Name Date Description
WEIRH10.ZIP 01-02-96 Weir of Hermiston by Robert Louis Stevenson. Project Gutenberg Public
Domain Etext December, 1995 Etext #380.
WEISS1.ZIP 02-17-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
WEITEK.ZIP 05-15-97 Ibmos2vd Weitek Os/2 Versions 3.0 and 4. Disp. Driver Version 0.050 for
the Power 9000 and 9100 Chipsets. Unzip and use Loaddskf to Create 1
.44m Diskette
WELC101.ZIP 04-11-92 Welcome 1.01: BBS/Callers's stats door for SLBBS.
WELC102.ARJ 12-19-13 Welcome v1.02 full featured login door for SL 2.xx.
WELCOME.ARJ 12-19-13 Frankie goes to Hollywood sample for Win3.1
WELCOME3.ZIP 08-14-95 W E L C O M E V.3 -welcome Version 3.0 is A Nice Program That Allows
You to View A Colorful Welcoming Screen When You Start Your System.
Does Not Require Ansi in This Version of Welcome.
WELCOS2.ZIP 04-29-93 File to Restore the Welcome Folder for Preloaded Os/2 2.00.1 Systems
WELDSYM.ZIP 01-24-91 Welding symbols for AutoCAD ICON menu
WELFARGO.ZIP 02-17-93 Wells Fargo Nationwide Frequencies
WELIM100.ZIP 08-11-96 Word Eliminate V1.0 - Challenging Online Word Game. Can You Guess the
Computer's Word?
WELIM110.ZIP 11-09-96 Word Eliminate BBS Door Version 1.10 A Very Challenging Word Door. You
Get 20 Chances to Guess the Computers Word.Scores Based Upon the Size
and Difficulty of the Word Chosen. You can Choose 4 or 5 Letter
WELL.ZIP 09-16-91 The Wishing Well
WELL6.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - the Well
WELSWAP1.ZIP 02-20-90 Welswap - The Ansi Swapping Utility
WELT42.ZIP 10-14-95 Weltfuball 2003 4.2 : Man Beginnt Als
WEM.LZH 01-06-14 "Windows Easy Menu" program launcher
WEM31.ZIP 04-25-92 Windows Easy Menu with Menu Editor - The Complete Menuing System for
Windows 3.0.
WEM32.ZIP 01-22-93 Easy Menu for Windows. Complete Replacement for Program Manager.
(Newest File Date: 01-22-93)
WEMORY.ZIP 06-06-91 Displays memory Windows 3.0.
WEMP15.ZIP 03-26-93 World Empire II for Windows Based on the Award-Winning DOS Game, World
Empire II Offers 139 Real World Countries for Your Conquering Pleasure.
This is the Deluxe Version 1.5. Reviewed as a Five Star Program By All
Note: Unzips to 2 Meg (Approx.) Needs Vbrun100.Dll-Included Viable
Software Alternatives (Newest File Date: 03-26-93)
WEMPIRE.ZIP 11-17-92 WORLD EMPIRE World Power can be yours with the NEW WIN 3.X version of
this popular game! 139 Real world countries to conquer! Blend strategy
and luck to conquer the world! VIABLE SOFTWARE
WENTZLER.ZIP 02-18-94 Jcs Interview With Teresa Wentzler, Cross Stitch Designer
WENV50.ZIP 07-05-95 Winvelope V5.0 - Everyone's Favorite Envelope Printing Utility for
Windows. Support for Copy/Paste, Windows Installed Fonts, Multiple
Return Address Selection Graphic Logos, Auto-printer Setup Control
Postal Bar
WEP.ZIP 05-01-92 This article discusses loading, initializing, and terminating Microsoft
Windows dynamic link libraries (DLLs).
WERWOLF.ZIP 07-15-96 Werwolf "The Beginning of A Helicopter Simulation"
WES100.ZIP 04-15-93 Bring Elvis Back From the Kidnapping Space Aliens
WESCHES1.ZIP 03-06-93 Fs4 Westchester Co. Airport White Plains Ny.
