Name Date Description
CARDS526.ARJ 12-19-13 Homecraft's Database For Cataloging Sports Cards. 10,000,000 Entries.
3-D Pulldown Menus.
CARDS6.ZIP 03-01-95 Organize Your Sports Cards Ver. 6.10 A Specialized Database Designed
Specif- Ically for Cataloging all Types of Sport Cards Including
Baseball Cards, Football Cards Basketball Cards & Other.
CARDSH17.ZIP 09-13-92 Card Sharks is based on the popular TV game show of the same name. A
"pyramid" of cards is displayed to you face down, except for the
starting card.
CARDSM.ZIP 10-11-95 D Organize Your Sports Cards V2.2 for Windows
CARDSM20.ZIP 07-10-95 Cards+more V2.00 Easy-to-use System for Labels, Cards, Etc. 10 Graphics
Formats, Many Text Attributes, Including 180-degree Rotation, Code39
Bar Codes, Postnet, Import, Merge, Drag & Drop, Snap-to-grid
CARDSM21.ZIP 09-11-95 Cards + More for Windows V2.10 Easy-to-use and Intuitive. Labels, Cards
Graphics, Bar Codes, Postnet, Much More.
CARDSM24.ZIP 01-15-96 Cards+more V2.40 - Easy-to-use and Intuitive. Print Labels, Cards,
Graphics, Bar Codes, Postnet, Much More
CARDSM27.ZIP 09-11-96 Cards+more V2.7 Aug-12-96 Easy-to-use System for Labels, Cards, Etc. 10
Graphics Formats, Many Text Attributes, Code39 Bar Codes, Postnet,
Import, Merge, Drag & Drop, Snap-to-grid, Auto-numbering, Rotation
CARDSWS1.ZIP 10-11-93 -=-=-=-=- CardsWorkShop V1.0 =-=-=-=-=- CardsWorkShop is a integrated
editor/ compiler/player allowing the quick design and play of solitary
card games. The language used ressembled PASCAL and is kinda object
oriented. A good number of examples are included. Windows 3.x.
Shareware. September 1993. -=-=-=-=- CardsWorkShop V1.0 =-=-=-=-=-
(Newest File Date: 10-11-93)
CARDVW11.ZIP 02-22-94 CardView v1.1: DOS application that reads Windows Cardfile data files
w/out being in Windows; 02/22/94; Sound Micro Solutions. (Newest File
Date: 02-22-94)
CARDX102.ZIP 02-20-91 CARDX V1.02 TSR Database for your Modem.
CARDX135.ZIP 06-07-94 Rolodex: Dials Phone, Prints Labels, Envelopes, and More.
CARDXL.ZIP 06-17-93 Converts Win Cardfile to TXT, CSV. (Newest File Date: 06-17-93)
CARDXLT2.ZIP 06-17-93 Translates Wincard files to Text and back
CARD_CE.ZIP 09-11-94 A Good Card Colection Program Made by Me to You Dbase III Owner, all
Files You Need, But You Need Your Own Dbase to Run.
CARECK.ZIP 04-26-95 Windows 95 Care Package. Very useful help to answer many questions on
Windows 95. In the Windows 95 help format.
CAREER.ZIP 12-29-13 CAREER PATH 2.3 Career Path is a comprehensive career selection
and planning system designed to help a person determine 'Who they are',
'What career(s) they would like the best', and 'How to get the career
they want'.
CARENA10.ZIP 03-18-94 Cryptic Arena - the Ultimate Online Battle.
CARER395.ZIP 07-25-95 Career Path 3.95 Helps Determine A Person's Best Career(S)- Career Path
is A Comprehensive Career Selection and Planning System Designed to
Help A Person Select Those Career(S) That Will Provide the Greatest
CARGOBAY.ZIP 04-21-95 Cargo Bay - Strategy Thriller With Great Sound & Graphics Vga/Sb
CARIB28.ZIP 04-19-93 Caribbean Contraband v2.8; BBS Door Game. Test your skills at buy ing &
selling contraband while traveling the Caribbean Sea! Highly addictive
and Entertaining Game! Supports PCBoard, Wildcat!, DOOR.SYS, MikeBBS
and DORINFOx.DEF System Files. Supports Non Std Ports, FOSSIL Drivers
and Digiboard.
