Name Date Description
DH08.ARJ 12-19-13 Desktop Helper, Menu, Launcher
DH10.ARJ 12-19-13 Popup Desktop Helper launcher/menu for Windows 3
DH10.LZH 01-06-14 Popup Desktop Helper launcher/menu
DH10.ZIP 04-08-93 Dos Helper, Menu Driven Guide to Dos Usage
DH120.ZIP 01-27-97 Ad-winap Doghouse V1.20 - Win Reminder System for Windows. Simple and
Intuitive With Configurable Advance Warning
DH14.ARJ 12-19-13 Desktop Helper, popup launcher
DH14.ZIP 07-01-92 The Desktop Helper
DH14A.ZIP 07-09-92 The Desktop Helper is a Windows 3.x Desktop utility that provides
capabilities missing from Microsoft's Program Manager while also
providing the more important capabilities of the Task Manager.
DH15B.ZIP 03-12-94 The Desktop Helper v1.5B: MS-Windows desktop utility providing a
convenient pop-up menu at the click of a button, pop-up menu available
from any window, configurable launch list of frequently executed
programs, switch to or terminate a task, even if the task is not
currently visible, pop-up file selector browser to choose a file to run
small memory usage; 03/12/94; Robert E. Alleger. (Newest File Date:
DHARMA.ZIP 12-12-93 Dn_info Dharmanet Info Packet & Application
DHARMBBS.ZIP 06-09-94 Dn_sangh Buddhist Resources - BBS Directory (6/8/94)
DHBARREL.ZIP 07-22-94 This is A Dehacked V1.3 Patch File That I Am Posting for Matt Fell. Two
Patches That Will Drastically Change the Doom Environment.
DHCALC.ZIP 03-08-97 Card Calculates the Odds for Any Dealers Hand in Blackjack
DHCIS.ZIP 11-04-93 Disk Historian Test Drive. the Ultimate Solution to Hard Disk Clutter
and Space Shortage! Monitor All File Usage. Reclaim Wasted Hard Disk
DHE20.ZIP 09-11-94 Dehacked Version 2.0 for use With Doom Contains A Superweapon Cheat.
Old Patches Do Not Work Anymore.
DHE22.ZIP 12-11-94 DeHackEd v2.2, the best Doom exe editor available! Make invisible
monsters, floating troopers, or missiles doing 2000 points of damage!
Load the included patch for an incredible arsenal of super weapons!
Also edit the text section of the exe
DHE30.ZIP 08-24-95 Dehacked V3.0, the Best Doom Exe Editor Available! Improvements Over V2
4 Include Ultimate Doom Support, Along With Cheat Code Code Pointer and
Other Misc Data Editing Along With Numerous Other Improvements.
DHE30A.ZIP 09-05-95 Dehacked V3.0a, the Best Doom Exe Editor Available! Improvements Over
V2.4 Include Ultimate Doom Support, Along With Cheat Code Code Pointer
and Other Misc Data Editing Along With Numerous Other Improvements.
DHG_100.ZIP 05-30-97 Dh-grep_pm is an Os/2 Pm Version of Grep That is Designed As A User
Friendly Application for A Multitasking Environment. The Often Cryptic
Command Line Options Have Been Replaced With Easy to use Menu
DHILO10.ZIP 03-19-94 Deluxe Hilo V1.10. Card Game From the Author of the Most Popular Trivia
Game for BBS Systems, King of the Board. Most Major Bbs's
DHILO12.ZIP 04-23-95 Deluxe Hilo Version 1.12 Popular Card Game From Suburban Software -
Author of the Most Popular Trivia Game for BBS Systems, King of the
Board. Supports Fossil Drivers Non-standard Irq's Supports all Major
DHIU3.ZIP 12-20-95 Hang-it-up 1.0 Schedule A Dial-up Connection to Close After Any Time
Period You Like
DHO_10B.ZIP 09-04-95 Developer Helper V1.0 C - Graphical Application Frame.
DHRYS.ZOO 02-21-90 Dhrystone benchmark program v2.1 (w C)
DHSCOP32.ARJ 12-19-13 Daily Horoscope Door and Bulletin Generator version 3.2! Versatile. By
James R. Davis.
