Name Date Description
APORIA14.ZIP 10-20-90 WIN3:Graphic-oriented visual command interface
APOS5.ZIP 02-23-97 Advanced Point of Sale (Apos) V5.0 is A Pgm Designed for Easy use by
Small Businesses W/ Out the Need of Any Computer Knowledge. This
Program is A Complete Cash Register As Well As an Accounting
APOS501.ZIP 05-03-97 Advanced Point of Sale System - Includes Cash Register Module,
Accounting, Customer Database and More. $99 Shareware
APOSCAN3.ZIP 01-12-94 FRG-9600 control program by VK2APO (HAM). (Newest File Date: 01-12-94)
APOST11.ZIP 03-30-92 VBBS utility to del posts in autopost.msg file.
APOST32.ZIP 09-16-94 Autopost Door - Highly Configurable Messaging Door.
APOST35.ZIP 02-09-97 Ddsdoors Autopost V3.5 !! Fully Interbbs !! *.Msg Fido Compliant C00l
New Graphics H0t Configurable Colorz Supports Most Door Formats (C)1997
F.U.S.S. Software
APOTH172.ZIP 12-27-96 Lord_igm the Apothecary V1.72 - A Lord Igm
APP104.ZIP 07-20-92 ASCII-PRINT PRO 1.04 by ETS Inc. You can print very attractive,
readable text files on your Laser Printer. All Graphic, Feature Packed
Dos program. IBM EGA/VGA+Mouse required. 5 STARS! BBS (801)265-0919
14400 baud
APP106.ZIP 10-10-93 Ascii-print Pro 1.06 by Ets Inc. Laser Printers Can Do Far More Than
You Ever Imagined With This Program. Great! All Graphic, Feature
Packed Dos Program. Ibm Ega/Vga+mouse Required.
APP160.ZIP 01-06-95 Ascii-print Pro 1.6 by Ets Inc. Important News for Folks Who Swore They
Would Never Try Another Reducing Program. Let App Show You How Laser
Printers can Do Far More Than You Ever Imagined.
APP200.ZIP 02-28-93 Fs4 / Aaf Utility: Approach Control Ver. 2.
APP28.ZIP 12-03-91 Application Programmable Pilot v2.8 menu system
APP31415.ZIP 02-11-92 A half year ago I saw AppDock, a NeXT alike buttonbar for Windows. I
liked it, but some disadvantages made me not to use it. It was
Shareware and made with VisualBasic. (so I had to place the vbrun100
.dll on my small harddisk)., and because I thought I could do it
APPACE.ZIP 03-16-97 Macromedia Applet Ace - Create Java Applets for You Web Pages Without
Any Knowledge of Java. Completely Interactive and Pretty Slick.
Requires Win 95
APPAD40A.ZIP 09-21-93 Application Pad V4.0a for Windows. (Newest File Date: 09-21-93)
APPART.LZH 01-06-14 Screen Capture and Manipulation
APPASC.ZIP 08-20-93 Novell Appware White Paper (Ascii) (Novl).
APPATH11.ARJ 12-19-13 Append dirs to DOS path, even beyond 128 chars!
APPBAR.ARJ 12-19-13 AppBar v3.141 - launch and close programs from a NeXt-like icon bar at
the side of your screen.
APPBAR.ZIP 04-04-92 Icon Based Application Launcher For Windows
APPBAR33.ZIP 09-19-92 AppBar does basically the same as AppDock. It starts programs selected
from the buttonbar, and (that's different) closes them as long as they
are windows applications. By simply clicking a button with the left
mouse-button you launch programs that are not yet launched. To indicate
the running program, the button goes grey. If you click that greyed
button again, the application is closed. That's all. Almost. The top
button provides some system options as about, move, setup and close.
The second button provides an inboard 'Exit Windows' option.
APPBAR46.ZIP 06-06-93 AppBar V4.00.6 - Windows program to launch applications from button bar
(Newest File Date: 06-06-93)
APPBAR95.ZIP 12-31-95 MS C source sample for Win95 app bar.
APPBAR97.ZIP 05-08-96 Appbar V0.97 Imple and Fast Menuing Ystem for Windows 95 and Indows Nt
4.0. Makes User Efined Menus for Launching Pplications at the Top of
Our Screen Like the Macinosh Freeware
APPBK.LZH 01-06-14 Pop up with alarm and clock (Vol 6, No 12)
APPBRWSR.ZIP 02-02-92 TK's Application Browser for Smalltalk/V PM.
