Menu and Launcher Which Will Allow You to
Provide Password Protection for Each Application and for Shelling to
DMENU202.ZIP 10-15-94 DOS Menu v2.02 A Premier Point&Shoot DOS Menu V2.02 A
truly easy to use DOS menu for all users with features like: complete
mouse support; application specific, 'Exit to DOS', and menu
modification passwords; Submenus; CD-Rom awareness; file preloading;
on-line help; customizable screen saver/blanking, screen colors & more!
Not memory resident. Requires DOS 3.3+ & Hard Disk w/600k free ░▒▓█
DMENU22.ZIP 09-14-95 D- Eskmenu! 2.2 - A Low Profile, Text Based Program Manager for Windows
-t- Here is Probably No Other Program You can Add to Your System That
Will Make Better use of It's Screen and Disk Space Than Deskmenu!
DMET25A.ZIP 12-05-91 DMet v2.5 Display drive space info
DMETCLIP.ARJ 12-19-13 Compusolve Comm lib for Clipper.
DMEVIL.ZIP 04-20-94 A new DOOM level. (Newest File Date: 04-20-94)
DMEXOD.ZIP 07-21-94 Imps R Us 2masters of Carnage" Doom .Wad File. Sequel to the Popular
"Imps R Us".
DMEXPO.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-13-94.
DMF132.ZIP 09-17-94 Dmf V1.32 Modem Front End for Doom, Full Screen Like Setup.Exe But You
can Choose Things Like Turbo and Fast.
DMF19.ZIP 04-03-95 Patch to Convert Doom Must Fall for V 1.9 Pl.
DMFAM10.ZIP 02-17-93 Dungeon Master's Familiar 1.0 Stalcup.
DMFAQ.ZIP 01-12-97 John Dailey's Dungeon Master Faq Rev 01970a - Frequently Asked
Questions (Faq) Text File (Revision #01970a) About John Dailey's
Dungeon Master, A High-speed, Solid 3-d Ansi Polygon, Graphical, and
Sound Capable Online
DMFAQ56.ZIP 04-17-94 ** The "Official" DOOM FAQ v5.6 ** by: Hank Leukart. Contains secrets,
hints, tricks, add-on software, humor, and much much more, all about
DOOM by id Software.
DMFAQ58.ZIP 08-30-94 The "Official" Doom Faq V5.8 by Hank Leukart. Gives Hints, Cheats,
Troubleshooting, and Help for the Game Doom by Id Software. Also
Shipped With V1.666 of Doom.
DMFAQ_5.ZIP 03-21-94 DOOM frequently asked questions - version 5. (Newest File Date:
DMFCON.ZIP 06-21-94 Doom Wad File. Last Revision Date in Archive06-21-94.
DMFE001.ZIP 01-23-94 DMFE - DMAUD Front-End version 0.0.1 1994 by Douglas Reedy A front-end
to the fabulous DMUAD util by Bill Neisius - assists you in the
replacement of DOOM sounds by allowing you to assign sound files to
slots, preview original and replacement sounds, and batch-feed DMAUD
with your replacement sound selections. Also allows you to tweak sounds
later on without having to enter them all again.
DMFMJ.ZIP 12-06-94 Full Metal Jacket Sounds for Doom.
DMFRNT11.ZIP 04-11-94 DOOMFRNT is a MUST have for DOOM players. It acts as a Front End that
will allow you to Warp to levels, Load Saved Games, Serial(modem)
support, and a ton of other options. Only costs 2 Stamps to Register!
BY: Mike Benson v1.1 fixes all known bugs
DMGOLD10.ZIP 06-01-94 Doom Gold. Alternate Sound Effects and Music Tracks for Commercial
(Mail Order) Doom V1.2. More Realistic Gunfire, More Chilling Monster
Sounds and Very Nice Music Tracks.
DMGOLD_4.ZIP 10-11-94 Doom Gold Four. The First Sound Changing Pwad to be Created Exclusively
for use With Commercial Doom II Hell on Earth!
