Name Date Description
WINSET1.ZIP 02-05-93 Winsetup(Tm) Windows Installation Util. Professional Setup.Exe
for Windows 3.X From Money Smith Systems Inc. Give Your Windows Program
a Professional Look in Minutes! Great for Authors and Distributors!
Avoid Support Calls! Support for Multi-Disk, Self-Extracting ARChives,
Your Own Program Manager Groups, and Doc Files. Custom Versions
Available With Your Own Logo. (Newest File Date: 02-05-93)
WINSET10.ZIP 07-15-92 This program makes a list of all of the files that Windows accesses
while running.
WINSH20.ZIP 07-13-92 WinShell v2.0 A WINDOWS DOS Shell program that reminds you that you are
still in WINDOWS, and will NOT let you run CHKDSK. I think I got most
of bugs out. Now it automatically strips all spaces out of internal
commands, and won't run CHKDISK even with the /SWITCHES. Written by:
Greenhills Software, Inc (c) 1992 All Rights Reserved
WINSH21.ARJ 12-19-13 WinShell, DOS shell for Windows
WINSH21.ZIP 07-16-92 A Safe Windows Shell
WINSHADE.ZIP 11-08-95 W Winshade V1.5.0 Allows You to Roll-up Windows Into Their Title Bar
WINSHARE.ZIP 05-21-92 Using Windows and the Share Command
WINSHARK.ARJ 12-19-13 WinShark Poker v1.0 for Windows - card game
WINSHL13.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows Command Shell v1.3: eases the task of loading a DOS Box to see
a subdirectory
WINSHT15.ZIP 08-17-93 WinShooter v1.5: MS-Windows game that plays horizontally like the
shooting gallery games at the local circus/carnival show; 08/17/93;
Albert C. Ashton. (Newest File Date: 08-17-93)
WINSIEGE.ZIP 07-15-93 Siege! for windows 1.1 (ASP) \- Use strategy to capture land. Play
computer players with artificial inteligence or a friend via modem or
network. Train computer characters and match them against each other.
The history of each player is kept on disk for instant reference.
Software Registration $20 (Newest File Date: 07-15-93)
WINSIG_.ZIP 09-01-95 Central Point Anti-virus Signature Update (9.
WINSIZE.ZIP 04-01-92 A note on how to maximize the amount of memory available t
WINSLIDE.ZIP 01-30-95 Sliyder is A Gif Graphic File Viewer For Windows. Excelent for Viewing
Gifs on A Cd Rom Drive. Sliyder Will Do A Slide Show With Adj. Delay
Time. This is Shareware But Sliyder is Not Disabled in Any Way.
WINSMILE.ZIP 03-16-94 WINSMILE version 1.02 This Windows 3.1 program helps build your
self-esteem by putting affirmations on your computer screen. (Newest
File Date: 03-16-94)
WINSNAP1.ZIP 07-01-93 Windows Screen Capture Utility.
WINSNC31.ZIP 08-24-93 WinSince v3.1: customizable MS-Windows file processing utility that
searches for files & performs definable actions on the list of files;
can run both DOS pgms & cmds as well as Windows programs; requires SVGA
(Newest File Date: 08-24-93)
WINSNC50.ZIP 03-04-94 WinSince, version 5.0. A Windows file manager which unlike most file
managers, it is list oriented; you search for files you are interested
in and build a list of those files. Once you have a file list, you can
perform any action you need on the list, including DOS commands, DOS
programs and Windows programs. (Newest File Date: 03-04-94)
WINSNP10.ZIP 03-27-94 Winsnoop 1.0 Captures Windows Desktop Info Across a Lan to a Database
WINSOCK.ZIP 08-25-92 WinSock - Does it really bench Windows?