APPCAD_1.ZIP 09-05-91 HP cadd for electronics. 1 of 3
APPCAD_3.ZIP 09-04-91 HP cadd for electronics. 3 of 3
APPCMP.ZIP 02-18-93 Informational Text File For Windows Programmers.
APPDIR.ZIP 07-31-92 App Director is a Windows application launch utility that contains both
a powerful desktop menu system and an application launch system. With
it, you can launch applications whenever Windows starts up, or at a
specified date and/or time.
APPDIR11.ZIP 07-31-92 App Director is a Windows application launch utility that contains both
a powerful desktop menu system and an application launch system. With
it, you can launch applications whenever Windows starts up, or at a
specified date and/or time.
APPDOCK2.ARJ 12-19-13 A NEXT-Like Toolbar/Launcher For Windows 3.0
APPEND.ZIP 11-23-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
APPENDIX.ZIP 01-13-96 Appendix - Snake Clone
APPENFIL.ZIP 08-31-93 Sprint: Add append capability to WriteSelect
APPENV.ZIP 08-09-89 APPend to ENVironment
APPENV21.ZIP 10-20-89 Append text to environment variables, v2.1
APPFONT.ZIP 08-17-92 View App105 Fonts By Themself.
APPFONTS.ZIP 12-20-92 Ascii Print Pro fonts - 18 fonts for this
APPGEN12.ZIP 09-01-96 Appgen Net Application Generator V1.2 Generates A File With all of the
Info That You Need on A Person to Enter Them in Your Net. Registered
Options Include "View Echo List" and "Print Echo List".
APPLAU13.ZIP 05-13-95 Applaunch V1.3: Ms-windows Application Launcher; Automagically Detects
the Size of Your Screen & Sets the Size of Itself Accordingly;
Add/Remove Apps; Rearrange Icons; Toggle Resource Window On/Off and
More; 05/13/95
APPLCK11.ZIP 01-10-95 Applock V1.1 New Password Protection Utility for Windows Applications.
Restrict Your Program Manager Icons, Programs, Documents and Other
Files From use by Other Users. Easy to use and Great for Security.
APPLDOCK.ZIP 09-27-93 Win 3.1 Buttonbar application launcher. List applications alongside by
icon. Quick, small, and fast. Shareware crippled to limit of six
applications. (Newest File Date: 09-27-93)
APPLE.ARJ 12-19-13 MS-DOS Compatability Guide for Mac's
APPLEDRV.ZIP 07-03-93 Drivers for Apple Laserwriter Series.
APPLEFTP.ZIP 02-17-94 A text file list of software available on Apple's ftp site (ftp.apple
.com). (Newest File Date: 02-17-94)
APPLEHAM.ZIP 04-23-95 Sources For Apple Ii Ham Radio Related
APPLEMUL.ARJ 12-19-13 Complete APPLE II EMULATOR for Windows
APPLET10.LZH 01-06-14 Small, but useful Utils for Windows 3
APPLICAT.ZIP 04-21-93 A Bunch of Applications Including a Zipcode and Area Code Finders,
Personal Diary, and a Video Store Rental Program.
APPLIIEM.ZIP 05-30-90 Apple II clone. It works!
APPLOK95.ZIP 03-20-97 Progname: Applok 95 Version: 1.0 Password Utility for Windows 95.
Permits Password Controlled Access to Any Windows Program. Platform:
Win95 / Pc Compatable Website: Http://Web.Ukonline.Co.Uk Email
APPLTALK.LZH 04-26-90 NCSA Telnet for PC; LocalTalk version
APPMAK.ZIP 07-15-93 AppWizard_like utility for use with MS Visual C++
APPMAKER.ZIP 07-28-93 AppMaker v1.2; Creates a skeleton for a
APPMAN.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows Application Installer, helps install apps quickly on many
APPMAN.ZIP 12-28-91 Windows Application Manager
APPMAX.ZIP 05-12-95 Appmax is A Simple Utility Which Lets Users Run A Specified Application
in Maximized Form Upon Startup. This Becomes Useful With Applications
Such As Notepad, Which Normally Shows Up at A Random Position Upon
APPND.ARJ 12-19-13 C Source To Append 2 Files To A 3rd
APPND.ZIP 06-25-91 C Source To Append 2 Files To A 3rd file
APPNOT4.ZIP 08-06-94 Novlib11 Appnotes Listing - This is A List of Appnotes and the Subjects
That They Cover.
