Name Date Description
CATALOG.LZH 07-31-91 Hewlett Packard BBS filelist (9 May 91)
CATALOG1.EXE 12-19-13 Simple to use cataloguing system with on-line help. Works on a single
floppy drive. UK author.
CATALOG1.ZIP 08-29-94 Includes Business-related Articles, New Products & Services, Free
Offers, Plus Much More! Service of Product Catalog Systems(Tm).
CATALOG9.ZIP 01-03-96 Latest E-text Catalog From Reality Software
CATALUM1.ZIP 12-29-13 Order Processing/Disk Catalog V.1.1. Order Processing and Disk
Catalog Program System V.1.1. Offers everyone catalog on a disk
ability's without prior progamming knowledge.Now you can distribute
your best programs on a 3,5 diskette media of your choice. To use this
program Type Soft.exe Author Fred Small,Fee $25.00Member
CATBRO.ZIP 06-10-94 The Ultimate Ca-clipper Browse Tool
CATBUL1.ZIP 11-12-91 Convert text [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto Wildcat ver. 3 codes
CATBX16A.ZIP 08-05-93 The Catalog Toolbox V1.6a. Tool for Managing the Long Listings of
Compuserve's File Library Contents; Sort by Filename/Extension, Upload
Date, Uploader Id, Lib #, File Type/Size or Dl Count; View/Del/Extract/
Move Entries
CATCH.ZIP 01-31-93 A Batch Language for Microsoft Windows 3.X. (Newest File Date: 01-31-93
CATCH110.ZIP 11-13-93 Auto 'Format' for Unformatted/Bad Disks.
CATCH12.ZIP 05-04-92 Color Graphic Newsletter Generator for WC3.x
CATCH13.ZIP 03-01-93 Catch...If You Can! (286 & VGA required) A simple, but action packed,
addictive game that everyone will enjoy! Supports Sound Blaster. Source
CATCHG20.ZIP 02-09-95 Catcharge! 2.0 Wcx4.01 Online Order Credit Card/ Checks/Tabs Many
Features! Handles Dragon or Your Own Merchant Account Status. This Door
Handles Credit Card, Checks (For Dragon), 10 Categories With Up to 16
CATCHME.ZIP 07-24-93 CatchMe by Jeff Nagle. Displays a very small date/time window that
stays on top and moves whenever the mouse cursor comes near it.
Requires VBRUN200. SHAREWARE: $15. (Newest File Date: 07-24-93)
CATCHMTE.ZIP 07-05-92 Recognizes Virus Code Based On Mutation Engin
CATCIS14.ZIP 11-21-93 CatCIS v1.4: MS-Windows pgm to be used with TAPCIS catalog files
containing Data Library Catalogs from CompuServe's forums; provides a
convenient way to view catalog items & write download scripts for
TAPCIS and also provides for pruning catalog items from a catalog file
enabling you to reduce the size of your catalog files by removing
unwanted catalog item descriptions & more; 11/21/93; Joseph A. Higgs.
(Newest File Date: 11-21-93)
CATCL21B.ZIP 11-09-91 CATCALLS v2.1 Telix dialing companion
CATCNT10.ZIP 07-04-93 Ms-windows App: Teaches Children 3 to 6 How to Count.
CATCOLOR.ZIP 04-29-92 View WC 3.x @-coded text [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN color on lcl
CATCS11A.ZIP 07-10-93 Ms-windows Program to be Used With Tapcis Catalog Files.
CATCS15A.ZIP 02-14-94 CatCIS User's Guide, version 1.5a. A Windows program which can be used
with TAPCIS catalog files (files which contain Data Library Catalogs
from CompuServe's forums). It provides a convenient way to view catalog
items and write download scripts for TAPCIS as well as to prune catalog
items from a catalog file. (Newest File Date: 02-14-94)
CATDS138.ZIP 06-06-94 Catdos.App V1.38: Small Foxpro Project That Converts Tapcis-compatible
Cis Catalog Files With the Cat Extension Into an Xbase Database With
the Dbf Extension; 06/06/94; Jeff Bankston.
