Name Date Description
BRLM9504.ZIP 04-15-95 Ablenews the Braille Monitor - April, 1995
BRLM9505.ZIP 05-09-95 Ablenews the Braille Monitor - May 1995
BRLM9507.ZIP 08-10-95 The Braille Monitor for July, 1995 the Braille Monitor is the Official
Monthly Publication of the National Federation of the Blind.
BRLM9509.ZIP 09-12-95 Ep-mag the Braille Monitor - August/Sept. 1995 (Ascii Text)
BRLM9510.ZIP 10-13-95 Ablenews the Braille Monitorfor October 1995 (Special Topic - Guide
BRLM9512.ZIP 12-09-95 Ablenews the Braille Monitor, December, 1995, Contains 1996 Convention
Information and More
BRLM9606.ZIP 06-18-96 Ablenews the Braille Monitor, June, 1997. From Nfb
BRLM9607.ZIP 07-18-96 Ablenews the Braille Monitor, July, 1996. From the National
Federationof the Blind
BRLM9608.ZIP 08-23-96 The Braille Monitor for August-september 1996. The Official Monthly
Publication of the National Federation of the Blind
BRLM9611.ZIP 12-09-96 The Braille Monitor for November, 1996 the Braille Monitor is the
Official Monthly Publication of the National Federation of the Blind
BRLM9612.ZIP 01-04-97 The Braille Monitor for December, 1996 the Official Monthly Publication
of the National Federation of the Blind.
BRLM9701.ZIP 01-17-97 Ablenews the Braille Monitor, January, 1997, Entire Proceedings of the
3rd U.SCanada Conference on Technology
BRLM9702.ZIP 02-08-97 The Braille Monitor, February, 1997. Official Publication of the
National Federation of the Blind
BRLM9704.ZIP 04-14-97 Ep-mag Braille Monitor for April, 1997
BRLM9705.ZIP 05-21-97 The Braille Monitor May, 1997. Publication of the National Federation
of the Blind.
BRMATCH.ZIP 01-01-80 Computes minimum-element matching networks
BRN102.ZIP 09-02-96 My Friend Bernard V1.02 Afas - the Most Complete, Beautiful, Intuitive
Mac-like Desktop and File Manager for Windows3.1 and Win95. New Look
for Many Functions : Dragdrop to Move and to Copy Folders and Files
BRNGM191.ZIP 04-19-93 Copy it Over Here Copy it Over Here is an Ultra-fast File Location
Utility That Finds Your File, Then Copies it to the Current Directory
Supports Hidden, System and Other Files Why Type: Copy
BRNOUT23.LZH 01-06-14 DOS driver to blank screen if not in use
BRO24.ARJ 12-19-13 Drivers for Brother 24-pin printers
BRO9.ARJ 12-19-13 Drivers for Brother 9-pin printers
BROCHURE.ZIP 06-26-95 Word for Windows example file macro for Word for Windows on Win 95.
Needs MS Word 6.0 to be installed on your PC.
BROHL.ARJ 12-19-13 Drivers for Brother laser printers
BROKNDRM.ZIP 01-21-94 Alt.startrek.creative story "Broken Dreams". (Newest File Date:
BROLNK.ZIP 07-28-94 Broplus V2.50 Demo - Linkable Files
BRONCO.ZIP 07-14-95 Drive the White Bronco in This Freeware Windows Game. Can You Make it
Off the La Highway? Oj-3d Driving Has Been Released Early and the Later
Version Will Include the Oj Simpson 3-d Doom Patch. Requires Windows 3
.X, Vga
BRONTO.ZIP 06-18-93 Brontosaurus Wallpaper 256 Color Original
BRONX.ZIP 06-22-96 South Bronx Ver. 1.1 (Door Game)
BRONZE.ZIP 01-25-96 Doom2 Deathmatch Wad - Bronze Small Deathmatch Wad. Lots of Sniper
Points Teleports and Frags!
