Name Date Description
TREKNEW.ZIP 04-10-93 A Interesting Star Trek: Tng Text Game.
TREKNUT.ZIP 03-23-97 Doom II: - Treknut. Info New (By Gamesnet)
TREKQUIZ.ZIP 10-11-93 Star Trek Trivia Quiz BBS Door; Features questions from TNG, and TOS.
Registered version has question editor and 479 questions to test the
skill of the most dedicated Trekker! Supports GAP, PCBOARD, WILDCAT 3,
TREKSNDS.ZIP 09-28-95 Various Star Trek Computer Sounds for Your Desktop Operating System;
09/28/95; Don Guthrie.
TREKSYMP.ARJ 12-19-13 .Mod File - Star Trek Symphony - Theme From Star Trek IV.
TREKTG1S.ZIP 06-18-95 Trekkie Tags - Part of the Tagline Series Multi-node BBS Door Phrase
Game! Over 1500 of Your Favorite Trekkie Taglines! Includes Taglines
From the Original Star Trek, the Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep
Space 9. Suppor
TREKTRIV.ARJ 12-19-13 STAR TREK Trivia v2.1 - quiz game
TREKVIP.ZIP 04-21-93 Star Trek Command Operations Simulator Space, the Final Frontier.
Command the Starship Enterprise As You Explore Strange New Worlds and
Fight Hostile Romulans. Requires Ega. From Everlasting Software!
TREK_EGA.LZH 01-06-14 EGA Star Trek game - requires EGA monitor
TREK_V2.ZIP 01-27-95 You Are in Command of A Star Ship. Vga Trek is Freeware! DOS 3.3 .
TREMORS.ZIP 08-29-97 Add Dazzing Dancing Image to Your Web Site
TRENCH18.ZIP 03-01-94 Contractors' Trench Estimating Program for Material, Production and
Labor Costs for Multi-layered Trenches. Track As Many Projects As You
Like With No Limit to the Number of Trenches per Project. Modify and
TREP16.ZIP 01-09-95 Schedule Virus Scanning With Error Display Screens. Uses Thunderbyte's
Tbscan Program. ** Very Useful on Lans ** Not A Tsr. A Shell to
Automate Workstation Virus Scanning. Periodic Scanning
TREPLN21.ZIP 08-12-93 Treeplan for Dos V2.1 - Decision Tree Software for Structuring
Risky Decisions.
TREST232.ZIP 03-10-94 TRACTOR RESTORATION v2.32 - Database program to keep track of
expenses and time spent while restoring vintage tractors. It will
maintain a database of parts dealers, tractor shows, swap meets, etc.
Includes an appointment calendar and a pop-up calculator. View and
print reports and mailing labels. Easy to learn and use. SHAREWARE $29.
TRGRFNGR.ZIP 04-07-95 Trigger Finger - Excellent Doom II Deathmatch Pwad. Based on Doom I's
E1m1, Which is Great for Fragging, But With A Few Key Differences That
Will Change Your Strategy Completely.
TRI14.ZIP 04-28-95 A Vga Puzzle Game That Will Stretch Your Grey Stuff to It's Limits.
Follows the Basic Levels-get-harder Formula.
TRIAD187.ZIP 09-21-94 The Triad - Issue 1
TRIAGE1.ZIP 08-23-94 Disaster; Triage Principals & Practices. Shareware - Part I, Produced
by the Emergency Response & Research Institute. Registration Only $15
.00 Usc. Give it A Try!
TRIAL.ZIP 09-22-90 ScreamTracker sample sounds
TRIANGLE.ARJ 12-19-13 The science of Chaos graphic triangle
TRIANGLE.ZIP 06-06-95 Demo: Big Triangle Demo - by Fm95
TRIBAL.ZIP 08-16-94 Wgraphx Funny and Mac-like Icons for Os/2.
