Name Date Description
WA010.ZIP 09-13-94 Window Analyser V1.0 - A Tool for Windows Programmers. Give at Any Time
Info on Class Styles, Properties, Placement in Th Window Chain, Content
of the Extra Memory, Ec of Any Window or Sub-window
WABD101.ZIP 03-11-97 Web Application Builder for Delphi 2.01 Features: Easily Create
Interactive Web Sites. Leverage Delphi's Ease-of-use and Power. Use
Delphi's Form Editor to Create Your User Interface. Create Standard
Delphi Code Snippets
WAR2HUMN.ZIP 04-14-97 Warcraft 2 Human (Game) Desktop Theme
WARPATH1.ZIP 11-03-94 A Windows Multi-player, Real-time Space Conquest Game. Warpath is A
Game of Galactic Conquest and Development, Where Two Philosophies Vie
for the Heart of the Galaxy. This Game May be Played Solo, Direct Head
to Head
WASTDV18.ZIP 04-08-97 Wasted V1.8 - Recurses Subdirectories and Reports the Amount of Space
Being Wasted Due to Large Cluster Sizes. Pascal Source Code Included.
V1.8 Takes Into Account Directories and Compares Cluster Sizes
WASTRE12.ZIP 04-05-97 Wastree V1.20 - Disk/Dir/Tree/Waste/Space Reports Space Occupied and
Space Wasted in Files on Disk by Directory, Directory Tree or Whole
Disk Partition. Shows What the Comparable Figures Would be on Disk or
WATGAS.ZIP 02-01-97 Watgas V4.01 Water-gas Phase Behavior Watgas Performs the Following
Calculations 1) Hydrate Calculations 2) Water Content Predictions of
Natural Gases 3) Inhibitor Quantities (Methanol/Glycols) to Avoid
WAV21B32.ZIP 03-03-97 Wav Browser Version 2.1b-32 by Daniel Gilbert Pc Consulting E-mail:
Dgpc001@cyberia.Com Www: Www.Interlink-2000.Com/Dgpc001 Version 2.1b-32
is Exactly the Same As Version 2.1b Except it is Designed for Windows
WAVEVE.ZIP 03-02-97 Wave Events '96 V1.0 for Windows95 Windows95 Utility to Add/Configure
Sound Events to Nearly Any Program. Shareware $10 - Full Install W/Vb
WAVE_VB.ZIP 01-31-97 Wave - is A Custom Control Which Makes it Easy to Play Wav Files and
Get Information About Them. It Allows You to Play [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the
Background As Your Program Performs Other Tasks, Add Recorded Speech
WAVSNG24.ZIP 05-12-97 Wavesong V2.4 Sagebrush Systems. Relax to the Soothing Sounds of Nature
This Sound Generator Plays Thunder, Rain, Waves Crickets, and More.
Listening Parameters Are Easily Changed to Fit Your Special Mood
WBANK101.ZIP 12-19-94 Winbanker Ver 1.01 - an Easy to use Money Manager for Windows.
WBANK44.ZIP 09-22-94 Bankexpert for Windows (Ver 4.4) - Home Accounting Prgm. Assists in
Maintaining Bank Accts, Budgeting Income/Expenses. Prints Checks on Any
Form of Your Choice in Five Languages.
WC10.ZIP 05-19-97 Latest Upgrade (Only Exe Files) for World Merge Emailer (This is A
Wonderful Program) Get it and Then use This to Upgrade. Makes Sending
Email to Your Friends Totally Effortless
WC53PR15.ZIP 11-30-07 Sun32 3-pair Poker V1.5 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5CON17.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Concentration V1.7 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5GRO17.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Groan Dice V1.7 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5HIL16.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Hilo V1.6 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5HIR17.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Highroll V1.7 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5KNO18.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Keno V1.8 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5LAD18.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Ladders V1.8 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5OVR14.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Over Under V1.4 (32-bit/Winserver) From Surnise Door Software
WC5RES16.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Rescue V1.6 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5STY17.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Stairway V1.7 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5SWP13.ZIP 11-30-07 Sun32 Sweepstakes V1.3 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5TY14.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Triple Yahtzee V1.4 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WC5WW18.ZIP 04-16-97 Sun32 Word War V1.8 (32-bit/Winserver) From Sunrise Door Software
WCALC10.ZIP 08-13-94 Windows Printing Financial Calculator and Adding Machine. Easy to use
Via Keyboard or With the Mouse. User Configurable Display
WCHESS10.ZIP 12-07-94 Winchess 1.0. Freeware.
