Name Date Description
AFRICA.ZIP 05-06-88 World Maps for Africa - 1 of 7
AFRICA20.LZH 01-06-14 Text adventure game
AFRICA94.ZIP 03-05-94 The Origin of some African Names by Rui Duarte Barros. (Newest File
Date: 03-05-94)
AFRICABB.ZIP 12-29-92 File collection from African studies BBS in Madison.
AFRNET.ZIP 06-02-93 UseNet Interpress Network News; Newsgroups: soc.culture.af
AFRTS.ZIP 01-25-91 Frequency listing of remaining AFRTS feeds available on HF.
AFS.ZIP 05-26-94 alt.filesystems.afs
AFSCOL.LZH 01-06-14 more planes for Chuck Yeager's FS
AFSDK20H.ZIP 05-20-95 Af Sdk Accufax Sdk/Lite - A Fax Broadcasting Server for Database
Developers Needing to Add Fax Transmission Capability to Custom or
Vertical Apps in Marketing, Sales, Public Relations and Billing.
AFSRACE.LZH 01-06-14 another race course for Chuck Yeager's AFS
AFTBST.ZIP 02-11-92 After the USA bust... more information
AFTER.ZIP 10-01-96 Update Afterlife (8-bit Soundcard Fix)
AFTERDM2.ZIP 07-07-96 Doom2 Doom II: - After Doom
AFTERELO.ZIP 05-19-95 The Aftermath : 25 Rise of the Triad Levels. After the Destruction of
El Oscuro the Hunt Lives On!
AFTHRDEM.ZIP 02-19-93 Full Featured Working Demo Of Afterhours Bbs! This Bbs Is Also The
Durham Support Site For Royal Software! Req: Ega/Vga Graphics
Resolution. There Is No Soundblaster In This Demo, Sorry.. But The
Graphics Are Still A Very Good Peace Of Work. A Must Download!
AFTRBURN.ZIP 11-01-95 No Description of Fileid.diz Provided
AFTSHAVE.ZIP 10-11-94 Cf-misc Homemade Toiletries: Aftershave Lotion
AFTYIA.LZH 01-06-14 Add-on for Chuch Yeager's Flight Sim
AFU.ZIP 08-10-93 alt.folklore.urban info - very interesting
AFUFAQ.ARJ 12-19-13 Official Usenet Alt.Folklore.Urban Frequently Posted Legends.
collection of true/false sayings
AFWDEMO.ZIP 12-14-95 Appframework for Win 95. The First and Only Add-in That Lets You Easily
Capture, Save And Reuse Essential Software Components in Visual Basic 4
0 Applications. Now You can Capture Templates and Styles From Existing
AFX_100E.ZIP 11-30-07 Allfix! for Wildcat! V1.00 - Evaluation Release.
AF_120.ZIP 04-08-95 Auto-fuel V1.2 - A Door to Allow Your Users to Calculate Their Current
Auto Gas Milage Yearly Fuel Cost, Annual Miles Driven, and Cost per
Mile Driven. Creates A Report for the User to Download Via Xmodem,
AF_130.ARJ 12-19-13 AreaFix V1.30 - automatic echo maintenance.
AF_130.ZIP 01-30-92 Areafix 1.30, allows automatic attachment and detachment of echomail
areas by feeds. Author: George Peace, 1:270/101@fidonet.org
AF_200.ZIP 01-20-94 ALL FILES LIST GENERATOR v2.00 Generates Robo/FX 1.02 master file
lists by doing either all file areas, or by using any forum. NO SETUP!!
! All that is needed is to copy the *.EXE to your RoboFx directory, and
run it! Has simple command lin
AG54-PS.ZIP 01-14-93 Type 1 Adobe Font, Old-Time '54 Automobile
AG54-TT.ZIP 01-14-93 Ol'54, Script Font With Old Car-Type Letters
AG54_P.ZIP 01-14-93 Ol'-54 Postscript Adobe Font is a Script Font W/Letters That Attach to
Each Other, Looking Somewhat Like the Metal Letters on the Side of a
Car (Fleetwood), Reminiscent of the '40s & '50s; W/Afm/Cfg/Inf/Pfb/Pfm.
