Name Date Description
ADDRES20.ZIP 01-27-94 ADDRESS BOOK AND ENVELOPE PRINTER V2.0 Prints a compressed/normal print
personal telephone book. Prints addresses and return address on
envelopes. Has a sort field that can be used for birthdays, doctor,etc.
Provides two additional lines on the envelope for unususl addresses.
Case sensitive so watc the case entered when sorting. Menu interface No
docs required. For help or possible changes contact the writer on BUG
ADDRES31.ZIP 01-14-95 Address Book for Windows V3.1s Address Book for Windows is A
Windowsbased Pictoral Address Manager Which Allows the Attachment of A
256 Color .Bmp Picture File With Each Address. Other Features Include
ADDRESS1.ZIP 07-15-93 Address, Complete Personal/Business Address
ADDRESS2.ZIP 07-15-93 Address, File 2 of 2
ADDRESSA.ZIP 11-12-93 ADDRESSA.ZIP - ENVADDRESS 1.75 Address manager, phone dialing
with redialing when busy, printing of address lists, envelopes and
laser labels. Copying of address, dialing and envelope/label printing
with a single mouse click. Up to 15, 000 characters of remarks for each
ADDRESSW.ZIP 09-15-96 Pdnjava Address.Java V1.04 Implements A Choice Box in the Modification
Window. Supports Multi-character Searches Without Recursion.
Repositions Window to > Point(30,30). Fixes an Index Error in Mycanvas.
ADDRIVE.BAT 08-25-89 Program to switch AST SUPERDRIVE on and off
ADDRM102.ZIP 06-03-97 Addraman V1.02 - Win Address Manager and Phone Dialer for Windows.
Store Name, Address, and Telephone Number Details
ADDRS172.ZIP 12-23-92 EnvAddress v1.72 - MS-Windows address mgr
ADDRSB20.ARJ 12-19-13 The Professional's Address Book v2.0: will allow you to record names,
addresses, & phone numbers;
ADDRSB20.ZIP 12-19-91 The Professional's Address Book V20:
ADDRS_10.ZIP 03-29-95 Address V1.0 Easy to Use, DOS Based Database for Addresses, Phone
Numbers, Birthdays, and Anniversaries for Personal and Business
Contacts. Prints Envelopes, Mailing Labels.
ADDRW101.ZIP 08-11-95 Adeptdraw! V1.01 Ascii Drawer That Uses Adeptxbbs Color Codes!
ADDRW941.ZIP 03-02-95 AdeptDraw! v.94.10ss ASCII Drawer that uses AdeptXBBS Color Codes!
Included, AdeptGrab which can convert your present ANSI screens to
Adept Color Codes. Also Includes, Typeadp, types Adept Color Files at
the Command Prompt. An Adept Sysop Mu
ADDS300.ZIP 01-17-93 BBS ADVERTISEMENTS v3.00 **FREEWARE** NON-DOOR Version. (Stand alone)
This program is a ANSI screen advertisement program. Configable for
users to select the types of BBS's they want to call. Now this program
is nicer looking, has better docu
ADDS450.ZIP 08-19-93 BBS Advertisements v4.50; NON-DOOR Version. (Stand alone) This program
is a ANSI screen advertisement program. User of this program can choice
which states they are in so to find boards that are not long distance.
ADDSPACE.ZIP 08-03-94 Adds A Space to the First Column of A Text File If One is Not Already
Present. Useful for Dealing With Text Editors That Automatically
Reformat Text If the First Column Isn't Blank. Freeware.
ADDSTATS.ZIP 02-08-92 Telegard: Add-Stats - rewrite status.dat.
ADDSUB10.ZIP 04-15-95 Animated Addition and Subtraction V1.0 - Children's Educational Game
ADDTABS.ZIP 12-31-95 Adds tabs to a mak file.
