Name Date Description
VALUES.ZIP 07-30-91 Values v2.0: Program to test your values.
VAL_OS2.ZIP 06-08-95 Warp Demo - by Valhalla - 1st Place Os/2 Warp Compo
VAMPFX.ZIP 09-01-96 Vampires: Children of Darkness Sound Add-on! Now, Rip 2.2 Users can
Experience Vampires One Step Closer to the Way it Should be With
Amazing Sounds As They Play
VAMPIR.ZIP 02-14-93 Fs4/Aaf Airplane: De Havilland Vampire.
VAMPIR51.ZIP 09-26-94 Frodo 5 Pwad, Mighty Netdoom Titillation!an E1m1 and E1m9 Favorable
Pwad for Doom!by Frodo! 4-1@wwiv.Bluethun.Quake.Com.
VAMPV13.ZIP 08-02-95 Vampires: Children of Darkness V.13 Online Door Game for Bbs's the
Ultimate Vampire Door Game! Submerge Yourself in an Alien Culture.
VAMPV15.ZIP 08-27-95 Vampires: Children of Darkness V.15 Online Door Game for Bbs's the
Ultimate Vampire Door Game! Submerge Yourself in an Alien Culture.
Through the Utilization of A Simulated Reality Every Action You Take
Affects How
VAMPV20.ZIP 06-01-96 Vampires 2.0 - Online Game
VANAD110.ZIP 08-23-95 The Realm of Vanadia Series 1.1 of Lord Igms
VANBB10.ZIP 10-06-95 Ep-ascii "Episodes in Van Bibber's Life*" Richard Harding Davis, From
Project Gutenberg
VANDAL95.ZIP 08-26-95 A Vandalized "Os/2 Rules" Win95 Logo. One Version for the Os/2 Desktop,
and One Suitable for Surprise Fun on A Win95 Machine.
VANET16.ZIP 06-18-96 Offline Mail/News Reader for Nntp/Smtp/Pop3 Win31
VANGELIS.ARJ 12-19-13 .MOD for ModPlay and Sound Blaster Music Card Files: 1 Oldest: 12/26/90
Newest: 12/26/90.
VANQUISH.ZIP 04-01-93 Verbal Vanquish, Helps Raise S.A.T Scores
VANSIL43.ZIP 06-18-91 Extended ANSI driver specifically designed to work with the ATI VGA
Wonder series cards. This driver also supports 43 and 50 lines under
DOS as well as 132 columns.
VANUS.ZIP 08-05-95 Cool File That Blows Farts in Windows.
VAPRIZER.ZIP 08-23-94 Reasons for vaporizing w/plans
VAP_BONG.ZIP 08-23-94 Vapor Bong
VAR50_1.ZIP 04-02-93 Grade & Attendance Record for Teachers [1/2].
VARC10B3.ZIP 01-07-93 VArc v1.0b3 - An Archive Management Interface for OS/2 v2.
VAREA610.ZIP 08-08-93 VBBS Area Subscriber 6.10.06 ============================ Copyright
Neil J Marshall 8th August 1993 TransatlanticBBS 1 @ 440 VirtualNET
Neil J Marshall @ 2:440/211 Fido Introduction ============ This utility
simplifies the process of subscrib
VAREA620.ZIP 01-12-94 VBBS Area Subscriber 6.20.02 Copyright Neil J Marshall 9th January 1994
TransatlanticBBS 1 @ 440 VirtualNET Neil J Marshall @ 2:440/211 Fido
Introduction ============ This utility simplifies the process of
VAREACRK.ZIP 04-09-95 [NJM Utility Crack v1.1]
VARG465A.ZIP 09-07-91 VAR GRADE v4.65a grading tools for teachers
VARG465B.ZIP 05-22-91 VAR GRADE v4.65a grading tools for teachers
VARG60.ZIP 12-21-94 VAR Grade, v. 6.03A VAR Grade Grading program v6.03A
Extremely flexible grading and attendance program. Plots, statistics,
seating charts, numerous printouts, database items, sections, unlimited
students and tasks. You can weight, average, discard, sum, and require
tasks (assignments). It has complete analysis tools, including
statistics, plots, and ways to modify grades. Mouse enabled.
