Name Date Description
WWFORDOS.ZIP 03-29-94 Wordwise Daily Scripture Calendar the Highly Versatile Daily Verse
Program for Dos. Includes 22 Bible Translations Daily Bible Reading
Reminders, and Popup References. Accepts Extra Topics, Too.
WWFORWIN.ZIP 03-29-94 Wordwise Daily Scripture Calendar the Highly Versatile Daily Verse
Program for Windows. Includes 22 Bible Versions, Screen Saver Support
Under 3.1, Assign- Able Fonts, Daily Bible Reading Remind- Ers, and
Pop-up Referenc
WWFW10.ZIP 08-20-95 Weight Watch for Windows V1.0 - Record Your Caloric Intake and
Resulting Weight Fluctuations. Unique Graphing Feature Allows You to
View/Print Your Results Over Time, Showing the Effect Your Eating
WWGT103A.ZIP 01-15-93 WWivgate v1.03a
WWGT109A.ZIP 06-01-93 WWIVGate: Allows WWIV BBS to work with FIDOnet
WWGTINF2.ZIP 06-10-93 WWIV GATE INFO upload/contact info
WWGTINFO.ZIP 02-12-93 WWivgate information
WWHANG10.ZIP 03-09-94 WinHangMan v1.0: new & exciting MS-Windows version of that venerable
classic game that's fun for all ages; use your own words, a vocabulary
list, or choose from an ever-growing list of built-in categories;
features digitized sounds & colorful, non-violent graphics; 03/09/94;
Ken (Newest File Date: 03-09-94)
WWHEEL12.ARJ 12-19-13 "Wheel of Fortune"/hangman type word game for W3
WWHELPD1.ZIP 08-17-95 World Wide Help 1.0 Demo for Win 95.
WWIAIR.ZIP 06-03-95 Wwi Air Fighters - A Windows Strikedeck Trading Card Game. Windows
June95 Wwi Airplane Plane Card Solitaire Trade Trading Vegas Game
Files: Wwiair10 Author: Kamyan Software Registration: $15 Wwi Air
WWINNER.ZIP 04-28-93 Predicts & Recommends Bet Amount For NFL Game
WWIPEOUT.ZIP 01-08-96 Bocasoft Wipeout for Windows Screen Saver 10
WWIS.ZIP 06-01-93 Index of the People and Companies Involved in the Shareware Industry.
it Includes Authors, Vendors, Sysops, Columnists, and So On. Anybody
Involved in the Shareware
WWIS0294.ZIP 01-22-94 (FEB. '94) "Who's Who In Shareware" directory is a useful index of the
people and companies involved in the shareware industry. Includes
authors, vendors, sysops of multi-line BBS's, columnists and so on. If
you are involved in the shareware industry, you can obtain a free
listing. A free service of Pinnacle Software, developers of the
Sapphire BBS. For support, dial 514-345-9578, or call our free files
BBS at 514-345-8654 (download on first call).
WWIV2PCB.ZIP 08-12-92 Convert WWIV Master file listings to PCBoard DIR format. Fast, easy,
and free.
WWIV420.ZIP 08-24-91 WWIV BBS program. Version 4.20.
WWIV421.ARJ 12-19-13 Wwiv 4.21! 3/15/92.
WWIV421.ZIP 03-15-92 Newest version of World War Four BBS
WWIV422.ZIP 01-15-93 WWIV BBS SYSTEM v4.22 by Wayne Bell.
WWIV423.ZIP 11-28-93 Wwiv is BBS Software Written by Wayne Bell
WWIV424.ZIP 05-27-95 WWIV v4.24 -- Precompiled Shareware Version This archive includes a
complete working copy of v4.24 which includes support for RIP, QWK, and
more. Documentation is available in separate formats: 424RDR.ZIP,
424TXT.ZIP, and 424DAT.ZIP. Two fr
WWIV424A.ZIP 09-13-95 WWIV v4.24a
WWIV424S.ZIP 05-27-95 WWIV Source Code v4.24 Not Shareware or Public Domain. Distribution of
this file by unauthorized persons is illegal. Violators will be
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Documentation is available
in separate files. Two free util
WWIVDRAW.ZIP 02-06-92 ANSI file generator for WWIV BBS systems
WWIVED25.ZIP 01-14-93 WWIVEdit Version 2.5
WWIVI.ZIP 06-21-90 WWIVI is a modified version of a well known VI editor clone called
Stevie (Ver 3.69)
WWIVINFO.ZIP 02-12-93 WWiw BBS Software information
WWIVLCK1.ZIP 09-20-93 WWIV has evolved and changed, as has the modem industry. With the
advent of inexpensive high speed modems, many BBS's now run with their
COM ports locked at high speed.
