Name Date Description
WG093.ZIP 07-06-97 Rad_beta Watergate 0.93 Beta. (6 July 1997)
WG0970.ZIP 01-04-94 VNETBIOS.386 Corrects Real-Mode Transport Problems (WFW311) Windows for
Workgroups. (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
WG0971.ZIP 01-04-94 Windows for Workgroups VNETBIOS.386 Corrects CORRECTION! NDIS2SUP.386
Corrects Problems Restarting Windows for Workgroups on Token Ring
Machines. (WFW311). (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
WG0973.ZIP 01-04-94 Windows for Workgroups RMM.D32 Corrects Five-Second Delay When Starting
Windows-Based Applications. (WFW311). (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
WG0992.ZIP 02-17-94 Application note and updated files for MS At Work Fax/Windows for
Workgroups 3.11; obtained from ftp.microsoft.com. (Newest File Date:
WG09E_E.ZIP 12-01-96 Wingroove 96 Wavetable Emulator /Midi Enhancer
WG1.ZIP 05-03-96 Weathercaster Gold V1.0 Weather Forecaster, Database and Analysis
WG1001.ZIP 03-02-94 Updated SERIAL.386 driver for MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11; obtained
from ftp.microsoft.com. (Newest File Date: 03-02-94)
WG1304.ZIP 01-22-96 Wingate V1.304: Ms-windows 95/Nt App That Provides Socks V4 Server, Www
Proxy Gateway Http Only - Later Releases Will Support Ftp Gopher, Wais,
and Https, Ftp Gateway, Telnet Gateway, Mapped Links, Rules-based
WG1314.ZIP 09-03-96 Allows You to Connect Your Entire Lan to The Internet With Just One
Modem. Acts As A Proxy Server.
WG1317.ZIP 10-17-96 Allows You to Connect Your Entire Lan to the Internet With Just One
Modem. Acts As A Proxy Server, Which Enables Other Machines on the Lan
to Access the Internet. Unregistered Version Only Supports 1 Proxy
WG30B-03.ZIP 01-01-92 WORD GAMBLE Multinode Version 3.0b
WG30_1.ZIP 04-01-93 Word Gallery, All Ages, Sb Support! [1/2].
WG30_2.ZIP 04-01-93 Word Gallery, Super Graphics, Great! [2/2].
WG7J108C.ZIP 03-04-93 WG7J JNOS V1.08C executables
WG951030.ZIP 10-31-95 Rad_beta Watergate 0.20b. Message Processor for Fidonet & Uucp. Jam,
.Msg But No Hudson Support.
WG951203.ZIP 12-03-95 Rad_beta Watergate 0.21b. Message Processor for Fidonet and Uucp
WG960530.ZIP 05-30-96 Watergate 0.91 Beta (960530) Integrated Fidonet Tosser and Gateway
Towards Internet Shareware. Tosses for Both Fidonet and Uucp
Distribution. Includes Gateway, Areafix Newsfix, Sendfile Robot,
Multi-language Support
WG961014.ZIP 10-14-96 Watergate 0.92 Gamma. (961014) Integrated Fidonet Tosser and Gateway
Towards Internet. Shareware. Tosses for Fidonet, Uucp, Smtp and Bag
Formats. Includes Gateway, Areafix, Newsfix, Sendfile Robot,
Multi-language Support
WGANG1.ZIP 02-03-95 Wolfgang V2.8 for Windows. Automotive Service Records. Great-looking
Recordkeeping System for Individual Business or Professional Automobile
Maintenance Records. Reports, On-line Docs. 1/3.
WGANG2.ZIP 02-03-95 Wolfgang V2.8 for Windows. 2/3.
WGANG3.ZIP 02-03-95 Wolfgang V2.8 for Windows. 3/3.
WGARDEN1.ZIP 03-26-95 Window Garden 1.0 is A Gardening Program for Windows.
WGASCII.ZIP 02-06-95 Ascii File on the Upcoming Worldgroup From Galacticomm. Windows BBS
Client/Server Software.
