Name Date Description
BITLIN10.ZIP 05-23-95 Bitmap Liner for Windows V1.00e (Free Soft) Bitmap Liner for Windows is
A Utility to Horizontally Line Bitmap Images That May be Used by Odlist
Box. It is Also A Vb Source Code Sample Demonstrating How Odlist.Vbx
BITLIN1E.ZIP 09-01-95 Bitmap Liner for Windows is an Utility to Horizontally Line Bitmap
Image to be Used by Odlist Box. It is Also A Vb Source Code Sample
Demonstrating How Odlist.Vbx May be Used. Free Software.
BITMAN.ARJ 12-19-13 scan through an .EXE or .DLL file and view all bitmaps present. for
BITMAN.ZIP 05-09-91 Windows Bitmap Manager - read Win bitmaps
BITN.ZIP 04-05-93 Info about BitNet
BITN0194.ZIP 01-18-94 Listing of all Bitnet Mailing Lists as of Jan 1994. (Newest File Date:
BITNES.ZIP 10-13-94 Bitness: Module Monitor for Win95 build 189 by Mark Gamber Bitness is a
set of two small programs designed to find and display loaded modules,
whether 16 or 32 bit and the global module usage count. To use Bitness,
copy BITNESS.EXE and BNS16.EXE to a common directory and start BITNESS
.EXE. Press "Refresh" to redisplay loaded modules at any time.
BITNET.ZIP 03-31-93 BitNet Usage Guidelines
BITPLANE.ZIP 02-24-90 An EGA demo
BITSAM.LZH 01-06-14 Sampler Bitmap Progs. for Asymetrix Toolbox
BITSBAUD.ZIP 10-02-90 This is an excerpt from THE MODEM REFERENCE
BITSET.LZH 01-06-14 c src, set bits on/off.
BITUHS.ZIP 08-17-95 Universal Hint System File for Buried in Time. Requires A Uhs 95a
Reader for DOS or Windows to View.
BIT_DEMO.ZIP 08-10-95 Belmont Image Technician - is an Image Processing Demo Written in
Delphi Using Imageknife 2.0/Vbx.
BIT_TBL.ZIP 10-26-95 N Lannet Pdf: Cheyenne Bitshare-adv Topics/Troubleshooting
BIVIDISC.ARJ 12-19-13 Video Tape Librarian & Catalog System for Win3
BIZ101A1.ZIP 03-26-95 Biz-101a 1.0 Abridged Version of Ebook, 101 Computer Related Businesses
BIZARR.ZIP 03-18-92 Adobe Type Manager Font
BIZBOOKS.ZIP 01-28-94 THE BEST RECENT BUSINESS BOOKS! Here is Wilderness Books' catalogue of
the best new books on management, sales, marketing, women in business,
consulting, organizational change and development, entreprenuerial
skills, business use of the Internet, and starting your own business. A
must download for executives, managers, professionals and anyone in
business who wants to grow, develop their skills, and stay ahead!
Orders shipped anywhere in the world. (Newest File Date: 01-28-94)
BIZCARD.ZIP 04-01-97 W95 Makes Business Cards
BIZCONFG.ZIP 05-26-94 biz.config
BIZDEX20.ZIP 05-07-94 Window Bizdex 2.0 - Complete Index Card System for Windows
BIZLET.ZIP 01-23-94 Business Letters A-z. Each File Contains Useful Business Letters in
Ascii Format. Over 500 Letters in All. This is Freeware Please
Distribute to Anyone That Has a Need. I Have Zipped by Alphabet. it
Makes it Easy to Find
BIZLTRS.ZIP 01-13-96 Collection of Business Letters and Selected Forms for A Variety of
Business Situations
BIZPLN21.ZIP 12-02-92 BUSINESS PLAN MASTER v2.1 - PC.Provides structured framework for
developingyour own professional business plan. Most of the work has
been done for you. Fill in the blanks or edit. Files pre-formatted in
WP 5.1, MS Works and ASCII text. Spre
BIZPLN27.ZIP 07-31-93 Business Plan Master V2.7. Template Files Will Save Weeks of Time. All
Financial Reports and Analysis (Cash Flow, Income Statements, Etc.).