ADDTEXT.ZIP 05-29-92 Acad lisp file to add to current text
ADDTY100.ZIP 04-22-95 ADDTODAY v1.00 - adds new BBS files daily! Add new file descriptions to
your PCBoard or other BBS each day. Select random based on today's
"day of month", minimum, maximum, or fixed number. Added file
description dates are changed to the cu
ADDWPS11.ZIP 05-31-94 Fwprog Utility to Allow Programmers to Include Automatic Wps
Installation of Folders and Program Objects With Their Distribution
ADD_DES2.ZIP 03-28-92 New rel. of ADD-DESC. Handles all archives
ADD_DESC.ZIP 12-01-91 Automatically add DESC.SDI into WC3x
ADD_DIZ.ZIP 12-05-92 ADD-DIZ is a small utility to replace the user-supplied file
description in your BBS directories with the description supplied in a
FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file contained within the ZIP file. Designed
for PCBoard 14.5 - May work on other BBSe
ADD_TM_D.ZIP 12-29-13 Add time date stamping to your DSZ log
ADEATH.ZIP 09-30-95 A Deathmatch Wad Game : Doom II Episode and Level : Map01 Single Player
: Yes Cooperative : Yes But No Monsters Deathmatch : Yes Difficulty :
Yes New Sounds : No New Graphics : No New Music : No Demos Replaced
ADEATH1.ZIP 10-16-95 A Deathmatch Wad Game : Doom II Episode and Level : Map01 Single Player
: Yes But No Point Cooperative : Yes But No Monsters Deathmatch : Yes
Difficulty : Yes New Sounds : No New Graphics : No New Music : No Demos
ADEDT301.ZIP 03-03-88 AD-EDIT: Small text editor, DESQview-aware
ADEPT105.ZIP 10-10-95 Adeptxbbs V1.05 32-bit Os/2 Multi-user Multi-threaded, Multi-line, Pm
BBS for Os/2 V2.X, and V3. Adeptxbbs Requires Hpfs, and Will Not
Install on A Fat Based Drive. Adeptxbbs Includes and Full Bbs, A
Fidonet Capable
ADEPT106.ZIP 12-22-95 Fwbbs Adeptxbbs V1.06 (Eval Expires on March 31st) 32-bit Os/2
Multi-user, Multi-threaded, Multi-line, Pm BBS Requires Hpfs
ADEPT97F.ZIP 06-24-95 AdeptXBBS 32-bit OS/2 multi-user, multi-threaded, multi-line, PM BBS
for OS/2 v2.x, and v3. AdeptXBBS requires HPFS, and will not install on
a FAT based drive. AdeptXBBS includes and full BBS, a Fidonet Capable
Mailer, and Fidonet message bas
ADEPT_92.ZIP 02-14-95 Adeptxbbs 32-bit Multi-user Multi-threaded, Multi-line, Pm Bbs.
Requires Hpfs, and Will Not Install on A Fat Based Drive.
ADEP_LSD.ZIP 10-16-94 Medical Info on Interactions Between Antidepressan Medications
ADESK.ZIP 08-07-95 Type: Screen Saver Title: Autodesk Player V1.0 Description: Plays
Fli/Flc Files. This Version is Not Recommended for Playing Very Large
Files Since it Will Load File Into Memory First Before Playing. File
Name: Adesk.Scr
ADET11.ZIP 09-12-93 Auto-ansi Detection V1.1
ADEV1121.ZIP 03-03-94 Adev11 V2.1 - Development for Hc11
ADFIND32.ZIP 03-15-97 Pasdelph Adrock Software Source Searcher Expert
ADF_131.ZIP 01-22-96 Softdist Adf V1.31 Serial Port Fossil Driver Adf is A Serial Port
Fossil Driver for High Speed Modem Users. Supports 16550 Uart, Fossil
Rev Level 5, Multitasking Environments, 115200 Bps, Any Port, Any Irq,
Any Receiver
ADF_141.ZIP 07-17-96 Adf V1.41 Serial Port Fossil Driver Adf is A Serial Port Fossil Driver
for High Speed Modem Users. Supports Fifo Uarts 16550 and 16650, 115200
