Name Date Description
CAM_M130.ZIP 01-05-93 Cam-Mail v1.30 Multi-Lingual, Multi-Node. The best ShareWare .QWK Door
for PCBoard 14.5. Supports Duplicate CRC checking, NetWorking,
Internal Protocols, Updating of Mail Waiting Flags,command line
stacking in the Door and via PCBoard, Forci
CAM_M140.ZIP 12-08-93 Cam-Mail v1.40 Multi-Lingual, Multi-Node. The best ShareWare QWK/REP
Door for PCBoard 15.0 Supports Duplicate CRC checking, File Attachments
in QWK/REP packets, Echoing Mail Between BBS's, Internal Protocols,
Updating of Mail Waiting Flags,command line stacking in the Door and
via PCBoard,Forcing of Scanning Conferences and NetWorks Config.
Supports non standard comports and /M of PCB Truly the BEST!!
Registration is $25.00 US
CAM_M145.ZIP 05-24-94 Cam-mail V1.45 Multi-lingual, Multi-node. The Best Shareware Qwk/Rep
Door for Pcboard 15.X Supports Duplicate Crc Checking, File Attachments
in Qwk/Rep Packets, Echoing Mail Between Bbs's, Internal Protocols,
Updating Of
CAM_U138.ZIP 08-05-93 Cam-mail V1.38 Update. Supports File Attachments and Fixes Some
Problems. You Must Have Cam-mail Already Installed to Use These Exe
CAM_U146.ZIP 11-21-94 Upgrade for Cam-Mail v1.46. For PCBoard v15.x. The best QWK Mail
CAM_WP11.ZIP 06-12-92 Cam-Mail v1.10 Sysop Documentation-WP format
CAN10.ZIP 08-21-92 CAN/DUMP v1.0. DOS DEL clone
CAN13U1.ZIP 02-26-97 Connect and Notify (Can) V1.3 Update 1 is an Ip Poster That You Would
use If You Get Dynamic Ppp (Or Slip) From Your Internet Services
Provider, & Want to Let the Others Know Your Current Ip Address So That
They Connect
CAN241.ZIP 11-08-94 Canasta 2.41 Windows Card Game
CAN242.ZIP 12-11-95 Windows Canasta Game; You Against the Computer
CAN250.ZIP 02-15-95 Canasta for Windows V2.5 Strategy Cardgame Played Against the Computer,
Using Artificial Intelligence. With Sound & Music Support.
CAN40.ZIP 10-14-96 Canasta 4.0 Windows 95 and Nt Strategy Card Game
CAN41223.ZIP 01-02-95 Abletext Censorship Threathens Access to Cancer Info on Oncolink
CAN92_93.ZIP 04-06-93 700 Games of Chess Played in Canada From 1992 - 1993.
CANA23.ZIP 08-29-94 Canasta for Windows V2.3 Strategy Cardgame Played Against the Computer,
With Sound Support. The Player Scores Points by Melding Cards and by
Making Canastas. A Canasta is A Set of Seven of the Same Cards
CANADA.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation created by 3D Studio Canadian flag flying
CANADA.ZIP 03-31-93 Laws pertaining to viruses in Canada
CANADA06.ZIP 06-07-94 Internet Faq (Ans to Freq Asked Questions) Re: Canada and Canadian
CANADA10.ZIP 06-01-94 Canadian Trivia Door V 1.0.
CANADA15.ZIP 11-08-96 Canadian! Trivia V1.05 - BBS Trivia Door. Questions About Facts From
the Events of Canadian History. Registration Gets You an Expanded
Database With Over 500 Questions. Multi-node, Rip Supported, Many BBS
CANADA16.ZIP 12-01-96 Canadian! Trivia V1.06 - BBS Trivia Door. Questions About Facts From
the Events of Canadian History. Registration Gets You an Expanded
Database With Over 500 Questions. Multi-node, Rip Supported, Many BBS
Types Too
CANADA2.ZIP 03-01-94 Map of Canada in Windows Write Format.
CANADA91.ZIP 10-23-91 Wayne Gretzky Hockey Team stats/player roster
CANADA_A.ZIP 03-31-93 Laws pertaining to computers in Canada
CANARY05.ZIP 07-06-95 User definable titles mod By Canary Killjoy #1 @20755.