BIZPLN29.ZIP 01-18-94 Business Plan Master v2.9 - Every business needs a business plan -
Fortune 500 or Mom & Pop. These pre-formatted template files will make
it easy for you to create your own professional busines splan and save
you weeks of time! Files are in WP51, WinWord 2.0, 123, Excel, and
Works formats. ASP. (Newest File Date: 01-18-94)
BIZWIZ.ARJ 12-19-13 BizWiz, financial calculator for Windows. fully compatible with the
Hewlett-Packard HP-12C
BIZWIZ.ZIP 06-01-93 Business/Financial Calculator
BIZWIZ30.ZIP 06-01-93 BizWiz is an "power user's" financial calculator which emulates the
famous Hewlett-Packard HP-12C. BizWiz incorporates a useful
"Keep-On-Top" feature which allows it to remain on top of other Windows
BIZWIZ93.ZIP 06-09-93 HP12C calculator for Windows 3.1; Shareware
BIZZY95B.ZIP 02-05-94 = BIZZY Version 0.95 eta Test Copy = Fast, quiet utility to take modem
off- hook. Features a quiet mode, activity logging, and an ON-hook
option as well.
BIZ_FOOD.ZIP 04-17-95 Business Contains an Information File About Where You can Buy Food for
Your Business Meetings That Are "Closed" for Security Reasons. Also
Includes A Funky Midi Tune.
BI_NAMER.ZIP 11-05-95 Bi-namer 1.0 - A Pcboard Utility to Rename Pcb's Uucp File Attachments
Back to Their Original File Name. Process .Gif, .Jpg, .Zip .Exe, .Wav,
Mid and More. Shareware, $10.00.
BI_PROTO.ZIP 02-07-93 Bidirectional protocol discussion info. 02/07/93.
BI_WI_25.ZIP 07-10-93 Two Financial Calculators for Ms-win 3.1.
BJ-DEM.LZH 01-06-14 EGA Blackjack game - supurb graphics
BJ-DEM.LZH 01-06-14 VERY nice looking blackjack game for EGA
BJ1N17.ZIP 05-03-94 BIBLE JUMBLES 1 - NAMES V.1.7 A Bible word game reminiscent of
the Tower of Babel or newspaper Jumble. Figure out which Bible name is
jumbled. Choice of Old or New Testaments, the entire Bible, or women of
the Bible. Give scriptural references. Requires EGA or VGA, FD.
BJ200.ZIP 05-14-97 Doors Blackjack V. 2.0 - Blackjack Game for Falken BBS Software.
Classic Game. Allows Sysops to Bet Ficticious Money or Credits. Each
Player Has Its Own Dealer, But can Chat With Any Other Player in the
BJ24.ZIP 05-06-93 Blackjack! 2.40d Asp - If You're Looking for the Finest Way to Learn
Blackjack Look No More.. You Have Found It! Basic Strategy & Card
Counting Drills - Strategy Error Tracking & Reporting - User Defined
Card Counting
BJ240D.ZIP 05-06-93 Blackjack! 2.40d Asp - If You're Looking for the Finest Way to Learn
Blackjack Look No More.. You Have Found It! Basic Strategy & Card
Counting Drills - Strategy Error Tracking & Reporting - User Defined
Card Counting
BJ250.ZIP 08-21-94 BLACKJACK! 2.50D If you're after the finest way to learn
Blackjack, look no more. Strategy & counting drills, error tracking,
extensive statistics, custom betting & counting systems, SUPER GRAPHICS
User comments summed up as 'The Best I've Ever Seen'. VGA,EGA or Herc
BJ304.ZIP 03-08-93 BBS BlackJack/21 card game door. Ver. 3.04 - Mar 8, 1993. PCBoard 14.x,
31 line DOOR.SYS and DORINFO1.DEF file compatible. Fully functional.
