Name Date Description
ZEROIN22.ZIP 11-05-96 Zeroin V2.2 Super Replacement for Dos's Cd Command. It Allows You to
Abbreviate Directory Names to Just the First Letter. If There is More
Than One Match You can Choose From A List. It's Fantastic for Windows
ZEROIN23.ZIP 12-04-96 Zeroin V2.3 Simon Carter,crystal Software Zeroin is A Super Replacement
for Dos's Cd Command. It Allows You to Abbreviate Directory Names to
Just the First Letter.
ZERO_430.ZIP 01-31-94 Make one or more quick zero length files. Supports destination
directory, read only.
ZESICK.ZIP 08-12-95 Mod: Om - Zodiac Asm95 Sdc
ZEST20.ZIP 08-26-96 Zest 2.0, Fastest Z-modem From Kaist, South Korea
ZEUS100.ZIP 02-02-95 Zeus for Windows - Programmer's Editor Includes an Mdi Interface,
Syntax Coloring for C and C++ Files, Built-in Support for Compilers,
Unlimited Undo/Redo, Search and Replace and More. #037 Programming -
General Utils
ZEUS2042.ZIP 01-15-97 Quake: - Zeusbot 2.042
ZEUSV105.ZIP 09-10-95 Zeus V1.05: Ms-windows Programmers Editor Supports the Emulation of the
Brief Keyboard Unlimited Undo/Redo, Color Syntax Highlighting for the C
and C Languages, Quick Help Searching Thru Multiple Winhelp Help Files
ZEUX.ZIP 02-09-94 Software VisionsLabrynth of Zeux ver 2.01Reg. US$10 An EGA side-view
game; Reflexes and intuition required! Solve 20 caverns of puzzles! SB
soundtrack. Register for 50 levels and a level editor! Requires: EGA
ZEUX1.ZIP 03-20-94 Labyrinth of Zeux by Software Visions Explore Zeux in Search of A
Mystical Staff. Req: Vga Graphics, Logical Thinking, and Quick Reflexes
Sound Blaster Support.
ZF-07.ZIP 12-21-13 ZF-7: Asks user to scan for new messages By Neue Regel #1 @10141
[uaslabs@bmAsks user to scan for new messages. Date: 07/14/95
ZF-2.ZIP 06-29-95 Asks user to scan all conferences with "N" By Neue Regel (Or Silent
Knight) #1Asks user to scan all conferences with "N". Date: 06/29/95
ZF-3.ZIP 06-29-95 Sysop Availability at the Prompts By Neue Regel (Or Silent Knight)
#1Sysop Availability at the Prompts. Date: 06/29/95
ZF-4.ZIP 06-29-95 Nicer Voting Section By Neue Regel (Or Silent Knight) #1Nicer Voting
Section. Date: 06/29/95
ZF-5.ZIP 06-29-95 Quick Menu from WFC featuring misc cmds. By Neue Regel (Or Silent
Knight) #1Quick Menu from WFC featuring misc cmds.. Date: 06/29/95
ZF-6A.ZIP 07-09-95 Download E-mail/Post via "$" By Neue Regel (Or Silent Knight)
#1Download E-mail/Post via "$". Date: 07/09/95
ZF10_03.ZIP 01-01-92 ZIPFire, Upload testing utility for Spitfire
ZFACE073.ZIP 05-25-94 Menu Driven Interface for Pkzip. Zface is Simple to Use, You Just Tell
Zface What You Want to Do by Selecting an Action From A Menu, Then Tell
it What Files to Work on by Selecting Them From A List. Zface Does the
ZFACE72.ZIP 06-05-93 Menu-Driven ZIP File Compression Interface
ZFADM035.ZIP 02-16-97 Tftpd Administrator V0.35 is an Administration Program for Terje's Ftp
Daemon (Tftpd) Whose Purpose is to Ease the Task of Administrating Your
Ftp Server.
ZFAX311G.ZIP 03-23-94 V3.11) ZFAX fullpack German version, with prog., gmsg, font, dir and
manu. (Newest File Date: 03-23-94)
ZFAX313.ZIP 07-06-94 Zfax V3.13 Please Read the Read Me File. (Grtmsg2. And Grtmsg4. Req'd
ZFAX40.ZIP 12-16-94 Zetafax v4.00b - 1 to 5 user Evaluation. Fax software for Windows,
Windows NT and OS/2. Fax server and workstation software, allows you
to share a fax modem over a LAN, and fax from any application.