DHSCOP34.ZIP 08-08-93 DHSCOPE3 Your Daily Horoscope v3.4; Uses astrology and the positions of
the planets to plot out your daily horoscope. Allows you to save the
horoscope for every sign into an ASCII text file to display as you wish
Will know the sign of a user every time he or she enters this door
upon initial run. Lots of features for registered owners. Creates PCB,
ASCII and ANSI text files.
DH_ARMY.ZIP 07-22-94 This is A Dehacked V1.3 Patch File That I Am Posting for Matt Fell. It
Was Two Patches That Will Drastically Change the Doom Environment. Both
Require the Program Dehacked V1.3.
DI.ZIP 04-28-91 Sorted directory BUT with something extra
DI103.ZIP 01-20-91 DiskInfo v1.03 low-level information about your HD
DI14.ZIP 11-09-93 Disk Info V1.4. Provides a Quick System Profile and Disk Space Profile.
Great for Networks Because it Does Not Add.
DI20.ZIP 10-26-90 dir & del replacements v2.0
DIABLO.ZIP 02-10-93 Mean 18 Course.
DIACHESS.ZIP 06-15-93 Diachess 1 0: Allows You to Record and Print Complete Chess Games With
a Diagram for Every Move Diachess is Also a Valuable Teaching and Study
Tool for Serious Players Ideal for Printing a Permanent Record of
DIADIP21.ZIP 08-30-95 From Diapers to Diplomas V2.1 - an Electronic Baby Book, Keeps Track of
Vital Statistics, Birth Information, Medical and Dental Records,
Friends, Teachers, Special Events, and More!
DIADIP22.ZIP 12-20-95 From Diapers to Diplomas V2.2 - an Electronic Baby Book. Keep Track of
Birth Information, Vital Statistics, Friends, Teachers, Awards, Medical
and Dental Records, Etc
DIAG303.ZIP 01-09-96 Diag303.Zip -dia- Gnose.Exe V3.03 - for Users Who Are Having Problem
Installing You Sb16/Awe32 Under Windows 95. Get This Diagnose Program
to Assist You in Your Troubleshooting.
DIAGERR.LZH 10-17-89 Memory res MSDOS error codes (source)
DIAGLE11.ZIP 12-07-96 G_denk Diaggle for Windows V1.1 Diaggle is Like
DIAGPTR.ZIP 05-22-95 A New Set of Pointers for Os/2 Warp.
DIAL10.ZIP 09-19-95 Microsoft Dial-Up Helper utility. Allows you to run Dial-up from the
DOS prompt or a scheduler. Also allows you to run programs before and
after Dial-up, with delays if necessary.
DIAL11.ZIP 03-04-91 Repeatedly dial a list of telephone numbers
DIAL21.ZIP 04-18-93 Autodial Your Phone V2.1 Timer/Log and Much.
DIAL23.ZIP 09-11-91 Phone Dialer ver 2.3
DIALBACK.ZIP 05-21-94 Dialback Program for Sysops (Your BBS Calls You Back for Maintenance).
DIALCLI1.ZIP 11-17-95 C Dial Clip for Win95 & Win3.1 Easy to use Clipboard Dialer That Allows
Modification to Change Dialing Digits or for Modem Control.Pager Access
Etc, can Also Access A Text File Phone List. Edward Guadagno
DIALDIR.ZIP 08-26-93 Patches for Procomm for Windows v1.02 only fix dialing directory &
other bugs. (Newest File Date: 08-26-93)
DIALEASY.ZIP 08-15-94 Auto-dials many names/numbers/computers
DIALER.ZIP 08-04-92 Popup speed dialer w/ name/number menu.
DIALER04.ZIP 07-16-96 Modified Versions of the "Dial Other Internet Providers" Application
(Revision 1.16) to "Clean Up" the Interface
DIALERS.ZIP 06-07-95 Professional-YAM/ZCOMM Dialers Jun-7-95 ZCOMM and Professional-YAM
modem dialers used with the advanced scripts. These dialers are
designed to exploit the modem's full performance and flexibility. No
wimp one size almost fits all init strin
DIALERZG.ZIP 08-16-95 Custom dialing Speed Dialing Nine Different Speed Dial Numbers
DIALI32C.ZIP 03-20-95 Dial-it Pro 3.2.0c Windows Desktop Dialer: Dial Telephone Numbers
Directly From Text Documents and Other Windows Apps. Keeps A Log With
Date, Time, Duration, Number Dialed, and Recipient. Timer Tells You the
DIALI32D.ZIP 07-22-95 Dial-it Pro 3.2.0d - Windows Desktop Dialer: Dial Telephone Numbers
Directly From Text Documents and Other Windows Apps. Keeps A Log With
Date, Time, Duration, Number Dialed, and Recipient. Timer Tells You the
DIALIP10.ZIP 11-18-96 Dial Isp and Check for Email in the Background at Scheduled Intervals
DIALIP13.ZIP 12-30-96 Isp Dialer.