BROOKDRY.ZIP 05-30-93 Some of the Most Dramatic and Adventurous Stories in the Bible Revolve
Around the Meteoric Rise of Elijah the Prophet. Like a Shooting Star He
Flashed Out of Obscurity and Changed the Character of a Whole Nation
BROOKS.ZIP 05-14-94 Word Perfect File for Brooks Elms. Can be Deleted Sunday Morning. Sorry
to Do This Guys. I Need to Get the File to Him! Last Revision Date in
Archive: 05-14-94.
BROPLS.ZIP 06-13-94 Broplus V2.50 Demo of the Power Browser W/Multiple Rdd-support (.Exe)
BROW31.LZH 01-06-14 File Browser
BROWIN10.ZIP 10-15-91 Browini v1.0, browse/modify any .INI file
BROWNSLK.ARJ 12-19-13 Jack nicklaus course - browns lake gc.
BROWN_ST.ZIP 12-08-95 Transcription of baptisms at Brown St. Baptist Chapel, Salisbury (WIL,
UK) 1786-1837. Bob Henly, October 1995.
BROWS10.ZIP 08-14-95 Browse V1.0 - A Fast Browser for Long Ascii Text Files Such As Books
From Project Gutenburg. If the File is Too Long to Read at One Sitting,
Browse can Save Your Place.
BROWS201.ARJ 12-19-13 PA files.bbs browser utility
BROWSE.ARJ 12-19-13 Pascal file browser, dual windows. mono
BROWSE.LZH 01-06-14 Browse through an ASCII text file
BROWSE.ZIP 11-19-94 This is A Sample Browser Project for Appware Version 1.0 for Windows
BROWSE10.ZIP 11-13-95 T Browse Editor V1.0 for Wincim - A Simple Interface for Editing Your
Wincim Browse Window. Run Wincim With A Customized Browse Window With
all Your Favorite Services and Their Logos. The Bitmap and Icons can
all be Change
BROWSE11.ZIP 09-03-95 Browse V1.2 Fast Ascii Text Browser for Large Documents Such As Project
BROWSE2.ARJ 12-19-13 ASP> OS/2 Presentation Manager File Viewer
BROWSER.ZIP 02-18-95 A C++ Source Code Browser.
BROWSKIT.ZIP 08-20-96 Offline Browser Construction Kit - Win 3x
BROZDETH.ZIP 10-04-96 30 Non-stop Levels of Doom Deathmatching
BRPNC20.ZIP 07-07-93 Reverse Polish Notation Calcular for Ms-windows.
BRP_201.ZIP 08-31-95 Batch Resumer Plus V2.01 Update 1. Save Your Batch on the Logoff. 2.
Restore Selected Files on the Logon. 3. Full Lightbarhotkey Last
Release Written by Cyber Demon Stribut by Couri R Ng!
BRS.ARJ 12-19-13 .MOD file - brs 4:23 mins
BRT21.ARJ 12-19-13 The BRIDGE TERMINUS v2.1 archive shell Supports ZIP, PAK, SDN, ARC, LZH
and Scan
BRT21.LZH 01-06-14 Supports ZIP, PAK, SDN, ARC, LZH and Scan
BRTHDAY.ARJ 12-19-13 Birthday 1.00 - RA util for displaying users with Birthdays over the
next month.