WINSOCKS.ZIP 03-21-94 Winsock Calling Code From Ftp.Microsoft.Com
WINSOFT2.ZIP 04-26-94 Softerm Plus-comm/Term. Emulation for Windows. Version 3.0 Features A
Completely Redesigned 3d User Interface, Toolbars, Tcp/Ip Kernel With
Slip, Scripting, Multimedia Support, Auto- Dialer, File Transfer, and
WINSOFT3.ZIP 04-28-94 Softerm Plus-comm/Term. Emulation for Windows. Version 3.0 Features A
Completely Redesigned 3d User Interface, Toolbars, Tcp/Ip Kernel With
Slip, Scripting, Multimedia Support, Auto- Dialer, File Transfer, and
WINSOFT4.ZIP 04-28-94 Softerm Plus-comm/Term. Emulation for Windows. Version 3.0 Features A
Completely Redesigned 3d User Interface, Toolbars, Tcp/Ip Kernel With
Slip, Scripting, Multimedia Support, Auto- Dialer, File Transfer, and
WINSOFT5.ZIP 04-27-94 Softerm Plus-comm/Term. Emulation for Windows. Version 3.0 Features A
Completely Redesigned 3d User Interface, Toolbars, Tcp/Ip Kernel With
Slip, Scripting, Multimedia Support, Auto- Dialer, File Transfer, and
WINSOL12.ZIP 12-06-92 Solitaire Card Game for Windows - Ver 1.2. Object is to Get All the
Cards Lined Up From King Down Through Ace By Suit. (Newest File Date:
WINSONG.ZIP 11-07-93 A Ton of Songs/Sounds to Play in Windows
WINSORT.ZIP 11-10-94 Wincode: Multi-Purpose Encoder/Decoder for Windows(C). Wincode is a
program which converts 8-bit BINARY (EXE, COM,GIF, etc) files to 7-bit
ASCII (Text) files (and vice versa) through a process known as
bit-shifting. Wincode currently supports UU/XX and Base64 (MIME 1.0
conformant) coding.
WINSP05.ZIP 01-28-94 WinSpool v0.5: intelligent MS-Windows print spooler w/extensive online,
context sensitive help, locates & identifies print files, then sends
them to the appropriate printer; req VBRUN300.DLL; 01/28/94; JCI.
(Newest File Date: 01-28-94)
WINSP201.ZIP 02-22-92 WIN3: Spelling checker, works in any window
WINSP3.ZIP 12-12-94 Winspell 3.05 for Windows Checks Each Word As You Type. Works With Any
Windows App.
WINSPAWN.LZH 01-06-14 Spawn DOS session from Windows
WINSPD10.ARJ 12-19-13 WinSpeed tests system performance
WINSPD10.ZIP 01-14-92 Benchmark for Windows 3.x
WINSPDR.ZIP 07-25-93 Windows Spider Solitaire 93.06.20 by John Junod. A challenging
variation of solitaire for Windows. SHAREWARE: $5. (Newest File Date:
WINSPDS1.ZIP 04-17-95 Winspades V1.0 by Dax Prather. Winspades is A Windows Implementation of
A Popular Card Game Called Spades. Spades is Similar to Hearts Bridge
and Whist With One Noticable Difference; Spades Are Always Trump.
WINSPELL.ARJ 12-19-13 WinSpell - ultimate Windows Spelling Supervisor Check Your Spelling in
ANY Windows Application
WINSPLIT.ZIP 12-30-95 Windows Program to Split and Re-join Those Large Files You Download So
They Will Fit
WINSPOL.ZIP 01-25-94 WinSpool - is a 20-minute demo of a printer/plotter spooling utility
for Windows. Requires VBRUN300. (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
WINSPY10.ZIP 07-29-95 Winspy V1.0. Help Vb Programmers (And Other) to Get Classname of
Windows Applications.
WINSQL.ARJ 12-19-13 Quasar SQL For Windows v2.0 - database platform
WINSQL11.ARJ 12-19-13 Orion SQL For Windows v1.1 - sophisticated inter active relational
database management system.
WINSQL20.ZIP 10-26-91 Orion SQL for Windows
WINSR173.ZIP 07-26-92 Source for Winfract 17.3 fractal generator
WINSRC17.ARJ 12-19-13 FRACTINT v17.0 for Windows 3.0 fractal art generation and display. C
and ASM source code
WINSRCH.ZIP 02-07-95 Winsearch V2.1. Fast File Locator. Launch Found Files by Simply
Double-clicking. Delete, Copy, Rename or Edit the Files by Dragging and
Dropping Them to the Appropriate Action Button.