Date: 07/06/95
CANARY06.ZIP 12-21-13 Random Saving Messages By Canary Killjoy #1 @20755. Date: 07/06/95
CANARY07.ZIP 12-21-13 Won't let users on unless they are over 15 By Canary Killjoy #1 @20755.
Date: 07/06/95
CANARY08.ZIP 07-06-95 Random Pauses By Canary Killjoy #1 @20755. Date: 07/06/95
CANARY3.ZIP 09-03-95 Fs51 Scenery of the Islas Canarias Ver. 3 by Alfred Grech. The
Beautiful Canary Islands Are Situated in the Atlantic Ocean West of
Morocco. Changes and Corrections Made.
CANAS202.ZIP 06-05-94 Canasta for Windows V2.02 Cardgame Played Against the Computer. The
Player Must Score Points by Melding Cards and by Making Canastas. A
Canasta is A Set of Seven of the Same Cards (I.E. Seven Kings). Help
File With
CANASSOC.ZIP 02-25-93 Association directories: list of directories where Canadia
CANAST12.ZIP 03-27-94 CANASTA FOR WINDOWS V1.2 Cardgame played against the computer. The
player must score points by playing cards to the table, and by making
canastas. A canasta is a set of seven of the same cards (i.e. seven
Kings). Help file is included. Requires Windows 3.1, Color VGA display
and a mouse. (Newest File Date: 03-27-94)
CANAST20.ZIP 04-30-94 Window Canasta 2.0 Windows Card Game, One Player Against the Computer
CANASTA1.ZIP 12-19-93 Canasta 1.0 Windows Card Game From Netherlands
CANBGL.ZIP 03-27-94 FINALLY! FS5 Airports & Scenery for TORONTO, Quebec, Winnipeg, etc! Not
a lot of detain, but it does have nav aids, etc. Found on Compuserve.
Includess Pearson, T.O. Isl. Etc! (Newest File Date: 03-27-94)
CANCER.ZIP 04-05-93 Astrology info - Cancer
CANCERSM.ZIP 08-23-94 Cancer and smoking
CANDLE.ZIP 04-18-88 Candle Magic
CANDLEAP.ZIP 06-16-94 Catholic Access Network - Deus Lumen Est! Infomation on Joining Candle
Network, A Multi-node Network Cris-crossing the Globe - Fastest Mail
Turnaround of Any Network - Great Users - Many Active Conferences -
Serving The
CANDLEM1.ZIP 09-24-94 Candle Making Suppliers
CANDLEM2.ZIP 09-24-94 Candle Making "Scent" Suppliers
CANDLES.ZIP 12-18-93 Candle Making Made Simple - Instructions for "Jar Candles"
CANDLMAS.ZIP 06-17-93 Candlemas
CANDP.ZIP 03-31-93 Crime and Puzzlement by John Perry Barlow
CANDY.ZIP 06-07-93 How to Break into Candy and Vending Machines EASY!
CANDYBAR.ZIP 04-17-94 37 Mm Recipes Using Candy As an Ingredient.
CAND_TIP.ZIP 09-02-94 Candlemaking: Container Suggestions
CANFE1.ZIP 02-03-94 Com. Anim. News. (Newest File Date: 02-03-94)
CANFIELD.ZIP 01-16-94 CANFIELD FOR WINDOWS V1.01 Canfield is a Shareware solitaire card
game for Windows 3.x. Lots of bells and whistles (plus some surprises)
such as: Cheating(!), Card-Dragging, Skill Levels, Top Scores,
Unlimited Undo, On-Screen Hints, Animated Card Backs, and more.
CANFLD.ARJ 12-19-13 Card game for Windows 3.0.
CANFLD.ZIP 01-04-92 Canfield Game
CANHIGH.ZIP 04-24-94 Federal government report: The Canadian Information Highway: Building
Canada's Information and Communications Infrastructure. Comments are
welcome. (Newest File Date: 04-24-94)
CANIMATE.ZIP 06-22-94 Visual Basic Animation Control.
CANIPK02.ZIP 09-30-95 Caniprompts Prompt-pack #2, With Ten New Animated DOS Prompts for the
Program Caniprompts: Disco Balls, Dumb DOS Jokes I Creepin' Crawlin'
Along, City Skyline at Night, and Plenty More. From Excel Progs. Just
Unzip in
CANNAB07.ZIP 08-18-95 Usenet Faq Re: Cannabis, 7-95 Version.
