Name Date Description
DLITE203.ZIP 04-09-94 Excellent communications utility to automate logons to DELPHI. Prompts
you to enter basic user information the first time and DLITE takes care
of the rest. Like TAPCIS. (Newest File Date: 04-09-94)
DLITE204.ZIP 05-01-94 D-lite V2.04. This is an Automated "Robot" Program for the Delphi
Online Service. With This, You can Automate Your Mail Runs, Your File
Downloads, and Anything Else You can Do on Delphi. Saves A Lot of Time,
and Lowers You
DLL101.ZIP 10-20-95 Pasdelph This is an Example of Creating and Using A Dll With Borland
DLLACC11.ZIP 06-08-93 DLLAccess v1.1: set of very simple DLL routines that allows you to Peek
and Poke values into memory; includes WinWord macros that demonstrate
the DLL's usage; 06/08/93; Vincent Chen. (Newest File Date: 06-08-93)
DLLCHK.ZIP 09-21-94 Freeware Program That Checks for Duplicates Dll Loaded Under Windows.
DLLMAN14.ZIP 02-17-94 Windows Dll Manager - Who Do They Belong To?
DLLMS203.ZIP 10-05-93 DLL Master lists modules in MS Windows 3.1 memory, with src path and
filestats. Load, unload, decrement DLL use count. Multiple lists,
compare, print, save. Load DLLs at startup. Visual Basic app. (Newest
File Date: 10-05-93)
DLLMST32.ZIP 05-10-95 Dll Master 3.2 Lists Modules in Ms Windows 3.2 Memory, With Src Path
and Filestats. Load, Unload, Decrement Dll use Count. Multiple Lists,
Compare, Print, Save Restore. Version and Header Info.
DLLMST33.ZIP 10-21-95 Pdnvbwin Dll Master Lists all Modules Currently Loaded in Windows'
Memory, & Allows You to Load, Unload, or Decrement the use Count of
Dlls-at Your Own Risk, of Course. Shows Module Path, Datetime, Filesize
DLLMST40.ZIP 08-31-96 Pdnvbwin Dll Master for Vb3 Under Win95 Lists all Modules Currently
Loaded in Windows' Memory, and Allows You to Load, Unload, or Decrement
the use Count of Dlls. Module Path, Datetime, Filesize and Internal
DLLMST41.ZIP 02-03-97 Pdnvbwin Dll Master V4.1 for Win95 or Winnt Dll Master Lists all
Modules Currently Loaded in Windows' Memory, and Allows You to Load,
Unload, or Decrement the use Count of Dlls. Module Path, Datetime,
DLLMSTR.ZIP 07-05-93 View and Manipulate Loaded .Dll's: Ms-win.
DLLMSTR2.ZIP 11-12-94 Dll Master 3.0 Windows Dll Load/Unload Tool
DLLMSTSW.ZIP 07-23-93 Dll Master Lists Modules in Ms Windows 3.1 Memory.
DLLOG131.ARJ 12-19-13 Dllog v1.31 multi-line download log reporter for Max 2.0. Fixes .qwk
logic bug.
DLLOG_13.ZIP 11-20-91 Download Reporter for Max 2.0
DLLORD.ZIP 10-21-95 Lord Dark Lair Lord Menu Set
DLLZAP.ZIP 05-25-95 Finds Dupicate and Unneeded Dlls and Vbxs. Allows You to Delet Them
From Within the Program. Freeware Found in Microsoft Www Site.
DLL_HO.ZIP 01-05-94 DLL Holder: This program allows you to load a Windows DLL into memory
without the calling program being loaded. Gives a message telling the
amount of memory used when loaded & when unloaded. Great for
determining memory leaks. From Compuserve. (Newest File Date: 01-05-94)
DLM120.ZIP 11-26-90 RS-232 data line monitor v1.2
DLMS10B.ZIP 07-16-95 Dlms10b.Zip: Document List Management System -t- He Document List
Management System is A 32-bit Windows95 Application That Extends the
Functionality of the "Documents" Folder in the "Start" Menu.