CARIBEAN.ZIP 11-11-95 Caribbean Desaster - Playable
CARIBOU.ZIP 09-03-95 Cook-mm (Mm) Original Recipes by Jim Weller for Cooking Caribou
CARLIN.ZIP 09-03-96 Doom II - CarlinWad Info D New -- (By Gamesnet) After A Lot of Doom
Playing I Decided it Was Time to Make My Own Sound Wad, So I Chose One
of My Favorite Comedians, Possibly One of the Loudest As Well
CARMAN.ZIP 11-09-93 Doc for pcxcar.zip must use ms word for win to print and the graphic
file in the dir with this .doc file. (Newest File Date: 11-09-93)
CARNAG12.ZIP 12-28-94 Ultimate Carnage 1-2 This is One of My Best Carnage Levels (Carnag22
Still Rulez), and One of the Must Fun! "For Those Who Like to Kill A
Few Thousand Imps".
CARNAGE.ZIP 03-25-97 Doom II - Carnage Galore Ver 30
CARNAL.ZIP 04-14-95 Another Fine Doom Wad.
CARNE.ZIP 11-04-95 Doom2 This is My First Wad, it Took Me A
CARNWA10.ZIP 06-30-95 Carange Wall 1.0-
CARO.ZIP 06-07-96 Play Caro Game, can Play and Chat Via Modem
CAROK_B8.ZIP 05-26-95 Caro-kann Games Collection, Bookup 8 Format. Suitable for use With
CAROL10.ZIP 08-12-94 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
CAROWIN1.ZIP 10-08-95 Caro for Windows
CARPE.ZIP 04-07-93 Info on CARPE
CARPT.ARJ 12-19-13 Career Assignment Report for Sublogics Flight Assignment A.T.P. Reports
on problems of
CARR.ZIP 01-01-95 Carrier is A Simple Utility for Detecting Your Modem's Carrier (And
Setting the DOS Errorlevel Accordingly). Works on Any Com Port - Even
Ports That Are Non-standard. Does Not Require Interrupts or "Fossil"
CARR10.ZIP 01-07-93 "Carrier" is a simple utility for detecting your modem's c
CARRIB.ARJ 12-19-13 Jack Nicklaus Golf Course Good, not Great.
CARRIE.ZIP 05-12-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
CARRIER.ZIP 06-29-92 Program to detect CARRIER presence. See example batch file
CARS22.LZH 01-06-14 With 26 user definiable catagories
CARS24.LZH 01-06-14 tracks 26 user defined categories.
CARS25.ARJ 12-19-13 (C)omplete (A)utomobile (R)eporting (S)ystem
CARS25.LZH 01-06-14 tracks 26 user definable exp categories
CARS95DC.ZIP 09-02-95 1995 Papyrus Indycar Carset From Cserve.
CARS96JP.ZIP 06-11-96 Papryus Indycar II 1996 Carset - Icr2
CARS_AVI.ZIP 09-09-92 Video for Windows Avi File of a Auto Race. (Newest File Date: 09-09-92)
CART0195.ZIP 01-15-95 Cartouche, Crafting Mag, Hyptertext Format Jan/Feb 1995 Complimentary
CART100.ARJ 12-19-13 "CartMachine" .WAV file player for 3.1
CARTA.ZIP 01-24-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
CARTCAT1.ZIP 03-02-95 Cf-nfo Cartouche Needle Arts Catalog - Volume 1 of 3
CARTDEMO.ZIP 08-20-94 Cartouche Magazine - Electronic Hypertext Mag Dedicated to Crafting,
Test of Reader Compatibility Only.
CARTFUL1.ZIP 02-05-93 Full Set of Cartoon Ttf Including: Normal, Wide, Thin, Condensed,
Expanded, Hollow, Hollow Expanded, Hollow Wide, Hollow Thin, Hollow
Condensed. 1 of 2 Disks. (Newest File Date: 02-05-93)
CARTFUL2.ZIP 02-05-93 Cartoon Ttf 2 of 2. (Newest File Date: 02-05-93)
CARTMECH.ARJ 12-19-13 Cart machine transport design, ops & maint.