BRTLIN14.ZIP 10-26-91 BRITELINE 1.4 Program Hilites cursor line
BRUCE1.ZIP 06-26-93 Bruce Springsteen live AVI file. (Newest File Date: 06-26-93)
BRUDAL10.ZIP 08-20-94 ==- BRUDAL BADDLE -== A Fast Action Fighting Game in the Tradition of
Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2. Cool sound, hot music, digitized
actors and special moves. 386 or better, VGA, 4 MB ram
BRUGES.ZIP 03-01-94 Bruges Postscript and TrueType font that is an adaptation of a 19th
century Belgian typeface; it's an excellent style for titles and signs,
with antecedents in Renaissance calligraphy; w/PFB/PFM/TTF; 03/01/94;
David (Newest File Date: 03-01-94)
BRUN45.ZIP 05-13-95 Cookprog Brun45.Exe in Mmd_nsa2.Zip Does Not Work - This Does
BRUSH.ZIP 03-02-92 Windows 3.1 Truetype Font. (Newest File Date: 03-02-92)
BRUSHSCR.ZIP 01-24-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
BRUTE20.ZIP 04-07-91 Brute Force Un*x password hacker v2.0
BRV1B6.ZIP 06-02-96 Base Runner V1.O Complete Tic/Files & Request System for Pcboard &
Files.Bbs Systems. Unlimited Databases, File Requesting, Hatching, Auto
Unlink,auto Uplink,adoptions, Deletions,areamgr,2 Way File Ids,
BRV1_B6.ZIP 06-02-96 Pcbutl Base Runner V1.O Complete Tic/Files & Request System for Pcboard
& Files.Bbs Systems. Unlimited Databases, File Requesting, Hatching,
Auto Unlink,auto Uplink,adoptions, Deletions,areamgr,2 Way File Ids,
BRYNE.ZIP 08-23-94 David Bryne interviews Leary
BRZL12.ZIP 01-26-94 Brazil V1.2:your Own Personal Post-nuclear War Trauma, Onlin
BRZL13.ZIP 04-13-94 Skydlg Brazil: the Nuclear Game of the 90's!
BRZL14.ZIP 01-29-95 Adsdlg Post-nuclear Warfare Dlg Online Game
BS.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Blackstar
BS01.ZIP 06-11-95 Phone offhook, Net Pending at wardial and more By Bull Ship #1 @11132.
Date: 06/11/95
BS02A.ZIP 06-29-95 Graffiti Wall at Logon, WWIV color, anon. or user By Bull Ship #1
@11132. Date: 06/29/95
BS05C.ZIP 07-05-95 User Address Book to store Network addresses By Bull Ship #1 @11132.
Date: 07/05/95
BS07A.ZIP 12-21-13 NEWUSER.SL to see files but not download them By Bull Ship #1 @11132.
Date: 07/12/95
BS151.ZIP 10-12-95 Clar4shr Brian Staff Calendar Dll and Template for Cw 1.5
BS1SB11.ZIP 09-18-97 BS/1 Small Business v1.1c: Accounting software
BS200.ZIP 04-16-92 Bisearch 2.00 bimodem interface for SLBBS v2.15+.
BS21.ZIP 07-01-94 Blake Stone V2.1 3-d Action. Blake Stonealiens of Gold! Battle Against
A Madman Who's Hatched an Army of Doom, With Mutants, Biodroids and
BS32V10.ZIP 08-12-97 BillSaver v1.0: Monitors/balances on-line time
BS8ADD.ZIP 04-23-95 Alignment Procedures For The Ts-940s/bs-8
BS951210.ZIP 12-12-95 Csxt Manifest Freight Schedule Changes for December 1995. Pcx Format.
Copyright 1995 the Bull Sheet
BSAD_D.ZIP 09-21-94 Pc-distr Add-on for Bocasoft Wipeout Screen Saverfor Os/2 2.X
BSAVE12.ZIP 07-22-96 Balloonsaver V1.2 Win/Win95 Screen Saver Animated Hot-air Balloons
Float Across The Screen, Blown by the Clouds and Wind Password
Protection Option.
BSBSCR35.ZIP 09-28-91 BSBScore Version 3.5, 9/28/91.
BSC.ARJ 12-19-13 Small monochrome clock TRS for your system.
BSCAN.ARJ 12-19-13 BINDSCAN info program for Novell networks.
BSCAN100.ZIP 01-03-94 BBSSCAN version 1.00 Scan the huge program catalogue files of PC-Board
quickly ( and dirty - dirtly? ) for files that you might be interested
in. Made in South Africa
BSCHART.ZIP 05-22-90 Adobe Type Manager Font
BSDDEV.ZIP 09-08-96 Libraries (Curses Etc.) Compiled for Emx 0.9c
BSDSRC.ZIP 07-11-96 Libraries for Emx 0.9c: Sources
BSDUP1.ZIP 09-13-93 Fixes a small cursor problem when using Windows or Windows for
Workgroups (Novl). (Newest File Date: 09-13-93)
BSEARCH2.ZIP 05-20-94 Bible Search: Updated: Faster, User Interface, Uses Color If Available.