WGD021P2.ZIP 12-31-95 G Rad_mail Patch File to Upgrade the Dpmi Version of Wtrgate; Wtrgated
.Exe & the Watergate Help File From Orig. V0.21 to Patch Level 2
WGEN.ZIP 09-09-91 Weather predicting by the Dept of Agricult.
WGENA14.ZIP 10-24-95 Geneprg Wingenea V1.4 (Req Win3.1) Illustrated Fh; Dropline Trees;
Gedcom &c
WGERMAN.ZIP 09-07-95 Language module for WebEdit 1.2 Also available on this CD-ROM, in this
category, we have the following language modules: British, French,
Italian, Spanish. You can find them under the name of the language.
WGET_145.ZIP 08-15-97 Gnu Wget is A Network Utility to Retrieve Files From the Www Using Http
and Ftp. Background Operation
WGFWD.ZIP 03-01-97 World Geography - by Rt Carman This Program Allows Students to Practice
the Location of 88 Diff. Items in the World. Covers - Major Land Areas,
Water Bodies, Major Cities, Mts Rivers and Deserts. Has A Study Mode.
WGIF14.ZIP 08-05-91 Windows GIF viewer
WGMMAK12.ZIP 08-03-92 WGM-MAKE v.1.2, scans DIR creats PCB dir
WGMPAT.ZIP 05-26-94 Pdnpascl Patching Software to Apply Patches to Skyhawk Files.
WGN100A.ZIP 03-19-94 Windows Genealogy V1.00. Excellent Tool for Maintaining Your Family
Histories. Includes Features to Drag and Drop Family Members. Build
Descendent Trees From Any Family Member. Includes Tear Off Menus, Drag
and Drop And
WGN100B.ZIP 03-19-94 Windows Genealogy V1.00. 2/4.
WGN100C.ZIP 03-19-94 Windows Genealogy V1.00. 3/4.
WGN100D.ZIP 03-21-94 Windows Genealogy 1.00. Excellent tool for maintaining your family
histories. Includes features to drag and drop family members. Build
Descendent trees from any family member. Includes tear off menus, drag
and drop, floating tool boxes, extensive preferences, Cite Wizard (for
quoting sources), Event Wizard (for maintaining family or individual
events). Excellent, One of the Best. File 4 of 4. (Newest File Date:
WGOPHER.ZIP 01-28-94 Gopher for Windows Version 2.2
WGOUR121.ZIP 03-01-95 Windows Gourmet V1.20 - A Powerful, But Easy to use Recipe Database and
Meal Planning System. Familiar "Recipe Card" Display and Simple
Interface Allows for Quick Entry and Indexing of Hundreds of Recipes.
WGPCOM.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : Gpf Starting Comm Programs
WGPF.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : Ms Access Gpf in Krnl386.Exe
WGPLT338.ZIP 10-31-92 Gnu Plot for Windows Version 3.38 Excellent Plotting Package for 2d and
3d. (Newest File Date: 10-31-92)
WGRAF102.ARJ 12-19-13 The Warp Graphics Library 1.02 - Full featured and well optimised C++
lib. EGA & VGA graphics
WGRAF102.ZIP 02-02-91 Warp Graphics Library v1.02, For Turbo C++
WGRAF102.ZOO 01-30-91 The Warp graphics library v1.02
WGRAPH13.ZIP 05-19-95 Win Graphit V1.30 - A Very Handy Program for Creating and Printing
Graphs, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Line and Gantt Charts. Req. Vbrun300.
WGREEK11.ARJ 12-19-13 WinGreek - Greek and Hebrew Package for Win3
WGREEK11.ZIP 08-28-91 Greek And Hebrew Package For Windows 3.0
WGREEK15.ZIP 06-27-92 Greek-Hebrew Fonts/Accenter/Conv CCAT for Win3
WGREEK19.ZIP 06-02-93 Greek-Hebrew Fonts/Accenter/Conv CCAT for Win3
WGREP.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows Grep 1.0 - text searching in files.
WGREP11.ZIP 11-22-91 Windows Grep v1.1, Windows text search prog
WGREP12.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows Grep v1.2: MS-Windows text search utility modelled on the UNIX
utility of the same
WGREP12.ZIP 05-01-92 Grep Search Macro for Word for Windows
WGREP14.ZIP 03-29-93 Windows Grep is a text search utility modelled on the UNIX utility of
the same name.