CATDSK18.ZIP 06-27-95 Cat-a-disk Version 1.8. Disk Cataloger for Windows 3.1 (Requires
Vbrun300.Dll)freeware /.
CATE55.ZIP 08-28-95 Catie Treatmentupdate55, Vol. 7, No. 1 January 1995 (English).
CATE60.ZIP 08-28-95 Catie Treatmentupdate60 - Vol. 7, No. 6 (June 1995).
CATE62.ZIP 10-30-95 Catie Treatmentupdate 62, Vol 7, No. 8 (August 1995).
CATECHSM.ZIP 04-07-93 History & Catechism
CATEDT11.ZIP 12-17-93 Catedit V1.1 - Gui Catalog Editor/Translator
CATF58.ZIP 12-07-95 Catie Traitementsida58 - 7(4) (April 1995)(French).
CATFILES.ZIP 09-29-91 A Fast WC 3.x files list maker program
CATFLS3X.ZIP 09-25-91 Creates an ALLFILES type list for WILDCAT 3
CATGEN20.ZIP 07-19-96 Catgen V2.0 Color Text to Basic Conversion Now With Search or Make
Online Help Files or Catalogs.
CATGIF.ZIP 10-24-91 Scans GIF files, put resolution into descript
CATHANG.ZIP 09-16-95 Category Hangman V1.0: Ms-windows Hangman Game W/States & State
Capitals Categories Beginner, Intermediate & Expert Levels; Req
Vbrun300.Dll; 09/16/95; Gary Uresk.
CATHARSI.ZIP 04-05-93 A Circle for Catharsis
CATHDRL.ZIP 11-22-95 G Del Espiritu Sancto- Once the Most Beautiful Cathedral in all
Christendom, Has Been Infested With the Minions of Hell. Pulled Back in
Time, You Have Been Given the Task of Purging the Holy Church So That
Goodness May Onc
CATLIBR.ZIP 08-16-92 A list of modem libraries and databases
CATLIST.ZIP 10-18-93 Catlist V4.11 Wc V3.X BBS List Door W/Ripscript Support!
CATLIST0.ZIP 02-26-95 Catlist BBS Listing Door V4.70 Support Most Major BBS User Drop Files.
Support Ripscrip Graphics and Creates Rip Compatible Bulletins.
Registration Enables Enhanced Functions. Registered Sysops May Set A
CATLN_B7.ZIP 05-26-95 Catalan Defense. Gm Games, Zarkov-enhanced Commentary.
CATLOG14.ZIP 06-04-96 E-text Catalog From Reality Software Featuring Win E-books in the
History of Religion and Media Albums/Screensavers for Win 95 & 3.1 That
Showcase Historic Transportation and Original Digital Art
CATLOG16.ZIP 09-18-96 E-text Catalog From Reality Software Which Features Three Product
Lines: 1) Screensaver/ Media Albums of Historic Transportation Photos;
2) Screensaver/Media Albums of Original Computer Art With Mythic
CATLOG40.ZIP 11-11-91 Replacement for WCPRO statistics generator
CATLST41.ZIP 09-23-93 CatList v4.10:RIPSCRIP Support! A full featured BBS Listin
CATMAN10.ZIP 11-22-94 CatMan-DO! version 1.0 CatMan-DO! V1.0 - A management tool
to help you track files on diskette. Use Auto or Manual Bulk Load to
build your database quickly. Use File Finder to import text files like
FILE_ID.DIZ. An open text area where librarians can track who has it.
Ten ways to search for files. Create listings by Label, File or Package
name plus a duplicate file report. IBM/PC with 384 kb RAM, hard disk
CATMAN12.ZIP 05-10-95 Catman-do! V1.2 - A Management Tool to Help You Keep Track of all Your
Files Stored on Diskettes.