DMGOOFY.ZIP 01-14-94 Cartoon sounds for DOOM (needs DMAUD02.ZIP). (Newest File Date:
DMGOTHIC.ZIP 11-21-95 L G_doom Well, I Am Making an Episode for Doom
DMGPR231.ARJ 12-19-13 DmgPARK v2.31: TSR util that will park your harddisk's heads after a
period of HD inactivity
DMGPRK22.ZIP 01-10-92 DmgPARK v2.2: TSR to park your harddisk heads
DMGR104A.ZIP 03-09-94 Debt Manager(Tm) 104a - DOS With Color Monitor. Rapidly Reduce Your
Credit Card Debt and Save Thousands in Unpaid Interest Penalties. Enter
Name, Apr, Balance and Minimum Payment for Up to 30 Creditors & Debt
Manager Does
DMGRAP10.ZIP 03-07-94 DOOM graphics editor. Change ANY graphics to anything U want. (Newest
File Date: 03-07-94)
DMGRAPH.ZIP 03-06-94 Doomgraph V0.1 You've Seen Doomaud.. Well, This is Doom Graph. Same
Basic Concept (Same Author). Use This to Extract And/Or Replace the
Graphics in Your .Wad File.
DMGRBL.ZIP 07-08-94 Doom Level - Grayblood.
DMHALL.ZIP 08-14-94 The Hall. The Object of This Level is to Extend the Hall and Make it to
the End. This Level Has New Music Too. What More can You Ask For? Level
for Registered Doom 1.2 or Greater.
DMHECK1.ZIP 04-01-95 Doom2 Wad for Deathmatch and 1player. Small But Fun. Traps, Tricks
DMHECK2.ZIP 04-11-95 Doom2 Deathmatch Wad - Dmheck2.Zip Made Small for Deathmatch, One That
You Should be Keeping in You Wad Dir for A While. Download Me Now!
DMHECK3.ZIP 04-13-95 Doom2 Deathmatch - Dmheck3.Zip Yippy! It's Ver. 3! Two New Action
Packed Rooms Made Perfect for Deathmatch!
DMHER1.ZIP 10-22-95 It's Doom Heretic! Play the First Level for Heretic on Doom.
DMHERO.ZIP 04-06-94 New level for Doom created with DEU Lotta monsters, not easy at all.
E3M2 map. (Newest File Date: 04-06-94)
DMHIP.ZIP 03-20-97 Quake - the Death Mall - Hipnotic
DMHORR.ZIP 04-20-94 A new DOOM level. The play is pretty good! Check it out. (Newest File
Date: 04-20-94)
DMHQ.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive08-03-94.
DMHUNG.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive08-08-94.
DMI.ZIP 12-13-90 Disk and memory information (neat)
DMI125.ZIP 09-26-96 Dmi (Deek's Mutant Iceberg) 1.25, Irc Script For: Gammatech Irc 2.0 and
Higher Internet Adventurer 0.22 and Higher Irc/2 0.75 and Higher
DMI22.ZIP 01-20-95 The Dosnix Menu Interface Ver. 2.2 Dmi is A Menu Shell for Dosnix That
Allows You to Scroll Through the Entire Command Set and Get Help With
Any Command Before Executing It. A Great Way to Learn Dosnix.
DMIDI.LZH 01-06-14 MS windows music composer
DMII100.ZIP 07-20-97 Door - Doormania II - 28 Doorgames in One Package! Players Move Around
A 3-tier Monopoly-style Playboard. Every Move They Make Leads to A
Different Door Game; 28 Door Games in All! You Gotta See This One!
DMIJUM.ZIP 04-04-94 Doom Intelligent - Jumble. Mix Up all 27 levels of the Registered Doom
V1.2. 99% accurate. (Newest File Date: 04-04-94)
DMILL200.ZIP 08-25-96 Documill V2.0 Documill is A Professional Image Database Management
System and Fax Server. Manage A Large Number of Scanned Documents or
Collections of Images and Clip Arts. Organize Your Images in Drawers
and Folders
DMIMAGE2.ZIP 04-16-94 Image Editor for Doom. (Newest File Date: 04-16-94)
DMIMP2.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-14-94.