VARG604.ZIP 11-15-95 Var Grade (Dos) V6.04 - Extremely Flexible Grading and Attendance
Program for Dos
VARG604C.ZIP 02-16-97 Var Grade for DOS V6.04 - DOS Extremely Flexible Grading & Attendance
Program. Plots, Statistics, Seating Charts, Numerous Printouts,
Database Items, Sections, Unlimited Students
VARGD46A.LZH 01-06-14 Grade and score your class your way
VARGD46B.LZH 01-06-14 VAR Grade v4.6 grade exams
VARGR1.ZIP 05-04-93 VAR Grade v6.0 Disk 1 of 2. Grade prgm Allows unlimited students,
sections, classes, assignments, database items, attendance, and seating
charts. Grades can be summed, averaged, discarded, weighted, etc., in
any combination. Statistics,
VARGR2.ZIP 05-01-93 VAR Grade v6.0 Disk 2 of 2. Extremely flexible & capable grading
program. $50 Shareware by VARed Software.
VARIAN1.ZIP 08-16-93 Econimics of the Internet - 1/2
VARIAN2.ZIP 08-16-93 Econimics of the Internet - 2/2
VARICONS.ZIP 06-03-93 Various windows icons in.dll file. (Newest File Date: 06-03-93)
VARIET12.ZIP 12-18-96 Variety V1.2 by Joshua Chan is A Windows Screen Saver That Allows You
to Run A Number of Other Screen Savers Randomly From Any Location in
Your Computer. You Add all the Desired Screen Savers to A List
VARIFORM.ZIP 05-15-94 Variform Database Programming Environment How Would You Like More
Custom Deliverys per Programming Week? Automatic Advantages. Reference
Data Needs to be Entered Only Once. 250 Database Management Control
Portfolio Management. Calculates profit, total return, internal rate of
return, capital gain. Especially useful for investments with multiple
cash flows, such as mutual funds, 401
VARIN59E.ZIP 03-21-94 VARIABLE INVESTMENT ANALYST 5.9E This program will help you
manage investments, esp. if involving mult. cash flows, such as mutual
funds, 401k plans, partnerships -is helpful for most other investments.
Calculates profit, cap- ital gain, total return, buy/sell prices,
graphs, etc.
VARIN59F.ZIP 03-15-95 Variable Investment Analyst V5.9f. Author -investment Portfolio Manager
Ms-dos. Calculates Profit, Capital Gain, Total Return, Internal Rate
of Return (Irr) Buy/Sell Prices. 12 Types of Charts. Import/Export Data
VARIPMT1.ZIP 08-21-95 Varipmt.Exe V1.00 Would You Like to be Able to Vary the Prompt Shown to
Users When They Enter Their Password ? Well Now You Can. Varipmt.Exe
Will Pick the Prompt to be Displayed From A Sysop Definable List. For.
VARITALE.ARJ 12-19-13 Door or standalone BBS. Allows users to write books on-line. Can be
quite amusing...
VARITALE.ZIP 04-29-92 Door or standalone BBS. Allows users to write books on-lin
VARVOC1.ARJ 12-19-13 2 .VOC SoundBlaster files Uncompressed voice samples
VARVOC2.ARJ 12-19-13 4 .VOC SoundBlaster files Uncompressed voice samples
VAS31.ZIP 09-03-94 Visual Accounting System for Win V3.1 Vas is an Application That Uses
Linked Spreadsheets and Databases. Reports, Ledgers, or Compound
Transacitons for Any Given Date can be Displayed on the Screen.
VASHERIF.ZIP 06-03-90 Frequency listings of Virginia Sheriffs
VASN126.ZIP 08-16-93 Volume and Serial Number on Diskette Changerv1.26 Reqs Dos 4+
Programmers Tool Fromsmsnet
VASPBETA.ZIP 02-16-94 Fwdrivrs This is the Second Beta Release of Virtual Aspi for Os/2 2.1
That Includes Support for the Aspi for Windows Specification.
VASPI.ZIP 04-21-94 Os/2 Hp Scanjet Driver From Germany.
VASSALLO.ZIP 03-24-93 Vassallo Regular TrueType handwriting font; for MS-Win 3.1; 03/24/93;
Jeff Vorzimmer/ bang the drum graphics. (Newest File Date: 03-24-93)
VAT.ARJ 12-19-13 Utility to add VAT to given amount. Useful.
VAT041.ZIP 03-19-95 Varmint's Audio Tools (Vat) is A Small Sound Blaster Programming Kit.