APPNOTE.ZIP 01-25-93 PKZIP 2.0+ data structures for util developers
APPNOTES.ZIP 01-01-93 Microsoft Access Application Notes (Must Have. (Newest File Date:
APPORG13.LZH 01-06-14 Othello style strategy board game
APPOS2.ZIP 09-29-93 List of Current Shipping Os/2 2.X Applications. This File is Constantly
Updated to Reflect the Latest Available.
APPPAD37.ZIP 05-10-93 This program provides you with an alternative to Window's Program
Manager. It is an application pad that stays only on one side of your
APPPAD38.ZIP 07-27-93 Application Pad: Formerly NeXT App Bar (ver 3.8)
APPPAD39.ZIP 07-30-93 Application Pad v3.9; Provides an alternative clock, a calender, an
X-EYES, a screen
APPPAD40.ZIP 09-09-93 Application Pad V4.0 - Latest version of Application Pad. (Newest File
Date: 09-09-93)
APPS0403.ARJ 12-19-13 MS-Win 3.1: Updated (4-3-92) APPS.HLP file identifies compatibility
issues. Minor changes.
APPS0403.ZIP 04-03-92 This is a HELP file for Windows 3.1 that will give you information on
applications that will not run with Windows 3.1 without an upgrade.
APPSHL.ZIP 08-17-91 App Shell 1.0 - Template for File-oriented Applications
APPT101.ZIP 11-12-92 APPT Appointment Minder upgrade for 8088/86
APPT120.ZIP 07-02-03 Allbut V1.0 File-deletion Utility. Deletes All [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the Present Sub
Directory Except Those Specified on Command-line. Free for Personal Use
APPTBOOK.ZIP 05-27-92 Appointment Book - Track personal
APPTIMER.ZIP 04-20-91 Launches program at specified time intervals
APPTYPE.ZIP 06-11-93 Eberhard Mattes' apptype, program that determines executab
APPWAIT.ZIP 11-01-96 Appwait Allows Applications Stored on A Network Drive to be Placed in
the Os/2 Startup Folder. Until the Executable and Working Directory Are
Available, Appwait Presents A Dialog That Displays, "Waiting for X"
APPWP5.ZIP 08-09-93 Novell Appware White Paper (Wordperfect 5.1
APP_PAD.ZIP 09-21-92 New Icon Dock for Windows (Newest File Date: 09-21-92)
APR0493.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR0592.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR10A.ZIP 12-15-92 Apropos v1.01 * Contact Manager * [1/2] Organizer.
APR10B.ZIP 12-15-92 Apropos v1.01 * Contact Manager * [2/2]
APR1193.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR1292.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR1491.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR150A.ZIP 10-31-93 Apropos 1.50 * Asp * Contact Manager * [1/2] Helps You Organize Your
Contacts, Activities, To-dos, and Documents. Features Include
User-defined Reports, File Compression for Backups and File Transfers
APR150B.ZIP 10-01-93 Apropos V1.5 Personal Orginizer.
APR1992.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR2191.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR2692.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR2891.ZIP 04-05-93 Log of alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk from the week of
APR86.ZIP 07-17-87 PC Tech Journal pgms from Apr 1986 issue
APR91.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD NEW: CADalyst Magazine files from April 1991 issue
APRAISER.ZIP 07-01-93 Real Estate Appraiser Program.
APRAYV10.ZIP 11-29-93 Apray V1.0. Prayer Diary Program. Calling All Bible Believing
Christians! the Purpose is to Let You Enter the Date of a Prayer
Request, a Description and the Date of the Answer. Reports May be
Generated. Freeware.
APRCAL13.ZIP 01-13-95 Aprcalc.Exe V1.3 - Calculates Loan Variables Prints Amortization Tables
and Allows You To Save Scenarios in Files. Features: Very Fast
Amortizations, Complete Help File, "Always On Top"
APRCAL21.ZIP 11-21-95 B Aprcalc V2.1. Calculates Loan Variables Prints Amortization Tables,
and Allows You To Save Scenarios in Files. Features: Fast Amortizations
Prepayment to Principal Complete Help File, Discount Points Breakeven
APRETRIB.ZIP 03-12-94 Why I believe in the Pre-tribulation rapture! (Newest File Date:
APRFOOL.ARJ 12-19-13 three Harmless but fun April Fool Joke programs
APRFOOL2.ARJ 12-19-13 April fool joke to get your friends.