CARTMICR.ARJ 12-19-13 Microproc. Perf. Optimize for all cart tapes.
CARTO.ZIP 01-26-93 True Type Font - Map Symbols. (Newest File Date: 01-26-93)
CARTOON.ZIP 11-09-93 Cartoon words
CARTPHAS.ARJ 12-19-13 Text-Automatic phase correction/CART decks.
CARTREK.ZIP 09-06-89 The car bug/tracker
CARTWRIG.ZIP 06-22-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
CARTWRIT.ZIP 06-14-91 WIN3 ATM font CartWright
CART_V12.ZIP 04-11-95 Cf-nfo Cartouch Needlearts Catalog V1.2 (Excellent Reference Material)
CARVB25.ZIP 01-31-96 Car25.Vbx V2.50 - Automobile Instruments Custom Control Vbx for use in
Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Delphi
CARVE20A.ZIP 04-20-95 Carve V2.0a -carve is A Simple Little Command Line Utility That Will
Split A File Into A Specified Number of 'Chunks', and Join Them Back
Together Again. Fast and Reliable. New Version, Many Improvements and
Bug Fixes
CAR_RACE.ZIP 06-18-89 Motor Sports freq. list
CAS.ARJ 12-19-13 DCA/Intel Communication Application Spec's v1.2
CAS101.ZIP 04-28-95 Win Calculation Solitaire BBS Door Game V1.01
CAS102.ZIP 01-03-97 Calculation Solitaire Door V1.02 Game of Solitaire Where There Are 4
Foundations to Build Upon and 4 Discard Piles to Use. Each Foundation
Requires A Different Increment to be Played. Keeps Daily Winners
CAS1B0.ZIP 08-01-95 Casino at the End of Time V1.0 (Beta) A Collection of Mecca Time
Gambling Games in One Convenient Package.
CAS2614.ZIP 11-22-96 Church Accounting System This Program is A Complete Church Accounting
System. It can Handle all Your Checks. Also Does Multiple Funds
(General Fund, Youth Fund, Piano Fund, Flower Fund, Etc) From A Single
Check Book
CAS39.ZIP 04-29-95 This is A Cool Deathmatch Wad for Doom2. It is A Big Castle Where You
can Hunt Your "Enemies".
CASBAY.ARJ 12-19-13 statis scenery file for San Fransisco Bay area
CASCADE.ZIP 01-25-91 CASCADE Type 1 font for use with ATM.
CASCRAPS.ZIP 01-08-93 Casino Craps for Windows - version 1.0 Craps just like in Las Vegas.
The quality looks good, but I don't know the game myself so I can't
judge the accuracy. (Newest File Date: 01-08-93)
CASE12A.ZIP 01-17-96 Fwutils Case Conversion Utility for Os/2 Hpfs File/Dir Names for Os/2 2
X, 3x
CASE40A.ARJ 12-19-13 Case Manager v4.0 by Paul Sax Keep in control of your clients (1 of 4)
CASE40B.ARJ 12-19-13 For attorneys or counselers (2 of 4)
CASE40C.ARJ 12-19-13 Comprehensive Client/Docket Track (3 of 4)
CASE40D.ARJ 12-19-13 Tickler, monthly statements etc (4 of 4)
CASELIN.LZH 01-06-14 Makes liner note labels for audio cassettes
CASELIN3.ARJ 12-19-13 CaseLinr v3.0 for Win3 - prints cassete labels
CASELINE.LZH 01-06-14 Print cassette labels in Windows
CASEMAKR.ZIP 07-18-92 An cassette insert maker that runs in Windows ver 3.1 or later. This
allows you to make neat and easy cassette inserts that are able to slip
in a cassette box. No muss no fuss. (Newest File Date: 07-18-92)
CASEVS.ZIP 03-01-94 Cl-doc Case Vs If Study / Execution Time
CASEY.ZIP 10-06-94 Casey Calendars the Easy Way Version 1.02
CASEY101.ZIP 12-04-93 Print Very Nice Typeset Calendars. Add Important Dates to Your
Calendars, With Text and Shading. Start Your Weeks on Any Day. Show
Five, Six or Seven Days Per Week. Shade Any Day or Days of the Week You
CASEY12.ZIP 01-06-95 Casey - Calendars the Easy Way Version 1.2 by Ets Inc. Why Are We
Giving Away This Calendar Program for Only $10? the Amazing Thing, of
Course, is the Rather Remarkable
CASE_PT.ZIP 12-15-91 Case&Point Toolkit - for Systems Analysis
CASH20.ZIP 09-15-94 Cash V2.0: Ms-windows Statistical Handicapping System; Req Vbrun300.Dll
09/15/94; Statcast Software.