DMINE30.ZIP 02-20-97 Dynamine 3.0 - Stack Different Rock Formations in A Pit in Order to
Build Layers and Extract Valuable Gems. Try to Avoid Various Obstacles,
Including Invisibility Mutation, Speed, and More!
DMINIT11.ZIP 03-10-94 Doom Modem Init V1.1 - 3/8/94 Contains Init strings for over 30 modems.
Also contains a HIGH SPEED, better sersetup.exe that supports any IRQ &
port control. V2.8 of this drvr.
DMI_340.ZIP 02-20-94 ░ŢDoorMan v3.40Ů░ - Doors Mgnt System *NOT K ANSI/ASCII/RIP Menus ■
VERY EASY Install/Setu ■ Up To 225 Doors ■ Drop File Converter ■ Sco
Viewer ■ No BAT Files ■ Random Menus/Backgrou ■ Usage Statistics ■ All
Built-In! Only $30! (Newest File Date: 02-20-94)
DMI_342.ZIP 07-10-94 Doorman V3.42 - Door Mgnt/Menuing System the Absolute Best Program
Available to Hand Everything Relating to Doors on Your Bbs! Yo Have to
See This One to Believe It! You've Tried the Rest, Now Try the Best!
DMI_344.ZIP 02-10-95 Doorman V3.44 - Door Mgnt/Menuing System the Absolute Best Program
Available to Handle Everything Relating to Doors on Your Bbs!
DMJH2.ZIP 07-26-94 Another Fun Doom .Wad File. Large Rooms, Action Everywhere. E1m1.
DMJZOO.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive08-15-94.
DMKHOO.ZIP 11-07-94 Doom 1 .Wad File - Khoon. Intense!
DMLDMO.ARJ 12-19-13 Demo code to be run with DMALOC.ZIP.
DMLDOC.ARJ 12-19-13 Documentation for DMALOC.ZIP.
DMLEVABC.ZIP 04-18-94 Doom Level E3m8. (Newest File Date: 04-18-94)
DMLEVS2.ZIP 07-21-94 A Collections of Doom Wad Games.
DMLEVSV1.ZIP 03-10-94 NEW DOOM 1.x ADD-ON WAD Levels Have you already beaten DOOM seemingly
hundreds of times? If so, check out these new levels that will
challenge your skill in alien combat! Includes 5 new levels +
Instructions (Doesn't damage main WAD file) [Ex][1/1]
DMLGN64C.ZIP 06-12-94 Dmlogin V6.4c: Dosmenu Login Util for Helping to Bring True Order and
Security to Your Network During the Login and Logout Process; 06/24/94;
Skip Bremer.
DMLNCH11.ZIP 04-03-94 Os/2 2.X Launcher for Doom 1.2 Registered. Solo/Modem/Network
DMLOD.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-27-94.
DMLOGN72.ZIP 03-15-95 Dmlogin V7.2: Dosmenu Login Util for Helping to Bring True Order and
Security to Your Network During the Login and Logout Process 03/15/95;
Skip Bremer.
DMLOGN74.ZIP 05-07-95 Dmlogin V7.4: Dosmenu Login Util for Helping to Bring True Order and
Security to Your Network During the Login and Logout Process 05/07/95;
Skip Bremer.
DMLSABER.ZIP 08-19-94 Changes Chainsaw in Doom Into Light Saber From Star Wars.
DMLV1.ZIP 03-21-94 Another Doom Level (For Multi-Player). (Newest File Date: 03-21-94)
DMLVL32.ZIP 12-08-95 Doom Epi-3 Level 2 Patch Wad I Built Totally From Scratch Using Deu5.2.
Use As You Please
DMMANI.ZIP 03-28-94 Edited DOOM E1L1 level - "Maniac Operation". (Newest File Date:
DMMPUPDT.ZIP 03-03-94 Trickery! With the update to version 1.2 of some changes to some of the
levels in Episode maps (or had the level figured out...) for ve would
find that you no longer got 100% Secret the levels. These maps are
updates to the ot out there showing the new areas of the levels Created
and edited by Tom Geery.
