Name Date Description
CRITOM32.ARJ 12-19-13 Memory reporting utility for Windows 3 requires VBRUN100.DLL
CRITOM32.ZIP 09-27-91 Crito's Memory Display v3.2 for Windows 3
CRITOM33.ZIP 02-21-92 Crito's Memory Display 3.3
CRITTER.LZH 01-06-14 Terminate and stay Resident critical error handler
CRITTER.ZIP 06-30-95 Lanutil DOS Tsr Critical Error Handler Sends User Selected Timed
Responses for Retry/Abort/Ignore
CRJ0012A.ZIP 02-14-94 Should The Church Apologize To Unity? An article from the Viewpoint
column of the Christian Research Journal, Winter/Spring 1987, by Elissa
Lindsey McClain. Pointing to similarities between popular Word Faith
and New Age/metaphysical teachings, the author ironically asks if the
Unity School of Christianity offshoot of Christian Science deserves an
apology for being called a cult. From: The Christian Research Institute
(Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0013A.ZIP 02-14-94 From the "Book Reviews" and "Recent Releases" columns of the Christian
Research Journal, Summer 1987. Includes a review of the book, "That The
World May Know," by Earl Paulk and brief reviews of
"Point/Counterpoint: A refutation of the Jehovah's Witness Book,
Reasoning from the Scriptures, Volume 1: False Prophets" by Duane
Magnani; "Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse" by David A.
Reed; "Defending the Faith and Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses" by Randall
Watters. All reviewed by Robert M. Bowman, Jr. (Newest File Date:
CRJ0014A.ZIP 02-14-94 The Many Faces of Satanism. An overview that briefly discusses popular
thinking with regard to Satanism and supposed links to serial killing,
"dark metal" rock bands, child abuse rings, animal mutilation and
church desecration. It then responds to questions such as how
widespread and dangerous Satanism is and if these people actually
worship the devil. From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File
Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0016A.ZIP 02-14-94 Who Sharpens Them? The Need For Accountability Relationships Among
Leaders" The article identifies a major cause behind the controversy
and scandal identified with Christian leaders in the national media.
From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0017A.ZIP 02-14-94 Witnessing to Mormons - Some First Principles." Has a focus on the LDS
question 'Have you read the Book of Mormon' and how they use their
'testimony' as a truth claim. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0018A.ZIP 02-14-94 Ye Are Gods?' Orthodox and Heretical Views on the Deification of Man."
Some people (for example: Hindus, Mormons, New Agers, and even deceived
Christians) use the Bible to support the idea of human ability to
become god. Read this article to learn the how, why, and why not. From:
The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0020A.ZIP 02-14-94 Scripture Vs. The Spiritual Gifts?" by Elliot Miller. The author argues
that anticharismatics and many charismatics have one thing in common -
a mistaken view of the "sign gifts" as a source of new revelation.
From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0021A.ZIP 02-14-94 Books reviewed in this file are: 1) "God Calling" by A. J. Russel, Ed.,
reviewed by Edmund C. Gross (who reports the book was inspired by
occult means and contains faulty theology and misinterpreted Scripture
); and 2) "What Your Horoscope Doesn't Tell You" by Charles Strohmer,
reviewed by Elliot Miller. From: The Christian Research Institute.
(Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0022A.ZIP 02-14-94 The Gospel According to Paulk: A Critique of 'Kingdom Theology'". This
article describes and evaluates the central tenets of this teaching,
which has a large following among charismatics, as presented by its
leading proponent, Earl Paulk. From: The Christian Research Institute.
(Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0023A.ZIP 02-14-94 88 Reasons: What Went Wrong?" Edgar Whisenant's booklet "88 Reasons"
was yet another failed attempt to identify a specific time for the End.
And yet, in spite of the long history of such failures, many took him
seriously. The author points out several critical flaws with
date-setting approaches to biblical prophesy. To biblical prophesy.
(Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0024A.ZIP 02-14-94 Are Christians Supposed to "Take Dominion" in The World Before Christ
Returns? From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File Date:
CRJ0025A.ZIP 02-14-94 Forbidden Fruit: The Ethics of Humanism" by Paul Kurtz. This book has
been trumpeted by secularists as a landmark work which proves that
morality is possible without God. The reviewer subjects this claim to
exacting scrutiny. From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File
Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0026A.ZIP 02-14-94 Watchtower Authority and the Bible." Part 1 in a four-part series on
Jehovah's Witnesses and the Bible. The Watchtower prides itself on its
high view of biblical authority. And yet, JW's are not free to
independently interpret the Bible. The author reviews this and takes a
hard look at the Society's claim that they are the sole channel for
biblical truth today. From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest
File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0027A.ZIP 02-14-94 How Mormons Are Defending Their Faith." Part 1 in a four-part series on
Mormon Apologetics. The Bible, history, and even the Book of Mormon
often contradict Mormon doctrine. The author surveys several ways in
which Latter-Day Saints are trying to resolve these difficulties. From:
The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0028A.ZIP 02-14-94 Addressing the 'Positive Gospel' of the Metaphysical Movement." This
article discusses sin and the objections of Religious Science, Unity, A
Course in Miracles, and Christian Science in evangelism. From: The
Christian Research Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0029A.ZIP 02-14-94 The Way Tree Is Splintering." Serious charges have been leveled against
the late founder and current leadership of The Way International, a
cult that blends charismatic practice with Jehovah's Witness-like
doctrine. The author provides helpful information concerning the
controversy and the mass defections and splinter groups that have
resulted from it. From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest File
Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0030A.ZIP 02-14-94 Fulfilled Prophecy as an Apologetic," by Hank Hanegraaff. This article
describes how to use the prophetic evidences for the Bible's
trustworthiness as an evangelistic tool. From: The Christian Research
Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0031A.ZIP 02-14-94 Jehovah's Witnesses and the Divine Name." Watchtower followers believe
their use of the name "Jehovah" sets them apart as true disciples of
Jesus. The author provides an orthodox Christian response. From: The
Christian Research Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0032A.ZIP 02-14-94 George M. Lamsa: Christian Scholar or Cultic Torchbearer?" Lamsa's
books and views have made considerable inroads into the evangelical
Christian world. In this fully-documented analysis the author casts a
revealing light on Lamsa and his message. From: The Christian Research
Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRJ0035A.ZIP 04-14-94 The Christ Of The New Age Movement." Part One of a Two-part series on
New Age Christology. From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest
File Date: 04-14-94)
CRJ0041A.ZIP 02-03-95 A Biblical Guide to Orthodoxy and Heresy Part One: the Case for
Doctrinal Discernment by Robert M. Bowman, Jr. Too Few Believers Have
Found the Middle Ground Between Acceptance of Heresy and "Heresy
Hunting." By
CRJ0057A.ZIP 04-14-94 The Jesus of The New Age Movement." Part Two in a Two-part Series on
New Age Christology. From: The Christian Research Institute. (Newest
File Date: 04-14-94)
CRKSNDOX.ZIP 04-20-94 A Collection of About Thirty Unprotects and Cheats. (Newest File Date:
CRKSTK.ARJ 12-19-13 Course For Jnug Crooke Stick.
CRL.COM 01-06-14 Makes cursor big block
CRL.LZH 01-06-14 BASIC cross-reference utility - nice.
CRL.ZIP 11-09-93 Miscellaneous words
CRL200.ZIP 03-10-95 New Creative Labs Cd-rom Driver for Os/2 2.1 & Above for Crccd2.Add
Version 2.00 Support Creative Panasonic Cr52x/563 & Creative Cd200
Cdrom Drives.
CRLABOS2.ZIP 01-23-95 Creative Labs Cdrom Drivers for Os/2 - From The Creative Labs Bbs. .Exe
File in Archive Is Self-extracting.
CRLAWS.ZIP 06-10-93 Current copyright laws in the U.S.A. The [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN this collection are
all public domain.
CRLUNVRS.ZIP 01-25-94 Cruel Universe" from alt.startrek.creative Data finds a new girlfriend
and then the trouble really begins. (Newest File Date: 01-25-94)
CRN0012A.ZIP 02-14-94 Hendrick H. Hanegaaff, Interview, Biography, And Testimony." Hank
Hanegraaff is the current president of The Christian Research Institute
succeeding the late Dr. Walter Martin. From: The Christian Research
Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRN0013A.ZIP 02-14-94 Satanism On The Rise," by Dr. Walter Martin. The article, Dr. Martin's
last prior to his death, notes the increased media interest in the
subject and calls the Church back away from sensational preoccupation
to consider the work of Satan in the Church today. From: The Christian
Research Institute. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CRNCHR22.ZIP 04-14-93 C Libs - Fft,wavelet,coherence,filter,regr.Etc
CRN_PC.ZIP 03-02-94 Carrion Postscript Type 1 and True Type Font; Jason M Sutton.