WINST10.ZIP 05-01-92 WinStart GOLD is a hard drive graphics interface system and should not
be run on a floppy only system. You must also have a VGA color card and
monitor installed to operate WinStart GOLD.
WINST20.ZIP 08-17-93 Programmer's Utility,v2.00,shareware - Front End for Installing
Programs Into Windows 3.1+
WINST210.ZIP 09-04-93 Programmer's Utility,v2.10,Shareware - Front end for installing
programs into Windows 3.1+ (Newest File Date: 09-04-93)
WINSTAC.ZIP 04-05-92 Problems with Windows and Stacker
WINSTART.ZIP 12-04-91 A starter for Windows, Requires Enhanced Mode
WINSTATS.ZIP 03-19-95 Turbostats for Windows. Baseball Stats Program.
WINSTICK.ZIP 05-30-92 Winstick is a Windows 3.X Based Stock Tracking System. Shareware, Can
Only Track Stocks Worth $5.00 and Below. Besides That it is Fully
Functional. (Newest File Date: 05-30-92)
WINSTK20.ZIP 10-05-92 Stock Partner is a Windows 3.x program that was written with the active
stock trader in mind. Stock Partner provides instant financial
evaluations of actual and potential stock trades. - Version 2.0
WINSTOCK.ZIP 05-15-92 Win3 stock trade calculator try it!
WINSTOP.ZIP 03-08-93 Quick Exit Utility.For Windowsx. (Newest File Date: 03-08-93)
WINSTORM.ZIP 01-26-93 Hurricane Tracking Program for Windows. (Newest File Date: 01-26-93)
WINSTP.ZIP 02-01-95 Winstop (Version 1.02) is A Handy Utility That Will Allow You to Stop
Windows From Loading When it is Called From Your Autoexec.Bat. No More
Trying to Press Ctrl-c at the Correct Time to Stop Windows From
WINSTRB2.ZIP 01-02-95 Winstrobe 2.0! Larger Strobe-window. Create Astounding Effects in A
Dark Room. Fixed Setup Bug of Version 1.0.
WINSTRT.ZIP 08-04-93 WinStart 1.0 by Steve Levitt. Gives you an option to start Windows or
go to DOS after your computer boots up. (Newest File Date: 08-04-93)
WINSWEEP.ZIP 10-30-91 Freeware File Browser for Windows
WINSWP20.ZIP 05-05-93 Manage your INI files
WINSYN.ZIP 03-21-95 Winsync - to Synchronize Directories & More.
WINSYS.ZIP 04-20-93 Windows Systems resource monitor from Windows Sources magazine - Free -
general information only. (Newest File Date: 04-20-93)
WINSYS10.ZIP 12-23-94 Winsys V1.03 - System Information for Windows. Winsys Will Monitor Free
Resources, Memory, and Diskspace and Display System Information
WINTAC12.ZIP 10-20-92 Version 1.2 of the Popular Wintach Windows Benchmark Program. Measures
Real-World Performance With Word Processing, Cad, Paint and Spreadsheet
Applications. (Newest File Date: 10-20-92)
WINTACH.ZIP 03-30-92 Windows benchmark program
WINTAK.ARJ 12-19-13 WinTach 1.0. Windows *3.1* benchmark util
WINTAK.ZIP 03-30-92 Bench mark program for Win 3.1 only
WINTEC.ARJ 12-19-13 QuarterDeck tech note Re: Win 3.1 and Qemm.
WINTEC.ZIP 05-12-92 Technical Reference Information about Windows
WINTED.ZIP 01-19-94 Turbo Editor for Windows 3.1, includes VBRUN300.DLL. (Newest File Date:
WINTEL30.ZIP 12-01-95 Wintel V3.0: Full Featured Ms-windows Comm Pgm; Phonebook Which Stores
Your Remote Service Names, Phone #s & Comm Settings Ascii, Xmodem,
Xmodem-1k, Ymodem Batch & Zmodem; Realtime Gif & Offline Gif/Jpeg
WINTEL32.ZIP 01-28-97 Full Featured Communication Software For Win95/Nt.
