Name Date Description
WPSEC103.ZIP 04-14-95 Workplace Security Version 1.03 for Os/2 Warp.
WPSEC104.ZIP 04-28-95 Workplace Security for Os/2 Warp Provides Seamless Object Level
Security to Password Protect Access to Workplace Shell Objects.
Copyright 1995 Maple Valley Software.
WPSEC200.ZIP 06-17-95 Workplace Security V2.0 for Os/2 Warp Password Protects Workplace Shell
Objects. Copyright 1995 Maple Valley Software
WPSEC201.ZIP 06-26-95 Workplace Security V2.0.1 for Os/2 Warp
WPSEC202.ZIP 10-08-95 Workplace Security V2.0.2 for Os/2 Warp Password Protect Folder and
Program Objects. (C) Copyright Maple Valley Software 1995.
WPSEC203.ZIP 10-26-95 Fwsysutl Workplace Security V2.0.3 for Os/2 Warp. Password Protect
Folder and Program Objects.
WPSEC211.ZIP 06-27-96 Workplace Security V2.1.1 for Os/2 Lock Down Os/2 Desktop Objects
WPSEC212.ZIP 07-10-96 Workplace Security V2.1.2 for Os/2 Password Protect Os/2 Desktop
Objects. (C) Copyright Maple Valley Software 1995, 199.
WPSEC213.ZIP 08-18-96 Workplace Security V2.1.3 - Password Protect Desktop Objects
WPSFW150.ZIP 05-10-95 Ibm Workplace Shell for Windows Version 1.50.
WPSFW151.ZIP 10-10-95 Ibm Workplace Shell for Windows Version 1.51.
WPSG0405.ARJ 12-19-13 The Unofficial Guide to the Workplace Shell OS/2
WPSHELLB.ZIP 01-23-95 File Description Jla What can This Thing Do ? Workplace Shell for
Windows 3 . 1 V E R S I O N 1 . 0 Release.
WPSOBJ.ARJ 12-19-13 Contains WPSOBJ.CMD, a REXX script to create a new object of selected
type and location.
WPSOL11.ZIP 01-28-95 Wpsolit V1.1 - Excellent Klondike Solitairre On-line Game. Has 3 Card
and 1 Card Draw Styles. Very Fun to Play and Uses Almost Any Drop File.
A Must See for Any Bbs/Sysop.
WPSSAFE1.ZIP 02-21-94 Fwsysutl Wpssafe is the Easiest Way to Backup Your Current Workplace
Shell Desktop, User, and System Ini Files. Wpssafe Requires Gtak.
WPST11.LZH 01-06-14 Post-it notes update, adds font support
WPST20.LZH 01-06-14 WinPost, post-it notes for Windows
WPST3.ZIP 05-12-91 WPWin Macro to do auto Setup
WPST30.LZH 01-06-14 WinPost, Post-it notes for Windows
WPST32.ARJ 12-19-13 WinPost note-taker utility, now supports OLE
WPST32.ZIP 07-01-93 WINPOST V3.2B Winner of PC Magazine's Best of 1991 Award! This
Windows utility replaces yellow sticky notes for keeping track of
reminders. OLE support, alarm notes, toolbar, autosave and numerous
other features make this a 'must-have' for Windows users.
WPST32A.ZIP 09-26-92 Post It Notes for Windows - Version 3.2a
WPST32B.ZIP 07-01-93 WINPOST v3.2b - Winner of PC Magazine's Best of 1991 Award! This
Windows utility replaces yellow sticky notes for keeping track of
reminders. OLE support allows attachment to any OLE document. Alarm
notes, toolbar, auto save and numerous other features make this a
"must-have" for Windows users. Requires Windows 3.1. ASP Shareware from
Eastern Mountain Software. (Newest File Date: 07-01-93)
WPSTOOLS.ARJ 12-19-13 Some Development Tools For Os/2 2.0'S Workplace Shell. Needs Sdk.
WPSYMBLS.ARJ 12-19-13 One mnemonic keystroke access to WP's compose symbols & characters;
12/08/91; Howard Rodgers.
WPS_BACK.ZIP 01-06-94 Command Line Utility for Backing Up the Os/2 Desktop.
