Name Date Description
TRN_BETA.ZIP 01-14-96 Sdc_xm Xm: Zeolite Beta - by Bolleke -
TROD.ZIP 08-31-94 Trod Utility Gets Rid of Those Pesky [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN DOS That Have Spaces in
Them, Also Lets You Tranfer, Delete, or Rename [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Lower Case
Letters Which Are Not Supported by the DOS Environment.
TROJAN1.ZIP 02-16-87 Info on using trojans to crash BBSs
TROL115.ZIP 05-10-96 Vintage Trolleys 1 V1.5 is A Media Album/ Screen Saver for Win 95 and
Win 3.1 Featuring Rare Images of Early Trolleys C.1890's to 1940's
Scanned From Photos in A Private Collection
TROLL10.ZIP 11-04-95 Ep-ascii "The Troll Garden and Selected Stories" by Willa Cather From
Project Gutenberg
TROLL2WN.ZIP 09-30-95 Vintage Trolleys 2 V1.2 is the Second of Two Media Albums and Screen
Savers From Reality Software Devoted to Early Electric Trolleys. Rare
Images of Trolleys, Which Date From the Late 19th Century to the 1940's
TROLLM20.ZIP 11-06-96 Trollm20.Zip the Troll Mazes - Another Quest Set for Leviathan's Reef
From Lucky Troll Software. Wander the Maze in Search of Fame, Fortune,
and A Nasty Battle Troll on the Loose. Defeat the Troll - Win A Prize
TROLLS.ZIP 10-22-96 Adventures of the Lucky Troll! A Quest Set for Leviathan's Reef. 7
Enjoyable Quests! Meet the Troll Witch, Ugh the Cave Troll, Do A Little
Gambling, and Have A Good Time! Suitable for all Ages! Freeware by Luck
TROM018.ZIP 08-09-96 Ubbsdos Tromsotag is A Tagline Inserter for Most Editors, Made With
Very Large Tagline [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN Mind. Version 0.18 / Freeware
TROM058.ZIP 09-12-96 Tromso is A Tagline Util for Most Sysop Editors (Timed, Golded, Etc.)
Included Are: Tromsotag - Insert Taglines Tmood - Insert 'Mood' Klude
Tsteal - Tagline Thief Version 0.58 Freeware
TROMBONE.ZIP 07-18-96 Newman's Trombone Ver 1.0 is A Mail Filtering Program. It Uses Rules to
Determine What Messages Should be Deleted, Without Downloading the
Messages, and Therefore Save Communication Time.
TRONDHEI.ZIP 10-23-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
TRONGAME.ARJ 12-19-13 An Amazing Tron Light Cycles Game!! Its Addictive and Lotsa Fun!! Works
TRONTANK.ZIP 03-22-94 Rotating Texturemapped TRON tank. By John McCarthy. (Newest File Date:
TRONV106.ZIP 08-13-93 TRON v1.06; DisLite,UnLzexe,UnDiet,UnTiny Protect! EXE/COM
TROON_N.ARJ 12-19-13 Course For Jnug Troon North Cc.
TROP95.ZIP 08-21-95 Windows 95 Drivers for the Turtle Beach Tropez Sound Card, From Their
TROPCAL.ZIP 01-12-97 Freeware Tropical Calendar - (1997) Displays the Time, the Current Date
and can Forward to Any Past or Future Date on the Calendar Requires:
Vbrun300.Dll Windows 3.X & Windows 95 Compatible
TROPMK23.ZIP 07-25-95 Tropez 1.2 Disk #3
TROUBLE3.ZIP 03-28-92 Double Trouble v3.0 door by Mike Wilson.
TROWS101.ZIP 01-15-95 Trowser V1.01 - A Truetype Font Browser and Installer for Windows. Lets
You View Truetype Fonts Before Installing Them. Fonts May be Installed
to A Location Other Than the System Directory. Freeware, by Eric Tauck.
TROYDRVR.ZIP 07-17-95 Win Printer Driver for Troy Micr Pr.Magnetic.
TRP100.ZIP 12-26-94 Shareware Trp Mail System - Full-featured Handling of Internet News
Systems and Email to Many Addresses, Etc.
TRP110.ZIP 03-25-95 Winsock-based Pop3 Mail and News Reader.