DMMUD1.ZIP 08-28-94 3 Wads - E1l1, E1l2, E1l3 - Doom Add on Hard These Are. Yes Indeed and
Artful Too. Text File Included. Ver 1.1 8/28/94
DMMUIN.ZIP 08-14-94 Three Doom "Mud" Pwad Files . Very Nice Room/Home Graphics!
DMN2_11.ZIP 08-07-95 V1.1 Ultimate Blood Patch -amazing Breakthroughs Have Been Made!
-additions Never Before Seen! -complete Revison From Doom's Patch!
-everything Bleeds on Contact! complete Color Changes for Nearly All
DMN2_15.ZIP 07-13-96 V1.5 Ultimate Blood Patch for Doom 2 V19
DMN2_15A.ZIP 08-28-96 Doom II - an Update, Not A Duplicate
DMNAST.ZIP 11-27-94 Doom 1 Level - Nasty.
DMNDCV10.ZIP 04-02-95 The Ultimate Boulder Clone V1.0
DMNEWGUN.ZIP 03-27-94 -DMNEWGUN.Zip- 2 WAV files to replace the Pistol sound and the Shotgun
w/cocking. These sound more realistic, like your firing the guns
indoors and also sound better when fired by others at a distance.
DMNSOH.ZIP 07-31-94 9 Full Levels for Doom!
DMNUTZ.ZIP 11-17-94 Meganutz Version 1.0 by Jaswant S Hayre A None Too Serious Deathmatch
Level, Based on the Author's Own Highly Acclaimed Level Megadeth V 2.4a
This Level is Specifically Designed for Deathmatch Play. It Comprises
DMODP170.ZIP 10-04-93 Module Player for Pt/Mmd0-2/Dss0 Modules.
DMOGRE.ZIP 04-06-94 Another Doom level changed with DEU. (Newest File Date: 04-06-94)
DMON121A.ARJ 12-19-13 dMon v1.21 for Win3 - system monitoring device tracks 6 resources.
usefull for programmers
DMONOUMB.ZIP 05-09-92 Free more UMB space for Windows3 applications
DMORE211.ZIP 08-01-95 Doormore 2.11 - Ultimate Door Expander! Run 99 Doors From Each Doormore
Menu! Organize Those Door Games Into Logical Sub-menus. All Major
Dropfiles, Irq's 1-15, Fossil/Internal Easy Setup! and On-the-fly
DMOS2_19.ZIP 05-05-97 Doom for Os/2 V1.9 (Doesn't Expire)
DMP103.ZIP 12-19-95 Dual Module Player V1.03 for Os/2. Uses Mmpm/2 or the New Direct Audio
for Output. It Supports Many Module Formats : Mod, Nst, Stm S3m, 669,
Far, Mtm and Amf
DMP109.ZIP 07-11-96 Dual Module Player V1.09 is A Simple and Fast Module Player for Os/2
Text Session. It Uses Mmpm/2 or the New Direct Audio for Output. It
Supports Many Module Formats : Mod, Nst, Stm, S3m, 669, Far, Mtm, and
DMP205.ARJ 12-19-13 DMP v2.05 - Printer Driver/Spooler
DMP205.ZIP 02-10-91 Resident print spooler, spools to disk, memory
DMP246.ZIP 05-30-93 Dual Module Player v2.46 New 386-only version. Supports many sound
cards: SB16, PAS16, PAS+, SB, SB Pro, Aria and DACs like Covox. Now
also PC speaker support! Special support for 16-bit cards. Loads also
ST 3.0 and 669 modules! Now with *rea
DMP266.ZIP 09-26-93 Dual Mod Player 2.66 the Best
DMP286.ZIP 02-26-94 Dual Module Player V2.86 --* Supports Many Sound Cards: Sb16, Wss,
Pas16, Pas+, Sb, Sb Pro, Audiotrix Pro, Aria, Gus, Covox and Stereo
Dacs New Batch Features 44 Khz Mono Support for Sb/Pro
DMP294.ZIP 06-08-94 Dual Module Player V2.94 - - Supports Many Sound Cards: Sb16, Wss,
Pas16, Pas , Sb, Sb Pro, Audiotrix Pro, Aria, Gus, Covox and Stereo
DMP301.ZIP 07-03-94 Dual Module Player v3.01 Supports many sound cards: SB16, WSS, PAS16,
PAS+, SB, SB Pro, AudioTrix Pro, Aria, GUS, Covox and stereo DACs
Digital Effects, reverb, filter
DMP32289.ZIP 04-02-94 Dual Mod Player - 32 Bit Version 2.89 - Supports Most Sound Cards
DMP32290.ZIP 05-07-94 Dual Module Player/32 V2.90 - Sb, Sb Pro, Sb16, Wss, Pas, Pas Pas16,
Audiotrix Pro, Gus Better Gus Playback Fixed S3m and Far Loaders. Last
Revision Date in Archive: 05-07-94.
