Name Date Description
VOTET100.ZIP 03-31-95 CFV Votetaker for msdos-waffle 1.65
VOTE_40.ARJ 12-19-13 LiveSystems Votedoor for RA1
VOTE_NOW.ZIP 06-17-95 Forces Users To Vote By White Knight #11 @5168. Date: 06/17/95
VOTPRIP2.ZIP 04-11-97 Rip 2.2 Graphics for Votp Igm. Rip 2.2 Color Corrected Icons for
Village of the Phoenix Igm. (Lord Igm by Jeremy Stewart) Converted &
Corrected Icons & Enhanced Rip With Fx Sound
VOTP_14.ZIP 09-23-95 The Village of the Phoenix - Lord in Game Module Now With Rip Graphics!
V1.4 Wide Beta.
VOXEL101.ZIP 02-06-94 VoiXEL v1.01 - Use ZyXEL1496 as Answermachine/Fax/BBS. (Newest File
Date: 02-06-94)
VOXEL103.ZIP 03-22-94 Voixel Ses the Voice Features in the Zyxel1496-series Modem. the Main
Purpose With Voixel is to Use the Zyxel-modem As an Answermachine. the
Answermachine is Fully Remote Controlled.
VOY1095.ZIP 10-24-95 The Star Trek: Voyager List of Lists Compiled by Mark Arthur Holtz.
Last Revised October 1995. Contains Episode Listings and Other Items of
VOYEDIT.ZIP 01-08-93 The Voynich Editor
VOYGERNG.ZIP 04-02-97 Full-featured Demo of Voyager Web Browser Fo
VOYINF11.ZIP 01-18-95 Star Trek Voyager Information Database 1.1 -now Updated to Include the
Pilot Episode This Microsoft Multimedia Viewer File Contains all
Information Currently Available About the New Star Trek Tv Series,
Current to January
VOYNICH.ZIP 07-14-93 Info on the Voynich Manuscript
VOYW3221.ZIP 12-24-96 32 Bit Win32 Automated Episode Guide V2.1 for the Popular Syndicated Tv
Show, Star Trek: Voyager This is the Latest Version of the 32 Bit A.E.G
for Windows 95, Windows Nt or Windows 3.1 Requires Win32s V1.3
VOYWARP.ZIP 02-02-95 Os/2 Warp 3.0 Drivers for the Bovca Research Voyager Display Card
(Works With 2mb Card Only).
VOYWIN21.ZIP 12-26-96 16 Bit Windows Automated Episode Guide V2.1 for the Popular Syndicated
Tv Show, Star Trek: Voyager. This is the Latest Version of the 16 Bit A
E.G. Program for Windows 3.1 Version 2.1 Features Episode Navigation
VP0620.ZIP 06-19-95 Virtual Pool Has Customized 3dvx Video Drivers for Some Video Graphic
Chips. These Drivers Increase Drawing Performance. Not all Chips Have
the Required Peformance Functionality
VP0893.ZIP 08-29-93 Vid - Enhancement Module - Aug 93 Edition.
VP0910.ZIP 09-10-93 VGA Planets BBS DOOR Interface. New Version 1.40, now supports aliases
as well as computer operated races. Added support for new version 3.1H
of the Game Host files. This is great Online Game, supports door.sys,
pcboard.sys, doorinfo.def plus added fossil driver support. You need
VP300.ZIP (Game files). This file includes the BBS DOOR Interface
files only as well as the new upgrade HOST version and the CPLAYER
VP10B003.ZIP 06-22-95 Pasfiles Virtual Pascal is A Professional Quality 32-bit Object Pascal
Compiler for Os/2 Version 2.0 or Above. It Includes Command Line
Compiler and the Integrated Development Environment With Integrated
VP12.ZIP 07-09-93 VIDEO POKER; DOOR game similar to the video poker machines
VP15.ZIP 12-31-92 Viewpoint 1.5 for Windows From Marquette Computer Consultants. Quickly
& Easily View & Manage Bmp, Dib, Rle, Wmf and Ico Files With a Simple,
Keyboard-Friendly Interface. Shareware, $15.00, Requires Vbrun200.Dll.