CASHC.ZIP 09-18-91 Cash Control v1.2S Checkbook Manager
CASHF351.ZIP 03-16-94 Up Your Cash Flow is a financial planning program that predicts a
business' future profit/loss and cash flow requirements in both
spreadsheet and graphic formats. UYCF is ideal for securing bank loans,
writing business plans, and anticipating problems in advance. It is NOT
a template - Fully menu driven. "Up Your Cash Flow provides sound
financial planning advice." - Lotus Magazine Member
CASHO14G.ZIP 08-04-95 Casino.Sho - Atlantic City Entertainment Guid 8/02/95 Vol. 2 Day 214.
Catch the Glamour and Excitement of Atlantic City. (A)scii or (G
)raphics Version. Distributed by Acn: Atlantic City Network
CASHRT10.LZH 01-06-14 Small business point-of-sale
CASHTHAT.ARJ 12-19-13 Irate Customer 'CASH THAT NOW!' S/Blaster .Voc
CASHTRAC.ZIP 12-08-91 Checkbook Tracking Utility.
CASINO.ZIP 04-10-95 Brainex Casino Manager Menu Program for Brainex Casino Programs.
Displays Top Scores, and Has A Cashier Bank. Players can Get and Pay
Off Loans. Includes the Brainex Telecheck System, Which Let's Callers
Transfer Casino
CASINO11.ZIP 07-26-95 Rsi Casino for Windows V1.1 Black Jack and Draw Poker
CASINO29.ZIP 01-29-97 Casino.Sho (Tm) Gaming and Entertainment Magazine. 01/29/97 Vol. 4 Day
029. Issn 1086-7430 New - Mississippi and Louisiana Listings! 1:
2623/58@fidonet Dial-up Bbs
CASINO30.ARJ 12-19-13 Krazy Casino V3.0 Door by Mike Wilson.
CASINODV.ZIP 01-01-92 DESQview 386 setup information by Dave Schubert, Sysop, The Casino
PCBoard BBS. Running 3 nodes in 440K MS-DOS 5.0 partitions.
CASKET.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Vander's Casket 2
CASKETP.ZIP 06-29-93 Cheap Rip Paint program with save and editing abilties...
CASK_POE.ZIP 01-11-94 TXT: "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe. FTPd from Internet
Wiretap. (Newest File Date: 01-11-94)
CASLDEMO.ZIP 07-18-95 Vb Error Ease Demo - is an Interactive Demo of an Error Handling
Package for Visual Basic. Description Copyright 1995 Psl
CASLDETH.ZIP 01-01-95 Castle of Death ** Kentz Castle of Death for Doom ** - This is Levels
1-5 for Reg'd Doom2!!
CASLN39C.ZIP 08-05-93 Caselinr v3.9C: MS-Windows pgm which prints case liners (aka J-Cards)
for audio cassettes that can be cut, folded and inserted into an empty
(preferably clear plastic) audio cassette box; 08/05/93; Ed Adasiewicz.
(Newest File Date: 08-05-93)
CASLNR35.ZIP 07-19-92 Prints case liners for audio tapes.