WWIVQT20.ZIP 01-01-93 Take a message that you are replying to and adds an eye- catching frame
around it.
WWIVVBBS.ZIP 01-15-92 VBBS utility to convert all WWIV BBS sections to VBBS format.
WWIVW95A.ZIP 08-15-96 Tips on running WWIV in Win95
WWIV_CVT.ZIP 07-26-95 Wwiv 4.0x - Pcboard 15.2x Conversion Utility
WWLN_025.ZIP 07-28-95 Worldwide Lordnet Update on Changes in the Net!
WWLN_03.ZIP 07-31-95 Worldwide Lordnet Newsletter August 1, 1.
WWLN_04.ZIP 09-06-95 Worldwide Lordnet September '95 Newsletter. Read all About the Hottest
Lordnet Around!
WWLN_05.ZIP 10-14-95 Worldwide Lordnet League Newsletter.
WWMAINFO.ZIP 02-12-93 WWiw mail information
WWMASTER.ZIP 12-01-89 World Wide Packet PBBS & DIGI listing
WWMBAR.ZIP 07-07-93 Multiple Menu Bar Utility for Word for Windows.
WWMCI.ZIP 03-17-93 Mci driver for aitech video capture board. (Newest File Date: 03-17-93)
WWMOV.ZIP 04-13-94 A QuickTime for Windows movie of the preview of Waynes World. SVGA and
Sound card recommended. (Newest File Date: 04-13-94)
WWNEW.ARJ 12-19-13 Educational word game, arcade style, dictiona.
WWORLD.ZIP 10-11-94 Wworld Pwad for Doom. Sound Replacement Wad With Sounds From Waynes
WWP32301.ZIP 01-31-97 Wwplus32 Wallpaper Manager V3.01 Wwplus32 is A Win95/Nt Wallpaper
Manager/Changer With Many Custom Features, Including Sound and Image
Resizing/Placement. Wallpaper Images May be Bmp, Gif, Pcx, Tif, Tga,
Ico, Png
WWPA121.ZIP 07-23-93 Wigwam Prune Assistant V1.21. Configures All Aspects of Pruning Via
Windows Interface by Double Clicking Drag & Drop, Etc, From Inside
Wigwam Integrating Itself Onto the Toolbox/Bar. Requires Vbrun200.Dll.
WWPHRS10.ZIP 05-21-93 WWPhrase version 1.0 for WWIV WWPhrase is a WWIV utility that outputs a
phrase (either specified by you or randomly selected from a file) and
inserts user information where you specify with special @codes. Easy to
run, fun, and useful. Sharew
WWPLS143.ZIP 01-10-95 Wwplus 1.4 Wallpaper Manager/Screen Saver. Wwplus is A Windows
Wallpaper Manager/Editor/ Changer With Many Custom Features Including
an Option to Turn Wallpapers Into A Screen Saver. Wallpaper Images May
be Bmp, Gif
WWPLS144.ZIP 03-07-95 Win Wwplus V1.44. Wallpaper Manager/Screen Saver. Includes an Option to
Turn Wallpapers Into A Screen Saver. Wallpaper Images May be Bmp, Gif,
Pcx Tif, Tga. Ico or Jpg.
WWPLS145.ZIP 03-21-95 Wwplus V1.45 Wallpaper Manager/Screen Saver.