TRPUL123.ZIP 01-04-95 Tdm's Tractor Pull Nationals! Newest Version (1.23) Released: Jan 4,
1995 Last Months Dirt Merchant Bug Fix A User Against User Ansi
Doorgame Featuring Tractor Pulling Machines With Competetive Action!
TRR10A.ZIP 03-03-95 The Right Resume for Windows V1.0 Trr is A Powerful Windows-based Job
Hunting Package. Very Powerful, Yet Easy to Use. Create Choice of 3
Different Resume Types; Fully-functional Wysiwyg Word Processor for
Cover Letters
TRR20.ZIP 10-17-95 The Right Resume V2.00 - Powerful Windows Resume Generator and Job
Search Package. Windows 95 Compatible.
TRR20A.ZIP 07-09-96 The Right Resume V2.0a - Win Powerful Windows Resume Generator and Job
Search Package. Windows 95 Compatible
TRR_10.ZIP 02-01-95 The Right Resume for Windows V1.0 Trr is A Powerful Windows-based Job
Hunting Package. Very Powerful, Yet Easy to Use. Create Choice of 3
Different Resume Types; Fully-functional Wysiwyg Word Processor for
Cover Letters
TRR_1C.ZIP 03-10-95 The Right Resume for Windows V1.0 Trr is A Powerful Windows-based Job
Hunting Package. Very Powerful, Yet Easy to Use. Create Choice of 3
Different Resume Types; Fully-functional Wysiwyg Word Processor for
Cover Letters
TRR_30.ZIP 06-08-97 The Right Resume V3.0 - Win Powerful Windows Resume Generator and Job
Search Package. 3 Resume Types, Spell Checker, Contact Manager Database
Calendar, Power Words Copy/Paste List
TRS-02.ZIP 07-05-95 A MUCH nicer Yourinfo and xfer Yourinfo! By Phix Stephan #1 @11330.
Date: 07/05/95
TRS.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD MSC: Job placement service information
TRS.ZIP 12-29-13 THE RETAIL SOLUTION 3.0 'The Retail Solution' is a complete cash
register program combining Point-of-Sales, Accounts Receivable,
Customer Tracking and Timeclock into one easy-to-use product. This is a
must-see program!
TRSC4018.ZIP 04-29-94 Trapscr 40.18. Public Screen Util to Trapdoor.
TRSH12.ZIP 04-29-93 Trashman V1.2 - Os/2 Pm Game (Shareware) New Save/Restore Options.
TRSHCN.ZIP 09-18-93 Trashcan for Windows Nt
TRSHCN11.ZIP 01-28-94 Workplace Shell Trashcan is a Wps Class Designed to Replace
TRSHCN21.ZIP 01-12-93 Animated Trashcan Deletion Utility for Windows 3.1. (Newest File Date:
TRSHCN23.ZIP 11-04-95 Fwutils Trashcan V2.3 - Wps Trash can Object - Som2 Application -
Mac-like Trash can Object - Fully Customizable - Many Features for
Trash Management
TRSHCN25.ZIP 06-29-96 Trashcan V2.5 - Wps Trash can Object for Os/2 Warp (Or Higher) - Som2
Application - Macintosh-like Trash can Object - Fully Customizable to
User Needs - Many Features for Trash Management - Languages: English
TRSHTOOL.ZIP 11-06-95 W Trashtool V1.0. Searches Your System For Unused Files (Dlls, Vbxs,
Ocxs, Drvs, Inis Pifs, Fots, and Grps) and Assists in Removing Them
TRSI_DFF.ZIP 04-27-94 Tristar/Red Sector! /Rtx!/-/Presents! -/-/-/- Doofus Final - 23 Trainer
Level Codes!.
TRTCP11B.ZIP 12-05-94 Tropic Tcp/Ip 1.1b, Another Tcp/Ip Stack for Windows.