Bps, Any Port, Any Irq, Any Fifo Trigger Level, Fossil Rev Level 5
ADF_142.ZIP 11-03-96 Adf V1.42 Serial Port Fossil Driver Adf is A Serial Port Fossil Driver
for High Speed Modem Users. Supports Fifo Uarts 16550, 16650 and 16750,
115200 Bps, Any Port, Any Irq, Any Fifo Trigger Level, Fossil Rev Level
ADF_143.ZIP 03-09-97 Fgpcbutl Adf V1.43 Serial Port Fossil Driver Adf is A Serial Port
Fossil Driver for High Speed Modem Users. Supports Fifo Uarts 16550,
16650 and 16750, 115200 Bps, Any Port, Any Irq, Any Fifo Trigger Level
ADF_BELT.ZIP 04-05-93 Beltane Ritual
ADGL.ARJ 12-19-13 Great Advert (.GL file)
ADGRAD32.ZIP 03-15-97 Pasdelph Adrock Software Gradientfill Component
ADGRID32.ZIP 03-15-97 Pasdelph Adrock Software Tadrocksavegrid32 Component
ADGRO100.ZIP 10-10-95 A Groupbox V1.0. Similar to the Standard Delphi Tgroupbox, But Allows
Different Background Colors, and Left/ Right/ Center Justification Of
the Caption
ADGT102.ZIP 03-25-95 Adventure Door Game Toolkit V1.02 - Create Your Own Online Text
ADGT103.ZIP 05-17-95 Adventure Door Game Toolkit V1.03 - Create Your Own Online Text
ADHDNIH.ZIP 01-12-96 Abletext Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Decade of the Brain
ADHOC110.ZIP 05-02-94 Win_data Adhoc Relational Database Manager for Windows
ADI10.ZIP 12-17-91 List drive info on all attached drives
ADIAL10.ZIP 03-28-93 AutoDial v1.0: MS-Windows 3-D phone & beeper dialer. Requi
ADIALIN1.ZIP 10-04-96 Dial-in Server Package for Os/2 - Version 1.10
ADIALR10.ZIP 04-25-94 Auto-Dialer V1.0 - Phone Dialer Lists Phone Book on the Screen. Dials
Phone Numbers From Pick Lists or From Startup Parameter. (Newest File
Date: 04-25-94)
ADICONS1.ZIP 06-15-93 Various original .ICN for use with RIP.
ADIDRV.ZIP 02-28-91 ADI DRIVER v2.0 Device Driver for AutoDesk.
ADIMOD.ZIP 09-10-92 Radio modifications for the SENDER ADI-145 and ADI-450 HT's. No
hardware mod needed for expanded TX and RX.Both are done thru keypad!
ADIMP.ZIP 10-07-91 New After Dark(tm) Compatibility Module for Intermission
ADINEKIR.ARJ 12-19-13 Type 1 Font-AdineKirnberg Script-German Art Nouveau.
ADINEKS.ZIP 03-20-93 True Type Font
ADINEK_S.ZIP 05-26-92 Windows 3.1 True Type Fonts
ADINF932.ZIP 02-08-95 Advanced Diskinfoscope V9.32. Antivirus Center, Russia.
ADIOS34.ZIP 04-02-94 Adios V3.4: Ms-windows Stay-on-top Utility Toolbar That Allows You to
Leave Windows Immediately, Unload Windows and Come Straight Back,
Unload Windows Run A DOS Cmd and Come Back, Unload Windows and Reboot
the Pc, Run A
ADIP.ZIP 08-14-95 Sdc_awe Awe-dip-01-eng - Developpers Inbformation Pack
ADIPLOT.ZIP 07-17-87 AutoCAD printer plotting utility
ADIPLT.ZIP 10-24-90 AutoCAD plots on mainframe printers
ADIPOSIT.ZIP 11-12-93 Information on Fat Metabolism
ADJ20.ZIP 03-21-94 The Assistant DJ, version 2.0. Demo version of a database program for
disk jockeys which includes a Music Library which can be browsed by
Artist, Title and Location, the ability to maintain a Customer List (by
Name or City) and a Record Company List and the ability to design and
print form letters. (Newest File Date: 03-20-94)
ADJNVB07.ZIP 08-18-95 Funny (Ha.Ha.Odd) Usenet Faq From Alt.Adjective.Noun.Verb.Verb.Verb.