CANNABIS.ZIP 02-19-93 Marijuana Growers Handbook
CANNIBAL.ZIP 03-01-93 Cannibal Island for Zzt Version2.
CANNON.ZIP 05-06-90 UFOs and Mind Control
CANN_CBF.ZIP 08-23-94 Cannibus increases CBF
CANON800.ARJ 12-19-13 Drivers for BubbleJet 800
CANONOS2.ZIP 01-05-95 Beta Drivers for Canon Bubble-jet Printers, Including the Bjc-4000.
CANOTE.ZIP 02-05-95 Tools to Document Your System Before an Audit. Routinely Clear Users at
Predetermined Times, Record Users Bindery Records, Disable Inactive
Accounts Even on Multiple Servers. Includes Novcron.Nlm.
CANS15.ZIP 12-29-13 C A N S V1.5 With on line help. Features 'to do' list,
automatic daily roll; maintains anniversaries. Search by date or
keyword; critical date alerts. Extensive rolodex with multiple
groupings; WP51 mail merge; labels and cards, etc. Ideal for sales of
all kinds.
CANSI.ZIP 02-19-95 Quickbasic W/Src. Show Ansi Without Ansi.Sys.
CANSI15.ARJ 12-19-13 Converts .ANS <-> .COM, no ANSI.SYS needed, smaller & faster
CANSI21.ZIP 12-23-95 Wdn_dors Call Ansi Door Ver 2.1 Show an Ansi to Users Door Down Etc
CANTBEGN.ARJ 12-19-13 ADLIBB "I Can't Begin To Tell You" Crooned By Bing Crosby and others.
CANTERBU.ZIP 01-09-94 TXT: "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer. FTPd from Internet
Wiretap. (Newest File Date: 01-09-94)
CANT_SNG.ZIP 10-30-92 Several Cantonese Songs in WAV Format
CANUSETO.ZIP 10-08-95 Babylon 5 Wav Kosh Conducts Some Business.
CANVAS11.ZIP 09-01-92 The SongCanvas is a complete IBM-compatible patch editor and librarian
program for Roland's GS synthesizers (SOUNDCanvas SC-55, SC-155,
SCC-1, JV-30 and others). It supports all popular MIDI interfaces and
works equally well under DOS, Windows 3.1 and DESQview.
CANVAS12.ZIP 07-10-93 Windows 3.1 Version of Song Canvas, Editor / Librarian.
CANVAS30.ZIP 03-01-93 Songcanvas V3.0: Complete DOS & Windows 3.1 Patch Editor & Librarian
Program for Roland's Gs Synthesizers (Soundcanvas Sc-55, Scc-1, Sc-155,
Jv-30 & Many Others); Supports All Popular MIDI Interfaces & Coexists
Well With Windows Multimedia Pgms; Plays Your MIDI Files as You Edit,
So You Can Hear Your Changes Instantly in the Context of Your Own
Musical Projects. (Newest File Date: 03-01-93)
CANVAS41.ZIP 09-15-93 CanvasMan ver4.1 -Windows 3.1 editor/librarian for the Roland Sound
Canvas series of MIDI sound modules, cards and keyboards. (Newest File
Date: 09-15-93)
CANVAS44.ZIP 01-10-94 Roland Sound Canvas Editor/Librian for Windows. Latest Version 1/94.
(Newest File Date: 01-10-94)
CANVS491.ZIP 01-30-95 Canvasman V4.91: Ms-windows Editor/Librarian For Roland's Soundcanvas
Line of Gs Synthesizers (Sc-55, Sc-55mkii, Scc-1, Sc-50 Jv-30 and Many
Others); Provides True Midi Multitasking; You can Run it by Itself
CAN_BEST.ZIP 09-03-95 Radical Rhythms Single Release: an Acoustic Arts Production Cannibal -
the Best Life Chill Out Trip-hop 04. 09. 95.
CAN_CEN1.ZIP 06-07-95 Fs5 Scenery for Ontario, Western Quebec Eastern Manitoba, and the
Northern U.S. Neighbouring States - by Alfred Grech. About 1.2 Milion
Sq Km of Synth Scenery, 217 Airports and Navs. These Sceneries Replace
My Onsbgl?