(Newest File Date: 12-31-92)
VP2_409E.ZIP 09-21-91 Vpurge Modified Confmail 4.09e For OS/2
VP300.ZIP 03-30-93 VGA Planets is a multi-player space conquest game for up to 11 players.
The game is designed for online use!
VP314.ZIP 01-31-94 Vga Planets: 3.14 New Version of Planets D/L This One. This File Has
Everything You Need to Start Your Game on a BBS or Play on Your Own
Computer. Sysop This is the Version to Put Up for Players to Play.
VP3BBS.ZIP 06-27-93 BBS Interface Host Program For VGA Planets Online Game. VG
VP3CB214.ZIP 06-18-94 Crystal Ball Ver 2.14. Crystal Ball is the Best Player Utility
Available for the E-mail Game Vga Planets. This Version Fixes A Few
Bugs in Earlier Version of Crsball, As Well As Adding Some New Mapping
VP3PATCH.ZIP 06-21-93 Ventura Publisher 3.0 WINDOWS 11/90 Patch Needed for Lan; to Display
Scalable Screen Fonts; Printing Solid Lines Near Edge of Hp Ljet
Printers; Spot Color Overlays: It's Worth Having. Instructions Included
(Newest File Date: 06-21-93)
VP407.ZIP 09-05-90 Confmail 4.07 EXE files
VP4VB32.ZIP 10-10-96 Vispro for 32-bit Visual Basic Gives You Drag and Drop Programming and
Opens Your Eyes to A Better Way of Devt; W/Code Wizard, Just Click on
the Method You Want to Call or the Property You Want to Set or Get, &
You'll See
VPA351E.ZIP 03-13-97 Vpl: Vga Planets Assistant 3.51e. Nice
VPAD9510.ZIP 06-11-96 Kurzweil Voicepad for Windows 95 Release 10 is the World's First
Voice-enabled Word Processing Application to be Distributed As
Shareware. The Product Enables You to Seamlessly Integrate Voice Input
With the Keyboard
VPAGE.ARJ 12-19-13 The Visual Pager v0.1 for Wildcat - alternative silent paging/chat
VPAGE10.ZIP 08-15-91 Visual page door for BBS. Uses Door.sys.
VPAGE_B2.ZIP 11-12-93 --==VocPage Beta #2 Release==-- Play any kind of sound file to be paged
on your BBS. Highly configurable, and should work with any soundcard
and BBS Software.
VPASCAL.ZIP 09-01-87 The Visible Pascal
VPBI223.ZIP 07-13-93 VGA Planets BBS Interface 2.23 Simple to use door that is compatable
with many of the current BBS systems in use today.
VPBJ20.ZIP 07-23-96 Vegas Poker and Blackjack for Win/Win95. Play Video Poker or Blackjack.
Features: Betting Options, Digital Sounds, Color Graphics Highly
Addictive. Shareware - Galt Technology 1996
VPBJ211.ZIP 09-10-94 Vegas Pro Blackjack V2.11 Blackjack Program for Serious Players W/100's
of Features/Settings; Play, Tutor, or Analyze; Test Systems Against
Each Other; Extensive Report Screens; Mouse Support
VPBLT115.ZIP 09-29-92 VPlusBLT 1.15 - Bulletin Generator For Use With The Voter
VPCALC20.ARJ 12-19-13 VPCalc v2.00: variable precision floating decimal calculator; features
a variable
VPCVRSAM.ZIP 10-01-95 Vpreport use in C Via Inline Rexx.
VPDOOR1A.ZIP 10-15-93 VGA Planets BBS Door Interface Program v1.00; Interface program for Tim
Wisseman's VGA Planets. This release supports v3.00 and v3.10 of VGAP.