WGREP14A.ZIP 04-05-93 Windows Grep is a text search utility modelled on the UNIX utility of
the same name.
WGROUP.ZIP 02-06-95 This is the Worldgroup "White Paper" Written For Sysops. This Document
Contains Screen Shots of the New Software, As Well As An Explanation of
the Product, the Platform, And The Changes From the Major BBS V6x.
WGRP11.ZIP 07-31-95 Wingroup Create Password Protected Windows Group. Icons Inside the
Groups can be Programs, Document, or Nested Groups. Icons can be
Password Protected for Creation Opening, Property Modification and
WGRP141A.ZIP 07-19-93 Windows Grep v1.41A: MS-Windows text search utility modelled on the
UNIX utility of the same name; useful as a programmer's tool for
searching program source files for specific variables or function
calls; 07/19/93; Huw Millington. (Newest File Date: 07-19-93)
WGTRUN.ZIP 02-21-95 This is an Example of Parallax Scrolling Shadows and Transparency,
Using the Wordup Graphics Toolkit V5.0 for Watcom C/C 10.0. This
Program Requires Dos4gw.Exe to Run. This Kit Will be Released Around
Late March of 1995.
WGUES112.ZIP 10-22-95 Word-guessy 1.12 : Word-guessy Ist Ein Rate-
WGUID16.ZIP 11-17-94 Wynter Stone's Quick Guide 1.6 LONG DESCRIPTION:If you've ever
wondered what "New Age" really stands for, this could help. It's an
on-disk mini-encyclopedia of subjects related to mystical experiences
of various kinds. Both DOS and Windows versions are included.
WGUIDE.ZIP 01-31-94 Wynter Stone's Quick Guide to Mystical Experiences 1.5: An on-disk
mini- encyclopedia of subjects related to mystical experiences of
various kinds.
WGVIEW.ZIP 01-01-92 Windows Graphic View (WGV) is a Windows 3.0 / 3.1 program for
displaying, converting, and manipulating both GIF and BMP (Bitmap)
graphic formats.
WG_YACHT.ZIP 07-02-94 Yacht for Windows 3.1 Nice Little Game.
WH930317.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930318.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930319.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930323.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930324.ZIP 04-01-93 White House News Briefings/Press Releases.
WH930325.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930326.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930327.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930329.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930330.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930331.ZIP 04-01-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930401.ZIP 04-02-93 White house press releases/briefings.
WH930402.ZIP 04-05-93 White House Press Briefings/News Releases.
WH930403.ZIP 04-05-93 White House Press Briefings/News Releases.
WH930404.ZIP 04-05-93 White House Press Briefings/News Releases.
WH930405.ZIP 04-06-93 White House News Briefings/Press Releases.
WH930407.ZIP 04-08-93 White house press releases/briefings for 04-.
WH930408.ZIP 04-09-93 White House Press Releases / Briefings For 04-08-9
WH930412.ZIP 04-13-93 White House Press Releases/News Briefings.
WH930413.ZIP 04-14-93 White House Press Releases/News Briefings.
WH930414.ZIP 04-15-93 White House Press Briefings/News Releases.
WH930415.ZIP 04-16-93 White House Press Briefings/News Releases.
WH95V202.ZIP 07-08-97 Win Hacker 95 - Configure Windows 95 and Nt Hidden Settings Giving You
Access to Your Registry
WH95V2B3.ZIP 01-28-97 Winhacker 2.0 Beta 3. Gives the User A Tabbed Dialog Box to Configure
Hidden Options in Windows 95 That Are Not in the Gui
WHAG.ZIP 07-02-93 Windows Help (.Hlp) Authoring Guide From Microsoft.
WHALE.ARJ 12-19-13 Pattern file for Acad/Asketch of Sperm Whale
WHALE.AVI 01-04-14 Video of an 8-ton whale being EXPLODED
WHALE20T.ZIP 08-07-94 Whalex V2.0 - Scripting Tool for use With America Online V1.X
Communications Package for Windows.