(Newest File Date: 01-14-93)
AG54_PS.ZIP 01-14-93 Type 1 Adobe Font; Old-Time 1954 Automobile
AG54_T.ZIP 01-14-93 Ol'-54 Truetype Font is a Script Font With Letters That Attach to Each
Other, Looking Somewhat Like the Metal Letters on the Side of a Car
(Fleetwood), Reminiscent of the '40s & '50s. (Newest File Date:
AG54_TT.ZIP 01-14-93 Ol'54, Script Font With Old Car Type Letters
AGAMES.ZIP 09-30-94 A Ascii Document Taken From Microsoft all About Writing Games for
Windows 95. Q&a Format.
AGATE.ZIP 01-06-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
AGATEN.ZIP 03-20-93 True Type Font. Very Small Point Size
AGATE_N.ZIP 05-26-92 Windows 3.1 True Type Fonts
AGATE_TT.ZIP 12-26-91 TrueType Font
AGATHON.ZIP 01-17-97 Agathon Pm Synth by Harald Eilertsen is A Complete Midi Composition
Tool for Os/2 Warp That Simulates A Midi Keyboard Allowing You To Play
Midi Instruments From Your Soundcard By Using the Pc Keyboard. 01/17/97
AGAVB25.ZIP 01-31-96 Agauge25.Vbx V2.50 - Angular Gauge Custom Control. A Highly
Customizable Angular Gauge or Meter Vbx for use in Visual Basic, Visual
C++, or Delphi
AGB.ZIP 07-15-93 Projected Agricultural Budget. a Complete Farm Budgeting Program That
Allows You to Get Your Operating Loan Request to Your Banker Quickly.
Tracks Your Farm Operation. See What the Bank is Seeing
AGCHRO.ZIP 02-21-94 Chell Chrome Bold TrueType font is a two tone type face with big serifs
- looks a little like it is made out of chrome; 02/21/94; (Newest File
Date: 02-21-94)
AGCR.ZIP 10-11-91 Alcor Cash Register v1.01
AGD93_08.ZIP 07-29-93 AGD News and Notes, August 1993 (GW Doc)
AGDINFO.ZIP 07-22-93 Association of GEOS Developers info, v2.0 docs
AGE27.ARJ 12-19-13 Age-27 - Creates age distribution graph for Telegard 2.7.
AGE27.ZIP 01-22-92 Age-27; Creates age distribution graph for Telegard 2.7.
AGE27U.ZIP 01-20-92 User-27 v1.00; This program will make a list of all (undel
AGE30.ZIP 11-18-93 How Old are Ya' Version 3.0 [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INcluded: AGE.EXE AGE.HLP INSTALL.WRI
AGE30.ZIP 11-18-93 How Old are Ya' Version 3.0 [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INcluded: AGE.EXE AGE.HLP INSTALL.WRI
AGECHK11.ZIP 01-01-94 AgeCheck! Door v1.1: Check users age before door entry. Works with DOOR
SYS drop files as long as birthdate info is valid. Supports various COM
ports, non-standard IRQ's, fossil drivers, and more! A free utility
program from T&J Software.
AGEL.ZIP 02-07-93 Elbjorg TrueType Font. For Win 3.1 or True Type for Dos. An Unusual
Artistic font. It makes a good headline font, or for strings of text.
Elbjorg contains complete upper & lower case numbers, punctuation,
Kerning Pairs.
AGEL_P.ZIP 02-13-93 Elbjorg Type 1 Font. for Adobe Type Mang. Win 3.X or OS/2. an Unusual
Artistic Font. it Makes a Good Headline Font, or for Strings of Text.
Elbjorg Contains Complete Upper & Lower Case (Newest File Date:
AGEL_T.ZIP 02-07-93 Elbjorg Truetype Font. for Win 3.1 or True Type for DOS. an Unusual
Artistic Font. it Makes a Good Headline Font, or for Strings of Text.
Elbjorg Contains Complete Upper & Lower Case (Newest File Date:
AGENDA.ZIP 07-26-93 AddSoft Agenda 1.0 by AddSoft Soft- ware. Windows calendar program with
a built-in appointment schedular. Requires VBRUN200. SHAREWARE. (Newest
File Date: 06-10-93)
AGENT.ZIP 11-04-90 A dialog with a former member of the intelligence
AGENT038.ZIP 03-12-95 Forte Free Agent Beta V0.38 for Windows or Nt. Nntp News Reader.