WINTEM.ZIP 07-17-93 Temperature Calculator for Windows.
WINTER11.ZIP 03-26-95 Winter11.Zip the Winsock Client Listing (Version 11). This is A
Comprehensive Listing of Windows Based Shareware and Freeware Used in
Communicating With the Internet.
WINTER12.ZIP 04-26-95 Winter12.Zip the Winsock Client Listing (Version 12). This is A
Comprehensive Listing of Windows Based Shareware and Freeware Used in
Communicating With the Internet. Everything From Ftp, Gopher, Mail and
News Clients
WINTER14.ZIP 07-01-95 Winter14.Zip the Winsock Client Listing (Vers. 14, July95). This is A
Comprehensive Listing of Windows Based Shareware and Freeware Used in
Communicating With the Internet. Everything From Ftp, Gopher, Mail and
WINTER15.ZIP 08-02-95 winter15.zip The Winsock Client Listing (vers. 15, August 95). This is
a comprehensive listing of Windows based Shareware and Freeware used in
communicating with the Internet. Everything from FTP, Gopher, Mail and
News clients to WWW browsers
WINTER2H.ZIP 10-28-91 Winter scene..Full screen 1024 x 480 x 256..
WINTEX41.ZIP 11-07-95 L Wintex 4.1 for Windows Wintex Lets You Customise Your Doom, Heretic
or Hexen Levels Beyond What is Possible With Level Editors. It Lets You
Replace Sounds, Musics, and Monster Sprites, and Lets You Create New
WINTIC.ZIP 10-28-91 Tic Tac Toe for Windows, great graphics,
WINTID.ZIP 01-08-93 WinTidy - tidy up your INI files
WINTID15.ZIP 07-10-93 Ms-win: Graphical Linear Tide Clock.
WINTIDE.ARJ 12-19-13 WinTide is a linear tide clock for Windows 3.0
WINTIDE.LZH 01-06-14 High/low tide calculator
WINTIMER.ZIP 08-31-93 Timer And Alarm Program For Win 3.1. (Newest File Date: 08-31-93)
WINTIPS1.ZIP 05-15-92 Tips and Tricks Using Windows 3.1
WINTIP_H.ZIP 01-16-95 Wintip-h.Zip is A Collection of Windows Tips by Hugh Horton. They Range
From Useful System.Ini Entries to Arranging the Desktop.
WINTITLE.ZIP 11-01-95 W Wintitle. Change the Program Manager Title To Whatever You Want, Up
to 45 Characters
WINTL222.ZIP 06-24-95 Wintel 2.2.2 is A Full Featured Communication Program for Windows 3.1
or Later With Following Features: File Transfer Using Ascii, Xmodem,
Ymodem, Zmodem With Crash Recovery and Kermit. Dec's Vt100, Ansi Color,
WINTLICS.ZIP 06-24-91 Tools for Implementing Windows Icons. (Newest File Date: 06-24-91)
WINTLK.ZIP 06-11-95 Internet Windows Talk/Chat Program.
WINTN97N.ZIP 08-05-97 Wintune 97 for Nt 1.0. Benchmarking Utility. Gives A Detailed Report
and Suggestions on Improving Performance
WINTOIL.ZIP 04-19-92 Windows Toilet - A Delete Drag and Drop utility for Windows
WINTOO.ZIP 05-26-95 Novlib08 (26 May 95) - Wintoo.Exe - Improved Win2ncs / Win Connectivity
WINTRACE.ZIP 02-20-93 WinTrace program
WINTREKJ.ZIP 09-29-93 Windows 3.x Startrek Game, Graphics just redone Aug 1993, Good sound.