WPTB.ZIP 09-13-93 WP 6.0 Sound Drvr: Mediavision Thunder Board. (Newest File Date:
WPTOOL04.ZIP 11-20-92 Collection of Macro Tools for Word Perfect for Windows
WPTOOL08.ZIP 03-31-93 [WPtool07.ZIP] Checkini v. 1.90.
WPTOOL09.ZIP 05-12-93 The Wps Utilities By Henk Kelder. Changes to Checkini, Replini and
Wpsbkup. (Fw). (Newest File Date: 05-12-93)
WPTOOL11.ZIP 03-01-94 Checkini, Copyini, Replini, Wpsbkup, Resetwps, Etc. Maintenance Release
Added "Silent" Switch for Wpsbkup.
WPTOOL13.ZIP 06-11-94 Henk Kelder's Wps Tools Latest (Late May Version)
WPTOOL16.ZIP 05-10-95 The Famous Wptool Series From Henk Kelder.
Checkini-replini-resetwps-wpsbkp-wpsrest. Wpsbkp Now Backups Launchpads
Includes Wptools.Dll That can be Used From Rexx to Query Launchpads
WPTOOL18.ZIP 11-25-95 Wptools V1.8 for Os/2. A Set of Programs for the 'More Experienced'
Workplace Shell Users. (Partially) Backup and Restore A Customized
Workplace Shell, Remove Obsolete Wps Related Information From Ini-files
WPTOOL19.ZIP 10-10-96 With Wptools One can (Partially) Backup and Restore A Customized Wps,
Remove Obsolete Wps Related Information From the Ini-files, Repair Some
Wps Problems, Etc. Also, One can From A Rexx Program Query Object Para
WPUNPASS.ZIP 03-20-94 DECRYPT PASSWORDED WORDPERFECT FILES WordPerfect 4.x and 5.x files can
be passworded (encripted). This utility decodes the password. Source
code is included as well as article from the Internet on the algorithm.
In Basic More PC FREEWARE by
WPUZZLER.ZIP 07-12-95 Puzzler Allows You to Solve Jigsaw Puzzles in Windows. Five Different
High-resolution Puzzles Are Included, But You can Only Complete One of
Them in This Version. Req. Win31, 256-color Vga, 4mb Ram, A Hard Disk
WPV101.ZIP 05-28-93 Integrated System Analyzer/Viewer v1.01
WPV102A.ZIP 09-14-93 PRO-VIEW for WINDOWS. Now works with Windows in Standard
WPV12.ZIP 08-17-93 Mcafee's Proview System Analyzer/Editor
WPVBETA.ZIP 07-02-93 Pro-view for Windows: Beta 2 Version From Mcaffe.
WPVIEW.ZIP 02-07-93 This utility will allow viewing, printing or conversion to standard
ASCII file, of Word Perfect documents. It supports all Word Perfect
formats through 5.1
WPVTPP.ZIP 09-13-93 WP 6.0 Sound Drvr: Vocaltec Cat. (Newest File Date: 09-13-93)
WPW101.ZIP 10-14-96 Webpage Wizard V1.01 - Win Creates Web Pages and Publishes to Site
Provided. Point and Click. Wysiwyg. W/Browser
WPW103.ZIP 12-01-96 Webpage Wizard V1.03 Creates Web Pages and Publishes to Site Provided.
Point and Click. Wysiwyg. W/Browser. +-+ This Vendinfo Product
Information File Contains Both Readable Text and Tools-accessible Data
WPW104.ZIP 01-19-97 Webpage Wizard V1.04 Creates Web Pages and Publishes to Site Provided.
Point and Click Wysiwyg. W/Browser
WPW200.ZIP 06-02-97 Webpage Wizard V2.00 - Win Creates Web Pages and Publishes to Site
Provided. Point and Click, Wysiwyg, W/Browser
WPW6DEMO.ZIP 10-08-93 Word Perfect 6 Demo for Windows. From WP BBS Requires at least 18mg
free! (Newest File Date: 10-08-93)
WPWIN52.ZIP 11-12-92 Information on the Word Perfect 5.2 Upgrade
WPWINF11.ZIP 04-17-93 Wp Windows Friend V1.1 Boost Performance Of.
