Name Date Description
WORLDTIM.ARJ 12-19-13 The Windows Clock For Any Time Zone
WORLDTM.ZIP 09-07-87 Time around the world
WORLDUN5.ZIP 08-16-93 A Windows global time program that displays a colorful map of the world
and tells the date and time for any particular time zone relativ to
your "home" time zone. Great educational tool for teaching Time Zone
relationships. Major cities, with current date/time, are scrolled in a
Ticker Time Bar, updated every minute and may be toggled On/Off.
On-Line Hel for countries on Daylight Savings Time, Odd-Hour, and
Special Exceptions. (Newest File Date: 08-16-93)
WORM.LZH 01-06-14 worms rome the desktop - for windows 3
WORM.ZIP 06-11-90 Internet worm source code
WORMWAR.LZH 01-06-14 Centipede-like game for Window 3.0
WORST.ZIP 07-29-92 WORST: Searches all the files and subdir- ectories on your disk to find
the oldest, newest, largest, and smallest files. Handy for removing
ancient and zero-byte files, finding what's just been modified, or
those files that are taking up lots
WOSN1.ZIP 08-26-92 Windows NT Online Support News (WOSN) - 8/26
WOSN2.ZIP 08-29-92 Windows NT Online Support News (WOSN) - 8/29
WOT18_WB.ZIP 11-16-96 World of Tears 1.8beta BBS Door Strategy Game. Conquer all 90 Countries
The Best Special Effects Ever Made in A Door! Battle Demons, Cast
Spells on Players and Countries, Own Countries, Townships, Castles.
WOT19_WB.ZIP 09-03-96 World of Tears 1.9beta BBS Door Strategy Game. Conquer all 90 Countries
The Best Special Effects Ever Made in A Door! Battle Demons, Cast
Spells on Players and Countries Own Countries, Townships, Castles.
WOTD14.ZIP 04-25-93 On This Day Version 1.4 A program and collection
of databases to answer the question "What Happened On This Day In
History?" Dates in 4 different calendars, "day of the week"
calculations, Phases of the moon, solstices, and equinoxes are
supported. Among other benefits, registered users are provided with a
HUGE collection of data.
WOTD15.ZIP 04-25-93 On This Day for Windows Version 1.5 a Program and Collection of
Databases to Answer the Question "What Happened on This Day in History
?" Dates in 4 Different Calendars, "Day of the Week" Calculations
WOTD_18.ZIP 03-04-94 on This Day for Windows V1.8 Daily Events Database
WOTD_20.ZIP 12-29-13 ON THIS DAY FOR WINDOWS V2.0 What famous birthdays, events,
holidays, etc happened on this day in history? Supports different
calendars (Hebrew, Islamic, Julian, Gregorian) and calculates Easter so
movable holidays are correctly displayed each year. Astronom. events
WOTOP4.ZIP 01-26-94 Win On Top - lets you select a window/app to always remain on top in
Windows. It also displays time, date and system resources. (Newest File
Date: 01-11-94)
WOTOP41.ZIP 08-17-94 Win Ontop 4.1 Allows You to Make Any Window As "Always Ontop" Like the
Windows Calculator, Notepad, Write or the Clipboard Even If it Wasn't
Programmed That Way. Also Displays the Time, Date & Free Memory &
WOTRACK.ZIP 08-31-95 Work Orderemployeecustomer Tracking Pr.
WOTW10.ZIP 09-02-95 War of the Words V1.0-multi-bbs Door Program An Entertaining, Yet Mind
Stimulating Word Game. Luck Alone Won't Cut it in This Game As Players
Are Challenged to Try and Fill Their Scorecard Before Time Runs Out.
Features 12
WOTW11.ZIP 10-01-95 G_online War of the Words V1.1-multi-bbs Door Program
WOTW12.ZIP 01-01-96 War of the Words V1.2-multi-bbs Door Program an Entertaining, Yet Mind
Stimulating Word Game. Luck Alone Won't Cut it in This Game As Players
Are Challenged to Try and Fill Their Scorecard Before Time Runs Out.
WOTW16.ZIP 07-01-96 War of the Words V1.6-multi-bbs Door Program an Entertaining, Yet Mind
Stimulating Word Game. Luck Alone Won't Cut it in This Game As Players
Are Challenged to Try and Fill Their Scorecard Before Time Runs Out.