APRFT20.ZIP 01-03-92 Ami Pro 2.0 Adjunct: AmiPro revised filter for Final Form Text. Version
APRIL1.ZIP 01-12-94 The Ultimate Point Package to Become a Fidonet Point
APRIL95.ZIP 03-31-95 Door World Magazine April 95 Articles and Advertisements!
APRILMID.ZIP 04-06-97 Classical Midi Concert See Enclosed Doc for Details. Debussy, Gershwin
Shostakovitch, Faure, Beethoven, Bach Vaughn-williams
APRITE.ZIP 02-10-95 Aprite (Stands for Application Right) Allows Granting Rights to
Applications. A Supervisor can Allow Users to Run Applications With
Pre-defined Rights. User Rights Will Change to Those of Another User
APROBYE.ZIP 06-04-93 A.P.R.O. au revoir?
APRS0612.ZIP 04-23-95 APRS Newsletter 06/12/94
APRS30_1.ZIP 12-04-93 Automatic Packet Reporting System 1 of 2
APRS30_2.ZIP 12-04-93 Automatic Packet Reporting System 2 of 2
APRS311.ZIP 01-23-94 This is a Pcket Program for Amateur Radio that uses lat/long and/or
Global Positioning to graphically show locations of events. (Newest
File Date: 01-23-94)
APRS314.ZIP 02-17-94 Automatic Packet Reporting System V3.14 is a Multi-faceted Radio
Communication Package Which Could be a Solution to the Effective Use of
Orbiting Terrestrial Style Packet Radio Digipeaters in the Amateur
Satellite Program
APRS403B.ZIP 03-30-94 Automatic Packet Reporting System V4.03 by WB4APR - update file for V4
.02. (Newest File Date: 03-30-94)
APRS403X.ZIP 03-22-94 Automatic Pakcet Reporting System V4.03 - Maps - Requires Aprs403b.Zip
to In
APRS504U.ZIP 06-14-94 Automatic Packet Report System V5.04 Update by Wb4apr.
APRS65.ZIP 02-07-95 Real-time Packet Tactical Communications And Does Not Need Gps or Any
Tracking Devices. T Multi-user Distributed Packet Network With A
Amateur Applications:.
APRS72A.ZIP 07-25-95 Automatic Packet Report system V7.2 by WB4APR
APRS73D.ZIP 10-05-95 Automated Packet Reporting System V7.3d Newest File: 10-5-1995.
APRS74E.ZIP 12-10-95 Amateur Radio Automated Packet Reporting System.World-wide Map-type
Program That Allows Immediate Display of Any Amateur Radio Station on
Line. Has Many Emergency Applications. Now With Mouse Control.
APRS786.ZIP 03-10-97 Automatic Position Reporting System (Aprs) V7.86
APRS790.ZIP 05-01-97 Automatic Position Reporting System V7.90
APRSDOC.ZIP 04-23-95 Helps NEW and OLD users of the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)
to install and use the system effectively.without having to wade thru
the massive program documents.
APR_IPX.ARJ 12-19-13 Latest IPX for Apricot On-board Ethernet.
APSHO10.ZIP 11-21-96 Stattrak for Hockey V1.00 - Win Hockey Statistics Management Software.
Tracks Team and Player Stats, Team Scoring, Game Results, Record, and
Team Standings. Very Easy to Use
APSIG105.ZIP 03-08-92 AppSig; Signature utility for Waffle Systems.
APSLS.ZIP 01-18-95 All-pro League Scheduler V1.1 Creates Round-robin Schedules for Any
Number of Leagues (Up to 40 Teams per League) at Any Number of
Locations. Handles Division Play Tracks Scores, Standings, and Prints
APSLS11.ZIP 01-18-95 ALL-PRO League Scheduler v1.1 ALL-PRO League Scheduler v1.1
- Creates round-robin schedules for any number of leagues (up to 40
teams per league) at any number of locations. Handles division play,
tracks scores, standings, and prints reports. Mouse support and easy to
use. From ALL-PRO Software Inc. $49.95 plus $3.75 S/H. FREE upgrade to
Windows commercial version.
