Name Date Description
DIZED100.ZIP 08-25-95 Scans File for Viruses
DIZED49F.ZIP 03-26-94 Dizedit V4.9f Fast and Easy Diz File Editor Simply the Best..Maybe.
DIZED49N.ZIP 07-14-94 Dizedit V4.9n Fast and Easy Diz File Editor for Archives. Allows
Editing of Description Files Found in Archives. Supports Zip, Arj and
Lzh Formats. Ability to Convert Archive to A Particular Default Format,
Copy File
DIZED550.ZIP 06-27-94 Diz.Edit V5.50 - A.R.I. Software Multi-window Full Mouse Control File
Id.Diz Editor for DOS & Os/2 With Diz Import/Export Directly From Zips,
Text, and Binary Files for Editing! Cut & Paste Any Text With the Mouse
DIZEDIT.ZIP 06-19-93 DIZEDIT Version 1.0 Copyright (c) 1993 GDSOFT A simple utility that
allows editing of those nice little description files commonly found
in archive files. Supports ZIP,ARJ and LZH formats. Many BBS systems
use this file as the ACTUAL description whenever the archive file is
uploaded to them. Commonly, the file is named FILE_ID.DIZ, however
other variations are FILE.DES or FILE.SDI. DIZEDIT easily allows you
to create the existing FILE_ID if it already exists in the archive,
and if not, it allows you to create it. Automatically repacks the
archive. If you run a BBS, you NEED this !! Shareware.
DIZEDIT2.ZIP 06-30-93 Dizedit Version 20 Copyright (C) 1993gdsoft a Useful Utility That
Allows Editing of Those Nice Little Description Files Commonly Found in
Archive Files
DIZEDIT4.ZIP 02-04-94 DIZEDIT Version 4.9a (c) 1994 GDSOFT. Allows editing of description
files found in archives. Supports ZIP, ARJ and LZH formats. Ability to
CONVERT archive to a particular default format, COPY file and ADD
ARCHIVE COMMENT for ZIP and ARJ files. DIZEDIT easily allows you to
create/edit the FILE_ID.DIZ (or SDI, DES), and automatically repacks
the archive on exit. NEW Virus SCAN, repack with NEWEST date, and ARJ,
PKZIP switches. Recognizes MOST SFX files for ARJ,ZIP and LZH. If you
run a BBS, you NEED this !!
DIZEM11B.ZIP 03-20-95 Diz'em v1.1bss Simple Program to Create An External File Listing for RG
Witch uses FILE_ID.DIZ [10 lines max]. Now Color Configurable, External
Header! by The Night Prowler -> This is the Update!
DIZGEN10.ZIP 04-05-93 DIZ FILE GENERATOR v1.0 Creates and maintains FILE_ID.DIZ
description [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the proper format for most BBS's to accept. The
generator allows a maximum of 10 lines of 45 characters or a maximum of
450 characters. $0 Shareware by Micro
DIZGRB11.ZIP 02-13-93 DIZGRAB V1.1 are 2 sysop utilities for grabbing FILE_ID.DI
DIZIT11.ZIP 12-19-92 DizIt v1.1 DizIt aids the PCBoard sysop by allowing files which contain
FILE_ID.DIZ files to be quickly and easily imported en masse into the
PCBoard upload directory or optionally into the sysops private upload
directory. No need to check if
DIZIT20.ZIP 05-11-93 DizIt v2.0; Stop wasting time uploading [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto PCBoard with the
local upload option. DizIt aids the PCBoard sysop by allowing files
which contain FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files to be imported into PCBoard
into any directory file you specify. No need to check if FILE_ID.DIZ or
DESC.SDI exists, DizIt will snoop it out for you. Bew option to import
descriptions from text files. DizIt is fast and easy!
DIZIT32.ZIP 02-07-94 Dizit V3.2 -file_id.Diz Importer.