Supports X00nnn fossil driver(s). ANSI.SYS required. Supports single
node only. Registration is only
BJ318.ZIP 10-06-93 BBS BlackJack/21 card game door. v3.18; PCBoard 14/15., DOOR.SYS
compatible. Fully functional. Supports fossil driver(s). ANSI.SYS
required. Com 1-4. BPS to 115,200. Multinode BBS support.
BJ322.ZIP 03-20-94 Black Jack/21 Door Game V3.22. Supports Com1-5, Multi-node + Up to
115200 Baud.
BJ331.ZIP 04-23-97 Black Jack V3.31 - Double Down, Split Hands Five-card Charlies and
Insurance Against Aces Are Some of the Pro/Vegas Features This Ansi
Blackjack Door Has to Offer. Full-screen Graphics and Cursor-controlled
BJ600V2.ZIP 02-03-94 Canon BJC-600 Updated Windows Driver Ver. 2.0b. (Newest File Date:
BJACK.ZIP 09-05-93 BRAINEX BLACKJACK RIP ANSI Great Blackjack, just like Las Vegas.
Features Double and Split hands, and great ANSI/RIP graphics! From The
Brainex System 310-275-2344.
BJACK050.ZIP 08-12-95 Black Jack for Os2 V0.50
BJACK051.ZIP 08-20-95 Black Jack V0.51. 32-bit Game Based Upon
BJADI.ARJ 12-19-13 Updated Canon Bubble Jet Autocad ADI driver.
BJBETA.ZIP 01-05-95 Cannon Beta 32-bit Os/2 Bubblejet Driver. Sent to Execnet Via Ftp by
Eric Mauss!
BJBLAKE.ZIP 03-15-97 Card Great Black Jack Game With Sounds and More
BJBYDEB1.ZIP 02-23-93 Blackjack by Deborah. Color and Sound. Fun!!.
BJC141.ZIP 06-28-94 Ddsdoors Black Jack Challenge V1.41 Online Blackjack Door Game.
BJF-210.LZH 01-06-14 BFJ Diskette and Hard Disk Cataloger /sec
BJF.ZIP 12-20-91 BlackJack Frustration, a door game for Wildcat!(c). This is a game
where luck and strategy combine for you to win big money.
BJFILT.ZIP 02-03-94 Stops the Canon Bubble Jet BJ200 printer driver (version 1.2) from
printing extra two letters "ab" at end of every job. Can also monitor
parallel port & print out all output for debugging. (Newest File Date:
BJFT15.ARJ 12-19-13 BlackJack For Time Game Door for RA/QBBS/SBBS
BJLK230.ARJ 12-19-13 Lock/Unlock CAPS,NUMr,INSt,SCRL ... 4 n 1!
BJOS215.ZIP 08-17-94 Canon Bubble Jet Os/2 Driver V1.5 Direct From Canon Bbs.
BJOS2V13.ZIP 02-14-94 Canon Bj-200/230/300/330 and Bjc-600/800 Printer Drivers V.1.3, Work
With Os/2 1.X and 2.X.
BJOS2_13.ZIP 02-14-94 Bj Printer Drivers for Os/2.
BJPLUS30.ZIP 07-24-94 BJPLUS 3.0 Authentic, with 1-7 players, 4 play modes. Specify
bets, strategy, where to sit, how to play 1 to 999,999 hands. Set
casino rules, when dealer stands, what cards may be doubled, surrender
allowed? Complete stats. Reg. users can program any strategy!
BJPLUS40.ZIP 07-17-96 Blackjack Plus V4.0 Play With 17 Players. Four Modes of Play. Specify
Player Stake, Strategy, Bet, Adjust Game Playing Speed. Play With 1-9
Decks, Adjust Deal Depth. Display Card Totals? Set House Rules Take or
BJPROB11.ZIP 10-21-96 Blackjack Plus Probabilities Blackjack is A Shareware Program for Win 3
X That Calculates Real Time Probabilites and Also Simulates the Card
Game Head to Head With the Dealer. The Program Calculates all
BJPROF10.ZIP 02-09-95 Blackjack Professor for Windows is the Most Powerful and Easy to use
Blackjack Learning Tool in Existence. Simulations, Variations.