WWPLS250.ZIP 09-13-95 Wwplus V2.5 Wallpaper Manager/Screen Saver. Wwplus V2.5 is A Windows
Wallpaper Manager/Editor/Changer With Many Custom Features Including an
Option to Turn Wallpapers Into A Screen Saver. Wallpaper Images May be
Bmp, Gif
WWPLS251.ZIP 12-09-95 Wwplus Wallpaper Screen Saver V2.51 Wwplus V2.51 is A Windows Wallpaper
WWPLS265.ZIP 09-23-96 Wwplus V2.65 - Win use Jpg and Gif Images As Wallpaper and Screen Saver
Images, With Many Display Options. Works Fine Under Win95/Nt. Includes
Uninstaller. Req's Vbrun300.Dll
WWPLS266.ZIP 01-23-97 Wwplus V2.66 - Win Wallpaper Manager/Changer. Use Gif, Jpg, and Other
Graphics Formats As Wallpaper With Many Custom Options, Including use
As A Screen Saver
WWPRVASC.ZIP 10-01-94 Windowatch, the Electronic Windows Magazine of the Internet. Preview
Issue, October 1994.
WWPRVDOS.ZIP 09-30-94 Wwprvdos.Zip Vpreview Issue. Windowatch Ezine W/Gregg Hommelangela
Lillystonederek Buchlerjerry Laulicht&peter Neuendorffer. In
Readerroom( .Toc)format.Articles, Humor, and Tips. We'll Send by
WWPRVWIN.ZIP 09-30-94 Wwprvwin.Zip Vpreviewwindowatch Ezine. To Read use Run From File Mngr.
Gregg Hommelderek Buchlerangela Lillystonepeter Neuendorfferjerry
Laulicht. Shareware Issue for Win.
WWPUZZLE.ZIP 05-10-90 Puzzle by Hollie Satterfield
WWREAD30.ZIP 01-30-92 WWIVread v3.0 - Offline Reader for WWIV
WWREVIEW.ZIP 02-23-93 WREVIEW v1.00k; allow you to review the messages and user
WWS102.ZIP 05-12-94 Windows Word Search Rampage 1.02 Multi-media Ready Word Search Puzzle
WWS110.ZIP 09-05-94 D-wingm Windows Word Search Rampage V1.10 - Word Search Lovers Delight.
Multi-media Ready Wordsearch Puzzle Game. Play Right on Computer or
Print Out for Activities.
WWSEBV13.ZIP 07-16-95 The Wilderness Walking Staff Electronic Book Describes the Wilderness
Walking Staff, A Staff Designed for Wilderness Safety and Subsistence
Living in North America's Back Country. Through Mountain, Desert,
WWST15.ZIP 03-17-93 Wall $treet The Bottom Line FOR WINDOWS --- Version 1.5
WWSTRP10.ZIP 05-21-93 WWStrip version 1.0 WWIV color remover removes WWIV color codes from
menu files, etc., facilitating easier editing. Very fast and easy to
use. Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2
WWT10DOC.ZIP 11-28-90 WWToolkit; OOP library (incl. GUI) for TP
WWT10TPU.ZIP 11-28-90 WWToolkit; OOP library (incl. GUI) for TP
WWTCPIP.ZIP 12-05-89 World Wide Packet TCP/IP Addresses
WWTMPFIL.ZIP 11-16-93 Document explaining how WinWord for Windows uses TEMP Files. (Newest
File Date: 08-19-93)
WWTYPE10.ZIP 05-21-93 WWType v.1.0 brings WWIV color to DOS by recreating the DOS TYPE
command with the ability to display WWIV colors including centering!
Fast and easy! Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2
WWUE104.ZIP 07-21-95 UpldEcho! v1.04 for WWIV from Cerebrum! Imports FILES.BBS [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto
your WWIV file areas directly from DOS. A must have for sysops running
Fidonet. Can be used as part of your daily external event. Also useful
for adding new CDROM disks to W
WWUMP_10.ZIP 09-15-93 Wumpus for Windows! Hunt the Wumpus, dude. Complete with crude graphics
Hey, it's FREE! Needs VBRUN100.DLL (Newest File Date: 09-15-93)
WWUTIL6B.ARJ 12-19-13 Door conversion utility for WWIV bbs's.