ADJSHR11.ZIP 04-05-95 Autogrammatik I: Adjective Endings. Asp Contains One of the Most
Succinct Explanations of German Adjective Endings You Will See Anywhere
Fill in the Correct Adjective Ending and Receive Immediate Feedback.
ADJTIME.ZIP 01-22-94 TimeCheck Version .09 - January 22, 1994. Do you need to allow a
certain caller on your BBS at a certain time? If the answer to that
question is 'YES', you might want to take a look at this PPE program
for PCBoard 15.1. This program will adjust users times, execpt for the
users that is exempt from the adjustment, to allow that exempted user
onto the system at a specific time. CAP/ANALYSIS (708) 854-0255
ADJUST07.ZIP 07-16-93 PEX door (pb1.30) to adjust users time depending on his bps rate. (C
)Andres Henckens, CCC '93
ADJUTA_N.ZIP 04-11-92 Windows 3.1 True Type Fonts
ADJUTNT1.ZIP 02-01-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
ADK_TT.ZIP 03-06-92 TrueType Font
ADL12.ZIP 03-25-94 Cl-tool Adl Toolkit V1.2
ADLCHEK.ZIP 10-28-93 A Series of Articles Concerning the Anti-defamation League.
ADLC_150.ZIP 11-27-96 Adlc V1.50, Area Downlink Checker. It's for Area Downlink Management.
This Utility Shows all Areas Which Are Not Linked by Your Downlinks. It
Reads the Areas.Bbs to Get all Downlink Information.
ADLG225.ZIP 04-10-92 AdLogo v2.25 Enhanced Version (04/10/92)
ADLIB-T1.ZIP 07-31-92 Adobe Type 1 Font - AdLib
ADLIB.ZIP 01-19-91 TP routines for AdLib cards
ADLIB100.ZIP 12-29-13 ADDRESS LIBRARIAN V1.00 Easy-to-use program to maintain up to 2
billion names/addresses. Prints labels in the most popular formats,
rolodex and index cards for most printers. Has context sensitive help,
online manual, mouse support, popup calendar and much much more.
ADLIB115.ZIP 09-22-95 Address Librarian V1.15 - Easy to use Name and Address Database That
can Hold Up to 2 Billion Entries.
ADLIBW.ZIP 06-14-92 Play WAVE files through the adlib sound card
ADLIST12.ZIP 11-10-96 Put Free Ads Into Over 500 Newspapers Worldwide Book on Disk
ADLOGO.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation created by 3D Studio spinning glass object in front of
ADLSONGS.ARJ 12-19-13 Over 200 .ROL song files for Soundblaster.
ADM203.ZIP 01-26-92 Menu program for your hard drive.
ADM207.ZIP 02-27-93 Looking for a simple menu program which is priced right? Take a look at
ADMast Menu. Installed in hundreds of companies. Users really like the
features and ease of use. And best of all... this one's free!
ADM211.ZIP 06-29-94 Ad-master V2.11: Fast/Simple Menu System W/ Clear/Clean/Attractive
Screen Layouts; Ability to Chain Multiple Menus Together; Up to 24 Menu
Items W/User-defined Prompts; Passwords; Customize On-screen User
Notes; Clock Chim
ADMAKE35.ZIP 08-11-94 Admaker V3.5 - Admaker Lets You Design and Print Professional Display
Ads in Windows, Using Fonts, Clip Art, Drawing Tools.
ADMAKE40.ZIP 10-10-95 Admaker V4.0 - Design Display Ads in Windows. Easy to Use. Use Fonts,
Clip Art, Line Tools. Requires Vbrun300.Dll.