WCN20.ZIP 10-26-94 Wincoin V2.0 is A Windows Application for Coin Collections. Contains
all Us Coin Categories, Including Grading Info and History. Master Coin
Lists, Which Contain Years and Varieties for Over 4300 Coins, Are
WCPD14.ZIP 11-26-94 Windows Complete Program Deleter (Wcpd) V1.4: Ms-windows Pgm Designed
to Rid Your Hard Disk of Pgms You Don't Want; Will Erase all Files
Added You Your Hd During an Installation Including
Invisible/Write-protected Files
WCRON195.ZIP 05-05-97 Warpcron 1.95beta - Smart, Fast, Full Featured Scheduler for Os/2
Textmode. Bugs Fixed. New: Start Events at Startup/End, Edit Config
Directly, Notices Changes of Config and Reread It. A 2.0 Beta Will Come
in Some Time
WCRON19B.ZIP 03-20-97 Warpcron 1.9beta - Smart, Fast, Full Featured Scheduler for Os/2
Textmode. Runs Os/2 Window, Fullscreen, Pm and DOS Applications on
Specific Time, Specific Date, Every X Minutes/Hours/Days/Month
WDCDRV25.ZIP 12-26-94 Western Digital Fastdisk Driver for Windows 3.X. Useful on Caviar
Drives. Version 2.5. Ftped Directly From Wd (Ftp.Wdc.Com). Includes
Caviar 1.1 Setup Program for Windows.
WDCE30A.ZIP 10-16-94 Windial Corporate Edition Info Manager/Phone Directory, File 1 of 2
WDCE30B.ZIP 10-16-94 Windial Corporate Edition Supports Dde & Drag-drop, File 2 of 2
WDIFF121.ZIP 10-15-94 Wdiff V1.21 - Win File/Dir/Zip Diff Side by Side Display of Two Text
Files Directories or ZIP Archives. Useful for Programmers to See the
Differences Between Two Source Text Files or Two Sets of Files
WDJ0497.ZIP 03-07-97 Windows Developers Journal April, 1997
WDJ0597.ZIP 03-31-97 Windows Developers Journal May, 1997
WDK501CC.ZIP 09-28-94 Windisklone V5.01cc for Win 3.1+ Single Pass Diskette Copier
W/Cooperative Multitasking for True Background Operation. Automatic
"Upsizing"Too! Puts Pm's Diskcopy & Format to Shame. Compressed File
Images, Compare,etc
WE017.ZIP 03-29-97 Os2 Warp Enhancer Pre-release 0.17
WEASL101.ZIP 04-23-97 A Method to Post Your Dynamic Ip Address to A Web Site
WEBAPD10.ZIP 03-24-97 Free-sys Webansi Publisher V1.0 - DOS Based Html/Ansi File Creator.
Supports Ansi, Pcboard, and Wildcat! File Formats
WEBETCH1.ZIP 01-18-97 Webetch 1.1 is an Html Editor for Win95/Nt Features Include Automatic
Tag Insertion
WEBFER.ZIP 05-16-97 *Web Ferret.. The Incredible Internet Tool Which Searches all Search
Engines for Key Words and Eliminates Duplications and Reports the
WEBSTERE.ZIP 04-13-97 Webstereo 2.0. Brings Great Internet Radio From Around the World to
Your Pc
WEVNT15.ZIP 11-05-94 Winevent V1.5 for Windows Event Scheduler & 'Quick' Exit. Schedule
Programs to Start Unattended or Reminder Messages to Popup at A
Specified Time. Once, Hourly, Daily, Week Days, Week Ends, Weekly and
Monthly Events
WFIND30A.ZIP 10-13-94 File Finder Version 3.0a for Windows Powerful File Search Program for
Windowsfile Finder for Windows is A File Search Program for Windows 3.1
It can Search all Drives Including Networked Drives
WFUND44.ZIP 10-01-94 Fundexpert for Windows (Ver 4.4) - Portfolio Mgr Program. Many Extra
Features Incl. D/L Quotes Directly From Compuserve, Plotting and
Communication With Mutual Funds for Quotes and Transactions.