AGENT055.ZIP 04-26-95 Free Agent Beta 0.55 Windows Internet Message Reader on and Offline,
Free! Excellent! 4.
AGENT99.ZIP 07-06-95 Agent .99 is A Pre-release Version of Forte's Commercial Newsreader,
Agent. Agent .99 Includes all the Features of Free Agent Plus A
Multilingual Spelling Checker and 6 Months of Technical Support Via
AGENT99C.ZIP 11-20-95 Agent .99c. Pre-release Version of Forte's Commercial Newsreader, Agent
Agent .99c Includes all of the Features And Functionality of Free
Agent 1.0 Plus A Multilingual Spelling Checker, Basic Email
Functionality, Folder
AGENTCH1.ZIP 02-05-92 Modify #1AGENT for 25,000 shots (cheat!)
AGENT_1.ARJ 12-19-13 Secret agent from Apogee. Great game.
AGESV10.ZIP 09-18-93 ** Ages v1.0 ** The Newest (and only) renegade utility from Loki and
The Universe Next Door Creates ANSI graph of # of users on bbs for each
age group
AGETEST.LZH 01-06-14 Determine your Medical Age with Questioning
AGEX0918.ZIP 09-18-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
AGGR12.ARJ 12-19-13 Electronic Aggravation v1.2 - of up-market Ludo.
AGGR12.ZIP 10-28-91 Electronic Aggravation-like the real thing
AGHE_1B2.ZIP 08-22-96 Pro 32bit Html Ed, Great Usr I/F, Latest Tags.
AGHE_1B9.ZIP 07-16-97 Agile V1.0b9, Professional 32 Bit Html Editor, and the First to Support
the Html 4.0 Specifications
AGIFTV10.ZIP 06-14-94 Agift Version 1.0 an Excellent Bible BBS Door Showing the Simple Plan
of Salvation. Runs on Many BBS Interface Files. Freeware!
AGMINT.ZIP 03-03-94 Pep-o-mint True Type Font for Windows 3.1 or True Type for Dos. A Kandy
Kane Christmas Font With A Few Christmas Dingbats.
AGMSPLA8.ZIP 12-19-93 Agmsplaysound - Play Large Samples From Disk, New: Arexx
AGMSREC5.ZIP 12-19-93 Agmsrecordsound - Record Sound to Hard Disk. New: Arexx
AGNSETUP.ZIP 01-10-97 Agns - A Game of Naval Strategy - is A Game of Naval Warfare for
Windows Where Your Objective is to Sink the Computer's Units or Capture
His Main Base. Each Turn Consists of A Plot Movement Phase, Air Combat
AGNTS.ZIP 09-02-94 Agent Steal caught
AGNYAN.ZIP 08-08-95 Agnss - is A Disassembler for Win31. Features Include the Ability to
Treat Up to 16mb Exe/Dll/Exp, Support for all Symbols, and More. (Note:
You Must use the -d Option When Unzipping This Program
AGPO_P.ZIP 03-18-93 Porter Postscript Font for Adobe Type mang.
AGPO_T.ZIP 03-18-93 TrueType Font
AGRAPH11.ZIP 08-15-93 Draws Graphs of Equations From Pull Down Menus. Needs Windows 3.1 Draws
Polynomial, Trigonometric, Logarithmic and Conic Graphs Features Type
in Equations As Well
AGREE10.ZIP 06-19-96 User Agreement Door V1.0 Require Users to Agree to the Terms of Your
BBS Before Giving Them Access
AGREP104.ZIP 04-08-93 Agrep 1.04 is a Very Fast "Grep" (Global Regular Expression Parser) for
Searching Thru File(S) for a Particular String (Or Pattern) of
AGRIMONY.ZIP 04-05-93 Agrimonia Eupatoria
AGSI100E.ZIP 12-18-94 Agsi is A System Information Tool Running '94 Under DOS That Gives
Dozens of Items of Information About Hardware/System, Operating System,
Memory, Softare and Drives 6 Files.