DIALIP14.ZIP 03-12-97 Isp Connection Utility
DIALIT.ZIP 09-25-93 Dial it Pro 2.0 Desktop Dialer and Log
DIALIT20.ZIP 09-25-93 Dial-It Pro v2.0; Allows you to dial telephone numbers fro
DIALIT32.ZIP 03-08-94 Dial-It Pro 3.2 - Desktop dialer for Windows Dial telephone numbers
directly from text documents and other windows apps. Keeps a log with
date, time, duration, number dialed, and recipient. Timer tells you the
duration of the call. Memory dialer with 80 number storage. Auto
Re-Dial on BUSY. Uses Modem only when it dials. Requires VBRUN300.DLL
(Newest File Date: 03-08-94)
DIALM75.ZIP 07-28-95 Ms Mouse Compatible Dialing Program V7.5 2.
DIALM80.ZIP 08-19-95 Dialm (Dos) V8.0 Phone Dialer and Call Logger Newest File: 8-19-1995.
DIALMSN.ZIP 08-31-96 Dialmsn V1.0 Prevent the Msn Dialer From Launching When Connecting to
the Internet
DIALOG.ZIP 03-19-91 Paradox dialog script
DIALOUTS.ZIP 01-08-93 Info about InterNet dialouts
DIALPD12.ZIP 11-29-95 C Dialpad - A Phone Dialer Which Doesn't Need A Modem. It Does Need the
Following: an Mci Sound Driver, A Touchtone Phone, and Vbrun300.Dll
Version 1.1 Requires Windows 3.1 Written by Matthew Leigh
DIALPD22.ZIP 07-10-96 Dialpad - A Phone Dialer Which Needs Either A Sound Device or A Modem.
Works With Pc Speaker Driver, and Supports Up to 100 Quickdial Numbers.
Version 2.2 Requires Windows 3.1 Freeware, Copyright (C) 1996 Delta Vee
DIALPR15.ZIP 11-06-95 C Dialerpro V1.5 Win/Win95 Phone Dialer. Dial You Phone Using Your
Modem. Create List of Names and Numbers, Double-click to Dial. No Need
to Search Through Your Address Book. Sort, Edit, Move. Shareware. Galt
DIALR223.ZIP 12-01-91 Dialer v2.23, Win phone dialer
DIALRM21.LZH 01-06-14 Metz's phone Dialer for Windows 3
DIALTEST.ZIP 07-17-96 Ms Dial Up Networking Test Application Code all New Win32 Format Code
for Dialing Up Networks. Code is Dated From 4/96 Through 715/96
DIALU.ZIP 12-07-95 Dialu.Zip Stores Your List of Names and Numbers and Dials Them for You.
Requires A Modem and Vbrun300.Dll. Runs on Win 3.1 or Greater
DIALW120.ZIP 07-23-92 DialW. Phone speed dialer. Requires VBRUN100.DLL.
DIALW130.ZIP 09-20-92 Phone dialer for windows. Store phone numbers and dial with a single
mouse click. (Newest File Date: 09-20-92)
DIALW200.ZIP 10-08-93 DIALW telephone speed dialer for Windows! Numbers displaye
DIALW410.ZIP 05-17-95 Telephone Speed Dialer for Windows.
DIALW417.ZIP 07-25-95 Many Featured, Fun Phone Dialer.
DIALW420.ZIP 09-05-95 A Phonebook/Dialer With A Ton of Features
DIALWD10.ZIP 09-11-92 DialWord is a fun utility which will tell you of any words which are
contained in a given phone number. All possible letter combinations are
calculated, and a list of words is displayed which can then be printed
out for reference. A 29,000 word dictionary of 1-7 letter words is
available upon registration which will make the word search much more
DIALWORD.ZIP 09-11-92 Find word combinations in phone numbers.