CAN_CEN2.ZIP 08-17-95 Fs51 Scenery for Ontario, Western Quebec Eastern Manitoba - by Alfred
Grech. About 1.2 Milion Sq Km of Synth Scenery, 220 Airports and Navs.
These Sceneries Replace My Can-cen1 Series Ones. Enjoy!
CAN_EST1.ZIP 10-15-95 Fs5.1 Scenery for Eastern Canada & Maine by Alfred Grech - it Covers
the Eastern Provinces: Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edw
Island, Newfoundland, and the State of Maine. Over 200 Airports
CAN_FUNK.ZIP 09-03-95 Radical Rhythms Single Release: A Techno City Production Cannibal -
Funk Weird Electro Music 04. 09. 95.
CAN_SOV.ZIP 01-04-94 ROCKEFELLER'S COUNCIL OF THE AMERICAS: learn how this elite group, with
the help of key Canadians, managed to have Canadian sovereignty and
resources delivered over to them as a result of the forcing-through of
NAFTA! (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
CAN_WST1.ZIP 08-05-95 Fs5.1 Scenery for Western Canada. By Alfred Grech - it Covers Southern
British Columbia and Alberta. All Synth Coverage With 178 Airports.
Explore the Beautiful Rugged Coastline of British Columbia and Much
CAOS1112.ZIP 11-12-94 On-line Information Pack for Caos/2 Users Group.
CAOS2.ZIP 05-12-95 Another Fine Doom File.
CAP.ZIP 12-19-90 Civil Air Patrol freq. list
CAP101.ZIP 11-18-95 Capitalism 1.01 Patch
CAP101UD.ZIP 12-18-95 Capitalism Patch (German) V1.01
CAP101UE.ZIP 12-18-95 Capitalism Patch (English) V1.01
CAP21.ARJ 12-19-13 CAP (CATV/CCTV Advertisement Program) v2.1: display scrolling
multicolor ads
CAP210.ZIP 04-07-94 CAP v2.1 - The most advanced paging software for the command line.
Features include complete installation/setup program, support for
alphanumeric and numeric pagers, COM 1-4 support, message history,
unlimited name capability, unlimited canned messages, page sender i.d.,
page-in-progress indicator, and an extensive troubleshooting index.
Register and get 25% off our network version!
CAP2CTL.ARC 01-01-85 Capslock -> Ctrl, RightShift + CapsLock -> CapsLock (works?)
CAP2DIZ3.ZIP 06-21-95 Cap2diz Converter V1.49 - Extracts 'file_id.Diz' Files From Connection
Logs Or Allfiles.Lst Files (Pcboard Format). Automatically Adds Each
Diz File to The Correspondent Archive. Supports Zip, Arj Rar, Lzh and
Arc Archive
CAP2TEXT.ZIP 03-19-94 Cap2Text - Capture displayed screens to ASCII or extended ASCII disk
file. Simple background operation - using 3k. Of memory. Features are
easily configured. WordPerfect format too. User Friendly! (Newest File
Date: 03-19-94)
CAP2WP.ZIP 03-18-94 CAP2WP - Copy screens directly to WordPerfect documents. Visible
attributes and special characters are retained. Simple background
operation - 3k. Of memory. Easy to configure features. ASCII format too
(Newest File Date: 03-18-94)
CAP2_238.ZIP 03-08-95 Cap2 V2.38 is A Windows 3.X Utility Which Allows You to Capture Your
Print to A Queue on A Netware Server.
