Name Date Description
WAM100.ZIP 09-02-96 This is an Os/2 Interpretation of A Carnival Game Called Whack-a-mole
WAM101.ZIP 09-16-96 Whack-a-mole Carnival Game for Os/2, V1.01
WAM102.LZH 01-06-14 Windows Application Manager
WAM14.ZIP 03-29-95 The Mother of all Conversion Programs V1.4 for Windows
WAMIPR.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : Envelope Printing on Amipro 3.1
WAMORT11.ZIP 03-10-94 Windows! Fast loan amortization calculator. A must have for anyone
looking to buy a car, house etc. (Newest File Date: 03-10-94)
WAMP45R.ZIP 05-13-93 Wampum Remote 4.5 - ANSI/Bbs Door Version. The ultimate mu
WAMPANSI.ZIP 12-29-13 WAMPUM REMOTE 4.5 (ANSI-BBS VERSION) The ultimate multi-user,
dBASE-compatible DOOR for virtually any BBS with DOOR support. Now all
your remote users can access any WAMPUM data base application. 360K,
DOS 3.1, hard disk, and any ANSI compatible BBS software with DOOR
application using WAMPUM 4.5.
WAMPUM40.LZH 01-06-14 Wampum Relational Database a dBase clone.
WAMPUM40.LZH 01-06-14 Wampum Relational Database a dBase clone.
WAMPUM42.ARJ 12-19-13 Menu-driven,dBASE-compatible relational DBMS
WAMPUM42.ZIP 01-19-92 dBase CloneWare 20K TSR w/ .PCX Graphics Supp
WAMPUM45.ZIP 12-29-13 WAMPUM 4.5 The ultimate dBASE-compatible, menu-driven data base
management system. WAMPUM can be loaded as 20K TSR and supports use of
.PCX graphics fields. Quickly generate custom reports, labels, form
letters, custom screens. 512K, DOS 3.1 or higher, hard disk.
WANCHAT.ZIP 03-04-94 This utility allows you to chat with multiple people accross a novell
Wide-Area-Network. The user-interface is similar to the internet IRC
(Internet Relay Chat) with access to multiple channels, handling of
topics and user 'handles'. Also works in an IPX only environment such
as Netware Lite. Shareware Version. (Newest File Date: 03-04-94)
WANDW102.ZIP 02-23-97 When and Where Sports Scheduler V1.10 Schedules Sports and Other
Activities in an Intuitive Way. Suitable for all Sports Where Two
Teams/Players Meet to Provide A Result Both Windows 3.X and Windows
95/Nt Versions
WANKEL.ZIP 11-01-91 Great simulation of a Rotary engine
WANKLE.ZIP 09-06-90 Autodesk Animator Combustion Engine DEMO
WANSI1_2.ARJ 12-19-13 ANSI File Editing From Within Windows
WANSI1_2.ZIP 08-10-91 ANSI File Editing From Within Windows
WANT4MAX.ZIP 04-04-93 WANT4MAX v1.04; Wanted List For Maximus BBS A bulletin boa
WANTED.ZIP 10-17-93 Automatically Update Maximus (Msgarea.Ctl) and Squish (Squish.Ctl) When
Picking Up or Removing Netmail Conferences From Fidonet
WANTLST.ZIP 04-03-92 Renegade BBS file want list door.
WANTON12.ZIP 04-19-94 This File Contains 2 Made-from-scratch Levels for Doom. They Seem to be
Very Good.
WANTON2.ZIP 03-20-95 Pwad for Doom II Wanton2.Wad! Abd.
WANVAS10.ZIP 06-18-95 Multi-user network whiteboard
WAN_INFO.ZIP 10-09-92 InterNetworking Your NetWare Lans: Connecting the PC Workg
WAOL15.ZIP 07-13-94 Latest Version of America Online for Windows.
WAPRE.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : Can't Inst. On Pre-load Aptiva's (Dos/Win)
WAPS.ZIP 01-06-94 WAPS helps you (or a committee) compare the features shared by
different options and select the option that meets your needs the best.