CATMAR21.ARJ 12-19-13 CATMAR FIVE CARD DRAW 2.01 - single player poker game. requires VGA
CATMOUSE.ZIP 12-25-96 Cat 'N Mouse 32 - Displays A Cute Animated Kitten That Chases the Mouse
Cursor Around the Win95 Desktop.
CATMOVE1.ZIP 05-07-95 Win Catmoves 1.0 Screensaver of Cats in Motion, Video
CATNAP.ZIP 10-27-90 A GREAT FLI file. Really Neat!
CATNOTE.ZIP 03-02-94 Angela's Cat Notes is an MS-Windows music appreciation program for
kids; req VBRUN300.DLL; 03/02/94; Mike Murphy. (Newest File Date:
CATPLAY.ZIP 12-29-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
CATQWK.ZIP 07-11-92 Combines two or more QWK files together
CATQWK21.ZIP 01-13-92 CatQWK 2.1 [13 Jan 92] - Program to combine two or more QW
CATQWK22.ZIP 02-10-92 CatQWK 2.2 [9 Feb 92] - Program to combine two or more QWK packets from
the same BBS into one. This allows you to follow threads easily across
multiple QWK downloads. Very easy to set up and use; totally command
line driven; user changeable a
CATS.ZIP 06-27-95 Series of Faqs on Cats. Discusses Specific Breeds, Care and Health.
CATS50AU.ZIP 02-19-94 CatStat v5.0a - WC3.xx Utility to augment WCPro... A Wildcat 3.x+
Utility that replaces /augments WCPro for creating Stats on a Wildcat 3
xx BBS. Can do the following: 1) Keeps a breakdown of calls by hour and
Day for History of BBS. 2) Keeps track of the use of each door by name
for that Day. 3) Includes dynamic Download/Upload Screens including
type of Protocol Used and problem listings. 4) Keeps track of TomCat if
it is active in the system. SHAREWARE - Three Paws Productions (513)
745-0965 BBS
CATSCAN1.ZIP 05-16-92 Catscan v1.1 for WC! 3.x Systems Scans U/Ls
CATSCANU.ZIP 04-06-92 Catscan v1.0U On-Line Virus Checker for WC ul
CATSP211.ZIP 07-10-93 Ms-win App: Enables You to Play All Mid / Wav Sound Files.
CATSPLAY.ZIP 11-09-92 This Windows 3.1 application allows you to play all *.mid and *.wav
soundfiles on your soundcard.
CATST20A.ZIP 09-21-91 Makes a bulletin of Activity on a Wildcat sys
CATT11.ZIP 01-26-93 CatTrash for Windows - Trashcan Delete Utility
CATT2.ZIP 05-07-93 Catt is for Those Who Hate Mice. Catt is a Fast Menu/Bat Program. it
Saves Hd Space, and Organizes Your Bat Files & Commands. Mouse is
Supported. Included a Dialer Program.
CATTS3V3.LZH 01-06-14 Online computer based drill and testing
CATUTIL3.LZH 01-06-14 Good disk cataloging program
CATVSTD.ZIP 07-18-90 CATV Freq. Allocation Chart
CATY-767.ZIP 02-05-90 PC control for Yaesu 767
CATY10.ZIP 02-05-90 Yaesu FT767 control pgm for IBM
CATY16.ZIP 02-02-93 Cat Control Program for YAESU 767 Includes Turbo Pascal So
CAT_BRED.ZIP 12-08-91 Descriptions of domestic cat breeds
CAT_CHOO.ZIP 12-08-91 Choosing a cat as a pet
CAT_EVOL.ZIP 12-08-91 Feline evolution
CAT_GENE.ZIP 12-08-91 Feline genetics
CAT_HIST.ZIP 12-08-91 History of the domestic cat
CAT_MSE.ZIP 11-26-93 This is a strategy/arcade game similiar to Rodents Revenge but played
in DOS. Move the blocks to trap the cats. Requires VGA. Pretty cool!