Advanced features include automatic inward routing, email integration
and an API for automated faxing.
ZFRMS11D.ZIP 09-06-93 Text-mode Windowing/Menuing Libs. New Versionadds Mouse Support and
Sound. Easy to Use,but Very Powerful! Msc6, Borland Supported.
ZFSHR20.ZIP 06-22-96 Zone Force V2.0 - by Zonesoft Software (David Scouten, Ken Hall) by
Zone Master - 06/15/96 - Zonesoft This Game Demo Was Created Using the
Pie Game Creation System (Gcs) 5 Levels of Blake Stone-like 3d Action.
You Have
ZFSPATCH.ZIP 06-09-94 Plxapp Zfs V0.10 - Compressed Filesystem Image Support for Linux
ZFTPD030.ZIP 03-27-97 Zftpd - Terje's Ftp Deamon for Os/2 V0.30 of 12: 30 3rd Feb 1997 Stable
Multitasking and Multithreaded Ftp Deamon for Os/2 With Unix Alike
Apperance and Resume Support
ZFTPD045.ZIP 04-12-97 Zftpd - Terje's Ftp Daemon for Os/2 Version 0.41 of 14:00 29th Mar 1997
Stable, Multitasking and Multithreaded Ftp Daemon for Os/2 With Unix
Alike Appearance and Resume Support
ZFTPD047.ZIP 06-08-97 Terje's Ftp Daemon V0.47. Multitasking and Multithreaded With Unix Like
Appearance and Resume Support
ZFV12.ARJ 12-19-13 ZFV v1.2 - archive util for PcBoard bbs, allows viewing of ARC/LZH/ZIP
contents & files.
ZFV12.ZOO 01-06-92 Archive file viewerv 1.2 (PCboard)
ZGEN103.LZH 01-06-14 Supports ARC LZH ZIP PAK (SDN)
ZGEN122.LZH 01-06-14 ZGEN v1.22 file and archive manager
ZGEN122.LZH 01-06-14 ZGEN v1.22 file and archive manager
ZGEN146.LZH 01-06-14 Copy, delete, add, extract, PAK-ZIP-ARC-ARJ
ZGEN146.ZIP 03-10-91 Nice shell for disk file management
ZGEN160.ARJ 12-19-13 ZGEN v1.60 - a file and archive management prog supports
ZGEN160.LZH 01-06-14 Handles all common compression utilities
ZGRAPH10.ZIP 04-24-93 Telegard: ZGraph v1.0 - Zlog usage graphing door.
ZGREP30.ZIP 01-08-93 Grep Into ZIP Files Looking For Text
ZGRWIN28.ZIP 08-07-92 This program is designed to allow the user to create, display, and
print X/Y, Polar, Log, Bar, Pie, and Area graphs, as well as graphs of
2-D functions/expressions [Y = F(X), or F(X,Y)= 0], and 3-D
functions [Z = G(X, Y)] in the MS-Windows 3.X environment-(Version 2.8)
ZGRWIN29.ZIP 08-19-92 This program is designed to allow the user to create, display, and
print X/Y, Polar, Log, Bar, Pie, and Area graphs, as well as graphs of
2-D functions/expressions [Y = F(X), or F(X,Y)= 0], and 3-D
functions [Z = G(X, Y)] in the MS-Windows 3.X environment-(Version 2.9)
ZGRWIN33.ZIP 10-13-92 Zgrafwin v3.3 - program
ZH1.ZIP 10-06-95 Z Zip-hard V2.11a. Front End for Pkzip. Backup Individual Files or
Directories With Ease 1/3
ZH2.ZIP 10-06-95 Z Zip-hard V2.11a. 2/3
ZH3.ZIP 10-06-95 Z Zip-hard V2.11a. 3/3
ZHACK410.ZIP 08-29-91 ZHacker v4.10
ZHINT395.ZIP 03-14-95 250 Text, Tiff Files - Modem, Faxmodem Voicemodem Help. Zoom and
General Files 3/95 by Don Hinds.