BJPWIN40.ZIP 08-01-96 Ad-wingm Blackjack Plus for Windows V4.0 - Win Graphic Casino Blackjack
Game With Teaching, Automatic, Manual & Background Modes. Learn &
Develop New Strategies
BJSCHED1.ZIP 03-15-94 This is a revision of the original BJSCHED which had a couple of minor
boo-boos in it. Anyway, this is the 1994 BLUE JAY schedule in Word for
Windows format. Enjoy! (Newest File Date: 03-15-94)
BJSIM202.ZIP 06-30-96 Extremely High Speed Blackjack Systems Evaluator for Windows(Tm)
BJSOUND.ZIP 07-16-95 Blind Justice Playable Demo, Sound Add-on 2.
BJST162.ZIP 06-10-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
BJTALK.LZH 01-06-14 talking blackjack
BJTRAIN.ARJ 12-19-13 Blackjack can be beat. This will teach youhow.
BJTUTOR.ZIP 03-29-97 Bjtutor: A Java Implementation of the Popular Casino Game Blackjack.
Needs Java Installed
BJW100_E.ZIP 02-22-95 New!! Blackjack for Windows Card Game!! Finally, A Windows Version of
Our Very Popular DOS Version Blackjack Game! Graphics Are Vastly
Improved Over the DOS Version! Fun to Play and Very Addicting - Try It
BJW101_E.ZIP 07-11-95 Blackjack for Windows Card Game!
BJWA12.ZIP 03-14-94 BlackJack for Windows v1.2: full featured casino-style blackjack game
w/6 decks, up to 6 players, game rule controls for splitting, doubling,
insurance, surrender, double exposure, table minimums, starting
bankroll, game statistics, etc; 03/14/94; Elton H. (Newest File Date:
BJWA14.ZIP 05-04-94 Blackjack for Windows V1.4: Full Featured Casino-style Blackjack Game
W/6 Decks, Up to 6 Players, Game Rule Controls for Splitting, Doubling,
Insurance, Surrender, Double Exposure, Table Minimums, Starting
Bankroll, Game
BJWIN.ARJ 12-19-13 BlackJack game for Windows 3
BJWIN21.ZIP 08-05-93 Black Jack for Windows v2.1: the most flexible model of the game of
blackjack; set the size of the shoe, the dealer play, the player and
house rules; simulate any casino or variant of blackjack; card counting
features to learn and hone your card counting skills; 08/05/93; John
Washburn/Shareware Productions. (Newest File Date: 08-05-93)
BJWIN95.ZIP 08-31-95 Canon line of bubble jet printer drivers for Windows 95
BJ_240.ZIP 05-06-93 Blackjack! 2.40d Asp - If You're Looking for the Finest Way to Learn
Blackjack Look No More.. You Have Found It! Basic Strategy & Card
Counting Drills - Strategy Error Tracking & Reporting - User Defined
Card Counting
BJ_POK21.ZIP 08-09-94 Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack Version 2.1 Great Sounds, Real Cards,
and A Beautiful User Interface Make This the Best Video Poker and Video
Blackjack Simulation Available. The Included Sounds Make Even Losing
BJ_POK22.ZIP 11-22-94 Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack Version 2.2 Great Sounds, Real Cards,
and A Beautiful User Interface Make This the Best Video Poker and Video
Blackjack Simulation Available. The Included Sounds
BJ_POK32.ZIP 11-27-95 G Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack V3.2 Windows Game Great Sounds, Real
Cards, and A Beautiful User Interface Make This the Best Video Poker
and Video Blackjack Simulation Available. The Included Sounds Make Even
Losing Fun
BJ_POK41.ZIP 05-22-96 Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack V4.1 Poker and Blackjack Games for
Windows Great Sounds Real Cards, and A Beautiful User Interface Make
This the Best Video Poker and Video Blackjack Simulation Available
BJ_POK44.ZIP 11-04-96 Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack V4.4 Poker and Blackjack Games for
Windows Great Sounds, Real Cards, and A Beautiful User Interface Make
This the Best Video Poker and Video Blackjack Simulation Available.