WPWINFIL.ZIP 01-13-96 A Writing Program for Windows
WPWINSCN.ZIP 05-24-92 Information on Known Bugs In WPWin
WPWINT.ZIP 05-09-92 Information on the WP Init Files
WPWMAC52.ZIP 05-30-93 All the shipping macros for WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows. Downloaded
from the WPCorp BBS. (Newest File Date: 05-30-93)
WPWU1X10.ZIP 02-14-97 Word Problem Work-up (Set 1) V1.00 - Win This Program Helps Students to
Progress Through the Four Setps of Problem Solving: Numerical Evidence,
Strategy, Operation, and Solution
WPWU2X10.ZIP 02-13-97 Word Problem Work-up Set 2: Decimals Fractions, Percents V1.00 Math
Levels 4 - 9 Students Learn How to Master Word Problems the Program
Helps Them to Progress Through the Four Steps of Problem Solving:
Numerical Evidence
WPYR.ZIP 04-08-93 Windows Pyramid soiltaire game. (NEWEST FILE DATE: 04-08-93)
WPYV2.ZIP 10-07-91 V2 of FS4 scenery of NASA's private airport
WP_131.ZIP 07-22-90 WinPrint v1.31
WP_ATI.ZIP 01-31-91 ATI Wonder Video Driver for WordPerfect
WP_SPX.ARJ 12-19-13 Screen Saver Module For Screen Peace
WQ14B2.ZIP 02-11-97 Web Quick Bookmark Manager for use With Netscape Navigator or Internet
Explorer. Web Quick Places A Permanent Item in Your Toolbar Which Lists
the Most Recently Visited Web Sites As Well As Gives You A Pre-defined
WQ20.ZIP 11-15-94 World Quest 2.0b World Quest v2.0b Distributed by HomeBrew
Software is a fast action shoot-em up arcade game with realistic
graphics and digitized sound effects. Rescue hostages and attack the
alien defense bases in this defender-like world featuring smooth 256
color parallax scrolling. Requires VGA, 512K RAM, 386+. Soundblaster
optional. Shareware - written by Chris Egerter
WQB100.ZIP 05-24-95 Windows Quick Boot is A Small Utility for Ms-windows Which can
Automatically Boot Restart or Exit Ms-windows at Defined Times. Doubles
Up As an Alarm Clock Too! Fully Functional Shareware. Non-nagware.
WQB200.ZIP 11-11-95 Windows Quick Boot is A Small Utility for Ms-windows Which can
Automatically Boot Restart or Exit Ms-windows at Up to 10 Differently
Defined Times. Doubles Up As an Alarm Clock Too! Fully Functional
WQH111.ZIP 11-13-91 Windows Quick Help program
WQP062.ZIP 10-03-91 WinQ print utility
WQUEST.ZIP 06-01-94 World Quest V2.0b Distributed by Homebrew Software is A Fast Action
Shoot-em Up Arcade Game With Realistic Graphics and Digitized Sound
Effects. Rescue Hostages and Attack the Alien Defense Bases in This
WQUICK.ZIP 01-13-94 WEBSTER'S QUICK NUMEROLOGY 3.0A Use someone's birthdate for a
quick but pointed personality analysis. Lots of fun.
WQUICK3A.ZIP 01-13-94 Richard Webster's Quick Numerology V3.0a Rosemary West (Asp) - Based
Upon the Work and Research of Internationally-known Psychic Entertainer
Richard Webster, "Quick Numerology" Uses a Special Method of Numerology
Richard Webster's Numerology 3.0b by Rosemary West - Based upon
the work and research of internationally-known psychic entertainer
Richard Webster, "Quick Numerology" uses a special method of numerology
popular in Australia and New Zealand (and sometimes called "Chinese
numerology") to give a quick but pointed personality profile. $0
WR06025A.ZIP 01-11-94 Ndis 3.0 Netcard Drivers for Windows Nt 1 of 3
WR06025B.ZIP 01-11-94 Ndis 3.0 Netcard Drivers for Windows Nt 2 of 3
WR06025C.ZIP 10-01-93 Ndis 3.0 Netcard Drivers for Windows Nt 3 of 3
WR07012.ZIP 08-30-93 Db2/2 V1.0. Query Manager Selectpak.