ZHINT49.ZIP 04-08-93 150+ text (& a few TIF) files to help with modems & faxmod
ZHINT77.ZIP 07-07-93 150+ Ascii Text Files (& a Couple Tifs) W/ Help for Modems & Fax-modems
General Hints, Zoom Hints, & Mtez Hints.
ZIDCAR31.ZIP 12-29-13 ZIDECAR 3.10 Help for the home recorder! Lets you access SoundZ
data files and create tapes from that information, then creates a
newSoundZ entry for your creation. Allows you to enter the time of the
tape to be created, then pick and choose songs to match.
ZIF95203.ZIP 05-26-97 Zipfolders V2.03 for Win95 Provides A Revolutionary and Easy Way to
Handle ZIP Files Under Windows and DOS by Enabling You to Handle ZIP
Files Without Zipping or Unzipping! Supports Arj G Gz Lzh Tar ZIP Zoo
ZIF95_10.ZIP 09-10-96 Zipfolders Provides A Easy Way to Handle ZIP Files Under Windows and
Dos. Run Any Program Right Out of Its ZIP File
ZIF95_20.ZIP 04-12-97 Never Unzip Again! Just use This Under Win 95 to Run Your Programs
Without Ever Unzipping Them.. The ZIP File Has an Icon and When You
Click on It.. The [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INside Appear to be in A Folder for Instant
Easy Access
ZIFFVW.ZIP 02-06-94 Ziffnet's Exclusive Utility Zifview is a Simple Dos Text Browsing
Utility That Allow You to Browse Very Large Text Files. Also Allow You
to Specify Paths and Filename Extensions Then it Lists Out the
Available Files.
ZILCH10.ZIP 01-12-92 Zilch v1.10 debt liquidation program
ZILCH115.ZIP 06-27-93 Get Out of Debt Fast & Save Thousands of $$. Enter Information About
Your Debts and Zilch Does the Rest. Money From Paid-off Accounts is
Automatically Applied to Remaining Debts Based on the Payoff Strategy
You Select.
ZILCH119.ZIP 09-01-95 Zilch V1.19 - Personal Finance Software Save Thousands of Dollars in
Credit Card Interest Penalties. You Enter the Name, Apr Payment &
Balance and Zilch Does the Rest. Easy to Read Payment Schedule
ZILCHW11.ZIP 09-09-96 Zilch for Windows V1.1 - Personal Finance Save Thousands of Dollars in
Credit Card and Loan Interest Penalties. You Enter Financial
Information and Zilch Does the Rest. Easy to Read Payment Schedule
ZIMUFO.ZIP 12-31-89 Zimbabwe UFO sighting
ZINC350.ZIP 08-03-93 Zinc Application Framework 3.50 Demos.Zinc 3.50 is an Object-oriented,
Multi-platform Development Tool for C++ That Supports Dos Text and Dos
Graphics in Real and Protected Mode, Ms Windows, Windows Ibm Os/2, Os/F
ZINDENT7.LZH 11-19-89 Indent for dBase/Turbo Pascal source files Also see: /pc/ts/tspa2740
.zip /pc/ts/tspa2750.zip /pc/ts/tspa2755.zip /pc/ts/tspa2760.zip
ZINDEX.ZIP 09-20-94 Improved Dbase III+ Indexing Tool (Free)
ZINE46.ZIP 04-15-94 This is the latest Dateline: Starfleet from America Online.info on Star
Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, along with the upcoming
movie! (Newest File Date: 04-15-94)
ZINLOT13.ZIP 08-03-91 Pick 5/6 Lottery Handicapper. Incl MA data
ZINTRO.ZIP 06-16-88 Graphic intro to ZMODEM protocol
ZIP.LZH 01-06-14 Reduce head settling time on PC disk drives
ZIP10EX.ARJ 12-19-13 Zip is a compression and file packaging utility for Unix (source c)
ZIP10EXE.ZIP 12-29-13 EXEs ZIP10EX.ZIP Info-ZIP's PKZIP compatible
ZIP150.ZOO 08-13-91 Fast serial file transfer v1.50 (good)