Includes Entire Bible in Ascii Format.
BSEC.ZIP 05-18-96 Warcraft 2 "Break Into Security" Scenario
BSET11.ZIP 11-29-89 Bset v1.10; big SET environment
BSET110.ZIP 06-14-97 Bootset Allow Batchfiles(Batchcommands) to be Run During the Os/2 Boot-
BSFP230.ZIP 03-12-97 Pacific Commware Utility Which Enables You to Set Baud Rate to 230.4
Kbaud for Motorola Bitsurfr Pro Isdn Ta, If Using Turboexpress 920 High
Speed Serial Port
BSHOW121.ZIP 08-08-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
BSIMPSON.ARJ 12-19-13 Bart Simpson windows background screen.
BSIOS212.ZIP 03-09-97 Beatles Song Index (Os/2) V1.2 Hypertext Based Electronic Book Edited
by Thomas Argast. It Provides Information About all Songs the Beatles
Have Recorded and Authorized for Publication!
BSIWIN12.ZIP 03-01-97 Beatles Song Index (Win) V1.2 Hypertext Based Electronic Book Edited by
Thomas Argast. It Provides Information About all Songs the Beatles Have
Recorded and Authorized for Publication!
BSL_110.ZIP 04-19-97 Bsl V1.10 Replaces Standard Master Boot Record With Colour Menu and
Info About Your Hdds. Supports Dos, W3.1, W95, Nt Os/2, Freebsd, Linux,
BSM2.ZIP 08-02-95 Bsm 2.0 Basketball Statistics Manager
BSM6.ZIP 06-17-95 Business Startmanager 6.0 is an Easy to use Personal Information
Manager. It Offers an Appointment Calendar, A Phone Number Database,
Todo Lists, A Reminder System, Text Database and Much More. It Has an
Integrated Dos
BSMITH.ZIP 12-31-89 Users recollection of close encounter
BSML_250.ARJ 12-19-13 Binkley Term V 2.50 Small version
BSML_250.ZIP 09-16-91 Binkleyterm mail/term pgm v2.50 Borland C src
BSNEWF.ZIP 08-03-94 Five Completely New Levels for Blake Stone Aog V2.0. Created With
Mapedit V8.0 These Floors Must be Inserted Into Your Copy of the
Registered Version of Blake Stone Using Mapedit. Feel Free to Copy and
BSNEWS.SRC 08-07-89 Bootstrap news source
BSORT201.ZIP 11-19-94 BigSort Version 2.01 BigSort Data Sorting Program v2.01 A
fast and flexable sorting utility for massive amounts of data. Handles
fixed length, variable, dBASE and comma delimited delimited file
formats. Sorting keys can contain up to 8 customized fields, each with
independent length, byte ordering, and case sensitivity fields. Up to 8
input files with a single output file. Both command line and
menu-driven ve
BSP116.ZIP 01-02-96 Basketball Stats Power V1.16 Analyze and Print Out Complete Individual
and Team Statistics. Save Data for 45 Teams, 45 Games and 17 Players
per Team per Season. Calculates Averages and Trends. Statistics can be
BSP11ME.ZIP 07-05-94 Bsp V1.1me - A Recompiled Version of Bsp V1.1x by Colin Reed, Done With
Borland C V4.0 (386 Intruction Set and Emulation Math Support). This
Version of Bsp is for Those of Us, Like Myself Do Not Have A 387 Math
BSP11X.ZIP 04-11-94 An Excellent Node Builder for Doom. This Version Supports Any Size
External Pwad File. (Newest File Date: 04-11-94)
BSP12X.ZIP 06-25-94 This is Bsp Version 1.2 DOS Extended, Written by Colin Reed: New
Version Due to Bug Found by Mark Harrison That Caused Some Problems
With Flipped Segs Having Their Textures Buggered Up. The Go32 DOS
Extender Has Been
BSP44A.ZIP 10-14-96 Quake - Bsp 044a - A Quake Editor
BSPATCH6.ZIP 02-11-94 Blake Stone V2.0 Apogee Patch Aliens of Gold Episodes 1-6.