Options could be something you want to buy such as a car or a sterio or
even a house. You decide how important different features are and you
rate each option according to how well it supports each feature. WAPS
crunches the numbers and suggests the best option.
WAPS_20.ZIP 12-03-95 Waps Computer V2.0. Computes Scores Needed For Usaf Waps Testing
WAPTIV.ZIP 02-02-95 This Package Contains Replacement and Upgrade Disk Images to Allow You
to Install Os/2 Warp 3.0 on the Ibm Aptiva Systems
WAR.LZH 01-06-14 Nuclear war simulation
WAR1PICS.ZIP 10-08-95 Warcraft Orcs & Humans Bmp Files. Works Nicely for Windows Wall Paper.
WAR2MAP.ZIP 12-27-95 Warcraft II Scenario Title: Lands of Glory and Doom Terrain: Forest,
Map Size: 128 X 128 Players: 1
WAR2MAPS.ZIP 02-08-97 A Groub of Warcraft 2 Maps
WAR2MAZE.ZIP 01-25-96 Warcraft 2 1995 Game by Blizzard Scenario Maze, One Giant Maze, 128 by
128 in Size
WAR2SAVE.ZIP 12-21-95 Warcraft II: - Savegames
WAR2SCN1.ZIP 05-09-95 An Excellent Warlords II Scenario for Those Who Have the Scenario
Builder Add-on. Unique Armies, Mixed City-set, Great Play for 2 or More
(Pretty Easy Vs the Computer Though) W.D.Messer (Wyt Nyt).
WAR2SCN3.ZIP 05-11-95 Another Warlords II Scenario to Enjoy. It Requires the Scenario Builder
to Load, But You'll Enjoy. Look for Others. William Messer.
WAR2SCN4.ZIP 05-11-95 Games Add-on; A New Warlords II Scenario Requires Scenario Editor.
WAR2SCN5.ZIP 05-11-95 Warlords II Game Scenario for Scen. Editor.
WAR2SCN6.ZIP 05-11-95 A Warlords 2 Games Scenario-req Scen. Editor.
WAR2SCN8.ZIP 05-11-95 A Warlords 2 Game Scenario-req Scen. Editor.
WAR2STUF.ZIP 01-03-97 Warcraft II : Tides of Darkness
WARBD.ZIP 02-26-94 AutoCAD drawing of Romulan ship. (Newest File Date: 02-26-94)
WARBOAT1.ZIP 05-04-93 War Boats V1.0: MS-WINDOWS Battleship Type Game Where Players Try to
Sink the Opponent's Boats on a 10x10 Grid; Req Vbrun200.Dll; (Newest
File Date: 05-04-93)
WARCFT2.ZIP 01-01-96 Sounds of Warcraft 2 for Doom A Sound Only Pwad for Doom or Doom2.
Thanks to the Sound Editor of Warcraft, and the Features of Wintex 4.0.
The Sounds of Azeroth Are Now Able to Come to the Worlds of Doom.
WARCHEAT.TXT 12-19-13 All WarCraft II cheat codes!!!
WARCHILD.ZIP 11-12-93 = THE TRUTH ABOUT WARCHILD = Learn the truth about this lamer and why
everyone needs to get together and ban this idiot. He is nothing but a
farce and a liar. Written by CyberChrist and includes CC's last words
to the scene for a long time. = DOWNLOAD THIS AND SPREAD IT. DO THE
WARCITY.ZIP 06-29-94 A Warlords II Scenario From Wuarchive.Wustl. Edu - I Haven't Tried It,
So I Can't Say Much Else. Note That You'll Need the Warlords II Patch
(Up to V.1.11 I Think) or the Scenario Editor in Order to Play These
Homemade Sce
WARCOLL1.ZIP 11-29-95 Screenshots: War College - Gametek - 1/2
WARCOLL2.ZIP 11-29-95 Screenshots: War College - Gametek - 2/2
WARCOM51.ZIP 01-31-94 WarCom v5.1
WARCR116.ZIP 02-22-95 Warcraft Orcs and Humans 1994 Game by Blizzard Upgrade to V1.16
Upgrades Both Floppy and Cd Versions. Adds Command Line Option for Link
Play. Includes Warcraft Unit Editor and Cheat Info. Self Extracting
WARCR120.ZIP 03-08-95 Warcraft Upgrade 1.20 From Blizzard Bbs.