DLMS24.ZIP 04-08-96 DLMS24.ZIP: Document List Management System This is a 32-BIT Windows 95
application that extends the functionality of the "Documents" folder in
the "Start" menu. It allows you to open documents, load/save document
lists, remove one, some, or
DLMST251.ZIP 10-10-92 DLMASTER: RBBS download file listing utility
DLMST260.ZIP 08-18-93 Dlmaster V2.60. Rbbs Download File Listing Utility.
DLOAD01.LST 02-01-92 Garbo download statistics for the month of January 1992
DLOAD02.LST 03-01-92 Garbo download statistics for the month of February 1992
DLOAD03.LST 04-19-92 Garbo download statistics for the month of March 1992
DLOAD91.ZIP 01-01-92 All download stats from garbo from week 08 1991 ->
DLOAD92.ARC 04-02-92 All download stats from garbo for 1992
DLOCK10.ZIP 12-13-91 Lock single node doors from being run on multi-node BBS's with this
door utility. Works with any BBS type that relies on batch files for
doors. Simple to set up and maintain! Almost FREE Software!
DLOG320.ZIP 03-28-93 DISKALOG - Add file notes to DIR list. Disk cataloger and DOS shell in
one! Now add 300 character descriptions to each filename and directory
on a disk. Kind of like BBS file listings.
DLOG322.ZIP 08-18-93 Diskalog - Add File Notes to Dir List. Disk Cataloger and Dos Shell in
One! Now Add 300 Character Descriptions to Each Filename and Directory
on a Disk. Kind of Like BBS File Listings. V3.22
DLP100.ZIP 07-10-93 Dinky Little Programs to List File and Message Groups and Areas and
Missing Files. C Source Included. Format: [program] > [filename][lpt1]
Fa.* File Area List Fg.* File Group List Fgfa.* File Area Within Group
DLR226A.ZIP 08-04-92 Dialer v2.26A: MS-Windows phone dialer with pop-up windows
DLR30.ZIP 03-08-94 Ibmos2fx New Ls 3.0 Dlr Fixes
DLRIP12.ZIP 08-22-93 DLRIP v1.2 - Allow Users to DL Rip Icons and/or FORCED fil
DLS017.ZIP 08-12-96 Duplicate (Tag)line Stripper Dls Very Simply Removes Duplicate Lines
From Textfiles. Leaves the Original File Intact Freeware, Version 0.17
DLS100.ZIP 07-14-97 Maxothr Download List Saver V1.0. Allow Users to Save Their Tagged
Files for Another Days Download
DLS220.ARJ 12-19-13 DIskette Labels v2.20 complete label maker for all sizes of floppies.
DLS310.ZIP 06-03-93 Dls V310 Floppy Disk Labeler; 5 " and 3 " Disks, Mda, Cga, Ega, Mcga or
Vga, and Mouse Support; 06/03/93; James a Clark
DLS320.ZIP 11-06-94 Disk Label Program/Dls V3.20. Disk Labeling Program That Will Read A
Disk and Print A Label for That Disk. Several Standard Label Sizes Are
Supported or You can Configure Your Own. Printer Codes can Also be
DLSCR.ZIP 11-10-87 Instant download MACROS
DLSPC110.ZIP 11-18-91 FILES.BBS Download Counter Spacer for QBBS/RA
DLTBR.ZIP 05-10-93 Customizable Browse Function for Windows. Browse Dbf, Text, Arrays, or
Any Tabular Data in a Pop-up Windows
DLTD30.ZIP 04-08-97 Download Tracker for DOS V3.0 - A Must Have for all Downloaders From
Bbs/Internet. Locate Any Download Even If Filename or Location is
Unknown. Auto Entry Takes all the Hassle Out of Entering Details
DLTOBS.LZH 01-06-14 Delete program observability
DLTSTD21.ZIP 04-01-93 Dltstd V2.1: Calculates the Starting Dates for U.S. Daylight and
Standard Time for Any Year Between 1992 and 2100; Petrakis/Life
Sciences Software.
DLTTES.ZIP 06-22-93 Customizable Browse Function for Windows. Browse Dbf, Text, Arrays, or
Any Tabular Data in a Pop-up Windows. Also Supports Bitmaps in Browse
Windows. Source Code Available for $310
DLVIEW31.ZIP 05-05-94 The Famous Program to View Dl Animation Files.
DLWINDOW.ZIP 04-20-94 Lotus Updated Data Lens Drivers for Lotus Notes 3 for Windows and Lotus
1-2-3 Release 4 for Windows.