TRTR40.ZIP 06-18-94 TROOP TRACKER V. 4.0 A menu-driven program which stores valuable
information on a Scout Troop. Generates Scout, Scouter, Patrol, and
Former Member Rosters, Labels, Advancement Report, Individual Record,
Advancement Evaluati on, OA Evaluation, Troop Advancem
TRTY.ZIP 05-03-88 RTTY software to be used with any multimode
TRTY41H.ZIP 01-18-92 TRTY v 4.1h dual port packet/RTTY program
TRTYDEMO.ZIP 12-23-94 Playable Demo of Transport Tycoon, 1994 Game by Microprose
Technologies Inc << U N I T E D C R A C K I N G F O R C E
TRUCE.ZIP 12-31-89 Science vs Spirit
TRUCKER.LZH 01-06-14 Truck driver simulation
TRUE.ZIP 04-05-93 True Will Ritual
TRUEMC40.ZIP 01-29-97 True Multiple-choice V4.02 - Win Test Writer and Study Skills. Includes
Short Answer. Score Knowledge and Judgement. Review & Tutor at File
Levels of Thinking. Authentic Assessment
TRUETYPE.ZIP 04-17-92 TrueType Font
TRUEVIEW.ARJ 12-19-13 Targa-format file viewer for Windows
TRUEVIEW.ZIP 02-22-91 TRUEVIEW TARGA 16 bit Graphics file.
TRUGG10.ZIP 02-10-95 Trugg V1.0 Superb DOS Arcade Puzzle Game With Stunning Fully-rendered
3d Graphics Throughout, Extensive In-game Animation and A Heart Pumping
Soundtrack. Register for Wysiwyg Level Editor. Requires 386 or Above,
TRUMP21F.ZIP 07-24-95 Trumpet Winsock Version 2.1f. Dial-up Slip/Ppp Internet Access Tool.
Latest Release As of July 24/95.
TRUMPHLP.ZIP 03-29-94 Windows help file for Trumpet news reader (USENET news reader for use
over SLIP). (Newest File Date: 03-29-94)
TRUNC12.ZIP 05-15-90 for {COMMO} - Efficient script to quote/manage messages
TRUNN_II.ZIP 12-06-95 Lanarti Artisoft Now Shipping Two New External Hubs for 10base-t
TRUSTBLT.ZIP 11-03-90 Guidance to Ferderal Agencies on the use of Truste
TRUSTE.ZIP 02-01-91 Novell util display trustees/rights
TRUTHS.ZIP 03-30-93 The 35 undeniable truths of life as so stated by Rush Limbaugh III.
Worth the download.
TRUTRAN1.ZIP 07-02-96 Truth About Translation 1.0 Animated Text Show - Gives Much Info,
Removes Many Myths About Translating/Interpreting/Computers Humorously
Probes Complex Language Issues Presents Quotations About Translation
Thru 2,500
TRUTRAN2.ZIP 05-22-97 Truth About Translation V2.00 - DOS Animated Text Show on Translating,
Interpreting, & Computers. Famous Quotations, Bloopers, Insights Into
True Workings of Language. Full Version $12
TRUTYP_A.ZIP 08-14-92 Windows 3.1 True Type Fonts
TRVFPDB.ZIP 01-28-95 Introduction to Visual Foxpro Databases Written by Tom Rettig and
Presented at This Year's Devcon (1995) in San Diego. Word for Windows 6
0 Format.
TRVK305.ZIP 12-24-92 Trivial King 3.5 from TES Software. Lets users compete for
TRVLRDMO.ZIP 07-08-95 Time Travelers" - Adventure One Join Gruffy the Dog, Katie the Cat, and
Billy the Bird As They Travel Through Time & Meet New Friends. Over 50
Pages of Original Artwork and Story! Includes Music and Sound Effects.
TRVMAD10.ZIP 08-10-92 Trivia MADNESS v1.0 - The BEST Trivia Door Out There! Over
TRV_NUTR.ZIP 04-04-95 Nutrition Trivia Based on Dan Linton's Trivia Shell Product Everyone
can Benefit From A Better Knowledge of the Way the Environment and Our
Diet Affects Health. With Nutrition Trivia You Will Learn About the
Basic Food
TRW.ZIP 03-26-91 Info about TRW
TRW006.ZIP 06-26-94 Skydlg Jeff's Trw, V.06, Visual Beta With Font Problem (Hopefully)
TRW015.ZIP 09-03-94 Jeff's Trw, V0.15, Public Beta Dlg Gui Config Editor.