(Newest File Date: 09-29-93)
WINTRICK.ZIP 07-08-92 Tricks getting the most out of Windows 3.1
WINTSENG.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.0 Non-Protected Mode Drivers For Diamond Speedstar Series
Video Boards
WINTUN97.ZIP 08-05-97 Wintune 97 1.0. Benchmarking Utility. Gives A Detailed Report and
Suggestions on Improving Performance
WINTUT10.ZIP 07-14-93 A Slide Show of How to Run a Program.
WINTV202.ZIP 08-14-92 Update to Wintv V2.0 Device Driver. (Newest File Date: 08-14-92)
WINT_T.ZIP 01-13-93 Windows Tips and Tricks. (Newest File Date: 10-20-92)
WINU.ZIP 11-30-07 WinU 1.0 Windows 95 menu system with timeout and security access
features. Ideal for parents who want to limit children's access to the
family PC, or computer stores that want to let the shopping public try
their featured software without allowing access to the entire computer.
Very customizable.
WINU101.ZIP 08-24-95 Winu 1.01 Windows 95 Menu System With Timeout and Security Access
Features. Ideal for Parents Who Want to Limit Children's Access to the
Family Pc, or Computer Stores
WINU103.ZIP 09-14-95 Winu 1.03 Asp Windows 95 Menu System With Timeout and Security Access
Features. Ideal for Parents Who Want to Limit Children's Access to the
Family Pc
WINU20.ZIP 01-22-96 Winu 2.0 Windows 95 Menu System With Timeout and Security Access
Features. Ideal For Parents Who Want to Limit Children's Access to the
Family Pc, or Computer Stores
WINU202.ZIP 01-29-96 Winu V2.02 - Windows 95 Menu System With Timeout and Security Access
WINU30.ZIP 09-16-96 Winu 3.0 - A Full Windows 95 User Interface Replacement With Timeout
and Security Access Control Features. Ideal for Parents Who Want to
Limit Children's use of the Family Pc, or Stores That Want to Provide
Public Access
WINU302.ZIP 09-23-96 Winu V3.02 - W95 Complete Windows 95 User Interface Replacement With
Timeout and Security Access Control Features. Can be Used for Parental
WINU31.ZIP 12-02-96 Winu 3.1 - A Full Windows 95 User Interface Replacement With Timeout
and Security Access Control Features. Ideal for Parents Who Want to
Limit Children's use of the Family Pc, or Stores That Want to Provide
Public Access
WINUHS.ZIP 10-01-93 Universal Hint System file reader for Windows 3.x - Uploaded by author.
(Newest File Date: 10-01-93)
WINUNARJ.ZIP 02-28-92 Windows UnArchive v2.02; An Archive File Extraction Utility for
MS-Windows 3.x Used to extract and decompress files from ZIP and ARJ
format archives. It takes the place of both command-line DOS
unarchivers and Windows-based front ends for those utilities.
WINUNIT.ZIP 09-14-93 Windows unit converter. Simple and easy to use, but has a complete set
of units in 10 categories, including metric, english, and obsolete
units. Full keyboard support. (Newest File Date: 09-14-93)
WINUNZ12.ZIP 08-24-92 WinUnZip - Version 1.2 - UnCompresses ZIP files
WINUNZ13.ZIP 08-27-92 WIN3.x: WIZUnZip v1.3 (based on Unzip 5.0)
WINUNZIP.ZIP 05-08-91 PKunzip for Windows. Does not require PKZIP
WINUP5.ARJ 12-19-13 Installing NetWare Workstation for Windows update your NetWare device
driver files
WINUP6.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows client files from the NetWare Workstation Kit for DOS/Windows.
WINUP8_1.ZIP 06-29-93 Novell Windows Client Files Update Kit 1 of 2
WINUP8_2.ZIP 11-04-93 Novell Windows Client Files Update Kit 2 of 2
WINUP9.ZIP 03-12-94 Novell Windows Update Kit #9 for Vlm and Netx. Updated Windows Client
Files for Workstations.
WINUPD8.ZIP 05-30-93 WinUpD8R v3.0 - Major new release!! If you use "floppy net" to
move files back and forth between computers, you NEED this program!!