WESTEND.ZIP 03-10-92 TrueType Font
WESTER.ARJ 12-19-13 Jack Nicklaus Signature - Westershire gc.
WESTPA.ZIP 12-31-89 UFO sightings in PA
WESTSIDE.ZIP 01-25-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
WESTW12A.ZIP 07-05-95 The West Wing, Version 1.2a, the First Igm For Lunatix. Made for
Lunatix V. 2.3a And Newer Only. Check it Out.
WEST_DV6.ZIP 11-30-94 EWestern Tlcf. developers kit - Falken v7.05
WET202.ZIP 08-01-96 Windows Encryption Toolkit V2.02 - Royalty F
WET300.ZIP 11-21-96 Windows Encryption Toolkit V4.00 - 16&32 Bit
WETDOOR4.ZIP 06-17-92 Online weather forecasting door v4.0.
WETH360.ZIP 02-12-94 Weather Forecaster is an integrated package of Forecasting, a Graphable
DataBase, snow elevation and cloud base calculation, many conversions,
and educational text files. These files describe the cloud-making
process with diagrams and text. Requires EGA graphics, 640k RAM, and a
hard drive.
WETH50A.ZIP 03-26-95 Weather Forecaster/Graphical Database V5.0a is an Integrated Package of
Forecasting, A New Testing Section to Assist Teachers, A Graphable
Database, Snow Elevation and Cloud Base Calculation, Many Conversions
WETLORD.ZIP 05-12-95 Wetlord (0.5 Beta) Add-on for Legend of the Red Dragon This Program
Gives Your Lord Game A Totally New Look and Feel With Over 40 New
Monsters New Screens, and A Totally New Storyline
WETPAINT.ZIP 05-28-93 Wet Paint True Type Font for Windows 3.1 or later or True Type for dos.
Bold as if painted with an old brush It makes a good headline or
display font. Wet Paint contains complete upper case, lower case,
numbers, punctuation, Kerning Pairs. (Newest File Date: 05-28-93)
WETSOCK.ZIP 11-05-96 W32_int Wetsock 2.5. Delivers Current Weather Conditions and Forecasts
to Your Desktop
WEV17N11.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 11
WEV17N12.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 12
WEV17N13.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 13
WEV17N14.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 14
WEV17N15.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 15
WEV17N16.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 16
WEV17N17.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 17
WEV17N18.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 18
WEV17N2.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 2
WEV17N3.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 3
WEV17N4.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 4
WEV17N5.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 5
WEV17N6.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 6
WEV17N7.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 7
WEV17N8.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 8
WEV17N9.ZIP 07-01-93 We Magazine - Volume 17, Number 9
WEVENT11.ZIP 06-07-94 Winevent V1.1 for Windows Event Scheduler & 'Quick' Exit. Schedule
Programs to Start Unattended or Reminder Messages to Popup at A
Specified Time. Once, Hourly, Daily, Week Days, Week Ends, Weekly and
Monthly Events Can
WEVNT204.ZIP 04-27-95 Winevent V2.0 for Windows Event Scheduler & 'Quick' Exit. Schedule
Programs to Start Unattended, Reminder Messages to Popup and Programs
to Unload at A Specified Time. Once Hourly, Daily, Week Days, Week Ends
WEVNT207.ZIP 05-08-95 Winevent V2.0 for Windows Event Scheduler & 'Quick' Exit. Schedule
Programs to Start Unattended, Reminder Messages to Popup and Programs
to Unload at A Specified Time. Once Hourly, Daily, Week Days, Week Ends
WEVNT209.ZIP 05-14-96 Winevent V2.09 for Windows Event Scheduler & 'Quick' Exit. Schedule
Programs to Start Unattended, Reminder Messages to Popup and Programs
to Unload at A Specified Time. Once Hourly, Daily, Week Days, Week Ends
WEWN_1.ZIP 03-17-93 Final Operating Schedule - Z-93 0100 UTC WEWN Birmingham A
WEWN_2.ZIP 03-17-93 Final Operating Schedule - Z-93 0100 UTC WEWN Birmingham A
WEXEC101.ZIP 09-29-92 WIN3: Quick pgm laucher w/history & fun optns.