TRIBALDR.ZIP 10-10-93 TribalDraw for Windows. Awsome Object Oriented Drawing program with
Next like popup context sensitive object editor/inspector cubes.
Shareware $10, only one download file, uses only 1 meg of disk space
installed. (Newest File Date: 10-10-93)
TRIBBRIP.ZIP 10-30-93 RIPScrip Screens for TriBBS 5.0! Includes Main,Message,File,Sysop menus
as well as an Upload and Goodbye screen. All commands are included and
mouse areas work!
TRIBE.ZIP 07-16-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
TRIBE21A.ZIP 10-17-93 Latest Release of Tribaldraw for Windows. Fixes All Known Bugs in Fonts
Cutting, Pasteing, and File Saves. "Tribaldraw is the Easiest to Use
Draw Program in the World", Uses Up Only 1 Meg of Disk Space, and Costs
TRIBECA.ZIP 03-17-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
TRIBINGO.ZIP 08-15-93 Tri-Bingo v1.0 Door Game; The best Bingo Door Game availab
TRIBK115.ZIP 07-16-95 Tribackup V1.14 This Program Will Allow You to Backup Any File You
Choose. Now With Multi-backup and Compression Support! Supports 8
Different Archivers, Including Zip,arj,lha,rar and Ice. Written by Onno
TRIBOLO.ZIP 03-14-93 Tribolo V1.1 Req. Ega/Vga Mouse Optional, This is Soleau Software's
Popular Three Way Othello Game. Each Board is Different, Yet Instead of
One Opponent, There Are Two! This is a Must for All
TRICD10.ZIP 09-25-95 3rdparty Cd-rom Utility for Tribbs
TRICFG40.ZIP 08-27-95 Triconfig V4.0 - Triconfig is an all New Utility Made for New Sysops
Who Don't Want to Go Thru all the Mess of Using A DOS Editor to Make
the Config Files for Trimail V8.1 Trinet V7.1, Tridog V6.2 and Now for
TRICHEAT.ZIP 12-29-94 The Rotten Cheat Codes: Unofficial Cheat Code for Appogee's "Rise of
the Triad" BBS Sharewa Release. 40 Codes in All, Including God Mode Fly
Mode, Gun and Armor Aquiring Codes. Get T After You Solved it Without
TRICITY.ZIP 01-01-80 Tri City freq. listing
TRICKS2.ZIP 11-29-93 Os/2 Silly Tricks Version 2.
TRICKS6.ZIP 09-24-95 Melissa Woo's Stupid Os/2 Tricks #6 (Sept.
TRICKY.ZIP 01-17-96 Free Screen Saver! Win3.1/Win95
TRICLC10.ZIP 08-31-91 TRI_CALC v1.0, MS-Windows triangle program.
TRICON01.ZIP 09-11-93 RIP Screens For TriBBS 5.0. Drawn With RIPaint And Includes ICONS! Main
File & Message.
TRID.ZIP 01-04-93 3 Dimensional Graphics Using Oop.
TRID800.ZIP 12-01-91 Trident t8900 video driver for win 3.0
trid94xx.exe 10-23-95 Trident 9400/9420/9440 Win95 Drivers
TRID96XX.EXE 10-23-95 Trident Microsystems display adaptors, TGUI 9660 XGi - PCI, TGUI 9680
(dated 6-14-95)
TRIDETH.ZIP 01-17-95 Triple Death - Fully Optimized Deathmatchwad. Designed to Allow Kills
on Average Of4-5 Seconds. There is No Where to Hide Andplenty of Places
to Die. Design Allows Easyaccess to the Other Player's Back! Doom 1.
TRIDIAN.ZIP 12-22-95 Some Descent Saved Game Files.Descent Rules
TRIDICE2.ZIP 09-03-91 Tri-dice door v2. Most bbs's supported. Easy registration.