DMP32295.ZIP 06-15-94 4_sound Dual Mod Player 32 - Great 32 Bit Mod Player, Multi Sound Cards
DMP400.ZIP 03-23-95 Dual Module Player V4.00 - New Major Update. Revised Sound Drivers, New
Sound Setup, Handy Module Selector Etc. Includes Both Dmp and Dmp32.
DMP440.ZIP 09-11-93 A Simple Windows-lookings Printer Utility Forthe Tandy 9-pin Series,
But Specifically Thedmp440. Must Have Vga.
DMPALPHA.ZIP 08-07-95 Dual Modplayer Alpha Release for Os/2
DMPC211.ZIP 04-06-94 Dual Mod Player Companion V2.11 - Popular Front End for Mod Plrs.
DMPC221.ZIP 06-15-94 Dual Module Player Companion . Version 2.21 . . . Dmpc is the Front End
for Dmp and Almost Any Other Music Player. Dmpc can Read [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INside
Arj, Lha, Zip, Limit, Sqz, Ha, Hyper, Hpack and Zoo Archives. Supports
DMPC231.ZIP 07-19-94 Dmpc is the Front End for Dmp and Almost Any Other Music Player. Dmpc
can Read [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INside Arj, Lha, Zip, Limit, Sqz, Ha, Hyper, Hpack, Zoo,
Arc, Pak, Rar and Ultracompressor II (Rel 2) Archives. Supports all
Known Music
DMPCC10.ZIP 09-15-93 Dmp Control Center V1.0 the Ultimate Dmp/Pmp Shell Utility. Play,
Rename, Delete, Copy, and Move Files. This One Surpasses All the
Previous Dmp Shells. Download it Now!
DMPCC162.ZIP 02-27-94 Dual Mod Player Control Center 1.62 - Dmp/Pmp Shell Utility
DMPCL271.ZIP 12-10-96 Security Auditing Windows Nt Program to Dump File System and Other
Types of Permissions, Audit Settings User/Group Info, Etc. In A Concise
Readable Listbox Format, So That "Holes" in System
DMPCL275.ZIP 06-27-96 V2.7)somarsoft Dumpacl-nt Security Auditing Windows Nt Program to Dump
File System and Other Types of Permissions, Audit Settings User/Group
Info, Etc. In A Concise, Readable Listbox Format
DMPDSK11.ZIP 07-31-95 Windows Nt: Hex Disk Editor With Support for Ntfs.
DMPEG10.ZIP 04-14-93 Public Domain Mpeg Decoder (Untested)
DMPEN.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-22-94.
DMPEN2.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive08-20-94.
DMPERL.ZIP 09-12-94 Doom Level - Pearl Jam.