WFXRCV11.ZIP 10-31-94 Wfxrcv V1.1: Winfax Auto Receive Controller That Was Developed to
Automatically Disable/ Enable Winfax's Automatic Receive Feature When
Using Other Pgms That Access the Same Serial Port As Winfax
WGOLFH42.ZIP 11-26-94 Golf Handicapper 4.2 for Windows. Stores Any Number of Scores for Any
Number of Players and Automatically Calculates Their Index and Handicap
for Each Game. Can be Used by Individual Players, Teams, or Entire Golf
WGSHW100.ZIP 12-23-94 Wingenius Slide Show 1.00 - Views of Wingenius Game Series
WH_ED115.ZIP 04-26-97 Wh Wedit V. 1.15 Windows Help File Position/ Size/Colors/Macros Editor
WICKED1.ZIP 03-20-97 Quake - Wicked Quake
WICKED14.ZIP 03-20-97 Quake - Wicked Quake
WIDGET11.ZIP 04-22-97 Applet Widget Kit V1.1: Allows Anyone to Make Incredible Java Applets
W/Out Writing 1 Line of Java or Html Code; Designed for Nonprogrammers,
it Uses A Simple Point and Click Interface Which Guides You
WILBURM2.ZIP 03-20-97 Quake: - Wilbur's Map 1. Info New (By Gamesnet) Deathmatch Level Suited
for 6-8 Players, Slime, Funky Doors and Two Exits
WINAPPS2.ZIP 10-27-94 Trumpet Software Supplemental Windows Applications - 27/10/94 for
Internet Slip/Ppp Connectivity - Winsock 1.1.
WINBR.ZIP 09-30-94 Mvp Bridge for Windows by Mvp Software Simply the Best. Even If You've
Never Played! Playing Like A Veteran. Req Windows 3.1.
WINCHG11.ZIP 10-22-94 Window Changer V1.1 - Switch Windows Fast. Make Any Window Stay on Top
or Move to Back. Hide Windows or Unhide Invisible Windows. Exit or
Restart Windows With No Annoying Prompt. Winchanger Operates
WINCUR4.ZIP 09-15-94 Wincur Vol. 4 - A Collection of all 28 Nfl Team Cursors for Windows
Standard Pointer. All High Quality Graphics. Use in Load Line or From
the File, Run Command Line or From the Startup Group. - Freeware!
WINEJECT.ZIP 03-20-97 Wineject - Small Windows95/Nt Utility to Open and Close Cd-rom Drives
or Eject Other Media Like Zip-drives
WINFC1B.ZIP 09-25-94 Winfc V1.0b - September 20, 1994winfc is A Shareware Ms-windows Utility
Which Allows You to Visually and Graphically Identify the Differences
Between Two Text Files. Difference Sections can Easily be Examined
WINFIN38.ZIP 11-01-94 Financial Analysis for Windows V3.8 - Analyze Wide Range of Investments
Select and Solve for Unknown. Requires Vbrun300.Dll
WINGAG.ZIP 10-21-94 Wingage for Windows Version 1.4 Resource Monitor Requires Vbrun300.Dll
WINGEN12.ZIP 09-13-94 Genius for Windows V1.2 Visually Oriented, Easy to use Family Tree
Database Program. Requires Win 3.1 and Vbrun300.Dll. Four Generations
of Family Members Are Displayed on the Family Tree Screen.
WINHACK.ZIP 04-29-97 Cool Utility to Fiddle With Your Win95 Settings. Similar to the Ms
Powertoy Thing Very Good. Check it Out
WINHOG30.ZIP 11-25-94 Winhog V3.0: Ms-windows Utility That Provides A Graphical Pie Chart
Depicting the Relative Size of the Dirs on A Disk; A Printed Report can
be Created Showing the Results of the Analysis; Req Vbrun300.Dll;
WINK10.ZIP 04-24-97 Simple DOS Word Processor, Freeware
WINKK.ZIP 04-04-97 Wink V0.0k Full Function, Mouseless DOS Word Processor for Writers.
Formats Paragraphs But Doesn't Center, Underline, Bold, Change Fonts,
Check Your Spelling, or Correct Your Grammar. Only Standard Ascii
WINLOC41.ZIP 03-02-97 Winlock for Windows V4.01 - Winlock Protects Your Microsoft Windows 3.X
and Lan Environment From Unauthorized Users. The Easy to use Security
Features Locks Windows at Start Up, on Demand
WINMAG.ZIP 05-09-97 More Win 95 Tips, Tricks and Secrets Than You'll Ever Finish Reading
WINMEN18.ZIP 08-27-94 Winmenu is A Shareware Menu Program for Windows 3.1. It Allows Users to
Define Menu Items in A Plain Ascii Text File and Then Presents These
Items in A List Through Which Users can Double-click on Menu Items.