ZIP152.ARJ 12-19-13 ZIP v1.52 Fast Serial Transfer Utility
ZIP171.ZIP 03-21-94 ZIP 1.71: Fast Serial File Transfer Utility for Transferring Files
Between Ibm Computers Via an Ordinary Serial Cable Connection;
ZIP172.ZIP 06-16-94 Fast serial file transfer by Eric Meyer (good)
ZIP19.ZIP 08-21-92 Info-ZIP free portable UnZip w/C source
ZIP201X2.ZIP 09-19-93 Updated 32-Bit Version Of Zip For Os/2
ZIP202A.ZIP 05-30-96 ZIP 2.02a is A Tiny Utility to Transfer Files Between Computers
(Desktop, Notebook, or Handheld) Over A Serial Cable at High Speed (115
200 Bps). Faster Than Many Similar Programs; No Memory-resident Drivers
ZIP21PPC.ZIP 05-27-96 Compressor-archiver Compatible With Pkzip
ZIP21X1.ZIP 05-14-96 Os/2 16-bit Exes for ZIP 2.1 (No Encryption)
ZIP21X2.ZIP 05-14-96 Mis_util Os/2 32-bit Exes for ZIP 2.1 (No Encryption)
ZIP2BAK2.ZIP 11-07-93 Zip2-Bak v1.12 Backup utility for Pkware's Pkzip v2.0 Great for backing
up with Floppy, Floptical, Buernoli or Magneto Optical. For IBM &
compatibles & monitors from Mono-VGA. Backup Utility zip
ZIP2OBJ.ZIP 11-12-91 TP Zipfile data Objitizer
ZIP2X.ZIP 11-11-93 File to Make Pctools for Windows V1.0 Compatable With Pkzip 2.04g
Direct From Central Point Bbs.
ZIP2ZI31.ZIP 05-31-93 Easy to Use Pkzip V1.10 to V2.04 Converter.
ZIP4.ZIP 11-27-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
ZIP4WIN.ZIP 03-04-92 Another ZIP front end - Handles most ZIP functions
ZIPALL11.ZIP 05-05-93 Get Freespace Using Pkware's Pkzip My Way!
ZIPALL20.ZIP 12-06-95 Zipitall 2.0 - ZIP and Unzip to and From Floppy. Gets Those Volume
Labels Subdirectories, Hidden, System, and "Read Only" Files Every Time
Format Floppies Comment ZIP Files and More.
ZIPAPER.ARJ 12-19-13 Randomly selects startup bitmaps keep wallpaper in a single archive
ZIPAPER.ZIP 01-16-94 ZIPAPER V1.3C ZiPaper 1.3c randomly selects Windows 3.x .BMP
files for wallpaper each time you run Windows. Keep the .BMP [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN
one ZIP or LHArc file. Save disk space! Supports Tile/Center and more.
Requires PKUnzip or LHArc.
ZIPAPR.ZIP 12-30-91 Chooses random wallpaper from .ZIP file
ZIPBAK50.ZIP 11-11-94 Zipback V5.01 - the Windows ZIP File Manager Makes Handling ZIP Files
Simpler Inc Uploads and Downloads, Archiving, Back Up and Many Other
ZIP File Tasks. Covers all Popular and Most of the Unusual Pkzip
ZIPBAK95.ZIP 06-01-95 Zipback '95 for Windows is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Manage
Compressed Data When Storing or Archiving Files, Zipping or Unzipping
for Downloading, or Backing Up A Fixed Disc. Using the Industry
Standard ZIP Files
ZIPBAR.ZIP 07-14-92 Truetype Font of Postal Barcodes "Postnetbars" to be Used With W4wbar
.ZIP Macro. (Newest File Date: 07-14-92)
ZIPBAR11.ZIP 06-14-93 ZIPBAR.ZIP v1.1: TrueType font for creating POSTNET bar codes used for
ZIP codes; includes a calculator to figure out the check digit, the FIM
bars as TIFs and a sample.WRI file; 06/14/93; Jerry Whiting/Azalea
Software Inc. (Newest File Date: 06-14-93)
ZIPBK20.ZIP 02-07-94 Zip-Back! 2.0 For Windows backs up those important INI, DLL, DRV and
TTF [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN your Windows directory with the click of a button!