DMPEXE22.ZIP 02-26-97 Obsession Exe-file Expander Ver 2.2 01/01 This Program can Unpack Any
Exepacked File it Means That A File Packed With an Unknown Exepacker,
can be Expanded to It's Original Size and Format
DMPFM153.ZIP 07-20-92 WIN3: Printer PS/PCL Font Metrics dumper, 1.53
DMPFOT10.ZIP 01-06-93 Dumpfot V1.00: Extracts the Descriptive Information About a Truetype
Font That is Contained in Its .Fot File. (Newest File Date: 01-06-93)
DMPICS.ZIP 02-01-94 PCX pictures of Doom network game in episode 2 level 9. (Newest File
Date: 02-01-94)
DMPILL.ZIP 08-09-94 This is A Small Doom .Wad That's Good for Deathmatches. Fast Action and
A Few Interesting Points. By Nukage (Andy Pederson).
DMPITS.ZIP 04-04-94 DOOMPITS- You've been mistaken fo an OSHA inspector iin a facility with
some serious safety problems. An extennsive modification of a DOOM
level made with the NEWDEU editor. More monsters&puzzles. Reg. Ver only
From. (Newest File Date: 04-04-94)
DMPLAS.ARJ 12-19-13 ASP> Convert Dot-Matrix Codes To Laser
DMPLASFN.ARJ 12-19-13 ASP> Font Package For Use With DMPLAS.ZIP
DMPLAY12.ZIP 12-26-94 Digital Music Player V1.10 Digital Music Player is an all Around Music
Player for Os/2 2.X and Above With the Multimedia Mmpm/2 Extensions
Installed. Dmplayer Supports the Playback of .Mod (Amiga Music Modules)
DMPLAY13.ZIP 04-30-95 Digital Music Player V1.30 Digital Music Player is an all Around Music
Player for Os/2 2.X and Above With the Multimedia Mmpm/2 Extensions
Installed. Dmplayer Supports the Playback of .Mod (Amiga Music Modules)
DMPLY101.ZIP 03-02-94 Os/2 Mod Player for Mmpm/2 V1.01
DMPLY141.ZIP 09-18-95 Fwapps Digital Music Player V1.41 is A Music Player for Os/2 2.X.
Handles .Mod, .Mtm, .S3m, .Stm, .Mid, .Wav, and .Avi Files.
DMPRTL.ZIP 04-30-94 Doom Portal, Doom Add on Level. Pretty Difficult. Only "Don't Hurt Me"
and "Ultra Violence" Mode Supported.
DMPSH21.ZIP 06-22-94 Phoenix/Klf Presents Dual Module Player Shell Ver 2.1 the Most Useful
Frontend for Dmp! Includes Tagged/Random Play, Full Parameter Support
(Up to Dmp 3.0!), Song Info/Copy/Del./Ren, Directory Change, Dmp/32 &
DMPURG.ZIP 09-14-94 Doom Level - Prugatory.
DMPYTHON.ZIP 01-10-94 A selection of Monty Python sound effects for Doom. Well worth checking
out if you like Monty Python. (Newest File Date: 01-10-94)
DMP_130.ZIP 12-11-93 Utility for Tandy Dmp130 and Other Tandy 9-pins in Ibm Mode.
DMR18_19.ZIP 02-10-95 This File Will Upgrade Your Registered Doom 1 V1.8 to Registered Doom 1
V1.9. Downloaded Directly From Idsoftware.Com Ftp Site. Enjoy!
DMRAMB.ZIP 03-30-94 Another new level for DOOM. (Newest File Date: 03-30-94)
DMREAL.ZIP 05-21-94 Doom Editor - the Real Thing V2.60b4 (Beta Version 4) New This Version:
3d Dialog Controls, Select Multiple Objects, Delete, Steps and
Staircases, Automatic Texture Stitching, Keyboard Zoom on Mouse Center
(Alt-z, Alt-x),
DMREDP.ZIP 07-23-94 Marsbase" Doom .Wad Level. Good Sol Doom Adventure!
DMREPORT.ZIP 11-05-93 This File Contains an Eye-opening Report on the Often-misunderstood
World of Mail Order. it Includes a Step-by-step Outline on How to Set
Up Your Own Business From Scratch for Maximum Profit in Today's
DMREVENG.ZIP 10-02-95 The Ultimate Comm-bat Levels! Operation Doom's Revenge is Done. Over 6
Months in the Making. The Dmreveng.Rtc From Psycho Killer!