Features an Dsp Interrupt/Dma Driven Core That Handles Real-time Mixing
and Playing of Digital Sounds and Background Midi Music.
VATICAN.ZIP 12-31-89 Refuting Vatican training program
VAUDIO10.ZIP 03-29-94 Visual Audio V1.0 Sound System Software Gives You A 16 Band Left/Right
Channel Spectrum Analyzer, Peak Analyzer (Oscilloscope), Compact Disc
Player, Mixer for Mixing Etc., and Much Much More! all Devices Are
VAULT46.ZIP 08-09-93 PC-VAULT SECURITY/ACCESS CONTROL - VER 4.6 < Password protection even
on floppy boot. LunchBreak blanks screen, locks keyboard/mouse on hot
key or inactivity. Administrator can prevent break out of AUTOEXEC,
control which statements are excuted for each user, control password
aging/reuse, etc.
VAWSH169.ZIP 07-17-92 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
VAXGAMES.ZIP 07-24-91 2 Games For Vax/Vms Systems Version of Tetris
VAXHACK.ZIP 06-10-93 How to hack VAXes
VAXHACK1.ZIP 06-29-94 VAX/VMS Hacking
VA_QSO.ZIP 03-16-94 Logging program for the Virgina QSO Program. (Newest File Date:
VB2000-C.ARJ 12-19-13 VaultBreaker 2000 New TPA using CDC's door development library.
VB40032.ZIP 08-15-95 Visual Basic Runtime Modules for 32-bit Apps
VB40_1.ZIP 04-08-93 Video Book, Bible Study Keys #40 [1/2].
VB40_2.ZIP 04-10-93 Video Book, Bible Study Keys #40 [2/2].
VB4DDE.ZIP 08-09-96 Pdnvbwin ** Freeware ** Sample Code That Demonstrates How to
Communicate Between Two Visual Basic 4.0 Applications Using Dde Links.
Code is Provided With Compiled Examples and General Readme
VB4RUN32.ZIP 06-19-96 Like Vbrun300.Dll Except for Visual Basic 4
VB5RN97B.ZIP 09-18-97 VB5 Runtime 9/97: Latest VisBasic runtimes
VB5RUNTM.ZIP 08-24-97 VB5 Service Pack 2 runtime files
VB5_RUN.ZIP 08-19-97 VB5 Runtime & OLE Automation Files
VB95REV.ZIP 02-09-95 Comparative Review. The 1995 Scanner Top Ten. This Review Expands on
the Theme of Polymorphic Virus Detection, and Has A Distinctly 'In the
Wild' Flavour. The Boot Sector
VBACK624.ZIP 02-12-94 VBACKUP V6.24 VBACKUP is a utility backup program for VBBS with both
backup and restore features. The program backs up the most critical
VBBS files from your hard drive and tests for integrity. Lifetime
Registration:$15 Created by Unknown Dis
VBALL.LZH 01-06-14 Fun volleyball game - simple, but try it!
VBARRAYS.ARJ 12-19-13 Large arrays construct for Visual Basic
VBASIC_1.ZIP 06-29-91 Visual Basic Working Model Disk 1/2
VBASIC_2.ZIP 06-14-91 Visual Basic Working Model Disk 2/2
VBATI.ZIP 03-11-93 Video Blaster fix for ATI video cards (Newest File Date: 03-11-93)
VBBAR1.ZIP 02-08-94 VB System Resource Monitor-Bar - monitors free space on hard drives,
free system resources, tasks, memory, and time/date. Requires VBRUN300
and WIN31. (Newest File Date: 02-08-94)
VBBD100A.ZIP 06-24-92 The Vampyre BBS Door - Version 1.0a - 06/24 * Another Grea
VBBS531.ARJ 12-19-13 L*Virtual BBS/Net v5.31: Multi-user BBS, this version limited to 4
users online at same time.