WINNEWS4.ZIP 11-11-94 Volume 1, Number 4 of Winnews From Microsoft the Latest Info on Windows
95 (11/11/94).
WINQDASH.ZIP 10-01-94 Dahboard for Windows
WINROB11.ZIP 12-03-94 Robot Battle V1.1 - can You Design A Robot to Best all Challengers? to
Survive, Your Robot Must Have Better Tactics, Intelligence, and
Adaptability Than all Others. Can You Out Think and Out Gun Your
WINS10.ZIP 09-15-94 Winstall V1.0 A Professional Windows Installation Utility That Provides
Software Publishers With an Easy to Use, Compact Tool With Which They
May Set Up Their Software on Users' Computers. It is Fully Automated
WINSAF31.ZIP 04-21-97 Winsafe95 V3.1 Now With 6 Ways to Recover Winsafe 95 Saves all Vital
Info and Restores Your System Back to Operating Condition When You Find
Yourself in Safe Mode or A Crash
WINSB21.ZIP 03-24-97 Win-os/2 Sound Blaster Error Message Removal Take 3! (Oops)
WINSQL23.ZIP 09-28-94 Winsql is A Single-user Database System for Windows 3.1, Designed to
Assist in the Teaching/Learning of Sql. It is Intended to be Used in
Conjunction With Typical Introductory Database Courses
WINSTROB.ZIP 08-19-94 Winstrobe! Turns Your Windows Screen Into A Fully Functional,
Adjustable Strobe Light
WINT22E.ZIP 03-26-97 Windows Terminator Eng Ver: 2.2 Little Tool That Helps in Restarting,
Ending Windows and Rebooting System. Works Under: Win 3.1/3.11
WINT9795.ZIP 04-09-97 A New Version of Wintune 97 for Windows 95
WINXS32A.ZIP 04-23-97 Winxs V2.0 Winxs for Windows 95 is A Suite of Programs That Brings
Unix-style Tool Functionality to the Windows Platform. This Version of
the Program Runs on Windows 95 or Windows Nt
WIPPP224.ZIP 04-12-97 Wipper V2.24 is A Winsock-compliant "Helper" App That Specializes in
Completely Automating all of Your Internet Communications - Email
Usenet, Filetransfers, Mass-mailings Webforums and More
WIT010.ZIP 04-20-97 What is This? V1.0 Beta Build 10 How Many Times You Remember to Have A
File or Document You Finally Need and You Don't Remember Its Name and
Where You Stored It? Wit Will Help You to Manage Your Files
WM9525A.ZIP 02-27-97 Wavmaker 2.5 for Windows 95/Nt - Digital Audio System Featuring Cd
Quality Mid - Wav Rendering & Wav Recording, Dsp (Mix Offset/Maximize,
Fade, Gate, Compress Expand, Low-/High-/Band-pass & Notch Filter Ring
WM9525B.ZIP 03-06-97 Wav Maker V2.5 for Win95/Nt - Part 2
WMODEM1.ZIP 10-09-94 Latest (10/3/94) Modem Update for Pcplus for Windows.
WMW25A.ZIP 05-05-97 Wavmaker 2.5 for Windows 3.1 - Digital Audio System Featuring Cd
Quality Mid - Wav Rendering & Wav Recording, Dsp (Mix Offset/Maximize,
Fade, Gate, Compress Expand, Lowhighband-pass & Notch Filter Ring
WNCLIP35.ZIP 08-11-94 Winclip V3.5 - Winclip Lets You View & Print Bmp, Pcx, Gif [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN
Windows. Prints Thumbnail Catalogs. Autoview Entire Directory.
WNCODE25.ZIP 09-10-94 Wincode 2.5 Free Uuencoder/Uudecoder for Win 3.1. Full Drag and Drop
Capabilities. Automatic Sorting and Decoding of Text E-mail Into
Viewable Gifs/Jpgs/Exe's. $5.00 for Docs.