WOTW17.ZIP 08-16-96 War of the Words V1.7-multi-bbs Door Program an Entertaining, Yet Mind
Stimulating Word Game. Luck Alone Won't Cut it in This Game As Players
Are Challenged to Try and Fill Their Scorecard Before Time Runs Out.
WOTW18.ZIP 09-22-96 War of the Words V1.8 Multi-bbs Door Program an Entertaining, Yet Mind
Stimulating Word Game. Luck Alone Won't Cut it in This Game As Players
Are Challenged to Try and Fill Their Scorecard Before Time Runs Out.
WOUT10.ZIP 06-07-93 Waititout V1.0: This Command Line Utility is Designed to Accomplish
Several Small, But Needed Tasks. it is Capable of Waiting a Specified
Number of Minutes, Waiting Until a Specified File Exists (With Optional
WOUT11.ARJ 12-19-13 WinOutline 1.1 - Windows 3 Outline Editor, with features to create/edit
Outlines easily.
WOW100P.ZIP 10-18-91 WOW Graphics routine for Turbo Pascal 6.0
WOW1_1.ZIP 01-01-97 Wages of War 11
WOW211.ZIP 09-25-95 Lord Weapons of War V2.11 Igm for Lord 3.26+
WOWII100.ARJ 12-19-13 WOW II. SB/SB Pro MOD Player. Works in OS/2 2.0!! WOW!!!!
WOWII131.ZIP 12-21-13 Lastest version of WowII MOD file Player. Version 1.31.
WOWII23B.ZIP 03-08-94 Wow II 2.3: Module Player. Supports Gravis Ultrasound/Sb Compatible
Sound Cards. Req: 256-color Vga.
WOWRIPS.ZIP 10-11-93 RIP Graphics Screens and prompts used on the Window on Windows BBS.
Screens and prompts created using Tombstone Art RIP Graphics Program.
WOWSPILL.ZIP 09-09-93 WOWSpill v1.0 - Windows arcade/strategy game where you
race against the clock and water flow to connect random pieces of pipe
from the water faucet to the drain. If the water reaches the end of the
pipe before you connect it to the drain, a spill occurs. Extra points
are awarded for using bonus pieces and creating intersections. Three
board sizes, each with it's own high score board. Shareware, $15.00
registration. (Newest File Date: 09-09-93)
WOWSPL.ZIP 09-09-93 WOWSPILL 1.0 Windows 3.1 arcade/strategy game. Player places
random pieces of pipe together to connect the drain to the faucet
before the water spills from the pipe. Three board sizes, each with
it's own high score board. Shareware, ASP Author.
WOW_.ZIP 08-15-94 This is the Chilling Finale to the Shores of Hell, But With A Few Extra
WOW_201S.ARJ 12-19-13 WOW .mod player that plays files thru your IBM speaker or Sound Blaster
cards. Great graphics
WP-FT1A.ZIP 12-11-91 Word Perfect for Windows Macro to Places Path and file name in Footer
at bottom of page.
WP-PG11.ZIP 01-02-92 Word Perfect for Windows Macro to Places Page # of XX at bottom Center
of the page.
WP.ZIP 07-09-97 Win Patch - Programmer's Tool for Applying Patches to Programs Without
Having to Redistribute the Entire Program
WP0584.ZIP 04-09-93 Microsoft Application Note for Project for WINDOWS Containing Printing
Questions and Answers. Microsoft Corp. (Newest File Date: 04-09-93)
WP103.ZIP 05-18-93 Wild Pitch! V103 - Baseball Simulation That Allows You to Test Your
Skills As a Big League Skipper Select Lineups, Pitchers, Steal Bases,
Bunt, Hit and Run, Etc View Tons of Stats Any Time! Expanded Boxscore
WP1610.ZIP 09-05-96 Sends Commands to Web Pages or Other Windows
WP21INF.ZIP 07-13-93 Os/2 2.1 Enhancements and Performance Improvements Over Os/2 2.0.