TRIDIE31.ZIP 01-12-95 Tri-die V3.1 Tribbs Directory Enhancer. Tri-die Creates Custom Msgx.Ans
and Dirsx.Ans Screens in Full Ansi Color for Each Caller! When A Caller
"Changes File Area"
TRIDNT.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows 3.1 TRIDENT TVGA Drivers BETA 2 Rel 0.10
TRIDNT93.ZIP 03-09-94 Latest Trident Video Drivers for Win 3.1.
TRIDOG40.ZIP 06-29-92 TriDog 4.0 TriBBS<-->Fido MSG converter.
TRIDOG50.ZIP 02-26-93 TriDog 5.0 - TriBBS<->Fido MSG converter. This utility let's TriBBS
boards join any FidoNet-technology network. This latest version
supports netmail as well as echomail.
TRIDOG60.ZIP 09-16-93 Tridog 6.0 - Tribbs<->fido Msg Converter. This Utility Let's Tribbs
Boards Join Any Fidonet-technology Network.
TRIDOR12.ZIP 07-06-93 Tridoor 1.2 - is a Library of Borland C++ and Turbo C++ Routines for
Writing Doors for Such Systems As Pcboard, Tribbs, Gap, Spitfire,
Wildcat!, Rbbs, Wwiv, Etc. This Version Features Adds a Number of New
TRIDR10A.ZIP 10-03-92 TriDoor 1.0a; library of Borland C++ and Turbo C++ routine
TRIDV183.ZOO 03-19-91 On-line door support unit (TP 5.5 & 6.0) TriDoor rel 012
TRIDV200.ARJ 12-19-13 TriDoor v2.0 - TPascal unit for writing BBS door type programs. based
on Doorinfo.bbs exit files
TRIDV230.ARJ 12-19-13 Tridoor door construction kit for TP 5.5 & 6.0
TRIDV300.ZIP 03-28-93 Triumph Software's TriDoor v3.00 Create on-line doors quic
TRIDXW29.ZIP 04-03-97 Ez-index for Traveler Magazine 2.90 Article Index With Boolean Search,
Font Zooming, Annotations, Keywords, Bookmarks and an Install/Uninstall
Feature. Available in 2 Versions, V2.90 and V2.84. V2.90
TRIED20.ZIP 08-14-92 TriEdit v1.0.20 is a POWERFUL user file editor with millions of options
and millions more for those who register. Fixes highlight this version
Those who register get the following improvements: Advanced Name Find
where a user can enter the
TRIFRM25.ZIP 08-24-95 Tri/Forms V2.50 Tri/Forms is A Tribbs Specific Vision/X and Obv/2 Style
New User and Sysop Infoforms. Registered Version Allows Comment to
Sysop, and Custom Ansi/Rip Screens. Registration is Only $12 Us.
Brought. Last
TRIGR100.ARJ 12-19-13 Manipulate Fido 12 Event Triggers (v1.00)
TRIG_PAS.ZIP 11-16-85 Mathematical Trig. routines for Turbo Pascal
TRIHEL.ZIP 01-14-96 G This is A Pud File for Warcraft II Created by My Son, Who Seems to
Think of Nothing Else But Warcraft II. I Hope You Like It
TRIHI.ARJ 12-19-13 Trident HiColor drivers
TRILG10.ZIP 08-25-95 Trilogger V1.0 - by Cdww Trilogger V1.0 for Tribbs is A Last Callers
Bulletin Generator. Very Sysop Configurable. Shows Time, Date Name,
City, State, Speed, Node and Shows If A User is Still Logged On. Has
the Option To.
TRILOG10.ZIP 09-29-94 Trilog 1.0 by Shawn Berg Trilog is A Program That Allows You to Log Any
Text You Want to the Tribbs Callers.Log File! Very Handy in use W/
Doors, and So On! Only $5 Registration! Terrific Deal!