VBBS542.ZIP 02-20-92 VBBS v5.42 BBS software Multieverything
VBBS552.ZIP 07-25-92 VBBS 5.52, newest version. fully featured
VBBS61-1.ZIP 05-30-93 VBBS v6.1 [1/2] MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS This 4-chan
VBBS61-2.ZIP 05-30-93 VBBS v6.1 [2/2] MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS This 4-chan
VBBS611B.ZIP 10-19-93 VBBS-OS2 6.11 MULTINODE/MULTINETWORK BBS This 4-channel version of
VBBS-OS2 has an integral front end mailer and tosser. Completely
customizeable look and feel. Supports an unlimited number of
conferences and messages. Compatible with FIDO, WWIV, and Virtual type
networks. DEMO VERSION. Registration: $99. Virtual Technologies:
VBBS612B.ZIP 03-06-94 Vbbs 6.12 Multinode/Multinetwork BBS This 4-channel Version of Vbbs Has
an Integral Front End Mailer and Tosser. Completely Customizable Look
and Feel. Supports an Unlimited Number of Confer- Ences and Messages.
VBBS614.ZIP 03-14-94 VBBS 6.14 MULTINODE/MULTINETWORK BBS This 4-channel version of VBBS has
an integral front end mailer and tosser. Completely customizeable look
and feel. Supports an unlimited number of conferences and messages.
Compatible with FIDO, UUCP, WWI
VBBS614A.ZIP 03-15-94 Newest Ver of Vbbs Bulletin Board
VBBS61A1.ZIP 06-02-93 VBBS 6.1 MULTINODE/MULTINETWORK BBS This 4-channel version of VBBS has
an integral front end mailer and tosser. Completely customizeable look
and feel. Supports an unlimited number of conferences and messages.
Compatible with FIDO, UUCP, WWIV
VBBS61A2.ZIP 05-30-93 VBBS 6.1 MULTINODE/MULTINETWORK BBS This 4-channel version of VBBS has
an integral front end mailer and tosser. Completely customizeable look
and feel. Supports an unlimited number of conferences and messages.
Compatible with FIDO, UUCP, WWIV
VBBS61_1.ZIP 05-30-93 VBBS v6.1 {1/2} MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS This 4-channel version
of VBBS has an integral front end mailer and tosser. Completely
customizeable look and feel. Supports an unlimited number of
conferences and messages. Compatible with FIDO, UUCP, WWIV, and local
type networks. DEMO VERSION.
VBBS61_2.ZIP 05-30-93 VBBS v6.1 {2/2} MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS This 4-channel version
of VBBS has an integral front end mailer and tosser. Completely
customizeable look and feel. Supports an unlimited number of
conferences and messages. Compatible with FIDO, UUCP, WWIV, and local
type networks. DEMO VERSION.
VBC15A16.ZIP 04-11-97 Visual Business Cards, V1.5a Business Card Design & Printing Program. -
Wysiwyg Business Card Design. - Any Font, Any Color, Rotate to Any
Angle. - Boxes, Ovals, Lines, Rounded Rectangles. - Bmp or Wmf Graphic
VBC15A32.ZIP 04-11-97 Visual Business Cards, V1.5a - Windows 95 Business Card Design &
Printing Program Wysiwyg Business Card Design. - Any Font, Any Color,
Rotate to Any Angle. - Boxes, Ovals Lines, Rounded Rectangles. - Bmp or
Wmf Graphic
VBC21A32.ZIP 08-28-97 Visual Business Cards: design/print biz cards
VBCALNDR.ZIP 11-08-95 A Calendar Control for Vb3/4. Demo for Raw Vb Code That can be Added to
Your Applications To Produce Fully Functional 3d Calendars
VBCARDS.ARJ 12-19-13 Sport Card Collectors Database (VisBAS)
VBCARDS.ZIP 10-18-91 Visual Basic card program
VBCLIENT.ARJ 12-19-13 VisBAS Client Database & Tracker
VBCLIENT.ZIP 10-14-91 Visual Basic client program
VBCOMDEM.ARJ 12-19-13 How to do comms in Visual BASIC - with source.
VBCREDIT.ZIP 10-29-91 Visual Basic credit program
VBDALEKS.ARJ 12-19-13 Avoid-the-monsters type board game for Windows3 requires VRUN100.DLL
VBDB3B.ARJ 12-19-13 Visual Basic routines for use of DBase format files and DLL handling.
VBDIAL1.ZIP 12-29-13 VBDIAL (VERSION 2.1C) Names & No's shown in scrollable PickList
with a SpeedSearch. Can dial to Talk OR for BBS access. Full ANSI
colors, backscroll, Zmodem, Macros, Session Logs etc. This one Talks,
folks! It even tells if a number is local or toll! Needs VBRUN200.DLL.
VBDIAL2.ZIP 12-29-13 VBDIAL (VERSION 2.1C) WAVE FILES MultiMedia sound files for
VB-Dial, (an MS Windows Communications & dialing program.)