ADMAKER.ZIP 06-11-94 ADMAKER 3.5 OsoSoft's AdMaker 3.5 -- Complete display ad designer
Use TT/ATM Fonts, BMP/PCX Clip Art; Line Drawing Tools. WYSIWYG
display. Every thing you need to create ads for self or others. Prints
100% & 200% layouts. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. Shareware: $30
ADMAKR35.ZIP 04-09-94 AdMaker 3.5 for Windows from OsoSoft. Req. VBRUN300.DLL. Create small
display ads in Windows 3.1. All fonts, clip art, line drawing and more.
Outstanding and useful program for all small business users. (Newest
File Date: 04-09-94)
ADMAKR37.ZIP 05-06-94 Ososoft's Admaker V3.5 Asp - Create Small Display Ads in Windows 3.1.
All Fonts, Clip Art, Line Drawing and More. Outstanding and Useful
Program for all Small Business Users. Shareware. Registration Fee: $30.
ADMAPP.ZIP 12-30-94 Administrator's Apprentice is an Nlm for Netware 3.X and 4.X. It
Interfaces With Any Mhs Based E-mail Package to Receive Commands From
and Send Alerts to the Administrator (Supervisor).
ADMAPPER.ZIP 06-10-91 Map Adventure Games For Easier Play, Good!
ADMIN.ZIP 09-13-96 Admin V1.0.0 32bits for Warpserver. High-level Network Manager
ADMIN110.ZIP 01-26-97 Admin V1.1.0 32bits for Warpserver. High-level Network Manager
ADMKER35.ZIP 06-11-94 Ososoft's Admaker V3.5 Asp - Create Small Display Ads in Windows 3.1.
All Fonts, Clip Art, Line Drawing and More. Outstanding and Useful
Program for all Small Business Users. Shareware. Registration Fee: 30.
ADMOD.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation created in 3D Studio marble affects
ADMODS.ZIP 11-05-91 Great screen blanker
ADMONISH.ZIP 02-23-95 Person the Buddha Would Not Admonish (U Chit Tin)
ADMSG120.ZIP 02-02-96 Softdist Admsg V1.20, Generates *.Msg, Dos+os/2 Generates Fidonet
Netmail Messages (*.Msg) in Many Different Ways, Including Combining
Lists of Destination Addresses and List of Subject Lines. For Both DOS
and Os/2.
ADMST11B.ZIP 01-09-94 ADMSTAT: Evaluate Waffle's ADMIN files
ADNET.ZIP 12-30-93 AD-NET A network dedicated to forsale and wantads, a enviromental
alternative to printed forsale and wantads. Master HUB located in
Maryville, TN. Looking for HUBs and NODEs throughout the US and World.
ADOCK101.ARJ 12-19-13 NExT-like toolbar launches apps from icons. Win3
ADOCK101.ZIP 07-18-91 Applications Dock For Windoze Uploaded By: Shakib Otaqui
ADOM09C.ZIP 08-14-95 Axehandler's Dominion V0.9c - Lord Igm
ADOOM20.ZIP 06-16-94 Adoom V2.0. Changes Doom (Registered) Into an Aliens Game Straight Out
of the Movie! 48 New Sounds and 53 New Gifs. Type Adoom to Load.
Requires Dmaud.Exe.
ADOPT26.ZIP 08-15-92 Adopt-A-Door Door Program, v2.6
ADOPT31.ZIP 08-07-94 Adopt-a-door - Door V3.1 . From the Sunrise Door Collection Runs After
Any Door Program and Prior to Returning to the Bbs. Displays A
Formatted Screen Promoting the Adopt-a-door Concept
ADOPT51.ZIP 08-22-95 Adopt-a-door V5.1 Helps Find Users To 'adopt' or Register A Door
Program for Your Bbs. Runs Before the Door Program And Creates A Text
File of User Responses. Another BBS Door From Parole Software And
Dennis Maidon.
ADOPTEE.ZIP 04-23-95 Sources Of Genealogy Help For Adoptees.