BJ_POK45.ZIP 02-05-97 Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack V4.5 Poker and Blackjack Games for
Windows. Great Sounds, Real Cards, and A Beautiful User Interface Make
This the Best Video Poker and Video Blackjack Simulation Available.
BJ_PROF.ZIP 08-10-96 Win95 Blackjack Professor for Windows is An
BJ_PROF1.ZIP 12-04-94 Blackjack Professor for Windows is the Most Powerful and Easy to use
Blackjack Learning Tool in Existence. Needs Vbrun300.Dll to Run.
Features Include- On-line Help, an Ace Count, Simulations
BK14_400.ZIP 08-23-93 Book Review Door; Supports several BBS formats and baud rates up to 115
BK2AD106.ZIP 07-30-97 Binkley 2 Adept Outbound Converter Pm V1.06
BK51FB.ZIP 06-07-93 Brothers Keeper Genealogy V5.1f [2/4]
BK51FC.ZIP 05-29-93 Brothers Keeper Genealogy V5.1f [3/4]
BK51FDOC.ZIP 05-21-93 Brothers Keeper Documentation & Registration
BK52A.ZIP 03-26-94 Brother's Keeper Genealogy V5.2 Part 1 of 4. (Newest File Date:
BK52B.ZIP 03-26-94 Brother's Keeper Genealogy V5.2 Part 2 of 4. (Newest File Date:
BK52C.ZIP 03-26-94 Brother's Keeper Genealogy V5.2 Part 3 of 4. (Newest File Date:
BK52D.ZIP 03-26-94 Brother's Keeper Genealogy V5.2 Part 4 of 4. (Newest File Date:
BK52E.ZIP 04-23-95 Brother's Keeper Genealogy v5.2. 5/5.
BK52_ALL.ZIP 03-20-94 Version 5.2 of the Brother's Keeper Genealogy Program by John Steed.
This program has many features which include some of the following
items: Can handle 1,000,000 names; runs using only 512kb of memory; has
many different reports that can organize your data in several ways; it
has many other features that make it the best shareware program around
ARE USING CURRENTLY! (Newest File Date: 03-20-94)
BK52_DOC.ZIP 04-23-95 Brother's Keeper Genealogy Program v5.2 Documentation. Not included in
4 progarchives
BK5A.EXE 12-19-13 Brother's Keeper 1 of 4, starter kit, self extracting archive
BK5B.EXE 12-19-13 Brother's Keeper 2 of 4, group sheets & ancestors
BK5C.EXE 12-19-13 Brother's Keeper 3 of 4, reports, box charts, utility, GED
BK5D.EXE 12-19-13 Brother's Keeper 4 of 4, ancestor, split & merge, box charts
BK5DOC.EXE 12-19-13 Brother's Keeper documentation, self extracting archive
BK5PCX.EXE 12-19-13 Prg. which allows you to enter pics. in BK5 Programs (scanned, etc.)
BKACHE56.ZIP 05-20-93 Backache Relief Now! Version 5.6 Tutorial Discusses Back Pain Relief
Including Spinal Anatomy, Backaches and Computer Operators, Arthritis,
the "Slipped" Disc, Aging and Back Pain, Sports for Back Pain Sufferers
BKBAT.ZIP 12-29-13 Automate PKZIP to do incremental HD backups.