WP25DEMO.ZIP 01-18-94 Word Perfect 5.2 Demo for WINDOWS. (Newest File Date: 05-31-93)
WP30.ZIP 03-01-93 WinPhone v3.0; Windows Dialer. Req. VBRUN200.DLL (not incl
WP32V2_1.ZIP 08-06-97 World's First Real Time Mpeg Layer 3 Audio Player for Windows
WP3FRE20.ZIP 04-22-95 Wordperfect Calc, Edit and Multibuf 2.0 Wordperfect 5.1 Calculator Now
Lets You Move the Calculator Box (Even From Page to Page) to See all
the Numbers to Add. The Edit Macro is Now Recursive So That You can
Change Bold
WP4PS10T.ZIP 07-31-97 Ulead Web Plugins for PhotoShop v1.0
WP50ART1.LZH 01-06-14 Nature graphics for WordPerfect 5.0
WP51.ARJ 12-19-13 NOS 4.0 patch to fix problems with WP 5.1 on LANtastic network systems.
WP51BUSS.ZIP 02-12-91 From the book WordPerfect in Business
WP51MAC1.LZH 01-06-14 WordPerfect 5.1 Macros
WP51MAC3.LZH 01-06-14 Wordperfect v5.1 macro and keyboards v3.00 .
WP51TPOP.ARJ 12-19-13 Resident WordPerfect 5.1 Templates
WP52NEWS.ZIP 11-19-92 Information about Word Perfect for Windows Version 5.2
WP5TIPS1.ARJ 12-19-13 Tips for productivity improvement when using WordPerfect 5.1 (4-25-92)
1 of 2.
WP5TIPS2.ARJ 12-19-13 Tips for productivity improvement when using WordPerfect 5.1 (4-25-92)
2 of 2.
WP60DM08.ZIP 11-16-93 Word Perfect V6.0 Citizen Printer Drivers & Ibm 5183.
WP60DTXT.ZIP 06-02-94 All of the Wp60dos Troubleshooting Guides and Enhancement Documentation
From Wordperfect's Ftp Site.
WP60MINI.ZIP 08-25-93 Word Perfect V6.0 Mini Manual by E. Jones
WP693.ZIP 05-13-93 Collection of Mostly Wp5.1 Macros, Borders, Etc
WP6ALTZ.ZIP 07-09-93 Word Perfect V6.0 Macro Takes You to Online Macro Help Index, One
Strike for A-l, Double Strike to M-x.
WP6BRAND.ZIP 02-10-94 WordPerfect 6(Dos) Macro to Brand Document with path,name,date,page
,initials. (Newest File Date: 02-10-94)
WP6COA.ZIP 11-23-93 Wdn_wpm Stripped (Readable) Coaches Macros From Wpwin6.0, Coach
Documentation, and Token Handler .Dll.
WP6MACMN.ZIP 07-14-93 Wp V60 Macro Concepts.
WP6SYSV.ZIP 07-14-93 Wp V60 System Variable Documentation.
WP6WIN.ZIP 06-02-94 Text File of Common Trouble Calls and Solutions for Wordperfect 6.0a
From Wordperfect Tech Support.
WP6_FAX.ZIP 11-29-94 Word Perfect 6.0 DOS New Fax Drivers for Wp 6 Dos.
WP8514A.ZIP 10-02-91 WP/DraWPerf/planperf Video Driver For 8514/A
WP960914.ZIP 10-05-96 14.09.96 "Warp 10" - Star Trek News & John De Lancie Chat Transcript
(Ed.: Ruben Macias)
WPACK32.ZIP 08-15-95 Multi Format Win95/Nt Archiver/Unarchiver.
WPACK32D.EXE 03-24-80 WinPack 32 Deluxe - great software to manipulate Zips, Gzip, Uuencode,
Binhex, Tar, ARJ.
WPACKD.ZIP 07-17-95 Winpack V1.0: Ms-windows ZIP Utility Designed to Eliminate the Need to
Shell Out to DOS Equivalents; 07/17/95; Ashsoft.
WPAD101.ARJ 12-19-13 WizPad v1.01 BBS Note Pad
WPART3.ARJ 12-19-13 Word-Part v3 teaches word root, 600 parts 2,400 related words with
WPAT.ZIP 12-31-89 Info on Wright-Pat AFB
WPB12.ZIP 08-01-93 The Wordperfect Braille and Speech Interface Keyboard V1.2. Designed
for Visually Impaired Users of Computers. Either Speech or Braille
Access Technology Should be Used With This Software.