BSPDEMO.ZIP 04-29-94 The Best Professional Basebase Stat Manager Around. Full Working Demo.
If You Are Looking for A Bb Stat Manager, Look No More!
BSPI108G.ZIP 04-23-95 Serial Port Interface For G8BPQ, By AA1FS
BSPIX2.ZIP 07-08-93 Blake Stone Slide Show. the Second Musical Slide Show for the New Hot
3-d Game From Apogee Software and Jam Productions.
BSPLIT.ZIP 05-04-93 Binary File Splitter/Binary File Combiner OS/2 versions. B
BSP_V043.ZIP 11-03-96 Bsp is A Quake Editor With Direct3d Support!! Needs Win95/Winnt
BSQ.ZIP 06-07-86 Binary sqz/unsqz for packet
BSRC_250.ARJ 12-19-13 Binkley Term V 2.50 Source code listings.
BSRC_250.ZIP 09-15-91 BinkleyTerm 2.50 Source.
BSRICONS.ZIP 07-26-93 Bunch of RIP Graphics Icons
BSS150.ZIP 06-28-96 Bss is A String Search Program Modeled After Vax/Vms Search Utility.
Features Include Better Wildcarding Than Dos, Multiple Files &
Directory Trees & Over 3000 Search Strings Also Allows Wild Cards in
Search Strings
BSSCIN.ZIP 07-01-93 Microsoft C Windows Library.
BSSL10.ZIP 09-05-96 W32_desk Makes Sure A Random Screensaver is Launched Instead of the
Same Everytime.
BST50.ZIP 10-06-91 Bank Statement Tamer: balances any checkbook
BSTAR13.ZIP 11-24-95 G Battlestar V1.3: Ms-windows Battle Ship Type
BSTAR2.ZIP 09-09-92 ButtonStar Plus - Notes v2.21s 9/08/92
BSTAR22.ZIP 09-09-92 ButtonStar Plus - Notes v2.21s 9/08/92
BSTAR50.ZIP 10-01-93 Buttonstar, Toolbar-type Shell/Launcher
BSTAT14.ZIP 05-25-93 Backstat a Utility Prg That Provides Statistics for Files Modified
Since Last Backup. Can be Used in a Batch File to Start Your Backup
Software At the Appropriate Time.
BSTAT15.ZIP 05-07-94 1-util Bstat V1.5 Hard Disk Backup Statistics Utility.
BSTATS21.ZIP 08-29-95 BBS Statistics Trakker V2.1 State of the Art BBS Statistical Program
for Tribbs. Uses @- Variable Color Codes. Creates Multi-page Screens
Showing Info From Your Callers Log. Great Looking Graphical Screens and
Bar Charts
BSTCHEAT.ZIP 10-01-96 Quake - Ultimate Cheat Patch
BSTNT163.ZIP 07-01-93 BestShell v1.63; Sets an environment variable NET to the b
BSTNT170.ZIP 02-24-94 BestNet v1.70: sets an environment variable NET to the best network
shell based on the DOS version and the presence of either EMS or XMS
memory, allowing you to then load the net shell by putting %NET% in
your batch file; 02/24/94; Marc Perkel/Computer Tyme. (Newest File
Date: 02-24-94)
BSTONMPS.ZIP 08-16-94 Blake Stone Floor Maps for all 66 Levels. For Registered Users.But
Contains the 11 Shareware Levels.
BSTORM10.ZIP 11-15-94 BrainStorm 1.0 BrainStorm distributed by HomeBrew Software!
BrainStorm is a strategic puzzle game for one player; concerning tiles,
colors and different gravity forces. Your job in each of the levels is
to make all of the tiles disappear. Requires: mouse, 400K RAM, VGA.
Adlib(tm)/Soundblaster(tm) or compatible card is recommended. (v1.0)
BSTORYAC.ZIP 02-06-94 This archive contains the barney hate stories in ASCII format. This is
a MUST SEE file! (Newest File Date: 02-06-94)
BSTRNG.ZIP 01-22-95 Bstring Makes the Powerful String Functions in Basic Available to C and
C . All Bstring Libraries Are Fully Written in Fast Assembly Code.