WNEXIT.ZIP 11-11-94 Winexit (Freeware) Provides Multiple Methods of Exiting Windows: Exit,
Restart, Rundos or Reboot. Accepts Command-line Parameters Allowing
Multiple Icons to be Setup in A Program Group, Each One Performing
WNLG212A.ZIP 09-21-94 Winlogo V2.12a: Ms-windows Logo Changer Which Allows Users to Change
the Windows Startup Logo by A Simple Menu Selection
WNTDY210.ZIP 03-16-97 Wintidy - Windows 95/Nt4 Program to Help Recover Disk Space. Finds
Backup, Object Temporary Files That Might be Candidates for Deletion
and Allows the User to Delete One or More of These Files
WNWATD11.ZIP 11-07-94 Winwatchdog-v1.1 - Freeware This Utility Will Monitor Your Windows(Tm)
Resources and Display Them on Three Percentage Graphs in the
Lower-right Hand Corner of Your Screen.
WOLR89.ZIP 08-30-94 Winonline Review Issue #89 Commercial Software & Hardware Reviews &
Comments the Original Winhelp Magazine 09/01/94
WOLR90.ZIP 09-29-94 Winonline Review Issue #90 Commercial Software & Hardware Reviews &
Comments the Original Winhelp Magazine 10/01/94
WOLRS44.ZIP 08-13-94 Winonline Review Shareware Edition #44 the Original Winhelp Magazine
08/15/94 Feature Reviews and Shareware Briefs!
WOLRS45.ZIP 09-13-94 Winonline Review Shareware Edition #45 the Original Winhelp Magazine
09/15/94 Feature Reviews and Shareware Briefs!
WOLRS46.ZIP 10-12-94 Winonline Review Shareware Edition #46 the Original Winhelp Magazine
10/15/94 Feature Reviews and Shareware Briefs!
WORDDEMO.ZIP 10-03-94 Demo of Talking Word for Windows Template.
WORDLINK.ZIP 03-08-97 Denk Form As Many Words As Possible Using Scrambled Letters
WORDZ25.ZIP 01-18-97 Wordzee Door Game V2.5 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection. A Very
Challenging Word Game, Played With Word Dice. Form Words From the Dice
Roll and Fill in the Corresponding Categories. Play 1-3 Games at Once
WORLDMRG.ZIP 02-14-97 *World Merge Emailer - This is A Great Emailer That Will Allow You Up
to 100,000 Enteries at A Time ..With Features to Import From Plain
Ascii, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited.. Focus on Dbase Fields and A Lot
More $25
WOTD_201.ZIP 11-24-94 On This Day for Windows 2.01 What Happened on This Day in History?
WOTD_211.ZIP 05-15-97 On This Day for Windows V2.11 - Win What Happened on This Day in
History? See Birthdays of Famous People, Historical Events, Worldwide
and Religious Holidays and Much More
WOTTAVU.ZIP 11-28-94 What A View! Multi-format File Viewer
WP3221.ZIP 02-09-97 Webpass Sends Keyboard Commands, Such As Login Information, to Web
Pages or Other Windows. Commands can be Sent Automatically When A
Targeted Window Appears or Manually by Clicking A Button
WPACK32D.ZIP 04-12-97 A Convenient Archiving Tool.. Creating and Uncompressing Archives..
Making Them Self Extracting and Much More
WPLNY11.ZIP 09-30-94 Winplay Any.Plays Wavs, Vocs, Aus, Iffs, Etc.
WPR11.ZIP 04-17-97 Wallpaper Recycler Windows 95 Utility V.1.1 16-apr-1997
WPW61.ZIP 11-01-94 Wordperfect/Win V6.1 New Release Information.
WRAMP111.ZIP 09-05-94 Winramp 1.11 for Windows Your Personal Access to the Data Super-highway
* * Commercial-quality Comms Pack - Ripscrip 1.54 Emulation - Vt52-220
Emulations - Compilable Scripts & Ide - Multiple Font Sizes & Char Sets
WRCPRS11.ZIP 12-02-94 Winsock Rcp/Rsh Are Windows Sockets Versions of the Rcp and Rsh
Commands Commonly Found on Unix Systems. Rcp Copies Files Between the
Pc and A Remote Host (I.E. Unix) or Between Two Remote Hosts.
WRDWAR20.ZIP 01-23-97 Word War Door Game V2.0 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection. The Object
of Word War is to Create As Many Words As You can From 15 Randomly
Chosen Letters. Dictionary is Included! Now With Internal Message Base
WRLDCHMP.ZIP 03-23-97 Level **World Championship**
WROIDS21.ZIP 10-31-94 Winroids V2.1 is A Version of the Popular Game "Asteroids" for the
Windows Environment. It Features 256 Colour Ray Traced Graphics High
Speed Action and Full Multimedia Sound. Requires Windows 3.1, A Sound
WSC213.ZIP 11-16-94 Virusscan for Windows New Version 2.1.3 (213) 11/16/94 by Mcafee, Inc.