Features include: Run up to 10 games at once; Support for Cplayer, the
new AI computer player; Aliases; Each game has it's own configurable
settings, such as minimum players needed; The players can edit their
empire names and download the RACE.NM file for each game
VPE16_14.ZIP 09-03-96 Virtual Print Engine - is A Dll That Allows Your Applications to
Generate Dynamic Reports, On-screen Presentations, Previews and
Fill/Print Exact Forms/Labels With Easy Function Calls. Demos Are
Included for C Bp, Vb
VPE56.ZIP 03-09-95 Version 0.56 Alexey Goloshubin (C) 1994-95 Virtual Presence Engine Demo
VPEDMO16.ZIP 10-16-96 Virtual Print Engine - is A Dll That Allows Your Applications to
Generate Dynamic Reports, On-screen Presentations, Previews and
Fill/Print Exact Forms/Labels With Easy Function Calls. Demos Are
Included for C Bp, Vb
VPEVAL.ZIP 07-01-93 Vispro/Rexx - Evaluation Version. From Hockwar
VPFIXNEW.ZIP 07-08-93 VGA Planets bbs door interface upgrade. Fixes minor bugs t
VPHELP1.ZIP 10-12-96 Vp-helpfile for the Functions Found in the Vputils Unit of the Vp/2 Rtl
VPI1_303.ARJ 12-19-13 Vp-Info Level 1, V3.03 Database Language Programming Environment. Xbase
VPIC46.ZIP 08-29-91 VPIC GIF viewer, converter (EGA,MCGA,VGA and SuperVGA)
VPIC60.ZIP 02-26-93 F/MAC/PCX/ColorRix viewer - EGA/VGA
VPIC61.ZIP 08-16-93 Vpic V6.1 Graphics File Viewer/Conversion Utility
VPIC61D.ZIP 07-17-94 Vpic V6.1d Shareware Graphics Image Viewer. Allows Viewing of Multiple
Formats and Supports A Wide Variety of Graphics Adapters.
VPIX18.ZIP 11-02-93 Viewpix Online Gif Viewing Door
VPIX19I.ARJ 12-19-13 Vpix V1.9i GIF File Viewer Door.
VPIX19I.ZIP 04-27-92 Now Users Can View GIFs while online! Great Program for SYSOPS to
install on their Bulletin Boards as GIF viewing Door! Easy installation
innovation and application makes this program a must on all BBS's.
VPIX19M.ZIP 06-17-92 Now Users Can View GIFs while online! Great Program for SYSOPS to
install on their Bulletin Boards as GIF viewing Door! Easy installation
innovation and application makes this program a must on all BBS's.
VPIXDEMO.ARJ 12-19-13 ViewPix ONLINE GIF Viewing DOOR. ViewPix uses Gifdesk by Jay Wherly and
VPJAM110.ZIP 04-07-97 Jamapi/2 1.1, A Library for Virtual Pascal/2 1.10 Copyright (C) 1997
Dusk to Dawn Computing, Inc. Jamapi/2 Provides A Complete Api to
Jam-formatted Ftn Message Bases Including File Attaches, Sub-fields
Virtually Unlimited
VPJAM122.ZIP 06-16-97 Vpjam V1.22, A Library for Virtual Pascal/2 V1.10 A Complete Api for
Jam-formatted Ftn Message Bases
VPKT16C.ZIP 11-28-95 Verpkt 1.6c Visualizador/ Manipulador De Pkt's Utilidad Por Medio De La
Cual Podr Visualizar Ficheros Pkt's, Borrar Mensajes Dentro Del Paquete
(Hace Bak's Del Original) Ver Cabeceras, Pasarlos A Texto, Imprimirlos
VPLAF.ZIP 01-16-95 That Chilling Vincent Price Laugh From Thriller for Those Who Want
Their Computer to Laugh at Inexperienced Users in Windows.
VPLANET1.ZIP 06-24-94 Planets V1.0. Excellant Visual Tutorial on Our Solar System. 1/2.
VPLANET2.ZIP 06-13-94 Planets V1.0. 2/2.
VPLAY1.ZIP 02-08-95 Versi Player for Windows # ! the Best Looking Player Around ! - Plays:
Wav Mid Rmi Avi Flc Fli Aas - Full Screen View - Copy Pictures to
Clipboard - Control Playback Speed - Volume Control - Send Typed
VPLAYIT.ARJ 12-19-13 Randomly play .VOCs.