WR07020.ZIP 10-01-93 Service for Network Transport Services (Nts/2), or and Lan Transport
and Protocol Support (Laps). it is a Refresh of the Laps Portion of
Nts/2. Replaces and Obsoletes Wr07008.
WR101UPD.ZIP 12-10-93 Waverider Updated Executable to 1.01
WR10A.ZIP 11-22-93 Wave Rider, .Qwk and Bluewave-format Mail Reader, 1 of 2.
WR10B.ZIP 11-22-93 Wave Rider Version 1.0, a Windows Based Qwk and Bluewave Mail Packet
Reader. Part Two, Includes the Speller and Unzipper. Requrires Vbrun300
Dll, Not Included in This Archive. Part 2 of 2
WR110A.ZIP 01-22-94 Wave Rider version 1.10, a Windows based QWK and BlueWave mail packet
reader. Now with floating toolbar. Part one, includes the .exe and
helpfiles. (Newest File Date: 01-22-94)
WR110B.ZIP 01-27-94 Wave Rider version 1.0, a Windows based QWK and BlueWave mail packet
reader. Now includes floating toolbar and other new features. Part two,
includes the speller and unzipper.
WR120A.ZIP 04-19-94 Waverider Qwk/Bluewave Reader V.1.20, File 1 of 2
WR120B.ZIP 04-19-94 Waverider Qwk/Bluewave Reader V.1.20, File 2 of 2
WR120UPG.ZIP 04-09-94 Waverider upgrade to version 1.2. (Newest File Date: 04-09-94)
WR12DOCS.ZIP 10-14-94 WinRamp Lite 1.2 for Windows Documentation [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Write Format: o
WinRamp User Guide o WR-Script Reference Guide For use with WRAMP120
.ZIP distribution file set Registration $35.00
WR13.ZIP 11-12-90 WinRead v1.3 off-line mail reader (good)
WR131.ZIP 02-04-95 Waverider .Qwk and Blue Wave Offline Reader/Editor
WR14_300.ZIP 06-03-93 Wine Review Door. Supports several BBS formats and baud ra
WR1ASP.ZIP 04-13-93 Word Rescue Arcade Learning Game, Ega / Sb!
WR21.ZIP 02-12-93 WinRefer allows you to search for the appropriate piece of work in your
reference database(s) and create a formatted citation to the work.
WR22.ARJ 12-19-13 WinRead -Windows Off Line Mail Reader
WR22.ZIP 05-29-91 WIN3.1: WinRead v2.2: QWK off-line mail reader
WR3DPTCH.ZIP 02-23-97 Patch for Wr3d.Zip (Winter Race 3d)
WR3D_P20.ZIP 03-07-97 Winter Race 3d Beta Upgrade From Ver. 1
WR4PS10T.ZIP 07-31-97 Ulead Web Razor v1.0
WR95V401.ZIP 08-09-95 Stratoware Windows Restart 95 Version 4.00 Rev #1: Windows Restart 95
Provides A Simple, Easy-to-use Interface That Allows You to Shut Down,
Reboot, or Log Off Microsoft Windows 95. Includes Hot Key and Task Bar
WR95V409.ZIP 09-15-95 Stratoware Windows Restart 95 V4.09: Windows Restart 95 Allows You to
Quickly Shut Down, Log Off, or Restart Microsoft Windows 95. This Minor
Update Fixes Several Small Bugs.
WRACKO.ZIP 03-15-95 Wracko Card Strategy Game - Fun Quick Thinker
WRACKO10.ZIP 03-15-95 Wracko V1.0. Challenging, Card Type Strategy Game That You can Play
Against the Computer or Another Person. It is Easy to Learn, Simple to
Master. Quick Thinking and Risk Taking Are Essential to Being A Winner
in Wracko.
WRAITHV3.ZIP 10-01-95 Wraith 3.0 Role-playing Adventure Game.