TRW1.ZIP 01-01-80 TRW Info
TRW110.ARJ 12-19-13 The Report Writer v1.10 for ASCII text
TRW110.LZH 01-06-14 Report on and convert format of text
TRX01961.ZIP 01-20-96 Sdc_disk Musicdisk: Jan'95 - Traxx 1/7 -
TRX01962.ZIP 01-20-96 Sdc_disk Musicdisk: Jan'96 - Traxx 2/7 -
TRX01963.ZIP 01-20-96 Sdc_disk Musicdisk: Jan'96 - Traxx 3/7 -
TRX01964.ZIP 01-20-96 Sdc_disk Musicdisk: Jan'96 - Traxx 4/7 -
TRX01965.ZIP 01-20-96 Sdc_disk Musicdisk: Jan'96 - Traxx 5/7 -
TRX01966.ZIP 01-20-96 Sdc_disk Musicdisk: Jan'96 - Traxx 6/7 -
TRX01967.ZIP 01-20-96 Sdc_disk Musicdisk: Jan'96 - Traxx 7/7 -
TRXNET.ARJ 12-19-13 TRXNET.lan v1.12 for NetWare 386 v3.10a.
TRY4A.ZIP 07-17-91 A Couple Of Visual BASIC Programs
TRYCAL11.ZIP 03-24-97 Traycalendar 1.1 for Windows Nt 4.X or Windows 95. Traycalendar Allows
A User to Add the Date to the System Trayas Text or an Icon. Shareware
$15 - Ebus. Http /Ebus.Simplenet.Com
TRYDB.ZIP 11-17-94 Dashboard Free 30-day Trial Edition Dashboard Free 30-day Trial $5.00
Rebate to Purchase. Requires: 386, Win31, 640k Internal Ram, 2 Mb
Extended Memory. See Dbrebate.Txt for Details. Offer Valid in the Us
and Canada Only.
TRYING.ARJ 12-19-13 A .VOC for Sound Blaster of the 3 Stooges I'm trying to think but
nothing happens".
TRYPB32.ZIP 06-01-96 Test-drive Version of Powerbasic 3.2, the World's Best Basic Compiler
for Dos! This Special Evaluation Version Will Introduce You to Many of
the Unique New Features Found in Powerbasic. Use it to Create, Compile
TRYPT.ZIP 08-23-94 Info on Tryptamine
TRYSKW.ZIP 11-08-94 Sidekick for Windows 30-day Trial - Edition + $5.00 Rebate!! for A
Limited Time You can Test Drive A Fully Functional Version of the Award
Winning Sidekick for Windows for 30 Days. 30-day Risk-free Trial
TRY_ASAP.ZIP 11-08-95 I Demo of Asap Graphics Program
TRZIP.ZIP 09-16-91 Allows you to select random routes for ATP
TR_137.ZIP 02-10-97 Hird Reich V1.37 Patchavalon Hill the 10th Patch for the Classic Board
Game. Read all About it in the Txt File Enclosed
TR_ANN11.ZIP 07-26-95 Announce V1.1.
TS-50QRP.ZIP 03-19-93 Reduce TS-50 power to QRP standards
TS.ZIP 08-29-96 Text Search Performs Simple Searches in Any Kind of File
TS01.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #1
TS02.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #2
TS03.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #3
TS04.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #4
TS05.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #5
TS06.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #6
TS07.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #7
TS08.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #8
TS09.ZIP 07-17-94 Toxic Shock #9
TS10.ZIP 12-05-91 Tomcat Statistic Output Screen Generator.
TS11.ZIP 12-31-91 The Store 1.1 Online Retail Sales Door for PCBoard, Gap, W
TS12.ZIP 05-01-94 Topspeed V1.2: Ms-windows App Designed to Calculate Gearing for Asphalt
Going Motorcycles; Includes Power, Displacement, Cam Lobe and Exhaust
Tuning Calculations; Req Vbrun300.Dll; 05/01/94; Kamware.
TS1ST19.ZIP 03-03-91 Statistics: Univariate statistical measures.
TS24DV32.ZIP 03-14-95 Telescope Simulator-24 V3.2 for Windows -ts-24 is an Astronomy
Education Program That is Used by Students in the Classroom to Learn
How Astronomers use A Telescope and Instruments to Study the Universe.
TS2GMD.ARJ 12-19-13 TosScan to Grunged Message Detector (GMD) interface
TS2ST19.ZIP 12-23-90 Statistics: Multiple (OLS) regression analysis.
TS3M.ZIP 03-18-95 TeleShare/DOS Ver 3.00 -- Versatile remote access shareware
package. Good basic Remote Support and access to 115200 baud.