VPLAYW.ARJ 12-19-13 Sound file player for .VOC files for Win3
VPLAYW22.ZIP 06-09-93 Voice Blaster Jr 2.2 A Windows 3.1 applicatio combination of wave .WAV
and midi .MID files drives/dir. Supports Drag Drop, Looping, and
Supports all Win 3.1 audio cards! Complete wi Req. Win 3.1 and a 286
CPU. Registered users (record .WAV and more), VB JR, and VBLASTER f
(Newest File Date: 06-09-93)
VPLR250.ZIP 04-06-95 Vplread 2.50 for Vga Planets 3.0 Great Tool for Vga Planets Players,
Includes Databases for Messages, Planets, Starbases, Ships Meteors,
Scores and Mines. Stores Information From Dark-sense, Super-spy,
VPLUS.ZIP 07-22-91 Vplus, The Ultimate Sound Digitiser & VOC player v1.00
VPL_SHIP.ZIP 10-31-95 I Vpl Ship Tool 1.10 Comfortable Evaluation of Ship Designs: Costs,
Minerals, Max. Range and More. Ansi Required! New: Range With Special
VPOK50.ZIP 06-01-93 Video Poker Slot. Version 5.00. Ega Required. the Object of the Game is
to Get a Poker Hand of Jack's or Better Before You Can Win Any Money.
You Will be Paid Off Depending on Your Hand. the Better the Hand
VPOKD112.ZIP 12-03-95 Video Poker Deluxe V1.12 - Windows 3.1 Game. 58 Special Effects, Double
or Nothing, 8 Games, Progressive Jackpot, Resizable Cards. Double Draw.
Full Sound Support, Taps Into Monologue for Windows 1.5. 12 Cardbacks
VPOKD120.ZIP 08-30-96 Win Video Poker Deluxe V1.21 - Windows 3.1 Game
VPOKD121.ZIP 07-21-96 Win Video Poker Deluxe V1.21 - Windows 3.1 Game
VPOKER10.ZIP 03-07-97 A Video Poker Simulator With Realistic Sound Effects, Great Graphics,
and User Definable Payout Tables. Statistics of the Different Types of
Hands the Player Has Gotten During Play Are Also Kept
VPOKER11.ZIP 06-16-95 Turbo Video Poker V1.0 Fastest, Most Exciting Poker Game Ever. Major
League Features Include Full Statistics in Scrollable Window High
Quality Fast Graphics. Pie Graph. Large Bonus Payouts on Any High Hands
VPOKER13.ZIP 06-01-93 Video Poker v1.3S: MS-Windows 5-card draw video poker game; payoffs are
editable; great graphics and WAV format sounds; supports the use of
mouse, keyboard or keypad. Pyramid Software Development. (Newest File
Date: 06-01-93)
VPOKER93.ZIP 04-28-93 Realistic Video Poker Game
VPOKR208.ZIP 10-19-93 Video Poker v2.08: MS-Windows single-player 5 card draw game; allows
saving info for multiple players; 10/19/93; Richard C. Waite, Jr.
(Newest File Date: 10-19-93)
VPOOL166.ZIP 11-23-95 G Virtual Pool V1.66 Update
VPPAT707.ZIP 07-07-95 Pasfiles These Are the Fixes Available Now for Virtual Pascal.
VPR106.ZIP 09-23-93 Latest Diamond Viper VLB Video Drivers 9/23/93 Ver. 1.06. (Newest File
Date: 09-23-93)
VPR200.ZIP 11-03-93 New win 3.1 drivers for the diamond viper. (Newest File Date: 10-25-93)
VPR8BPP.ZIP 08-17-93 Diamond Viper P9000 Production 8 Bpp Display Drivers V1.10.
VPRDRV.ZIP 09-27-93 Updates the driver for the diamond viper. The This is for people that
have version 1.05 of the viper driver. This will update it to version 1
06. (Newest File Date: 09-27-93)
VPRI150A.ZIP 01-14-97 Vue Print Pri Another Picture Viewing Program This Program Works With
Windows 3.1.
VPRINGEO.ZIP 12-07-91 VPRIN 5.0 for GeoWorks.
VPRINT.COM 01-06-14 Redirects printer output to a disk file
VPRINT.ZOO 04-12-87 Virtual printer utility (redirect to file) v3.01
VPRMODE.ZIP 01-17-94 latest VESA driver for Diamond viper VLB 2Meg direct from Diamond BBS /
(Newest File Date: 01-17-94)
VPRNT100.ZIP 11-10-93 Diamond Viper Vlb Windows Nt Drivers V1.0.
VPRO50A.ZIP 01-14-97 Vue Print Pro Another Picture Viewing Program This Program Works With
Windows Nt and With Windows 95.