DLX2UPDT.ZIP 03-04-91 DEXLUX2 Offline Mail Reading System.
DLX50E.ZIP 12-13-95 Quicken Deluxe (Diskette) Ver 5.0e Upgrade
DLXDR251.ZIP 03-18-95 Deluxe Dir Ver. 2.51: A Directory Lister, (Dir Replacement), With 3
Columns W/ File Sizes. Ddir Has A Flexible Sort
DLXDR260.ZIP 05-04-95 Utilnet Deluxe Dir V2.60, Directory Lister/File Viewer With Many
DL_21ST.ZIP 05-07-94 Dn_tibet Challenges of the 21st Century (Dalai Lama)
DL_HRDAY.ZIP 01-09-94 Dalai Lama on Human Rights Day (12/10/93)
DL_PEACE.ZIP 02-11-94 A Human Approach to World Peace (Dalai Lama). Short essay on how to
bring individuals, communities, and governments together in peace.
DM.LZH 01-06-14 Fantastic directory and file management program
DM001.ZIP 10-14-91 Digital Murder #1
DM002.ZIP 11-26-91 Digital Murder #2
DM003.ZIP 12-12-91 Digital Murder #3
DM004.ZIP 02-05-92 Digital Murder #4
DM11_19R.ZIP 11-18-95 Doom Id: - 1.1 to 1.9 (Registered)
DM13.ZIP 10-10-95 DOS MODE for Windows 95 version 1.3. DOS MODE enhances support for
multiconfigs under Windows 95. Allowing you to create multi-configs
that control which operating system, DOS or Windows 95, you want to use
for the session, as well as allows you run specified command lines for
the Windows session, or for the DOS session. It does not alter
your registry files to provide this service. The MOST important
feature left out of Windows 95.
DM131.ZIP 10-17-95 W DOS Mode for Windows 95 V1.3 Enhances Support For Multi Configs Under
Windows 95
DM1666RP.ZIP 09-05-94 Registered Doom V1.2 *Only* to Doom V1.666
DM1666SP.ZIP 09-05-94 This Patch File Upgrades Your Doom V1.2 Shareware to Doom V1.666
Shareware. Unzip Into Your Doom Directory and Enter Patchit at the
Command Line to Upgrade Noteyou Must Upgrade From Doom V1.2.
DM1666SW.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom is A Fast-moving Virtual Reality Game in Which You Are Plunged
Into A Brutal 3-d World. To Escape Alive, You Must Outfight Legions of
Grisly Fiends and Solve Doom's Lethal Puzzles. You Play A Marine
DM16_2.ZIP 05-28-96 Documill Complete Fax/Document Management System 2 of 2 Uploaded by the
DM17.ZIP 11-20-96 Quake: - Warmup Info C/D New (By Gamesnet) This Level Was Fun to Build,
it Has an Exit. It is Playable. I Hope it Will be A Challenge for You
DM19PCX.ZIP 05-22-96 Doom 1.999 Map [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Pcx Format Read Readme.Txt for More Info
DM19RPAT.ZIP 02-06-95 Registered Doom Patch 1.666 - 1.9.
DM1TOHT1.ZIP 06-13-95 Dm1toht1.Exe V1.0 32-bit - David L. Davis (Multi-level Doom I&ii to
Heretic Converter) Converts Single/Multi-level 'Doom' Pwads and Changes
all Maps, Music, Wall Textures, and Graphic Patches Quickly
DM1_2CHT.ZIP 02-20-94 The Cheat 3 Well, here it is! Version 3 of DOOM the cheat. I had to
make this because of the NIGHTMARE levels, and the fact that you can't
use the keyboard codes in them. Oh well Have fun beating the heck out
of DOOM once again. This cheat is made for DOOM 1.2! -Req. VGA- JS aNMp
DM1_2NTM.ZIP 03-17-94 DOOM NIGHTMARE+ v1.0 NIGHTMARE+ Well, this is my new- est DOOM program.