WARCRAFT.ZIP 11-30-96 About 50 Warcraft support fileslevels
WARD120B.ZIP 09-05-96 V1.20b Win95 Ftp-server Von Jarle Aase. War-ftpd Ist Ein Umfangreicher
Ftp-server-daemon F R Win95 Und Nt, Mit Dem Sie Die Daten Ihrer Lokalen
Festplatten Allen Nutzern Ber Tcp/Ip Netzwerk Oder
WARD165.ZIP 05-30-97 War Ftp Daemon V1.65 32 Bit Ftp Server for Win95/Nt. Freeware
WARDEMO.LZH 01-06-14 Demo of Dan Bunten's ModemWars game
WARDEMO.ZOO 04-26-91 Freely distributable Modem Wars Demo program
WARDIAL.ZIP 02-05-86 Wardialer w/PASCAL source
WAREAD20.ZIP 02-20-97 Writing About Reading. This Writing Tutor Teaches Students How to
Organize Their Thoughts and Write an Effective Paragraph About Material
They Have Read. Students Choose From A Menu of Topics. They Work
WAREAG95.ZIP 04-01-95 Wareagle 95, an Auburn University Football Trivia Game. This Program
Includes Questions About the Players Coaches, Games and Traditions of
Auburn Tiger Football. Shareware From Sportsware South.
WAREUFO.ZIP 12-31-89 Government UFO secrecy
WAREZBST.ZIP 04-08-94 Info about warez bust at MIT
WARFARE.ZIP 07-26-95 Warfare is A Fast Paced War/Strategy Game for Windows. It is Simply to
Learn, Hard to Master. Play Against Multiple Computer Players Each With
Controlling Attributes That Are Configurable. Strong Ai
WARFIELD.ZIP 04-28-95 Another Fine Doom File.
WARGAME.ARJ 12-19-13 The Liberation of Kuwait, Strategy Wargame Win3
WARGAMES.ZIP 12-22-85 Is Wargames real, or full of crap?
WARGYS.ARJ 12-19-13 Jnug a golfing experience.
WARHD202.ZIP 02-11-95 Warheads Game for Windows
WARHEAD.ARJ 12-19-13 Warheads for Windows v1.01 - arcade style game where you shoot those
incoming Scuds down.
WARHEAD.ZIP 10-13-94 Warheads - Window's Game Missile Command Clone.
WARHOUSE.ZIP 04-15-94 Warehouse New Level for Doom! (Newest File Date: 04-15-94)
WARI12.ZIP 05-01-94 Wari V1.2 1-may-94 African Strategy Game for 2 Players. Also Known As
Mancala and Ourri, Wari is Over 4,000 Years Old and Was Used to Train
African Tribal Chiefs. Easy to Learn As Chinese Checkers, But Requires
WARJOKES.ARJ 12-19-13 Jokes on the persian gulf war.
WARL112.ZIP 12-10-94 Warlock Screen Editor 1.1.2 A New Concept in Screen Development. More
Features Than Any Other Screen Editor. Import Pcx, Bmp, Gif Files to
Any Size Screen; Zoom/Pan Around Edit Screen; Mix Shades for Drawing
WARLORD.ZIP 08-05-95 Deathmatch for Doom Warlord.Wad Has Plenty of Weapons and Great
Fragability Good Looking Design With Interesting Architecture. By
WARM13.ZIP 04-17-95 Node and Reject Map Builder for Doom II.
WARM15.ZIP 11-29-95 L Node Builder for use With Hck Hexen Editor
WARMAPS.ZIP 08-15-95 Warcraft Save Game Maps! - Giveup.Sav Norest.Sa: Just Rename the Files
to the Save Game Slot You Like Ex: Rename Giveup.Sav Save7.Sav all New
Maps. Very Hard. J.Maraschiello@canrem.Com.