WinUpD8R can automatically keep your files up-to-date on multiple
machines while providing (at least) triple-redundant backup of your
data in the process. No cables or modem transfers necessary. Windows 3
.1 required. Shareware. (Newest File Date: 05-30-93)
WINUTIL2.ZIP 03-02-92 Utilities for Windows 3.1
WINUTILS.ZIP 12-18-91 Utilities to spy on windows
WINUUCP.ZIP 11-02-92 Extract 3.00 is a shareware program that allow painless decoding of
UUEncoded files on MSDOS.
WINVEL43.ZIP 10-30-93 WINVELOPE v4.3 - Envelope printing utility for Windows. Includes
support for copy/paste, Windows installed fonts, multiple return
address selection, graphic logos, auto-print orientation control,
POSTNET bar codes, and an attractive user-friendly interface. "This is
a most excellent envelope printing program..." --Windows 3.1 Hyperguide
Alpha Books. Shareware $20, VBRUN300.DLL required. (Newest File Date:
WINVEL50.ZIP 02-14-95 Winvelope V5.0 - Envelope Printing Utility for Windows 3.1 W/Hyperguide
WINVERSN.ZIP 06-05-93 Winversn 1.0 Modifies The Expected Windows Version For an Exe or Dll.
(Newest File Date: 06-05-93)
WINVEST.ZIP 02-07-94 The Investor Aid - helps approximate returns on investments such as
Mutual Funds, Bonds, and G.I.C.The following functions are supported:
compounding, annuities, and mortgages and loans. Requires WIN31 and
VBRUN300. (Newest File Date: 02-07-94)
WINVID.ZIP 04-09-93 WIN3: Steve Gibson's WINVID video test
WINVID10.ZIP 10-06-91 WinVideo
WINVIDEO.ZIP 03-23-93 Windows Video Adapter Comparative Analysis by Steve Gibson of Spinrite.
(Newest File Date: 03-23-93)
WINVIEW.LZH 01-06-14 Viewer for Windows
WINVIEW.ZIP 01-09-93 Enhanced Spy Program for Windows 3.1. (Newest File Date: 01-09-93)
WINVLOP.ZIP 06-20-94 Winvelope V4.3e. Capture an Address From Any Windows Document or Screen
and Print the Address on an Envelope.
WINVN99.ZIP 08-24-95 Simply one efficient News reader for those on the Net.
WINVN_93.ZIP 12-26-94 This is an Nntp Newsreader for Microsoft. Windows 3.1 or Windows/Nt. D4
WINVOX.ZIP 01-11-92 A Windows 3.1 Player for .Voc Files. Makes Sound Capabilities of
Windows More Complete. Fully Functional Demo Plays a Reminder to
Register on Program Start. (Newest File Date: 01-11-92)
WINVRAM.ZIP 12-28-92 How to Expand Virtual Memory in Windows 3.1. (Newest File Date:
WINVRL.ZIP 01-05-93 Virtual Screen Drivers for Trident 8900/9000 This is a Neat Driver That
Allows You to See More of the Screen Than You Actually Have Its Like
Having 20" * 20" Monitor. (Newest File Date: 01-05-93)
WINWALL3.ZIP 02-07-93 Win Wall Changer v3.00: program that changes the Windows desktop
wallpaper; reads BMP, RLE, ICO & WMF file formats; provides the ability
to edit the images in Paintbrush by double-clicking the image; req
VBRUN200.DLL; Liadis Software, Inc. (NEWEST FILE DATE: 02-07-93)
WINWAMP.ZIP 12-29-13 WAMPUM FOR WINDOWS .9 The dBASE-compatible Windows data base
manager featuring a spreadsheet browse mode as well as record edit mode
Supports BMP image [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN standard dBASE memo fields. Multi-user
supported is included with automatic record locking. VBRUN300 reqd.