(Newest File Date: 11-26-93)
CAT_NUTR.ZIP 12-08-91 Feline nutrition
CAT_SPEC.ZIP 12-08-91 Descriptions of feline species
CAUSEDIT.ZIP 12-31-89 Editorial from Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
CAV10E.ZIP 04-13-93 CacheAll(TM) v1.0e Factory Direct Eval - Technology independent cache,
caches CD-ROMs, Network drives, Opticals, ... When run on workstation
reduces network traffic & server loading, Artisoft LANtastic Compatible
has DOS/Microsoft Windows in
CAV10H.ZIP 08-23-93 Cacheall Version 1.0 H
CAVE.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Cave Beta
CAVE10A.ZIP 08-12-95 Dfn_lord the Lord Cavern V 1.0a
CAVE13.ZIP 06-22-96 The L.O.R.D. Cavern V1.3 Lord Igm
CAVE2.ZIP 08-14-94 This is an E1m2 Pwad for Doom. Has A Couple of Interesting Puzzles and
Good Lighting Effects.
CAVEMANN.ZIP 01-08-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
CAVERN2.ZIP 05-01-95 Another Fine Doom File.
CAVERN3.ZIP 05-01-95 Another Fine Doom File.
CAVHELL.ZIP 06-30-94 A Great Doom Wad (Complete Episode). Caves of Hell.
CAVI32.ZIP 04-26-95 Source code to create an AVI file from bitmaps. By Mark Gamber.
CAVQUEST.LZH 01-06-14 Excellent Dungeons and dragons game
CAW.ZIP 04-07-93 Principles of Wiccan Belief
CAWF2.ZIP 12-19-13 Cawf is a C version of nroff-awf, Henry Spencer' Amazingly Workable
(text) Formatter.
CAWF407.ZIP 03-17-94 C Version of Nroff Like Text Formatter.
CAYMAN.ZIP 10-13-91 FS4 Scenery file for the Cayman Islands
CAYMAN2.ZIP 07-22-97 Cayman Island: Desktop theme of the island
CA_DRIVE.ZIP 05-26-94 CA Driving
CA_EMF12.ZIP 12-30-93 Internet Faq (Answers to Frequentlyasked Questions) Re: Cancer and
Electro-magnetic Fields E.G. High Tension Powerlines. 12/93 Version
(Replaces All Previous).
CA_FOOTB.ZIP 05-26-94 Canadian Football League
CA_HEMP.ZIP 08-23-94 Info about the CA Hemp Expo
CA_PS101.ZIP 01-01-95 Carrier will detect the carrier on your modem and set the DOS
ERRORLEVEL accordingly. Handy utility for sysops and for developers
writing programs that must check the modem connection before proceeding
Works on any serial port, from COM1 to
CA_ST101.ZIP 01-01-95 Carrier will detect the carrier on your modem and set the DOS
ERRORLEVEL accordingly. Handy utility for sysops and for developers
writing programs that must check the modem connection before proceeding
Works on any serial port, from COM1 to
CB1.ZIP 03-19-89 C BEAUTIFIER 026A
CB102.ARJ 12-19-13 ColorBox TSR prog allows you to create new, activate saved or change
palletes. for VGA scrns
CB200.ZIP 01-20-94 Clysmic Icon Bar (Clysbar) V2.00 the Only Tree-structured
(Nestable) Button Bar Program Launcher. Has Drag N' Drop Launch/Add,
Dos Icon Support, Many Color & Style Options. New Version With No Ini
Editing! Can be Win
CB50.ZIP 05-21-92 Checkbook 5.0 cash management
CBA15A.ZIP 08-24-95 Cbascii V1.5a. Import/Export Chessbase Data To/From Pgn Files. From
Andy Duplain.