DIZK4D.LZH 01-06-14 The first catalog system for 4DOS
DIZK4D28.ARJ 12-19-13 Dizk v2.8 writen expressly for 4DOS Calalog, list, label your disk
DIZKND21.ZIP 10-09-91 DiZkND v2.10 Catalog/Labeler Norton's NDOS
DIZL140.ZIP 05-09-97 Ubbsdos the Dizlist V1.4 Shareware Version of the Best Filelist Creator
Available Today! for Any Bbs, or No BBS at all - Creates Lists of Files
and Descriptions in 8 Attractive Styles Supports 7 Archivers
DIZM12A.ZIP 11-03-94 Diz Master for Windows V1.2a - is A Small Easy to Use, Yet Powerful
Text Editor for the Creation and Editing of File Id.Diz Files. It Makes
Quick Work of Creating .Diz Files by Automatically Limiting the Size of
the File
DIZM20.ZIP 03-08-95 Diz Master for Windows V2.0 Small, Powerful & Easy to use Text Editor
for the Creation & Editing of File Id.Diz Files. It Allows File
Creation Only to the Size Recommended by Clark Development, the
Originator of the "Diz"
DIZMAN.ZIP 03-20-95 DizMan 1.21 (Stefan Kuhn; $10) searches shareware programs for the FILE
ID.DIZ file and writes it's contents into the FILES.BBS on your
bulletin Board System. It can also search for grafxc and sound formats.
DizMan recognizes 16 archive exten
DIZMAN12.ZIP 05-31-93 Dizman V1.20 - the Description Manager! Dizman Can Import "File_id.Diz"
to Your Board. Works With All Files.Bbs Bbs'.
DIZME14B.ZIP 06-15-96 Dizme V.14 Beta Designed for Ezycom This Utility Will Add A File Id to
Any File That Doesn't Have One in It. Now With Configurable Ansi
DIZMOVE.ZIP 04-01-95 Move ZIPs with FILE_ID.DIZ in them. Ever download lots of files, and
want to upload the ones with FILE_ID.DIZ right away? But you have to
pick through them all looking for those with the FILE_ID.DIZ... This
program will go through the ZIPs in
DIZPRO17.ZIP 11-11-95 Fgpcbutl Dizit Pro V1.7 - Description Importer
DIZPUT.ZIP 07-17-95 Dizput Version 0.1 Beta Dizput Will Make File Id.Diz Files From Files
.Bbs, Pcboard Rbbs, and Spitfire Type File Lists. Putdiz Will Then
Insert the Diz's Into the ZIP Files. -freeware-.
DIZTRIM7.ZIP 06-07-95 Diztrim V7.00 (07-june-1995): Remove all The Unnecessary Junk From File
id.Diz. Trims Lo/Hi-ascii, Non Alpha-numeric, Pcb Color Codes, Ascii
Art, User-defined Keywords And More. Can Also Replace Pcbdesc.Exe For
Pcboard Sys
DIZUP14C.ZIP 01-16-94 S i N Diz'Up! v1.3 HAK (C) 1994 WaRRioR Diz'Up! is utility for
Renegade 12-25+ sseta, which allows you to create a FILE_ID.DIZ-aware
file listing of each of Your file-bases. The output listing is fully
customizable for colors, header and fi
DIZVUE20.ZIP 05-27-95 Dizview 2.0 Catalog all of Your ZIP Files! Ever Wonder Just What all
Those ZIP Files Were? Now You can Look at Them Without Opening Every
One of Them Manually! Dizview Will Gather all of the File Id.Diz Files
DIZZR110.ZIP 10-24-95 Dizzier V1.10 - DOS Utility: Diz Reformatter. Free(C)1995 29 Sept
Dda/Reign Ware; Pas Src
DIZZY.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - Dizzy (Going Round in Circles)
DIZZY101.ZIP 03-20-95 DIZZY- Free DOS utility: FILE_ID.DIZ off- line reformatter v1.01,
08/27/93. (c) 1993 by David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. DIZZY
reformats any text file into 44 character lines, preparing it for use
as a FILE_ID.DIZ (a BBS .ZIP file contents
DIZZY170.ZIP 12-19-94 |12DiZzy 1.7 |09Description Extender for RG 1o-o5 |03Allows for
unlimited file descriptions in |03Renegade without |11multiple file
entries |03or |03at loss of the ability to |11tag files|03! |03Now
allows you to |11skip over CD-ROMs|03! |03M
DIZZY_39.ZIP 06-17-93 Dizzy v3.9 ***** DIZZY V.3.9 ***** Now you can import FILE_ID.DIZ or
Only New Files # (Opt.) Safe 1. Line of Old-Desc # (Opt.) ADD/KILL
Files to Archiv # (Opt.) Scan/Rep
DIZ_UP21.ZIP 02-22-94 Diz'up! V2.1 - Great Renegade Util to Implement File Id.Diz Aware
External File Listings With Unlimited Lines - Fully Customizable,
External Header, Lots of Options! Now Even More Configurable! Try It!