WARMDOCK.ZIP 06-30-95 Ibmos2dd Os/2 Warp Docking Support for Ibm Thinkpad 755ce, 755cse,
755cd, 755cv, 755cdv, 755cx and Dock II Docking Station. Basic
Warm-swapping and Hot-swapping Support.
WARN0994.ZIP 03-01-94 Skytext About of the First Virus Which Affect the Internal Clock
WARN4593.ZIP 11-11-93 Warning About the New Digital Dream Trojan and Virus News
WARN6.ZIP 11-12-93 Warning #6 to the Churches - "The Fallibility of Ministers".
WARNFLI.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation that displays 256 color attention grabber.
WARNINGS.ZIP 12-31-89 What to do when a UFO lands near you
WARP.ZIP 02-13-91 StarTrek .FLI Animation
WARP20A.ZIP 08-02-93 Mouse Warp v2.0A: multi-purpose Windows mouse enchancement util that
enables you to change the mouse pointer into various shapes, select
either right/left-handed mouse pointers, blink the mouse after several
seconds of inactivity so when you return you can find the mouse
instantly and more; 08/02/93; Toggle Booleans. (Newest File Date:
WARPB10.ZIP 01-26-95 Matrox Driver Beta for Os/2 Warp - Drivers for Ver 2.1 Will Give
Incorrect Colors. Unzip Using the /D Option.
WARPBOOT.ZIP 06-08-97 Patches Warp's Kernel So That it Always Displays Driver Names During
the Boot Process
WARPCOMM.ZIP 01-25-91 WARP LIBRARY 1.02 modem/serial library.
WARPDRVR.ZIP 02-24-91 Fast alternative to ANSI.SYS.
WARPDUMP.ZIP 01-30-95 Instructions and Updated Utility for Dumping Physical Memory to
Diskette With Warp.
WARPFAQ.ZIP 02-20-95 Os/2 Warp Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Ascii Version.
Release 3 by Tomothy Sipples. Feb. 20 1995.
WARPFONT.ZIP 03-14-95 Replacement Fonts to Give all Full-screen Sessions A Much Sharper
Appearance. Updated for Os/2 Warp, Also Works With Os/2 2.1.
WARPGLAN.ZIP 05-28-95 Don't Just Get Warped.Get Connected! Warp Connect Features and
Requirements at A Glance.
WARPIN.ZIP 02-12-95 Warptips : Inf File of all Problems and Other Info. 02/14/95
WARPINF.ZIP 02-20-95 Os/2 Warp Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Inf Version. Release
3 by Timothy Sipples. Feb. 20 1995.
WARPITUP.ZIP 06-25-95 Os2 "Warp it Up!" - Very Nice Ray-rtraced.
WARPLOGO.ZIP 03-24-95 Os2 Alternative Logos for Warp Boot.
WARPNGOR.ZIP 08-28-95 Os2 A Tool for Editing Config.Sys - Ibm Ews.
WARPPERF.ZIP 04-07-95 Os/2 Warp Performance and Tuning White Paper in 2 Formats. Ascii Text
and Ibm Works.
WARPSP10.ARJ 12-19-13 Redefine Your Keyboard To DVORAK Layout
WARPSP10.ZIP 08-17-91 WARPSPEED 1.0 Increase repetition rate of KB
WARPSPEC.ZIP 05-28-95 Highlights of Os/2 Warp Connect: the Totally Cool Way to Run and
Network Your Computer.
WARPSPED.LZH 01-06-14 WarpSpeed - Keyboard Speedup
WARPTEXT.ZIP 12-14-94 Attention! Have You Considered Trying Os/2 Warp? This Text File of
Information May Change Your Mind. Discusses the Many Bugs, Problems,
and Inconveniences of Ibm's Operating System.
WARPTRIS.ZIP 05-12-97 Os2 Warptris 1.01
WARRAY.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : 9595 Pent., 64mb, Disk Array
WARSDEMO.ZIP 06-27-94 Wargaming Analysis & Recommendation System. Wars is A System Used to
Assist World War II Wargamers in Creating More Realistic Wargaming
WARSHARE.ZIP 11-07-91 War lords v4.0 multi-user bbs game. Sophisticated.