Requires VBRUN300.DLL and PKZIP. Uploaded By Authors RIchard Ratayczak
and Ros Shareware., Please Register. (Newest File Date: 02-07-94)
ZIPBO111.ZIP 04-02-94 ZIP Brand FAST! v1.11. A (BBS) util to brand .ZIP files in a whole
directory tree SAFELY and QUICKLY with a comment or banner taken from a
file. Typically processing speed is 20+++ files a sec. Advanced but
very easy to use.Does NOT use external programs as PKZIP or Info ZIP.
OS/2 version. US$ 10 Shareware.
ZIPBOX.ZIP 06-11-94 ZIP Box is an Easy to use Interface for Pkware's Pkzip and Pkunzip.
Simply Drag Files From Windows File Manager to the ZIP Box Icon and it
Does the Rest. This Program Requires Pkzip, Pkunzip, Windows, and
ZIPBRAND.ZIP 12-04-93 Zip Brand Fast. Brand Your Zip Files With a Comment.
ZIPCD294.ZIP 02-27-94 USPS Zip Codes in .DBF Format Newest File: (Newest File Date: 02-27-94)
ZIPCHAN1.ZIP 04-26-94 Pegasus Software's Zipchange V1.0 - Zipchange Will Automatically Change
the Comment in Any ZIP Archive. Completely Configurable, it Will Work
on One Directory, or Up to 1000 Directories -
ZIPCHN10.ZIP 04-01-93 Ez Zip Changer V1.0: Very Simple Program That Goes Through Your Whole
Disk Drive & Updates All Your Zip Files to the Newest Version; C.
ZIPCIS.ARJ 12-19-13 CIS discussion with Phil Katz re: ZIP
ZIPCMN13.ZIP 03-28-92 Add Or Delete Comments From ZIP Files
ZIPCOD.ZIP 10-19-93 Zip Code Database Was Put Together for Database Applications. it
Includes the City, State, and Zip Code for Over 46,000 Locations. it
Can be Used to Automatically Look Up a City and State When a Zip Code
is Entered.
ZIPCODES.ZIP 03-30-93 ZipCodes
ZIPCOM11.LZH 01-06-14 Add comments to .LZH files using wildcards (*.LZH)
ZIPCRCK.ZIP 03-04-92 Crack Encrypted ZIP Files Easily
ZIPCRK10.ZIP 03-17-93 Brute force attack on PKZIP 2.0 encryption. Works Ok for s
ZIPCRKPW.ZIP 03-04-92 Brute force hacker for PKZip files - from Russia
ZIPCT211.ZIP 09-25-94 Fwutils Rpf ZIP Control(Tm) V2.1.1 - Easy Pm "Point and Click"
Interface to Unzip.Exe and Zip.Exe. Many Features. ZIP Control is an
Easy to use Pm Program Which Shields the User From the Command Line
ZIPCT215.ZIP 12-03-94 RPF Zip Control Version 2.1.5 LONG DESCRIPTION: Zip Control
provides easy "point & click" access to the freeware Zip.exe and UnZip
.exe archive programs. Zip & UnZip are compatible with files created
by the DOS PkZip and PkUnZip programs. Zip Control is a 32-bit OS/2 PM
shareware program.
ZIPCT220.ZIP 02-11-95 Rpf ZIP Control(Tm) V2.2.0 - Easy Os/2 Pm "Point and Click" Interface
to Unzip32.Exe and Zip.Exe. Many Features.
ZIPCT222.ZIP 03-12-95 ZIP Control V2.22 is an Easy to use Os/2 Pm Program Which Shields You
From the Command Line When Using the Freeware Zip.Exe & Unzip32.Exe.