This one will make DOOM hard er than it already is, by changing all the
extra stuff in the levels into different enemys. -Req. DOOM- JS aNMp
DM1_2RPT.ZIP 02-17-94 This patch file upgrades your DOOM v1.1 REGISTERED to DOOM v1.2
REGISTERED. Unzip into your DOOM directory and enter PATCH at the
command line to upgrade Filename: DM1_2RPT.ZIP
DM1_2SPT.ZIP 02-17-94 This patch file upgrades your DOOM v1.1 SHAREWARE to DOOM v1.2
SHAREWARE. Unzip into your DOOM directory and enter PATCH at the
command line to upgrade NOTE: THIS WILL NOT UPGRADE DOOM V.99 YOU MUST
DM1_DM2.ZIP 11-15-95 L Dm1dm2.Wad - I'll Bet all You Doomers Loved the 1st Doom Even Tho'
You Play Doom 2 Now. Well Here's Your Chance to Revisit Your Old
Favorite While Still Playing the New Release. This Wad is A Conversion
of Doom 1 Episode
DM200.ZIP 04-05-94 Doom/Master 2.0 the Best Shell/Launcher for Doom 1.2 is Even Better.
Features: High Speed Modem Support Modem Quick Config Full Doom
Configuration Without the Need for Setup.Exe Network Support Random
DM210.ZIP 04-10-94 Doom/Master 2.1 The Ultimate DOOM 1.2 Shell!! NEW FEATURES Improved
external .WAD support. External Doom Utility Launcher. Online help in
configuration menu Fixes the "Blank Screen" bug. and much, much more...
. Simply Silly Software
DM2110.ZIP 08-28-93 Os/2 Workplace Shell Manager; the Potent New Object Oriented User
Interface That Helps Put Os/2 Years Ahead of Its Competition! the
Workplace Shell Desktop Can be Backed Up, Restored, Migrated and
Otherwise Managed
DM2120.ZIP 03-08-94 Update Deskman/2 From Version 1.00 Thru 1.11 to Version 1.20.
DM232.ZIP 05-31-93 Diskmate 2.32 (Key Software Services; $26) is a Floppy Disk Cataloger.
it Can Print Disk Sleeve Labels (Any Number of Files) Get Sorted
Reports, List [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Pkzip Files and Supports 4dos Descriptions.
DM27.LZH 01-06-14 DIRECTORY MASTER - DOS Shell Program.
DM2ATARI.ZIP 11-25-95 Doom2 Id: - II It's the Offices of Atari 2.
DM2CHEAT.ZIP 08-27-95 Cheat for Dm2: Dungeon Master II Adventure/Rpg Game by Interplay Super
Duper Character Booster! 999 Hp, 900 Mana, 200 Atributes Written By:
John S. Fowler 8/95.
DM2CHNST.ZIP 09-02-94 In Doom2, make your shotgun as fast as your chaingun!
DM2CNV16.ZIP 01-21-95 Dm2conv V1.6 - Best Wad Converter! Convert Doom Wads to Run With Doom2
or Heretic. Fully Configurable. Powerful Object Substitution! Public
Domain With Sources.
DM2CNV20.ZIP 04-01-95 Dm2conv V2.0 - Best Wad Converter! Convert Doom/Doom2 Wads to Run With
Doom2 or Heretic. Iperconfigurable.W/Source.
DM2CTRAP.ZIP 06-09-96 Description: Tough Level. Level Features Several Difficult Traps.
Converted From Doom I Level
DM2DEATH.ZIP 03-12-95 Wad File for Doom (I or II?).
DM2EDIT.ZIP 08-14-95 Doom II Savegame Editor for Windows. Easily Edit Maximum Values for
Weapons, Ammo, Keys God Mode and Full Area Map. Complete Installation
DM2GH2.ZIP 03-22-95 This Wad is for Doom II. I Call This Level Sudden Death, Because If
Your Not Quick Enough, You Die Quickly and in Agony. You Never Know
Where the Monsters Are Going to Appear?
DM2GM2.ZIP 12-13-94 A Doom II Combo Hunt'em Deathmatch / Single Player Wad. Rather Spread
Out, Lots of Open Areas With Little Obstruction. Take A While and
Explore This Wad, Think You May Find it Interesting. Contains 6
Teleporter Dest's, A
DM2GM3A.ZIP 12-13-94 This is Bug-fixed Version of Dm2gm3 Pwad Map01 Level Replacement for
Doom2. This Level Will Scare the Hell Out of You in Single /Co-op, and
Your Knees Will Knock in Deathmatch. Great Attention to Detail, This is
DM2HAP.ZIP 01-16-95 Doom2 .Wad File.