WEXIT.ZIP 03-29-95 Novusr01 Win Exit V5.0++ - This Utility Provides A Quick and Easy Way
to Exit and Restard Windows, Jumpt to DOS & Run Programs and Reboot
Your Pc, You can Also Place the Icon of Win Exit on the Title Bar,
Remembers Icons
WEXIT95.ZIP 09-08-95 Win Exit V5.0 - This Utility Provides A Quick and Easy Way to Exit and
Restard Windows Jumpt to DOS & Run Programs and Reboot Your Pc, You can
Also Place the Icon of Win Exit on the Title Bar, Remembers Icons
WEYEDOS.ZIP 08-11-96 Eagle Software's Eye Watch Security System This Program Will Display an
Screen Saver/Eye on the Screen and Wait for the Esc Key to be Hit Then
it Will Ask for Two Passwords
WEYES11.ZIP 03-19-92 A Unix inspired program which tracks the movement of your mouse with
the ever watching eyes
WEYES20.ZIP 06-02-92 "wEyes" is a Windows program that, although originally designed purely
for amusement, might actually be of use to some computer users.
Inspired by the famous "xEyes" program run on many UNIX-based xWindows
systems, this program draws two eyes in a window; the eyes then track
the movement of the mouse.
WEYES212.ZIP 10-27-92 A more advanced version of the orginal WinEyes program. Your mouse is
under watch by the ever present eyes.
WEYHEY.ZIP 04-04-95 Doom II Wad (Weyhey Deathmatch).
WEZP14.ZIP 03-14-94 WINEZ PRO VERSION 1.4 An easy to use Windows 3.1 add-in utility
that provides fast task switching and application launching. Adds a
pop-up toolbar available from almost any windowed applications. Save
and restore Windows desktop configurations. A must have utility.
WE_20K.ZIP 01-21-93 Winedit 2.0h (Beta) (ASP)- Power Programming for Windows Environment.
Fast, Full Featured Editor, or Simple File Browser. High Speed, Super
Powerful. Edits Any Size Files. Macro Language in Pro Version. Lite $29
95 Standard $59.95 Pro $89.95. (Newest File Date: 01-21-93)
WE_20N.ZIP 03-09-93 Winedit 2.0n(ASP)- Programmable Editor for Windows Environment. Fast,
Full Featured Editor, or Simple File Browser. High Speed, Super
Powerful. Edits Any Size Files. Macro Language in Pro Version. Lite $29
95 Standard $59.95 Pro $89.95 (Newest File Date: 03-09-93)
WE_30D.ZIP 10-13-93 Winedit 3.0d (Asp)- Programmable Editor for Windows Environment. Fast,
Full Featured Editor, or Simple File Browser. High Speed, Super
Powerful. Edits Any Size Files. Chroma Coding. Macro Language in Pro
Version. Lite
programmer's text editor for Windows 3.1. Open unlimited files, up to
available memory. Multi-level undo/redo, runs compilers, captures
output. Search/replace, syntax coloring and much more. 3 registration
options ($29.95/ $59.95/$89.95)
WF10G2.ZIP 07-29-95 Wildfile! the Revolutionary Tic Processor for Wildcat! V4 . Wildfile!
Directly Accesses Wildcat! So There is No Need for Any Other Programs
to Import Your Files Such As Wcfile. Wildfile! Also Properly Uses
WF1_0_1.ZIP 08-15-93 Wheel of Fun Version 1.0.1. A fun word puzzle game for 1 to 5 players.
Requires Microsoft Windows Version 3.1. (Newest File Date: 08-15-93)
WF200-A.LZH 01-06-14 Industrial strength from Australia (A
WF200-B.LZH 01-06-14 Word Fugue v2.00c utilities (B
WF200-C.LZH 01-06-14 Word Fuge v2.00c documentation (C
WF200A.ARJ 12-19-13 Word Fugue v2.02c (1/2) EXES - Word Processor Package with many editing
facilities. V.Good
WF200B.ARJ 12-19-13 Word Fugue v2.02c (2/2) DOCS & Tutorial
WF221.ZIP 08-01-92 WFiler v2.21: file manager/DOS shell more!