TRILOGY.ZIP 11-18-94 T R I L O G Y (3 Levels + Demos) Tired of Those Hundreds of
Amateuristic Bad Looking Wad-files, Which Are Often Stuffed With More
Bugs Than Monsters?!? Then Flag/Download This One Right Now! Registered
TRILOGY3.ZIP 02-04-95 Tarot Trilogy Plus Dr. Scott Swanson Complete Program Files -
Distribution Disk Ancient Esoteric Card Game. Combines Archaic Mystery,
Historic Research, Sound and Modern Technology. Vga Graphics of
Original Rider 22
TRILOGY4.ZIP 08-15-97 Dino Trilogy V4.00 - Win Three Exciting Educational Games for Ages 5-12
- Memory, Math, and Spelling. Help Derik Dinosaur Rescue Items From Rex
by Solving Learning Challenges
TRILOGY5.ZIP 02-01-97 Tarot Trilogy Plus V5.0. Esoteric Fortune Telling Card Game With Vga
Graphics, Mouse and Sound Blaster Support. Completely Menu Driven.
Prints Reports for Future Reference This Program Introduces Potential
TRIMAL40.ARJ 12-19-13 Bugfix Release of Trimail, Qwk Packet Mail Door For Tribbs System. Adds
Qmodem & Qwack 0.96
TRIMAL50.ZIP 06-29-92 TriMail 5.0 QWK mail door for TriBBS.
TRIMAL70.ZIP 02-26-93 TriMail 7.0 - QWK mail door for TriBBS. Let's your callers use a QWK
mail reader like SLMR, OLX, Session Manager, EZ-Reader, etc. to read
and enter mail offline. This new version provides complete
compatibility with TriBBS 4.0.
TRIMM.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD LSP: TRIM - [R11] enhanced trim command that allows block/xref to
be used
TRIMMER.ZIP 02-29-92 Program To Maintain SpitFire BBS CALLERS.LOG.
TRIMPO21.ZIP 10-08-95 Trimpo V2.01 Rip Cosmetic Update for the Main Menu System Trimpo V2.01
is A Small Little Door That is Designed to Allow Your Users to Enter
Trimail Door From the Logon.Bat File! it Enables Them to Read Their
Mail and Exit
TRIMST15.ZIP 10-13-91 Master File List creator for TriTel 1.xx BBS
TRINET20.ZIP 12-12-91 TriNet 2.0 QWK networking program.
TRINET40.ZIP 06-29-92 TriNet 4.0 QWK networking utility for TriBBS.
TRINET60.ZIP 02-26-93 TriNet 6.0 - QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS boards
join one of the many QWK-based netmail networks. This new version adds
duplicate message checking.
TRINET70.ZIP 09-16-93 TriNet 7.0 - QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS boards
join one of the many QWK-based netmail networks.
TRINITY2.ZIP 09-04-94 Add-on Level Pwad for Doom 1.2 Registered the Much-talked-about Trinity
Wad. A College Campus. New Graphics, Music. Very Well Done Scenery.
Good for Solo, Coop or Deathmatch, With Skill Levels Implemented.
TRIO.ZIP 07-24-93 Trio, Puzzle Game
TRIP101.ZIP 03-23-97 Fly Triplane Turmoil Sw 1.01
TRIPAK10.ZIP 04-08-95 Four Great Doors for Tribbs 5.1 ! Minigram 2.0 is A Fun, Different Way
to Send Messages. Includes User Name/Alias Search, Newsflash! Sysop
Utility for Creating Attractive News Bulletins.
TRIPDOS.LZH 01-06-14 Shareware multi-tasker
TRIPK110.ZIP 11-09-96 Tripeaks Solitaire BBS Door V1.10 Supports Many Drop Files With
Internal Comm Routines and Fossil Driver Suport. Keep Monthly Top Ten
Scores, Last Month's High, and an All-time High Score. Allows Make-up
Days Very
TRIPL101.ZIP 12-14-96 Triples is A Shareware Game for Os/2 Shareware Version 1.01.