ADOPTME1.ZIP 04-27-93 Adopt Me! v1.0 The 'Door Adoption' concept! This runs before or after a
door is run by calling it in a batch file. It asks the user(s) for a
donation to 'Adopt' the door. If the door is 'Adopted', the adopter's
name is shown with a thank you message. Supports all of the most
popular door data formats: PCBoard, GAP (Door.Sys), Spitfire, RBBS,
WildCat!, TriBBS, and WWIV. By DreamWARE Communications. Support Board:
ADP110.ZIP 11-07-93 Adpcm File Converter V1.1a Command-line Utility to Convert 16 Bit, .Wav
Files to a Compressed Format 1/4th the Original Size. the Decoder is
Used to Restore the Compressed File Back to It's Original Format.
ADPATH23.ZIP 04-02-92 Add/delete elements of PATH on the fly
ADPRO10G.ZIP 09-17-93 AdPRO 1.00; This program will add ad's for your BBS to ZIP or ARJ files
so you will get more business!
ADPT152X.ZIP 05-10-94 Latest Adaptec Drivers for Os/2. Dated May '94 Newer Than Ada152x.Zip
That is Here.
ADPTIT11.ZIP 01-05-96 Adoptit! V1.1 By: Wbs 1996 Freeware Utility to Help Encourage Users to
Register Doors and Online Programs
ADPTMK15.ZIP 07-24-95 Adoption Market V1.15 Lord Igm Freeware Igm - Let's You Adopt Kids and
Put Your Own Kids Up for Adoption! Very Good Igm Idea! - - Bug Fix -.
ADPUPG92.ZIP 02-15-95 Adeptxbbs 32-bit Os/2 Multi-user Multi-threaded, Multi-line, Pm BBS for
Os/2 V2.X, and V3. This is A V0.90.0 Upgrade Only
ADQ.ZIP 12-23-91 Advanced Dos Quiz by Steve Mount
ADQ1_1.ZIP 09-02-94 Data Acquisition and Control DEMO
ADQUED1.ZIP 01-15-97 Quake - Adquedit: the Quake Workstation
ADQUED2.ZIP 02-01-97 Quake - Adquedit Manual.Txt
ADR10A.ZIP 07-18-91 Wilson Windowware Address Book!
ADR11B.ARJ 12-19-13 Address Manager from Wilson Window Ware. Fordatabase of names and
ADR11B.ZIP 01-18-92 Address Manager 1.1B
ADR50.ARJ 12-19-13 Name & address database manager v5.0 can export to ascii & dBase
ADRAW110.ZIP 05-31-95 ACiDDraw v1.10 ACiDDraw v1.10 is an update from v1.00, fixing some
minor bugs. ACiDDraw is the premier ANSI/ASCII screen editor, it uses
XMS to allow up to 1000x4 lines of full color editing. Up to 160
columns can be edited and saved in ANSI/
ADRAW120.ZIP 08-03-95 Aciddraw V1.20 Aciddraw V1.20 is the Latest Drawing Utility Which
Allows Creation and Manipulation of Ansi/Ascii Images. Aciddraw Now
Support Ansi/Ascii/Pascal /C/Asm/Com/Bin/Pcboard Save Formats.
ADRBK11.ZIP 06-24-96 Adrbook is A Shareware Address Book Program for Your Personal Use
ADRBK13.ZIP 08-24-96 Addressbook is A Shareware Address Book Program for Your Personal Use
ADRBK14.ZIP 10-19-96 Addressbook is A Shareware Address Book Program for Your Personal Use.
The Unregistered Version of This Program is Limited to 12 Address
ADRBK16.ZIP 02-22-97 Os2 Address Book Program, English & German
ADREADER.ZIP 07-14-95 Ad Reader 2.1 an "After Dark" Module (2.0 or Higher) That Allows You to
Design Your Own Screen Saver Using Your Favorite Bitmaps! Simply Tell
Ad Reader 2.1 Where to Find Them Select the Effect and Enjoy!