VPROM20.ZIP 12-20-94 Videoprompter 2.0. If You Own A Video Camera, Make Speeches, or Make
Presentations, This is What You Have Been Waiting For. This Version Has
Been Completely Rewritten and is Now Much Faster Than Version 1.3.
VPROM21.ZIP 10-01-95 I Videoprompter Demo! 2.2. Great Teleprompter Uses Cga/Ega/Vga Video.
Fast, Smooth-scrolls In Both Directions. Easy-to-use Text Editor
VPROM22.ZIP 10-01-95 Videoprompter Demo! 2.2. Great Teleprompter! Uses Cga/Ega/Vga Video.
Fast, Smooth-scrolls in Both Directions. Easy-to-use Text Editor.
Commercial Version Has Remote Joystick/Mouse Control, 5000 Line Editor,
VPROMPT1.ZIP 04-17-93 Use Dos Prompt for Vocabulary Building
VPRT22B6.ZIP 05-18-94 Vprint V2.2 Public Beta #6 (Exp 5/31/94) Complete Package for New Users
A New Visual Basic/Windows Source Code Printer With Options for Fonts
(Code, Page Header, Comments, Sub Headers, Declarations), Indiv Subs,
VPRVS12F.ZIP 04-15-94 Vprvesa V1.2rf: Vesa Vbe Driver for the Diamond Viper Vlb; 04/15/94;
Frido Garritsen/ Himalaya Software.
VPRVSA.ZIP 03-22-94 Vesa Vbe Driver for the Diamond Viper Vlb.
VPSHAR20.ZIP 04-22-97 A Tour of the Sun and Nine Planets
VPT15.ZIP 01-15-93 Viewpoint V1.5: MS-Windows App That Provides You With a Quick/Easy Way
to Browse/Manage Graphics Files; Supports Bmp/Rle/Dib/Ico/ Wmf Formats
Allowing You to Resize the Viewer to Fit the Size of the Image;
Vbrun200.Dll is Req'd. Marquette Computer Consultants. (Newest File
Date: 01-15-93)
VPTUT302.ZIP 04-12-94 Video Poker Tutor 3.02. A Graphical Poker Training System, With
Arcade-style Action. Many Features for New and Veteran Poker Players
Alike. From Panamint Software.
VPUBCIS.ZIP 12-08-93 Recent Compuserve Messages About Ventura 4.2 and Related Desktop
Publishing Issues, Nov. 30 to Dec. 8, 1993. Useful for Ventura Users
[only], Especially Those Considering the Upgrade to 4.2.
VPUBLI.ZIP 06-19-94 Vmv Publishing Demo Package - Display Utility & Menu Builder - A Custom
Menu Builder, Sample Menu Demo, Display Utility, Compress Utility and
Complete Manuals for Creating Electronic Publications. Security
VPUBLISH.ZIP 02-04-95 Vmv Publishing Demo Package V2.4. Custom Menu Builder, Sample Menu Demo
Display Utility, Compress Utility and Complete Manuals for Creating
Electronic Publications.
VPW11.ZIP 09-09-94 Vocabulary Primer for Windows-fun and Easy Way to Learn Vocabulary;
Includes Games Concentration, Sinking Ship, Falling Defs Anagrams;
Analogies; Quiz; Test; Editors to Create Your Own Vocab, Test Files.
VPWIN.LZH 01-06-14 Notes on new Ventura for Windows
VQUEST.ZIP 09-02-91 Verse quest cool game.
VQWK620E.ZIP 11-28-93 This appendix explains the installation procedures for the VBBS QWK
offline mail utility.
VQWKUTIL.ZIP 01-31-95 Vqwk Management Utilities Version 1.00d3 Designed to Help the Sysop
Manage His Qwk Are More Efficiently. Does Not Require You to Go Layers
Deep Into Vconfig to Modify the Qwk Ar Kevin Quinn.