TRIPL106.ZIP 02-20-97 Triples is A Tetrislike Shareware Game for Os/2 Version 1.06
TRIPLETS.ARJ 12-19-13 Simple board game for Windwos 3
TRIPLETS.LZH 01-06-14 Simple board game
TRIPPY.ZIP 02-05-94 Trippy Stuff 1.00 - Screen Saver for Windows
TRIPV205.ZIP 07-31-94 Trip-wire V2.03 - Work Your Way Around the Grid Looking for Trip-wires.
But be Careful or Kapowie! Full Support of Almost all BBS Types.
Desqview Aware. Easy to Setup. No Complicated Config Files to Battle
TRIPWIRE.ZIP 12-10-92 Tripwire v1.0 - Unix security package
TRIRIP.ZIP 08-27-93 RIP Screens for TriBBS; Includes the default Menu selections for Main,
File, and Message menu. Also Included are a Logon Screen advertising
TriBBS and one for WME. I left Room for Personalizing the menus with
Icons (center pieces) and additional commands.
TRIRIP01.ZIP 09-07-93 TriBBS 5.0 RIPscript Screens. Drawn With RIPaint FOR TriBB
TRIRSP10.ZIP 08-18-95 Trirsp Version 1.0 Tri-remote Sysop Paging Door! This is the Newest and
Hottest Door Program on the Market Today! Trirsp Will Allow Your User
to Page You When You Have Turned Your General Page Bell Off! it Allows
TRIRUM11.ZIP 09-13-94 Oneliners Door Program Supporting Almost Any Bbs. Great Graphics! Full
Logging of What the User Enters. This is A Small Bug Fix. Had A Problem
With the Logging of Calls. Fixed!
TRIS107.ZIP 04-23-97 Tris V1.07 - the Tetris BBS Door! 25 Unique Play Screens (3 in
Unregistered Version) Present Callers With Varied Challenge Levels
Players Must Complete 25 Lines per Level to Advance
TRISK.LZH 01-06-14 Triskelion - puzzle
TRISMENU.ZIP 09-24-95 Utility for Multinode Tribbs Boards.
TRISOL14.ARJ 12-19-13 TRIANGLE Solitaire - Door Game v1.4
TRISOL22.ZIP 08-15-92 Triangle Solitaire Door Game, v2.2
TRISOL28.ZIP 08-10-93 TRIANGLE Solitaire Door Game v2.8; Remove all cards from t
TRISOL34.ZIP 03-14-94 Triangle Solitaire - Door Game V3.4 * Part of the Sunrise Door
Collection Remove All Cards From the Pyramid in Pairs That Equal 13.
Fast-paced Solitaire Game. Makeup Games Missed During the Month.
TRISOL36.ZIP 01-19-95 Triangle Solitaire - Door Game V3.6 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
TRISOL37.ZIP 06-03-95 Triangle Solitaire Door Game V3.7 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection.
Remove all Cards From the Pyramid in Pairs That Equal 13. Fast-paced
Solitaire Game. Makeup Games Missed During the Month. Auto Game Reset
TRISOL38.ZIP 07-02-95 Triangle Solitaire - Door Game V3.8 . * Part of the Sunrise Door
Collection * Remove All Cards From the Pyramid in Pairs That Equal 13.
Fast-paced Solitaire Game. Makeup Games Missed During the Month. Auto
Game Reset & Hal
TRISOL39.ZIP 09-18-95 Triangle Solitaire Door Game V3.9 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection.
Remove all Cards From the Pyramid in Pairs That Equal 13. Fast-paced
Solitaire Game. Makeup Games Missed During the Month. Auto Game Reset &
Hall of
TRISOL40.ZIP 01-06-96 Sunrise Triangle Solitaire V4.0 From Sunrise Door Software
TRISOL41.ZIP 06-11-96 Triangle Solitaire V4.1 -door- by Sunrise Door Software
TRISPOON.ZIP 11-18-94 Two of My Sc2000 Cities, Both With A Population of Around A Million.