VBDIAL_A.ZIP 02-13-93 Disk one of three. The world's first multimedia dialer for
VBDIAL_B.ZIP 02-13-93 Disk 2 of 3 Multimedia dialer for Windows.
VBDIAL_C.ZIP 10-25-92 Disk 3 of 3 multimedia dialer for Windows.
VBDIFF17.ZIP 01-18-96 Fwapps Visual Binary Diff 1.7 Interactively Displays Two [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Hex
and Ascii With Differences Between the Two Hilighted. Requires Emx 0.9b
Runtime. Includes Source
VBDOS.ZIP 07-12-91 Access Dos function through Visual Basic
VBE20.ZIP 04-07-95 Info: Vesa Bios Extension (Vbe) Core Functions Version 2.0. Enclosed
Document Contains the Vesa Bios Extension (Vbe) Specification for
Standard Software Access to Graphics Display Controllers
VBEEP.ZIP 12-13-94 Visual Beeper is an Easy-to-use Program to Message Your Alphanumeric or
Numeric-only Pagers. All You Need is A Windows-equipped Pc and A Modem
to Send Your Own Alpha Pages. This System is Geared Towards Support
VBERRHND.ZIP 07-21-95 Visual Basic Error Handler Display in Six Languages V4.0.
VBEYES10.ZIP 01-26-94 WIN/PD: VB Eyes 1.0: Visual Basic program to move "eyes" to watch the
cursor. Source code included. (Newest File Date: 01-26-94)
VBFAST.ZIP 02-07-92 Loads Vbrun100.Dll in Windows. So Windows Doesn't Have to Load a Copy
From Disk. (Newest File Date: 02-07-92)
VBFLIP.ZIP 09-06-91 Demonstation of flipping graphic elements
VBFONT.ARJ 12-19-13 Another font viewer for Window 3.0.
VBGAMES.ZIP 12-05-93 Visual Basic games for Windows with run file. (Newest File Date:
VBHC505.ZIP 06-24-94 Help Compiler Update for Word 6.0 Rtf. Help Compiler Ver. 3.10.505
VBHOOK.ZIP 07-01-96 Recorder Custom Control - Allows Your Visual Basic Application to
Access to the Powerful Facilities of Windows Journaling. Possible
Applications of This Include Macro Recording And Playback Abilities,
Building Simple Cbt
VBHW18.ZIP 09-02-94 Visual Basic Helpwriter is A Complete, Wysiwyg Windows Helpfile
Development Tool. It Costs Nothing to Use, and Helpfiles May be Freely
Distributed Without Royalties. This Version Creates Helpfiles Up to 20
Topics, (About
VBHW196.ZIP 02-09-95 Vb Helpwriter "Lite" V1.9.6. Wysiwyg Windows Helpfile Development Tool.
It is Freeware and Helpfiles May be Freely Distributed Without
Royalties. This "Lite" Edition Creates Helpfiles Up to 30 Topics
VBHW20D.ZIP 07-31-95 Vb Helpwriter Lite - is an Automated Helpfile Creation Tool for Windows
It Provides an Integrated Wysiwyg Editor, So No Word Processor is
Needed. This Demo Version Allows You to Create/ Distribute Helpfiles of
30 Topics
VBHW20F.ZIP 08-23-95 "Lite" edition is a complete, WYSIWYG Windows helpfile development tool
It is FREEWARE and helpfiles may be freely distributed without
royalties. This ""Lite"" edition creates helpfiles up to 30 topics,
(about 3x NOTEPAD's helpfile).
VBIBLIO.ZIP 04-07-93 Info on the Voynich Manuscript
VBINT.ZIP 06-04-94 Extremely Powerful Dll That Gives Vb Programmers the Ability to
Generate DOS Interrupts and Evaluate the Results. Simply A Must for Vb
Programmers! -written in Visual C (Dpmi) So It's Very Fast and Very
Compatible With
VBIOS.ARJ 12-19-13 OS/2 2.0 Patch - Replacement for VBIOS.SYS
VBIOSA.ARJ 12-19-13 Renamed with the 'a' to distinguish it from an earlier release.