AGSI111E.ZIP 06-21-95 Agsi 1.1.1 -english Version of the Systeminfo Tool Agsi With Dozens of
Items of Info About Hardware/System, Operating System, Memory Software,
and Drives (Running in DOS Text Mode) With Many Additional Functions
AGSI112E.ZIP 10-08-95 D Agsi V1.1.2. English Version of The Systeminfo Tool With Dozens of
Items of Info About Hardware/ System, Operating System Memory, Software
and Drives
AGSI120E.ZIP 06-23-96 Agsi V1.2.0. English Version Systeminfo Tool English Version of the
Systeminfo Tool Agsi With Hundreds of Items of Info About
Hardware/System, Operating System, Memory, Software, Drives, and
Configuration Files
AGSI122E.ZIP 03-02-97 Agsi V1.2.2 English Version Systeminfo Tool Agsi With Hundreds of Items
of Info About Hardware/System, Operating System, Memory, Software,
Drives, and Configuration Files, (Running in DOS Text Mode)
AGT.ZIP 07-05-91 Adventure Game Toolkit
AGT135.ZIP 12-28-91 Adventure Game Toolkit
AGT15.ZIP 05-30-93 Create Your Own Text Adventure Games.
AGTSRC.ZIP 07-23-94 Create Your Own Text Adventure Games With This Authoring System. Make
Games As Professional As Those From Infocom and Others. Includes all
Turbo Pascal Source Code.
AGTW95A.ZIP 08-28-95 Arcada Backup Exec - Windows '95 Client Software.
AGWP.ZIP 03-06-93 Wet Paint True Type Font for Windows 3.1 or
AGWP_P.ZIP 03-07-93 Wet Paint Type1 Font for Windows 3.X or OS/2 or Postscript Printer.
Bold as if Painted With an Old Brush it Makes a Good Headline or
Display Font. Wet Paint Contains Complete Upper Case, Lower Case,
Numbers, Punctuation, Kerning Pairs. (Newest File Date: 03-07-93)
AGWP_T.ZIP 03-04-93 Wet Paint True Type Font for Windows 3.1 or Later or True Type for DOS.
Bold as if Painted With an Old Brush it Makes a Good Headline or
Display Font. Wet Paint Contains Complete Upper Case, Lower Case,
Numbers, Punctuation, Kerning Pairs. (Newest File Date: 03-04-93)
AGX.ZIP 05-01-97 Quake: - House of Bombay
AG_ATR42.ZIP 08-02-96 Fsfs Atr 42-200 Eurowings
AHA152.ZIP 06-03-94 May 94 Driver for Adaptec Aic-6260/Aic6360 Scsi Adapter
AHA154.ZIP 05-10-94 May 94 Driver for the Adaptec Aha154x Family of Scsi Host Adapters.
AHA1542X.EXE 10-23-95 Adaptec AHA-1542CP (storage) aha1542x.exe (dated 7-5-95)
AHA174.ZIP 05-10-94 May 94 Driver for the Adaptec 174x Family of Scsi Host Adapters.
AHANDY11.ZIP 10-25-95 Handy V1.11. 30 Games and Utils in 1 Super Package Such As Typing Tutor
Lottery Utils Pattern Maker, Ez Art, Rainbow Text Slideshow Maker, Bmp
Re-sizerutils, Log Anniv. & B/Day Database, Much More
AHATCH20.ZIP 05-16-92 Hatch program compliments TICK/RAID.
AHATCH21.ZIP 10-17-92 Automated hatch procedure for Tick release
AHATCH22.ZIP 12-22-92 ReXX script to automate the hatching of files version 2.2.
AHB16.ZIP 02-07-95 Africanized Honey Bee V1.6. The Africanized Honey Bees Are in the U.S.
But Are They Really `killer Bees'? Find Out With This Great Educational
and Interactive Animation Program.
AHCDX.ZIP 02-16-92 AHC Shortwave Toolkit 1.0
AHD_WP60.ZIP 01-04-94 AHD_WP60 Files to install Disk version of American Heritage Dictionary
with WP WIN 6.0 (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
AHEADVDD.ZIP 06-11-92 Ahead VGA Video Driver for Windows 3.1
AHED06.ZIP 07-17-87 'Ad Hoc', a free multi-window text editor
AHELP13.ZIP 04-03-93 Ahelp5 1.30: Distributed by Microfox Company. Advanced Help & Index
Library for Clipper 5.0 Ahelp 1.30: Microfox Distributes Exclusively.
