Name Date Description
ARENA.ARJ 12-19-13 A .mod file for sound blaster /sb pro.
ARENA10.ZIP 06-28-95 Haldar's Arena V1.0b- Lord Igm
ARENA21.ZIP 08-07-92 Arena Blackjack for PCB14.5, WC, Gap etc. DOOR.SYS required. Supports
modem speeds over 57600. Registration not required.
ARENA351.ZIP 01-18-95 Deathmatch Level for Doom. Designed Especially to be Used With
-altdeath. Over 30 Hours of Build Time With 10 Hours Od Deathmatch
ARENAC.ZIP 03-02-92 Windows 3.1 Truetype Font. (Newest File Date: 03-02-92)
ARENACRP.ZIP 08-05-92 Arena Craps Door: requires door.sys. Public domain. Supports modem
speeds of upto 57600.
ARENAED.ZIP 06-10-94 Character Editor for Arena: the Elder Scrolls.
ARENAP03.ZIP 03-02-94 This is patch 3 for Bethesda's Arena. (Newest File Date: 03-02-94)
ARENAP04.ZIP 03-11-94 Arena: The Elder Scrolls Patch #4 From Bethesda Softworks BBS (Newest
File Date: 03-11-94)
ARENAS2.ZIP 09-07-95 4 Awesome Doom2 Deathmatch Wads. With Over 100 Hours of Deathmatch
Testing. New Sounds Graphics and Textures! Designed Small Enough So You
can Find Your Opponent, Yet Large Enough So You can Escape. Built From
ARENAWEL.ZIP 08-11-92 The Ansi graphic files that come with welcomeg.exe contain
AREPAIR.ZIP 02-13-94 Autorepair Program V.1.0 Just What the the Home Auto Mechanic
Needs a Receipt Program to Make All the Hard Work Worth While. Type Car
to Run Program. Registered Users Receive Customizing of Their State Tax
AREQ1_1B.ZIP 01-10-94 Autorequest 1.1b Allow Users to Download Files Via Qwk/Rep.
ARES15.ZIP 04-23-95 Multi-connec-user Gen'l Purpose Database
ARES1A.ZIP 01-01-94 Ares is a hypertext authoring system, distributed by UserWare, the
makers of Dart and Iris. Ares features a very simple interface, like
that used by most hypertext help systems. The Ares runtime is only 32k,
but an Ares hypertext can be any length. Monochrome or color display.
Network ready. Member, Digital Publishing Association. No royalities or
runtime fees are required, beyond the initial $30 registration.
ARES3-89.ZIP 08-30-92 Updated version of the ARES Database
ARESPK30.ZIP 04-23-95 Multi-window term prg for emerg comm via pac
AREUH.ZIP 06-17-92 HP Handheld Computer Developement System.
ARF22.ZIP 07-08-96 Arf - A Www Database Searcher and Retriever Arf Searches World Wide Web
Databases Such As Alta Vista, Lycos, and Deja News With A Search Term
That You Supply. Arf Follows the Links That the Databases Come Up With
ARF24.ZIP 08-26-96 A Www Database Searcher and Retriever Arf Searches World Wide Web
Databases Such As Alta Vista, Lycos, and Deja News With A Search Term
That You Supply.
ARF32.ZIP 11-06-96 A Www Database Searcher and Retriever Arf Searches World Wide Web
Databases Such As Alta Vista, Lycos, and Deja News With A Search Term
That You Supply. Arf Follows the Links
ARFAV24.ZIP 12-29-95 Arf Antivirus Utilities V2.4 - A Virus Prevention System Designed to
Stop Viruses Before They Infect Your System and to Provide an Early
Warning of Virus Attacks. Intended to Supplement and Enhance Virus
ARFF.ZIP 09-07-88 File find; peeks inside ZOOs and ARCs
ARF_V101.ZIP 07-23-94 |11AR Flags Tracker 1.01|15 |11Track AR Flags! |03For use with
Renegade, Telegard or compatible |03BBS system! Easy to use! Looks
great! |03Author: Carl Mercier |03Release: Jul, 23, 1994 at 10:30pm
ARGENT.ZIP 06-04-92 Windows 3.x Bitmap.