CASLNR38.ZIP 06-28-93 Caselinr V38: Mswindows Program Which Prints Case Liners (Aka J-cards)
for Audio Cassettes 06/06/93; Ed Adasiewicz Last Revision Date in
Archive: 06-06-1993
CASLON.ZIP 01-14-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
CASLONB.ZIP 03-02-91 Atm Font. (Newest File Date: 03-02-91)
CASLOTR2.ZIP 02-23-95 Castle of the Renegegades 2-for Doom 2
CASM901.ZIP 07-03-94 Cassettemaster 9.01 Asp Helping You Master Your Cassette Library.The
Bezt Tape Cataloger on the Market! Max Flexibility,3 User Fields & 2 U
Boxes per Title, Up to 51 Lines of Tunes per Side. Out Puts to Printer/
Screen/ Fi
CASM910.ZIP 12-29-13 CASETTEMASTER V9.10 CassetteMaster 9.10 Helping you *Master
your Cassette library.The BeZt tape cataloger on the market! Max
flexibility,3 user fields & 2 U Boxes per title, up to 51 lines of
Tunes per side. Out puts to printer/ screen/ file. Audio Labels, 3X5
& Rolodex cards. Can Find! on every field or combination, even Tune!
From Unicorn Software Ltd.
CASMTN.ARJ 12-19-13 Clear Lake, California. scenery file for FS
CASPAKWN.ARJ 12-19-13 Casino Pack for MS-Win 3.x. Turn Windows into a Casino! Great games
including Poker, Black Jack
CASQUETT.ZIP 01-23-93 Casque true type font. (Newest File Date: 01-23-93)
CASS1SW.ZIP 09-01-94 A Cassette Label Maker Written in Vb 3.0 Requires Vbrun300.Dll to Run.
CASSBOX.ARJ 12-19-13 Template for Cassette Box Labels to print
CASSETTE.LZH 01-06-14 Prints directories for cassette tapes
CAST110.ZIP 04-22-91 2 player castle game-Defend attack a castle
CASTAG10.ZIP 06-21-90 CasinoTAG - gambling door for TAG BBS's. It offers usersa way to gamble
their Download Credits or Time Bank Minutes
CASTAW.ZIP 04-13-92 Castaway: intercepts netware broadcast messages.
CASTEDIT.ZIP 07-10-94 Shadow Caster Morph and Mana editor.
CASTLE.LZH 01-06-14 Dungeons and dragons type game
CASTLE.ZIP 03-23-97 Hexen 1.1: - the Dark Castle
CASTLE1.ARJ 12-19-13 Castle of the Winds, a fantasy role playing game for Windows 3.x
CASTLE10.ZIP 04-21-95 Version 01.00.00 Castle is A Fun and Exciting Game for Many Bulletin
Board Systems. You Are A Noble Who is Trying to Capture the Throne. You
Do This by Building an Empire and Crushing Your Enemies. Easy to
CASTLE11.ZIP 06-30-93 Castle of the Winds - For Windows Castle of the Winds is a fantasy role
playing game from Epic Megagames! This is a new version 1.1A. Enjoy!!
CASTLE76.ZIP 12-23-92 Dark Castle door game.
CASTLE80.ZIP 07-01-95 The Dark Castle V8.0 BBS Door Ansi,multinode,com1-4,non-std Irq Dte To
115kbps. Venture Into the Dark Castle And Retrieve Awesome Prize Inside
But You Must Stay Alive to Do It! (C)1986-95 Late-nite Software
CASTLEBA.ZIP 02-15-94 Dmc->balgar Conversion for T. Wentzler's "The Castle" Xstitch
CASTLEPC.ZIP 02-20-94 Public Domain Version of the Old Star Castle Arcade Game. Very Well
Done, Includes Sound Card Support, and Very, Very Free. It's Small, But
Well Worth Your Download Time.