APSLS20.ZIP 01-11-97 All-pro League Scheduler V2.0 - Creates Round-robin League Schedules
for Any Number Of Leagues. Up to 40 Teams per League Handles Multiple
Locations, Division Play And Exception Processing. Schedules can Be
APSSB31.ZIP 09-17-96 Stattrak for Baseball V3.10 - Win Baseball/Softball Statistics
Management System for Win3.X and Win95. Easy to Use
APSSB53.ZIP 01-17-95 StatTrak for Baseball Version 5.3 StatTrak v5.3 -
Baseball/Softball stat management system for up to 100 teams. Tracks
batting, pitching, fielding, won/lost record, game results, and team
standings. You can name additional categories and up to 7 game types.
Computes statistics for selected games. Menu-driven and very easy to
use. From ALL-PRO Software Inc. $39.95 shareware.
APSSO10.ZIP 09-25-96 Stattrak for Soccer V1.0 - Soccer Statistics Management System for
League or Individual Teams. Tracks Stats, Game Scores, Record, and
Standings. Lets You Customize As Many Statistics Reports As You Want
and Compute
APSVB10.ZIP 10-26-96 Stattrak for Volleyball V1.00 - Win Volleyball Statistics Management
System for League or Individual Teams. Lets You Customize Reports and
Compute for Any Matches. Very Easy to Use
APTASC.ARJ 12-19-13 Airport codes in ASCII format.
with POSTNET codes on any HP compatible laser printer or Epson
compatible dot matrix printer. Does bulk mailing and prints zip code
statistics for easy bundling. Supports multiple address databases.
APTYPCHR.ZIP 01-03-92 Ami Pro 2.0 Adjunct: Macro allows you to insert and ANSI characters
into AMIPro flawlessly. Includes icon for SmartIcon.
APUFO.ARJ 12-19-13 Tons of Txt on ufos and sightings!! If you print this out it would be
over 100pages!!!!!!
APUP223.ZIP 03-03-92 Actview PCB 2.23 update for registered users
APUP231.ZIP 05-19-92 Actview PCB 2.23 update for reg. 2.31 users
APUP232.ZIP 08-21-92 Upgrade Actview PCB 2.31.
APUP97.ZIP 11-25-96 Appup97 V1.2 - A Windows95/Nt Program, Folder and Group Launch Palette.
Fast and Very Easy to use With 10 Buttons, Assign Upto 7 Folders to A
Popup Menu. Have Multiple Programs Launched at the Same Time
APUTDESC.ZIP 06-06-92 Auto-create DESC.SDI in uploads
APV110.ZIP 10-05-95 Lord Aladdin's Palace V1.10 - Lord Igm
APV125.ZIP 01-28-96 Ddsdoors Aladdin's Palace V1.25 - A Lord Igm
APV200.ZIP 07-11-96 Aladdin's Palace Version 2.00 See Aladdin and Jasmines Palace in A Lord
Igm! Changes Since Version 1.30 Include : all Known Bugs Fixed
Including the Elusive "Rename Bug". Important New Author Information
APW321G.ZIP 11-08-95 B Account Pro V3.21g for Windows. English/ French/ German. Double-entry
Accounting/Fin Planning Program for Business Association/Club and
Private Use. Network Capable. Handles Up to 2,000 Books With 1,000
APWIN.ZIP 04-24-95 AutoPage: Automated paging system. DEMO
APWP20.ZIP 01-03-92 Ami Pro 2.0 Adjunct: AmiPro updated filter for Word Perfect 5.XX files.
Allows easier importation of Word Perfect files.
APWRITR2.ZIP 08-29-95 Apwriter V2.0: Writer's Macros for Ami Pro That Includes Macros (And
Other Files) to "Time" Your Documents for Speeches/Plays/ Readings,
Figure Out the Correct Postage for Sending Your Documents Via Us Mail
AP_0430.ZIP 08-24-95 Sdc_utls Mod Player for the Awe32 - Version 0.430
AP_113.ZIP 01-27-97 Apache V1.1.3 is an Http Server Designed As A Plug-in Replacement for
the Ncsa Server Version 1.3 (Or 1.4)
AP_AIF.LZH 01-06-14 AIF icons for Aporia 1.3
AP_MUSIC.ZIP 03-23-93 MIDI: 2 musical pieces for Roland SCC-1 card
AP_SOFT.ZIP 11-06-95 Apollosoft Doom Conversion (Ultimate Doom) Hello Doom2 Fans! Here Ya Go
This File Contains : Doom1 Entire Levels Thy Flesh Consumed (Ultimate
Doom) Legend Series by Apollosoft!