VQWK_120.ZIP 09-12-96 Svga Off-line Mail Read for DOS - Too Many Options to List
VRACK051.ZIP 08-28-90 VrACK v1.0b - Voice Mailbox Hacker
VRAM.LZH 01-06-14 LIM 3.2 emulator - uses disk or extended memory
VRAM100T.ZIP 07-20-96 Vramdir is A Dynamic 32-bit Virtual Ram File System Driver for Windows
95. It's to Replace Ram-disk and Speed Up Hard-disk Related Operations.
Vramdir is Over 30 Times Faster Than Harddisks, 5 Times Faster Than
VRAM109T.ZIP 03-30-97 Vramdir 1.09t for Microsoft Windows 95 by Virtual Software Corp is A
Dynamic 32-bit Virtual Ram File System Driver for Win95 Intended to
Replace Ram-disk and Speed Up Harddisk Related Operations. Vramdir is
Over 30 Times
VRAM38.ZIP 09-27-90 An EMS set-up Utility
VRAM386.ZIP 12-07-90 Expanded, extended etc memory mngmt for 386
VRDRUPD.ZIP 06-29-97 Updates Win 95 Virtual Network Redirector
VRE1_2A.ZIP 06-28-94 Vre Online V1i2 June/July 1994 -vre Online is an Electronic Freeware
Magazine Devoted to Virtual Reality, Education, and Entertainment. This
Issue, the Vr Department Begins to Explore Home Built Projects With an
VRECI101.ZIP 09-20-94 Visual Recipe Book Version 1.01 Separate Database for Ingredient Edit
and Save Recipes Search Recipes Print Recipes User Friendly Requires
Vbrun300.Dll. Windows 3.1
VRES120.ZIP 06-28-92 Voting Results v1.2; VRES is basically a bulletin generato
VRE_I20.ZIP 06-16-96 Online Magazine Issue #20 - June 1996
VRE_I23.ZIP 10-06-96 Vre Online Issue #23 - Sept. 1996
VRE_I24.ZIP 11-04-96 Vre Online Issue #24 - Nov. 1996 -
VRE_I25.ZIP 12-11-96 Vre Online Issue #25 - December 1996 This Issue Features Reviews on
Blast Chamber Mech2: Mercenaries, Blazing Dragons Interactive Comics
and Much More!
VRE_I5A.ZIP 12-17-94 Vre Online Issue 5 Dec.Jan. 1995 -vre Online Has Gone Windows! Using
the Runfile Vre Run You can Now Click Through the Best Reviews an
Articles on the Latest Games and Hardware in the Computer World.
VRE_I5B.ZIP 12-17-94 Vre Online Issue 5 Dec. / Jan. 1995 - This Issue Contains Reviews on
Great New Hardware Like the Phoenix Joystick From Advanced Gravis and
Game Reviews Featuring Games Like Quarantine and Seawolf.
VRE_I6A.ZIP 02-24-95 Vre Online Issue 6 Feb. / Mar 1995 - This Issue Features Articles on
Winter Ces, Ensoniq's New Soundscape, Plus Reviews on Under A Killing
Moon - Voyeur - Knights of Xentar and Much More. Requires - Win 3.1 -
VRE_I7A.ZIP 04-27-95 Vre Online Issue 7 - - May 1995 -vre Online is A Free Electronic
Magazine That is Devoted to Entertainment and Virtual Reality. This
Issue Features Reviews on the Pro Pedals From Ch Products, Wireless
Bandit From Aitech
VRE_I7B.ZIP 04-27-95 Vre Online Issue 7 - - May 1995 -this Issue Also Features A Graphics
Design Contest for all You Artists Out There. Enter for A Chance to Win
Tons of Great Software! - Requires Windows 3.1 Vga Mouse - and Runfile
VRE_RUN1.ZIP 12-17-94 Vre Online Runfile V1.00 - This Windows Runfile Runs all Issues of Vre
Online From Issue 5. It is A 1 Time Download and can be Used As A
Manager for all Future Issues. - 1 of 1 -
VRG_9707.ZIP 08-20-97 Cook-veg Vegetarian Journal Excerpts - Jul/Aug 1997
VRML2GL.ZIP 02-13-97 Parser That Converts Vrml V1.1 Files to Opengl Source Code
VROBJ21A.ZIP 11-11-94 Vrobj.Dll 2.1a, Runtime Needed for Os/2 Vx-rexx Programs.
VROBJ21B.ZIP 12-23-94 Os2 Vrobj.Dll V2.1b - Runtime for Vx-rexx Ap.