CAP350.ARJ 12-19-13 CAPTURE v3.50 - overcomes possible banner prob. for Novell Netware v2.x
and v3.x
CAPBUF.ZIP 10-31-89 Capture any text screen and save it
CAPCLK25.ZIP 10-15-93 CapClock v2.5: MS-Windows utility that displays information such as
time/date, on the left side of the Caption Bar; VBRUN300.DLL is req'd;
10/15/93; G. L. Liadis Software, Inc. (Newest File Date: 10-15-93)
CAPCLK30.ZIP 01-04-94 CapClock v3.0: MS-Windows utility that displays information such as
time/date, on the left side of the Caption Bar; VBRUN300.DLL is req'd;
01/04/94; G. L. Liadis Software, Inc. (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
CAPCLK95.ZIP 10-26-95 G Win Capclock 95 - This Utility Places A Digital Clock, Date Free
Resources, Memory and Free in the Title Bar of the Active Window. You
can Also Set Alarms for Low Resources,memory & Disk Levels, Supports
all Sound Cards
CAPCLOCK.ZIP 11-20-92 Shows the time on the caption bar of your Window (Windows 3.1). (Newest
File Date: 11-20-92)
CAPCN10.ZIP 09-06-92 CapsControl: Config CapsLock/Ctrl Key
CAPCTRL.ZIP 06-02-97 Tcaptioncontrol can Add A Gradient Caption Bar, Small Buttons to the
Caption Bar Control Caption Text Direction and Appearance and Support
for Middle-eastern Platform's Special Window Styles
CAPCX01.ZIP 08-12-90 Miscellaneous PCX files.
CAPCX02.ZIP 08-12-90 Miscellaneous PCX Files.
CAPEBBS7.ZIP 09-13-92 Cape Cod BBS listing complete with CAPEBBS.FON used for di
CAPELL.ZIP 12-25-94 Capella.Zipmedia Player for Os/2 to Play all Mmpm/2 Supported File
Formatsbeta Version 01by Norbert Heller
CAPFLAG5.ZIP 06-16-96 Capture the Flag! V3.2 New Play by E-mail
CAPGNZ10.ZIP 07-06-90 Capital Gainz v1.0; investment tracking program
CAPITALS.LZH 01-06-14 Test your knowledge of state capitals
CAPLIB.ZIP 10-30-92 Microsoft Windows NT Call Profiler
CAPLIFE1.ZIP 03-12-93 This program calculates capacitor life for electrolytic capacitors. The
program will only calculate once - to use it effectively you should
register the program.
CAPLOK.ZIP 07-15-93 Nanforum-lib - Exospace Compatible Version of Ft_caplock().
CAPNXTRN.ZIP 10-15-90 "Nested" MENUS for T.A.G. BBS Program.
CAPOFF.ARJ 12-19-13 Turns caps lock button off.
CAPOS2.ZIP 07-03-94 Fwapps Os/2 2.1x Applications for Sound Blaster Includes: Mixer for
Sbp/Sb16, Mosaic, Wave Browser.
CAPPOWER.ZIP 10-08-90 ScreamTracker sample sounds
CAPPRO.ZIP 08-01-95 Capture pro is a Windows 32-bit capture utility with a slew of features
A must try to enjoy
CAPPS.ZIP 09-10-93 HyperAct Infotivity Technologies, Inc.; allows the creation of dialog
boxes, edit system control files and perform other functions without
writing a single line of code because it uses standard Windows Help or
Notepad commands. (Newest File Date: 09-10-93)
CAPS10.ZIP 10-30-96 Capslock.Exe Vers. 1.0 Shareware Version This Program Will Toggle the
Capslock Key From the Command-line. Requirements Are Ms-dos 3.3 or
Higher, 512k of Memory, and 1mb of Disk Space. You Will Also Need A 286
or Better
CAPSICUM.ZIP 02-05-93 Everything you ever wanted to know about chile but were afraid to ask!
This is a hyper-text file from The University of New Mexico. Tons of
intresting info, and adresses of where you can get seeds to grow your
CAPSLOCK.LZH 01-06-14 Toggle status of CapLock key
CAPSTAT.ZIP 04-23-93 Tessler's Nifty Tools (TNT) Release 3.2 Collection of usef
CAPSTAT2.ZIP 03-13-91 Is CAPTURE active on Novell Workstation V2.0
CAPT31.ZIP 01-25-94 Capture v3.1: MS-Windows screen capture util that captures icons and
bitmaps; supports region, window, client area & desktop modes;
user-definable hotkey and fixed scalings are also featured; 01/25/94;
Mark Mazurik. (Newest File Date: 01-25-94)
CAPTART2.ZIP 01-24-91 Captart Version 1.0a
CAPTASK.ZIP 02-27-93 CapTask: A Norton Desktop for Windows 2.0 batch program.