WRAMP10B.ZIP 07-01-94 Winramp 1.00b for Windows Communications Program W/Customizable Toolbar
Multiple Terminal Windows Open, More $35 Reg.
WRAMP121.ZIP 10-27-94 WinRamp Lite 1.21 for Windows Your Personal Access to the Data
Super-Highway Commercial-quality comms pack RIPScrip 1.54 Emulation
VT52-220 Emulations Compilable Scripts & IDE Multiple font sizes & char
sets Customizable Toolbars Multiple ter
WRAP.LZH 01-06-14 Make printer skip over perf, set column width
WRAP10C.ZIP 01-30-95 Wrapup V1.0c: Just As Windows Executes Your Startup Group's Programs,
Wrapup Allows Windows to Execute Any Program(S) in Your "Shutdown"
Group Right Before it Exits 01/30/95; Gary S. Tessler, P.E.
WRAP11.ZIP 08-07-95 Wrapup - Allows You to Create A "Shutdown" Group That Will Execute
Applications Right Before You Exit Windows. This Could be Used to
Backup Important Files, Log Out of Your Network, Etc.
WRAPR11.ZIP 05-09-96 Wrapper 1.0 - Wrap Mouse Pointer Through Screen Edges, and Raise
Windows Under Mouse Automatically. Vbrun300.Dll Required
WRAR200B.ZIP 06-21-96 Rar 2.00 Wide Beta for Win (32-bit) and Win-95
WRB100E.ZIP 02-22-93 WR-BBS version 1.00e: shareware bbs system.
WRCH22.ARJ 12-19-13 Roaches roam the desktop!
WRCH23.ZIP 03-14-94 WINROACH VERSION 2.3 Entertaining Windows program that adds pesky
roaches to your Windows desktop. These roaches hide under your windows
wonder about your desktop and run for cover when they get exposed.
WRCMDL13.ZIP 01-07-95 Winsock Rcmd.Dll Provides A Windows Sockets Compatible Routine Similar
to the Unix "Rcmd" Library Function That Allows You to Execute Commands
on A Remote Host (I.E. Unix) Over Tcp/Ip From Within Your Program
WRCMDL15.ZIP 03-02-95 Winsock RCMD.DLL provides a Windows Sockets compatible routine similar
to the Unix "rcmd" library function that allows you to execute commands
on a remote host (i.e. Unix) over TCP/IP from within your program and
retrive any output of the com
WRCNVT10.ZIP 10-14-94 WinRamp Dialing Directory Conversion Utility Version 1.0 Converts
existing "Phone Books" to WinRamp Lite format: o ASCII Comma Delimited
o Terminate 1.x o Rob's List 4.x o QmodemPro for DOS o Telix 3.x for
DOS o QmodemTD 4.x for DOS o Telemat
WRCNWS1.ZIP 04-04-92 Whiskey Rebellion Camp News #1
WRCP091.ZIP 01-09-95 Rcp Client V1.1 for Windows Sockets D42.
WRCPDL14.ZIP 01-17-95 Winsock Rcp.Dll Provides A Windows Sockets Compatible Routine That
Allows You to Copy Files to and From Remote Hosts (I.E. Unix) or
Between Two Remote Hosts Over Tcp/Ip From Within Your Program. It can
Do Recursive Copies
WRCPDL15.ZIP 03-02-95 Winsock RCP.DLL provides a Windows Sockets compatible routine that
allows you to copy files to and from remote hosts (i.e. Unix) or
between two remote hosts over TCP/IP from within your program. It can
do recursive copies text file conversio
WRCPRS14.ZIP 01-17-95 Winsock Rcp/Rsh Are Windows Sockets Versions of the Rcp and Rsh
Commands Commonly Found on Unix Systems. Rcp Copies Files Between the
Pc and A Remote Host ( Unix) or Between Two Remote Hosts. It can Do
Recursive Copies
WRCPRS15.ZIP 03-02-95 Winsock RCP/RSH are Windows Sockets versions of the RCP and RSH
commands commonly found on Unix systems. RCP copies files between the
PC and a remote host (i.e. Unix) or between two remote hosts. It can
do recursive copies and text file con
WRCR22.ZIP 11-30-07 WRITER'S CRAMP V2.2 Simple word processor with many of the
features found in the major word processors. Letters are stored in a
database, multiple letter databases can be created, one for each member
of the family, and password protected. Needs VBRUN300.DLL.