Advanced Help Library for Clipper Summer '87. Ahelp103.Zip Context
AHELP5.LZH 01-06-14 Setup indexed help screens and keywords
AHELP5.ZIP 11-29-90 Help sys/Clipper 5.0 & Summer '87 compiler app
AHLP14.ZIP 09-09-93 AHELP 1.4 CLIPPER DEVELOPER'S LIBRARY Help Library for Clipper
programmers for creating fully indexed context sensitive windowed help
screens. Optionally lets user build their own help text system. Can pop
up a list of topics for the user to choose from. Works with Summer '87
and 5.xx
AHNDES23.ZIP 04-23-95 AHNDES v.2.3---Ahnentafel/Descent charts (12/94) ===== Shareware by
Jack Chandler This is a utility for genealogists who use Personal
Ancestral File (PAF). It creates both Ahnentafel and Descent
charts with up to 52 generations from your PAF data.
AHNDS19.ZIP 07-26-93 Ahnatafel Descendancy Charts Up to 52 Generations V1.9.
AHNSUB15.ZIP 04-08-94 AHN SUBMISSION PACKAGE V1.5 - Contains instructions and
information regarding the submission of programs to the ASP Hub Network
(AHN) BBS systems. Includes submission form, a listing of all 6 AHN
sites, sysops' names, addresses, and BBS phone numbers. Also included
in this release is DIZGEN10.ZIP, a utility for generating a properly
formatted FILE_ID.DIZ file. (ASP Authors ONLY). Revised 04/08/94.
AHP141.ZIP 03-03-94 Ahelp5 1.41: Distributed by Microfox Company. Advanced Help & Index
Library for Clipper 5.X Ahelp 1.41: Microfox Distributes Exclusively.
Advanced Help Library for Clipper Summer '87. Ahp141.Zip Contains Both
Ahelp and Ahe
AHP142.ZIP 09-09-94 Advanced Help & Index Library for Clipper 5.X
AHP143.ZIP 01-01-95 AHELP Version 1.43 AHELP and AHELP5 are distributed exclusively
by MicroFox Company. AHELP5 is an advanced Help and Index Library for
all Clipper 5.x versions. AHELP is an advanced Help and Index Library
for Clipper Summer 87. AHPnnn.ZIP contains both AHELP and AHELP5. This
CA- Clipper developers library includes context sensitive and fully
indexed access to all help screens built by programmer or (optional)
AHP144.ZIP 12-18-95 Ahelp 1.44 for Clipper 5.X and Summer '87. Advanced Help Library
AHP145.ZIP 03-03-97 Ahelp and Ahelp5 Are Distributed Exclusively by Microfox Company.
Ahelp5 is an Advanced Help and Index Library for all Clipper 5x
Versions. Ahelp is an Advanced Help and Index Library for Clipper
Summer 87. Ahpnn.Zip
AHP_301.ZIP 05-05-93 Analytic Hierarchy Process (Ahp), Rel 3.01 Uses a Proven Analytical
Method to Aid in Decision and Problem Analysis. Helps You to Quantify
Subjective or Intangible Factors. Applications Location Planning,
Strategic Planning
AHP_310.ZIP 12-19-93 Analytical Hierarchy Process Aid in Decision Process.
AI.LZH 01-06-14 AI sysop for a BBS. Best ever!
AI30B.ZIP 10-30-93 Autoicon, Rip Icon Checker, Auto Verifier/Validator
AIC777.ZIP 06-05-94 January 94 Driver Adaptec Aic-7770. Incl Aha-274x & 284x
AIC7870.ZIP 03-07-94 Adaptec Aic-7870 (Pci) Os/2 2.X Driver 1.0. Last Revision Date in
Archive: 03-07-94.
AIC78B.ZIP 01-25-95 This is A Beta Driver That Users Having problems Loading the Aic7870
.Add Included with Os/2 Warp May Find Useful, If Their system Has A
Non-compliant System Bios.