DIAL_525.ZIP 06-10-94 Nrd-525 Computer Control Program.
DIAMND12.ZIP 05-22-95 Diamond Solitair Door V1.2
DIAMND13.ZIP 08-25-95 Diamond Solitaire V1.3 - Online Card Game
DIAMOND.ZIP 04-14-95 Diamond is A Fast Paced Vga Only Game That Combines Both Extreme
DIAMOND1.ZIP 03-07-92 The "Diamond" control is a button which acts a a four-way arrow button,
sort of like a Nintendo game pad. It is compatible with the Windows 3.0
SDK Dialog Editor. Use install it into your Dialog Editor, select "Add
Custom Control" in the "File" menu and enter the full pathname of
DIAMOND.DLL. If the control name "DIAMOND" appears in the custom
control listbox, you're in good shape.
DIANALEE.ZIP 01-31-94 The adventures of Dianalee in "The lost temple of the Aztecs" by Menlor
Inc. If you like Keen you'll like this arcade style game.
DIANIC.ZIP 04-05-93 Dianism in a Nuit-Shell
DIANNE.ZIP 08-28-94 Recorded Game of Xquest With A High Score of 938,700 on Level 33.
Played by My Wife.
DIARC200.ARJ 12-19-13 DiArc version 2.00 Makes a subdir for every archived file, and performs
various actions
DIARC200.ZIP 12-29-13 DiArc version 2.00 Subdir for every archive
DIARY.ZIP 11-13-94 DEAR DIARY 2.1 Journal daily thoughts and activities. Powerful
text search feature allows you to view all entries pertaining to
specific person, place, event, etc. Includes password protection and
on-line help. Now supports international date formats. Requires
DIARY10.ZIP 08-24-95 the Exercise Diary Allows an Athlete to Store and Summarize Exercise
DIARY11.ZIP 09-07-95 (V1.1) Exercise Diary for Os/2 Stores Exercise Activity by Route.
Performances can be Summarized by Route or Date. Stores and Graphs
Fitness Data. Graphs Performances. Shareware (Us$ 20)
DIARY21.ZIP 11-09-94 Dear Diary V2.1 - Diary/Journal Program for Windows With Password
Protection and Text Search Feature. Now Supports Intl Date Formats.
DIARY25.ZIP 02-07-95 Dear Diary V2.5 - Diary/Journal Program for Windows With Password
Protection and Text Search Feature. Now Supports Int'l Date Format.
DIARY26.ZIP 03-19-95 Diary V2.6 - Diary/Journal Program for Windows With Password Protection
and Printing Capability. Supports International Date Formats. Has Text
Search Feature Which Allows You to Quickly Bring Up all Entries
DIARY27.ZIP 04-15-95 Diary V2.7 - Diary/Journal Program for Windows With Password Protection
and Printing Capability. Supports International Date Formats. Has Text
Search Feature Which Allows You to Quickly Bring Up all Selected
DIARY30.ZIP 06-22-95 Dear Diary V3.0 - Diary/Journal Program for Windows With Password
Protection and Printing Capability. Supports Int'l Date Formats. Has
Text Search Feature Which Allows You to Quickly Bring Up all Entries
DIARYW.ZIP 06-05-93 Diary program for Windows. (Newest File Date: 06-05-93)
DIA_BLK5.ZIP 01-19-96 Fs5 Denver Scenery. This is Most of the City Area.No Airports in This
DIB101.ZIP 12-14-94 Dib Makes Browsing A Netware Dib (Tree) Simple. Nlist is Nice for
Complicated Queries, But Its Syntax is Difficult to Remember. Dib's
Syntax Parallel's Dir's. Now, Using Cx and Dib is Like Using Cd and Dir
DIBBEL.ZIP 01-01-80 An article about a hacker (Acid Phreak) getting bu
DIBQUANT.ZIP 06-17-94 Windows Utility for Color Quantizing and Dithering of 24-bit Images.
DIC32.ZIP 03-14-97 A Dictionary to Build Vocabulary for Sat & Act
DICE.ZIP 07-28-93 Great Dice Game for 1-4 Players.