CBA3215A.ZIP 08-31-95 Windows 32 Version of Cbascii 1.5. Converts Chessbase - Pgn
CBACK1.ZIP 05-09-92 Call Back Verifier: works with most BBS types
CBACK13.ARJ 12-19-13 Callback 1.3 - allows you to share a voice line for modem and voice
CBASE102.ZIP 09-23-91 C Lib of B+-Tree database functions
CBASE151.ZIP 12-15-92 CBASE - Version 1.51
CBASE154.ZIP 01-18-93 CBASE (Version 1.54) for Windows CBase is a Vendor contact tracking
system for use in Windows. The program allows you to keep track of
various vendors, what products they have, comments regarding specific
products or the vendor in general, etc.
CBASE158.ZIP 05-27-93 CBASE - Version 1.58
CBASE159.ZIP 06-08-93 CBASE - Version 1.59
CBASE160.ZIP 07-25-93 Cbase V1.6 for Windows. Track Software You Own by Vendor and Product.
CBASE163.ZIP 10-30-93 CBase v1.63: MS-Win special purpose relational database for keeping
track of computer vendors and products; tracks your software licenses,
serial #s & upgrade information; req VBRUN300.DLL; 10/30/93; Richard
Wagner/ Ivory Tower Software. (Newest File Date: 10-30-93)
CBASE164.ZIP 03-27-94 CBase v1.64: MS-Win special purpose relational database for keeping
track of computer vendors and products; tracks your software licenses,
serial #s & upgrade information; req VBRUN300.DLL; 03/27/94; (Newest
File Date: 03-27-94)
CBASE166.ZIP 07-12-94 Cbase V1.66: Ms-win Special Purpose Relational Database for Keeping
Track of Computer Vendors and Products; Tracks Your Software Licenses,
Serial #s & Upgrade Information; Req Vbrun300.Dll
CBBS0594.ZIP 05-07-94 Chicago Area BBS List (Newest File Date: 05-07-94) Uploaded by: Nick
CBBS0993.ZIP 09-04-93 The CBBSList - September 1993 Release As featured in Board
CBBS108.ZIP 04-06-94 CHARISMA BULLETIN BOARD SOFTWARE v1.08R The best dial-in BBS software
around! Includes internal Ansi support, built in Fidomail tosser,
full-screen editor, advanced file base support, LZH co
CBBSF2_1.ZIP 04-30-94 Cbbsfind V2.1 - Find Items Easily and Q Using This Program! You can
Quickly Search Th Cbbslist for Up to 50 Diferent Things at A Ti Search
for Things Like A Range Numbers, Maybe all BBS Runing Renegade.
CBBSFIND.ZIP 04-23-94 cbbsfind.exe find text or a range of phone numbers in the cbbslist and
then save the results in a file or print them.
CBBSSTAT.ZIP 08-02-93 User Stat screens!! Done in ANSI & the New RIP!!!
CBBS_DOS.ZIP 11-12-91 MsDos file list of Compart BBS, 358-0-8532133, 21-Mar-92
CBBS_FDN.ZIP 11-15-95 Membership in Concord-fdn.
CBBS_PRG.ZIP 11-12-91 Programming file list of Compart BBS, 12-Nov-91
CBB_U2.ZIP 03-17-97 Ddsdoors Updated and Upgraded Copy of Charlie's Baseball Game Door That
You Just Pop Into Your Game Subdirectory. Couple of Fixed Bugs and More
Realistic Play
CBB_V10.ZIP 03-15-97 Charlie's Baseball Game! BBS Door Which is Text Based and Written With
Accessibility for Blind Callers in Mind. Everyone can Play Includes
Couple of Bug Fixes and More Realistic Play
CBB_V11.ZIP 03-22-97 Charlie's Baseball Game BBS Door! Version 1.1 and It's Cool and Free!