ARGFREE.ZIP 08-23-96 Argon 2.0 Beta Release
ARGH.LZH 01-06-14 Rearrange the blocks on the board
ARGH__1.ZIP 04-01-94 New level for Doom v.1.2 created using Renegade Graphics Doom Editor.
Use with Registered version only. (Newest File Date: 04-01-94)
ARGTEST.C 09-15-85 Tests function, getargs()
ARGUS151.ZIP 05-04-94 Logs DOS system activities into a text file
ARGUS161.ZIP 05-09-95 Argus V1.61 - Logs Essential System Activities of DOS Into A Text File.
Works Complete in the Background (Without Screen Output). With Source
ARGUST2.ZIP 10-20-96 Sssdoors 01 the Mystical Land of Argust! A Quest Set for Leviathan's
Reef. Join Nymphs Ruthie, Hannah, & Jordan, Gordon, Sachs, Badillo &
Many Others in These Quests Based on Greek Mythology.
ARIA0594.ZIP 06-07-94 Internet Faq (Ans to Freq Asked Questions) Re: Famous Operatic Arias.
ARIADNA2.ZIP 12-20-95 Ariadna is A Full-featured World Wide Web Browser for the Window 95 and
Window Nt
ARIEL16.ZIP 12-31-92 ARIEL v1.6 HF Wire Antenna/Xmission Line
ARIEL21.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Galaxy 2 Ariel 21
ARIELBLU.ZIP 06-04-92 Windows 3.x Bitmap
ARIES.ZIP 04-05-93 Astrology info - Aries
ARIOSTO.ZIP 07-10-93 Ariosto Regular TrueType font for Win 3.1. (Newest File Date: 07-10-93)
ARIOUS.ZIP 07-31-90 The Release of the Cooper Material
ARISFON.ZIP 01-26-93 Another Windows True Type Font. (Newest File Date: 01-26-93)
ARISTON.ZIP 01-14-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
ARITH.ZIP 10-29-95 E Arithmetic Scholar. Math Drilling Program Math Problems Are Displayed
As Number or Word Problems. You Are Required to Answer The Question
Displayed. Numbers May be Entered By Either Mouse or Keyboard
ARITH12.ZIP 11-27-94 Arithmetick-tack-toe V1.2 Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation an
Educational Math Game for Windows 3.1. Incorporates Digital Graphics
and Sound Effects to Create A Fun and Challenging Learning Tool.
ARITMEAN.ZIP 07-06-95 Aritmean.Zip V1.0 - Another in A Group of Small Useful Programs. This
One Calculates the Arithmetic Mean From A Series of Individual Numbers.
Produced by the Sysop of the Safety Shoppe BBS for Your Use. Freeware.
ARIVA.ZIP 09-12-92 Excellent! Guide the snake.
ARIV_SW1.ZIP 04-18-97 Audioriver Mm System - Plays Mpeg Audio Layer II + III - Mod Files - Up
to 32 Channels of Simultaneous Playback Possible - Vio Mode and Pm
ARIZONA.ZIP 03-31-93 Laws pertaining to computers in Arizona
ARIZONA1.ZIP 08-20-97 Colors, sights and sounds of Arizona theme
ARJ200.EXE 01-06-14 ARJ - Makes and extracts .ARJ type of archives
ARJ20V11.ZIP 06-03-97 Utilnet Arj2000, A Shell for Arj. Freeware
ARJ222.EXE 10-29-91 Arj data compressor/decompressor by Robert Jung
ARJ230NG.EXE 01-27-92 Arj data de/compressor by Robert Jung, no encryption
ARJ239B.EXE 01-22-93 ARJ Compression program which works very good.
ARJ241.ZIP 11-30-07 Arj Compression Program V 2.41 Excellent !