VROW121.ZIP 05-22-93 Vgarow 1.21: Set Vga Screen Rows. Cfg or Dos. Prevent Those Weary Eyes!
Stop Config.Sys Messages From Scrolling Off of the Screen! Confuse
Nosey Network Snoopers and Viewers! Vgarow.Exe is a Program Loadable
From Dos
VRP310.ARJ 12-19-13 VRepair update for NetWare 386 V3.10a - bugfix
VRPUP1.ZIP 10-02-95 Latest Vrepair.Nlm's for Netware 386. This Download Contains the Latest
Vrepair.Nlm for V3.10, V3.11, V3.12, and V4.Xx. Note That the V4xx
Vrepair.Nlm in This Download is the Same As That on the 4.10 Cd-rom.
VRS.ZIP 12-22-95 Abletext Ascii & Html Versions of the State Vocational Rehabilitation
Services Program Changes
VRS20A.ZIP 04-07-89 VEHICLE RECORD SYSTEM 2.0. 1/2 021A
VRS300.ZIP 04-08-95 Virtual Reality Soldiers (Vrs) V3.00 Go/4 Software Sysops can Now
Add/Delete/Modify the Weapons and Armor Databases! the Usual Minor
Cosmetic Display Changes. See the History.Vrs File for Update
VRS350.ZIP 04-17-95 Virtual Reality Soldiers (Vrs)v3.50 Go/4 Software New Bulletin
Generator! Daily Maintenance Now Creates Vrs.Blt, Add it to Your
Bulletin Menu So Your Users can Check Up on Just Who's the Best!
VRSDMO.ZIP 01-06-92 Cool Virtual reality Game Demo. VGA.
VRTEXTS.ZIP 04-17-93 Collection of Articles by People Involved in Virtual Reality
VRTLMN10.ZIP 01-15-92 Virtual Monitors (VMON) (version 1.0)
VRVEGAS.ZIP 04-21-94 My Overview on recent gaming based on my rece Includes description on
the latest Virtual Re Trend. BY:Mark Cline
VRW_NT.ZIP 12-01-95 Vrweb 1.0 Beta 4 Vrml Browser for Microsoft Windows Nt 3.5x and Windows
95 With Native Opengl Support
VRXBETA2.ZIP 11-15-92 Rexx program for virus checking uploaded files for Maximus 2.01wb
VRZII106.ZIP 03-05-94 Virusz II V1.06 - Nice and Powerful Virus Killer
VS22DOC.ZIP 08-24-95 Documentation for Scan 2.2.7 (11-06-95) the Manual is A Acrobat Reader
VS911009.ZIP 10-09-91 Virus footprint datatfile for tbscan
VS920109.ZIP 01-09-92 Virus signature information files for virus scanners
VS950728.EXE 10-23-95 ViewSonic 14ES, 17GA, 17GS, 17PS, Optiquest 1000S, Optiquest 1769DC
(dated 8-11-95)
VS95100D.ZIP 08-23-95 STB Powergraph 32/64/64v Video Drivers
VS95I20E.ZIP 01-05-96 Mcafee's Viruscan for Windows 95, January, 1996
VS95_RTL.ZIP 07-24-95 Mcafee Assoc. Anti-virus Software for Win95 This is the Complete
Package - Including Both Vshield and Wscan. D/L'd From Mcafee BBS
VSA256.ZIP 06-01-96 Pdncee Vsagraphics Lib. V4.0, Royalty Free to Registered Users. Full
Function Version! Page Flipping, Expandable Fonts. Clipping, Bitblt
With Raster Ops, Scalable Vector Text, Smooth Shaded Triangles
VSACOLOR.ZIP 03-19-95 Last Test Vsa Colour Logo Abpm.
VSAVE193.ZIP 03-14-93 VGAsave is yet another screen saver. It requires 352 bytes of memory
(448 bytes with the int 33h handler installed). A hot key may be used
to blank the screen at anytime. It detects mouse movement to restore a
blanked screen. It is freeware.
VSAVE200.ZIP 08-22-93 Vgasave V2.0 Screen Saver
VSCALC10.ZIP 05-19-92 This program is a scientific calculator. It is similar to other stack
(or Reverse Polish Notation -- RPN) calculators, but with enhancements
that makes it easier to use and understand.