So Enjoy America's Best Sport Speech Friendly for Blind Callers
CBCRDS21.ZIP 01-30-93 CoffeeBreak Card Games v2.1s! Includes the popular Crazy'8s and the
original 52-Pickup. Comes with many environment options such as a dozen
card backs and classical music scores. Register to obtain 4 more games
including Solitaire and Blackja
CBDEMO.ZIP 01-18-91 SQL Windows ComboBox DLL demo
CBDEMO1.ZIP 08-27-95 Chessbase for Windows Demo, Disk 1 of 2.
CBDG.ZIP 05-10-94 This is A Great Business Opportunity for Sales and Marketing
Professionals.This is Not Multilevel.If You Don't Make at Least $87k A
Year, You Should Look at This One! all Files Are in Microsoft Word 2
for Windows.Use Any
CBDOS22.ZIP 10-01-95 The Very Popular Coloring Book V2.2 for Dos! A Classic Kid's Toy is Now
Here for Your Pc. Includes 10 Pictures (35 Pictures Are in the
Registered Version.) the Program Supports 50 Colors, Printing, A 3-d
Button Bar
CBEM.ZIP 06-11-95 Comic Book E-mag. Issues 5 -13. Weekly Electronic Magazine all About
Comic Books and the Industry.
CBEM003.ZIP 03-30-95 Comic Book E-mag - March 27, 1995 (Ascii Text)
CBEM004.ZIP 04-09-95 Comic Book E-mag - April 9, 1995 (Ascii Text)
CBEM005.ZIP 04-16-95 Comic Book E-mag - April 16, 1995 (Ascii Text)
CBEM007.ZIP 04-30-95 Comic Book E-mag - Number 7 Weekly Electronic Magazine all About Comic
Books and the Industry. Presented by Comic Book Net, the Network
Devoted Entirely to Comic Books and Related Subjects.
CBEM009.ZIP 05-14-95 Comic Book E-mag - Number 9 Weekly Electronic Magazine all About Comic
Books and the Industry. Presented by Comic Book Net, the Network
Devoted Entirely to Comic Books and Related Subjects. Includes Info on
CBEM_019.ZIP 07-24-95 Comic Book E-mag : Issue 19 : Weekly! -this Issue; Csnsider, A New and
Improved Comicunications - Now Expanded With More News and Reviews.
CBEM_020.ZIP 07-30-95 Comic Book E-mag : Issue 20 : Weekly! - This Issue; Csnsider Stuff, Www
Sites That Should Interest Comic Book Fans, Press Releases From Diamond
Special Edition of Comicunications and A Word From Nate!
CBEM_021.ZIP 08-07-95 Comic Book E-mag : Issue 21 : Weekly! -this Issue; Cbn Gets Its Very
Own Web Page!, David Reviews Sinnamon and What If?, More Industry News
in Csnsider and Comicunications, Nate Reviews Byrne's Wonder Woman,
Plus More!
CBEM_023.ZIP 08-21-95 Comicbook Net E-mag, Issue #23! - This Issue: Nate Rebutts the Editor!
Plus, the Addition of the New Weekly Features: Bobb Waller's New Comics
and Andrew Troth's Late Comics Report!
CBEM_025.ZIP 09-04-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #25! -a New Column Small Press Spotlight,
Makes Its Debut in This Issue! Congrats all Around for 25 Issues of
This Exciting E-mag!
CBEM_026.ZIP 09-12-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #26 - This Issue: Cartoon News, the Debut of
the Cool Rich's Revelations Column, Tons of Market Info. All About
Comic Books!
CBEM_027.ZIP 09-21-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #27 -this Issue: Updates on the Dc/Marvel
Crossover, Broadway Comics, and Ultraverse Action Figures. Mike Looks
at Marvel - 10 Years Ago. Review: F.F Unplugged. Rich's Revelations.
CBEM_028.ZIP 09-25-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag -issue #28! This Issue Sees the Debut of Jacob
Greenberg's New Column, A Parting Shot. Also, Tons of Press Releases
About Marvel and Dc's Upcoming Crossover! and Much More!