CASTLES.ZIP 06-08-91 1st grade educational adventure
CASTLESI.ZIP 07-09-93 Nice demo version of Castles (Windows-game). (Newest File Date:
CASTOOLS.ZIP 12-19-13 Intel CAS FAX 'C' source code/tools v1.0b
CASTR50.ZIP 07-21-97 Nfl Forecaster for Win95 V5.0 - W95 Using Only Scores, it Ranks Teams
and Predicts Winners & Spreads of Nfl Games. 5 Reports, 8 Categories of
Statistics. Nfl Calendar Included Free. 97-98 Season
CASTVTTL.JPG 12-19-13 Castlevania Title Screen
CASW210.ZIP 10-01-94 Cassettemaster for Windows V2.10 - Master Your Cassette Library. User
Defined Fields, Unlimited Tunes/Side. Output to Prn/Screen/File.
CASW210A.ZIP 10-01-94 CASETTEMASTER FOR WINDOWS 2.10 CassetteMaster For Windows 2.10
Helping you Master your Cassette Library.It does what other
catalogers only dream of! Max flex- ibility (user defined fields, pick
lists & more!) UNLIMITED Tunes, and individual artists for each.
Outputs to printer/screen/ file. Labels, 3X5 & Rolodex cards, J Card
inserts. Can Pick Cassette on any field or combination, even Tune!
From Unicorn Software Ltd
CASW210B.ZIP 09-01-94 CASETTEMASTER FOR WINDOWS 2.10 CassetteMaster For Windows 2.10
Helping you Master your tape Library.It does what other
catalogers only dream of! Max flexibility (user defined fields,
pick lists & more!) UNLIMITED Tunes, and individual artists for
each. Outputs to printer/screen/ file. Labels, J cards, 3X5 &
Rolodex cards. Can Pick Cassette! on every field or combination,
even Tune!
CASWEIRD.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Castle Weird
CAS_100.ZIP 05-28-93 Castle Siege is a multiplayer realtime interactive adventure game where
players attempt to build their forces in order to topple the Castle.
There are magic items, wizards, beasts, enemy warriors and many other
items of interest
CAS_125.ZIP 09-20-96 Castle Siege V1.25 is A Multiplayer Realtime Interactive Adventure Game
Where Players Attempt to Build Their Forces in Order to Topple the
Castle. Magic Items, Wizards, Beasts, Warriors
CAT-STAT.LZH 01-06-14 A Suppliment to CATDISK: The Greatest!
CAT.COM 01-06-14 Another sorted directory listing program
CAT0301.ZIP 12-18-91 Computer Assisted Examination, Carl David
CAT0327.ZIP 03-27-95 Directory of Different Documents You can Request by Emailing Through
Internet. If You Don't Have Internet Email, Join This BBS Today!
Directory Includes Something for Everyone! Business, Ecology, Marketing
CAT0726.ZIP 07-26-95 Online Catalog Systemtm. Request Free Information on New Products,
Services Business Opportunities, How-to Articles Sports, Entertainment,
and More From the Privacy of Your Computer. No Obligation!
CAT400.ZIP 04-18-94 CAT 4.00 04/18/94 CAT is a unix tool for people that are used to UNIX
it is a handy familiar tool for displaying, printing, and concatenating
files together. Shareware registration forms and manual included. From
CAT50728.ZIP 08-01-95 The Cat Chronicle for 7-28-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Cat on the
Web! Person of the Week Glb Teen Advisor Bike Safety .
CAT50804.ZIP 08-06-95 The Cat Chronicle for 8-4-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Meetings
Announced Glb Teen Advisor Rollerblade Safety More! .
CAT50811.ZIP 08-13-95 The Cat Chronicle for 8-11-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Volunteers
Needed! Glb Teen Advisor Kids in Cars Safety More! .
CAT50818.ZIP 08-23-95 The Cat Chronicle for 8-18-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Crises in
Merrimack Shopping With Kids Glb Youth Advisor More! .
CAT50825.ZIP 08-27-95 The Cat Chronicle for 8-25-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Crisis in
Merrimack Kids and Sports Glb Youth Advisor More! .
CAT50901.ZIP 09-06-95 The Cat Chronicle for 9-1-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Talking to
Kids What If? Homophobe Hearings Glb Youth Advisor .
CAT50908.ZIP 09-11-95 The Cat Chronicle for 9-8-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Protect
Your Kids From Poison Homophobe Hearings Update What If? .