ARJ241A.EXE 02-04-14 ARJ 2.41; Offers the speed of PKZIP, but also the best com
ARJ241PA.ZIP 07-15-93 batch Patch file; ARJ file compressor v2.41
ARJ242B.ZIP 01-31-95 Arj Archiver, Ver 2.42b Beta_3
ARJ242C.ZIP 08-09-95 Arj V2.42c Beta_4 - Test Release of the File Archiver Arj, Which Has
More Features Than Any Other Archiver. This Release Contains the
Ability to Archive Up to 32,000 Files at One Time, Response File
Support, Enhanced Sfx
ARJ250.ZIP 11-18-95 Z Arj V2.50 - Official Release of the File Archiver Arj, Which Has More
Features Than Any Other Archiver. This Release Contains the Ability to
Archive Up to 32,000 Files
ARJ250A.ZIP 12-12-95 Arj V2.50a Official Release of Archiver Arj by Robert Jung
ARJB1UTG.ZIP 02-03-94 BreakARJ v1.0 - crack ARJ passwords
ARJBAK12.ZIP 04-05-93 Menu-Driven Backup Which Uses ARJ Compression
ARJBAN.ARJ 12-19-13 add bbs-logo to newfiles as per files.ra
ARJBREAK.ZIP 03-09-96 ARJ PASSWORD SEARCHER ---s Works very fast ! From Russia ! **-+ \
BaLZaK / * OuTlAwS * AlpHa +-**
ARJCE15B.ARJ 12-19-13 A 4dos shell for ARC and ZIP.
ARJHELP.ZIP 02-10-92 ARJ-Help is an electronic book (brand named Window Book (tm)) that
allows the user to easily discover how to use ARJ. It can be run as a
stand-alone program or as a TSR "popup" in the DOS operating system. It
is very fast and has a rich set of features which include full-text
search, hypertext links, a table of contents that can be reorganized to
your needs, a complete index, and much more.
ARJHLP23.ARJ 12-19-13 Arj v 2.30 HyperText Documentation.
ARJHLP23.ZIP 02-10-92 HyperText helpfile for ARJ v2.3. Can be TSR
ARJHLP24.ZIP 06-09-93 Arj Help V2 41 This is an Executable Help Program for Arj V2 41.
ARJLHA.ZIP 09-30-92 Cam-Mail Help And Batch Files To Setup
ARJM100.ZIP 12-29-13 The first front end for ARJ
ARJM100.ZOO 10-06-91 Arjmenu v1.00 Arj shell utility (good)
ARJM101.ARJ 12-19-13 Latest ArjMenu menu driver for ARJ compression utility. Mainly minor
ARJM101.ZIP 10-22-91 Menu shell for ARJ. Supports all commands
ARJNDW.ZIP 06-24-92 This is a Windows Batch file created with the Norton Desktop for
Windows to handle ARJ compressed files.
ARJOP110.ZIP 12-29-13 ARJ mini-shell version 1.10.
ARJOP110.ZOO 10-06-91 Ajropt v1.10 menu/directory display for arj
ARJOP141.ZIP 05-20-92 Mini-menu/shell for ARJ, with full source
ARJPAPR1.ZIP 08-04-93 ARJPAPER v1.0 - by Ted Trost Automatically changes Windows wallpaper
settings so each Windows session will have a different background! All
Wallpaper BMP files are stored in an ARJ archive to conserve disk space
Tile or un-tile individual BMPs! Random or sequential BMP selection!
ArjPaper and its components don't have to reside in your Windows
directory! Highly configurable! (Newest File Date: 08-04-93)
ARJPATH1.ZIP 05-09-92 ARJ Multi-Volume & Backup Shell For 4DOS
ARJS_150.ZIP 09-09-92 Shell For ARJ Compression Program v1.50
ARJTOUCH.ZIP 12-29-13 This is an ARJ archive manipulation util
ARJVW161.ZIP 04-07-94 Archive Viewer for Norton Commander, C Srce, Self Extracter.
ARJWALK.ZIP 07-13-93 ARJWALK will go from dir to dir looking for for things to
ARJX17.ZIP 04-16-95 Arjx - to Extract 'Archives' Created With the Program Arj V2.Xx. Arjx
Was Programmed to Supply an Extractor for Arj Archives Because
Distributing Arj.Zip or Arjsfx Files Requires Registration of the Arj
ARJZ015.ZIP 04-07-95 Better Arj Than Arj for Dos, Dos4gw, Nt, Etc and Os/2. Made by 3rd
Party Guys in Russia.