DM2KEWL.ZIP 09-11-95 The Kewlest Doom II File.Bre.Wad.
DM2NYC2.ZIP 11-01-94 Another New York City Doom II Pwad for Deathmatch Mode.
DM2ORE.ZIP 11-19-94 More Monsters Patch for Doom II - This Dehacked V2.0 Patch Creates Four
New Monsters and Alters Some of the Others. To Help You, the Weapons
Are Suped Up A Bit. The Moremon.Wad File is A Very Simple Wad
DM2PSY.ZIP 11-21-94 M A X I M U M P S Y C H O S I S Doom 2 Warning: This Wad is Fast-paced!
You Will Die! If You Do Not Like High Intensity, Total Carnage,
Absolute Psychotic Action.. Then Don't Play This Wad! Single, Coop, And
DM2RA5.ZIP 12-02-94 Doom 2 Pwad. Level 5 of the Raven Series.
DM2RA6.ZIP 12-02-94 Doom 2 Pwad. Level 6 of the Raven Series.
DM2RA7.ZIP 12-02-94 Doom 2 Pwad. Level 7 of the Raven Series.
DM2SHAD.ZIP 12-24-94 Classic Shadows Wad for Doom2.
DM2TILE.ZIP 01-15-95 Recently I Downloaded A 'Doom 2 ' Bmp, I Resized It, Gave it A 3d Tile
Look,for Those Who Might the Like the Logo As A Windows Wallpaper.
DM2UP.ZIP 07-27-95 Dungeonmaster 2 Upgrade Patch.
DM31.ZIP 12-29-13 DATA MASTER, VERSION 3.1 Create, modify, and sort standard dBase
files. including memo fields. Add, edit, find, and browse records
easily. Includes Report Writer, Form Letter Utility, Mailing Label
Utility, duplicate checker, spreadsheet/dBase conversion, etc.
DM313.ZIP 03-19-91 Directory Master III v3.13 File Manager
DM314.ZIP 12-09-91 Directory Master v3.14 Manage your Dirs
DM32.ZIP 06-19-95 Data Master, V3.2 - Create, Modify, and Sort Standard Dbase Files,
Including Memo Fields. Add, Edit, Find, and Browse Records Easily.
Report Writer, Form Letter Writer, Mailing Label Printer, Duplicate
DM34DOS.ZIP 03-28-95 Duelmaster's Database Version 3.4 for DOS by John Holt. It is in A
Professional Gui Interface. It Runs in 32-bit Protected Mode and Needs
at Least 800k Extended to Run. The Larger Your Database, the More
Extended Memory
DM34OS2.ZIP 03-28-95 Duelmaster's Database Version 3.4 for Os/2 by John Holt. It is in A
Professional Gui Interface. It Runs in 32-bit Protected Mode and Needs
at Least 800k Extended to Run. The Larger Your Database, the More
Extended Memory
DM34WNT.ZIP 03-28-95 Duelmaster's Database Version 3.4 for Windows Nt by John Holt. It is in
A Professional Gui Interface. It Runs in 32-bit Protected Mode and
Needs at Least 800k Extended to Run. The Larger Your Database, the More
DM46.ZIP 08-22-95 Deresoft Menu 4.6 is One of the Best Graphical User Interface Menu
Programs on the Market Today! Applications and Games Are Launched
Instantly With A Click of the Mouse. Some of the Features Include Push
Buttons Pop Up
DM521.ZIP 12-25-91 Door Master v5.21- BBS door conversion pgm
DM56.ARJ 12-19-13 DoorMaster v5.6 The ultimate BBS door converter!
DM58.ZIP 08-02-92 DoorMaster v5.8 - The ultimate door convertor!
DM5_HELL.ZIP 09-30-96 Quake Maniacs Kicking in Dm5! - Watch Me Going Assassin at Frag >50!
DM8.ZIP 12-17-96 Quake: - Arcane World
DM80U.ZIP 08-19-95 Upgrade Files for Dialm ? to Vers. 8.0.