1.0A/DOS is a WordPerfect 5.1/DOS macro package that converts formatted
documents into camera-ready copy single-fold brochures. All two-across
formats are usable, in either landscape or portrait mode. A SciTrans
BKBOX15.ZIP 11-14-95 The Black Box is Both A BBS Door Game and A Stand Alone Game. It's A
Game of Wit and Concentration. You Will Find This Game Challenging and
Fun. With all the Epic Adventure Games Out There That Go on and on
BKCHART.EXE 12-19-13 Brother's Keeper bar chart statistics, self extracting archive
BKDUTCH.ZIP 04-23-95 Brothers Keeper Dutch Language Files.
BKEY210.ZIP 08-01-97 Bluekey 2.10, Pgp Shell for Olrs
BKFRENCH.ZIP 04-23-95 Brothers Keeper French Language Files.
BKG.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows Background fader
BKGDOOR1.ZIP 02-13-95 Backgammon V1.0. Ega/Vga Terminal Program is Included in This ZIP File.
Handles 200 to 2000 Games. Supports File Sharing and is Desqview Aware.
Ega/Vga Monitor and Mouse.
BKGED5.ZIP 02-08-93 BKGED5 February 1993 by John Steed This is a Brothers Keeper utility
that gives BK version 5 a GEDCOM capability. It was downloaded from the
BK support BBS. No documentation is available.
BKGED52.ZIP 04-23-95 BKGEDCOM(v.5.2) 5/94 by John Steed
========================================= This is a Brothers Keeper
utility that gives BK version 5.2 GEDCOM capability, which can be
used to transfer information between BK and Personal Ancestral File
(PAF) or other genealogy programs.
BKGERMAN.ZIP 04-23-95 Brother's Keeper Genealogy Program. German
BKILL.ZIP 03-09-94 This game is for Windows 3.1. It is a great game for all those who cant
stand that lovable purple dinosaur. The graphics could use a facelift
but the theme is great. (Newest File Date: 03-09-94)
BKILL21S.ZIP 06-29-96 Fwapps A Gui Interface to Mcafee's Os/2 Anti-virus Program
BKILL30.ZIP 09-13-96 Gui Interface to Mcafee's Os/2 Anti-virus Program.
BKLA104.ZIP 12-29-13 BinkleyTerm Log Analyzer v1.04
BKLA105.ARJ 12-19-13 Binkley 2.50 log analyzer. Written by Bob Ross -
BKLA202.ZIP 08-21-95 Bob Ross' Binkla Binkley/Maximus Log File Analyzer/Report Maker
BKM16101.ZIP 10-27-96 Manage Your Books (16-bit) V1.01 Win Book Organizer to Manage A School,
Church, Business, or Personal Library of Books
BKM32100.ZIP 10-25-96 Manage Your Books (32-bit) V1.00 W95 Book Organizer to Manage A School,
Church, Business or Personal Library of Books
BKMAIL11.ZIP 03-15-89 BACKMAIL: Background mail/file transfer pgm
BKNX12.ZIP 02-09-95 Booksnexus V1.2 - Rcco Research. Recordkeeping for Individual or
Professional Collections of Books. Attractive and Handy.
BKNX13.ZIP 08-18-96 Booksnexus V1.3 (Ms-dos) - Rcco Research Recordkeeping for Individual
or Professional Collections of Books. Attractive Visually-oriented
Environment. Report Writer Book Labels. Various Sort Options. On-line
BKOBJ.ZIP 06-21-93 Clipper Obj Module Which Can Split Backup Files Across Multiple 1.44 or
1.2mb Disks. Will Also Prompt User If Disks Already Contain Data. No
Doc File. Registrants Get Source Code.
BKPDLI.ZIP 06-18-94 Becknerlib - Pd (Lib File)
BKPDSR.ZIP 06-18-94 Becknerlib - Pd (Source Code)
BKPDUT.ZIP 06-18-94 Becknerlib - Pd (Utilities)
BKPOLISH.ZIP 04-23-95 Brothers Keeper Polish Language Files.