ADRF1610.ZIP 01-08-97 Adrift Screensaver V1.0 Floating Lines Forming Beautiful Patterns.
Windows Screensaver. Shareware Seraline P/L Porum@ozemail.Com.Au
ADRF3210.ZIP 02-01-97 Adrift Screensaver V1.0 Floating Lines Windows Screensaver. Shareware
Seraline P/L. Porum@ozemail.Com.Au
ADRIFT32.ZIP 01-08-97 Adrift Screensaver V1.0 Floating Lines Windows Screensaver
ADRIVERS.ZIP 03-13-90 A collection of adi drivers for AutoCAD
ADRKW20C.ZIP 07-01-93 Updates Any Version 2.0x of Afterdark for Windows to Version 2.0c.
ADROID32.ZIP 12-26-95 Adroid 2.01 32 Bit Version for Windows Nt and 95. Requires 486 or
Higher Processor. Adroid is A 3d First-person Shooter. Test Your Skills
Against 15 Droids in A Battle for World Economic Domination.
ADRSB101.ZIP 03-04-95 Address Book Version 1.01 is A Database Utility for Electronic Storage
of Addresses and Telephones. Its Database Files May be Up to 128 Mb
Long, and Efficiently Searched and Sorted.
ADRSBAR.ZIP 06-28-91 Creates Bar Code addressing for your mail.
ADRSBK32.ZIP 11-10-91 Addressbook 3.2 w/4.0 demo, excellent!
ADRSBK33.ARJ 12-19-13 The Address Book v3.30: rolodex type program that prints labels,
envelopes, reports, dials
ADRSCRD1.ZIP 06-27-91 WinBatch file to create address cards
ADS-SET.ZIP 10-13-93 ROBOBoard/FX enhancement
ADS1.ZIP 04-19-93 PCX Clip Art, Good For Advertising Aids
ADS10.ZIP 12-08-94 The BBS Advertiser. Buy, Sell and Trade Door With Built in Message
Capability. Program the Amount of Days in Each Category for Ads to
Remain. Purge Utility Removes Expired Ads and Messages.
ADS2.ZIP 04-19-93 PCX Clip Art, Good For Advertising Aids
ADS3.ZIP 04-19-93 PCX Clip Art, Good For Advertising Aids
ADS3003.ZIP 02-02-97 Html Editor With Reference, Project Manager Wizards Win95.
ADSC201.ZIP 10-06-95 The Application Data Server -ads- (2.0.1) Ads is an Extremely Fast
Memory Database Engine for use in A Client/Server Environment Under
Windows. Access and Search Records 0,0001s/Search and 0,000001 S/Acc on
ADSCAPE1.ZIP 08-16-96 Adscape Version 1.0 is A World Wide Web Classified Ads Program/System.
Highly Configurable and can be Run Without Cgi or Other Server
Dependent Resources. Features Include Up to 30 Configurable Categories
ADSFRM32.ZIP 03-15-97 Pasdelph Adrock Software Tadrocksaveform Component
ADSLID10.ZIP 01-24-93 256-color BMP slide show for After Dark 2.0
ADSLID12.ZIP 10-04-93 Programmable Slide Show 1.2 for After Dark 2.0. This module allows you
to create slide shows as a list of Windows BMP files. The files are
faded in and faded out at a userspecified speed, or displayed instantly
without unattractive visible "banding." Each image can be displayed at
a specified position on the screen, with an individual. (Newest File
Date: 10-04-93)
ADSLM19A.ZIP 11-19-94 ADS LEAGUE MANAGER VER 1.91 A serious program that will handle
any kind of Youth Sports League. Handles Leagues, Teams, Adults,
Sponsors, & Players. Custom forms & rosters. Easy to use with Online
Help. Registration($45) brings a Game Scheduler & more.