WF310A.ZIP 05-24-94 WORD FUGUE WORD PROCESSOR V3.1 R1 Multiple file editing, down
menus, macros, context sensitive help, tables, columns, newspaper
columns, footnotes, endnotes, mail merge, tables of contents, indexes,
laser printers, postscript, spell checker. Last Updated 25 May 94
Registration requested
WF310B.ZIP 05-23-94 WORD FUGUE WORD PROCESSOR V3.1 R1 Disk 2 of 3
WF310C.ZIP 05-23-94 WORD FUGUE WORD PROCESSOR V3.1 R1 Disk 3 of 3
WF313.ZIP 01-27-95 Word Fugue Word Processor V3.1.3 - Industrial Strength Word Processor
With Macros, Columns, Tables, Newspaper Cols, Footnotes, Index & Toc,
WF314.ZIP 08-27-96 Word Fugue V3.14 - DOS Industrial Strength Word Processor, Includes
Macros, Columns, Newspaper Columns, Tables, Footnotes, Index, Table of
Contents, Etc
WFAPMENU.ZIP 07-26-93 File Manager Extension Can Add Applications Menu to Windows.
WFAX11.ZIP 01-08-93 Whatfax is a simple utility to determine the type of fax m
WFAX30X.ZIP 05-11-93 Yet Another Patch for Winfax Pro 3.0. You Must Already Have Winfax Pro
and Refer to Readme File for Correct Password and Installation
WFAXAA.ZIP 01-03-93 How to use WinFax and Silent Answer with Supra modems.
WFAXPRO.ZIP 09-19-91 A Test Drive Version of Winfax Pro
WFB20.ZIP 01-01-94 WYNDFIELDS BRONZE v2.0 - Easy to use, yet flexible database for
Windows. It features extensive search capabilities, detailed reports
and labels, unsurpassed date and time tracking, and multiple indexing.
Version 2.0 now supports TrueType fonts. $20.00 (or upgrade to the
powerful relational Wyndfields Gold for $99.00). (Newest File Date:
WFB_10.ZIP 03-26-94 T&j Software's World Factbook Door V1.0: Supports Most BBS Systems,
Fossil Drivers, and Digiboard Systems. Contains Info. On Every Country
in the World According to the 1993 World Factbook Data. Requires
Approximately 14
WFCLCK12.ZIP 11-04-96 V1.2) Wfclck12.Zip - World Flag Clock Place A Choice of 30 National
Flags on an Analog Clock Display. You May Change Flags at Anytime. This
Program Comes With Many Features to Enhance Your Enjoyment. Graphics
and Sound
WFDEMDAT.ZIP 08-01-95 Complete Genealogical Database With Pictures for Winf3eng.Zip.
WFDS.ZIP 07-01-93 Windows Free Disk Space Utility.
WFDS101.ZIP 06-10-93 Free Disk Space for WINDOWS V1.01: Pgm That Tells You How Much Space is
Available on Your Hard Disk(S), Including Ram Drives, Network Drives,
Cd Rom Drives, Stacker Drives, Double Space Drives, Etc.; Both the DOS
Version and the WINDOWS Version are Contained in One Executable File,
Both Having Graphical Displays as Well as Textual Displays; 06/10/93;
Mark Hamilton. (Newest File Date: 06-10-93)
WFERR11.ZIP 06-08-97 Webferret V1.1 for Windows95/Nt4 Searches Multiple Web Engines at One
Time. It's Fast and Incredibly Easy. And Free. Away You Go Hunting Down
the Information You're Looking for on the Net.
WFERRET.ZIP 01-21-97 W32_int Webferret Beta 0.88 (Build 56). An Essential Search Tool for
Finding Web Sites on the 'Net
WFF17.ZIP 09-02-92 Capabile floppy formatter.. menu driver,
WFF17D.ZIP 06-23-93 What Floppy Format? (Wff) is an Easy Way to Quickly Format Floppies
Without Remembering Commands and Option Switches for Various Disk Types
Using Fdformat, a Formatting Utility Written and Donated to the Public.