WPBET10.ZIP 02-01-95 Wpbetsy V1.0 - Excellent Betsy Ross/Calculation Solitairre On-line Game
Two Games in One! Uses Almost Any Dropfile Format. A Must See for Any
WPBIF091.ZIP 01-04-96 Fwutils Simple Wps Version of Unix Biff V0.91 With Source
WPBJ200.ZIP 07-01-93 Wp 5.1 Printer Drivers for the Canon Bubble Jet Bj-200.
WPBKLT21.ZIP 05-29-93 Wp Booklet System 21 a Macro Package for Wordperfect 51 (Dos) Wp
Booklet Simplifies the Process of Producing Booklets With Wp the
Process From Start to Finish is Fully Automated
WPBORDER.ZIP 08-15-92 WPWin Macro to do borders
WPBRO630.ZIP 01-11-95 Wordperfect Printer Driver for Brother 630. Includes Drivers for Ver 6
.0 and 5.1.
WPBSFIKB.ZIP 07-10-93 Wordperfect 6.0 Keyboard File (V1.02) for Those Who Use Braille and
Speech to Access the Computer. Jeff Bishop.
WPBUTBAR.ZIP 02-22-92 WPWin Macro to change the button bar
WPC5032.ZIP 09-23-96 The Web Page Creator V5.0 is A Nifty Win 95/ Nt Html App That "Helps"
in the Creation of Pages for the World Wide Web.
WPCALNDR.ZIP 12-19-92 WPWin Macro to make calendars
WPCBFLR8.ZIP 02-15-93 Paul Beda's Windows PCB File Manager 0.8 Beta release of a
WPCGPF.ZIP 03-19-94 WPCGPF.ZIP Two files on GPF (General Protection Faults) in WordPerfect
6.0 and Presentations 2.0 for Windows (Newest File Date: 03-04-94)
WPCLP001.ZIP 02-11-92 Wp 5.1 clip art.
WPCLS121.ZIP 02-04-95 Os2 Three Wps Replacement Classes for Os/2 W.
WPCLS131.ZIP 03-28-95 Wpclsext Ver 1.30 - Three Wps Replacement Classes for Os/2 Warp by Yong
Duk Lee.
WPCLS133.ZIP 05-06-95 Wpclsext Shareware Version 1.33 Os/2 Warp Wps Replacement Classes Which
Add Following Functions to Wps. 1. Folder's Details View Will Display
Info About Free Space, Size of Selected Objects (Files), Etc. 2.
WPCLS135.ZIP 08-24-95 Wpclsext V1.32: 3 Wps Replacement Classes for Os/2 Warp Containing
Wpfldext for Wpfolder Wpdskext for Wpdisk and Wpfsext for Wpfilesystem;
Displays Drive Letter, Free Space on the Drive, Size of Selected Files,
& # of
WPCLS136.ZIP 09-22-95 Fwsysutl Wpclsext Shareware Version 1.36. Os/2 Warp Wps Replacement
Classes Which Add Following Functions to Wps.1. Folder's Details View
Will Display Info About Free Space, Size of Selected Objects Etc.
WPCMPQ.ZIP 09-13-93 WP 6.0 Sound Drvr: Compaq Business Audio. (Newest File Date: 09-13-93)
WPCORPB.ZIP 04-06-93 Data Perfect3 Application That Contains Phone Numbers for Support,
Orders, and Other Wpcorp Departments ( )
WPCRACK.ARJ 12-19-13 Retrieve forgotten passwords from WP 5.0/5.1 files.
WPCRACK.ZIP 10-13-91 Wordperfect password finder
WPCTRACE.ZIP 10-23-95 Pc-trace for Windows. Cad System for Creating Electronic Schematics and
Printed Circuit Board Layouts
WPD.ARJ 12-19-13 The WpData & Document Manager Database
WPDOGS17.ZIP 02-28-95 Wpdogs V1.7 - Excellent On-line Dog Racing Simulation. Color Graphics
Let You Watch the Dogs Run Around the Track. Has all the Betting
Options of the Real Dog Races. A Must See for Any Bbs/Sysop.
WPDRS.ZIP 01-18-91 Update of the WPWin DRS file
WPDSC093.ZIP 11-06-95 V0.93)wpsdscr-description Wps Classes This Package Includes the
Replacements for Data File and Folder Wps Classes Adding the
'Description' Column in Folder's Details View Using Files.Bbs File or
4dos's Description.