Mike Smith Jasmith@minet.Gov.Mb.Ca
TRISRD20.ZIP 10-08-95 Tri-software Registration Door V2.0 Rip! Attention Programmers &
Sysop's! Have You Wanted to Provide Your Users With A Way to Register
Your Software Online? Introducing the Newest and Hottest Software
TRIST314.ZIP 07-20-95 Tristero - is A Mailing List Manager for Cc:mail. It Provides Listserv
Functionality for Cc:mail Including Auto Subscript/Unsubscript, Message
Archiving, Passwords, List Moderation, Mail Digests, Etc.
TRISTA18.ZIP 09-19-93 Tristat V1.8 - Use With Tribbs BBS Systems Generates Ansi and Mono
Statistics Bulletins
TRISWAP2.ZIP 07-28-96 Triswap V2.0 Truely the Only Ansi Screen Swapper. Easy to use and Not A
Cheap Program Like Another Swap Program. Before You use Any Other Swap
Program use This Because Its Freeware.
TRISX105.ZIP 07-23-96 Denk
TRITIP11.ZIP 08-21-93 Tritips V 1.1 - Generates Ansi/Ascii Tips and Advice Screens for Tribbs
TRITRI.ZIP 08-31-94 Tritris is A Funny Version of 3d Tetris.
TRIULN11.ZIP 08-21-93 Triuln V1.10 - Audio Tones/Video Messageuser Log-off Notifyer for
Tribbs Sysops.
TRIV.ZIP 10-10-96 Internet Multi-player Real-time Trivia Game
TRIV047.ZIP 02-01-93 Trivia Challenger door game by Gisle Hannemyr
TRIV054.ZIP 09-30-94 Trivia Challenger quiz door, ver. 0.54 Trivia Challenger is trivia a
quiz game compatible with PCBoard, WILDCAT!, GAP BBS, SPITFIRE and
other systems using DOOR.SYS -- also RBBS-PC, Remote Acce
TRIV111.ZIP 04-10-94 BBS Trivia! Door V1.11 by Brl-cowan City Software Excellent Trivia Game
Comes With a 100 Question Database With More Available From the
Support Boards. Supports Up to 115k Baud Rate, Com1-4, Non-standard
TRIV201.ZIP 07-16-92 MBBS shareware trivia door. 'C' source included.
TRIVDOOR.ZIP 03-20-93 Trivia Unlimited, Multi-Node v2.0a
TRIVIA.LZH 01-06-14 Computer version of Trivial Pursuit
TRIVIA.LZH 01-06-14 Trivia Pursuit
TRIVIA1.ZIP 08-09-93 Wonder-soft's Interactive Audio Trivia! Hear Audio Clues and Answer
Questions. Soundblaster or Adlib or Compatible Boards.
TRIVIA13.ARJ 12-19-13 Sunrise TRIVIA Door Game v1.3 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
* Nothing fancy
TRIVIA14.ZIP 08-15-92 Trivia Door Game, v1.4
TRIVIA17.ZIP 01-15-93 Sunrise TRIVIA Door Game v1.7 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
* Nothing fancy, just a good old solid TRIVIA Door game. Question
Database, change the questions via your Event process, import questions
created offline or use the Trivi
TRIVIA18.ZIP 03-12-93 Sunrise TRIVIA Door Game v1.8; Nothing fancy, just a good
TRIVIA20.ZIP 03-14-94 Sunrise Trivia Door Game V2.0 . * Part of the Sunrise Door
Collection Nothing Fancy, Just a Good Old Solid Trivia Door Game.