ZIPCT223.ZIP 07-30-95 Rpf ZIP Control(Tm) V2.2.3 - Easy Os/2
ZIPCT225.ZIP 08-19-95 Rpf ZIP Control V2.2.5 - Easy Os/2 Pm "Point and Click" Interface to
Unzip32.Exe and Zip.Exe. Many Features. ZIP Control is an Easy to use
Os/2 Pm Program Which Shields You From the Command Line
ZIPCT228.ZIP 01-27-96 Fwutils Rpf ZIP Control V2.2.8 - Easy Pm "Point and Click" Interface to
Unzip.Exe and Zip.Exe
ZIPCT233.ZIP 06-29-96 Rpf ZIP Control V2.3.3: Easy "Point and Click" Interface to Unzip.Exe
and Zip.Exe
ZIPCT236.ZIP 08-12-96 Rpf ZIP Control V2.3.6 - Easy Pm "Point and Click" Interface to Unzip
.Exe and Zip.Exe
ZIPCT242.ZIP 10-14-96 Rpf ZIP Control(Tm) V2.4.2-easy Os/2 Pm "Point and Click" Interface to
Unzip.Exe and Zip.Exe. Many Features. ZIP Control is an Easy to use
Os/2 Pm Program Which Shields You From the Command Line
ZIPCT243.ZIP 10-19-96 Rpf ZIP Control(Tm) V2.4.3 easy Os/2
ZIPCT245.ZIP 05-26-97 Rpf ZIP Control(Tm) V2.4.5-easy Os/2 Pm "Point and Click" Interface to
Unzip.Exe and Zip.Exe. Many Features. ZIP Control is an Easy to use
Os/2 Pm Program Which Shields You From the Command Line
ZIPCTL.ZIP 06-29-96 ZIP Control is an Easy-to-use 32-bit Threaded Os/2 Pm Program Which
Provides "Point and Click" Access to the Os/2 Info-zip Zip.Exe and and
Unzip.Exe Programs
ZIPCVT14.ZIP 01-07-93 Convert Pkzip 1.1 Files To Pkzip v2.04c Frmt.
ZIPCVT27.ZIP 04-04-93 Zip Converter 2.7 Converts Zips From 1.X to 2.04 Format. it Can be Used
on Both Hard and Floppy Drives. Zip Converter Will Not Convert Zips
Already in 2.04 Format. it Can be Run on a Single File or Directory.
ZIPCVT28.ZIP 03-04-94 ZIP Converter 2.8 converts ZIPs to version 2.04 format, using maximum
compression. It can be used on both hard and floppy drives to convert
1.x ZIPs to 2.04 format or to recompress all ZIPs which were not
created with PKZIP 2.04's maximum compression algorithm. ZIP comments
can be saved, removed or added. Volume labels will be preserved.
Copyright (c) 1993 by Gregory Sherman
ZIPCVT29.ZIP 01-13-95 ZIP Converter 2.9 Converts Zips to Version 2.04 Format, Using Maximum
Compression. It can be Used on Both Hard and Floppy Drives to Convert 1
X Zips to 2.04 Format or to Recompress all Zips
ZIPD12.ZIP 05-01-94 ZIP FUGUE FOR DOS V1.2 Allows you to tag files on disk to add to
a ZIP along with their 4DOS or Fugue Software file descriptions. Also
displays ZIP contents with descriptions. You can then tag files for
extraction, and automatically extract descriptions as well
ZIPD122.ZIP 01-15-95 Ad-dosut ZIP Fugue for DOS V1.22 - ZIP File Handler. Automatic 4dos
Desc. Allows You to Tag Files for Adding or Extracting to ZIP With 4dos
ZIPDATE.ZIP 12-29-13 Touches ZIP files to most recent date in ZIP
ZIPDBF.ZIP 03-16-94 Complete USA zipcode database in ASCII format. (Newest File Date:
ZIPDEL.ZIP 03-18-97 Rexx Script to Remove Duplicate Files, Comparing Unarchived Disk
Directories With Archive Contents
ZIPDISK.ZIP 02-09-95 Zipdisk '95. Gain Up to Five Times the Disc Space for Your Data Files
by Compressing Directories or Sets of Files Using Zip.
ZIPDISK2.ZIP 10-02-94 Zipdisk & Uzipdisk V2.0 - Disk Utility! to Make Max-compression ZIP
Disk Images for Transmission, Automatic Directory Recursion and Volume
Label Storage. And to Restore A Zipped Disk With all Directories and
Volume Label
ZIPEDIT.ZIP 12-29-13 PKZIP/UNZIP Front end looks good
ZIPENG10.ZIP 03-21-93 The Zip Engine version 1.0, a graphical front-end for use
ZIPER175.ZIP 12-29-13 ZIPPER PAYROLL v1.75 ZIPPER PAYROLL ver 1.75 - Payroll for
small business or CPA's. Optional Quicken export. Includes federal &
state tax tables. Easy error correction. Print checks, export to
Quicken, or write them by hand. Prints W-2 & quarterly reports.