WPE06.ARJ 12-19-13 Programmers Text Editor For Windows
WPFA10.ZIP 08-31-96 Wallpaer Fantasy Volume 1 After Creating Wallpapers for Several Years,
These Are My Favorites So Far. Patterns and Colors Include Understated
Elegance, Bright and Dazzling and Everything in Between.
WPFAQ001.ZIP 04-29-95 Faq's About Warp and Tcp/Ip.
WPFLD18.ZIP 12-28-93 Replacement Wps Class for Wpfolder to Givechild Folder Option to Close
Parent on Open.
WPFORMAT.ZIP 09-03-92 WPWin Macro to do auto formating
WPGMPR.ZIP 07-13-94 Pretty Pritner With Intelliprint Support (Able to Print Only Changed
Files). Context/Syntax Highlighting, Level Numbers, Multi-line
Headers/Footers and Much More.
WPGP140.ZIP 09-15-95 Wpgp is A Windows/Pgp Integration Tool That Will Extract Text From A
Window, Process it Through Pgp, and Place the Result Back in the Window
Fully Functional 30 Day Evaluation. Needs Pkzip 2.04e+ Shareware $35.
WPGPW40.ZIP 06-01-95 PGP(tm) uses public-key encryption to protect E-mail and data files.
Communicate securely with people you've never met, with no secure
channels needed for prior exchange of keys. PGP is well featured and
fast, with sophisti- cated key management.
WPGP_102.ZIP 07-14-95 Wpgp Release 1.02 (Zip 2.04ewpgp is A Windows/Pgp Integration Tool That
Will Extract Text From A Window, Process it Through Pgp, and Place the
Result Back in the Window. Fully Functional 14 Day Evaluation.
Shareware $35.
WPH100.ZIP 04-02-95 Wall Paper Hanger V1.0 is A Windows Shareware Program That Makes it
Easy to Change Preview, and Apply Wall Paper. It's Very Small, Very
Fast, and Extremely Easy to Use. It's A Must for Any Windows User!
WPHD.LZH 01-06-14 Write protects your hard disk
WPHN21.ZIP 01-30-93 WinPhone v2.1
WPHONE30.ZIP 05-30-96 Wphone30.Zip Winphone 3.0 for Win31 & Win95 Oddera Winphone is A
Complete Address Book Import-exp. Lotus, Excel Auto Search Modem
Support Multi Users to Do List Alarms Merge & Synchro International
Calls Multi Files
WPHTMLB.ZIP 06-11-95 Internet Publisher for Wordperfect. You Must Download Both Wphtmla.Zip
and Wphtmlb.Zip to all of the Files. Create A Temp Directory and Un-zip
the [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto the Directory. Run Setup From Here. You Must Have Wpwin
WPIM.ZIP 12-29-13 AMF Daily Planner & PIM v3.0 LONG DESCRIPTION: This PIM is
perhaps the easiest one you will ever use. A full drag and drop
interface is included with a perpetual calendar & planner to the year
9000. Store up to 21,000 entries in the Rolodex Style Phonebook. Dial,
Fax Documents, Create business letters, schedule appointments, Edit,
save, & print text files, Create beautiful reports of all. fits FiloFax
Create envelopes and
WPIM3.ZIP 02-05-95 Amf Daily Planner & Personal Information Manager for Windows. The
Easiest Pim You Will Ever Use. Full Drag and Drop Interface With
Perpetual Calendar & Planner. Store Up to 21,000 Entries in the Rolodex
Style Phonebook.
WPIM40.ZIP 04-06-95 Amf Daily Planner & Personal Information Manager V4.0 for Windows
WPIM50.ZIP 08-17-95 2-window Amf Daily Planner & Personal Information Manager V5.0 for
WPING.ZIP 01-14-97 W32_int Winping 1.0. Ping Application With A User Interface
WPJ1_3.ZIP 03-18-93 Windows Programmers Journal - Volume 1 Issue 3. Online Magazine in .Txt
or Hhlp Formats. (Newest File Date: 03-18-93)
WPJ1_5.ZIP 05-08-93 Volume 1, Number 5 of the Electronic Magazine. Several Articles of
Interest to the Beginner and Experienced Windows Programmer.
WPJ1_6.ZIP 06-12-93 Windows Programmers Journal Vol 1 Issue 6.