Applies mostly to Model 40 and
VBKB1028.ZIP 10-28-93 Visual Basic Knowledge Base Files. 2 Windows .Hlp Files to Answer
Questions About Visual Basic. Posted on the Microsoft BBS 10/28/93
VBKB_FT.ZIP 03-29-94 Microsoft's Visual Basic Knowledge Base Complete Package Inlcudes Full
Text Search, Help Files and the Required .Dll Files to Run. Last
Revision Date in Archive: 03-29-94.
VBLAKJ2.LZH 01-06-14 Play or learn Blackjack card game
VBLAST20.ZIP 03-24-94 Voice Blaster 2.0: Play Any Combination of Fm Music .Cmf and Voice .Voc
Files From Multiple Drives and Directories. Record .Voc Files,
Unlimited Lengths, Select Input Channels and Filters on Sb Pro & Sb 16!
VBLHA11E.ZIP 09-01-95 Vblha1.Lzh File Contains Vb Source Demonstrating Usage of Lha.Dll
Module.Please Feel Free to Modify the Source Code and use it in Your
Programs. Free Software International Support:h_ozawa@bekkoame.Or.Jp
VBLOTTO.ARJ 12-19-13 LOTTO game written in Visual BASIC. requires Windows 3 and VBRUN100.DLL
VBMAIL.ZIP 04-03-95 Steve's Vb Mail is A Free Mail Front-end Written Entirely in Vb. It
Includes Lots of 3d Effects, Drag-n-drop, Tab-dialog Metaphor for Mail
Folders, Toolbar With Tooltips, Stda List Mngmt., Automatically Answer
VBMAK4.ZIP 10-09-95 A Make_mak V4.01. Quickly Compile Your Vb Projects With Smaller Exes.
This Supports Drag and Drop From the Windows File Manager And is
Compatible With Vb4
VBMASK.ZIP 09-06-91 Visual Basic, demo of graphic masking.
VBMCHK10.ZIP 09-23-95 Raf_ra2 Vb_mchk V1.0 - Vaba!soft Utils for Ra 2.0x Vb_mchk is A
Complete Program to Check the Expiring Dates of Your Paying Members.
This Program can Send Warning Messages, Downgrade Users, Turn Flags
On/Off and More ! F
VBMDIXPL.ZIP 05-17-93 Visual Basic Mdi Example - Well Done From Germany in English
VBMSG.ZIP 09-12-91 Sample program:demonstrate a flashing message
VBNCK100.ZIP 11-07-95 A Vbnamechk. For Vb Developers That Helps Maintain Consistent Variable,
Procedure Argument and Control Names in Your Vb Source Code
VBNCK200.ZIP 06-08-96 Pdnvbwin Vbnamechk 2.0 Utility for Vb3 &vb4 Developers Which Lets You
Define A Prefix Naming Convention for for Variables, Procedures, Forms,
Controls, Etc and Then Run it Against Your Vb Source Modules to Find
VBOT11.ZIP 11-03-96 Quake: - Victim Bot Info . New L/. (By Gamesnet) So. You Think You're
Pretty Hot Stuff. You can Rock _anyone_ You Know in A Deathmatch. Well.
Try This Baby. Victimbot. Now There Are Innocent Bystanders
VBOX201.ZIP 01-01-97 Bbs_dors (( Votebox Version 2.01 )) can Have to 10,000 Topics to Vote
on Has Command Line Options to Display Number of Unanswered Booths. Can
Set Security Needed to Create A Booth.
VBPRNT20.ZIP 06-20-96 Gives Vb Better Control Over Printer Devices
VBPROB.ZIP 10-18-91 Description of repaint problem in VBasic
VBQSTART.ZIP 07-23-96 Visual Basic Auto Launcher for Win95 - Allows You to Quickly Start Vb
From an Icon in the Win95 System Tray. Description Copyright 1996 Psl
VBR3_512.ZIP 03-07-94 Latest version of vbrun300.dll direct from Microsoft Download Service
dated 5-12-93 with text file(3-7-94) explanation. (Newest File Date:
VBRDR14.ZIP 01-27-93 VBReader, .QWK format offline mail reader. 01/27/93.
VBRDR141.ZIP 04-10-93 VBReader v 1.41. Freeware Windows qwk mail reader. Requires VBRUN200
VBRDR15.ZIP 04-28-93 VBReader v1.5 QWK Mail Reader for Windows.