WHALEX15.ZIP 03-07-94 Whalex V1.5 - Scripting Package for America Online Allows Aol Callers
to Execute Commands Automatically at Login, Retrieve Mail and Save
Money By Getting Offline Fast. (Newest File Date: 03-07-94)
WHAM.ZIP 10-10-92 WHAM (Waveform Hold and Modify) is a Windows 3.1 application for
manipulating digitised sound. It can read and write Windows 3.1 WAVE
files as well as raw eight-bit digitised sound files, and can perform
various operations on this sound. WHAM can handle sounds of any size,
restricted only by memory.
WHAM13.ZIP 07-14-93 Wham Ver 1.3. Nice sound editor for Win 3.1. (Newest File Date:
WHAT.ZIP 09-09-95 James Hutchison Stirling: "What is Thought?". 1900 Discusses German
Idealism in an Exuberent and Amusing Scottish Style. Much About Kant,
Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel.
WHAT0401.ZIP 04-01-93 delete*
WHAT10.ZIP 04-06-94 WHAT HAPPENED v1.0 - What Happened will log the variety of resources
that you select to disk at time interval that you also select. FREEWARE
Req:Win 3.1+, VBRUN300.DLL. (Newest File Date: 04-06-94) across a LAN
to a database capture file. (Newest File Date: 03-18-94)
WHAT147.ZIP 04-03-90 Superb batch branch, query etc.
WHAT214.LZH 01-12-90 Add documentary to directory v2.14
WHAT29.ZIP 06-03-90 File format reconginition utility v2.9
WHATARE.ZIP 12-31-89 "Alien or Man-Made?" by Al Pinto
WHATBAUD.ZIP 01-05-92 WHAUTBAUD; T.A.G. 2.6 Baud Rate Analysis Bulletin Generato
WHATCHA.ZIP 12-20-95 Wav File of Rap Artist Nine Off of the Album Nine Livez.Singing Whatcha
Want?.Entire Chorus.Sounds Phat
WHATCHIP.ZIP 02-20-90 Identifies your computer's chipset
WHATCPU.ARJ 12-19-13 Discussion & code for determining CPU types
WHATDAY.ZIP 11-10-91 Display a bulletin based on day
WHATDAY1.ZIP 10-09-95 Whatday.Btm V1.0 - Displays the Day of the Week for Any Particular Date
4dos 5.5x Req'd. Freeware, (C) 1995 by Bill Whitehouse.
WHATDONE.ZIP 12-25-92 History and changes to Renegade software.
WHATFILM.ZIP 07-10-93 Trivia Game Involves Guessing Who and What Movie Goes Together, Etc.
WHATIDID.ZIP 10-27-93 WHAT-I-DID! VERSION 1.0 Safe Windows 3.1 logger of each users
keystrokes and mouse clicks. Monitoring is unknown to the worker.
Whatidid counts keystrokes and mouse clicks in each window and each
application you run. Detailed/summary reports show productivity and
WHATIS.ZIP 09-26-95 Rar-util Whatis - A Handy Little Utility to Run to Identify the
Archive-type of A File. Public Domain by David S. P. 1995
WHATIS1A.ZIP 04-20-93 The Desktop Internet Reference a Hypertext Reference to the Internet.
WHATISFC.ZIP 07-14-93 What is Future Culture?
WHATISIT.ZIP 08-19-92 New Atlanta mascot for the 1996 Olympics
WHATISVR.ZIP 04-02-93 An Introductory Text to Vr From Jerry Isdale.
WHATL275.ZIP 08-26-91 Use 1 phone for modem, FAX, and voice calls
WHATLI.ZIP 02-05-90 Run a specific bat file based on ring pattern
WHATNM10.ZIP 05-02-94 Whatname Mass Mailing Manager. Keep Up With Name and Addresses and
Write Letters to Them. Print Letters, Labels, and Reports. This is Very
Easy to use and is Freeware.
WHATOL23.ZIP 07-17-94 What is Online V2.30.