WWW101.ZIP 06-12-93 WIN,WHAT,WHERE(tm) V1.01 Time & Usage Monitor For Windows WIN a program
started and how long it ran. WHAT was running. List activities by
Program Name & Window Caption WHERE the program was and it's associated
files, if available. Extensive history and reporting facilities make
WWW ideal for Customer Support,Usage Tracking, Access Monitoring, and
Time/Billing. Requires Windows 3.1, VBRUN200.DLL From Basic Systems,
Inc. (ASP) (Newest File Date: 06-12-93)
WWW102.ZIP 07-09-93 Win, What, Where V1.02. Time & Usage Monitor Automatically Tracks
Everything You Do in Windows. Ideal for Customer Support, Time &
Billing, Usage Tracking, and Access Monitoring.
WWW200.ZIP 03-08-94 Win,what,where 2.0. Time & Usage Monitor Automatically Tracks
Everything You Do in Windows. What's New: Hidden Mode, all New History,
Multiple Time Formats, Data Filters, Sorts, and Much More! Requires Win
3.1 &
WWWCNT15.ZIP 10-13-95 Fwcomm World Wide Web Counter Program
WWWGRAB1.ZIP 10-14-96 Wwwgrab/2 Utility for Mirroring Complete Websites.
WWWIN13.ZIP 01-18-95 Wordwise Daily Scripture Calendar the Highly Versatile Daily Verse
Program for Windows. Includes 25 Bible Versions, Daily Bible Reading
Reminders, and Popup References. Screen Saver Support & More.
WWWIN2_5.ZIP 06-23-96 Windowatch Vol2 No.5 in Acrobat V2.1 Format Nt Issue. Some of the Old
for Those New to Nt and Some of the Old From Our Beta Team. Hank
Mishkoff Gives A Detailed Account Setting Up an Nt 3.51 Server
WWWIN_01.ZIP 12-02-94 Wwwin#01 1. Windowatch Premiere Issue.
WWWIN_02.ZIP 01-17-95 Wwwin 02.Zip Vvol1 No.2-windowatch (In the Acrobat Format Need Acroread
Exe) Inet Access 4 Windows,doing Help; Asksam,acrobat & Approac Reviews
aspect Tutorial #2, Doing Windows, Alice and the Shareware Plug of the
WWWIN_03.ZIP 02-26-95 Windowatch Vol.1 No.3 (Acrobat.Pdf Format)
WWWIN_04.ZIP 04-27-95 Wwwin 04.Zip V4; Windowatch in Acrobat Formatneeds the Acrobat Viewer -
Acroread.Exe) Featuring Articles by Jeff Marchi; Herb Chong; Jim Plumb;
Greff Hommel; John M. Campbell; Frank Mcgowan; Bob Miller Peter
WWWIN_07.ZIP 09-23-95 Wwwin 07.Zip Vol1 No.7-windowatch in the Acrobat Format. Requires
Acroread.Exe to View. Available at Windowatch Various Ftp Sites for
Download. This Win95 Issue Includes: Herb Chong Discusses Win95 and
Os/2; Paul
WWWIN_1E.ZIP 12-05-94 Wwwin#1e 1. Windowatch Premiere Envoy Authored Issue.
WWWKIT1.ZIP 08-08-95 Compu-data Internet/Www Software Kit 1.0 A Collection of the Best
Shareware Clients Needed to Take Full Advantage of Our Fast Cslip
Connections. Clients Included Are: Netscape Browser, Winsock, Telnet,
WWWKIT2.ZIP 10-04-95 Compu-data Internet/Ppp Software Kit 2.0 A Collection of the Best
Shareware Clients Needed to Take Full Advantage of Our Fast Cslip
Connections. Clients Included Are: Netscape Browser, Winsock, Telnet,
Ftp Telnet, all
WWWRI.ZIP 01-06-93 WigWam CompuServe User Guide; WigWam is the Windows-based
WWWWP201.ZIP 07-02-96 The Word-wise Web Writer 2.0 5/31/96 Automated Html Editor/Template for
Word for Windows 6.0 (Or Higher) From Aspiring Software Add-ins. New to
2.0 is Support for Frames, Marquees, Fixed Backgrounds, Sound and Video
WWWWPRO.ZIP 01-18-96 The Word-wise Web Writer 1.0 1/18/96 Automated Html Editor/Template for
Word For Windows 6.0 Or Higher From Aspiring Software Add-ins. Comes
With Toolbar for Most Commonly Used Html Tags; 'Quick-pick' Dialog
WWYATZEE.ZIP 12-26-95 New! Yatzee for Windows V2.0 Must See! Incredible New Version of the
Popular Yahtzee Dice Game. 3d Dice, Multi- Player Support
Triple-yahtzee With Color Scorepad, Much More. Registered Version
Includes Computer-players
WW_2_3_A.ZIP 12-20-95 Warwizard(Tm) Version 23
WW_2_3_P.ZIP 12-20-95 War Wizard - Patch to Upgrade Version 2.0/2.1/2.2 to Version 2.3 - by
WW_OS213.ZIP 01-17-95 Wordwise Daily Scripture Calendar the Highly Versatile Daily Verse
Program for Os/2. Includes 23 Bible Versions, Daily Bible Reading
Reminders, and Popup References. 32-bit Pm Hosted Warp App!