BKPWIZ31.ZIP 11-21-96 Harness the Operating System (Dos/Win) to Do all Backup/Restore Work
for You
BKREP10.ZIP 04-02-97 Bk Replaceem Version 1.0 (32-bit) - Bk Replaceem is A Text
Search-and-replace Program. Unlike A Standard Text Editor, Bk Replaceem
Operates on Multiple Text Files at A Time. You can Setup A List of
BKRSFLD.ZIP 07-21-92 Bakersfield Area Frequencies
BKS0494.ZIP 05-02-94 Internet Faq (Answers to Frequently Asked Questions) Re: Books; 4/94
Ver. Supercedes Prior.
BKSE12A.ZIP 10-27-95 Black Knight (File 1of2) V1.2 - Marine Strike Fighter Se. This F/A-18
Flight Simulator Gives Most Realistic Air Combat Without Enlisting.
Terrific Graphics, Stereo Snd. Reqs 386+/8mb/Vga
BKSE12B.ZIP 10-27-95 Black Knight (File 2of2) V1.2 - Marine Strike Fighter Se. This F/A-18
Flight Simulator Gives Most Realistic Air Combat Without Enlisting.
Terrific Graphics, Stereo Snd. Reqs 386+/8mb/Vga
BKSETUP.ZIP 10-06-95 Brothers Keeper 5.2 for Windows. Top Flight Gnealogy Program That Has
Been Moved From DOS to Windows.
BKSHOW.ZIP 10-30-95 Black Knight Se: F/A-18 Flight Simulator V1.2 Info File and Slide Show
for This Terrific New Flight Simulator. Check it Out!
BKSLF10.ARJ 12-19-13 The Book Shelf v1.0 from Canada Catalog books, magazines, publications
BKSN10.ARJ 12-19-13 Back Soon v1.0: message taking utility
BKSN11.ZIP 08-06-92 Back Soon! v1.1 [ASP] Message-taking/Screen saving utility. Displays
scrolling message (out to lunch, back in 5, etc.) on your moni- tor.
Visitors can leave a message for you which you can later retrieve,
print, or save to disk. Automatically
BKST2_5A.ZIP 07-12-92 BookStor 2.50 Book dealers. 1 of 2.
BKST2_5B.ZIP 07-12-92 BookStor 2.50 Book dealers. 2 of 2.
BKSTAB.ZIP 11-28-91 A Windows background perfect for the office.
BKSTAT.ZIP 11-11-94 BASKETBALL STATISTICS VERSION 1.0 Complete, easy to use
basketball stats for one or more teams. Features include custom reports
custom rating formulas, modern interface, and context-sensitive help.
BKSUSPO6.ZIP 06-07-94 Internet Faq (Ans to Freq Asked Questions) Re: Ordering Books by Mail.
BKTIME.EXE 12-19-13 Brother's Keeper timeline chart, self extracting archive
BKTIME.ZIP 04-23-95 Brother's keeper geneology program timeline c
BKT_SPRY.ZIP 05-12-94 How to Spray Paint Reed/Wicker Baskets
BKUP102.ZIP 07-20-97 Pasdelph Backup Expert 1.02 (For Delphi 1.0x)
BKUPKIT1.ZIP 09-03-94 Rg Backupkit Ver1.0 Alpha Unlike Other Backup Programs, This Utility
Will Both Pack, and Unpack Renegade! Includes A Config File Editor! and
Only 5 Bucks to Register!
BKUSER11.ZIP 11-02-95 B&kuser Finder V1.1 Tribbs V10.0 Utility to Allow Your Users on Your
BBS to Look Up Other Users by Inputting A Partial String to Match
Against. Extremely Fast and Free to all Registered Tribbs Sysops! This
Update Version
BKVIZ6.ZIP 11-16-93 WinWord 6.0 template that contains a pair of macros,
MakeBookmarkVisible DeleteVisibleBookmark; 11/16/93; David Marks/
Applied Synergetics. (Newest File Date: 11-16-93)
BKWORDS.ZIP 05-21-93 Brothers Keeper Program, Creates Lang. Files
BKWRM091.ZIP 09-10-92 Bibliographic Database Manager for Windows 3.X
BL110SW.ZIP 10-28-95 Backlash - A Turret Gunner Simulation V1.10sw by )sanctuary Software
Studio, Inc. A 3d Action/Arcade Game. Defend the Mothership From Enemy
Spacecraft, Mines Fields, Asteroid Fields and Drones Over 15 Missions.