Optimizations for Pentium Processors Are Implemented.
BSTSELLR.ZIP 01-26-94 Bestseller" from alt.startrek.creative, a tale set on the USS Valiant
in Kirk's day. (Newest File Date: 01-26-94)
BSW.ZIP 10-06-95 D Brainstormer for Windows. Create Your Own Knowledge Base. Provides
Quick Access to All Your Information With Key Word Cross References
BSW20.ZIP 01-21-96 2-31game Brainstrain for Windows 2.0 Puzzle Scramble Word Logic Game
BSW21.ZIP 09-01-96 Brainstrain V2.1 Req Windows. Word Guessing Game. It's Like A Cross
Between Mastermind and Hangman. You Choose the Word Length and
Difficulty Levels, and the Computer Will Choose A Word From Its Master
Word List.
BSYS098B.ZIP 03-04-94 Bits and Bytes BBS System for Os/2. Beta Version.
BS_L21.ZIP 08-13-94 This Level Bs L21 is for Shores of Hell Level.
BS_L22.ZIP 08-13-94 This Level Bs L22 is for Shores of Hell Level.
BS_PR15.ZIP 10-28-93 The Computer Bulletin Board Guide to Public Relations Ver 1.5.
Several Text Files Sysops Can Use to Help Improve the Image of Thier
BBS and the BBS Community As a Whole.
BT.ZIP 12-30-93 BASIC TRAINING Interactive tutorial in the Basic language.
Includeds many source code examples for graphics, file management and
other common techni ques.
BT201.ZIP 01-03-97 Bible Trivia Door Game V2.01 Compare Your Knowledge of the Bible to
Others. Two Modes Normal and Challage. Over 500 Questions Automatically
Resets Each Month. Missed Questions Are Repeated As Make-up Questions
BT202.ZIP 03-27-97 Fgpcbgam Bible Trivia (Door Game) Ver. 2.02 Compare Your Knowledge of
the Bible to Others. Two Modesnormal and Challage. Over 500 Questions.
Automatically Resets Each Month. Missed Questions Are Repeated
BT2404.ZIP 11-11-90 BINKLEY 2.40.4 BY W MULDROW
BT3D191.ZIP 06-23-96 Bad Toys 3d Shareware V1.91 by Tibo Software
BT400.ZIP 04-18-94 BOOT 4.00 04/18/94 BOOT is a utility which can be called from the
command line or from a batch file. It will reboot your PC either
emulating a soft boot [CTRL][ALT][DEL] or a hard boot such as pressing
the reset key. Shareware registration forms and manual included. From
Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP).
BT500.ZIP 07-13-95 Boot 5.00 07/10/95 Boot is A Utility Which can be Called From the
Command Line or From A Batch File. It Will Reboot Your Pc Either
Emulating A Soft Boot Ctrlaltdel or A Hard Boot Such As Pressing the
Reset Key. Shareware
BT515.ZIP 07-12-93 Netware Btrieve 5.15 Collection (Patches).
BT95259C.ZIP 09-30-95 Sdsbink Binkleyterm 2.59c Wide Alpha for Windows95
BTAG121.ZIP 08-28-93 BragTag v1.21; "The Tag Line displayer". Display a tagline
BTALK11.ZIP 09-15-96 Backtalk 1.1 - Speech Queuing System for Os/2 Uses Say.Exe (Rsynth)
BTALK12.ZIP 11-13-96 Backtalk 1.2 - Os/2 System Speech (Notably As an E-mail Notifier)
BTALK13.ZIP 03-18-97 Backtalk 1.3 - System Speech (Notably As an E-mail Notifier, Speaking
Clock, Speaking Alarm and Speaking Irc)
BTB102.ZIP 02-08-93 BEAT the BOMB V 1.02 Addition Drill Program Race against a clock, a
bomb, or a snail or build castles with correct answers. Many options:
change number of problems, missing factors, etc. Sound, clock, and
animation can be turned on or off. Se
BTBETA30.ZIP 10-08-94 Ddsdoors Battle Trip Door Game V3.0 Beta - Based on the Card Game Mille
BTC102.ZIP 05-06-94 Battle Charge V1.02 Asp is A Two-player Game Played With Two Sets of
Opposing (Red Vs. Blue) Neutral and Charged Pieces. The Game Ends When
A Charged Piece Captures Its Opposing King. Requires: 80286 or Later
Series Cpu,
BTC103.ZIP 08-02-94 BATTLE CHARGE V1.03 Battle Charge is a two-player game played
with two sets of opposing (red vs. blue) neutral and charged pieces.