WPJV1N2.ZIP 02-01-93 Windows Programmer Journal Vol 1 No. 2 Electronically Distributed
Newsletter Concerning Windows Programming. (Newest File Date: 02-01-93)
WPJV1N4.ZIP 04-04-93 Windows Programmers Journal - Volume 1 - No. 4
WPJV1N5.ZIP 05-08-93 Windows Programmers Journal - Volume 1 - No. 5
WPKFR251.ZIP 10-25-95 T Wordperfect 5.1 Freeware Macros V2.51 on A Keyboard for Easy Access.
These Macros Are Menu Driven, User Friendly and Heavily Commented for
Easy Changing. Developed for A 100 Attorney Law Firm.
WPKFRE23.ZIP 03-20-94 WordPerfect 5.1 FREEWARE macros v2.30 on a keyboard for easy access.
These macros are menu driven, user friendly and heavily commented for
easy chang- ing. Developed for a 100 attorney law firm. Good for small
and home offices More PC FREEWARE from Gabriel Fineman
WPKIDS.LZH 01-06-14 Very simple word processor for kids
WPL102.ARJ 12-19-13 Wavelet Packet Laboratory v1.02: Shows a new method of analyzing
frequencies within signals
WPLAY25.ZIP 10-02-93 Wave Player v2.5: A utility that plays sound files, changes wallpaper,
shells to DOS and gives system info. FREEWARE; 10/20/93; Firas El-Hasan
(Newest File Date: 10-02-93)
WPLAY27.ZIP 04-25-95 Ver 2.7 Wordplay, Where Your Callers Will Try to Create Small Words
From Larger Ones. Multi/Bbs/Node & Bauds to 115k. Fossil Driverdv Aware
Com-ports 0-15 Plus Much More. Get Utility to Add Many More Words
WPLEAR.ZIP 12-31-89 Info on Lear
WPLSP401.ZIP 09-05-91 Snappy Word Processor for AutoCAD Version
WPLUS11.ZIP 06-19-97 Wordpadplus V1.1 - W95 Enhancement for the Win95 Wordpad Program Adds A
Spell Checker to Wordpad's Tool Menu
WPM244.ARJ 12-19-13 FENIMORE's Word Perfect 5.1 Macro Suite v2.44.
WPM341.ZIP 07-06-93 Fenimore's Macro Suite Wordperfect Edit Tools.
WPMAC508.ZIP 09-07-89 KAPLAN'S MACROS FOR WP 5.0 V. 8 (9-89)
WPMAF.ZIP 02-25-94 WPM is a tester for words per minute for Word for Windows 6.0, for use
by typists and businesses; 02/25/94; Andrew M. Freeman. (Newest File
Date: 02-25-94)
WPMAY.ZIP 07-25-94 Wordperfect Disk of the Month Files for May, 1994.
WPMFORMS.ZIP 07-07-96 Novusr Extension Development Kit for Winpmail 2.0 and Higher
WPMFRE23.ZIP 03-20-94 WordPerfect 5.1 FREEWARE macros v2.30 for home or non-networked office
use. Menu driven, user friendly, and fully commented for easy changing.
From the complete office keyboard WPKFRE23.ZIP More PC FREEWARE from
WPMNDS10.ZIP 07-07-96 Novusr Winpmail Support for Nds
WPMRGR15.LZH 01-06-14 Compatible with most Word Processors
WPMRGR15.LZH 01-06-14 Compatible with most Word Processors
WPMSW.ZIP 06-01-93 WP 6.0 Sound Drvr: Microsoft Sound System. (Newest File Date: 06-01-93)
WPMV.ZIP 06-01-93 WP 6.0 Sound Drvr: Mediavision Spectrum. (Newest File Date: 06-01-93)
WPMV2.ZIP 06-01-93 WP 6.0 Sound Drvr: Mediavision Spectrum-Plus. (Newest File Date:
WPNETWIN.ZIP 06-24-92 WPWin Macro to get Network Mail import into WPWin
WPNTR.ZIP 09-17-94 Winpointer, Pc Mag Utility Lets You Draw on Screen With Mouse Pointer
WPOLI235.ZIP 05-28-96 Winpolis is A Nice Board Game Like Monopoly. You can Play it With Four
Players (Humans or Computers), can Buy or Sell Buninesses and Ruin the
Other Players. There Are A Lot of Funny Graphics, Many Additional Rules
WPOP3S1.ZIP 01-22-97 Wpop3server 1.0. Compliant With Rfc-1725
WPOST32.ZIP 09-26-92 WinPost 3.2a - Post It Notes for Windows
WPOST32B.ZIP 07-01-93 Electronic Post-it (tm) notes for MSWindows3.1
WPPAD.ZIP 01-20-96 Win Postpad 96 - Win95 Utility That Minimizes Itself to the System Tray
Next to the Clock in the Task Bar on Windows 95. The Right Mouse Allows
You to Add Sticky Notes, Save View, Edit and Paste in Any Other
WPPASS2.ZIP 06-25-91 A Wordperfect 5.x file encryptor/decryptor utility
WPPOKE26.ZIP 01-28-95 Wppoker V2.6 - Excellent Video Poker Machine On-line Game. Has Multiple
Styles of Poker Including Straight, Double Down, Second Chance, Jokers
Wild, Deuces Wild, and Deuces & Jokers Wild. A Must See for Any
WPPRG18.ZIP 12-28-93 Replacement Wpsclass for Wpprogram. Giveprogram Objects Option to
Open/Close Callingfolder.