(C) 1994 Warrior -
DIZ_UP22.ZIP 05-26-94 Diz'Up! v2.2 - Great Renegade Util to implement FILE_ID.DIZ aware
external file listings with unlimited lines - Fully customizable,
external header, lots of options! BUG FIXED! Now even more configurable
TRY IT! (C) 1994 WaRRioR - SW $20
DIZ_WIZ.ZIP 02-13-94 Diz Wiz V1.0. **Freeware** Creates File_id.Diz's.
DJ022894.ZIP 03-01-94 > Dow High Yield Magazine < Consistently outperform the market with low
risk. Charts, current portfolio, fundamentals on select Dow 30 stocks,
currencies, oil, interest rates, gold. As at February 28, 1994 From
Random Walk Investment BBS (905) 274-2381
DJ033194.ZIP 04-01-94 > Dow High Yield Magazine < Consistently outperform the market with low
risk. Charts, current portfolio, fundamentals on select Dow 30 stocks,
currencies, oil, interest rates, gold. As at March 31, 1994 From Random
Walk Investment BBS (905) 274-2381
DJ0730.ZIP 08-01-93 Dow High Yield Magazine. How to Consistently Out Perform the Market
With Low Risk. Charts, Current Portfolio, Fundamentals on Select Dow 30
DJ11.ZIP 06-09-94 Double Joker V1.0 Door Game. Popular Hi/Low Card Game.
DJ12IMD.ZIP 05-08-93 DJ-1200 intermod reduction
DJ16.ZIP 04-02-97 Dynamite Joe - Pursuit Arcade Game Playable Game Demo by C2v Prods
(Krypton Egg, Iko San) Also Available for Windows 95 and Ms-dos
DJ32_1.ZIP 03-19-97 Denk an Explosive Jailbreak - Pursuit Game
DJ345EN.ZIP 10-30-95 No Description of Fileid.diz Provided
DJ580MAN.ZIP 05-25-92 New users manual for DJ-580 by Alinco
DJ5W31.ZIP 08-24-94 Hp Deskjet 500 Series Drivers 5.0 -windows 3.1.
DJ9600.ZIP 08-01-92 9600 baud mod for Alinco 110, 112, 1200 radios
DJ97BETA.ZIP 03-30-97 Disc Jockey 97 Professional Disc Jockey Software for Windows 95 and
Windows Nt Features: Auto-dj, With Variable Seconds Auto-eject Fully
Function Mixer, Including Microphone Ta Sound Effects Playing
Requirements: 800x600
DJBSN116.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: GNU Bison v1.16.
DJCHECK.ARJ 12-19-13 Public Address 2.1 contact database. <.
DJCHEK.ZIP 11-08-93 DJ-CHECK 2.01 Print any size checks (personal or business) using
DeskJet Printer. Fully configurable for perfect printing placment on
any size check. Keeps a record on disk of each check you print, and
keeps a running balance as you print checks.
DJDEMO.ZIP 09-19-96 Diskjockey Demo V1.0 - Os/2 File Maintenance Utility. By Clear & Simple
Inc. Performs Operations Copy, Move, Delete and Rename, Easy-to-use
Drag and Drop File Compression Utilities. Launch Drive, Folder, Data
DJDOC106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: All documentation (such as it is).
DJEMU106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: EMU387 sources and executable.
DJETC1_3.ZIP 08-17-92 Finally, hp deskjet drivers ver 3.0 (1 of 3). (Newest File Date:
DJETC2_3.ZIP 07-31-92 Hp deskjet drivers ver 3.0 (2 of 3). (Newest File Date: 07-31-92)
DJETC3_3.ZIP 10-10-91 Hp deskjet drivers v3.0 (3 of 3). (Newest File Date: 10-10-91)
DJFLX237.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: GNU Flex v2.3.7.
DJFONTS.LZH 01-06-14 HP - DeskJet soft fonts by Elfring
DJFONTS5.ZIP 08-28-93 DESKJET FONTS & UTILITIES, V1.5 18 soft fonts for the HP DeskJet
printer family. Includes utility programs and drivers for WordPerfect,
MS Word/Works, & PC Write. Helv, Roman, Old English, Dingbats, & Square
You must have an external RAM cartridge to use them. Registration $25.