WW_OS214.ZIP 08-28-95 Os2 Wordwise Daily Scripture Calendar .
WW_PACK1.ZIP 01-13-95 Bonus Pack #1 for Wordwise Free to Owners of the Wordwise Daily
Scripture Calendar. 10 New Packages.
WX16.ZIP 11-14-92 WinExpress v1.5; Basic BBS system for Windows, which, give
WX203.ZIP 12-13-91 Weather program package
WX60.ZIP 07-21-90 Weather prediction program
WX60WIN.ARJ 12-19-13 Weather Forecaster, Wind Chill, Indexing
WXBOXIST.ZIP 01-26-92 Info on online weather info in NC
WXDOOR.ZIP 08-05-95 Wxdoor Version 1.01 Compiled 08/05/95 This Wildcat! 4.X,3.X Door Will
Read Weather Data From A Heath Weather Station, Model Ida 5001 and
Present A Color Display With Current Conditions, High/Low Temperatures
WXF32_15.ZIP 02-18-97 Winxfiles V1.5 "Your Personal Pictures and Files for Your Eyes Only".
Winxfiles With Its Attractive Tabbed-dialog Interface Features Secure
Encryption to Prevent Unauthorized Access of all Type of Files and
WXFAQ04.ZIP 07-24-95 Fwcomm Frequently Asked Questions About Ibm's Webexplorer.
WXFAQ05.ZIP 08-31-95 Ibm Webexplorer Faq -inf Format.
WXFAX1_2.ZIP 03-07-94 Weather Facsimile Database Program, V1.2. (Newest File Date: 03-07-94)
WXFAX2_3.ZIP 01-25-95 Wx Facsimile Database V2.3.
WXI101.ZIP 10-06-94 Win-expose-i/O 1.01 - File I/O Tracer/Debugger for Windows
WXI95_20.ZIP 01-15-96 Win-expose-i/O V2.00 - Windows 95 Files I/O Tracer/Debugger - Gives
Real-time Report on Files I/O all Over the System, Even DOS Boxes. A
Must Have Tool for Anyone Who Tries to Find Out Which File an
Application is Using
WXMAN20.ZIP 01-28-94 WxMan v2.0 WEATHER BULLETIN GENERATOR This is the first public release
of WxMan 2.0, the weather bulletin builder for your BBS! Support
includes ANSI and ASCII, Wildcat, PCBoard, Renegade, Searchlight,
RoboBOARD/FX, and Maximus. Fully configu
WXMAN23.ZIP 05-24-94 WxMan v2.3 WEATHER BULLETIN GENERATOR Generates bulletins formats for
many different BBS packages using data from the DUAT weather
information service. Requires FOSSIL driver. Multitasker support,
configurable color codes, and minimal system
WXMD100I.ZIP 09-22-90 Public domain WXMODEM protocol driver 1.00i
WXMDM108.ZIP 11-13-92 WXmodem v1.08.
WXMODM20.ZIP 07-28-88 Windowed-XMODEM protocol module w/instructions
WXPNS101.ZIP 05-10-96 Automates Entry, Printing and Reporting of Business Trip Expenses.