CRO.ARJ 12-19-13 .MOD file - crockett's theme
CROC0195.ZIP 01-16-95 UNP V3.31 Executable file expander Uncompresses files compressed with
DIET, EXEPACK, LZEXE, PKLITE and many other file compression utilities.
UNP also allows you to convert files from COM to EXE and vice ve
CROFONTS.ZIP 01-08-93 Croatian Fonts for Windows 3.1. (Newest File Date: 01-08-93)
CROM100.ZIP 05-25-96 Crom is A Collection of Utilities That Was Made for use With the Timed
Fido-net Message Reader/Editor. Included Are: Cromtag (Tagline Inserter
; Cromline (Custom Origin Lines); Csteal (Tagline Thief)
CROM2_03.ZIP 06-12-96 Cromtag/2 V0.03 Early Release of Crom/2 Utilities for Timed/2. This
Suite Includes Cromtag/2 - Tagline Util, Cromline/2 - Custom Origin
Lines, Mood/2 - Inserts 'Mood' Kludge Csteal/2 - Tagline Thief
CRON16.ARJ 12-19-13 Cron 1.6 - timed command execution. have cmds execute at various preset
times, upto 1 year.
CRON18.ZIP 06-18-96 Cron the Clock Daemon - Schedules Events for Periodic Execution. An
Event can Include A Program to Execute, A Wav File to Play And/Or A
Text Message to Display. Includes Killwin, A Utility to Close Another
CRON212.ZIP 05-27-93 CRON/2; Another in a series of UNIX cron clones to the OS/
CRON213.ZIP 08-19-93 Cron/2 V1.3. Extends the Traditional Cron Behaviour by Adding
Client/Server Extensions Via Tcp/Ip.
CRON24.ARJ 12-19-13 Timer for events for a LAN-multiple schedules
CRONJR.ZIP 04-19-90 v2.19. Batch job scheduler.
CRONTAB.ZIP 11-24-92 How to gain super-user access via crontab
CRONTB.ZIP 07-09-93 Crontab 2.21 - Execute Daily or Periodic Ev
CROQUET1.ZIP 09-04-92 Croquet Solitare Card Game
CROSFADE.ZIP 09-29-94 CROSFADE ASM and C source codes for fading smoothly from one image to
CROSINDX.ZIP 02-06-95 Croxindx Filefndr Automatically Creates an Index of the Key Words and
Key Phrases Which it Finds in Your Text Files So That You can Find
Those Files Again A Month or A Year From Now.
CROSS425.ZIP 03-07-93 Create Crossword Puzzles From Your Words and Clues.
CROSSP6A.ZIP 06-18-94 Crossword Power Version 6.01 (Asp) Create Crossword Puzzles From Your
Words and Clues. Words Are Manually or Automatically Placed in the
Puzzle Grid. Auto-search can Examine Over 200 Different Word
Arrangements to Find
(ASP) Create crossword puzzles from your words and clues. Words are
manually or automatically placed in the puzzle grid. Auto-search can
examine over 200 different word arrangements to find the best puzzle.
Foreign language characters supported. Puzzles can also be saved as
WordPerfect DOS 5.1/6.0 and Windows verion 6.0a macros. Requires 512K.
CROSSP6C.ZIP 03-22-95 Crossword Power Version 6.02a Create Crossword Puzzles From Your Words
and Clues. Words Are Manually or Automatically Placed in the Puzzle
Grid. Auto-search can Examine Over 200 Different Word Arrangements to
CROSSP7A.ZIP 11-08-95 G Crossword Power V7.00 Create A Variety of Crossword Puzzles and
Kriss-cross Activities From Your Words and Clues. Includes Foreign
Language Character Support. 100% Compatible With Vocabulary Power.