WINWAR2.ZIP 10-04-95 Winwar II. War Game Which Depicts The Conflicts of the Major Powers of
World War Ii. The Object of This Game is to Collect `victory Points' by
Conquering Major Cities
WINWARE2.ZIP 01-15-93 Winfo - Your Personal Information Manager
WINWARP3.ZIP 11-12-94 How to Install the Winos2 Subsystem From 2.1ga to Warp IIIga and Enable
the Winos2 Notebook Settings - an Os/2 Hackers Delite!
WINWAS11.ZIP 07-22-93 Windows WAS MAP v1.1; Computerized version of the blank US
WINWAV30.ZIP 01-11-94 WinWav v3.00: allows you to attach any Win31 waveform sound file (.WAV)
to various events in ANY Windows app, even windowed DOS apps; you can
choose the sounds or they can be randomly choosen for you; with online
help; (Newest File Date: 01-11-94)
WINWAV_E.ZIP 08-26-92 Wave Files For Windows V3.1 Beginning With E.
WINWAY.ARJ 12-19-13 A maze game for Windows 3.x.
WINWAY2.ZIP 11-25-92 Windows Wayout...a windows maze game... (NEWEST FILE DATE: 11-25-92)
WINWEALT.ARJ 12-19-13 WinWealth, investment aid
WINWEALT.ZIP 07-15-92 WinWealth - investment aid
WINWEATH.ZIP 07-22-93 Weather Forcasting for Windows.
WINWEB.ZIP 07-26-94 Wcomm Winweb Version 1.0 A2, A Windows-based World Wide Web Browser
That Flies Under Os/2.
WINWEMM.ARJ 12-19-13 notes on using QEMM386 with Windows 3.0
WINWHE17.ZIP 11-07-93 WINWHEEL V.1.70 A Wheel of Fortune/Hangman type word guessing
game for Windows 3.X. Features: colorful graphics, 1-3 players, 6
rounds, sound on/off, autowin after all letters used, hi-score table
for top 10 Wheelers. 1000 puzzles. 13,000 w/registration.
WINWHERE.LZH 01-06-14 PC Mag's "Winwhere" file finder
WINWHL14.ARJ 12-19-13 Winwheel V1.4 Wheel of Fortune/Hangman Type Word Game For IBM
Compatible Computers.
WINWHOIS.ZIP 05-16-94 Internet user name directory service client
WINWIL.ZIP 08-19-92 Windows Wills creates a simple will. It is not for everyone, nor is it
intended to replace the advice of an attorney.
WINWIS45.ZIP 06-28-96 Winwisdom V4.5 - Quote-of-the-day and Quote Reference for Ms Windows.
Custom Colors and Fonts in Qotd. Many Other Display Options Print
Placards of Your Favorite Comprehensive Quote Reference Allows Lookup
by Subject
WINWISD2.ZIP 01-03-94 WinWisdom v4.0 2 of 4 parts. (Newest File Date: 01-03-94)
WINWIZ.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows Wizard talking fortuneteller, req. sound card
WINWLK.ZIP 06-11-92 User GDIWalk progs from Schulman's Undocumented Windows.Gives
programmers much better look at GDI User heaps than SDK Heapwalker.Win
3.0,3.1 only. (Newest File Date: 06-11-92)
WINWMS6.ZIP 08-25-92 Wealth Management System - For Windows
WINWORD.ARJ 12-19-13 Macro's For 'Word For Windows'
WINWP_A.ZIP 12-13-92 Word Perfect Graphics for WINDOWS in Color (A's). (Newest File Date:
WINWRP10.ZIP 12-19-96 Word Warp for Windows V1.0 Word Warp is A Fun, Fast Paced Word Game in
Which You Must Create 25 Words From Another Eight Letter Word Within A
Specified Time Limit. A Fun, and Educational Game for all Ages. $10.00
WINX10.ZIP 02-01-94 WinX allows any window to be moved and used without it first popping to
the front. The user, not Windows, is in control of window depth, or Z
position. This makes window arrangements on the desktop easier to
maintain, and side-by-side use of applications more effective.