TeleShare/Host has small RAM size and snappy screen updates, enabling
its use in workplace settings avoided by o
TS3ST16.ZIP 12-23-90 Statistics: Transformations of observations.
TS4402.ZIP 05-26-89 Kenwood Ts440 Computer Interface
TS440SB.ZIP 08-04-89 Service bulletins for TS440 from Kenwood
TS4ST16.ZIP 12-23-90 Statistics: Correlation analysis.
TS52.ZIP 03-08-94 Triple Shell 5.2 - The power user's DOS shell. It helps without
hindering. (Newest File Date: 03-08-94)
TS5ST12.ZIP 12-23-90 Least absolute deviation (LAD) multiple regression.
TS887S.ZIP 02-18-95 Tspeed V8.87. Transfer Speed Door for all Types of Bbss. Test Your
Modem, Port Protocol and Whole System in Less Than 30 Seconds and Find
Out How Fast You Are Compared to Everyone Else.
TS9203.LST 04-19-92 Downloads of Timo's files March 1992
TSANS059.TXT 03-16-92 Answers to some recurring questions about the packages
TSARC166.TXT 03-28-92 Details of the contents of each ts-package 28-Mar-92
TSARC166.ZIP 03-28-92 Details of the contents of each ts-package in zipped form.
TSBAT.ZIP 10-26-92 Assorted Batch File Tricks With Examples
TSBAT34.ZIP 03-21-92 A collection of useful batch files and tricks.
TSBAT46.ZIP 09-04-94 Bfds A Large Collection of Useful Batch Files and Batch Programming
Tricks From Prof. Timo Salmi. No Exotic External Batch Enhancers
TSBAT46A.ZIP 02-06-95 A Large Collection of Useful Batch Files and Programming Tricks From
Prof. Timo Salmi. No External Batch Enhancers Needed.
TSBAT50.ZIP 09-01-96 A Large Collection of Useful Batch Files and Batch Programming Tricks
From Prof. Timo Salmi. Self-contained. No Exotic External Batch
Enhancers Needed
TSBITS17.ZIP 12-05-89 Base conversions, decimal bit calculations.
TSBLUE31.ZIP 03-06-93 Token Street Blues version 3.1: Stock market simulation do
TSC.ZIP 09-03-96 Doom II - the Spawns Cave Info SCD New -G- (By Gamesnet) This Wad Takes
Place in A Cave by the Aliens You Have Been Told by Earth Officials
That They Have Located A Patch of Alien Resistance in A Huge Cave
TSC138.LZH 01-06-14 Time study for the production supervisor
TSCAD20.ZIP 05-09-94 CAD/DRAW For Windows Version 2.0e CAD/DRAW v2.00 [Win31] -
File 1 of 1. Powerful CAD and drawing application for Windows 3.1.
Features numerous drawing tools, associative dimensioning, library
management, user defined hatchings, context sensitive help and much,
much more. Made in Germany - had excellent reviews all over the world!
In this file: SETUP and README. Top-notch Shareware by TommySoftware,
$59.95 (USA)
TSCAN695.ZIP 08-30-92 Scan for viruses for T.A.G bbs.
TSCD111A.ZIP 12-03-93 Cad/Draw V1.11a Asp [win3] - File 1 of 4
TSCD111B.ZIP 12-07-93 Cad/Draw V1.11a Asp [win3] - File 2 of 4. Powerful Cad and Drawing
Application for Windows 3.X. Features Numerous Drawing Tools,
Associative Dimensioning, Library Management, User Defined Hatchings,
Context Sensitivehelp
TSCD111C.ZIP 01-17-94 Tommysoftware Cad/Draw, File 3 of 4
TSCD111D.ZIP 01-17-94 Tommysoftware Cad/Draw, File 4 of 4
TSCD20.ZIP 05-09-94 Tommysoftware Cad/Draw for Windows V2 Award-winning, Full-featured and
Ultra Fast Cad and Drawing Application.
TSCD401E.ZIP 09-15-95 Cad/Draw 4 L1 V4.00 for Win 95. 32-bit Technical Illustration, Drafting
Graphics. Powerful, Fast and Easy to Use. Full Set of Drawing and
Construction Tools, Hatchings, Dimensioning, Symbol Management, Bitmap
TSCDAR10.ZIP 05-28-89 Perpetual calendar in English and Finnish.