CBEM_029.ZIP 10-01-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #29! -this Issue Sees the Debut of A New
Column by Marc Sparks, Covering the African Comic Book Scene! Cool!
Also, Nate's Some Stuff and Ryan's Comicunications Return.
CBEM_031.ZIP 10-15-95 Comic Book Net E-mag #31 -this Issue: Cbn Apa Info, Reviews From Vern
Kriske and David Drew, and Tons of News, Reviews, and Columns!
CBEM_032.ZIP 10-23-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #32! - This Issue: More Inside News and
Industry Gossip, With Another Installment of the Csnsider and Rich's
Revel- Ations. Also This Week: the Late Comics Report!
CBEM_034.ZIP 11-08-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #34! - Generation X: the Movie! Plus: Mike
Imboden Predicts the Out- Come of the Marvel/Dc Cross- Over, Jacob
Greenberg's Column Parting Shot Returns, and Fiction: the Ring #1!
CBEM_036.ZIP 11-23-95 F The Comic Book Net E-mag #36! -tons of Late-breaking News Stories
Courtesy of Comicunications and the Csnsider, Along With In-depth
Interviews and Informative Columns
CBEM_037.ZIP 11-26-95 F The Comic Book Net E-mag, #37 -this Issue: an Update on the Hearings
in Oklahoma City, Tons of News Stories and all the Other Good Stuff
That Makes This Mag So Cool.
CBEM_038.ZIP 12-06-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #38 - is Marvel Licensing Some of Their Top
Titles to Image? Tons of Gossip, Plus Another of Mike Vance's Suspended
Animation Columns
CBEM_039.ZIP 12-10-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #39! - Issue #39 Contains Our First Interview
Feature! Jeffrey Archer Interviews Comics Legend Frank Miller. Also,
Miracleman Finds A New Home
CBEM_041.ZIP 12-24-95 The Comic Book Net E-mag #41! -we Don't Even Rest for Christmas Eve!
:this Issue, More Info on the Amalgam Comics Event, Plus A Plethora of
Comix Info
CBEM_042.ZIP 01-01-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #42 - 1/1/96 - Happy New Year's! Hbo Casts the
Spawn Cartoon Plus: Ryan Tries to Re-name the Comics Medium.
CBEM_043.ZIP 01-08-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #43 - Marvel Cuts Costs and Diamond Buckles
Down. Plus, Marc Sparks Reminisces, Ryan Brew- Ster Reflects on the
Past Year, and Ronald Thomasfleming's Small Press Column Returns
CBEM_044.ZIP 01-17-96 The Cbn E-mag, #44! - Rich Johnston's Great Rich's Revelations Column
for January, As Well As A Retailer's Rant Column From Jeff Archer
CBEM_058.ZIP 05-10-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #58 1st Qtr. Loss for Marvel, the Keith
Interviews Trina Robbins, Review: Fastlane Illustrated, Dream Factory
Files Chapt. 7, Classics Illustrated Coming From Acclaim
CBEM_059.ZIP 05-17-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #59 Marvel Launches Onslaught As 1st Official
Web Site, Turok to Launch Nintendo-64, Top 200 Comics for April and
Suspended Animation Returns
CBEM_060.ZIP 05-24-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #60 - the Keith Interviews Mary Fleener, Top
50 Comics - 10 B&w for May, Hero Illustrated Loses Online Status After
Buyout, Marvel Increases Cyber Presence With Annual Report on Web
CBEM_063.ZIP 06-15-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #63 Top 50 Comics for May/June, Marvel Gets
New Vp, Recommended Reading Gets New Reviewer, Cbn Gets New Admin Team
and the June Rich's Revelations
CBEM_064.ZIP 06-22-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #64 - Curt Swan Dies at 76, Cbg Fan Award
Finalists, Shaq to Play Steel, Review: Steven's Comics, Jeff Mason's
Resource Guide, Dreamworks to Do Ash Animation
CBEM_066.ZIP 07-05-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #66 - Marvel Goes Online With Aol and Funds
Marvel Studios Chicago Con Report, Reviews of Taboux #1 and the
Copybook Tales #1. Keady's Komments Returns
CBEM_067.ZIP 07-13-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #67 - Eisner Award Winners, Rich's Revelations
for July, Review of Volunteer Comics, Another Comic Creator Dies
CBEM_070.ZIP 08-02-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #70 - Lois & Clark to Wed in Fall!