Scans and Cleans Pc's/Lan's for Known and New Viruses. Requires Windows
3.1 .
WSC300E2.ZIP 03-31-97 Virusscan for Windows 3.1x by Mcafee, Inc V3.0.0 2/2
WSC4VB20.ZIP 03-21-97 Windows Standard Comm Lib for Visual Basic Win16 & Win32 Dlls.
(Wsc4vb20.Zip). March 15 1997. Version 2.0 Communications Library Based
on the Windows Api. Includes 25 Functions Plus Modem Control, Xmodem
WSCI300E.ZIP 03-31-97 Virusscan for Windows 3.1x by Mcafee, Inc Scans and Cleans Pc's/Lan's
for Known and New Viruses. Requires DOS 3.0 and Windows 3.1x Version 3
.0.0 (3000) 03-31-97
WSCM0512.ZIP 05-11-97 Wall Street Consesus 5/12/97 Daily Report Tracks Ideas From Top Market
Publications and Analysts: Business Week, California Technology Stock
Letter, Dan Dorfman Investors Business Daily, Medical Technology Stock
WSIRC14B.ZIP 09-13-94 Winsocket Irc Client V1.4b (Update to 1.4a) Internet Relay Chat Via
Windows and Winsock. Current As of 11/20/94: Other Wsirc Versions
Report "Evaluation Period Used Up" by This Date. Shareware.
WSNTP14F.ZIP 08-28-94 Winsntp V1.4f for Windows Uses Sntp to Syncronize Your Pc Time to
Within 200 Milli- Seconds of Ntp (Network Time Protocol)
WSOCK325.ZIP 04-06-97 Eric's-wsock32 for Win95(R) and Nt(R) Version 5.00 April 1997 (C
)copyright 1996-97 Eric Friedrich Eric's Wsock32 for Win95 and Nt
Translates A 16bit Winsock.Dll to 32bit Address Space. Use
WSOCKUPD.ZIP 05-06-97 The Winsock Upgrade can Improve Dns Searches by Adding the Ability to
Search for Dns Names on More Than One Network. This is Required for
Pptp (Msdun12.Zip)
WSP301N.ZIP 01-20-97 Winspeech 3.0n Text-to-speech Reader Win95/Nt Winspeech Reads Text and
Produces Speech to Sound Card or Pc's Speaker. File Mode Reads Txt or
Wri Files. Clipboard Mode Adds Speech to Other Windows Programs
WT20.ZIP 12-09-94 Winbench System Test Suite From Windows Magazine
WTAR13U.ZIP 11-20-94 Windows Tar (Tape Archive) for Windows, V1.3.
WTWS9533.ZIP 04-22-97 Windsearch95 V3.3 Fast Source Code Search Navigation and Cross
Reference for Windows 95 and Windows Nt. Text and Regular Expression
Search. Customizable Interface. Windows 95 Compliant. Unlimited Search
Strings, Sorted
WUNSCHP2.ZIP 03-14-97 Card A Simple But Addicting One-player Card Game - Freeware
WV16I999.ZIP 04-04-97 Winvn is A Windows and Nt-based, Fully Rfc 1036 Compliant On-line News
Reader That can be Used to Select, View, and Write Usenet News Articles
and Send Mail Via Smtp or Mapi Built in Mime and Uu Encoding and
WV16_936.ZIP 11-15-94 Nntp Newsreader for Windows. Version 0.93.6 16 Bit.
WV32_936.ZIP 11-15-94 Nntp Newsreader for Windows. Version 0.93.6 32 Bit.
WVDOC10.ZIP 11-19-94 Winvn Docs, November 12, 1994.
WW2_12A1.ZIP 04-09-97 Webwriter/2 - an Os/2 Html Editor Multithreaded Design Allows Editing
Multiple Documents at Once. Support for Html 3.2 & all Iso-latin-1
Chars. Markup Documents by Selecting Elements From Menus or the Tag
WWEBST02.ZIP 12-06-94 Windows Sockets Webster Client V0.2.