WRCRAMP.ZIP 05-01-94 Win_word Writer's Cramp Word Processor, Keeps Database of Letters/Files
WRDALIVE.ZIP 04-18-93 Three State of the Art Games That Grab Your Child's Attention With
Colorful, Fully Animated Pictures, Tunes and Speech From Internal Pc
WRDCAMO.ZIP 08-03-94 Word Camouflage Creates "Word Search" Puzzles That can be Printed Out.
This Demo Version is (Not Fully) Functional.
WRDDDE.ZIP 10-14-92 Information on Dde With Word for Windows. (Newest File Date: 10-14-92)
WRDDEM20.ZIP 02-20-97 Ad-educ Word Demons V2.0 - Win This Multiple-choice Program Helps
Students Master Commonly Confused and Misused Words
WRDFAC11.ZIP 06-08-96 A Program Similar to Ms Notep Context-sensitive Help, Manual, Search
and Sub-listing Capabilities. 94039-0235
WRDGRB10.ZIP 04-07-95 Wrdgrb V1.0 - No More Typing Words You See on the DOS Screen! With
Wrdgrb Installed, You Simply Press the Hot-key Sequence, Highlight Text
With Your Mouse, and Left Click to Copy it to the Command Line (Or
WRDGRB11.ZIP 08-13-95 Wrdgrb V1.1: 23k Tsr That Copies Words From DOS Screen to Cmd Line;
Connects A Filename to Its Extension When Both Are Highlighted in A Dir
Listing; 08/13/95; David M. Wincelberg.
WRDGRB12.ZIP 12-05-95 Wrdgrb V1.2 - No More Typing Words You See on the DOS Screen! With
Wrdgrb Installed, You Simply Press the Selectable Hot-key Sequence
Highlight Text With Your Mouse, and Left Click to Copy it to the
Command Line
WRDGRB14.ZIP 06-28-96 Wrdgrb V1.4 - Wordgrab is A 23k Memoryresident Program for Quickly
Copying Text From the DOS Screen to the Command Line Using A Mouse.
After Displaying A Directory List, You can Paste A Filename to the
Command Line
WRDHNT20.ZIP 03-24-94 Word Hunter 2.0. Windows Game That Allows You to Create, Play, Print,
and Randomly Generate Word Search Puzzles. Reevesoft.
WRDINFO.ZIP 01-27-94 WordInfo is a Word for Windows 6.0 add-in which contains tools designed
to give you an alternate interface for customizing menus and toolbars,
as well as providing information on current assignments; 01/27/94;
Gerald Henson. (Newest File Date: 01-27-94)
WRDLSTS1.ZIP 06-21-94 Additional Word Lists for Hangman10.Zip Hangman Game for Os/2.
WRDMACRO.ZIP 04-08-93 Tssprintall 1.0 - Free Winword Macro Print All Open Documents With One
Command! Assign to Toolbar Icon or Menu Entry. From Total System
Solutions, Makers of the Award Winning Fileware & Docupower Macro
Collection (Newest File Date: 04-08-93)
WRDNWS1.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 1
WRDNWS2.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 2
WRDNWS3.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 3
WRDNWS4.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 4
WRDNWS5.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 5
WRDNWS6.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 6
WRDNWS7.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 7
WRDNWS8.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 8
WRDNWS9.ZIP 09-16-94 Weird News - Volume 9
WRDPIC10.ZIP 03-27-95 Words and Pictures V1.0 Microsoft Windows Based Image Management System
That Creates A Windows Screen Saver Based on Images You Add to the
System. Your Own Pictures Become Your Windows Screen Saver!
WRDPLY16.ARJ 12-19-13 Make small words from larger ones, theoriginal! Multi/node, multi/bbs
at any baudrate.