DM95.ZIP 07-06-96 Diskmagic95 Aka Ghost - Hard Drive Transfer
DMA&IRQ1.ZIP 01-08-94 Dmas, Irqs, & I/O Addresses in a Lotus Spread Sheet (So You Can Sort!)
& in a Plain Ascii Text . Great Help When Adding
Feature Cards.
DMA.ZIP 04-23-91 PC Anywhere RCD for Troubleshooting
DMA12_B.ZIP 05-10-94 Dungeon Master Assistant V1.2 for DOS Copyright (C) Steven Boudreault
1992-1994 This Program Allows One to Create and Maintain Pc in Ad&d
Adventures. Allows for Random Generation, Etc. Prints A Full Character
Sheet With
DMACTN.ZIP 03-10-94 These files will allow you to play DOOM over a network that uses Accton
EN165X ISA Ethernet adapters; 03/10/94. (Newest File Date: 03-10-94)
DMADDS11.ZIP 11-25-94 Dmadds 1.1 is A Tool to Allow for Sprite and Flats Graphic Replacement
and Replacement Distribution by Means of Pwad Files, Without Changing
the Iwad File. The Readme.Exe of Doom 1.666 States That "Sprite
DMAFBFRE.ZIP 06-11-90 Davis-Monthan AFB freqs.
DMAGIC10.ARJ 12-19-13 DOOR file converter for OPUS 1.70
DMAID10.ZIP 05-14-95 Dmaid 1.O for Windoz -dmaid is A Playing Aid for Dungeon Masters to use
As A Game Preparation Aid or an Aid During Actual Playing Sessions. By
Frank R. Neal.
DMAID12.ZIP 06-04-95 Dmaid 1.2 for Windoz - Dmaid is A Playing Aid for Dungeon Masters to
use As A Game Preparation Aid or an Aid During Actual Playing Sessions.
More New Features. By Frank R. Neal
DMAIL15.ZIP 09-15-96 D-mail is A Full-featured, Easy to use Mailing List Manager for Windows
3.1, 3.11 or 95. It is Perfect for Any Home or Office Where Mailing
Lists Need to be Kept Up-to- Date With A Minimum of Effort.
DMAIL60.ZIP 09-13-94 Professional Mailing List Manager
DMAKE100.ZIP 04-09-93 DEMOMAKER v1.00 Creates demos & slide shows. for any DOS [text] program
Software authors can create graphic presentations of their software!
BBS Sysops can create slide shows to demonstrate the features on their
systems! Released as fully fu
DMAKE110.ZIP 04-23-93 Demomaker V1.10 Update Patch for Dmake100.Zip This Patch Will Update
Demomaker V1.00 to the New Version. Minor Bug Fix Release to Correct
the Display of Certain Ascii Control Codes.
DMAKE155.ZIP 04-02-94 THE DEMOMAKER V1.55 Creates graphical demonstrations and slide
shows for any DOS (text) software. Program authors can create slide
shows and demonstrations for their programs. BBS sysops can create
tutorials to teach new users how to best utilize their systems.
DMAKE200.ZIP 06-01-95 The Demomaker V2.00 Create Slide Show Demos & Presentations With Screen
Effects. Extremely Easy to Use! Program Authors can Create Demos of
Their Software, BBS Sysops can Create Tutorials for Their Systems.
DMAKE37.ZOO 05-06-91 Dmake - maintain program groups or files v3.70
DMAKE38.ARJ 12-19-13 DMAKE make utility .exe/doc v3.8 PL 0. Lastrevision date in archive:
DMAKE38A.ARJ 12-19-13 Complete source for DMAKE v3.80: Will compile.
DMAKE38B.ARJ 12-19-13 With all of the most popular DOS C compilers.
DMAKE38C.ARJ 12-19-13 The 3rd ZIP contains files for non-DOS systems (Unix, OS/2 & MAC). ZIPs
contain subdirs; use
DMAKE38S.ARJ 12-19-13 DMAKE v3.8 source code. (1-25-92).
DMAKER30.ZIP 10-30-94 Dungeon Maker V3.0 for Windows. New in This Version: Dice Calc, Table
Maker, Adventure Maker and Link Events to Areas on Your Dungeon Maps.