WHATPIC1.ZIP 12-04-90 Whatpic v1.0 to help manage graphic files
WHATPORT.ARJ 12-19-13 This program detects what serial ports COM1-COM4) are installed in a
standard (PC, XT,
WHATPORT.ZIP 01-28-92 This program detects what serial ports (COM1-COM4) are ins
WHATRIP.ZIP 09-25-93 Goofy RIP Graphic To Show Color Palette
WHATSIT1.LZH 01-06-14 WHAT IS IT picture game v1.00
WHATSN.ZIP 02-14-95 Readme for What is New in Mcafee Virusscan V2.1.5
WHATSUP.ZIP 12-31-89 Are UFOs Biblical watchers
WHATSUP4.ZIP 03-08-90 Provides a MICROSAT display (Ham Radio)
WHATTIME.ARJ 12-19-13 Pete's New batch file utility. time/day control allows operations at
specific time/day(s).
WHATUHAV.LZH 10-17-89 Graphic display of your system
WHATZ23.ZIP 02-20-93 WHATZIP v2.3; This program determines and displays what ve
WHAT_IS.ZIP 03-30-93 What is CPSR? (answer)
WHAVEN4.ZIP 06-02-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
WHAVEN_1.ZIP 10-09-95 Demo of Witchhaven 3-d Action Game 1/5
WHAVEN_2.ZIP 10-09-95 Demo of Witchhaven 3-d Action Game 2/5
WHAVEN_3.ZIP 10-09-95 Demo of Witchhaven 3-d Action Game 3/5
WHAVEN_4.ZIP 10-09-95 Demo of Witchhaven 3-d Action Game 4/5
WHAVEN_5.ZIP 10-09-95 Demo of Witchhaven 3-d Action Game 5/5
WHCAVE.ZIP 11-21-93 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融 旭臼臆 WINDOWS
HUMONGOUS CAVE 臆臼旭 The Windows version of Humongous Cave,
believed to be the largest text adventure available on a
microcomputer. Created with the new Windows Version of the AGT
i.e., the Adventure Game Toolkit.
藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 (Newest File Date:
WHCH20GR.ZIP 05-03-93 Which V202 for Dos/Os/2 (Like Unix Csh); W/C Use to Locate Named
Executables Wherever They May be in the Path (Including Bats and
Os/2cmds) Runs Under Dos, Os/2, Ms-win Free & With C Source
WHDEMO.ZIP 03-06-94 WinHelp Extention Demo for Windows NT. (Newest File Date: 03-06-94)
WHEEL.LZH 01-06-14 Like the TV show Wheel of Fortune
WHEEL007.ZIP 02-06-94 The Practice of Loving-kindness (metta): Selected texts from the Pali
Canon compiled and translated by Nanamoli Thera. BPS Wheel Publication
No. 7.
WHEEL019.ZIP 01-13-94 The Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta). Translated by
Nyanasatta Thera. BPS Wheel Publication 19.
WHEEL026.ZIP 01-10-94 The Five Mental Hindrances (Nyanaponika Thera). Selected texts from the
Pali Canon and the commentaries, including the Samannaphala Sutta; BPS
Wheel 26.
WHEEL061.ZIP 01-04-94 The Simile of the Cloth & The Discourse on Effacement (Nyanaponika
Thera). Two suttas translated from the Majjhima Nikaya; BPS Wheel 61/62
WHEEL065.ZIP 12-29-93 The Way of Wisdom: the Five Spiritual Faculties, by Edward Conze. Bps
Wheel 65/66
WHEEL083.ZIP 01-22-94 With Robes and Bowl: Glimpses of the Thudong Bhikkhu Life (Bhikkhu
Khantipalo). BPS Wheel Publication 83/84. Vivid account of the daily
life of a Thai forest bhikkhu (monk).
WHEEL22.ZIP 01-01-92 Majic Software's Wheel Of Fortune BBS Door Game Version 2.
WHEEL263.ZIP 02-04-95 Maha-moggallana, by Hellmuth Hecker (Buddhist Publication Society
"Wheel" Publication No. 263/264).