WFGUT1S.ZIP 08-11-93 Text File Manager for Windows That Stripscontrol Codes From Wp Files of
Other Wordprocessors.
WFICB1A.ZIP 12-04-95 Winframe Plugin for Netscape 2.0 32bit. Run Winnt Applications From
Within Netscape
WFIDE.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : Fail to Recognize Ide Cd Drives
WFIDO1A.ZIP 12-21-13 Beta test version of WWIV/Fido Import & Export Program. This program
includes updated documentation, the FINST program, and the
import/export programs. This software will be released officially when
WWIV v4.24 is released. If you try this pro
WFIELD12.ARJ 12-19-13 WYNFIELDS v1.2 flat file database General purpose database, reports,
WFIGHT08.ZIP 02-08-93 Winfight "Far West Style" Game For Windows. (Newest File Date: 02-08-93
WFIL0410.LZH 01-06-14 WinNet files list as of 4/10/91
WFIL09.ZIP 06-09-92 A electronic newsletter devoted to news and views on Windows 3.1 --
Edited by Frank Schroth and Mark Hessman, abetted by David DeJean
WFILE10.ZIP 10-16-93 Wild File Lister v1.0! The Newest WildStuff Utility! This will create
a display file using the WildCat @ color codes AND a straight ASCII
text file of the files on your BBS. You can configure it to exclude up
to 20 file areas if desired. It's easy to set up and run. Just type
WILDFILE /C and you are off! Files are listed by file area in the
manner in which they appear in your file database. Only $5.00 and it's
$FREE$ if you register or have already registered WildBull/News! You
get your money's worth with -== Blake Software ==-! Also included
FREE: FILELOOK. Creates a handy, quick reference text file of the file
areas on your WC3.x BBS.
WFILER32.ZIP 08-24-97 Web file downloading/uploading client v1.1.2
WFILEZ10.ZIP 03-30-93 Very fast Windows file manager replacement
WFILL22.ZIP 01-03-94 WORD FILL VERSION 2.2 A Fill-in-the-Word type puzzle program.- A
Fill-in-the-Word type puzzle program. The program can create an
extensive number of puzzle programs of different types and skill levels
A list of words can be entered to create a personalized puzzle. Greate
for teachers and publishers. Games - Word DAVID GROSS
WFINANCE.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.0 Win Finance V1.0 WindowsFinancial Calculator With hp Like
WFINANCE.ZIP 01-14-92 Windows 3.0: Win Finance v1.0 - Windows financial calculator with HP
like functions.
WFIND.ZIP 06-19-96 DOS Search Program. Fast and Easy to Learn. Displays Extracts for File
Selection and Action. $5 Shareware
WFIND15.ZIP 05-09-92 Windows file-finder; searches archives, too
WFIND20.ZIP 02-17-93 WFind is a file-find program for Windows 3.0 & 3.1. It will search for
all files that match the search pattern you enter.
WFIND21.ZIP 12-25-93 File Finder Version 2.1 for Windows powerful File Search Program
for Windows-file Finder for Windows is a File Searchprogram for Windows
3.X. Complete, Well-done.
WFIND22.ZIP 03-05-94 FILE FINDER VERSION 2.2 FOR WINDOWS Powerful file search program
for Windows- File finder for Windows is a file search program for
Windows 3.x. It can search all drives, including networked drives, and
most popular archive types. Search types include DOS standard,
substring, regular expression, date, time, and size. Windows -
Utilities DON BRANSON (Newest File Date: 03-05-94)
WFIND30.ZIP 12-18-94 File Finder 3.0 for Windows LONG DESCRIPTION: File Finder for
Windows is a fast file-find program for Windows 3.1. It can search the
most popular archive types, and has many useful features, including
printing and copying file lists to other applications. Search for
files using a standard DOS search string or a "regular expression."