Finally Make Graphical Dungeons With Extreme Precision. Includes
Sixteen Colors
DMALIENS.ZIP 01-22-94 DOOM Sound Files to Replace Original. (Newest File Date: 01-22-94)
DMALLOC.ZIP 11-01-92 DMALLOC v1.00 - An interactive malloc debugger library for MSC.
Helps to find mysterious heap-overwrite bugs, checks parameters passed
to the heap functions, and much more. No recompilation necessary, just
relink. Uses popup windows (an
DMALOC.ARJ 12-19-13 DMalloc v0.90: Pop-up, windowed dynamic memory debugger for MS-C 5.1 &
6.x apps.
DMALT25.ZIP 01-26-94 !!! DoomAlt !!! Adds 999 ammo, ALL weapons to your saved DOOM games and
much, much more Works with the REGISTERED verson of DOOM!
DMAN10S.ZIP 12-04-95 Dentureman V1.0s. Fast Paced Arcade Style Maze Game for Kids. Features
Vga 360 Degree Scrolling Graphics, Multiple Levels, Tough Monsters. Get
Those Special Pellets That Give You Special Powers
DMAN120.ZIP 01-01-94 DRIV_MAN v1.20 r01/01/94 MicroMetric : SINGLE SCREEN disk
drive(1-26) summary display includes: DRIVE DATA SUMMARY with
capacity/used/free each drive, DRIVE DATA GRAPH, TOTAL DISK SUMMARY and
GRAPH, INDIVIDUAL DRIVE DATA - all data, one drive at a time. Great for
multi-drive systems, networks, large systems! Options include: DRIVE
RANGE, save output to disk, ability to run a file manager, auto run,
much more++.
DMAN131.ZIP 01-01-95 DRIV_MAN v1.31 DRIV_MAN MicroMetric : SINGLE SCREEN disk
drive(1-26) summary display includes: DRIVE DATA SUMMARY with
capacity/used/free each drive, DRIVE DATA GRAPH, TOTAL DISK SUMMARY and
GRAPH, INDIVIDUAL DRIVE DATA - all data, one drive at a time. Great for
multi-drive systems, networks, large systems! Options include: DRIVE
RANGE, save output to disk, ability to run a file manager, auto run,
much m
DMANIA10.ARJ 12-19-13 Dollar Mania Slot Machine Dor-Rq Door.sys.
DMANIA30.ZIP 07-24-95 Dollarmania V3.0 - Interbbs Online Slot Machine Game.
DMANIA37.ZIP 01-08-96 Doomania V3.7 is an Outstanding Front-end for Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom
2, Heretic, and Hexen. It Supports Nearly Every Option That the Games
Do, and is Very Easy to Use!
DMANSI.ZIP 03-27-94 Doom 1.2 pictures converted to ANSI graphics, pretty cool. Use with
your favorite DOS programs or BBS boards. (9 in all). (Newest File
Date: 03-27-94)
DMAN_310.ZIP 04-25-93 DoorMan v3.10; Complete Doors Mgnt System. Will work with vitually ANY
BBS software! A Doors a Doors Menu Door, Drop File Converter, Bat File
Creator, Menu Editor, Stats Generator, and more! Will handle up to 15
categories of 15 doors for a total of 225 doors! Fully multi-node
compatable! VERY EASY to set up and run! Everything is menu driven or
prompted! Optional Statistics Graphing program available (Demo
DMAP.LZH 01-06-14 Graphical display of HD usage
DMAPED21.ZIP 04-05-94 DMapEdit v2.0 - A map editor for Doom! Change the maps in doom, or make
a new one! Requires a mouse, and Super VGA.
DMARTI.ZIP 12-28-94 Doom 1 Level - the Artifact. Req V1.666.
DMASTE30.ZIP 08-13-92 Data Master v3.0. Do everything 4 DBASE files
DMATCH32.ZIP 09-20-95 Exciting Memory-building Windows Game for Ages 5-9. Help Derik the
Dinosaur Rescue Books From Rex the Tyrannosaurus by Solving Various
Memory Tasks. Game Includes Animation, Music, and Sound Effects.