AIC78XX.EXE 10-23-95 Adaptec drivers (storage) AHA-2910, AHA-2940, AVA-2930 (dated 8-15-95)
AIC78XX.ZIP 09-01-95 Adaptec Drivers (Storage)
AICAPBMP.ZIP 05-17-93 American Indian Computer Art project(AICAP) Features 24-bit graphics
image in many
AICAPWAV.ZIP 02-12-94 Native American WAV sounds of ceremonial and
AICARD.ZIP 05-25-94 Information on carding
AICGAL10.ZIP 06-22-96 Utility for the Online Game Galaxy 5 - Adds Ai Players and More
AICGAL14.ZIP 10-06-96 Aicgal5.Exe V1.4 Probably the Best Addon for Galaxy 5 Currently
Available! Add Aic's (Artificial Inteligence Characters) to Your Galaxy
5 Game and A Whole Lot More Too - A Tax Collector, Random Visits From
Gods Thieves
AICNF110.ZIP 12-03-91 AICONFIG 1.10 conference config
AICNF111.ZIP 06-15-92 AICNF v1.11 a smart Conference Setup (PCB)
AICNWS01.ZIP 07-14-90 Arizona Identification Council Newsletter
AICOMPAT.ZIP 03-19-93 Lantastic/AI Compatibility Guide listing AICOMPAT
AICONS.ZIP 10-20-92 Some more icons for OS/2
AIDOS2KD.ZIP 01-03-97 Bible Aid for Os/2 Demo King James Version V.1.0 You Will No Longer be
Forced to Fumble Through Your Bible to Find "Just the Right Verse."
Easily and Quickly Find the Strength and Guidance You Need From
Scripture. Also
AIDS.ZIP 10-17-94 Aids Trivia Version 1.0 AIDS TRIVIA has been available since 1988
as a paper flash card game. The registered version includes the "HIV
Surveillance Report" published by the National Institute of Health.
This is updated every three months for changes in the statistical and
demographic information pertaining to HIV and AIDS nationally.
AIDS02.ZIP 04-26-89 Red Cross Brochure On Aids
AIDS1193.ZIP 11-22-93 Internet Faq on Aids & Hiv Diseases 11.93
AIDSCHRI.ZIP 03-14-94 AIDS: A Christian Response by the Rev. Barry C. Waugh. Reprinted from
the Herald of the Covenant Christian Newsletter.
AIDSHEAL.ZIP 04-07-93 Aids Working
AIDSOUT.ARC 12-22-89 AIDSOUT - AIDS trojan remover
AIDSOUT.ZIP 12-17-89 AIDS Trojan remover, use after SCANV
AIDSPRO.ARJ 12-19-13 Aids Protector Dbase ver.2.02.
AIDSTECH.ZIP 12-22-89 Technical info on PC Cyborg AIDS disk Trojan
AIEMENU.ZIP 11-10-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
AIFAX_Z.ZIP 06-19-94 North American Tribal List: Phone/Fax Addresses of Over 500
Federallyrecognized Native American Tribes.Aservice of the American
Indian Computerart Project (Aicap) and Turtle Heart (Chippewa Artist)
Supplied As A Diverse
AIFF2WAV.ZIP 09-01-95 Os/2 Util Converts Aiff (Mac Digital Audio) Files to Wave (Clone
Digital Audio) Files
AIFFWAVE.ZIP 11-12-93 Check WAV, Convert AIFF (Apple) to WAV
AILAUNCH.ZIP 05-31-94 Artifical Player Launcher for Uu - Launches Ais in A Random Order at
Random Times. Highly Customizable. Works With Most BBS Types. - C
Source Included.
AIM20.ZIP 01-11-95 Owl Action Item Manager (Aim) II Tracks and Manages Work Assignments
Known As "Action Items." You Enter the Title, Assignee Name, Due Date
and Description of the Work.