Search for files based on date time, or size. You can even launch
applications based on f
WFIRE35S.ZIP 04-22-92 Wildfire Door control program for Spitfire. Allows you to run up to
1400 doors.
WFISH.ZIP 10-12-92 Editable Swimming Fish Screen Saver for WINDOWS. (Newest File Date:
WFIT122A.ZIP 06-07-93 WINDOWS Curve Fitting Progrsm. (Newest File Date: 06-07-93)
WFIT122A.ZIP 06-07-93 WINDOWS Curve Fitting Progrsm. (Newest File Date: 06-07-93)
WFLASH.ZIP 11-22-96 Worlflash Newsticker 0.98. A New Internet Information Agent. It's A
Free (Advertiser Supported) Program That Lets You See Personalized,
Up-to-the-minute Scrolling Stock Quotes, News Headlines
WFLASH11.ZIP 02-18-93 Windows Flashcards
WFLASH20.ZIP 04-04-93 A First-rate Flash Card Program for Windows.
WFLASH30.ZIP 03-19-94 Winflash 3.0 This Major Upgrade Adds Fonts, Colors, .Bmp Graphics
and .Wav Sounds. New "Auto Learn" Mode Focuses on Questions Not Yet
Learned. Questions and Answers can be Up to 1000 Characters and can be
WFLET.ZIP 11-08-90 Gulf Breeze data
WFLISN.ZIP 09-18-93 Temporarily disable WinFAX reception while you run a DOS comm program,
then enable it again when you're through. Freebie for MS-Win 3.1. (-AV
by author). (Newest File Date: 09-18-93)
WFM.ZIP 10-06-95 Cook-mm (Mm) Information & Recipes From Whole Foods Market
WFM051E.ZIP 02-09-93 Wolf File Manager V0.51e - Manages Files, Directories, and Archives
(Arc, Arj, Lzh and Zip). Has Various File Sort Methods, File and
Attribute Masks, Extension Assign, Color Coded Files, 1 and 2 Column
File Modes
WFNGR_32.ZIP 01-08-97 W32_int Wfinger32 1.0. Finger & Whois Winsock Compliant Client. Finger
Service; Whois Service; Dns Lookup; Finger Address Book; and More
WFNPATCH.ARJ 12-19-13 Patch WFNBOSS.EXE To Build Adobe Type I Fonts
WFORD.ZIP 08-26-95 William Ford of the "Fortune" Ged Including the Parents of William Ford
Provided by "The Ford Family Data Base".
WFP_03.ZIP 01-17-95 Ibmos2fx Warp Com.Sys and Ibmkbd.Sys Pj14145/16077/16168/16278. You
Will Need Wkickr.Zip to Get Warp Corrective Service Boot Disks.
WFP_05.ZIP 03-06-95 Wfp_05 *Second Release* If You Have the First Release Installed, You Do
Not Need This Release. Three Broken Future Domain Scsi Drivers Removed.
Fixes for 50 Pervasive Os/2 Warp 3.0 Problems, Us Only. Req
WFP_05_1.ZIP 03-11-95 Os/2 Warp V3.0 Csd's (Corrective Service Diskettes). This is File 1 of
3. You Need to Also Download Wfp 05 02.Zip and Wfp 05 03.Zip.
WFP_05_2.ZIP 03-11-95 Os/2 Warp V3.0 Csd's (Corrective Service Diskettes). This is File 2 of
3. You Need to Also Download Wfp 05 01.Zip and Wfp 05 03.Zip.
WFRENCH.ZIP 09-07-95 Language module for WebEdit 1.2 Also available on this CD-ROM, in this
category, we have the following language modules: British, German,
Italian, Spanish. You can find them under the name of the language.
WFRT100.ZIP 09-11-94 Way Freight V1.0 Door Game - Run A Railroad!
WFRT112.ZIP 05-17-95 Weigh Freight V1.12 - Railroad Operations Door Game.
WFS-SND2.ZIP 04-16-92 SND Files for Use With Windows players able to play SND files.