ARK.EXE 10-23-95 ARK Logic 1000PV, 2000PV display adaptors (dated 8-11-95)
ARK27Z.ZIP 08-30-89 Menu shell for pkzip 1.xx/lharc/zoo/pak/arc
ARKALOG.ZIP 05-11-91 Opus util: create name-dated archives of files
ARKANIAC.ZIP 06-15-93 Blades of Arkandia Bladem.Exe Unprotect
ARKBBS09.ZIP 01-24-95 BBSList: The ARKANSAS BBS LIST (September 1994) [501 AREA CODE].
Directory Of BBS Systems In The State Or ARKANSAS USA.
ARKD150_.LZH 01-06-14 ArcAid - Multi-use, great interface!
ARKD151.ZIP 12-29-13 Arc aid program to look at ZIP,ARC,LZH files
ARLB.ZIP 04-23-95 ARLB News.
ARLB001.ZIP 04-23-95 BID Reminder 01/04/93
ARLB002.ZIP 04-23-95 Vanity Calls 01/04/94
ARLB003.ZIP 04-23-95 Lifetime license sought 01/11/94
ARLB004.ZIP 04-23-95 Licensing plan opposed 01/11/94
ARLB005.ZIP 04-23-95 CAC Studies Rovers
ARLB006.ZIP 04-23-95 Correction to ARLB005 01/13/94
ARLB007.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/17/94 - Earthquake 1
ARLB008.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/19/94 - League at NJ Meeting
ARLB009.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/19/94 - Tower Victory in Court
ARLB010.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/21/94 - QSL Bureau Statistics
ARLB011.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/22/94 - Board Meeting News
ARLB012.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/24/94 - Callsign Updates
ARLB013.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/25/94 - Promos available
ARLB014.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/25/94 - League Booth at NAB
ARLB015.ZIP 04-23-95 Bulletin 01/28/94 - Vanity Callsign extensio
ARLB016.ZIP 04-23-95 02/024/94 Georgia bill introduced
ARLB017.ZIP 04-23-95 02/04/94 RF standards opposed
ARLB018.ZIP 04-23-95 02/15/94 Study eyes 2300 Mh
ARLB019.ZIP 04-23-95 02/15/94 Instant license propose
ARLB020.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 02/22/94 - SM election results
ARLB021.ZIP 04-23-95 03/07/95 - Vanity call schedule
ARLB022.ZIP 04-23-95 03/02/94 - New South Carolina SM
ARLB023.ZIP 04-23-95 03/03/94 - Callsign plan extended
ARLB024.ZIP 04-23-95 03/03/94 - ARRL, FCC ink pact
ARLB025.ZIP 04-23-95 03/04/94 - New exposure deadline
ARLB026.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/11/93
ARLB027.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/12/93
ARLB028.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/12/93
ARLB029.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/12/93
ARLB030.ZIP 04-14-94 04/05/94 - FCC amends packet rule. (Newest File Date: 04-14-94)
ARLB031.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/23/93
ARLB032.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/23/93
ARLB033.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/23/93
ARLB034.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 03/31/93
ARLB035.ZIP 04-23-95 04/18/94 - New Rules On Messages.
ARLB036.ZIP 04-23-95 04/20/94 - FCC Callsign Update 04/01/94.