Major Enhancements
CROSSP7B.ZIP 11-15-95 G Crossword Power V7.00 Create A Variety
CROSSREF.LZH 01-06-14 Cross reference variables and commands
CROSSRIV.ZIP 12-22-95 G Warcraft II Scenario Title: Cross Rivers Terrain: Forest, Map Size:
128 X 128 Players: 1, Author: Jeff Kunkel
CROSSWD5.ZIP 04-10-93 Crossword Power Version 5.00 (Asp) Create Crossword Puzzles From Your
Words and Clues. Words Are Manually or Automatically Placed in the
Puzzle Grid. Auto-search Can Examine Over 200 Different Word
CROSW111.ZIP 07-21-93 CrossWords v1.11: MS-Windows puzzle game where the object is to guess
the theme to the crossword puzzle; online help is available; 07/21/93;
Glen DeBiasa. (Newest File Date: 07-21-93)
CROSWORD.LZH 01-06-14 Make your own crossword puzzles
CROWD10A.ZIP 02-28-94 Far From The Madding Crowd, by Thomas Hardy A public domain Etext from
Project Gutenberg [Etext #107]
CROWD13.ZIP 08-12-94 Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy [Hardy1]
CROWLEY.ZIP 04-05-93 Magick in Theory and Practice
CROW_W.ZIP 06-09-94 Cool Program That Gives Some Audio and Video Clips of the Movie the
CRP103.ARJ 12-19-13 Court Reporter Pro v1.03: Print text [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN 2 through 6-UP format on
laser printers
CRP109.ZIP 08-18-92 Court Reporter Pro v1.09 funky printing
CRPGN20.ZIP 01-19-94 Carrier Pigeon v2.0: WinWord macro tht allows you to make
auto-installer documents for macros; 01/19/94; Edward Guy. (Newest File
Date: 01-19-94)
CRPKT20.ZIP 06-05-94 Createpkt 2.0, Creates Fidonet Pkt-files From A Textfile. From: Adsfido
CRPLT10B.ZIP 08-12-97 CurvePlots v1.01: 3D function plotter/calc
CRPTLT01.ZIP 08-11-92 Crypt Newsletter #1
CRPTLT02.ZIP 08-25-92 Crypt Newsletter #2
CRPTLT03.ZIP 08-11-92 Crypt Newsletter #3
CRPTLT04.ZIP 11-07-92 Crypt Newsletter #4
CRPTLT05.ZIP 09-11-92 Crypt Newsletter #5
CRPTLT06.ZIP 09-27-92 Crypt Newsletter #6
CRPTLT07.ZIP 10-08-92 Crypt Newsletter #7
CRPTLT08.ZIP 10-24-92 Crypt Newsletter #8
CRPTLT09.ZIP 11-11-92 Crypt Newsletter #9
CRPTLT10.ZIP 12-04-92 Crypt Newsletter #10
CRPTLT11.ZIP 01-05-93 Crypt Newsletter #11
CRPTLT12.ZIP 02-11-93 Crypt Newsletter #12
CRPTLT14.ZIP 04-05-93 Crypt Newsletter #14
CRPTLT15.ZIP 05-28-93 Crypt Newsletter #15
CRPTLT16.ZIP 07-01-93 Crypt Newsletter #16
CRPTLT17.ZIP 08-14-93 Crypt Newsletter #17
CRPTLT21.ZIP 12-31-93 Crypt Newsletter #21
CRPTLT23.ZIP 08-25-92 Crypt Newsletter #23
CRPTLT25.ZIP 05-02-94 Crypt Newsletter #25
CRPTSEKU.ZIP 07-31-94 Info about Corrupt Sekurity
CRR0130.ARJ 12-19-13 XRS-Door compatible offline reader for CP/M
CRR0150A.ZIP 03-22-93 CP/M offline reader for XRS & qwk mail doors.
CRS.COM 01-06-14 Makes cursor go away
CRS110.ZIP 04-24-95 Cribbage Solitaire (Door) Ver. 1.10 for Those People Who Enjoy Cribbage
A New Challange! Score As Many Points As Possible With One Trip
Through A Deck. Keeps Daily Winners As Well As A Total Winner for That
CRS120.ZIP 04-27-95 Cribbage Solitaire (Door) Ver. 1.20 for Those People Who Enjoy Cribbage
A New Challange! Score As Many Points As Possible With One Trip
Through A Deck. Keeps Daily Winners As Well As A Total Winner for That
CRS131.ZIP 01-03-97 Cribbage Solitaire Door V1.31 for Those People Who Enjoy Cribbage, A
New Challange Score As Many Points As Possible With One Trip Through A
Deck. Keeps Daily Winners As Well As A Total Winner for That Month
CRSBAS.ZIP 12-01-91 Cross ref basic programs
CRSCAP11.ZIP 01-21-95 Procomm Plus for Windows Version 2.0 Script Which Automates Crs Login.