TSCDP.ZIP 12-21-93 Tscdp V0.1a - the Shortest Cd-player, Needs the Xetec-cdx-filesys
TSCHAT20.ZIP 12-12-94 Tscnet Chat Version 2.00. (Non-beta) the Ultimate Chat Replacement for
Pcboard 15.X! 29 User Commands, 17 Sysop Commands, Actions, Topics, Who
Command, Receives Pcboard Broadcasts, Calls Users in Pcboard
TSCHED30.ZIP 06-01-94 The Torok Scheduler Will Automatically Run A Program of Your Choice on
Either A Day of the Week, or Interval Number or Days, Schedule During
Boot-up. Ideal for Scheduling Routine Disk Maintenance, Virus Scanning
TSCHEK13.ARC 08-19-91 A Unix-like spelling checker, (still smaller dictionary)
TSCHEK14.ZIP 09-29-91 A Unix-like spelling checker (for MsDos ascii files).
TSCN106.ZIP 10-24-95 T-mail T-scan V1.06 Outbound Scanner & Statistics Generation. Dos&os/2
TSCN107.ZIP 12-11-95 T-scan V1.07 Outbound Statistics Scanner Full Outbound Resource
Analyzer and Sorted Statistics Generation. T-mail Configuration Support
Other Binkleystyle Mailer Working. User Statistics Format Support.
TSCN225.ZIP 01-19-92 Uploaded file scanner/verifier Wildcat 3.*
TSCN235.ARJ 12-19-13 TranScan v2.30 - Use in SCANFILE.BAT with WC3
TSCN302.ZIP 05-26-92 TranScan v3.0 Use in SCANFILE.BAT w/WC! 3.x.
TSCN405.ZIP 02-11-93 TRANSCAN v4.05 - The Premium File Scanner & Converter. Extracts
compressed files of ALL types for Virus Scanning by ANY virus scanner.
Converts files to default compression method. Also processes GIF files.
Works with ALL BBS systems co
TSCN411.ZIP 08-03-93 TRANSCAN v4.11; Premium File Scanner & Converter. Extracts
TSCN501.ZIP 04-13-94 TranScan v5.01 -- Update patch. This file contains an update patch to
update TranScan v5.0 to v5.01. This patch MAY be distributed on BBSs.
TranScan v5.00 is a commercial program available for $35 from Shareware
Services. Call 1-800-578-306
TSCN504.ZIP 05-19-94 Transcan 5.04 - Update Patch. This File Contains an Update Patch to
Update Transcan 5.00, 01, 02, or 03 to 5.04. This Patch May be
Distributed on Bbss. Transcan V5 is A Commercial Program Available for
$35 From Shareware
TSCN511.ZIP 01-09-95 Transcan 5.11 - Update Patch. This File Contains an Update Patch to
Update Any Transcan V5.05 - 5.10 to V5.11. This Patch May be
Distributed on Bbss.
TSCNTD.ZIP 04-01-94 Transcan Test Drive the Premium File Scanner & Converter.
Extracts Compressed Files of all Types for Virus Scanning by Any Virus
Scanner. Converts Files to Default Compression Method. Also Processes
Gif Files. Works
TSCNV104.ARJ 12-19-13 TosScan Converter 1.04 - convert TosScan's area definitions to
FrontDoor's/RA's/or textfile.
TSCNV110.ZIP 06-20-93 Converts Tosscan's Area Definitions to Frontdoor's And/Or Remote
Access', And/Or Oxe's, And/Or Max 10 Text Files (An Areas.Bbs File).
TSCRIPT.LZH 01-06-14 Another editor
TSCUTS11.ZIP 11-30-96 Tray Shortcuts Version 1.1 Copyright 1996 Clovis Lofton Tray Shortcuts
Allows You to Add Any Shortcut to the System Tray. Simply Copy the
Shortcuts That You Wish to Appear in the Tray to the Folder
TSCV120.ZIP 03-11-95 Tsc V1.20. Includes: the Civil War (A Game), Screen Savers and A Help
Program/Tutor, and Other DOS Utilities.