BL12.ZIP 02-16-91 Know when your BBS booted from Power Failures buy using this little
BL152.ZIP 06-06-93 Book Librarian 1.52. Powerful feature packed easy-to-use program to
organize and manage a personal, club, school, church or coporate
library. Has mouse support,context sensitive help,pop-up Browse and
Find windows.Includes a 31 line memo field for notes. Prints num- erous
reports to the screen,printer or disk. ASP Shareware by TurboSystemsCo.
Fields are Title, author, subject, edition, catalog#, ISBN, publisher
and more. (Newest File Date: 06-06-93)
BL153.ZIP 03-03-94 Book Librarian 1.53. Powerful Feature Packed Easy-to-use Program to
Organize and Manage A Personal, Club, School, Church or Coporate
Library. Has Mouse Support,context Sensitive Help,pop-up Browse and
BL200.ZIP 12-29-13 Book Librarian v2.0 LONG DESCRIPTION:A powerful feature packed
easy-to-use program toorganize and manage a personal, club, school
,church or corporate library. Has mouse support,context sensitive help,
FIND/BROWSE window, pop-up calendar. 24 data fields, plus a 60 line
memofield. Prints 14 reports to the screen, printer,or disk. Try it,
you'll like it!!
BL216.ZIP 10-12-95 Ad-bus Book Librarian V2.16 - Book Library Management System. Organizes
Books for Schools, Churches, Clubs, Business and Personal Use. Has
Context Help, Mouse Support.
BL2DEM.ARJ 12-19-13 Blinker Version 2.0 (Clipper Compiler) Demo Fully Featured Demo With
BLAB_065.ZIP 08-12-95 Boomlab V0.65 Complete Upload Processor for Pcboard. Coded by Gene
Layton (Boomer) 08/01/95 Automated Ppe to Handle Failed Files Age Test
Archive 5 Different Ways. Zap all BBS Ads Even Random Ads Using
Filelist, Crc
BLACK.ARJ 12-19-13 .mod Blackhole
BLACK091.ZIP 04-15-95 Dpms (Green) Monitor Screen Saver. (Req. Emxrt.Zip)
BLACK093.ZIP 06-04-95 Blackout V.093, Os/2 (2.0+) Screen Saver
BLACK094.ZIP 10-01-95 Fwsysutl "Blackout" is A Completely Free Screen Saver for Os/2 Versions
2.0 and Above. It is Intended for use With Monitors That Have Dpms, or
"Green," Support.
BLACK1.ZIP 01-05-93 Miscellaneous WAV Files
BLACK100.ZIP 06-30-96 Blackout Screensaver Which Controls "Green" Monitors
BLACK150.ZIP 01-16-95 Black Flag Tic Processor, Small, Powerful Inexpensive, and Very Easy to
Set Up. Fido 4 Version 1.50
BLACK2.ZIP 01-05-93 Miscellaneous WAV Files
BLACKB12.ZIP 05-22-93 Black Box V1.2: Adaptation of the Game by Parker Bros, the Black Box is
a Square Matrix (8x8) Where a Number of Balls Are Hidden by the
Computer - You Have to Find the Locations of These Hidden Balls, by
Shooting Rays
BLACKBER.ZIP 04-05-93 Rubus
BLACKCHA.ZIP 01-24-91 ATM Black Chancellor font for WIN 3.0
BLACKGLD.ZIP 01-03-97 Warcraft 2 Scenario.
BLACKH.ZIP 09-30-90 ScreamTracker sample sounds