WRDPLY23.ZIP 03-29-93 Ver 2.3 WordPlay, where your callers will try to create sm
WRDPRB22.ZIP 02-12-97 Math Assault I: Word Problems V2.20 - DOS Talking Multimedia Math
Arcade Game for Grade Levels 2-7. Add, Subtract, Mult, Divide, Decimals
Geometry. Graphic Solutions. 240 Word Problems
WRDR05.ZIP 09-16-93 Directory Changer v0.5A: Word for Windows macro that facilitates easy
dir changing; req VBRUN300.DLL; 09/16/93; Gibson B. Kennedy. (Newest
File Date: 09-16-93)
WRDR06C.ZIP 01-21-94 DirChanger v0.6C: Word for Windows 6.x dir changer macro; assign 8 dirs
for global use plus 8 more which are template-specific; remembers last
directory for easy "Go Back", change open, change save as, hot buttons
and more; 01/21/94; Gibson B. Kennedy. (Newest File Date: 01-21-94)
WRDSCH.ZIP 06-06-93 Word Search Door v2.2; Best Word Search Door around!
WRDSMTH1.ZIP 11-03-96 Wordsmith 1.0 Add-in That Makes Microsoft Word Easy to Use
WRDTREAS.ZIP 11-07-93 Word Treasure for Windows - You've seen those books on building a
better vocabulary; if you've ever tried them you'd know how difficult
they are. Word Treasure has 500 college level words, each one with its
pronunciation, definition, and usage. There's no guessing! Sticking
with the program is easy. Set the pop up timer. Have Word Treasure quiz
you with a hangman game. Don't worry about installation. Run setup.exe
and press for help when you are done. Requires 286, 1M RAM, Win 3
.X. Contains Win & DOS vr., setup, help, and 16 month library. Uploaded
by Author to ExecNet. Sine qua non, caveat, acumen, bailiwick,
egregious, (Newest File Date: 09-08-93)
WRDWAR10.ZIP 01-15-95 Word War Door Game V1.0 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection. The Object
of Word War is to Create As Many Words As You can From 15 Randomly
Chosen Letters. Dictionary is Included! Makeup Games Missed During the
WRDWAR12.ZIP 03-04-95 Word War - Door Game V1.2 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
WRDWAR13.ZIP 06-08-95 Word War - Door Game V1.3 . * Part of the Sunrise Door Collection the
Object of Word War is to Create As Many Words As You can From 15
Randomly Chosen Letters. Dictionary is Included! Now With Internal
WRDWAR15.ZIP 09-16-95 Word War - Door Game V1.5 . Part of the Sunrise Door Collection the
Object of Word War is to Create As Many Words As You can From 15
Randomly Chosen Letters. Dictionary is Included! Now With Internal
Message Base! Makeup
WRDWAR17.ZIP 06-11-96 Word War V1.7 -door- by Sunrise Door Software
WRDWAR18.ZIP 01-15-97 Word War Door Game V1.8 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection. The Object
of Word War is To Create As Many Words As You can From 15 Randomly
Chosen Letters. Dictionary Is Included! Now With Internal Message Base
WRECK.ZIP 03-17-91 Article about packet radio use during a train wrec
WRECKER.ZIP 01-26-94 The Wrecker by Robert Louis Stevenson, Written in Collaboration With
Lloyd Osbourne. This Text is in the Public Domain, From Internet
Wiretap Jan 1994.
WRECKS.ZIP 11-24-88 Locations Of Lake Superior Shipwrecks
WREELM.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : Reel Magic Resolution for Mpeg
WREMMM.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : How to Remove Mmpm/2
WREMND12.ZIP 05-05-92 This is a slick Windows personal scheduling program. It lets you enter
date, time, category, and type of appointments. Multiple entries can
be added to create to-do lists.
WRESTLE.ARJ 12-19-13 Two Text Files on Professional Wrestling. One Has The Real Names And
Ages of Most Wwf And Wcw
WRF5.ZIP 06-15-96 World Rally Fever - Demo Team 17
WRID110A.ZIP 01-22-94 WIN3:WaveRider QWK/BlueWave offline reader 1/2
WRID110B.ZIP 01-02-94 WIN3:WaveRider QWK/BlueWave offline reader 2/2
WRID110U.ZIP 01-23-94 WaveRider v1.01 to v1.10 update files only
WRIPD103.ZIP 01-02-94 WinRIP Lite V1.03 Demonstration Package - Rel (Newest File Date:
WRIPDM05.ZIP 07-11-93 WinRIP "Sneak Preview" Demonstration Version (Newest File Date:
WRIPDM12.ZIP 08-25-93 WinRIP Lite - Version 1.0. Demonstration Software.