The game ends when a charged piece captures its opposing king.
Requires: 8086CPU, 300K free RAM, VGA graphics, mouse and DOS resident
BTC103F.ZIP 02-27-95 Battle Charge V1.03f is A Two-player Game Played With Two Sets of
Opposing (Red Vs. Blue) Neutral and Charged Pieces. The Game Ends When
A Charged Piece Captures Its Opposing King. Requires: 80286 or Later
Series Cpu
BTCDPL11.ZIP 07-29-94 The Bridge Timbre Cd Player V1.1 for Windows (Shareware Version). Plays
Audio Cd S in Your Multimedia Pc. It is Fully Programmable. Skip Songs,
Repeat Them As Many Times As You Like, or Shuffle Them All
BTCDROM.ZIP 11-30-07 Buslogic Cdrom Driver and Dos Device Manager V.2.0. Downloaded Off the
Buslogic Bbs.
BTCHLD10.ZIP 03-02-97 Batchload V1.0 by Borealis Software is A Pgm Used to Run Multiple Apps
in One Click of the Mouse. It is Incredibly Useful and Easy to Use.
BTCOSTS.ARJ 12-19-13 Print itemised phone bill from Telix logfile
BTCRXT.ZIP 05-26-95 Create Ddf And/Or Btrieve [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Minutes. Print File Layouts With or
Without Field Notes. Sql Not Required. Btrieve Required. Keep Track of
Multiple Btrieve [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Sets by Application Id.
BTDEMO.ZIP 08-26-91 Demo of ButtonTool
BTDT.ZIP 08-08-95 Double Trouble - Screenshots
BTD_301.ARJ 12-19-13 BBS Telephone doorway - Non mailer BBS Front end
BTD_301.ZIP 11-21-91 BBS Telephone Doorway - non mailer BBS front end.
BTELNET.ZIP 06-01-97 Batch Telnet
BTEVT10.ARJ 12-19-13 Automates the creation of BINKLEY.EVT file
BTFALK6.ZIP 01-01-95 BinkleyTerm v2.50.6 for Falken BBS v7.05
BTFISH.ARJ 12-19-13 WW II Diesel Sub simulation game. New fromCompuserve--reputed to be
BTFISH.ZIP 01-29-92 WW II Diesel Sub simulation game.
BTFL13.ARJ 12-19-13 BTFiler v1.3 Btrieve file maintenance & rebulid. All functions included
BTHING.ARJ 12-19-13 A bit of Rapping here! Soundblaster .VOC file
BTHORNE.ZIP 08-25-94 This is A Playable Demo of Black Thorne From Interplay Productions.
This is the First Three Levels.
BTHSALT6.ZIP 05-01-94 Cf-misc Homemade Toiletries: 6 Bathsalt Recipes
BTIPS14.ZIP 10-01-92 Version 1.4 of Dick Olsen's BassTips. Over 100 fishing and boating tips
that are sure to improve anyone's fishing! Can be configured to pop
onto your screen each time you turn on your computer. Comes with a tip
editor so you can add your own
BTIPS15.ZIP 08-06-93 Basstips 1.5 . Fishing & Boating Tips. by Dick Olsen, Author of
Basstour. Over 100 Fishing and Boating Tips That Are Sure to Improve
Anyone's Fishing! Can be Configured to Pop Onto Your Screen
BTLA019.ZIP 11-11-94 BinkleyTerm Log Analyser V 0.19
BTLBLKNS.ZIP 11-14-95 Scenario for Harpoon II Deluxe Game by Three-sixty: Battle for the
Balkins After Numerouis Promises by Nato and the Un to Protect and
Preserve Peace and Open Up the Arms Trade Again the Peoples of the