Diamond/Capital Q&a Interview With Terry Laban of Cud Recommended
Reading Returns and the Dr Wonder Top Ten
CBEM_071.ZIP 08-09-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #71 - Suspended Animation Returns! Name This
Column Contest Review: Dr Wonder #3, Golden Books Inc. Buys Broadway!
CBEM_075.ZIP 09-06-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #75 Anniversary Issue! - Image Gives Liefeld
the Boot! M!ke's Name This Column is Back, Chuck Lepage's Ncrl Joins
Cbem, Kurt Busiek's Thunderbolts
CBEM_077.ZIP 09-20-96 The Comic Book Net E-mag #76 - Howard the Duck is Dead! Nightman Coming
to Tv, Sirius Ends Exclusive, Review: Dr. Cyborg Preview New Cd-rom
Comics From Dc.
CBFD96.ZIP 11-27-93 Comic Book Fanatics Database V9.6. Many New Options and Features.
CBFD98.ZIP 02-02-94 [ The Comic Book Fanatics Database ] Keeps A Complete Record Of All Of
Your Comic Books. Many Features. [ v9.8 ] Features: - Add, Delete,
Update, Search, Shell, Print, Statistics, View, Online Help, Total
Values, Text File Lists, Auto Backup, Screen Saver, Comic Trivia And
More! So if you collect comics, then this is for you. No more searching
through books for statistics on your comic, just use this easy to use
CBFREE15.ZIP 03-27-97 Fgpcbppe Cbfree15.Zip-callback Verifier-free-pplc 3.1 Over 50 Features
Packed Into This Free Callback Verifier Ppe. Caller Id Support,
International Callbacks, Bad Number and Name Blocking, Automatic Local
or Long Distanc
CBFREE32.ZIP 09-10-96 Conversion Buddy (Tm) 3.2 Freeware Converts One Measurement Unit to
Another. Powerful Scientific Precision. 1700 Conv. Factors Included.
Add Your Own. Paste Results And Precision Report Into Windows Docs
CBGS100.ZIP 09-27-91 CybOrgs 1995 (USA) is an online game for 2 A.M., DoorWay, Force,Forum,
GAP, GT, ModuleX, PCBoard 14.x, Opus-CBSC 1.14, Phoenix, RyBBS, Search-
Light, Spitfire, Telegard, WildCat, WWIV, EIS-PC, FoReM, OLEcom, Quick
BBS, RBBS 16, Remote Access , TAG, and TP-Board BBSs.
CBI.ZIP 01-01-80 How to Logon to a C.B.I. System
CBIBLE.ARJ 12-19-13 C Programming Language According To The Bible
CBIBLE.ZIP 05-31-91 C Programming Language According To The Bible
CBIGO.ZIP 03-12-97 Capesoft Bingo Ver 1.0 for Win 95 Contains Both Standard 640x280
Resolution and High 1024x768 Resolution Versions. The Version That Will
Load is Determined by Your Screen Resolution. Play 1 or 2 Cards per
CBILL10.ZIP 07-07-93 Client Biller V1.0 for Windows. Track Clients and Make Invoices,
W/Envelopes & Reports. Auto Phone Dialer, Easy to Use Toolbar, Pre-set
Charges and More.
CBILL20.ZIP 09-30-94 Client Biller Version 2.00 -$- Invoice Maker for Windows $- Create and
Print Great Looking Invoices, Track Clients, & More!