WRIPDM13.ZIP 08-30-93 WinRIP Lite V1.00 Demonstration Package
WRISIT31.ZIP 01-10-94 Where-is-it? Fast File Finder/Manipulator Version 3.1 Changed -cd and
-c1 Options. Use Multiple Filespecs. Search Via Path, All Hard Drives,
Directories, Etc. Search for Compressed File Formats. Delete Found
WRISIT32.ZIP 01-18-94 WHERE-IS-IT? Fast File Finder/Manipulator Version 3.2 Changed -CD and
-C1 options again! Use multiple filespecs. Search via path, all hard
drives, directories, etc. Search for compressed file formats. Delete
found files. Change dirs, etc. Super fast! Registration $15.00
WRISIT36.ZIP 01-08-95 Where-is-it? Fast File Finder/Manipulator Version 3.6 Find [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN
Dirs, Path, all Drives, Etc. Delete Found Files. Change to Directories.
Added File Wiping Switch /W. Must use With /D Delete Files Switch.
WRITE.LZH 01-06-14 Customize IBM Writing Assistant
WRITE2.ZIP 11-23-91 WRITE 2.0 Control positioning/color of text
WRITEB.ZIP 05-17-93 Os/2 Form Letter - New Addresses, Letters +
WRITEBKS.ZIP 02-01-94 THE BEST BOOKS FOR WRITERS! Are you a professional writer, or do you
want to develop a second career, earn part-time income, or just write a
great book or screenplay? Then this is a must download! This catalogue
of some of the finest books on writing and the writer's craft will be
invaluable to you! Learn or sharpen every skill you need to write
successfully and profitably. Everything you need to know to become a
skilful, versatile and well-rounded author! We ship orders world-wide.
(Newest File Date: 02-01-94)
WRITEJAM.ZIP 12-20-93 The Write-to-jam C Function. Includes Jam Library for Msc & Borland C
WRITEL.ZIP 03-21-94 Windows Logging Program: Updated Drivers.
WRITER2.ZIP 05-16-94 Writer's Resource Guide: Includes List of Periodicals Who Accept
Electronic Submissions, Guidelines, Etc. From the Internet. May 1994.
Last Revision Date in Archive: 05-16-94.
WRITING.ARJ 12-19-13 FAQ from the Internet Fiction writers -- how to market, prepare your
WRITING.ZIP 05-21-95 Rev. Lowell's Treasury of Humor 1.1 for Windows
WRITINGH.ZIP 09-17-94 Information of use to Writers Compiled in W Includes Faqs From Usenet
Misc.Writing Newg.
WRITIT20.ZIP 03-07-94 WRITEIT V2.00 - A Text Editor/Word Processor for new users. Ultra-easy
to use with pull down menus, mouse support and quick keys on view at
all times. Includes a DataBase for Names & Addresses, Word wrap, Date
and Time insert, Cut and Paste plus lots more. Name and Address and
current date can be inserted into a letter with the press of a key. Run
from floppy or hard disk. Online help and support for dot matrix and
laser printers. Registration A$30 or US$26 incl shipping.
WRKBK100.LZH 01-06-14 Graphics, music and spelling
WRKSFT15.ZIP 08-28-92 WIN3.x: Highly graphical, multiple desktop mgr
WRK_DOC.ZIP 02-24-92 Windows Resource Kit - Part #3
WRL12.ZIP 07-30-95 Windows Recipe Library Series # 1 - Windows Recipe Library Provides A
Quick Easy Way of Accessing A Very Large Collection of Recipes From
Around the World. Divided Into Series by Nationality or Interest
WRLD08D1.ZIP 07-25-95 Realtime Virtual Reality Access Via the Inter Win 95.