VBRE201S.ZIP 11-11-93 Daniel Page's wonderful offline reader (win) Requires vbrun300. Has
features too numerous to mention, including encryption, phone books
archiving, filters, fonts, search, editing etc. Uploaded gladly by
Colin Perkel. (Newest File Date: 11-11-93)
VBRESIZE.ZIP 07-11-95 Resize V2.00 - Resize is an Invisible Visual Basic 3.0 Custom Control.
When Placed on A Form it Causes all Controls on the Form To.
A specialized code-generator that protects your application from
fatal runtime errors. "Rigging" a VB project automatically creates a
global error-handling subsystem, and provides an optional facility for
logging errors that occur "in-the-field". Your application instantly
becomes bullet-proof.
VBRKIT14.ZIP 01-27-93 Vbreader version 1.4 offline reader. Full.
VBROTARY.ZIP 07-12-95 Vbrotary Code V1.0 - Free Vb Source Code for Printing Rotary (Rolodex)
Cards to the Printer Object or A Form. Prints 2-1/4" X 4" or 3" X 5"
Cards With Many Options. Just Add the Bas to Your Project, and Call it
VBROWSER.ZIP 03-16-97 Verbex* This Incredible Speech Program Lets You Surf the Internet Using
Voice Commands Only. 15 Days Trial Period From Time of Installation
VBRSML14.ZIP 01-27-93 Vbreader version 1.4 offline reader. Minimum.
VBRUN100.ZIP 06-08-91 WIN3: Microsoft's Visual BASIC runtime library
VBRUN200.ZIP 10-21-92 Visual BASIC Runtime Lib - Version 2.00 Required for all software
written with VB 2.00.
VBRUN3.ZIP 05-27-93 Vbrun300.Dll: Run-Time Lib for Visual Basic 3.00 Programs Under MS-Win
3.X. (Newest File Date: 05-27-93)
VBRUN300.ZIP 04-28-93 Vbrun300, .Dll Module for Visual Basic Apps.
VBRUN3A.ZIP 07-27-93 VBRUN300.DLL: Run-time LIB for Visual Basic 3.00 programs under MS-Win
3.x. Updated: ZIP contains 3.00.0538, May 12, 1993 which fixes a bug
when running on a '286 computer or under Win/NT on a MIPs computer.
Other than that, update not required. (Newest File Date: 07-27-93)
VBRUN5.ZIP 06-26-97 Visual Basics Runtime Library
VBRUNDLL.ARJ 12-19-13 Visual BASIC Dynamic Link Library - REQUIRED to run Visual Basic apps.
VBRUNS.ZIP 05-12-93 Finally, all THREE versions of VBRUN in one file! This file contains
VBRUN100.DLL, VBRUN200.DLL, and VBRUN300.DLL, so you don't have to
remember which one you have. Just extract them to your /WINDOWS/SYSTEM
directory, and relax.that is, until MS releases VB rev 4! (Newest File
Date: 05-12-93)
VBS3SHR.ZIP 10-05-95 Vb Servants 3.0 Automates Visual Basic 3.0 Programming,msvb 3.0, Fill
in the Blanks & Have Code Generated to the Clipboard.
VBSAVER.ZIP 12-11-96 Vbsaver - Provides Several Useful Add-ins Designed to Work With Vb4.
This Includes Vbstartmenu, Vbautosave, Vbtemplates Vbblockcomment,
Vbprotect and Vbcodepad
VBSE1W95.ZIP 10-07-95 Win95 Drivers for Creative Lab's Se100 Video Blaster Se100 Installation
Disk This Disk Contains Updated Drivers for Windows 95. It Includes the
Following Applications: Video Kit Se100, Video Blaster Se100 Setup &
VBSI100.ZIP 05-08-93 Vb System Information V1.00: MS-WINDOWS App That Displays Info About
Your PC, Detecting Computer Type, Memory Installed, DOS Version, Bus
Type, Lastdrive Cpu (Including Mhz and Coprocessor), Video Card (#
Colors, Resolution, Driver Version), Network Computer Name/ Type, Bios
Manufacturer/Date, Hard Drive (Total/Free Space, Tracks/Cylinders/Etc.)