WFS203.ZIP 12-04-92 "Waffle File Server" (WFS) v2.0.0; Features a Mail Based Archive Server
Automatic mail response, Remote command execution, and a Mailing list
04/24/92; ARTISOFT.
WFTCH119.ZIP 07-21-96 Webfetch 1.19 Web Page Automatic Grabber Download Any Binary or Text
File That can be Accessed With A Single "Http" Parameter Download A
Webpage.Htm, .Html) Along With all the Images That Are Referenced in
That Webpage
WFTP.ZIP 10-20-94 Windows API for FTP. Requires WinSock.DLL
WFTPD1_7.ZIP 11-22-93 Win 3.X Ftp Daemon V1.7 for Winsockwftpd is an Ftp Daemon (Server) for
Windows,which Runs on Top of Any Winsock 1.1 Stack.
WFTPD202.ZIP 08-13-95 (v2.02) WFTPD - Winsock FTP Server. Allows you to administer an FTP
site from your own Windows machine. Easy to use and configure, and
notoriously stable. Costs only $15 to register the 16-bit version, $20
for the 32-bit version ($5 extra f
WFUEL12.ZIP 05-06-93 This is a windows program. In order to run this program you will need
Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher.
WFUGUE01.ZIP 11-09-94 Winfugue V0.1a A New Winsock Mu* Client. Alpha Testing Version. No
WFUND31.ZIP 10-01-93 Fundexpert Automates Access to Mutual Fund Accounts
WFUND35.ZIP 11-20-93 Fundexpert for Windows V3.5. Portfolio Manager Program for Investors in
Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds. Maintains a Record of All Transactions
Calculates Actual Return on Investment and Yield to Maturity of Bonds
and Mor
WFUND39.ZIP 03-15-94 Fundexpert for Windows V3.9. Portfolio Manager for Investors in Stocks,
Bonds, and Mutual Funds.
WFUND9.ZIP 03-15-94 FundExpert for Windows Ver3.9. Portfolia Manager. (Newest File Date:
WFUTILE2.ZIP 04-17-95 Game for Windows.
WFW.ARJ 12-19-13 Relational database program for Windows
WFW12.ZIP 11-01-92 Relational Database Program for Windows
WFW13.ZIP 07-01-93 Wyndfields for Windows, Powerful Relational Database.
WFWADD.ZIP 05-20-93 Microsoft Application Note That Contains Wfwg Accessory Files.
Microsoft Corp. (Newest File Date: 05-20-93)
WFWDLC.ZIP 01-13-94 Windows For Workgroups Data Link Control Protocol Module. From
Microsoft Download Service. (Newest File Date: 01-13-94)
WFWDRV.ZIP 03-14-94 Driver for PROMISE IDE Caching Controller for use when running
Workgroup for Windows. THIS IS A BETA VERSION ONLY.currently under
testing. (As you requested Colin. Regards, (Newest File Date: 03-14-94)
WFWHLP.ZIP 02-24-94 Windows for Workgroups help system from Microsoft. Included much of
tech support's knowledge base, plus a search engine. (Newest File Date:
WFWIN5.ZIP 03-20-95 95/03/23 Update, Warp for Windows Install Files. Upgrades Wfw Install
Discs to Wfp_05 Level. For Eide Cyl. Install Wfp_05 After Warp. N.B.:
Do Not Get Again If it Worked. The Code is the Same.
WFWMCBAS.ZIP 06-09-93 Some Microsoft Word for WINDOWS Macros That You Might Find Useful.
(Newest File Date: 06-09-93)
WFWMCRO1.ZIP 07-12-91 Word for Windows macros - 1/2
WFWMCRO2.ZIP 07-12-91 Word for Windows macros - 2/2
WFWNEWS.ZIP 01-04-93 Windows for Workgroups Newsletter. By Microsoft. (Newest File Date:
WFWPATCH.ZIP 01-04-94 The enclosed files are update files for Windows for Workgroups, Version
3.11. They correct various problems encountered in special situations.
(Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
WFWPTP.ZIP 02-09-94 The Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) for Workgroups 3.11 Point-to-Point Server
enables your WFWG 3.11 system to accept incoming calls from other
Remote Access clients. This allows other people (or you, from home or
the road) to gain access to your shared resources from any remote PC.