Optional password with tattletale feature. Registration $67.00,
includes 1 yr tech support, 2nd year tax tables, & printed User's
Manual. Requires 640K, ha
ZIPEX410.ZIP 05-28-93 ZipCode Express - ZIP code searching program for Windows 3.x. (Newest
File Date: 05-28-93)
ZIPEXE.ZIP 05-07-94 A program that makes self extracting pkzip files
ZIPEXPLR.EXE 10-26-95 Extension for the Windows 95 operating system that allows the standard
Windows Shell to operate on and inside of ZIP archives. Forget command
line tools, and forget specialized archive shells, because with
ZIPExplorer, almost everything
ZIPEXPLR.ZIP 10-27-95 Zipexplorer for Win95. Archive Manager
ZIPFO20.ZIP 04-13-93 Zipfo - Zipped file information utility New Updated Versio
ZIPFS162.ZIP 03-09-93 ZIP v1.62; Serial File Transfer Utility For Transferring F
ZIPHD222.ZIP 08-06-96 Zip-hard 2.22 - Front-end for Pkzip/Pkunzip Shareware V2.04g Pkzip
Included. Window 31 Vbrun300.Dll Required. Quickly Extract Files By
Double-click. Easily Backup Directories Select File or Directory to
ZIPID_9C.ZIP 02-17-93 ZipId Version .9Šeta! Rev. "C" Ever wanted a simple progra
ZIPINF11.ZIP 08-14-94 ZIPINF VBX 1.1 This control lets you find out about the contents
of a ZIP file. Access to this information is purely through properties
ZIPINF12.ZIP 02-17-95 ZIP File Info Custom Control (Vbx) Asp This Control Lets You Find Out
About the Contents Of A ZIP File. Access to This Information Is Purely
Through Properties.
ZIPINT01.ZIP 12-11-93 Zipint When Loaded Gives You a Popup Directory of .Zip [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the
Current Directory.
ZIPIT.ZIP 08-25-92 ZipIt v1.0
ZIPIT10.ZIP 08-25-92 ZIPIT - ZIP manager that handles all most all of your ZIP needs -
Version 1.0
ZIPIT10A.ZIP 09-11-92 ZIPIT - ZIP manager that handles all most all of your ZIP needs -
Version 1.0A
ZIPIT11.ZIP 11-16-92 ZIPIT - ZIP manager that handles all most all of your ZIP needs -
Version 1.1
ZIPIT21.ZIP 06-15-93 Zipit 2.1 zip shell for Windows New version! PKzip 2.04 compatible. All
new 3d look and feel. Needs VBRUN200.DLL. The timed nag screen has been
removed. Auto hard drive scan for .zip files.
ZIPIT22.ZIP 06-21-93 Zipit 2.2 zip shell for Windows New version! PKzip 2.04 co
ZIPITUP1.ZIP 05-04-94 Zipitup Version 1.0 Windows Drag-and-drop Utility. Deletes Uncompressed
[ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN A Directory That Are Identical to A Member of the Target ZIP
File, Leaving the ZIP File Itself Untouched. Works With File Manager,
ZIPKEY.ZIP 09-06-95 Utilnet Zipkey Zip,areacode Dir V3.08e, 03/95 City-level Zipcode, Area
Code & Timezone Directory. Will Feed Results As Keystrokes to DOS Apps
ZIPKEY2.LZH 01-06-14 Zipkey v2.0 zipcode directory
ZIPKEY44.ZIP 10-04-94 Ad-dosdk Zipkey Zipcode/Areacode Dir V04/94 - Complete Zipcode,
Areacode, & Timezone Data for all 43000+ Zipcodes in Usa. Feeds
Keystrokes to Your DOS Application
ZIPKEY47.ZIP 01-02-95 Zipkey V3.04e: Complete City-level Zipcode Area Code & Timezone
Directory; can Feed Results As Keystrokes to DOS Apps; Instantly Access
Any of the 42000 Zips/30000 Cities in the Dir, Searching by Zipcode,
State and City
ZIPKEY49.ZIP 03-02-95 Zipkey Zip,areacode Dir V3.04e, 09/94 City-level Zipcode, Area Code and
Timezone Directory. Will Feed Results As Keystrokes to DOS Apps.