CAPTIVE.ZIP 09-14-95 Doom 2: Captive, Another Deathmatch - S/-/D
CAPTL102.ZIP 11-29-95 Capitalism 1995 Pc Cd-rom Game V1.02 Patch Fixes Bugs and Adds A Few
Features. See Readme.Doc
CAPTURE.LZH 01-06-14 Save a screen to use with HELP (Vol 7, No 1)
CAPTURE.LZH 01-06-14 Screen Capture For Windows 3
CAPTURE1.ZIP 05-06-95 Capture.Exe is an Os/2 Text Mode Program for Os/2 Version 2.0+ That
Copies an Image of the Session Screen to Standard Output
CAPTURE3.ZIP 10-28-93 Screen Capture Utility, Configurable Options
CAPUNL23.ZIP 10-20-91 CAPUNLOK: Makes use of CAP LOCK key easier
CAP_9406.ZIP 06-01-94 Caplink, A Computer Oriented Echo Mail Network. This Network Offers
Conferences for the Programmer Whether They Are Experienced or Not. We
Also Have Technical Conferences for Application Programs.We Maintain A
CAP_LW95.ZIP 09-14-95 Lanwin Printer Capture Facility for Lantastic 6 Under Win 95
CAQUIZ12.ZIP 05-04-93 Create a Quiz - Makes Great Quizzes! Can be Used to Create and Take
Multiple Choice and Fill-in-the-blank Tests. Teachers Can Create
Interactive On- Screen or Printed Quizzes for Students.
CAQZ136.ZIP 05-04-94 Create A Quiz - Makes Great Quizzes! can be Used to Create and Take
Multiple Choice and Fill-in-the-blank Tests. Teachers can Create
Interactive On- Screen or Printed Quizzes for Students. Version 1.36.
An Educational
CAR035.ZIP 11-25-90 Adobe Type Manager Font
CAR10B2.ZIP 08-02-96 Car and Zul for Windows. Simulates Geometric School Constructions With
A Circles and Straight Lines. Shareware (Grothm@ku-eichstaett.De)
CAR122.ZIP 03-28-91 Chris's Auto Recorder version 12.2
CAR131.ZIP 08-09-92 C.A.R. v1.31 Chris's Automobile Recorder.
CAR132.ZIP 01-08-94 CHRIS'S AUTO RECODER V. 13.2 Usage and maintenance
logger/reminder for vehicles, machines, tools Quick & easy to use, has
context-sensitive pop-up help and a manual Helps you operate reliably
and economically, adds value at resale Supports metric, foreign
currencies. Comprehensive!
CAR32.ZIP 08-21-97 School geometry program v1.09
CAR96V42.RAM 12-29-13 RAM file for Cardinal 9600 V42bis Modem.
CARASTRO.ZIP 06-15-92 Adobe Type Manager Font
CARAWAYB.ZIP 06-18-91 WIN3 ATM font Caraway Bold
CARBC12.ZIP 05-10-94 Carbonc Adds Carbon Copy to Spot Via It's Arexxport.
CARBOARD.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation created in 3D Studio
CARBON43.ARJ 12-19-13 Create carbon copies of msgs
CARCH100.ZIP 12-01-93 Leo Carch V1.00. Makes it Possible to Convert a File From One
Compression Format to Another - Arj, Arc, Lzh, Zip, Zoo Etc.
CARCH105.ZIP 01-01-94 THUNDER CARCH ver 1.05 THUNDER Makes it possible to convert a file from
one compression format to another suchas ARJ,ARC,LZH,ZIP,ZOO etc,
feature: Confi gurable Program,Convert compressed files within
compressed files (The level of re cursive conversion is UnLimited!,
Optima tion Code, Windows aware and more....ws
CARCRASH.ARJ 12-19-13 .WAV file of Car Crash - great for "Critical Stop" in Windows 3.1!
CARD1.ZIP 03-25-92 Kid Birthday Card - You can customize
CARD3.ZIP 03-25-92 Baby Congrads Card - You can customize
CARD4.ZIP 03-25-92 Valentine Card - You can customize
CARD6.ZIP 03-28-92 Get Well Card - You can customize
CARD90.ZIP 06-01-94 Carding in the 90's - Renegade Legion
CARD9600.ZIP 11-13-91 MDM and RAM files for Cardinal 9600 v.32
CARDBASE.ZIP 02-20-94 Ver 2.0 (sport card collecting database Track cards by #, name, team,
set, sub-set condition (creases, border wear, centereing and
alterations), rookie card, year, purchase price and many other methods.