TSC_SCRN.ZIP 09-09-93 Menu Screen from Software Connection BBS
TSD-02A.ZIP 06-17-95 NEW WALL Mod...this one writes!! By Swabby. Date: 06/17/95
TSDEMO.ZIP 10-16-92 TS Demo for Windows
TSDEMO15.ZIP 09-08-91 Assorted graphics demonstrations of functions etc.
TSDR02.ZIP 05-05-94 Sorter and Dupelicate Remover: This Freeware Program Will Sort Files Up
to 25000 Lines Long and Remove the Vast Majority of Duplicate Lines.
This can Save You Disk Space, Time and Trouble When it Comes to Files
TSDRAW14.ZIP 09-08-91 Graphical presentation of equations and LP problems.
TSE0107.ZIP 01-07-94 TSE Advance/Decline Line TSE New Highs & Lows TSE 4-day STIX indicator
TSE 7-day STIX indicator From Random Walk Investment BBS
TSE3000.LZH 01-06-14 Hires drivers for Tseng 3000 chipset
TSED.ZIP 06-16-93 Toshiba Special Enhancements Disk for Dos 6.0 Includes the Files Needed
to Update the Retail Version of Dos 6.0 for Use on Toshiba Computers.
Read the Readme.1st File Before Installing.
TSEJR4.ZIP 10-25-95 Ablefile Tse Jr V4.0 (Formerly Qedit) Compact, Speech Friendly Text
TSEL106A.ARJ 12-19-13 TSR-Select v1.06A: turns any pgm into an 8K TSR; allows up to 15
entries in a pop-up menu
TSEND201.ZIP 03-29-93 TIMESEND - 2.01 Šeta Compiled 03/25/93 [FREEWARE] By Fifth
TSENDKEY.ZIP 07-09-96 Tsendkey - is A Delphi Component That Makes it Simple to Send
Keystrokes to Another Application. Description Copyright 1996 Psl
TSENG31.ARJ 12-19-13 Tseng Et4000 VGA Drivers For Windows 3.1 From MS Download Service.
TSENGDTP.ZIP 11-08-91 Hi-rez drivers for DPaint256.
TSENGFIX.ARJ 12-19-13 Fixes problem with Tseng ET4000 based adapters when using OS/2 2.0.
TSENGW32.ZIP 03-03-95 An Os/2* Graphics Accelerator Driver Supporting the Tsengw32, W32i,
W32p Chip Se Ts From Tseng Labs, Inc. The File is A 1.44 Mb Disk Image.
Use Loaddskf to Recreate the Disk.
TSEOFFER.ZIP 09-06-94 The Semware Editor V2.0 is Shipping ! A Great Editor From the Makers of
TSEP62.ZIP 02-15-94 Toshiba Special Enhancements For DOS 6.2. (Newest File Date: 02-15-94)
TSERV13.ZIP 08-29-95 Taskserver V1.3 is A Tool That Allows You to Start Any Program, Batch
or Command on A Win95/Windowsnt Workstation or Windowsnt Server, From
Any Computer in the Net. Very Simple to Install and Use.
TSERVE10.ZIP 01-28-96 Fwbbs Tserve 1.0b - Micro-neil's Terminal Server for Os/2 Warp Connect.
Provides Ppp Internet Access Through Your BBS Lines. Fully Configurable
Shareware, Allows for Fixed or Dynamic Ip Addresses
TSERVE1B.ZIP 01-26-96 Tserve 1.0b - Micro-neil's Terminal Server For Os/2 Warp Connect.
Provides Ppp Internet Access Through Your BBS Lines. Fully Configurable
Shareware, Allows for Fixed Or Dynamic Ip Addresses on A User by User
TSERVR.ZIP 03-09-95 TaskServer V1.2 is a tool that allows you to start any program, batch
or command on a WIN95/WindowsNT Workstation or WindowsNT Server, from
any computer in the net. * very simple to install and use. * works
with easy to create job-files * all machines that can access a shared
drive on the WIN95 / Windows NT computer can start tasks. Examples of
this are long print jobs, compile jobs, tosser jobs for Fido Sysops,
backup of user-workstations and so on. * nearly zero cpu stress while
running idle. * if you set up an FTP Server, even UNIX machines can
start tasks in this way. * start jobs on the Server over a WAN (RAS)
connection to ease remote administration. * optional security mode to
set up user-specific job rights. * option to "lock" a task for a
specified amount of time. * multiple task-search directories. * various
logging-level options. * GUI Interface for easy administration