WARSTUF2.ZIP 01-03-97 Warcraft II : Tides of Darkness
WARTANK.ZIP 06-17-93 War-tank V. 1.3b, 2 Player, Tank Vs. Tank Game. Great Action, and
Competition!! Sareware $5 (Or More).
WARW10.ZIP 08-15-94 The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells [Herbert George]
WARWAV.ZIP 07-02-96 This is Several Cool Files of .Wavs Extracted From Warcraft 2. Included
Are, "Are You Still Touching Me? it Doesn't Get Any Better Than This. I
Love Blowing Things Up." Plus 3 More Well Worth the D.L.
WARZONE.ZIP 08-25-95 Warzone for Doom . Fight in A Huge Areana Against Hundreds of Meanies
and 3 Icons of Sin!
WARZONE3.ZIP 05-16-94 New Level for )(/), E1m3. This is the 3rd Level in the Warzone Series.
Registered Version Only.
WARZONE9.ZIP 09-13-94 New Level for Doom, E1m9. The Secret Level Good for Deathmatches!
WAR_CRY4.ZIP 05-13-95 Issue 4 of War Cry Magazine for Windows. Focusing on Science Fiction
Computer Games and Entertainment Hardware.
WAR_WRLD.ZIP 03-15-94 ELECTRONIC BOOKS: H.G. Wells's War of The Worlds. No Special Reader
Required. Plain Ascii Text. (Newest File Date: 03-15-94)
WAS062.ZIP 10-14-90 Screen scrolback, reqs EMS driver loaded
WASC255.ZIP 03-06-92 This program simply collects any readable information from any file and
displays it with Notepad (which comes with Windows 3.xx) or any Windows
or DOS file viewer you specifiy. This is good for finding extra
information about a program, looking for possible trojan or virus
messages, and snooping around in general.
WASC310A.ZIP 01-22-93 WinASCII is a utility which scans a file or f text for display. It now
has "Identifiers" and there is room for 110 user supplied strin notices
the language and compiler used to ma Borland C++, TurboC,C++, Turbo
Pascal for Dos and a few others... It can tell if a program support
file (supplied by Microsoft). It can Extended(XMS), or Expanded(EMS)
memory or if SmartDRV. And much more! This program requi Shareware $15
(Newest File Date: 01-22-93)
WASHCALL.ZIP 03-04-93 List of 1-800 #'s to call in WashingtonpPlus address to wr
WASHINGT.ZIP 03-31-93 Laws pertaining to computers in Washington
WASHTIME.ZIP 08-16-94 WashTime is a utility which calls out using your modem to the Naval
Observatory Atomic Clock in Washington DC. Once connected, it downloads
the current date and time and sets the clock in your PC accordingly.
The telephone call lasts for betw
WASHU.ZIP 03-31-93 Washington University computer policies
WASH_DC.ZIP 08-27-95 Wash.D.C.Info. Last Revision Date in Archive: 08-27-95.