DICE01.ZIP 08-13-93 A Collection of 10 Voc Sound Files of Andrewdice Clay.
DICE11.LZH 01-06-14 Windows dice roller application
DICE150B.ZIP 10-12-94 Dicewar V1.50b (Unregistered)
DICE221.ZIP 10-31-92 You-Blew-It Dice; Local mode or Door Play
DICE230A.ZIP 10-15-95 Win95 Dicestar 2.30a
DICE30.ARJ 12-19-13 Turbo Dice V3.0 Door by Mike Wilson.
DICE4.LZH 12-06-90 Dice sample (.fli) for aaplay
DICO.ZIP 11-09-93 Large word list
DICROL11.ARJ 12-19-13 VB Dice Roller v.1.1 for Win3 - simulates the bags of dice, gamee
players tend to have.
DICROSS.ZIP 04-18-93 Displays the Number of Possible Alleles for a Dihybrid Cross -
DICT.ZIP 02-16-94 Popup-dictionary - is an English - German Pop Up Dictionary. Type in
the Inteded Word and the Closest Spelling Will Appear. Words can Then
be Copied to Any Windows Text Application. Files: 10 New: 2-16-1994
Old: 9-17-1993
DICTEDIT.ZIP 06-18-96 Dms Picture Editor - is A Property Editor for Editing Pictures, Bitmaps
(Glyphs), Icons and Metafiles From Within the Delphi Ide Both 16- and
32-bit Versions Are Provided Description Copyright 1996 Psl
DICTION.ZIP 02-10-94 Windows bi-directional dictionaries
English/French/German/Spanish/Italian around 5000 words/language.
(Newest File Date: 02-10-94)
DICTPREP.ZIP 09-16-92 Prepare your wordlists with this shell script
DICWAD.ZIP 01-18-96 New Wad! Check it Out! It'll Rock Your World
DIDTST11.ARJ 12-19-13 DidTest v1.1 Freeware utility that keeps Prodoor from accessing an
upload 2x - PCB.
DIE024.ZIP 04-08-94 DOOM Image Editor v2.4 - edit walls, doors and monsters in Apogee's
DOOM arcade game. (Newest File Date: 04-08-94)
DIEGO1.ZIP 12-22-90 Adobe Type Manager Font
DIENBIEN.ZIP 12-14-95 Trio of Scenarios for Steel Panthers 1995 Cdrom Pc Wargame by Ssi Dien
Bien Phu Battles With Accurate Maps, Ect, Spring 1954 Real Good
DIEROLL.ZIP 02-17-93 A Program for Ad&d Players...And Anyone Else Who Needs a Random Rolling
Program. for MS Windowsx. (Newest File Date: 02-17-93)
DIET.LZH 01-06-14 dieting assist - count calories
DIET110A.ARJ 12-19-13 Diet 1.10a - file compression system. can work in TSR mode, and
compress DATA files on the fly
DIET120.ZIP 08-29-91 Executable file compressor from Japan with TSR
DIET143.ZIP 12-29-13 DIET v1.43 file compressor.
DIET145F.ZIP 02-27-93 DIET.EXE reduces the disk-storage space needed by executab
DIETC115.ZIP 08-27-95 Diet Companion V1.15 by Tomtron Software all New Release. Tired of all
That Data Input? Need A Friendly Program to Help You Achieve Your Goals
This Windows(Tm) Program is for You. Fun and Informative!
DIETDE2.ZIP 03-20-94 Diet-deal - Color Coded Cards Count Daily Calories and Help Manage
DIETDOOM.ZIP 09-10-94 Wad Authoring Template V1.4 (Clip This Line Title Dietdoom Filename
Dietdoom.Wad Author Antti Kuosmanen Email Address S931308@yallara.Cs.
DIETPLN1.ZIP 09-27-96 Dietplan" is A Database File That Allows the Users to Determine Their
Daily Intake of Protein, Calories, Fats, Cholesterol, Etc the Total
Daily Amounts of These Items Are Then Compared to the Recommended Daily
DIETTK11.ZIP 12-02-96 Diet Tracker V1.1 is A Comprehensive Diet Analysis Program Which Allows
the User to Enter Data on Every Food/Drink Item They Consume Each Day.