DMRPH.ZIP 07-25-95 Doommorph. Last Revision Date in Archive: 07-25-95.
DMRTCOMP.ZIP 10-11-95 The Ultimate Comm-bat Levels! Operation Doom's Revenge is Updated Over
6 Months in the Making. The Dmrtcomp.Rtc From Psycho Killer! .
DMRUNNER.ZIP 09-20-95 Doom2 Its Here - A Royalty-free Pwad
DMRXWPS1.ZIP 08-03-96 Rexx Library That Augments Rexxutil's Wps Capabilities
DMS10.ZIP 03-05-94 Disk Management System 1.0. Keep Track of Those Off-line Files! This
Simple to use Command Line Utility Will Catalog Disks and Move Files to
Free Spaces on Available Volumes. Generate Reports Based on Filename,
DMS18_19.ZIP 02-10-95 Update Patch for Doom Version 1.8 to Version 1.9 - Shareware Version.
DMSACR.ZIP 09-07-94 Doom Level - Sacrifice.
DMSAVED.ZIP 03-19-94 This is a file with several saved games for DOOM version 1.2 registered
version only! It puts you on level 4 of episode 2 and level 2 of
episode 3 and level 3 of episode 2. (Newest File Date: 03-19-94)
DMSER4.ZIP 03-27-94 Doom Serial Util Here Ya Go Lamer's / The best kick ass modem util .
The directly replaces the sersetup.exe of Doom Ver 1.2 .... Latest
optns now allow reconfig without dropping the line . Works up to 115200
nice and smooth at 14.4 With 19200 Term Speed . This is getting better
Next needed is network cheats . Enjoy !!!!!
@X0A@X02@X0A@X05@X0D@X1EDoom Serial M
driver for DOOM version 1.00
DMSET123.ZIP 01-17-95 Doom Set V. 1.23a Replaces Setup.Exe for Doom V. 1.666. Can Load Pwad
Files and use Deathmatch 2.0 at the Same Time. Great for Deathmatching.
Easy to Use. Requires Qbasic.
DMSFG.ZIP 05-07-94 9 New Levels for Doom!
DMSGEW10.ZIP 12-30-95 G Descent Master V 1.02 can Modify Saved
DMSGSV3.ZIP 12-21-92 by days old utility v3 for RG
DMSHOT2.ZIP 03-24-94 This is a screen shot from DOOM showing where to trap the "Barons of
Hell" in the last level of episode 1. (Newest File Date: 03-24-94)
DMSHOT3.ZIP 03-24-94 These are some PCX screen shots of me going up against the "Spider
Monster" on level 9 of episode 3 of DOOM. (Newest File Date: 03-24-94)
DMSHTGUN.ZIP 01-27-94 New shot gun sound for DOOM. (Newest File Date: 01-27-94)
DMSI10SW.ZIP 12-28-94 Doom Sign Up Version 1.00 Doom Lovers can Now Use Their Local Bbss to
Find Interested Players for Modem Doom. This Door File Req's A BBS That
Supports the Dorinfox.Def Drop File. Shareware! $10!
DMSILLY.ZIP 01-05-94 DOOM SILLY SOUNDS [1/1] DMSILLY: A complete set
of new sounds for Doom! great, needs DMAUD00.ZIP -GOiTeRiSm'94 ---[
Magpie ]--[ ToXiC ]---
DMSOURCE.ZIP 09-13-94 File Listing Places With A Good Selection of Doom Files.
DMSPEC13.ZIP 04-17-94 ** The Unofficial DOOM Specs v1.3 ** by: Matt Fell. Contains technical
info about DOOM by id Software.
DMSPPE1C.ZIP 04-10-95 DMSPPE1C - v.1.0c update to DMSPPE1B. Collection #1 of custom prompts
for PCBoard v.15.1 & 15.2x. Features include lite-bar prompts, online
and context-sensitive help, and support for GRAPH, ANSI, and CTTY modes
This set contains: - Multi-me
DMSPRI.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-26-94.