MUCH MORE!1. (Newest File Date: 02-20-94)
CARDBK10.ZIP 03-12-94 Cardbk 1.0 an Electronic Cardiovascular Textbook Covering Heart
CARDBOOK.ZIP 12-01-94 Cardbook 1.0 for Windows 3.1 Cardbook Was Created Out of A Need - "I
Have Some Good Information in My Cardfile. How Do I Get A Nice Printout
That I can Carry in My Wallet?" Cardbook is A Windows Program
CARDCHEK.ZIP 05-13-94 Verifies the authtenticity of a credit card
CARDCHK.ZIP 01-26-92 CC Check 2
CARDCK.ZIP 07-13-93 Verifies Credit Card Number Entry.
CARDCO.ARJ 12-19-13 CardConv v1.1 - converter which brings Card-Data from CARD.EXE into
Ascii text files.
CARDCONV.LZH 01-06-14 Convert Cardfile .CRD files to ASCII
CARDCOP.ZIP 04-29-92 Magstripe Card Copier Text/Schematics by c0
CARDEX.LZH 01-06-14 Rolodex style address book - many options - best yet!
CARDFIL1.ZIP 12-01-91 Description of Cardfile format for Windows
CARDFILE.LZH 01-06-14 Similar to Windows Cardfile
CARDFILE.LZH 01-06-14 TSR address book w/autodial (Vol 6, No 17)
CARDFILE.ZOO 04-06-90 CardFile v1.1; 150 address cards per file (good)
CARDFONT.ZIP 03-25-94 Playing Cards Truetype Font. (Newest File Date: 03-25-94)
CARDG150.ZIP 12-30-94 Card Guide Shareware Version 1.50 an Informational Aid to Assist in
Installing Various Types of I/O Cards. Contains Easy to Use, Catalogued
Menu Interface. A Few Specific Card Diagrams and Their Settings Incl.
CARDGAME.LZH 01-06-14 card game
CARDGS12.ZIP 05-12-94 Utility to Assist With the Diagnosis and Repair of Pc Cards (I.E.
Controller Card, Vga Card, Etc.). Very Handy.
CARDIAC.ZIP 08-30-91 Cardiact Arrest Demo - test your CA awareness
CARDIAC2.ARJ 12-19-13 ACLS protocol, EKG teaching, Cardioquiz demo
CARDING.ZIP 06-23-94 Credit Carding
CARDLST.ZIP 03-29-95 New Business Card Listing Door. Allows Your Callers to Create, View,
and Download A List of Business Cards. Very Nice Color, and Will Work
With Most Drop Files and Comm Ports. This is A New and Different Door
CARDM130.ZIP 04-30-95 Card Master is A Simple Little Utility That Will Allow You to Control
Your Windows Cardfile From A Single Point. Select A Cardfile and Then
Select an Option, Register on Compuserve Go Swreg 5452, Requires
CARDMNIA.ZIP 06-19-95 Cardmania 1.0 From Streetwise Interactive. They've Done it Again!
Already A Retail Hit in Europe, This Direct From the Arcades
Translation of Two Coin-op Gambling Games is Now Available in America !
CARDONE.ZIP 03-01-94 CARD Monitor Alignment and Test program - Checks all the video modes
and colours on your graphics adapter. Highlights problems with monitor
convergence, focus, linearity, picture position and size. Complete with
instructions for correcting most problems. Registration A$25 or US$22
incl shipping.
CARDPD11.ZIP 09-14-95 Pem Cardpad V1.10: Ms-window Card Style Simple Word Processor Most
Suitable for Producing Card Style Documents, Business Cards and Labels;
09/14/95; Toshiyuki Miyazaki.
CARDREAD.ARJ 12-19-13 Reads .CRD files, converts to ASCII
CARDREAD.ZIP 05-12-92 This program is designed to read Windows Cardfile files and translate
them to DOS ASCII files. The cards can be read on the screen in
Cardfile 40 character lines or reformatted to 80 character lines with
or without deletion of embedded newlines. Any or all cards may be
marked for subsequent printing or saving to an ASCII DOS file.
CARDS.ARJ 12-19-13 12 more Icons for Windows.
CARDS10.ZIP 09-23-91 Cardfile v1.0: simulate a 3 x 5 card deck