ADSLM19B.ZIP 11-19-94 ADS LEAGUE MANAGER VER 1.91 A serious program that will handle
any kind of Youth Sports League. Handles Leagues, Teams, Adults,
Sponsors, & Players. Custom forms & rosters. Easy to use with Online
Help. Registration($45) brings a Game Scheduler & more.
ADSMBOOT.ZIP 01-08-96 Warp Connect - Adsm 1.2.7 Disaster Recovery Disks. This Cmd File Will
Create the Necessary Disks to Boot Os/2 With Tcpip Loaded and Adsm
Command Line Functionality. The Main Purpose is to Allow Total System
ADSONGS1.ARJ 12-19-13 Collection of ROL music files for Adlib/Sound Blaster compatible sound
ADSR13.ZIP 02-01-95 This Fix Contains the Required Patch Files for Watcom 10.0a That Will
Let Users Debug Autocad R13 for Dos. Note: the A Level Patch is
Required for This Patch.
ADSSHAR.ZIP 07-27-95 The Address Book Ver 1.0s This Little Program Allows You to Keep Up
With all of Those Addresses You Always Are Looking For. It Features
Everything That You Could Need. It Even Has an Entry for Seperate Voice
and Fax
ADS_0694.ZIP 06-12-94 Ads.Db for Antiad and Uploadprocessor - 06/94 Database Update
Containing Almost 1100 Unique BBS Ad Files. Merge This Database With
Your Existing Antiad or Uploadprocessor BBS Ads Database for Optimium
Cleansing of Your
ADS_SET.ZIP 10-13-93 RoboBOARD/FX enhancement package
ADTRAK20.ZIP 03-29-94 Adtracker v2.00: pgm designed to help you improve the
effectiveness/efficiency of your advertising; built-in lead analysis
report is fully customizable; 03/29/94; Advertising Software. (Newest
File Date: 03-29-94)
ADTTRK.ZIP 10-11-94 Do You Want to Know Whos's Reading Payroll Files or Other Confidential
Data, or Logging in at Night to Copy Applications? Who's Deleting
Important Records, Changing Security Levels, or Abusing Network Policie
ADU.ZIP 05-24-93 File Manager-supports Hpfs and Fat-long Names, Etc. for Os/2.
ADU111X7.ZIP 08-23-97 Adeptxbbs Version 1.11xb7 Update - 32-bit, Multi-threaded Gui, Nntp,
Smtp, Pop3, Telnet, Sockets, Ftp, Integrated Mailer, Rexx, Utils,
Multiple Language, Xmsg, *.Msg, Squish Msg B
ADU22D.ZIP 11-20-93 Adu/2 V2.2, Disk Utility for Administrators or Large Disks Especially
in Os/2 Networks, Hpfs/Ea Support, Startable From Diskette, No Pm or
Wps Required, Fast File-seek/Scan, Builtin Hexeditor, Mouse Support,
ADU43VAC.ZIP 05-19-97 Adeptxbbs Version 1.09.43 (R)(Vac) the 32-bit, Multi-threaded, Gui (Pm)
BBS for Os/2. Freeware/2 24 Node Version Note: You Require Working Copy
of Adept Installed. This I
ADULATE.ZIP 06-30-90 Let your PC adore you with one-liners
ADULT404.ZIP 04-16-94 Adult CD Buyers Guide for April 15, 1994 - Lists over 170 CD's
available for Adults Only. Includes information on what each CD offers,
along with info on if it is BBS Ready. (Newest File Date: 04-16-94)
ADUMP100.ARJ 12-19-13 Produces an AREAS.BBS from 1.70 SYSMSG.DAT file
ADUMP100.ZIP 06-20-91 Create areas.bbs from Opus v1.7x database
ADV.ZIP 07-13-93 The Original Expanded Adventure Game. Guaranteed to Keep You Busy for
Quite a While! No Fancy Graphics, But You Will Have to Use the Stuff
Between Your Ears to Finish This Game.
ADV20.ZIP 11-20-91 Advanced Class exam with answers
ADV21.ZIP 03-09-93 ADV21; Ham Practice test for Advanced Class. So you want t