VSCAN50.LZH 01-06-14 ViruScan 1.7v50 by McAfee Associates
VSCAN50.LZH 01-06-14 ViruScan 1.7v50 by McAfee Associates
VSCAN95.ZIP 07-21-95 Scan for Windows '95. Beta Release From Mcafee, Nice Interface Full Dox
Included. Install in Windows.
VSDMO105.ZIP 08-16-95 Vox Studio, A Windows 3.1 Software Package is A Sound Recording,
Conversion, and Enhancing Utility for Dialogic and Other Compatible
Voice Processing Systems. Vox Studio Converts Multimedia Files to
Dialogic Telephony
VSERVUPD.ZIP 10-21-95 Microsoft Patch for Tcp Server Security Flaw.
VSET10.ZIP 03-19-94 Visible::setup(Tm) 1.0 - Rcco Research Developers' Installation Utility
for Dos Applications. Simple, Clean, Professional Installations; No
Scripts or Macros To Write. Easier Than Batch Files, Yet Far More
Professional in
VSET11.ZIP 06-02-94 Visible: : Setup(Tm) 1.1 Rcco Research Developers' Installation Utility
for DOS Applications. Simple, Clean, Professional Installations; No
Scripts or Macros to Write. Easier Than Batch Files, Yet Far More
Professional In
VSH-202.ZIP 12-29-13 VShield version 2.0.2 6/01/94 by McAfee, Inc. Memory-resident (TSR)
virus protection and prevention. Auto-loads into RAM above 1Mb. Req:
DOS 3+, 67Kb.
VSH108B.ZIP 10-07-93 VSHIELD Infection Blocker. Version 108B. Memory resident
VSH95IB2.ZIP 10-12-95 32-bit Beta of Mcafee Virusshield for Window.
VSH95IB3.ZIP 11-01-95 The now famous VShield for Windows 95, works very well with Macafee's
Scan anti-virus software.
VSHARE.ZIP 02-26-94 Use this instead SHARE.EXE under Windows 3.1. (Newest File Date:
VSHB200B.ZIP 03-24-94 Mcafee's new vshield anti-virus protection program. Public beta version
"b" or mcafee's mcafee agent. To license mcafee utilities, contact
norman hirsch at 212-304-9660. (Newest File Date: 03-24-94)
VSHLD108.ZIP 09-15-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
VSHLD116.ZIP 06-16-94 Utl-vir Vshield 5.61v116 Resident Infection Prevention - Mcafee
VSHLD63.LZH 01-06-14 VShield 1.8 v63 protection from virus .
VSHLD63.LZH 01-06-14 VShield 1.8 v63 protection from virus .
VSHLD72.LZH 01-06-14 VShield Memory Resident Virus Detector, V72
VSHLD89B.ZIP 03-25-92 McAfee VSHIELD TSR; protects from viri (was:SCANRES)
VSHLD95.ZIP 08-14-92 ViruShield v9.5 virus protector.
VSHLDB94.ZIP 08-07-92 ViruShield v9.4b virus MONITOR from McAfee.
VSHR200A.ZIP 04-02-94 Vshield for Dos/Ms-windows/Win-os2 New Version 2.00 4/1/94 by Mcafee,
Inc. Memory-resident (Tsr) Virus Protection. Prevents Virus Infections.
Auto-loads Into Ram Above 1mb. Req: Dos 3
VSHR210E.ZIP 06-29-94 Utl-vir Vshield V2.10 - Release Candidate 1
VSHR223E.ZIP 06-30-95 VShield by McAfee, Inc. Memory-resident (TSR) virus protection and
prevention. Auto-loads into RAM above 1Mb. Req: DOS 3+, 67Kb. Version
223 (9506) 06-30-95
VSH_200.ZIP 04-20-94 VShield version 2.00 4/19/94 by McAfee, Inc. Memory-resident (TSR)
virus protection and prevention. Auto-loads into RAM above 1Mb. Req:
DOS 3+, 67Kb.
VSH_202.ZIP 06-02-94 Vshield Version 2.0.2 6/01/94 by Mcafee, Inc. Memory-resident (Tsr)
Virus Protection and Prevention. Auto-loads Into Ram Above 1mb. Req:
DOS 3+, 67kb.