The User May Also Enter Details of Any Weight Losses/Gains During the
DIETTRAK.ZIP 06-16-96 Diet Tracker V1.0 for Windows
DIE__3.ZIP 12-09-93 Demented Images Of Euphoria VGa/ANSi Pack Issue #03!
DIFF101.ZIP 05-17-93 Diff V1.01 - File Difference Utility Side by Side Display of Two
Text Files. Common and Different Sections Are Clearly Identified.
Useful for Programmers to See the Differences Between Two Versions of a
Source Text.
DIFF110.ZIP 12-16-93 DIFF 1.10 Displays the differences between two text files or two
directories or ZIP archives side by side. See the differences between
two text files or between two sets of [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN two directories or ZIP
archives. Various formatting and comparison options.
DIFF138A.ZIP 12-01-96 Dodiff - A New Version of Dodiff, That Will Auto-apply Your Nodelist
Diff Files (And Complete Nodelists) Complete With Archive Extracting
(If Needed) and Deleting Old Nodelist Files. For Shotgun Professional
DIFF23.LZH 01-06-14 c src, tell diff between 2 text files.
DIFF23.ZIP 08-02-88 Insert change bars into text documents
DIFF24.LZH 01-06-14 c src, tell diff between 2 - ricks fixes
DIFF32.ZOO 03-25-91 32 bit GNU-DIFF v1.15 (req's 386 or 386SX)
DIFFEX.ZIP 09-05-93 Diff, diff3 and cmp ported to Windows NT (WIN-NT). (Newest File Date:
DIFFLIST.ZIP 12-17-95 Difflist.Exe V0.951 (Dos or Os/2), A Utility for Network Coordinators.
Prepares A Report of Changes Between Any Two Region or Net Nodelist
Segments. Optionally Extracts Region or Net Segments From Full Nodelist
DIFFTIME.ZIP 03-18-93 Small utility which calculates the difference in hours and seconds
between a starting time and finish time. Useful for calculating payroll
hours, overtime, etc. With C source code. Freeware.
DIGCLK12.ZIP 03-11-93 Digital Clock With Countdown Timer
DIGCLOCK.ARJ 12-19-13 DIGCLOCK turns your PC into an extremely expensi expensive digital LED
clock. requires EGA/VGA
DIGDR409.ZIP 09-01-93 Digiboards Intelligent Driver for There Pc/Xeseries of Intelligent
Multiport Serial Cards(Released 09-01-93)files: 8 Oldest: 7/22/93
Newest: 9/1/93
DIGFOS13.ZIP 05-07-93 DIGIFOSSIL v1.3; FOSSIL Driver for DigiBoards you need in order to get
a huge number of applications written for FOSSIL systems working on
your BBS that uses a Intelligent Digiboard (such as the PC/Xe, PC/Xi or
COM/Xi series).
DIGFREE.ZIP 05-17-94 Digger 2.0 the Digger Lists A Directory+sub- Directory, Showing the
Complete Size Used by all of Them. Wonder How Much Space "Windows"
Takes Up ? Quit Adding Up Directory Sizes and Just use the Digger !
Source Code
DIGGERS.ZIP 07-01-95 Diggers 1.0 is A Fast-paced Strategy/ Adventure Game in Which Quick
Thinking and Careful Decision-making Are Essential. The Game Takes
Place on the Planet Zarg, Where Large Amounts of Minerals
DIGI11.ZIP 07-16-95 Digimessage is A Message to Next Caller Program for Any BBS That Uses
Pcboard.Sys, Users.Sys, Door.Sys, Callinfo.Bbs, Userinfo.Dat, Sfdoors
.Dat, Gtuser.Dat, Tribbs.Sys or Dorinfox.Def.
DIGI1195.ZIP 11-13-95 Diginet Maryland's Best Network! Over 150 Nodes and in Many States!
Fast Growing and Great Sysops
DIGI125.ZIP 05-08-93 DIGITIZE 1.25 does the reverse job of a plotting program (ungraphing),
it can read scanned X,Y plot and digitize it to end up with a text file
containing the X,Y points. Microsoft Windows and VBRUN200.DLL req'd.