Question Database, Change the Questions Via Your Event Process, Import
Questions Created
TRIVIA23.ZIP 03-11-95 Sunrise Trivia Door Game V2.2 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
* Nothing Fancy, Just A Good Old Solid Trivia Door Game. Question
Database, Change the Questions Via Your Event Process, Import Questions
TRIVIA24.ZIP 01-19-96 Sunrise Trivia V2.4 From Sunrise Door Software
TRIVIA25.ZIP 06-11-96 Sunrise Trivia Door Game V2.5 . Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
Nothing Fancy, Just A Good Old Solid Trivia Door Game. Question
Database, Change the Questions Via Your Event Process, Import Questions
TRIVIA30.ZIP 03-19-92 Trivia Tac Toe v3.0 door by Mike Wilson.
TRIVIA40.ARJ 12-19-13 Techno Trivia Door v4.0
TRIVIAL.ZIP 04-26-93 Most trivial windows application, with compressable data file. (NEWEST
FILE DATE: 04-26-93)
TRIVIA_C.ZIP 10-01-95 The Trivia Corner: the Ultimate BBS Trivia Door Program. Online Timer,
Random Array Generator, Color Coded Visuals, Statistics Recorded in
Accuracy and Quantity, Compete Against all the Other Players, and More!
TRIVMA1.ZIP 02-06-93 Trivia Mania 1 of 2.
TRIWIN.ZIP 12-01-91 Trident 8900 series tvga drivers; Windows 3.0
TRIWIZ30.ZIP 03-22-97 Triangle Wizard 3.0 Version 3.0 A Windows Utility That Graphically
Calculates Sides and Angles of Triangles. Features Include Solving
Right, Optuse, and Acute Triangles. 486 or Better Recommended. Windows
3.1 or Windows
TRIWOW10.ZIP 02-10-95 Triwordsofwisdom (V 1.0) - for use With Tribbs Bulletin Board Systems
Only. The Triwordsofwisdom (Triwow), Creates Mono and Ansi Screens,
Containing "Words of Wisdom".
TRIXWAVE.ARJ 12-19-13 Convert .MAC, .SND, .VOC sound files to .WAV
TRI_1.ZIP 09-16-94 The Remote Informer Issue #1
TRI_2.ZIP 09-16-94 The Remote Informer Issue #2
TRI_3.ZIP 09-16-94 The Remote Informer Issue #3
TRI_4.ZIP 09-16-94 The Remote Informer Issue #4
TRI_5.ZIP 09-16-94 The Remote Informer Issue #5
TRI_SF.ZIP 11-16-92 TRI_SF v1.0; Utility That Converts the TriBBS Users File to the
SpitFire BBS Format. FAST & EASY, Low Cost! Author: Tim Klan
TRI_YACH.ZIP 03-02-95 Windows Implementation of Triple Yahtzee. Very Addictive. Shareware, $5
Registration. Requires Vbrun300.Dll.
TRKDOM11.ZIP 01-11-95 Star Trek Doom Wad.
TRKDOM22.ZIP 01-16-95 Star Trek - Doom Invasion for Doom II V1.7a the Enterprise Has Been
Attacked by Aliens From A Group Called the Underworld Alliance. They
Surrounded the Ship With A Nebula-like Energy Cloud Rendering Our
Phasers And
TRKIT304.ZIP 06-05-93 Track-it 3.04 Inventory/Pos Package. Includes a Wide Range of Inventory
Functions, Invoicing, Order Entry, Po's, Over 35 Reports, 4 Pricing
Levels, and Tracks Serialized Stock. B-tree Style Indexing for Fast
Data Access.
TRKIT307.ZIP 12-29-13 TRACK-IT 3.07 Track-It 3.07 includes a wide range of inventory
functions,invoicing, order entry, PO's, 35+ reports, 4 pricing levels
,custom invoices, Canadian GST support, and tracks serializedinventory.
Full mouse, network, and multi-user support.
TRKIT309.ZIP 04-10-94 Track-It 3.09 Inventory/POS package. Includes a wide range of inventory
functions, invoicing, order entry, PO's, 35+ reports, 4 pricing levels,
custom invoices, and tracks serialized stock. Supports Canadian GST and
postal codes. B-Tree style indexing for fast data access. Full mouse,
network, and multi-user support. ASP Shareware.