AIMSAT11.ZIP 05-13-96 Aimsat 1.1 Computes Satellite Dish Aiming Angles From A List of
Avaliable Satellites Tabular Data can be Saved on A Disk File
Registration is Only 10 Us$
AIMSPICE.ZIP 04-19-93 AIM_Spice simulator package
AIM_300.ZIP 11-21-91 Automatic Investment Management Program
AIN22.ZIP 01-24-95 AIN archiver v2.2 Full-featured archiver AIN, the extracting utility
AINEXT and the EXE-files compressor AINEXE. Compression/extraction
methods used in the AIN archiver excels noticeably those used in
AINDIS.ZIP 08-27-93 Ndis for Lantastic
AINET100.ZIP 03-02-95 Ainet V1.0 (For Windows). The Very Powerful Neural Network-like
Application. It Does Not Require Learning, Has No Limits in Parameters
(Input & Output Neurons), No Limits in Sample Size. It is Not Sensitive
Toward Noise
AINLP12R.ZIP 10-12-92 Ai Natral Language Processing [V2-R]
AINTMISB.ZIP 04-12-92 Ain't Misbehavin
AIO5.ZIP 05-21-93 All-in-One Hacker v5.0 - Wardialer/code buster
AIOCUB.ZIP 07-03-94 Aio Driver for the Cubix Mp2008 Multiport Comm Board.
AIOTHER.ZIP 12-26-92 Adobe Illustrator Clipart Of State Crests.
AIPV10.ZIP 01-28-97 Ddsdoors Artificial Intelligence Players V1.0 Add-on Module for the
Door Game the Quest for Nora From Lounge Software. Aip Adds 10 New
Computer Players to Your Tqfn Game. Freeware for Registered Tqfn
Sysop's! for V5.1+
AIPV11.ZIP 02-24-97 Doorware Artificial Intelligence Players V1.1 - Add-on
AIR20.ZIP 11-02-93 Ansi-in-rip V2.0 - Freeware. More Screens, Functions, New Viewer.
AIR202.ZIP 11-17-93 --==AIR 2.02 - Ansi-In-Rip==-- Wrap your BBS system messages in great
looking RIP window frames. Two command line modes, and an interactive
mode. Configurable Sysop message in frame, 10 pre-drawn frames
AIR80010.ZIP 05-20-92 Search for airlines 1-800 numbers by name.
AIR800_.ZIP 08-21-92 Airline 800 phone # telephone directory.
AIR9404.ZIP 09-11-94 Annals of Improbable Research, Issue 1994-04. Science Humor Magazine
From the Mit Museum.
AIR9520.ZIP 10-29-96 Screensaver Super Bundle V2.0 for Win95 12 Great Animated Screen Savers
Plus Full Motion the Video Screen Saver. Comes on Cd See Www.Galttech
.Com for Details Req.Vbrun300.Dll. Shareware. Galt Technology
AIRAID.ZIP 03-03-94 Authentic Sound Effect of A Air Raid Alert Siren. Over 1.2 Meg in Size
and 60 Sec. Long. Recorded From Cd to Wav. Format for Windows.
AIRAPR95.ZIP 04-17-95 Aviation Hf Frequencies for Swl, 1-2-3 Worksheet.
AIRBATT.ZIP 11-04-95 Abletext Air Carrier Policies on Transport of Battery Powered
AIRCMD12.ZIP 10-11-96 Multimedia Air Traffic Controller Game 2.5m
AIRCODES.ZIP 09-09-90 List of Air codes: Centers and their Id's Air carrier call signs and
FAR definitions
AIRCOMM.ZIP 09-05-95 Flight Sim. Aircomm Club You Search for A Wingman? You Need Competition
Top Gun? Why Not!
AIRCOND.ZIP 12-03-91 Cool HVAC trouble shooting program
AIRCRAFT.ZIP 11-15-89 1543 aircraft callsigns - military HF/UHF
AIRCRFTS.ZIP 09-30-95 Aircrafts Collection (3 Items).
AIRDEC94.ZIP 04-23-95 Aviation HF SSB freqs.
AIRDEMO.ZIP 05-30-93 Slideshow Demo of Air Duel by Microprose.
AIRDRM1A.ZIP 02-05-95 Airdrums(Update) A Windows Multimedia Midi Drum Machine Which Does More
Than Drums. Sound Blaster Compatible, Record Midi Instruments From
External Devices Like Triggers, Sequencers, Keyboards, or Even A Pc
AIRF2_02.ZIP 12-12-92 Manipulate/edit/plot airfoil curves, v2.02
AIRFARE1.ZIP 01-17-94 Internet FAQ: how to get cheap airfare.
AIRFONE.ZIP 06-02-90 Air to Ground phone systems
AIRFORCE.ZIP 06-11-90 USAF freqs.
AIRHAM.ZIP 09-15-90 airline ham frequencies