WHEEL292.ZIP 04-26-94 Buddhist Women at the Time of the Buddha (Hellmuth Hecker), BPS Wheel
Publication No. 292/293. The life stories of some of the enlightened
nuns of the Buddha's time.
WHEEL3.ZIP 02-12-91 Wheel of Fortune gambling door for T.A.G. BBS
WHEEL30.ARJ 12-19-13 Wheel of Misfortune V3.0 Door by Mike Wilson.
WHEEL337.ZIP 02-19-94 One Foot in the World: Buddhist Approaches to Present-Day Problems
(Lily de Silva). BPS Wheel Publication No. 337/338
WHEEL349.ZIP 04-11-94 Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns (Susan Elbaum Jootla). Excerpts from
the Therigatha, with commentary. Wheel Publication No. 349/350.
WHEN01.ZIP 04-16-95 Delay Util Driven by the System Clock to Start Events at A Specific
Time, Regardless of When It's Invoked.
WHEN11.ARJ 12-19-13 Batch File Utility- Files will execute byTime or Date.
WHEN11.ZIP 08-12-94 Declaration of Independence
WHENAMAN.ZIP 12-15-95 This is One of the Better Midi Sequences You'll Ever Hear. "When A Man
Loves A Woman" By: Bob Banks, Sysop of Mid Way BBS From Norfolk, Va.
And Jay Meyers of Back Trax Productions, Chicago, Il. Loaded With
Permission .
WHENIS21.ZIP 12-19-91 WhenIs v2.1, find files matching spec. date
WHERE.COM 01-06-14 Find where a file is on your disk
WHERE.LZH 01-06-14 Searches directories on disk for specified file
WHERE105.ZIP 03-14-94 Whereis Version 1.05. Find Files on Your Hdd in Seconds. Great Find
File Program. (Newest File Date: 03-14-94)
WHERE44B.ARJ 12-19-13 Sophisticated "WHEREIS", many options, look inside archives too.
WHERE44B.ZIP 01-04-91 WHEREIS v4.4b A file finder.
WHERE516.ZIP 06-11-92 What town are you calling in 516, tells you by entering th
WHEREGO.ZIP 09-21-94 Where do we go from here?
WHEREWIN.LZH 01-06-14 File finder for Windows
WHERE_I.ZIP 02-03-95 Bitmap for Warp "Where I Want to Be, Warp".
WHEROES2.ZIP 05-12-94 World Heros II
WHETS.ZOO 02-21-90 Whetstone benchmark (w Fortran)
WHEW.ZIP 10-27-95 Forgot My .Zip Password the Road to Recovery Whew! (Other Pswds
Encountered) .
WHFAQ831.ZIP 09-22-94 The Beltway Faq - How to Write the White House and Congress.
WHICH.ZIP 05-17-90 Which command/executable (good) Also see /pc/ts/tsutlc17.zip for a
duplicate finder
WHICH11.ZIP 10-22-91 WHICH 1.10 Finds full path for given filespec
WHICH212.ZIP 01-20-96 Fwutils "Which" for Os/2 Finds Files and Environment Strings
WHICH213.ZIP 06-03-97 Which - Find Executables and Libraries on Various Paths, With Source
WHIDE10.ZIP 05-06-93 Run a program invisibly - even without an icon
WHIMSIC.ZIP 11-13-95 I Made This Game Myself. Its Kinda Like That Old Game "Simon" U Must
Click on the Area That Changes on the Board. Suggestions Welcome.
WHIPATCH.ZIP 08-03-96 Update Whiplash Videocard Fixes
WHIPREND.ZIP 02-13-97 Whiplash Rendition Patch Interplay Dos
WHIRAM.ARJ 12-19-13 New Version of Winhiram.vxd for QEMM386 5.1x
WHISK20.LZH 01-06-14 Update for "Whiskers" mouse utility
WHISK25.LZH 01-06-14 Update for "Whiskers" mouse utility
WHISK26A.ARJ 12-19-13 Whiskers is a Windows 3 utility to allow using all buttons on mouse.
redefine as you wish.
WHISK26A.ZIP 09-16-91 Use all your mouse buttons.
WHISKERS.LZH 01-06-14 Make right mouse button into "enter" key