TRKIT_10.ZIP 06-01-94 Trackit! V1.0 - Track Learner for Telix Trackit! is an Online
Automation Script That Takes Advantage of Salt's Tracking Commands.
It's Faster and More Reliable Than Script Learners. Features Include:
Over 1500 Definable
TRKLAN12.ZIP 01-06-91 v1.2 of LAN Administrator's tool to keep track of problems
TRKMT424.ARJ 12-19-13 TrackM 4.24 (tiny) network aware powerful message-tracker and
TRKSANTA.ZIP 11-29-95 Track Santa As He Makes His Christmas Rounds
TRKSSV1S.ZIP 09-21-95 Trekart Screen Saver for Windows 3.1x. Ultra.
TRLD_101.ZIP 08-23-93 The Rime List Door v10.1; View worldwide Rime nodes. Suppo
TRL_ROTT.ZIP 12-24-94 Reviews Another Game! Rise of the Triad Ss!
TRM20.ZIP 09-17-92 Technical reference manual for Hayes modems
TRM32415.ZIP 09-11-97 QVT/Term v4.15: Terminal/Telnet pgm for Win95
TRMAN110.ZIP 05-12-97 Quake: - Tarman (Compilation) Version 11
TRMDL1A.ZIP 02-21-93 Simple utility to allow PCBoard sysops to trim their DOWNLOAD.TXT file
by number of days. -FREE-
TRMINVOC.ARJ 12-19-13 several VOC files recorded from the Terminator movies.
TRMITE10.LZH 01-06-14 Fractal Displays
TRMP104B.ZIP 12-17-91 Trumpet v1.04;l news reader for DOS (req's packet driv.) (good)
TRMP105C.ZIP 06-19-92 NNTP Usenet news reader. Uses Crynwr drivers
TRMP105G.ZIP 08-04-92 Trumpet v1.05 Revision G: an NNTP newsreader for MSDOS mac
TRMP106B.ZIP 09-07-93 Trumpet NNTP Usenet news reader, req's packet driv (good)
TRMS20C.ZIP 10-07-93 New Version of Terminus [v2.0c]
TRN050.ARJ 12-19-13 Updated Token Ring drivers for Novell.
TRN050.ZIP 06-21-90 Token Ring drivers for NetWare 286 & 386
TRN1620B.ZIP 09-10-96 V2.0b) Trn1620b.Zip - Tropic Nfs Server Program 16 Bit Version. Runs on
Windows 3x Environment and Exports the Local Pc Filesystem Allowing Nfs
Clients Running In Other Machines to Have Access to the Local Pc
TRN36_2.ZIP 09-04-96 This is an Os/2 Version of the Trn 3.6 News Reader. It is Based on
Herbert Neugebauer's Trn 3.5 for Os/2, With A Few Additional Changes
TRNET601.ZIP 07-06-93 TriNet 6.01; QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS boards
join one of the many QWK-based netmail networks. This new version
features improved dupe checking.
TRNFS11A.ZIP 02-09-95 Tropic NFS server v1.1a for MS-Windows 3.1
TRNOTE11.ZIP 01-14-97 Traynote Plus: Experience Ultimate Convenience With Your Very Own
Personal Notepad Which Resides in Your System Tray With Easy One-click
Access, This is the Ideal "Forget-not" Utility! This is No Ordinary
TRNRAMS.ZIP 02-13-94 Terminator : Rampage V1.00 Network Trainers
TRNSMAIL.ZIP 07-13-94 Transmail - Contains Common Business Correspondence Phrases in German,
French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and English.
TRNSPLNT.ZIP 08-17-94 Internet Faq (Ans to Freq Asked Questns) Re: Organ Transplantation(8-94
TRNSVR.ZIP 03-27-91 ICOM IC-745