Instant Access to 42000+ Zips, 30000+ Cities. Easy-to-use; Now
ZIPKIT0A.ARJ 12-19-13 ZIP File Utilities, Updated For DOS 5.0
ZIPKIT0A.ZIP 12-29-13 ZipKit utilities update for PKZ110
ZIPKY107.LZH 01-06-14 ZIPKEY v1.07 update. TSR zipcode database
ZIPKY108.LZH 01-06-14 Zipkey v1.08 by Eric Isaacson
ZIPKY108.LZH 01-06-14 Zipkey v1.08 by Eric Isaacson
ZIPLAB16.ZIP 08-14-97 ZipLabel v1.6: Print Zip Disk Labels w/Images
ZIPLAB9.ZIP 12-31-99 Great upload checker for BBSes.
ZIPLNK10.ZIP 09-20-91 ZipLink: PC-to-PC file transfer program.
ZIPLOGO5.ZIP 12-29-13 Ziplogo v5.0 ZIP and ARJ commenter
ZIPLOGO6.ZIP 12-03-91 ZIPLOGO, ARJLOGO, DIRLOGO, v6.0; Automatic ZIP and ARJ fil
ZIPMAN1A.ZIP 11-10-92 ZIP Manager Gold, Complete Archive Utility
ZIPMAN21.ZIP 04-17-93 Zipman for Windows. a Windows Shell Program for Managing Your Archived
ZIPME101.ZIP 05-07-94 PM Zip shell for INFO's Zip and Unzip, 32 bit and multithreaded.
Includes HLP2INF.CMD, a REXX script to produce INF files from HLP files
ZIPME11.ZIP 02-19-94 Os/2. Pm Based Front End for Infozip Zip and Unzip. Supports
Drag/Drop Archive Management.
ZIPME12.ZIP 02-06-95 Zipme V. 1.2, an Os/2 User-friendly Pm Shell For Infozip's ZIP and
Unzip. Freeware.
ZIPME13.ZIP 06-14-96 Pm ZIP Shell for Info's ZIP and Unzip, 32 Bit and Multithreaded,
Supports Drag & Drop
ZIPMGR40.ZIP 07-15-93 Ms-win 3.1 Shell for Zip and Arj Files.
ZIPMOD10.ZIP 04-24-93 Use to Zip Up .Mod Music Files and Insert File_id.Zip
ZIPMOD11.ZIP 05-22-93 Zip Up .Mod Files and Automatically Add File_id.Diz. Handy Update.
Zipmod V1.10
ZIPMR118.ZIP 04-25-93 Zipmanager V1.18: Yet Another Pkzip, Unzip & Scanv Shell, If This Has
Something Special to Recommend It, I Missed It. Reqs Rodent. Uses Arj,
Lha, Sqz, or Pkzip/Pkunzip to Store Programs in Compressed Form.
ZIPNAV.ZIP 10-28-94 ZIP Navigator - Zipnav Flashpoint - Rel. 2.01 - the Best 100% Windows
Zip/Unzip Utility Set Available to Date. With Real Drag/ Drop To/From
ZIP & File Mgr. Combines ZIP Tools for Windows, Fp Zip/Zipx, New Zipnav
ZIPOFF.ZOO 07-03-91 Split a large .zip file into smaller parts. Useful.
ZIPOT11.ZOO 02-25-89 Set ZIP's timestamp (useful)
ZIPPAK.ZIP 03-21-95 PKZIP NEWEST... If you don't have it...
ZIPPER.ZIP 03-28-93 Complete Business Accounting System.
ZIPPER.ZOO 09-18-90 Zipper v1.3; multiple archive creator, choose size limit
ZIPPER30.ZIP 12-16-90 Easily add comments, to your Zip Files.
ZIPPING.ZIP 08-13-94 Pkunzip (Tm) Tutorial for Windows. Also Planning A Download, Using
Install Files, Etc Shareware by the Pc Teacher, Inc. To Run Unzip File
and From Program Manager Choose File, Then Run and Type Path to File &
ZIPPROJ.ZIP 06-19-96 Win Explorer Zip/Tar/Lzh/Tar.Gz Functionalit