DJGAS138.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: GNU Gas v1.38.1.
DJGCC106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJ's GCC port to DOS v1.06: 32-bit 80386 DOS extender with symbolic
debugger, a C/C++ compile
DJGDRV.ZIP 07-20-91 DJ GNU C++ graphics drivers.
DJGOS106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: Sources and executables.
DJGPP.ZIP 09-11-91 DJ's GCC port to DOS pl 5 (great)
DJHLP200.ZIP 12-16-96 Django Helpfile Comprehensive Ddeml Functionality for Delphi in A
Simple to use Component
DJINC106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: Include files.
DJKC95.ZIP 06-05-92 DJ Killer Cracker v9.5
DJKIT.ZIP 08-02-94 Deskjet Survival Kit - Hp Inkjet Utility Includes Many Utilities, E.G.,
1) Prints 8 Pages of Ascii Text on 1 Sheet, 2) Tsr Esc Code Control
Panel; 3) Tsr Address Grabber for Printing Envelopes; 4) More.
DJLGR106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: 256-color graphics library.
DJLIB106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: Libraries.
DJLOP30B.ARJ 12-19-13 DJLOPE v3.0B: envelope printing utility for the DeskJet family of
DJLOPE.ZIP 11-08-93 DJLOPE 4.01 Print envelopes on the DeskJet family of printers on
the fly or from multiple databases of up to 250 addresses each. Easy
user interface, multiple return addresses, PostNet barcodes, internal
and cartridge fonts, LPT1, 2 or 3.
DJLOPE40.ZIP 02-01-93 DJLOPE (Version 4.0) for Windows. DJLOPE is a program to print
envelopes on the Deskjet family of printers. Store up to 250 names and
addresses in each of several data bases for printing, screen display,
or search and include the PostNet barcode for faster postal delivery.
(Newest File Date: 02-01-93)
DJLSR106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: Sources for all libraries.
DJM10.ZIP 04-10-94 DeskJet Manager, version 1.00. A program which serves as a software
alternative to the control panel on the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet DJ500
and 500C. It allows you to set your DeskJet to Draft or Standard
quality and to Portrait or Landscape orientation, and to issue a
formfeed command (for when other programs fail to). (Newest File Date:
DJM142.ZIP 04-14-94 DeskJet Manager v1.42 Mimics DJ's control panel. (Newest File Date:
DJP4UP.ZIP 12-16-88 P4up; print 4 60-line page images on one sheet
DJPL21A.ZIP 11-23-93 60 Character Directory Names in Winwordwinword Macro: Directory Jump
Plus 2.1a Giveyour Directories Real Descriptive Names Up To60
Characters Long! for Winword 2.X and 6.X
DJPRF106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: Libraries & EXEs to use profiling.
DJPRO12B.ZIP 08-06-96 Dj-pro V1.2b Music Collection Database Written Specifically for A
Professional Dj Frustrated by Failings in Other Shareware Music
Databases. Maybe This is the One You've Been Lookin For! Simple, Fast,
Method For Tracking
DJREVOLT.ZIP 10-20-90 Dick and Jane Investigate a Popular Revolution
DJS0694.ZIP 05-25-94 National BBS Directory Published by Djsa Bbs! Call (305)749-6458
Released June,1994 Over 1,750 BBS Numbers.
DJS0995.ZIP 10-07-95 The National Internet/Bbs Directory 9/95 Advertising From all of the
Internet/Bbs Service Companies. Includes BBS Ads, Www Ads,.
DJSALERT.ZIP 05-18-93 Dos Utility That Executes Commands on Certain Dates. Great for Annual,
Monthly, or Weekly Virus Scans and Other Programs You Specify.
DJSLEEVE.ARJ 12-19-13 Print storage sleeves for floppies. <.
DJSLEV.ZIP 11-08-93 DJSLEEVE 2.0 Just slip a floppy disk in Drive A or Drive B, load
this easy-to- use program, and in just seconds your DeskJet will print
out a sleeve template containing the names, dates and sizes of all the
files on the disk, subdirectories included.