Expenses Are Reported in 10 Categories and Infinite Sub-categories Each
Category/Subcategory can be Configured to Your or Your Employers
WXPRESS.ZIP 01-16-92 Functional demo of a Windows BBS.
WXPRS11.ZIP 09-27-95 Wordexpress - Award Winning Windows Word Processor. Truly Impressive
Professional Word Processing in A Fast, Friendly Package. Top of the
Line Features Include Wysiwyg Editing, Fonts, Columns, Pictures, Tables
WXRDR22.ZIP 01-06-88 Weather Radar
WXTERM.ZIP 07-17-87 Windowed XMODEM (WXMODEM) terminal program
WXTRM305.ZIP 08-12-91 WXTerm v3.05 file transfer protocol
WXTRM310.ZIP 06-11-92 Terminal program for WXModem file transfers
WXVIEW27.ZIP 11-26-94 Weatherview Version 2.7 Graphic Weather Map Plotting Upgrade From
Version 2.6 to 2.7 Includes: Add Configuration Option for Storm Cell
Tops, Direction, Speed, and Radar Reporting Stations. Option Applies to
WY102.ZIP 07-17-93 ====== Wavy version 1.02 ====== by Glen Neal Wavy is a COMMAND LINE
wave player for Windows 3.1. No window is shown. Associate wave files
with Wavy, then play them with a simple double-click. Plays standard
(not compressed) wave files. Shareware. (Newest File Date: 07-17-93)
WYBACK01.ZIP 06-05-94 Now You Opponents Will Have A Nice Yellow Target on Their Backs When
You Play Deathmatch Mode in Doom. By Ray Miceli.
WYKVIRUS.ARJ 12-19-13 "what You Need to Know About Computer Viruses" - an Informative Guide
For The Average PC User on
WYKVIRUS.ZIP 05-12-92 What You Need To Know About Computer Viruses
WYN101.ZIP 04-08-93 Write Your Name/Ecris-Ton Nom V1.01: Game for MS-WINDOWS That Helps
Your 3-6 Year Old Master Basic Hand-Eye Skills & at the Same Time Helps
Them With Their Reading/Writing Skills; Includes English & French Menus
and Online; Help; Req Vbrun100.Dll; 04/08/93; Daniel Montaron. (Newest
File Date: 04-08-93)
WYNDB11.ZIP 08-01-92 Powerful Relational Database for Windows
WYNDOS22.ARJ 12-19-13 WYND-DOS v2.2 a DOS shell utility Preform DOS tasks from pull down
WYNFLAGS.ZIP 07-01-91 Wynn Software FLAGS very colorful
WYNSAG11.ZIP 01-08-94 WynSage v1.1: MS-Windows unique, easy-to-use daily display of famous
quotations; text attributes (colors, bold and 3D-style) are user
configurable as is the option to be "on top"; requires VBRUN200.DLL;
01/08/94; (Newest File Date: 01-08-94)
WYNSHL22.ARJ 12-19-13 WYND-SHELL v2.2 DOS Shell and launcher Application menu, includes
WYPT10A.ZIP 03-16-94 WayPoint for Windows, version 1.0a. A Windows-based ocean routing and
navigation program designed for the professional mariner, however
mariners of all levels of experience will find this program useful. The
main function of WayPoint is to create and maintain voyage routes.
Daily reports can be printed out during a vessel's passage. (Newest
File Date: 03-16-94)
WYSE50.ZIP 10-29-94 WYSE50 Terminal Emulator version 5.0 The WYSE terminal is an industry
standard dumb terminal, owning a significant percentage of the dumb
terminal market. This program emulates a Wyse 50 terminal through a
serial port on your PC. Written in a
WYSWYG.ZIP 10-20-92 Wysiwyg Tips From Lotus - How to Use Wysiwyg Includes Tips and Some
Undocumented Features of Wysiwyg Addin of Lotus 123 Ver 2.3 or 3.1 and
Above. (Newest File Date: 10-20-92)
WYTHE.ZIP 12-31-89 UFO sighting in VA
WYWA10.ZIP 07-01-93 Wywa V1 0 July 1, 1993 Pc Version of "While You Were Away" Message Pad
for Ibm Compatible Pc's Messages Encrypted to Insure Privacy Sign Out
Notice, Modified With Password Auto-run At Boot Time If Notice is
WYWO.LZH 01-06-14 While You Were Out, phone note poster
WYWO1644.ZIP 05-13-96 While You Were Out V4.4: 16-bit Ms-windows Office Messaging System for
Dos-compatible Lans; W/User Grouping, Message Forwarding Distinctive
Message Search, Object Sensitive Pop Up Menus & More
WYWO20.ARJ 12-19-13 While You Were Out 1.91 - telephone message jotter for Windows 3. Just
like Notepads.