Floppy Drive Type, Mouse (Driver Type/Version Irq, Etc.), WINDOWS
Version/Mode/Free Memory; Requires VBRUN200.DLL. Snowy Mountain
Software. (Newest File Date: 05-08-93)
VBSNIP.ZIP 07-23-96 Vbsniplets - is A 32-bit Vb4 Application That Allows You to Save
Portions of Source Code Into A Database for Later Use. This can Store
Up to 2 Billion Records. Description Copyright 1996 Psl
VBSNR.ZIP 11-25-95 A Pdnvbwin Vb Snr Make Global Change or Search to Ascii Files Which
Make Up A Microsoft Vb Project. Saves You Time When You Need to Change
Variable, Control, or Control Options, or Need to Change Any Hard Coded
VBSOURCE.ZIP 09-19-91 Source code from examples in Visual Basic man
VBSPORTS.ZIP 10-12-91 Sports Card Database Visual Basic
VBSRCH.ZIP 09-11-94 A Visual Basic Code (Only) Solution to Search Ing Your Hard Disk for
Files. From Compuserve's Msbasic Forum.
VBSTAK12.ZIP 10-16-95 Tcp/Ip Control for Vb. Vbx Style Custom Control, Easy & Efficient
Programming Interface to Unix/Internet Services. Operate As A Client
And/Or Server. Comes With Stakman, A Tcp/Ip Prototyping Tool and Vbmail
A Pop3/Smtp
VBSTAMP.ARJ 12-19-13 Stamp Collectors Database (VisBAS)
VBSTAMP.ZIP 10-07-91 Visual Basic stamp program
VBSTAMP1.ZIP 11-26-93 My Stamp Collection - Ver 1.1 - Many features. You can Add,Delete, Edit
as many stamp catalogs as you want. Printer support, Graphical Analysis
and on-line help with information on stamp collecting. Shareware
requires VBRUN300.DLL to run and Windows 3.1 This is a distribution
update to VBSTAMP.ZIP please download this one. (Newest File Date:
VBSTAT02.ZIP 01-17-95 This Kit Contains Visual Basic Files Forthree Programs That Together
Provide Theability to Analyze Web Server Logfiles (Incommon Log Format
Only), and Produce Htmlpages (And A Usage Graph) Describing The server
VBSYS110.ZIP 07-30-93 VBSystem Resource Monitor v1.10: MS-Windows application to monitor
system resources including hard drive disk space, free system resources
free memory, # of tasks running, date/time, etc.; requires VBRUN300
.DLL; 07/30/93; Michael Krane. (Newest File Date: 07-30-93)
VBSYS140.ZIP 03-07-94 VBSystem Windows System Monitor v1.40 - Will allow you to monitor many
system resources at all times and to combine some utilities that you
may already use. Monitor up to 10 Drives. (Newest File Date: 03-07-94)
VBSYS141.ZIP 03-31-94 Vbsys Windows Resource Monitor V1.41 Monitor Many System Resources At
All Times And Combine Some Utilities That You May Already Use. Monitor
Up to 6 Drives. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-31-94.
VBSYS2.ZIP 06-10-95 VBSys Windows System Monitor Version 2.53 (VBSys and VBSysBar) Monitors
many system resources at all times and combines many utilities.
VBSYS232.ZIP 11-07-94 Vbsys Windows System Monitor Ver 2.32(Vbsys and Vbsysbar) 11/10/94 it
Will: Monitor Drive Space, System Resources, Memory, Tasks Display and
Set Date and Time, Give System Info, Compact Memory, Run Programs or
VBSYS240.ZIP 01-01-95 Vbsys Windows System Monitor Version 2.40 (Vbsys and Vbsysbar) Monitors
Many System Resources at all Times and Combines Some Utilities That You
May Already Use. It Will: Monitor Disk Space, Resources, Memory, Tasks
VBSYS252.ZIP 04-27-95 Vbsys Windows System Monitor Standard and Bar Version. Supports Windows
'95. Very Comprehensive.
VBSYS320.ZIP 07-24-96 Vbsys Windows System Monitor (Standard and Bar Ver.) 32 Bit Ver 3.2 for
Win 95 Only 7/24/96 This is A Complete Rewrite of the 16 Bit Version
Reviewed: Ziff-davis "Rating: " Winmag Superior Shareware 6/95 Vbsys is
VBSYX14G.ZIP 07-19-96 Vbsyx - Sysex Decoder for Roland Modules. All Sound Canvas Modules Are
Supported. This Includes Sc-55, Scc-1, Sc-88, Rap-10. Vbsyx Will Read
Mid, Wrk, Seq and Syx Files Encoding As Well As Decoding is Supported