WPR027.ZIP 10-24-95 Bfds Wpr V0.27 - A Recursive Directory Deleter. Features Include
Checking for Root Directory, Multiple Directory, Wipe Files, Making
Them Unrecoverable
WPRINT.ARJ 12-19-13 Single-click printing for Windows 3.1
WPRINT.ZIP 04-03-92 Single-click printing for Win31
WPRNDIR.ZIP 04-23-93 Print a directory listing from the Windows File Manager (Newest File
Date: 04-07-93)
WPROT2.ZOO 08-09-90 Protect hard disk against write attempts (asm)
WPROTE.ZIP 01-25-94 NavCIS for Windows, Compuserve Navigator, timed edition (30 Days) full
featured. (Newest File Date: 01-05-94)
WPRT1U.ZIP 06-02-94 Winprt V1.0. Select A Window or the Entire Desktop and Print it on Your
Printer With Just A Few Clicks of the Mouse.
WPRT20U.ZIP 11-07-95 I Winprt V2.0 Capture A Window or the Desktop and Either Print it or
Save it to A File. Great for Capturing Windows for Insertion Into
Documentation. You can Also Capture Window Menus in the Dropped State.
For Windows 31
WPSAV10.ZIP 11-29-95 I Wpsaver - A Pm Screen Saver Designed to be Light on You Processor,
Memory and Disk Space
WPSAV20.ZIP 05-13-96 Wpsaver: A Pm Screen Saver Featuring: 1 Small Memory and Disk
Requirements 2 - Full 32-bit Power 3 - Full Support for Mmpm/2 4
Digital Clock 5 - Password Protection 6 Extensibility 7 - Supports Drag
and Drop
WPSBK202.ZIP 10-04-93 Workplace Shell Backup Utility - 2.02
WPSBK203.ZIP 12-30-93 Workplace Shell Backup 2.03 for Os/2 Pmutility Backs Up Wps and .Ini
Files Forinstant Restores. -a Must-have Utility Foros/2 Users.
WPSBK205.ZIP 06-11-94 Fwutils V. 2.05 of the Workplace Shell Backup Utility.
WPSBK3.ARJ 12-19-13 v.3 of Workplace Shell backup program. Shareware, requires v2.0 with
updated kernel.
WPSBK301.ZIP 02-28-95 Latest Version of Wpsbackup Program. Allows the Backup of the Os/2
Workplace Shell to Disk, So It's Easy to Recover From Corrupted .Ini
Files And/Or Desktops. Indispensible for Heavily Customized (Read Every
WPSBK401.ZIP 06-24-95 Workplace Shell Backup Utility V4.01 for Os/2.
WPSCLEAN.ZIP 10-05-95 Wpsclean 1.0 Release October 5, 1995. Utility That Will Help Keep the
Os/2 System Free of Unwanted Workplace Shell Classes. Unlike Other
Utilities, This Program Works Without the User Having to Understand the
WPSCRE15.ZIP 12-31-95 Fwsysutl Wpscreate 1.5 Creates Objects on the Desktop.Description
WPSDSCR.ZIP 09-16-95 Wps Cls Providing Description Column in Folders Details View.
WPSEC101.ZIP 02-06-95 Os2 Workplace Security Version 1.1 for Os/2.