WWELL100.ZIP 05-21-97 Doors Wishing Well V1.00a - Wishing Well is A Lord2 Igm Which Allows
Players to Drop Their Gold Down A Well and If They Are Lucky Enough,
Their Wish Will Come True! Mh97 (Fdn Memo: Freeware)
WWIPER.ZIP 10-23-94 Windowswiper Screensavers for Microsoft Windows Master Control Panel.
WWS201.ZIP 12-25-94 Windows Word Search Rampage 2.01 Multi-media Ready Word Search Puzzle
W-ALARM.LZH 01-06-14 Alarm clock for Windows
W-HOP.LZH 01-06-14 Game for windows 3.0
W1-200.ZIP 03-09-96 The Wise Old Man Atop a |02 mountain. Will he help you? |03 A |15Crazy
Boy |03Production |07 -=(FREE)=-
W10DEMO.ZIP 02-09-95 Rip 2.0 Weather Watch..Display Weather Realtime While Online.. *Info*
W165PEG5.ZIP 11-26-92 Kit containing materials to attach the Pegasus email packa
W165PEG9.ZIP 11-13-93 PMail UDG <--> UUCP email via Waffle v1.65
W16DEU52.ZIP 03-06-95 Deu for Windows 3.1 Doom Editor.
W16R1V1A.ZIP 07-01-96 Winstock V1.1a is A 16-bit (Actually A Limited Prototype for the 32-bit
Version Found in W32r112d.Zip) Ms-windows Stock Market Tracking Program
Requires Direct Access to the Internet. 07/01/96. By Michael A.
W16RDB13.ZIP 10-28-96 Adobe Acrobat Reader Ver 3.0 Beta for Windows 3.1x. There is No
Expiration Period
W1FNGR10.ZIP 06-08-93 W1Finger v1.0: MS-Windows pgm that lets you press down on
Control/Alt/Shift, let go and then type another key to send the key
combination to your Windows software title; each key & key combination
is really a macro which can generate any string of text and cmd keys
you want; req VBRUN200.DLL; 06/08/93; Dr. Masaaki Sawada. (Newest File
Date: 06-08-93)
W1UMODEM.ZIP 11-01-95 C Updated Wmodems.Dat 11/26/95
W1_200.ZIP 03-09-96 Lord Wise One V2.0 - A Wise Old Man Atop A Mountain..
W2ADEPT.ZIP 04-21-95 Warlord II Scenario: Apprentice Adept Based on the Piers Anthony Books.
W2COPY.ZIP 06-29-94 Warlords 2 an Scenario Builder Utility to Copy Army Sets.
W2CORRUP.ZIP 04-12-95 Warlord II Scenario Builder From Ssg Scenario: Corrupt, Rather Violent
But With Original Graphics. D484.
W2FALLRO.ZIP 05-04-95 Warlord II Scenario Fall of Rome Depicting the Roman World Circa 400ad.
All Cities Ruins, Items, Armies and the First 8 Hero Names Fit the
W2GALAXY.ZIP 04-27-95 Warlord II Extra Shield Set: Galaxy, Sci-fi Theme Extra Shield Set for
use With Your Own Scenarios Requires Warlord II and Warlord II Scenario
W2RAINW2.ZIP 04-20-95 Warlord II Scenario Rain War V2.0 Takes Place in the South American
Rain Forest in the Present With Lots of Political Connotations.
W2REVENG.ZIP 05-19-95 Warlord II Scenario Revenge With 7 Nations Battling Monsters Released
Through Trechery.
W2RIFTWA.ZIP 04-30-95 Warlord II Scenario Riftwar Saga With Map of Midkemia and Special
Armies, Ect.
W2SCEN.ZIP 12-12-94 A Chalanging Scenrio for Warlords II.
W2T16V11.ZIP 03-13-97 Web2text V1.1/16-bit for Ms Windows 95/Nt Html to Ascii Text Converter.
Produces Correctly-laid Out Documents, Keeps Urls Visible, Better Than
Any Other Converter That I've Tried :no Installation Routine, Just
Unzip It
W2TOLKEI.ZIP 05-01-95 Warlord II Scenario Wars of Tolkein Set in Middle Earth of Tolkein
W2UM9510.ZIP 09-29-95 Prowin V2.X Wmodems.Dat Update As of 9/29/95.
W2UMODEM.ZIP 11-01-95 C Latest Wmodems.Dat File for Procomm Plus For Windows
W2_ARENA.ZIP 08-01-95 Warlords 2 Scenario: Arena.