DJSLOG.ZIP 05-12-93 Keep a Time/Date Log of When Your Computer Was Used With This Handy
Utility Writes All Records to a Text File
DJSLOG2.ZIP 01-08-94 DJS Log Version 2.0 : Keep track of the time and date when you boot
your machine on a text log file with standard date and time format
(January 1, 1994 & 2: 10 PM). Also has password protection option. For
use with. (Newest File Date: 01-08-94)
DJSRC106.ARJ 12-19-13 DJGCC: Sources for GO32/utils/samples/drivrs.
DJSUTIL.ZIP 03-04-95 Djs Utilities I Five Unique DOS Programs Djs Log Master Djs Alert 1.2,
Djs Commandmaster 1.2, Djs Destroy 1.0, and Djs View 2.1.
DJSW100.ZIP 03-27-97 Django - is A 16-bit Delphi Software Component That Offers Fully
Configurable Ddeml Functionality.
DJVGA02.ARJ 12-19-13 TP 6.0 Routines For EGA/VGA .BGI Replacement
DJWIN3.LZH 01-06-14 Drivers for HP Deskjet, incl. DJ500
DK.ZIP 05-26-96 Dungeon Keeper - First Screenshots
DK002.ZIP 06-22-96 Dk is A Small and Dirty Utility That Will Kill Empty Directories per
Users Specs
DK050.ZIP 07-28-95 Windows Nt: Disking V0.5.0 File Manager Replacement.
DK100.ZIP 01-02-92 DATEKILL V1.00 Freeware released Jan 2 1992
DK103.ZIP 12-31-96 Softarts Deskey the Ultimate Power User's Window Manager for Windows 95
Hide/Unhide Windows! Save, Apply, Auto Apply Window Positions, With
Full Shortcut Key and Explorer Folder Support! Version 1.03
DKAUDIO.ZIP 11-12-94 Dkaudio Player for .Wav and Midi Files
DKB21.ZIP 10-11-96 Pasdelph E
DKBDAT21.ARJ 12-19-13 DKBTrace Ray-Tracer 2.11 - Data Files
DKBDOC21.ARJ 12-19-13 DKBTrace Ray-Tracer 2.11 - Documentation
DKBIBM21.ARJ 12-19-13 DKBTrace Ray-Tracer 2.11 for IBM PC
DKBLKJAK.ZIP 07-23-94 Excellent Info on How Not to Lose at Blackjack.
DKBSRC.ARJ 12-19-13 DKBTrace, Ray-Trace Program Source Code
DKBSRC.ZIP 05-10-91 DKBTrace, Ray-Trace Program Source Code
DKBSRC21.ARJ 12-19-13 DKBTrace Ray-Tracer 2.11 - C source
DKBUTS.ARJ 12-19-13 DKBTrace Ray-Trace Program Utilities Source
DKBUTS.ZIP 05-16-91 DKBTrace Ray-Trace Program Utilities Source
DKCARDS1.ZIP 08-28-95 Playing Cards V1.0 the Whole Deck in Pcx Format. Numbers, Face Cards,
Aces, & Jokers. Just Edit (If You Like), Print, and Then Laminate Them
for Your Own Special Deck. (Games/Playing Cards, Clipart).
DKDEMO.ZIP 08-23-95 Pasdelph Mobius Drawkit - is A Demo of A Drawing
DKED20.ZIP 07-18-94 A Mouse-driven Graphical Wysiwyg Editor for Apogee Software's Original
Duke Nukem. Create/Print/Edit Levels and Backdrops, Cut & Past Editing,
Special Featuresmirror, Random Levels, More. Incl.
DKEEP10.ZIP 04-14-95 Door Keeper V1.0 Release! Runs Before Every Door an Give A Full
Ascii/Ansi Bulletin of the Last User, Last Time Used, Last Date. And
Best of All? It's Not Limited to the Standard 99 Doors!
DKEXP101.ZIP 11-25-91 Disk Express v 1.01: Make Self-Extracting ARC
DKICK.ZIP 01-16-95 Launches Win Apps With the Click of A Mouse Button. Just Click on an
Empty Spot on the Desktop to Bring Up A use R-configurable Menu
Containing Your Favorite Programs.
DKILL95.ZIP 09-30-96 Dkill95 (Daykill) V1.2 Kill Da Timelimit in Share and Beta Versions.