DIGI33C.ZIP 06-24-92 DIGI-ROUTE v3.3; The idea of Digi-Route is to give an over
DIGI8.ZIP 12-17-92 Digi8.Dlc is a Dynamic Link Connection Module That Allows Procomm Plus
for Windows to Operate With a Digiboard Digichannel PC/4 or PC/8 Card;
Req Digiboard PC/4 Pc/8 Windows Comm Driver. Datastorm Technologies,
Inc. (Newest File Date: 12-17-92)
DIGIBORD.ZIP 01-29-93 How to use Brainex Doors with the IM DigiBoard
DIGICLOC.LZH 01-06-14 Another Digital Clock for Win 3
DIGICLOK.LZH 01-06-14 CGA digital pop-up clock
DIGICOM.ZIP 10-11-91 Setup for DSI 9624LE+ FAX/Modem
DIGIGRAF.LZH 01-06-14 View ASCII printer graphics before printing
DIGIGUY.ZIP 01-13-94 Digiboard Test and Status Programs in Turbo Pascal
DIGIKIT.ZIP 07-15-92 Example Turbo Pascal source for use of Digiboards.
DIGISPCH.EXE 10-23-95 Portable Sound DIGISPCH driver (DIGISPCH.EXE, 135k bytes, dated 8-29-95
DIGISTUF.ARC 04-09-89 HP LaserJet file for DIGITIZE schem. & bug fix
DIGITAL.ZIP 10-08-90 ScreamTracker sample sounds
DIGITAL3.ARJ 12-19-13 Excellent NEW AGE music for SBPRO .voc.
DIGITELE.ZIP 06-29-93 Digital Telephone and The Goverment - Your Privacy
DIGITERM.ZIP 12-29-13 Terminal Package: Rivals Telix
DIGITIZE.ARC 04-03-89 Digitize and play voices (schematic circuit in.)
DIGITIZE.ARJ 12-19-13 TXT files on digitised pictures
DIGSIG.ZIP 09-22-93 DigSig for Windows 3.1 and above v1.1: Digital Signature c
DIGSOLVE.ZIP 12-06-95 G Full Walkthru for "The Dig" by Lucasarts
DIGTAL20.ZIP 04-08-95 Ad-educ Digital Challenge V2.01 - A Set of 31 Excercises Useful for
Teaching or Learning Digital and Logic Principles. Grades Work On-line.
DIGTRM10.ZIP 03-25-94 Ablefile Digiterm Ver1.0 for Windows - Full Feature Comm Program With
Adjustable Fonts for Vision Impaired
DIGTRM13.ZIP 04-11-94 DigiTerm Ver1.3 for Windows An easy to use, full featured data
communications program. *Emulates popular terminals and supports major
file transfer protocols including X/Y/Zmodem. *Supports over 445
diffrent modems and speeds of up to 57,600! *Features easy menu
interface, background operation, host mode, automatic dialup,
rescalable fonts, error-free file transfers, a powerful script language
and user defined command buttons. Shareware Registration enables all
features. Written by Douglas Southcott copywrite 1994 (Newest File
Date: 04-11-94)
DIGTRM15.ZIP 07-26-94 DigiTerm Ver1.5 for Windows An easy to use, full featured data
communications program. *Now with edit menu for cut & paste to & from
the Com port, separate download dir, faster Zmodem. More to come soon!
Emulates popular terminals and suppor
DIGW95.ZIP 09-06-95 Digiterm Ver1.5 for Win95 an Easy to use Full Featured Data
Communications Program. Emulates Popular Terminals and Supports Major
File Transfer Protocols Including X/Y/Zmodem. Supports Over 445
Diffrent Modems and Speeds
DIG_ART.ZIP 08-04-93 Art in the age of Digital Dissemination
DIG_WALK.ZIP 12-07-95 The Dig: Complete Walkthru
DIL101.ZIP 05-13-93 ======= DiskLine ======= v1.01 by Glen Neal This nifty little Windows
utility shows two graphs in lower-right corner of screen indicating
drive space. You can pick which two drives to show. The graphs are
green, but changes to yellow when drive space is less than 10%, and to
red with less than 5%. Requires Windows 3.x. Shareware.
DIL102.ZIP 05-13-93 ======= DiskLine ======= v1.02 by Glen Neal This nifty little Windows
utility shows two graphs in lower-right corner of screen indicating
drive space. You can pick which two drives to show. The graphs are
green, but changes to yellow when drive space is less than 10%, and to
red with less than 5%. Requires Windows 3.x. Shareware.