WYWO20.LZH 01-06-14 *While You Were Out note-taker
WYWO32.ZIP 04-15-93 While you Were Out - Windows Message System
WYWO321.ZIP 04-20-93 YWO321.ZIP While You Were Out for Windows NT Ver. (Newest File Date:
WYWO3B.ARJ 12-19-13 "While you were out" office messaging system for Windows and DOS
compatible LAN.
WZ107.ZIP 12-29-13 WINDOW UNZIP v1.07 Extract/Decompress ZIP
WZ16_21B.ZIP 10-27-96 Webzound Audio on Demand 2.1b Player and Evaluation Encoder Serve Audio
From A Normal Web Server. Mono and Stereo, 9600 to Isdn Speeds
Supported. Wz16 Win3.1 Wz32 Win-95
WZ32_21B.ZIP 10-27-96 Webzound Audio on Demand 2.1b Player and Evaluation Encoder Serve Audio
From A Normal Web Server. Mono and Stereo, 9600 to Isdn Speeds
Supported. Wz16 Win3.1 Wz32 Win-95
WZ60.ZIP 08-20-95 Winzip 6.0 for Windows 95 and Windows Ntincludes Long Filename Support
and Tight Integration With the Windows 95 Shell. ZIP and Unzip Without
Leaving the Explorer. Brings the Convenience of Windows to Zipping
WZ60A.ZIP 12-04-95 Winzip 6.0a for Windows 3.1 & Workgroups Windows 95 Users: use Winzip95
Exe Instead Brings the Convenience of Windows to Zipping External Pgms
Not Needed for Zip, Tar, Gz, Z This is A Maintenance Upgrade to Winzip
WZ60WN2.ZIP 10-24-95 Win_util Winzip Archive File Manager for 16-bit Windows (3.X)
WZ95.ZIP 07-27-95 Winzip 6.0 for Windows 95 Release Candidate Pre-release Test Version -
Rc1a Includes Long Filename Support and Tight Integration With the
Windows 95 Shell. ZIP and Unzip Without Leaving the Explorer.
WZ9560.ZIP 08-11-95 Winzip 6.0 Release Candidate 2 for Win95.
WZBETA16.ZIP 05-06-95 Winzip 5.6a Beta W/Improved Scanner Support Pre-release Beta Test
Version Version Now Supports Mcafee Wscan and Other Scanners use the
Win32 Under Windows 95: Wzbeta32.Exe Brings the Convenience of Windows
to Zipping
WZBETA32.ZIP 04-29-95 Winzip 5.6a 32-bit With Windows 95 Features Pre-release Beta Test
Version Brings the Convenience of Windows to Zipping External Pgms Not
Needed for Zip, Tar, Gzip. Includes Long Filename and Unc Support.
WZBETANT.ZIP 04-11-94 WinZip For Windows/NT - Pre-release Version This version is
functionally equivalent to th 16 bit version, but because it is a
native Win32 application is multi-tasks better and i is faster than the
16 bit version. This version of WinZip requires Windows/NT. You can
also run this version if you have Win32s installed (note that Win32s is
_not_ part of Windows for Workgroups). (Newest File Date: 04-11-94)
WZCAT120.ZIP 08-15-94 Wzcat Version 1.20 Windows Program Helps You Keep Track of and Locate
Zipped Elements Contained in ZIP Files. Search Whole Disks or Specific
Directories for Zipped Filessort by Element, Filename, Date, or Size
WZFOLD21.ZIP 01-21-95 Whizfolder for Windows: Version S2.1 Asp Allows You to Manage Your
Free-format Information Easily and Effectively. Using Whizfolder, You
can Record Your Notes And Ideas Instantly Into Separate Topics
WZIP13.ARJ 12-19-13 Archive utility for .ZIP, .PAK, .ARC
WZIP40B.ZIP 04-02-93 WinZip v4.0b - great zip prog for windows
WZIPICO.ZIP 01-06-97 Winzip Icons V1.0 - Replace the Original Winzip Icon With This Cool
Hi-color Icon 01/06/97. By Iconstructions Inc.