Win95. //R Itrt Rls\\
DKIT0494.ZIP 04-15-94 Doornet Application/Info Kit - 4/94: Doornet is the World's Largest
Door-oriented Mail+file+gaming Network. There Are No Application Fees
or Strange Rules to Bother With! Looking for Adventurous Door-wielding
Sysops And
DKIT0593.ZIP 05-22-93 Doornet Application/Info Kit -- 5/93: Doornet is the World's Largest
Door-oriented Mail+file+gaming Network. There Are No Application Fees
or Strange Rules to Bother With! Looking for Adventurous Door-wielding
DKLITE_I.ZIP 08-29-96 Diskeeper Lite Beta for Windows Nt 4.0 - Are You Unleashing the Full
Power of Windows Nt 4.0? See What A Change Defragmentation can Make.
Executive Software Provides A Free Lite Beta) Version of the Diskeeper
DKLNCH.ZIP 02-08-94 DKLaunch - allows you to set up six of your most commonly used
applications for instant launching. Requires VBRUN200. (Newest File
Date: 02-08-94)
DKLOTTO.ZIP 05-14-96 Beta Version for Dklotto Lord Igm Win Money, Gems, Horses, Experience
DKLV220B.ZIP 05-26-96 Lord Dk-lotto V2.20 Beta Lord Igm
DKMAT.ZIP 08-01-95 Dark Systems(Tm) .Presents.
DKNKM1.ZIP 02-02-93 Apogee's Duke Nukem Number 1.
DKOPIE20.ZIP 07-03-95 Dkopie V2.00 1994-1995 Wagemakers Jan - Diskcopy Program Which Supports
DOS Standard, 2m and Fdformat Disks .. From 160k .. 1.44m .. Up to
1886k! Requires 286, Vga, Mouse & DOS 3.30+ Supports Xms, Disk File
DKP401.ZIP 07-19-92 EZ-DisKlone Plus v4.01 DOS's DISKCOPY clone
DKP410DA.ZIP 04-05-94 EZ-DisKlone Plus v4.10d "Super" version of DOS's DISKCOPY. Single pass
duplication of any DOS diskette. Compressed file images, compare, clean
fastformat, etc. Uses bios calls, so works on almost any machine. Menu
or command line operation. WinDisKlone avail. too. See EZXINFO.EXE.
EZDKP 4.10d is Only $59 (single) Other licn avail for low $ EZX P&D,
Box 58177 Webster TX 77598-8177 USA 713-2809900/8180/8300/0099
DKPATCH.ZIP 07-14-96 Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark
DKY101.ZIP 08-18-92 This is a preliminary release version of a Keyboard Macro Program
called DEF KEY. It requires Microsoft Windows version 3.1 to operate.
DL100B1.ZIP 09-11-94 Doomlaunch V1.0 Copyright (C) 1994, Conquest Soft Documentation by Mike
Duvall Comments Requested Atviper@mer (Docs Written W/ Qedit 3.00 and
can be Printe Notefinal Formatting Won't Take Place Until Dl and Docs
DL100B4.ZIP 09-23-94 Pc-distr the Best Shell for Doom!- Completely Functional Freeware!-
Fully Supports Doom V1.666!- Menu-driven Access to all Doom Options!-
Fully Supports Multi-player Games!- Handles Up to 750 External Wad
DL104.ZIP 02-23-93 DATELINE v1.04 by Glen Neal - This nifty little Windows utility puts a
small rectangle in upper-left corner and shows day of week, month, day,
time, am/pm, memory, and lfb memory. Each item can be toggled on or off
Optional chime hourly or every ? minutes, you specify the .wav file to
play. Check out the cute little buttons!
DL108.ZIP 03-29-95 Why Wait for Win96 or Os/2? Drop Launcher is A Small Program That Gives
Any Application Drag and Drop Capability. It Will Also Let You Place
Application Icons on the Desktop Giving Your Desktop on Os/2 Type Look
DL110.ZIP 05-04-93 DATELINE v1.10 by Glen Neal - This nifty little Windows utility puts a
small rectangle in upper-left corner and shows day of week, month, day,
time, am/pm, memory, and lfb memory. Each item can be toggled on or off
Optional chime hourly or every ? minutes, you specify the .wav file to
play. Check out the cute little buttons!
DL112.ZIP 06-25-93 ==== DateLine ==== version 1.12 by Glen Neal This great little Windows
utility puts one small rectangle in upperleft corner of screen and
shows the day of week, month, day, time, am/pm, memory and largest free
block memory. Each item can be toggled on or off. Optional chime hourly
or every X minutes and lets you set the interval and .WAV file(s) to
play. Now remembers position you drag window to. (Newest File Date:
DL2.ZIP 11-13-96 Deathlords II - Fighting A First Person View Fighting Game in Which
Each Character Must Hit the Other Three Times in A Row to Win.