(Newest File Date: 02-09-94)
WFWT32.ZIP 08-31-94 Wfw V3.11 Tcp/Ip Support From Microsoft BBS Ftp is Implemented in A
Windows Console in This Release. The Ftp App. Which Ships With This
Product Does Not Support the "!" Command, Which Typically Invokes A
User Shell.
WFWTCP.ZIP 01-13-94 Windows for Workgroup TCP/IP protocol module. From Microsoft Download
Service. (Newest File Date: 01-13-94)
WFWTSFAX.ZIP 10-04-93 Tss Fax 1.0 - Freeware Winword Fax Macro the Easiest Way to Have Your
Fax-modem Send Faxes From Word for Windows! Automate the Tedious Task
of Faxing Inside Winword - Now One Click Can Do it All. Simple to Set
Up and Simpl
WFWVSRVR.ZIP 09-28-95 Updated Vserver 386 for Wfwg 3.11 9/95.
WFX02.ZIP 12-05-92 Another File-Fix for Winfaxpro [2/3]. (Newest File Date: 12-05-92)
WFX03.ZIP 12-05-92 Last File-Fix for Winfaxpro [3/3]. (Newest File Date: 12-05-92)
WFX304.ZIP 07-01-93 Winfax Pro 3.0x Patches, Update Ver. 3.0 to Ver. 3.01.
7/93 & May 10/93 at 5: 00 pm: In our enthusiasm to post this patch, we
accidentally posted a late Beta version of WFX304.ZIP. The differences
between the two patch versions are minimal. You require the WFX305.ZIP
if the date/time of your MOD files are NOT 4-21-93 2: 50p These files
are to be placed in the WINFAX sub-directory. We apologize for any
inconvenience this patch may have caused you. (NEWEST FILE DATE:
WFX306.ZIP 06-07-93 Update for Win Fax Pro 3.0. This Update is Only for the 4/21/93 Release
Use Wfx304.ZIP if You Have an Earlier Version. (Newest File Date:
WFX40.ZIP 09-05-94 The Best & Easiest WinFax Macro for WinWord WinFax Pro 4.0 and Word 6.0
DDE Fax Macro and Template: Faxing has never been so easy or convenient
Takes full advantage of WinFax Pro 4.0ís vast programming options. Now
allows storage and changing of USER information. Rid yourself of that
annoying Send To screen! Easy to use and operate.
WFXAUTO.ZIP 09-13-94 Wfxauto Eliminates Comm Port Conflicts Between Winfax and all Your Comm
Programs. Wfxauto Disables Winfax Auto Receive, Launches Your App,
Waits Until it is Finished Then Re-enables Auto Receive. Requires
WFXCOM.ZIP 04-05-93 WFXCOMM.DRV - Windows Comm Driver Replacement driver which resolves
many WinFax problems with 14.4 modems and 16550 UARTS From Delrina
WFXNOTES.ZIP 10-05-93 Winfax 3.0 Technical Notes from Delrina BBS.
WFXWRD.ZIP 09-21-93 This is an updated Word For Windows 2.0 Macro supplied by Delrina,
which supports multiple page merges for WinFax PRO 3.0. Please read the
README.TXT file included with this zipped file that describes the
installation procedure. (Newest File Date: 09-21-93)
WF_WORD.ZIP 02-25-93 Word for Windows Macro to be Used With Winfax V3.0. Permits Insertion
of Data Into a Master Word Document and Send the Merged Information to
Separate Persons. (Newest File Date: 02-25-93)
WG042894.ZIP 05-01-94 Fido & Usenet Mail Processing; Gateway Usenet >< Fidonet; Supports Up
to 65,000 Areas/Nodes; .Msg, Squish, Jam Support; More.
WG0666.ZIP 05-11-93 Microsoft Application Note for WINDOWS for Workgroups Containing Setup
Information. Microsoft Corp. (Newest File Date: 05-11-93)