CAT50920.ZIP 09-20-95 Cat Receives Senator Kennedy Endorsement! . . . Children's Animated
Television (Cat), A A Non-profit Organization Just Received A Letter of
Endorsement From Sen. Kennedy for Its Glb Video Project for Teens.
CAT50922.ZIP 09-25-95 The Cat Chronicle for 9-22-95 - Weekly Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Senator
Kennedy Endorsement! Glb Youth Survey What If? More!
CAT50930.ZIP 10-01-95 Project Brighter Future Volunteer Faq! Children's Animated Television
"Project Brighter Future for Glb Teens" .
CAT51006.ZIP 10-11-95 The Cat Chronicle of 10-6-95 Issn 1084-5585 - Weekly Newsletter
Published by Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This
Week: New Column-the Disabled Corner Glb Youth Advisor What If? More! .
CAT51020.ZIP 10-27-95 The Cat Chronicle of 10-20-95 Issn 1084-5585 - Weekly Newsletter
Published by Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This
Week: Cat's New Interactive Web Page Glb Youth Advisor Ada Info More! .
CAT51027.ZIP 11-01-95 The Cat Chronicle of 10-27-95 Issn 1084-5585 - Weekly Newsletter
Published by Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This
Week: Nyc Communications Firm to Sponsor Cat! Glb Youth Advisor More! .
CAT51222.ZIP 12-29-95 The Cat Chronicle of 12-22-95 Issn 1084-5585 - Newsletter Published by
Children's Animated Television, A Non-profit Org. This Week: Year End
Summary What If? Mike's Letter to Newt G. More! .
CAT747.ZIP 01-19-96 Fs5 Cathay Pacific 747-400 to be Used in John Voss.
CAT95.ZIP 10-29-95 Windows 95 version of the very popular DOS CAT! cataloging software.
Very efficient time saver.
CAT95V20.ZIP 10-29-95 Cat95! V2.0: 32-bit App for Ms-windows 95 Windows Nt 3.51 and Windows 3
1x With Win32s That Runs A Cat on Your Desktop by Following the Cursor;
If You Minimize the Pgm Window the Cat Runs on the Desktop
CAT990.ZIP 02-01-93 Computer Control for FT 990 Etc Ham Radio.
CATABS13.ZIP 11-20-92 THE CATACOMB ABYSS in 3-D! A captivating tale of wizards & fantasy
trips into other dimensions. You've been called upon to perform feats
of magic & courage against your arch-rival, Nemesis. You'll discover a
myriad of bizzare creatures and pl
CATABYSS.ZIP 11-12-96 The Catacomb Abyss in 3-d! A Captivating Tale of Wizards & Fantasy
Trips Into Other Dimensions. You've Been Called Upon to Perform Feats
of Magic & Courage Against Your Arch-rival, Nemesis.
CATACLYS.ZIP 02-05-94 Cataclysm 1.00 - Screen Saver for Windows 3.1.
CATACOMB.ZIP 11-06-95 Descent - Catacombs - New Level !
CATADS1.ZIP 05-21-95 Catads1 Checks and Get Rid of The.Ads File (See the Long Description)
CATADSK3.LZH 01-06-14 CAT-A-DISK (v3.1) - Disk Cataloger
CATAL-1.ARJ 12-19-13 CataList v4.19 mailing list manager. 1/2.
CATAL-2.ARJ 12-19-13 CataList v4.19 mailing list manager. 2/2.
CATALG20.ARJ 12-19-13 Catalog-On-A-Disk v2.0: lets you distribute your product catalogs to
your customers on floppy
CATALG40.ZIP 12-29-13 Catalog-On-A-Disk (tm) 4.01 LONG DESCRIPTION:Catalog-On-A-Disk
(tm) v4.00 Make it easy for your customers to order using a few
simple keys with this award winning catalog software. Browse or search
for products, thenprint the order form with tax and shipping
precalculated to be sent by mail, fax, modem,or phone. Compressed
catalog fits many products on disk and provides security for
CATALGDB.ZIP 03-20-95 Bitmap Catalog of David Barnes' Os/2 Bitmaps.