W2_MAPS.ZIP 02-12-93 Wolfenstein 2 Color Maps,gif, All 10 Levels.
W2_OGRE.ZIP 04-21-95 Warlord II Scenario: Ogre From the Board Game.
W30FAQ.ZIP 02-19-95 Warpfaq. Tim Sipples' Warp Frequently Asked Questions (2/20/95)
W31-B13.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.1 Beta Drivers For Trident Boards.
W31280.ZIP 09-22-92 Newest 1280x1024 Windows Driver From Ati. Need Ati Graphics Card to Run
(Newest File Date: 09-22-92)
W31ET4.ZIP 06-15-93 ******TSENG ET4000 WINDOWS 3.1 DRIVERS****** ** Direct from Tseng off
the America Online ** service. Date June 1993. Includes both **
standard and superfast turbo drivers. All ** resolutions included.
Courtesy of Robert ** Gil. ************************************
Uploaded by: Robert Gil (Newest File Date: 06-15-93)
W31ICO.ZIP 05-27-92 Windows 3.1 icons. (NEWEST FILE DATE: 05-27-92)
W31SETUP.ZIP 11-06-96 Gamezone - Windows 3.X Release
W31SFX.ZIP 08-14-92 Sound Drivers for Ati's Stereo F/X Sound Card for Use With Windows 3.1.
(Newest File Date: 08-14-92)
W31TTF-I.ARJ 12-19-13 True Type Fonts series K for win 3.1.
W31TTF-J.ARJ 12-19-13 True Type fonts J for windowns 3.
W31TTF-K.ARJ 12-19-13 True type fonts K series for windows 3.1.
W31TTF_J.ZIP 04-12-92 TrueType Font
W31TTF_K.ZIP 04-12-92 TrueType Font
W31UPDFM.ZIP 04-03-92 Updates Windows 3.1 File Manager With Buttons -- Really Neat! (From
Microsoft, Inc.). (Newest File Date: 04-03-92)
W31W32.ZIP 06-15-93 Windows 3.1 Tseng Labs Et4000/W32 Drivers
W3270.ZIP 08-31-93 TN3270 for MS Windows is a LAN WorkPlace/LAN WorkGroup application that
lets you use Telnet connections to log into IBM mainframe host
computers connected to your networked PC workstation via a TCP/IP
internetwork. (Newest File Date: 08-31-93)
W32CAT.ZIP 01-04-93 Catalog of Windows NT applications, Sept. 93 Uploaded by: Walter Arnold
(Newest File Date: 01-04-93)
W32QA995.ZIP 09-01-95 Msj Source: Sept. '95.
W32S120.ZIP 10-18-94 Microsoft Win32s Version 1.20.
W32S1_25.ZIP 03-13-95 Win32spack V1.25 March 95 Release
W32SDK.ZIP 08-30-92 Information on getting your own copy of the Beta Win32SDK for Windows
W32SML1.ZIP 12-15-94 Patch to Get Small System Fonts, Frames and Icons on Wps at
1024x768x256 for Tseng W32 Chipset. For the Os/2 Warp Os.
W32SS.ZIP 11-30-94 The Windows 95/NT Screen Saver Pack.
W32_242.ZIP 09-13-96 Pegasus Mail Reader / Windows Nt This is the Pegasus Mail Reader for
Windows Nt.. W32-242.Exe Downloaded Direct From Pegasus
W397N.ZIP 11-16-96 Winwhatwhere (Network Edition) - is A Powerful Time and Usage Monitor
for Networked Versions of Windows. It Will Display When A Program
Started and How Long it Ran, A List Of Activities by Program Name and
Window Caption
W3CASTLE.ARJ 12-19-13 Castle of the Winds - Windows3 adventure game
W3CFG.LZH 01-06-14 Toolbook aid to Windows setup
W3DFAQ46.ZIP 09-21-95 Wolfenstein 3D FAQ
W3DL9TST.ZIP 07-28-94 W3dl9tst - Now You can Test the Levels With the Big Bad Guys in
W3D_SCR.ZIP 09-08-93 Wolfenstein 3-D Screen Saver for Windows. This is a cute little Screen
Save for MS Windows that uses boss creatures from Wolf3D. Also has
digitized sounds from the game, if you have a Sound Blaster or
Compatible sound card. This is not a product of Apogee or Id Software.
Use at your own risk. (Newest File Date: 09-08-93)