Bloodline Software & Extreme
DL31.ZIP 06-17-95 Doorlog V3.1-keep Log of Door Activity. Give Statistics on Door Usage.
Help Find Which Door Causes Problems. At A Glance Know Which Doors Are
Busy. Dl Will Work On Any BBS Which Uses Batch Files to Run Doors.
DL48.ZIP 01-16-94 DaLabeler v4.8 - Disk Labeler You always need to store files to a
floppy. Use DaLabeler to produce a fast, easy to read label complete
with comments for quick reference. For 3.5" and 5.25" disks. New
feature for creating 3.5" disk sleeve and 5.25" disk insert. Supports
mouse. Author: Robert Neal 01/16/94
DL747.ZIP 11-08-92 A Neat looking Delta Airlines 747 for FS4/FS5. (Newest File Date:
DLAKE.ZIP 05-18-96 Warcraft 2 "Deadlake" Scenario
DLBFS1_0.ZIP 07-06-94 Demon LightBar File Scanner|11 |02Adds a Light Bar Sellector When
Scanning |02For New Files. Supports ASCII / ANSi |02For Renegade 12-25
and Up / FREEWARE |10 Demon Warez Inc. Support 913 897 3283 HEY COTT!!
DLBL101.ARJ 12-19-13 Print labels and sleeve inserts for floppy disks.
DLBOX_2.ZIP 02-28-95 Dlbox 2.0 by Allegory Software & William Hatcher, 1995. Dlbox is A
Dialog Box Library for use in Your Turbo C 3.0 Programs. Dlbox Greatly
Simplifies the Creation of Dialog Boxes That Include: Check Boxes,
Radio Buttons
DLBUST.ZIP 06-23-94 How phone phreaks are caught
DLCOSTV1.ZIP 11-19-94 Dialcost V1.00 Will Calculate the Phone Costs for Most Mailers. Very
Accurate Calculation. Local, National, Special, International Costs can
be Fully Configured for Any Hour And/Or Day of the Week.
DLCOUNT1.ZIP 11-25-91 Download counter for Max 2.
DLCV500.ARJ 12-19-13 OPUS 1.1x/MAX/BINK Download Counter v5.00.
DLC_248.ZIP 04-23-93 Download Counter v2.48: max/bink d/l & attach counter.
DLD001.ZIP 07-05-96 Duplicate (Tag)line Detector/Deleter Dld Very Simply Removes Duplicate
Lines From Textfiles. Freeware, Version 0.01
DLDB_10.ZIP 05-13-95 Downline Database V1.0 Shareware - Copyright (C)1995 U.T.I. Softw
Downline Database is A Windows 3.1 Applicatio Written Specifically for
the Multi-level Marketing Business. Tracks Your Leads and Clients,
Prints Mail
DLDCOUNT.ZIP 09-20-93 Dldcount Ver 1.0 Download Counter Updates You Pcb Dirs With: Downloaded
Xx Time(S) Incredibly Fast - Runs in Event Creates Blt * Uncrippled
DLDOOR20.ZIP 01-17-93 The Download Door, version 2.0. First Public Release. Great door for
downloading single files, predeined by sysop. Can be used as a file
distribution door. Setups include use as a door for downloading the new
PCBoard Caller's Guide. Makes it
DLDPRO01.ZIP 06-11-95 Download Door -pro- A File Transfer Utility for Sysops With Many Cool
Options. Menu Driven Setup Program and Installation Program. Supports
Ansi, Rip 1.54 and Rip 2.00. Dldpro is A Totally Rewritten (In C)
DLF07.ARJ 12-19-13 Dave's List file .07 - gives dir w/ manyoptions.
DLF10A.ZIP 03-25-94 DataLOCK Fat v1.0a Floppy Disk Protection System Encrypt 360k,720k,1.2M
1.4M disks Extremely fast! works in seconds. Secure enough for most
uses. 32-bit key encryption algorithm.
DLG1995.ZIP 09-03-95 1-misc Disney 1995 an Electronic Information Guide on Disneyland.