WZIPIT13.ZIP 09-16-95 Win Zipit V1.30 - Win Zipit is A Handy Utility That Uses the Standard
Pkzip Utility to Provide Standard Directory Backups. Features Include
the Ability to Retain Previous Backups, Centralized Backup Directory
WZIPSE.ZIP 05-10-95 Win_util Makes Self-extracting Archives Within Windows
WZL107.ZIP 09-28-94 Winzle! the Windows Puzzler V1.07 - Stunning Photography Provides the
Basis for This Classic Puzzle Game. Easy to Use, Highly Configurable.
WZL121.ZIP 09-24-95 Stunning Images From Around the World in Supervga Color! the Ultimate
Windows Puzzle Game. Extremely Flexible - Choose Any Numbers of Pieces
From 4 to 2000! Hall of Fame for Your Best Scores. Save Puzzles,
WZL130.ZIP 12-17-96 Stunning Images From Around the World in Supervga Color! the Ultimate
Windows Puzzle Game. Extremely Flexible - Choose Any Numbers of Pieces
From 4 to 2000! Hall of Fame for Your Best Scores. Save Puzzles,
Solution Hints
WZMGR11D.ZIP 08-14-93 File Manager Add-on With Several Useful Features
WZNT56.ZIP 05-26-95 Winzip for Windows/Nt V5.6 - ZIP Util W/Built-in ZIP Unzip Tar & Gzip.
Requires Windows/Nt or Windows95 (Beta). Supports Drag&drop, Arj, Lha,
and Arc.
WZRD3UP.ZIP 09-06-95 Heretic Heretic V1.2: S/C/D - Wizard3
WZSCN051.ZIP 08-04-95 Wizard Filescan V0.51 the Scanfile for Wildcat BBS Systems V4.10 or
Higher. Scans Archives ZIP Arj Lzh Rar and Tests Gif Files Within
Archives and in Sub. Archives.Virus Scanning in Archives and Sub.
WZUN11.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows Info-ZIP Unzip v1.1 - extract, test, and browse ZIP archive
WZUNZ1.ZIP 01-28-92 WinUnzip is utility program whose one purpose is to extract files that
were ZIPed with PKZIP version 1.1 or earlier. What sets WinUnzip apart
from other such utilities is that it DOES NOT REQUIRE an external DOS
unzip utility. WinUnzip does everything from within MS Windows; no
dropping to DOS! - Version 1.0
W_CRIB_1.ZIP 03-24-95 Cribbage V1.12 for Windows. Try to Beat the Computer in A Card Game of
Skill and Luck. Options Include Changing the Speed, Deck and More.
Fully Functional. Reqs Vbrun300.Dll
W_ISLE19.ZIP 08-10-95 Rimwell Isle of Witches Lord Igm
W_MIN200.ZIP 12-21-94 Minimize V2.0 (Waol) use With the Windows Version of the America O.
W_NAVAJO.ZIP 08-16-94 Spinning: Navajo Plying Explained
W_ONE35.ZIP 07-16-93 WinOne V3.5 - Command language interpreter for Windows. (Newest File
Date: 07-16-93)
W_ONE41.ZIP 11-04-93 Winone, Super Command Line Interpreter/Dos Shell.
W_PAGES.ZIP 01-31-95 Winpages - Phone Directory for Windows. Access Your Local White Page
Listings. Search by Any Field to Find Residents & Businesses in Your
Area Code. Contains Name, Address, City, Phone, and Type of Listing.
W_TBL60.ZIP 08-18-93 New Dos Version of the Popular Personal Investment Management Software
Wall $treet the Bottom Line. Great!