AQ30.ARJ 12-19-13 AlphaQuote v3.0: menu-driven program for estimating typesetting and DTP
jobs w/graphics
AQ31.ZIP 12-29-13 ALPHAQUOTE V3.1 A program to determine industry standard prices
for DTP work. Great for comparing prices or determining budgets. AQ
will copyfit pages before publishing. Features include a DTP calculator
printed estimates, preview, industry rates and online help.
AQBIBL15.ZIP 07-04-93 AQBIBLE Version 1.5 An excellent Bible quiz game door with 600
questions in 60 category areas. Runs on many BBS interface files.
AQBIBLE.ARJ 12-19-13 60 Category FREEWARE Quiz BBS door program.
AQDELPHI.ZIP 08-25-95 Delphi Aquarium 08/95 - is A Sample Issue of A Monthly Technical
Journal for Delphi Programmers in Windows Help File.
AQDEMO.ZIP 04-23-95 AQDEMO -- Ancestral Quest Demo (PAF/Win) (12/94) ======= Demo by
Incline Software Ancestral Quest is a Windows 3.x program that works
directly with PAF data files. It is a commercial program for those who
are currently using Personal Ancestral File for there genealogy. This
file is a demo version which includes most of the capabilities of the
complete version but only allows a small database.
AQST15.ZIP 04-19-93 Animal Quest 1.5, Game by Alive Software Step.
AQUA.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - Aqua Mania
AQUA1031.ARJ 12-19-13 Aquarium Screen Saver For DOS Use
AQUA125.ZIP 05-21-91 Screen Blanker (fish in an aquarium)
AQUA97.ZIP 09-20-97 Customizable Animated Aquarium Screensaver
AQUACONF.ZIP 12-31-89 Aquarius is government UFO research project
AQUADUKE.ZIP 07-14-96 Aquaduke" A Quakework Duke (- Tgm-util V0.660 -).
AQUAEGA.LZH 01-06-14 Aquarium for EGA monitor
AQUAFREQ.ZIP 08-28-91 New Marine/Ship/Shore radio frequencies as of
AQUALUNG.ZIP 08-14-92 Aqualung By Jethro Tull
AQUAMAN.ZIP 03-10-93 Ega/Vga Aqua Man is Mind-bending Game of Logic.
AQUAMEMO.ZIP 12-31-89 Air Force response to Aquarius claims
AQUAMN.ZIP 03-10-93 AQUA MAN v1.0 Req. EGA/VGA Aqua Man is mind-bending game of logic,
planning, and problem solving. The objective is to push and position
pipe links so that they connect two storage pumps on the game board.
Use rocks and whirlpools to help you
AQUANAUT.ZIP 09-28-94 An Os/2 Pm Mmpm/2-enabled Shoot-em-up Arcade Game
AQUANOID.ZIP 07-17-92 This is a shareware arkanoid clone
AQUAPHNX.ZIP 07-04-96 Descent2 - -aquaphonix
AQUAQUES.ZIP 12-31-89 Questions on Aquarius
AQUARIUS.ZIP 02-25-90 Info about project Aquarius
AQUARM.ZIP 03-26-92 VGA Aquarium pretty good!
AQUATV.ZIP 12-31-89 Air Force responce to FOIA query about Aquarius by
AQUEST1.ARJ 12-19-13 Animal quest adventure game. Ega/vga.
AQUEST1.ZIP 12-01-91 A jungle game. Well done program
AQUEST2C.ZIP 06-13-96 Genedemo Ancestral Quest V2 (Demonstration Database)
AQUILACD.ZIP 05-07-93 Cornus' Aquila Lite Shareware Autocad.
AQUIZ01.ZIP 01-04-96 Quizzy V1.01 : No One can Resist Having A Shot of This Quiz Game!
Includes Facility to Create Your Own Questions. Great for Fun or
Entertainment. Tip : Next Time You Have A Party Create Some Questions
That Will Amuse
AQUIZ112.ZIP 05-07-96 Quizzy V1.12 the Game That No One can Resist Playing! Includes Facility
to Create Your Own Question Databases, Either for Your Own use or to
Release As Shareware. A Great Educational Aid for Teachersparents Etc.
AQ_ICON.ZIP 08-25-92 This is a os/2 icon of the Aquila constellation
AR.ZIP 05-17-91 AR-1000