Shareware. $25 (Newest File Date: 02-01-94)
WINX12.ZIP 09-03-95 Winx 1.2 is Designed to Let You Run Several Programs From One Icon or
Shortcut. Options Include Waiting for A Command to Finish Starting A
Program Hidden, Minimized, or Maximized. Winx Will Terminate When it
WINX15.ZIP 04-29-94 Windows Xwindows Tool. Shareware.
WINX150.ZIP 05-07-94 Window Winx 1.5 Workstation-like User Interface Extensions for Windows
WINXS11.ZIP 11-06-95 W Winxs V1.1. Implements A Variety of Unix Commands and Utilities
WINXS16.ZIP 07-22-96 Winxs - Implements A Variety of Unix Commands and Utilities in Windows.
Description Copyright 1996 Psl
WINXS32.ZIP 02-14-97 Implements A Variety of Unix Commands and Utilities in Win95/Nt
WINXWORD.LZH 01-06-14 Crossword Puzzle Generator
WINYATZI.ZIP 03-08-93 Yacht-Z for Windows 3.0 is shareware. If you please register with the
author. The complete documentation for Yacht-Z can be YTZ.WRI file
which is a Microsoft Write docum (Newest File Date: 03-08-93)
WINYELL.ZIP 10-30-92 Make Windows sound off with a loud scream! (Newest File Date: 10-30-92)
WINYN.ZIP 07-22-91 Modified PC MAG popup prompt
WINYRN70.ZIP 11-20-94 Windows Front-end for Yarn Program (V.071 and Higher). Point and Click
to Execute Import, Expire, and Other Yarn Commands.
WINYRN71.ZIP 01-29-95 Windows front-end for Yarn offline reader
WINYTZ20.ZIP 07-01-93 Ms-windows Multiple Player Yahtzee Game.
WINYZ11.ZIP 04-06-93 Win-Yacht V1.1: Yahtzee Like Dice Game for MS-WINDOWS; Requires
Vbrun200.Dll; 04/06/93; Philip Disario. (Newest File Date: 04-06-93)
WINZIP.ZIP 04-02-93 WinZip 4.0b: ZIP2.0/ARJ/LZH/ARC Windows Shell New: PKZIP 2.0 & ARJ
Support, 3D Look, Faster ASP Shareware. Full Drag and Drop support.
"Repeatedly charms you" WindowsMagazine 12/92 "Must-have shareware
treasure" Compute 10/92 "Does all your compression chores with ease"
Computer Shopper 10/92 "Powerful Yet Intuitive" PC World 8/92 "Hot
Product" Inside Microsoft Windows 8/92 "WinApp of the Month" PC
Computing 3/92
WINZIP31.ARJ 12-19-13 Archiver shell for ZIP/LZH/ARC {W}
WINZIP31.ZIP 11-08-96 Winzip 6.2 for Windows 3.1; Zip/Tar/Z/Uudecode/Binhex/Mime Utility
WINZIP32.ZIP 10-03-92 WinZip 3.2 ZIP/LZH/SFX/ARC shell w/DRAG&DROP New: Built-in ZIP
Extraction, Font Selection ASP Shareware. View, Run, Extract, Add,
Delete, and Virus Scan [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN archives. Main window contains toolbar
and sortable list with [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN archive. Extensive help. "Must-Have
Shareware Treasure" Compute, 10/92 "Powerful Yet Intuitive" PC World,
8/92 "Hot Product" Inside Microsoft Windows, 8/92 "WinApp of the Month"
PC Computing, 3/92
WINZIP40.ZIP 01-16-93 WinZip 4.0:ZIP2.0/ARJ/LZH/ARC Windows Shell New: PKZIP 2.0 & ARJ
Support, 3-D Look, More. ASP Shareware. Full Drag and Drop support.
WINZIP41.ZIP 06-26-93 Winzip 4.1: Zip2.0/Arj/Lzh/Arc Windows Shell Full Drag and Drop Support
Asp Shareware. New: Header, Status Line, Improved Add, View, and
Checkout Dialogs, Passwords, Pkzip 2.0 Disk Spanning Support, Etc.