Requires Windows 3.1
DMATCH4.ZIP 07-15-94 This Wad Replaces all Three Episodes of Doom. (Thats 27 Levels.Count'em
27 Levels! A Must Have for Death Matchers and Cooperative Players!
DMATCH40.ZIP 01-09-96 Dino Match V4.00 - Windows Memory-building Game for Ages 5-9. Help
Derik Rescue Books From Rex
DMATCHWD.ZIP 08-30-94 Here Are A Couple of Cool Pwads for Doom. They Were Made for Deathmatch
Everything From the Starship Enterprise to an Awsome Castle W/ Moat,
Drawbridge, Etc. Enjoy!
DMATE110.ARJ 12-19-13 DiskMate v1.10: floppy disk organizer that enables you to keep track of
and label diskettes
DMAUD02.ZIP 01-04-94 Change the sounds in DOOM. (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
DMAUD11.ZIP 03-19-94 DOOM audio editor change ANY sound to those you want. (Newest File
Date: 03-19-94)
DMAUDWIN.ZIP 11-29-94 Dmaud for Windows V1.1 Doom Audio Editor the First Internal Doom Audio
Editor! Works With Doom 1 and Original Sounds From Doom II. Shareware
$20 Written by Richard Ratayczak for Disk and Desk Inc.
DMAV10.ZIP 02-18-94 DIRECTORY MAVEN v1.0 - Change Dir Program. Combines the best features
of Ledbetter's LCD and Norton's NCD programs. Quickly change to any
directory on any drive from the DOS command line or view the directory
trees of all your drives, including network drives. $0 Freeware from
the author of File Maven.
DMAV12.ZIP 07-28-94 DIRECTORY MAVEN 1.2 Quickly change to any directory on any drive.
View the directory trees of all your drives side by side. New
featuresinclude command line scanning and forced drive search. Ver 1
.2fixes bug in 43/50 line mode. $0 shareware (freeware).
DMAZE.ZIP 11-21-91 DIAMAZE 1.0: Diamond maze
DMAZE100.LZH 01-06-14 Explore mines searching for diamonds!
DMBEACON.ZIP 09-12-95 A Nifty Little Deathmatch Arena With A Gimmic A Large Beacon in the Sw
Corner That Lights U When Anyone Attempts to Get the Bfg.
DMBLOWER.ZIP 11-08-95 Really Cool Wad for Doom2.
DMBMODE2.ARJ 12-19-13 Re-Compiled version of DUMBMODE, accepts a port parameter (I
DMC20.ARJ 12-19-13 Load/unload TSRs/drivers. Can use QEMM - Good.
DMCACH.ZIP 02-11-94 Smoother Doom Graphics on Your Doom Machine! (Requires 5-12mb Free Disk
Space and 8-16mb System Memory.) Works With Either the Shareware or
Registered Versions of Doom V1.1. Caches the Doom Data File for
DMCAD50.ZIP 11-15-94 Doomcad 5.0 the State of the Art Doom Level Creation Facility.
Features: 3d Level Preview, Prefab Construction Kit, Full Tutorial.
Requires Vbrun300.Dll.
DMCARN.ZIP 09-01-94 Doom Wad. Last Revision Date in Archive07-22-94.
DMCB20.ZIP 09-17-92 Dr. Motes' Colorbook Version 2.0 An EGA coloring book with 32 colors
and shades to choose from. You can store your pages for later use.
Requires 256K RAM, EGA graphics, and a mouse.
DMCC32.ZIP 12-17-94 Doom Control Center V3.2
DMCCOLRS.ZIP 10-13-93 Dmc Colors and Numbers Reference Database
DMCHEAT.ZIP 12-12-93 Cheat for Doom!
DMCHK09B.ZIP 09-13-94 Dmcheck A Utility to Check the Version of Doo to Check If the Installed
Version is Register or Not, to Verify the Available Free Disk Spa and
to Change the Date/Time of A File.
DMCHK30.ZIP 03-24-95 Dmcheck Ver 3.0 Supports Doom 1 & From Ver 1.0 to 1.9, A Batch File
Utility for Pwad Authors. Test the Version of Doom Installed the Disk
Space, the Date and Time of Files Etc. A Must Get for Pwad Authors .
DMCITY2.ZIP 08-15-94 Doom City.Wad Large and Exciting Level Great for Single or Deathmatch
Play. Lots of Work Went Into This One!
DMCKE1.ZIP 07-22-94 This is A Set of Eight Interconnected Doom Levels.