DLGAUTO.ZIP 08-03-95 Dialog Automation - Monitors Programs You Are Running in Windows and
Allows You to Define Specific Actions to Dialog Boxes. This can be Used
to Automatically Fill in Repetitive Details, Enter User Names/Passwords
DLGCPP.ZIP 08-30-95 Manipulating Dialogues in C 95/08/30.
DLGD45.ZIP 08-03-94 A Utility for Turbo Vision (Bp 7.0 Only) Allowing on Screen Design of
Dialog Boxes. Outputs Source Code And/Or A Resource File for the Dialog
Users of Tp 6.0 Should use Dlgdsn22.
DLGDRP10.ZIP 03-19-93 If this sounds familiar then DlgDrop is the solution. It allows you to
drag any file from the File Manager and drop it onto the file dialog or
any edit field in almost any dialog. Instead of a lot of clicking or
typing, just one drag.
DLGEDT.ZIP 10-13-92 Dialog Box Builder for Word for Windows (Written Using Word BASIC for
DLGFCHKR.ZIP 04-03-94 Skydlg Dlgfilechecker 0.3 - Checks Uploaded Files to See If They Are
DLGPRESS.ZIP 01-18-95 Adsdlg Includes & Examples About Programming for Dlg, Also Has 'Dlg
Sold to Atis' Info
DLGTRICK.ZIP 02-13-92 Diaglog Box Editor Tracks for TBK
DLGW10.ZIP 11-14-95 D Delegator V1.00 A Delegation and Performance Tracking System for Line
Managers and Others Who Coordinate the Work of Others. Track
Assignments; Plan Workloads; Manage Projects; Review Long Term
Performance Communicate
DLGW15E.ZIP 06-04-96 Delegator V1.5e - Win Delegation, Performance, and Project Management
System for Managers and Coordinators
DLGW20A.ZIP 12-01-96 Delegator V2.0a Delegation, Performance, and Project Management System
for Line Managers and Coordinators. Track Assignments; Plan Workloads;
Manage Projects; Review Long Term Performance; Communicate Priorities
DLGWRP11.ZIP 07-26-93 Library of Functions for Use From Within Winword Macros.
DLGX14.ZIP 07-01-93 Windows 3.1 Dialog Extensions.
DLG_DIZ.ZIP 04-05-94 Imports File_dez From Upload Archive for User Discription!
DLG_DIZ2.ZIP 05-16-94 Dlg_diz V2.0 - Now Supports Lha, Lzh, Arc, Arj, Zip, Dms, and Text
Files. Built in Checking for Ports. Doesn't Need Config Files!! Faster!
DLH10JAN.ZIP 01-06-96 Game Cheats
DLH10NOV.ZIP 11-07-95 Cheats
DLH30DEC.ZIP 12-01-96 Dirty Little Helper - the Ultimate Cheats Database V3.01 - December '96
Standard Version - Only Basic Modules. Cheats for More Than 850 Pc
DLH30MAR.ZIP 03-19-97 Cheat Dirty Little Helper 3.04 March '97
DLHU3MAR.ZIP 03-19-97 Cheat Dirty Little Helper Update Module
DLIB.ARJ 12-19-13 Floppy disc library database - with multiple search options, printout
and file descriptions
DLIFE115.ZIP 04-07-94 Conway's Game of Life, Ported to the Pc.
DLINE051.ZIP 09-18-94 Star Trek Newsletter for September.
DLINE11.ZIP 10-21-93 Dateline Calender Event Bulletin Maker.
DLINE12.ZIP 12-10-93 DATELINE Calendar and event database for BBS. Generates ASC and ANS
bulletins, updates files by deleting outdated entries. Contains a
built in Calendar feature for easy monthly planning.
DLINE20.ZIP 06-06-94 Qfd_util Calendar and Event Database Rip/Ansi/Ascii
DLINES.ZIP 10-25-92 Delete Commented Lines, version 1.0 - Macro for Word for Windows that
deletes comments from Word BASIC Macro Code.
DLINK.ZIP 07-02-90 Linked List Functions in Turbo C
DLIST40.ZIP 05-30-94 Directory List 4.0 Dir Replacement Program for DOS Dir Command.
DLITE20.ZIP 06-01-91 DLITE 2.0 dBase III Compatible Utilities TSR
DLITE201.ZIP 08-14-93 New Version of Dlite an Online Delphi Term Program Making Your Use of
Delphi Simpler