ARLB037.ZIP 04-23-95 04/22/94 - Vanity Call Comments
ARLB038.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/08/93
ARLB039.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/13/93
ARLB040.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/13/93
ARLB041.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/13/93
ARLB042.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/14/93
ARLB043.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/15/93
ARLB044.ZIP 04-23-95 05/../94 - Rules Petition Denied
ARLB045.ZIP 04-23-95 05/24/94 - SM Election Results
ARLB046.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/21/93
ARLB047.ZIP 04-23-95 05/26/94 - FCC Callsign Update May 01, 1994
ARLB048.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 04/27/93
ARLB049.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 05/05/93
ARLB050.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 05/05/93
ARLB051.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 05/06/93
ARLB052.ZIP 04-23-95 06/20/94 - W1AW FD Sked
ARLB053.ZIP 04-23-95 06/23/94 - FCC callsign update
ARLB054.ZIP 04-23-95 06/23/04 - 2300 Mhz News
ARLB055.ZIP 04-23-95 06/23/94 - FD Bulletin
ARLB056.ZIP 04-23-95 07/01/94 - Look At That License
ARLB058.ZIP 04-23-95 07/06/94 - Scholarship Winners
ARLB059.ZIP 04-23-95 07/08/94 - Emergency Declared
ARLB060.ZIP 04-23-95 07/14/94 - Georgia Flood Update
ARLB061.ZIP 04-23-95 07/18/94 - Rover Rules Adopted
ARLB062.ZIP 04-23-95 07/18/94 - BOD Meeting Highlights
ARLB063.ZIP 04-23-95 07/19/94 - Legislation Moves Forward
ARLB064.ZIP 04-23-95 07/25/94 - FCC Callsign Update
ARLB065.ZIP 04-23-95 08/03/94 - FCC Plans To Reorganize
ARLB066.ZIP 04-23-95 08/06/94 - FCC garners award
ARLB067.ZIP 04-23-95 08/12/94 - Report On Reallocation
ARLB068.ZIP 04-23-95 08/23/94 - SAM Election Results
ARLB069.ZIP 04-23-95 08/25/94 - FCC Call Sign Update
ARLB070.ZIP 04-23-95 09/01/94 - W1AW/125 Operation
ARLB071.ZIP 04-23-95 09/02/94 - Contest Date Ok
ARLB072.ZIP 04-23-95 09/07/94 - DXCC Field Reps To Sign /125
ARLB073.ZIP 04-23-95 09/19/94 - FCC callsign update
ARLB074.ZIP 04-23-95 09/22/94 - A new FCC service
ARLB075.ZIP 04-23-95 09/29/94 - FCC seeks action
ARLB076.ZIP 04-23-95 09/30/94 - New ITU RadioCommunications Director
ARLB077.ZIP 04-23-95 10/03/94 - Morse exemption denied
ARLB078.ZIP 04-23-95 10/03/94 - Tech license renewals
ARLB079.ZIP 04-23-95 10/10/94 - Congress resolution passes
ARLB080.ZIP 04-23-95 10/13/94 - Hurrican Net activated
ARLB082.ZIP 04-23-95 10/20/94 -
ARLB083.ZIP 04-23-95 10/24/94 - Emergency Canceled
ARLB084.ZIP 04-23-95 10/25/94 - FCC licensing changes
ARLB085.ZIP 04-23-95 10/25/94 - FCC proposes reallocation
ARLB086.ZIP 04-23-95 10/26/94 - FCC recip update
ARLB087.ZIP 04-23-95 10/26/94 - Texas flood update
ARLB088.ZIP 04-23-95 10/28/94 - Resolution becomes law
ARLB089.ZIP 04-23-95 11/08/94 - Action on digital HF
ARLB090.ZIP 04-23-95 11/10/94 - FCC set 2400 Mhz date
ARLB091.ZIP 04-23-95 11/16/94 - Amateur to join Congress
ARLB092.ZIP 04-23-95 11/18/94 - Election results
ARLB093.ZIP 04-23-95 11/23/94 - SM election results
ARLB094.ZIP 04-23-95 11/23/94 - FCC callsign update
ARLB095.ZIP 04-23-95 12/06/94 - More FCC reorganization
ARLB096.ZIP 01-06-96 10/17/95 - Fcc Ok's Closings Plan.
ARLB097.ZIP 04-23-95 12/16/94 - Vanity Call update
ARLB098.ZIP 04-23-95 12/16/94 - PRB-1 victory
ARLB099.ZIP 04-23-95 12/20/94 - FCC callsign update
ARLB100.ZIP 04-23-95 12/21/94 - Penalties for VE fraud
ARLB101.ZIP 04-23-95 ARRL Bulletin 10/06/93