WASH_GRW.ZIP 08-23-94 Washington grew pot
WASM201.ZIP 02-21-87 WOLFWARE ASSEMBLER V2.01, 2/20/87 026E
WASP12.ZIP 08-12-94 WATER AND STEAM PROPERTIES V1.2 Calculates physical properties of
ice, water and steam in user selectable units. Covers -100 to 800 deg C
and up to 1000 bar. On line help. Gives 15 point props and 17 temp and
press dependant props. Find temp/press for given enthalpy, density etc
WASP12.ZIP 08-12-94 WATER AND STEAM PROPERTIES Version 1.2 Water and Steam Properties
v1.2 Physical properties of ice, water and steam in many popular
units. Data for 15 fixed and 17 variable properties from -100 to 800
deg C and up to 1000 bar. Replaces printed Steam Tables but covers many
more properties and eliminates the need to interpolate between data
points. Has context sensitive on-line Help. Calculated data points
match published data ver
WASP1_8.ZIP 08-09-93 This is a complete posting of the Procomm Plus for Windows ASPECT
language tutorial as posted by Gregg Hommel on FIDO BBSes. (Newest File
Date: 08-09-93)
WASPI32.ZIP 08-07-96 Aspi 32 Bit Drivers for Win 95 Update. Must Have Ezscsi 4.X Installed
to use These
WASPRT10.ZIP 11-12-96 Wasport V. 1.0 is A Landline BBS Door to Allow Users to Track Worked
all States Standings in Competition With Other Users. Simple to Install
and Maintain. Freeware From P-t-b Software (W4kgu)
WASPS003.ZIP 05-04-97 Simul Simulation: Biology, Economics, Optimization
WASTE13.ZIP 06-26-95 Waste.Exe 1.3 Quickly Analyzes A Specified Disk and Reports the Total
Amount of Space in Use, and Total Amount of Slack or "Wasted" Space on
the Specified Disk. Allows You Informed, Intelligent Choices for Disk
WASTE95A.ZIP 09-21-96 Waste.Exe 2.5 (A 32 Bit App for Win95 & Winnt) Quickly Analyzes A Spec
WASTELAN.ZIP 10-18-90 ScreamTracker sample sounds
WASTRIP.LZH 01-06-14 Strips Writing Assistant files down to normal ASCII text
WASUP101.ZIP 06-23-94 Softdist What's Up/Dos 1.01: Status Screen for Bink And/Or Max Systems
WASUP102.ZIP 01-29-95 Softdist What's Up V1.02 (Dos) Realtime Status Display for Bink, Max &
WAT01.ZIP 12-06-96 This is What A Time V.0,01. It is A Batch Utile Which Returns Exit
Codes With the System Time. Private Use: Free Other Use: Mail Me
WATCH02.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation created in 3D Studio pendulum watch
WATCH13.ZIP 02-05-95 Winwatch V1.30 - Utility to Report Available Windows Reources Like
Fixed Memory (Below 640 Kb), System Resources (Min of Gdi and User)
System Memory, Disk Space and Timers. Also Shows all Windows Open and
Modules Running.
WATCH142.ZIP 03-01-95 Good Windows System Monitor.
WATCH20.ZIP 08-06-96 Watch V2.0 - the Hardest Software Problems to Resolve Happen When A
Program Crashes Perhaps on Loading, With No Helpful Error Messages.
Watch Helps by Looking "Under the Hood" of Your Programs
WATCH21.ZIP 06-05-95 Winwatch V2.1. Resource Monitor and System Diagnostics Utility.
WATCH95.ZIP 05-28-95 Windows sockets Net watch.
WATCHDGX.ZIP 03-24-94 Watchdog modem carrier monitor programs Extends to COM 1-4. 3/24/94.
(Newest File Date: 03-24-94)
WATCHING.ZIP 09-16-94 Watching the Watcher Watching You
WATCHKAT.ZIP 12-12-89 Reboot BBS if carrier lost or after 20 rings
WATCHKIT.ZIP 01-09-90 Reboot crashed BBS after four rings, w/ASM src
WATCHMAN.ZIP 08-20-97 The Watchman: Easily ban access to any program
WATCOM.ZIP 09-26-95 Clar4exp Example of Using Watcom Database Engine
WATDG121.ZIP 10-31-92 WatchDog 1.21 (ASP) !!FREE UTILITY FOR BBS!! Monitors Carrier on a COM
port, detects hanging programs (e.g. faulty doorways). If carrier is
lost, a program hangs, or the BBS fails to go offhook, the machine is
rebooted. Boot may be delayed to allow cache pgms to flush to disk.