Gives Choice to Capture File Lists to Your Default Capture Directory
Then Asks If You Want to Stay Online! Only for use With Procomm Plus
for Windows
CRSDWN25.ARJ 12-19-13 An excellent crossword puzzle creator.
CRSFILE.ZIP 10-11-91 CRS file upload/download ICON for WIN 3.0
CRSFPSFP.ZIP 03-17-94 Information regarding the new Remote Front Page Sports Football Pro
league we have started here on CRS. To all involved: you must download
this file. To those interested in joining: please download this and
drop a message to Paul Kugelmass. Help us support this great game.
(Newest File Date: 03-17-94)
CRSGUIDE.ZIP 07-02-93 The Crs Online User Guide in Wordperfect 5.1 Format. Set Up for the Hp
Laserjet III Printer.
CRSHR21.ZIP 05-01-93 Crusher Castle II V1.0 Req. Ega/Vga Crusher Castle II is and Adventure,
Strategy, and Arcade Game All in One. Your Objective is to Escape From
a Haunted Castle of 25 Rooms Filled With Ghosts, Bombs, Candles, Maps
CRSHV12.ZIP 04-08-95 Crush Me V1.2 Doom2 Wad.
CRSSMK11.ZIP 06-11-96 Crosswords U-create 1.1 Create, Solve, Print Crossword Puzzles
CRSSMK20.ZIP 11-04-96 Crosswords U-create 2.0 Create, Solve, Print Crossword Puzzles
CRSSWR.ZIP 09-29-91 New for crossword enthusiasts. More options!
CRSTITCH.ZIP 12-04-92 Cross-Stitch Designer V2.0; Windows 3.1 program that allows you to
design Cross-Stitch patterns.
CRSTL34A.ZIP 08-20-94 CRYSTAL BALL v3.4a CRYSTAL BALL v3.4a. Rosemary Weat and
Thomas A. Easton. Welcome to the world of the psychic computer! This
tongue-in- cheek program lets you select the subject matter for
mysterious predictions of personal interest. This program may explain
where those wild tabloid headlines come from! Documentation reveals the
theory behind the program.
CRTAT.ARJ 12-19-13 CRT Alignment Tools for monitor testing
CRTAT2.ZIP 01-15-95 Windows-based CRT test and adjustment tool. Version 2.0 contains
several new setup screens and options. This utility allows you to setup
and test your Windows monitor see if you are getting optimum
performance. REQUIRES - Windows 3.1x and VBR
CRTDUMP.ZIP 04-23-93 Video Utility - Dumps Contents of Color or Monochrome Monitor to the
Specified File.
CRTFAQ.ZIP 01-11-94 Frequently asked questions about software copyright issues. (Newest
File Date: 01-11-94)
CRTG.ZIP 04-03-91 TP Unit CRTG (replace TP CRT unit) (TP 5.5)
CRTOBJ.ARJ 12-19-13 ReXX Syscreateobject Tips And Techniques.
CRTOUTF.LZH 01-06-14 Create output files basic on command
CRTPASS.LZH 01-06-14 Create necessary objects for DSPT
CRTPLUS.ZIP 01-04-93 New Crt With Boxes, Shadows, Windows, Etc.
CRTV31.ARJ 12-19-13 Thunder Thinking v3.0 Book & program to help in brainstorming &
creativity. 1/2 (3-92).
CRTV32.ARJ 12-19-13 Thunder Thinking v3.0 2/2 (3-92).
CRUELTYO.ARJ 12-19-13 Sound/Noise Tracker Module.
CRUFT1.ZIP 07-22-93 Library of .Geo Files Geoworks [1/4]
CRUFT2.ZIP 07-01-93 Library of .Geo Files Geoworks [2/4]
CRUFT3.ZIP 07-14-93 Library of .Geo Files Geoworks [3/4].
CRUFT4.ZIP 07-05-93 Library of .Geo Files Geoworks [4/4]
CRUISER.ZIP 05-29-97 Doom II: - the Starship Cruiser
CRUMBLE.LZH 01-06-14 Joke prog.- Screen crumbles up
CRUMPICS.ZIP 03-23-91 53 ANSI Screen, Many Great Ones To View!
CRUNCH1H.ZIP 04-25-95 Heretic .Wad Converted From Doom2 .Wad by Using Dm2conv.
CRUNCH22.ZIP 04-14-93 The Cruncher V2.2 is a Series of Signal Processing Routines for the C
Programmer. the Libraries Will Run Under Both Borland C and Microsoft C
Applications. the Routines Include Ffts, Wavelets, Coherence Analysis
CRUNCH_.ZIP 12-29-13 Auto convert other archive formats to PKARC
CRUSGUS.ZIP 12-23-95 G Gus Patch Fuer Crusader/No Rumorse
CRUSH12.ZIP 08-22-94 D-dosut Crush V1.2 - Super-compressor for Dos. Will Usually Provide
5-50pct Better Compression Than Pkzip. Works With Zip, Arj, Zoo, Lha,
CRUSH13.ZIP 11-05-94 CRUSH v1.3 CRUSH v1.3 - Super-compressor for DOS. Fed up
with limited compression performance of Stacker, PKZIP (2.04g), ZOO,
ARJ and LHA? CRUSH will usually give 5%-50% improved compression over
any other DOS compression tool, & yet allows the user to continue using
the archiver already in use. CRUSH is fast & the ideal choice for users
keen to save disk space. Too good to be true? No! Try it! Pock
CRUSH31.ZIP 08-02-92 CRUSHER v3.1 Requires EGA/VGA Crusher is an adventure, arcade, and
strategy game all in one. Explore 25 different rooms searching for
different objectives. Avoid monsters, grab oxygen, blast through walls,
rescue beautiful women and more! Cru
CRUSHC22.ZIP 06-20-95 Crusher Castle II V2.2 Req. Ega Crushc22.Zip Crusher Castle II is an
Adventure, Strategy, and Arcade Game all in One. Your Objective is to
Escape From A Haunted Castle of 25 Rooms Filled With Ghosts, Bombs,
CRUSHER.ZIP 02-17-94 CRUSHER v3.2 Requires EGA/VGA Crusher is an adventure, arcade, and
strategy game all in one. Explore 25 different rooms searching for
different objectives. Avoid monsters, grab oxygen, blast through walls,
rescue beautiful women and more! Crusher is fun for the entire family.
No two games are ever the same. It provides a constant challenge every
time you play.
CRUSHER2.ZIP 05-01-93 You Use the Arrow Keys to Move Through a Cavern of 25 Rooms. Collect
Points by Picking Up Valuable Objects Such As Gems. Avoid the Bad Guys
Lurking Behind the Walls. Get a Secret Map and Save the Girl
CRUSHR32.ZIP 06-20-95 Crusher V3.2 Requires Ega/Vga Crusher is an Adventure, Arcade, and
Strategy Game all in One. Explore 25 Different Rooms Searching for
Different Objectives. Avoid Monsters, Grab Oxygen, Blast Through Walls,
CRUSR131.ZIP 04-13-97 Cruiser Browser for Windows 95 V1.31 . Fully Functional 32-bit
Shareware, Only 13$ the Easiest File Browser/Copier/Launcher. Just One
Click to Reach or Copy Any File ! A Dockable & Sizable Desktop Popup
Menu Button
CRUSR135.ZIP 06-19-97 List 1 12 07/21/97 22:2 Cruiser V1.35 Easy File Browser/
Copier/Launcher for Win95. A Dockable & Sizable Desktop Popup Menu
Button That With Just One Click can Reach or Copy Any File; Opens Your
Disks With Cascad
CRUVIOL.ZIP 11-22-95 G Crusader No Remorse Violence Patch
CRUX153.ZIP 10-05-94 Crux Data Analysis and Visualization V1.53. Powerful, Professional
Graphing and Analysis With Windows-like Interface. Algebraic Style
Functions, Curve Fitting & Smoothing, Sorting, Derivatives, Integrals,
Simple Statistics
CRVL10TQ.ZIP 08-19-96 Fsfs Sud-aviation Se 210 Caravelle 10b Transwede.
CRVPLOT.ZIP 01-28-91 CRVPLOT:general purpose data plotting program
CRW.ZIP 05-25-91 Freq. list for Kanawha County, WV
CRW16_1.ZIP 10-05-96 Classroom Windows - Teachers Aid
CRW16_2.ZIP 10-05-96 Classroom Windows for Win 3.1 Teachers Assistant (2/2)
CRYCLOTH.ZIP 04-20-94 Crayon Cloth Designing Instructions
CRYOFAQ.ZIP 08-09-92 Cryogenic preservation of your body info.
CRYP32.ZIP 05-06-95 CrypEdit is a Windows 3.1/NT 3.5/95 program that enables users to
encrypt and edit sensitive text documents and files such as business
plans, personal finance, E-Mail, engineering papers, financial plans
andreports, and legal papers on private and shared media securely with
the ultimate level of security.
CRYPCHAL.ZIP 04-17-94 Pdncee Bob Stout's Experimental Encrypt/Deccrypt Program From the C
CRYPDEMO.ZIP 10-07-95 Cryptoman, Super Crytography Game!
CRYPT.ZIP 11-21-91 Crypt 2.0: Text adventure
CRYPT100.ZIP 10-15-95 A Cryptography Sample Programs With Crypt.C Are Stand Alone Programs
for Private Key Cryptography. They Include Complete C Source
CRYPT11.ZIP 11-29-92 Crypt Cracker V1.1 - please see DSD-DOOR.TXT
CRYPT1_0.ZIP 02-03-94 Crypt V1.0 - Create and Solve Cryptoquotes, for Os 2.X
CRYPT20.LZH 01-06-14 Explore dark chambers under the Church!
CRYPT20.ZIP 03-06-90 Personal encryption system (encrypt/decrypt) (w C)
CRYPT25.ZIP 05-14-94 Crypt Newsletter #25 Monthly Newsletter Concerning Computer Viruses and
Assorted Topics of Interests. Written By: Urnst Kouch. Last Revision
Date in Archive: 05-02-94.
CRYPT30.ZIP 05-13-95 Crypt Newsletter 30: Monthly E-mag on Science, Tech, Hackers, Computers
and Society. This Issue: Cliff Stoll's "Silicon Snake Oil"; A Kevin
Mitnick Timeline; Dan Farmer's Excellent Adventure the Golden Pizzle
CRYPT32.ZIP 12-19-96 Ncrypt (32-bit) - Provides Facilities for File Encryption, Compression
and Archiving in Win95/Nt. It Also Includes Features for Sending and
Receiving Encrypted Email. CS_RCS10.ZIP 1046,657 02-04-97 Cs-rcs V1.0
Powerful a
CRYPT795.ZIP 08-18-95 Usenet Faq Re: Cryptography, 7-95 Version.
CRYPTFAQ.ZIP 06-07-93 Cryptography
CRYPTFTP.ZIP 05-16-94 Sources of crypto suff on the internet
CRYPTO.LZH 01-06-14 Excellent program providing file encryption/decryption
CRYPTO.ZIP 03-27-89 File encryptor/decryptor
CRYPTO12.ZIP 03-23-94 Crypto v1.2: MS-Windows version of the popular cryptogram puzzles often
found in puzzle books or the Sunday paper; 03/23/94; (Newest File Date:
CRYPTO13.ZIP 09-11-94 Window Crypto 1.3 Cryptogram Puzzle Game for Windows
CRYPTO15.ZIP 11-12-94 Crypto! (Tm) 1.5 Cryptogram Puzzle Game for Windows
CRYPTO16.ZIP 08-15-92 Cryptograms Door Game, v1.6
CRYPTO20.ZIP 08-24-96 Win Crypto V2.0 - Cryptogram Puzzle Game
CRYPTO23.ZIP 03-12-94 Cryptograms 2.3. Sunrise Doors. Interbbs & Multinode. Most BBS Types.
CRYPTO24.ZIP 08-09-94 Cryptograms - Door Game V2.4 . Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
Solve A Coded Phrase. Played Exactly Like the Puzzles Found in
Magazines and Newspapers. Very Difficult, Yet Challenging. Brun45.Exe
Not Needed
CRYPTO25.ZIP 08-14-95 Sunrise Cryptograms V2.5 From: Sunrise Door Software
CRYPTO26.ZIP 02-02-96 Sunrise Cryptograms V2.6 From Sunrise Door Software
CRYPTO27.ZIP 06-12-96 Cryptograms V2.7 -door- by Sunrise Door Software