COM1-COM4 and custom serial ports supported. 10-30-92
WATER.ZIP 11-03-91 FLI animation - Plasma waves
WATERCAN.ZIP 05-06-94 Cf-home Handpainted Watering can for Garden or Gift Giving
WATER_.ZIP 11-03-91 WATER! V1.0, MS-Windows utility
WATOOL10.ZIP 09-25-95 Watools V1.0: Os/2 Workstation Automation Tools; 09/25/95; Russell
WATORW11.ZIP 08-14-93 Wa-Tor for Windows (ver. 1.1) is population ecology simulation. You pit
hungry sharks against tasty fish and see who comes out on top. You may
get fluctuating populations that will exist for hundreds of generations
You control the initial number of sharks and fishes, their breeding
rates, and shark starvation time. The dynamics of the populations can
be watched on the graphs as well as on the Wa-Tor world map. STAR
(Newest File Date: 08-12-93)
WATS10.ZIP 03-27-93 Wats v1.0 - a 800/900 ownership reverse database
WATSON.LZH 01-06-14 MsWindows System Info Popup...Neat
WATS_JR.ZIP 10-28-91 Dr. Watson Jr. V1.0: diagnostic tool
WATTCP.ZIP 08-05-92 There are several popular non-commercial TCP/IP implementa
WATTS20.ZIP 11-01-95 Watts 2.0 - Fast & Easy, Amp & Stereo Wattage Calculation Program
WATWORLD.ZIP 08-18-95 Heretic .Wad Water World Lots of Puzzles.
WATZI10.ZIP 03-31-95 Watzi for Windows V1.0. Freeware. Watzi for Windows is Based on the
Popular Game Yahtzee. From One to Four Players Take Turns Rolling the
Dice Each Trying to Obtain the Highest Score.
WAUDIO.ZIP 02-23-95 Ibminfo Warptips : Sys1174 Audio Problems
Webster's Aura Reading 3.1 by Rosemary West - Based on the work
and research of internationally-known psychic entertainer Richard
Webster, "Aura Reading" helps you learn what to look for when
attempting to see the human aura. It's a great way to meet people and
make new friends! $0 Registration
WAUTHOR.ZIP 08-14-96 Wadauthor V1.30
WAV-1.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.1 *.wav files, sound support, 1 of 5
WAV-2.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.1 *.wav files, sound support, 2 of 5
WAV-3.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.1 *.wav files, sound support, 3 of 5
WAV-4.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.1 *.wav files, sound support, 4 of 5
WAV-5.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.1 *.wav files, sound support, 5 of 5
WAVAUDIT.ZIP 11-08-96 Play Wav Files and Delete One at A Time
WAVAW250.ZIP 07-01-93 Ms-windows Program to Play Wave Files.
WAVAWAV.ZIP 08-06-92 Wave after Wave 1.5 for Windows is a shareware program to play wave
files. - Written with Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5
WAVD104A.ZIP 03-25-93 Wave Editor is an application that allows you to input, create, modify
and analyze wave forms. Currently it works with 8 bit monaural PCM wave
format files (most .wav files that you have are probably in this format
WAVE21.ZIP 04-06-93 WavSorter 2.1. Play sound files, sort into folders. 3-D intuitive
interface, drag/drop, customizable, sound effects, jukebox ability,
complete help, and more. Makes sorting sound files fun! Requires
Windows 3.1 and VBRUN200.
WAVEDIT.ZIP 03-25-93 Wave Editor is an application that allows you to input, create, modify
and analyze wave forms. Currently it works with 8 bit monaural PCM wave
format files (most .wav files that you have are probably in this format
WAVEFLTR.ZIP 03-29-93 WAV FILTER is set of non recursive filters. Filters are FIR type
(Finite Impulse Response). This program also includes DFT (Discrete
Fourier Transform - spectral analyse), but you need fast machine to
perform DFT of larger data arrays. Generally, DFT is added as an
analysing tool which helps you to chose filter frequencies. Filter
order determents how many points of input buffer (file) is taken to
calculate one output point.
WAVEMAKE.ZIP 01-28-95 Wavmaker - Will Generate Wav Files With Pure Sine or Square Wave Tones.
It Does Not Require A Sound Card and is Not A Wav Player.
WAVEMASA.ZIP 01-19-94 Wave Master For Windows Version 1.02a Play AND Loop Wave [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN THE
BACKGROUND while you work in windows. (Shareware). (Newest File Date: