Name Date Description
T-FIG312.LZH 01-06-14 T-Fig v3.12 for configuring TELIX v3.12 .
T-FIG312.LZH 01-06-14 T-Fig v3.12 for configuring TELIX v3.12 .
T-TOP-2B.ZIP 05-15-92 The Record Keeper v2.1 for Telegard BBS
T10B061B.ZIP 04-22-97 Top 10 Downloads/Callers/Uploads/Etc. For Opus 1.79
T128.EXE 10-23-95 Adaptec Trantor T128 (dated 5-25-95)
T130.EXE 10-23-95 Adaptec Trantor T130 (dated 5-25-95)
T14_107.ZIP 10-18-95 Term14 Lan Terminal, Full Package.
VERSION!!!!!!! >> (C) 1994 Chaos Technologies Inc << U I T E D C R C K
I N G F O R C E 7th Dec 1994
T1K_3.ARJ 12-19-13 Bugs found in Tandy 1000 computers
T2000.ZIP 07-17-87 Fossil driver docs for Tandy 2000
T210_211.ZIP 09-08-95 Ripterm 2.1 to 2.11 Update From Telegrafix.
T213V500.ZIP 08-15-95 Toshiba Laptop Bio Upgrade.
T2305ANS.ZIP 09-17-92 NCSA Telnet v2.3.05 using Ansi char codes
T2305SV.ZIP 05-11-92 NCSA Telnet v2.3.05 with Swedish characters & enhanc.
T2599I.ZIP 08-27-96 T-mail.Dos Ver 2599i/Beta/Noncommercial
T2599IN.ZIP 08-27-96 T-beta-n T-mail 2599i/Noncommercial/Beta for Win Nt/95
T2599IP.ZIP 08-27-96 T-beta-2 T-mail.Os/2 Ver 2599i/Beta/Noncommercial
T2599J.ZIP 10-30-96 T-mail.Dos Ver 2599j/Beta/Noncommercial
T2599M.ZIP 01-03-97 T-beta T-mail.Dos Ver 2599m/Beta/Noncommercial
T2599MN.ZIP 01-03-97 T-mail 2599m/Noncommercial/Beta for Win Nt/95.
T2A20.ZIP 01-24-93 T2A Version 2.0 Create Ansi/Avatar files from ANY LENGTH text files.
For RemoteAccess. Insert RA variables with simple Ctl-Key presses. Fast
and flexible.
T2B120A.ZIP 01-27-94 Text-to-Binary Conversion Program (Version 1.20). Allows you to
maintain binary [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN text format. Useful for patching files, and
setting up initializing commands for printers. Supports radix, symbols,
text strings, escape sequences, and comments.
T2BBS501.ZIP 09-13-94 Interface for Max, Ra & Acfiles, Tick, Allfix, for Dos/2.
T2BBS510.ZIP 05-28-95 Tick2bbs V5.10 - A Tick-bbs Interface to Assist in Updating BBS File
Descriptions From Tick (Os2/Dos)
T2DEMO.ZIP 10-18-95 Turrican II - Playable Demo
T2KCOM52.ZIP 03-17-88 Fossil driver for Tandy 2000
T2P16.ZIP 06-30-96 Text2pcx Ver 1.6 - DOS Based Program to Convert Plain Text File to Pcx
Image File(S) Include Various Font Files & Editor
T2SAMPLE.ZIP 09-29-93 The "T2 SAMPLER" Wallpaper and audio clips right out of the movie
"Terminator 2: Judgment Day", PLUS an actual screen saver module from
the NEW retail package "T2: The Screen Saver". Win 3.1. (Newest File
Date: 09-29-93)
T2T026F.ZIP 11-12-93 Tic2tag is Designed to Read Your *.Tic and *.Fle Files From Your
Inbound Files Directory, and Add the Descriptions to Your T.A.G. BBS *
.Dir Files.
T2T20A.ZIP 01-18-93 T2T v2.0; TIC2TAG is designed to read your *.TIC and *.FLE
T2WAY12.ZIP 03-25-90 T2WAY12.ZIP - Two way chat for T.A.G. BBS
T2WIN_16.ZIP 05-16-96 Time to Win" is A 16-bit Dll to use W/Vb 40 Including 2d/3d/Array
Routines, Big Numbers Bit String Manipulation, Date/Hour/Time Routines,
Days/Month for Different Languages Disk Array/Dos/Disk/File Routines,
T2WLIGHT.ZIP 08-10-95 Time to Win Light - is A Dll for Vb3 With Over 360 Functions Including
Array Routines Date/Time Routines, Dos/ Disk/File Routines and Many
T2Z_100.LZH 01-06-14 Txt2Zip 1.00, Zip Add/Cleanse Commentary Utility
T2_1.ZIP 12-14-91 .FLI from movie Terminator 2
T2_2.ZIP 12-14-91 .FLI from movie Terminator 2
T2_TRANS.ZIP 04-18-94 Movie Clip From Terminator II Avi File Needs Video for Windows Run Time
Version - Please Download Vfwrun.Zip Also N I G H T P L A Y E R Bbs:
(909) 860-9668 Demo Clip From Nightplayer BBS ! See How Teminator,
Model T-1000,
T320INC.ZIP 12-13-92 Get rid of nag Screens At The Opening And Closing Of The T
T321U1.ZIP 02-05-93 Telix Communications v3.21, *update* Fast, powerful, and e
T321U2.ZIP 02-05-93 Telix Communications v3.21, *update* Host+ BBS Host mode,
T321UX.ZIP 01-12-94 Patch file for REGISTERED versions of Telix to take versions 3.12 or
later to version 3.21. This patch is free and is direct from deltaComm.
It will not work on unregistered copies. This patch file replaces the
files named T3nn-321.ZIP internally dated 12-25-93.
T338.EXE 10-23-95 Adaptec Trantor T338 (storage) (dated 5-25-95)
T348I.ZIP 07-24-93 Trantor T348 Miniscsi Plus Driver (INTEL). Windows NT. (Newest File
Date: 07-24-93)
T3DFPU41.ZIP 12-12-93 T3dlib V4.1 - #2/3 3d Object Conversion/Manipulation
T3DIST.ZIP 04-09-93 Foxpro for Dos 2.5 T3dist
T4.ZIP 07-21-93 Tank04 v1.20
T432E.ZIP 08-25-95 T4 is a challenging board game for Windows 3.x, Windows NT or Windos 95
It can be played against the computer or between two human players.
It's a game with simple rules, not unlike Othello/ Reversi or
Four-In-A-Row, but richer and more complex.
T4DIBLIB.ZIP 12-16-95 T4 Dib Library V1.1 - Smaller, Faster Images Vb - New and Fixed V1.1.
If Your Program Uses Animation, or Mm Still Photos, or "Lots" of Images
This Shareware Product May be A Great Help.
T4LITE_N.ZIP 02-24-95 T4 Timesaver Light V1994.01n. Complete T4/T4a/T5 Preparation Package
Including - Discrepancy Reports on Cpp/Qpp/Ui Over/Under Payments -
Laser Facsimile Forms - Diskette Submission of Returns.
T4TAX_LT.ZIP 12-21-94 T4 Timesaver Light V. 1994.01b Complete T4/T4a/T5 Preparation Package
Including - Discrepancy Reports on Cpp/Qpp/Ui Over/Under Payments -
Laser Facsimile Forms - Diskette Submission of Returns - Superior Fault
T4TIMESV.ZIP 01-27-95 T4 Timesaver - Tax Preparation Program. Use Lj Printer to Print Forms.
Prints Various Reports.
T4TXTLIB.ZIP 11-04-95 T4 Text Library Util/Vbx (Vb) V1.0.0.5 This is the Demo Version of the
T4 Text Library ($39 Shareware). Through A Utility and Vbx it Supports
A New Approach to Text Management for the Vb Programmer.
T4_16_E.ZIP 08-25-95 T4 is A Challenging Board Game for Windows 3.X, Windows Nt or Windows
95. It can be Played Against the Computer or Between Two Human Players.
It's A Game With Simple Rules Not Unlike Othello/Reversi or
T4_32_E.ZIP 12-16-95 T4 is A Challenging Board Game for Windows
T7G130.ZIP 01-31-94 The Seventh Guest update patch to 1.30. (Newest File Date: 01-31-94)
T7G_SOL.ZIP 06-07-93 Solutions to Various Problems Encountered in the 7th Guest, Written by
Neil B. Breeden II and George F. Gaut Jr. Biohazard BBS in Utah. This
is for Folks Who Eventually Tire of the Many Challenges in This
Intricate, Cd-rom
T95GRAB4.ZIP 06-13-95 Diz-grabber Utility Package V2.0 4 Created By Twizted Etatest Creates
Pcb 15.X File Lists & Areas Keeps Track of Areas, Tapes Or Cds
Duplicate File Checking Index Moves No-desc and Bad-crc Files Search by
Date Or Descripti
T95_111.ZIP 01-03-97 Time95 Version 1.11 for Windows 95. A World Clock Distributed As Share-
Ware. Includes Over 150 Cities.
T95_112.ZIP 02-27-97 Time95 Version 1.12 World Clock for Windows 95. 150 Cities. Shareware
TA10B-1.ARJ 12-19-13 Teacher's Assistant (TA) version 1.0 BETA.
TA10B-2.ARJ 12-19-13 Teacher's Assistant 1.0 BETA (file #2 of 3).
TA10B-3.ARJ 12-19-13 Teacher's Assistant 1.0 BETA (file #3 of 3).
TA10B_1.ZIP 04-21-93 Full-featured Teacher Gradebook Manager [1/3]
TA10B_2.ZIP 04-26-93 Full-featured Teacher Gradebook Manager [2/3]
TA10B_3.ZIP 04-01-93 Full-featured Teacher Gradebook Manager [3/3]
TAAMEND.ZIP 07-29-94 Proposed Tech Act Amendments of 1994.
TAAWTS.ZIP 06-08-94 Two Massive Doom Levels With Lots of Puzzles, Power-ups, and Nasties!
Best With Multi-players. Are You Man Enough?
TAB2.ZIP 11-21-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
TAB95.ZIP 08-20-95 Some users did not know a few things needed for using Tab95. Make sure
you double-click folders to bring them up. Also, make sure that Arial
is installed on your system.
TABBING.ZIP 02-01-97 Pdnjava Demonstration of Reusable Mvc Tabbing Panel. This Class Extends
Panel and Overides the Keydown() Method to Automatically Handle Tabbing
Between Valid Textfields, Buttons and Choice Components.
TABBSAPR.ZIP 04-04-94 BBSList: The Tacoma Washington USA Area BBS List and Newsletter from
AmoCat APRIL 1994 EDITION. Area code (206). (Newest File Date: 04-04-94
TABBSJUL.ZIP 06-29-92 Tacoma Washington area BBS list, July 1992
TABC10.ZIP 07-30-95 Tabctrl V1.0: Ms-windows Custom Control Implementing the Word 6 Style
Tabs; can be Used in Your App to Give it A Fashionable Look-and-feel;
Supports Multiple Row of Tabs 07/30/95; Edward Mccreary.
TABC4.ZIP 08-12-93 TALKING ABC's v4.1 TALKING ABC's 4.1 Preschool game Learn the
letters and their sounds! Talks to your child age 2-6 with a natural
sounding voice using the PC speaker. 3 fun games: Follow the leader,
draw your own picture and matching game. Karen Crowther
TABENT.ZIP 07-02-93 Quattro Pro for Windows. Two Macros.
TABESTRY.ZIP 06-01-95 Tabestry - Guitar Tablature for Windows.
TABEXM.ZIP 12-14-94 Clar4exp Example of Using Tabs for Multi-page Forms
TABLAT.ZIP 05-26-94 Guitar Tablature Notation Editor.
TABLC12A.ZIP 09-29-95 Tablica/2 1.2 - Periodic Table of the Elements: Native Os/2 Application
With Point-and-click Interface. Contains all Essential Data on 106
Chemical Elements From Atomic Weight to Thermal Conductivity.
TABLCA11.ZIP 05-12-95 Tablica/2 1.1 - Periodic Table of the Elements: Native Os/2 Application
With Point-and-click Interface. Contains all Essential Data on 106
Chemical Elements From Atomic Weight to Thermal Conductivity.
TABLCA12.ZIP 08-30-95 Tablica/2 1.2 - Periodic Table of the Elements: Native Os/2 Application
With Point-and-click Interface. Contains all Essential Data on 106
Chemical Elements From Atomic Weight to Thermal Conducti-vity.
TABLE.ZIP 11-19-94 These Are Sample Table Projects for Appware Version 1.0 for Windows.
TABLERUN.ZIP 04-12-93 Working With Tables, + Pascal Src.
TABLES10.ZIP 12-31-95 Table Timer V1.0 - This is A Fun and Very Effective Way to Learn
Multiplication Tables. The User is Randoly Asked to Answer all 12
Products in Any Table. The Time Taken for You To Do This is Recorded So
That You Can. Last
TABLICA1.ZIP 04-24-95 Tablica/2 1.00 - Periodic Table of the Elements: Native Os/2
Application With Point-and-click Interface.
TABMOVE.ZIP 03-27-97 The Ttabmove Component is A Non-visual Delphi (2.0) Component That
Allows You or Your Users to Resequence the Tab Order of A Form on the
Fly. I.E.: at Run Time, Rather Than at Design Time
TABNOTES.ZIP 11-19-95 T Tabnotes Multi-tabbed Text Editor V1.31 Designed to be A Direct
Replacement for Windows Notepad. Enhancements Include Search and
Replace, the use of Fonts, the Ability to Have Several Files Open at
TABPRO20.ZIP 07-30-93 Tabpro V2.0. Autocad Interface to Spreadsheet Data. Paste Tables and
Other Tabular Text and Numerical Data Into Your Autocad Drawing.
TABSRA21.ZIP 01-28-95 Tabsra V2.1 - Door Software for Ra Sysops Using the Subscription
Services of True Media, Inc.
TABSSUB2.ZIP 09-22-94 Tabssub the Instant Membership Door. Tabssub Work in Conjunction With
Tabs 900 Subscription Line. Tabs is A Service of True Media Inc. You
Must be Using Tabs to use This Door.
TABSTAT.ZIP 04-03-92 TabStat for Windows - Gets Status of Tab Key
TABSTOLL.ZIP 02-13-94 The most inovative Telephone System Controller for companies seeking to
save big on its telephone bills. Installed already all over the world
and USA, now Compuroll-Canada is bringing this "proven in battle"
solution to Canada for the first time. Installed into any PC compatible
Package includes Card and software. Supported by Compuroll - Canada
for Canada. (Newest File Date: 01-30-94)
TABULA.ZIP 03-08-92 Enochian Program for IBM, looks good.
TABVBX.ZIP 12-01-94 Clar4exp Another Far Point Tab Example
TAC101.ZIP 12-22-96 Tactics 1.01 - Solve Chess Problems on Graphic Board (Ms-dos)
TAC103.ZIP 06-15-96 Update Tacops for Windows 1.03
TAC386.ZIP 04-18-91 AutoCAD 386 drvrs: trident 88/8900 chip sets
TACAC20B.ZIP 12-28-95 Universal Tacacs Server V2.01: Ms-windows Authentication Server
Supporting the Tacacs Xtacacs and Tacacs Protocol & can Do So
Simultaneously Using the Same User Database Supports Authentication,
TACFREQS.ZIP 06-11-90 Tatical Air Command Freqs.
TACO2.ZIP 08-26-95 Taco 2 Taco2.Wad. The Sequel to the Gorey Taco1 is Here! More Detailed
Levels and More Challenging Play for More Border Running Excitement!
Complete With Demos Release # 2 Phane .
TACT231.ARJ 12-19-13 The Tactical Star Trek Battleship Simulator
TACT231.ZIP 08-24-91 The Tactical Star Trek Battleship Simulator
TACT538.ZIP 03-29-94 Tactical v5.38 Star Fleet Battles Simulator. NEW VERSION! Bugs Fixed!
Based on FASA's Star Trek RPG. Allows combat with up to 30 ships at
once. All ships from The Fed, Rom, & Klingon fleets included. One or
two player modes. Registered version includes the New Generation
versions of Fed, Rom, & Klingon ships + the Ferengi and the ability to
design your own ships!--Shareware! Only $25.
TACTICS.ZIP 12-22-96 Chess Tactics Lessons (Text Board, Ms-dos)
TAD126.ZIP 06-01-93 Time and Date (Tad) Version 1.26 Allows Changing the Time and Date on
Files. Tad Supports Wildcards. Tad Also Will Keep Logs on Files That it
Has Changed. for Batch Processing a Quiet Mode is Included.
Registration is Only
TAD127.ZIP 09-13-93 Time And Date (TAD) Version 1.27 allows changing the time and date on
files. TAD supports wildcards. TAD also will keep logs on files that it
has changed. For batch processing a quiet mode is included.
Registration is only $10.00. SMSnet SDN
TAD130.ZIP 01-31-94 Time And Date (TAD) Version 1.30 allows changing the time and date on
files. TAD supports wildcards. TAD also will keep logs on files that it
has changed. For batch processing a quiet mode is included.
Registration is only $10.00. SMSnet SDN
TAD131.ZIP 08-16-94 Time and Date (Tad) Version 1.31 Allows Changing the Time and Date on
Files. Tad Supports Wildcards. Tad Also Will Keep Logs on Files That it
Has Changed. For Batch Processing A Quiet Mode is Included.
TADS2OS2.ZIP 02-18-97 Native Os/2 Port of the Tads Text Adventure Development System
TAG-250.LZH 01-06-14 Tag_Along v2.50 HD file manager .
TAG-250.LZH 01-06-14 Tag_Along v2.50 HD file manager .
TAG-250.LZH 01-06-14 Tag_Along v2.50 HD file manager .
TAG001.ZIP 08-11-92 Over 5,000 taglines ready to use. Can also be used with Sa
TAG109B.ZIP 12-05-91 Ultimate batch uploading utility v1.09b.
TAG110B.ZIP 12-29-13 TAGFILE v1.10 batch uploading tagging utility
TAG14.ZIP 07-11-94 Tag V1.4 - File/Archive Manager. New Shareware File and Archive Manager
Powerfull and Easy to Use, Made for Power Users. Easy Menu Interface,
Full Online Help, Very Configurable, Even Allows Extension Specific
TAG200.ZIP 05-11-93 Tagfile v2.00 Full Release / no delays. The Ultimate in file tagging
and batch upload utilities. Handles SDI, DIZ and DOZ description file
formats. Compatible with most file compression formats for adding
description files to compressed files
TAG201.ZIP 05-29-93 File Tagging and Batch Upload Utilities.
TAG26HNT.ZIP 01-19-92 Features for use in Tag 2.6
TAG2BW41.ZIP 03-14-93 TAG To Blue Wave Door Interface Utils v4.1
TAG2M098.ZIP 01-15-96 Tag2ra 0.98g Replaces Ra 2.02 Message Area Descriptions With
Descriptions From Backbone.Na.
TAG3.ZIP 10-28-91 Tagline Utilities: Sort Taglines/Kill Dupes
TAGA0601.ZIP 05-29-92 File 1 of 2: 9500+ tags total this file is part 1 (A-Z) ta
TAGAN251.ZIP 01-10-92 T.A.G. BBS Utility. T.A.G Analyzer
TAGBETA5.ZIP 11-08-94 Offtag 1.1 Beta/5. This is an Upgrade From Offtag 1.0 (So You Need
TAGBI_83.ZIP 04-04-92 TAGBi_83.ZIP - BiModem door for T.A.G. BBS
TAGBR.ZIP 04-22-93 Use Tbrowse to Create a "Picklist". for Clipper 5.Xx +.
TAGC26F.ZIP 09-01-93 T. A. G. version 2.6f Conversion program To upgrade your T.A.G. version
to 2.6f, you should currently be running version 2.6d or later. For
prior version upgrades, use the conversion programs for each interim
TAGCASE0.ZIP 03-20-97 Tagcase - DOS Text Filter Which Converts the Case of Html Tags.
Freeware With Ansi C Source
TAGCNV14.ZIP 04-21-93 TAGCNVRT v1.4! The LATEST NFX <=> ASCII convertor! Now can convert an
ASCII list to FIDO or Internet style Taglines. It's still small and
still FREEWARE! Written by Jonathan Markevich on Apr. 21 1993.
TAGCNV15.ZIP 04-22-93 TAGCNVRT v1.5; NFX <=> ASCII Tagline convertor. Allows Tra
TAGD083.ZIP 01-06-94 TagDude version .83 Finally! Taglines for those of us using Fido and
Squish-style mail editors! Tagdude will import your taglines into its
database, and allow you to choose them randomly, search for specific
text, or just browse the database. Shareware. Only $10! (Newest File
Date: 01-06-94)
TAGD084.ZIP 02-23-94 Tagdude Will Allow You to Insert Taglines Into Virtually Any Message
Editor That Allows You to "Read" or Upload Ascii Text [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto the
Current Message or Document. You Can Also "Steal" Taglines As You're
Reading Mail
TAGDEL.ZIP 11-15-94 Tag Delete v2.0 TAGDEL v2.0 - TAGDEL (tag-delete) gives a
scrolling list of all of the [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the current directory, allowing
you to 'tag' and 'untag' files. When you press enter, all of the tagged
files are deleted. $10 registration.
TAGDIR2.ZIP 04-12-92 TagDir v2.0; Looks in the TAG Directory files for a partic
TAGDUP11.ZIP 03-06-92 Tag Dupe. Takes out all duplicate file names within each f
TAGFAM01.ZIP 04-26-93 Tag File Area Manager. Does Everything Dirman Did and More. Supports
Multi Node Operation. a Must-have for Every Tag System.
TAGFAM03.ZIP 05-22-93 File Area Manager for T.A.G. BBS: many features.
TAGFAM24.ZIP 05-04-94 File Area Manager for T.A.G. 2.7
TAGFAM25.ZIP 05-21-94 T.A.G. v2.6 BBS File Area Menager. Great utility for CD's and network
hard drives. *.DIR <=> FILES.BBS !
TAGFAM30.ZIP 05-18-95 Tagutil File Area Manager for Tag BBS V2.7c
TAGFAM31.ZIP 06-24-95 File Area Manager V2.7c. Full Featured File Area Manager Now Supports
Rar Archives for Everything Except Interior Viewing.
TAGFAM41.ZIP 07-14-93 TAG 2.6d files and some utils!
TAGGER01.ZIP 11-16-93 Tagger is a utility for WildCat sysops and others to add the tagline(s)
of their choice to text files for use on the Internet News Groups (UUCP
. .ShareWare. It is very simple to install and use. Extremely flexible
in operation. By KD9FB SoftWare, Copyright (c) 1993 by Peter
Mikalajunas, All Rights Reserved. Updates available from the Ham Shack
BBS 708 369-0730.
TAGGER11.ZIP 04-13-95 Tagger 1.1 - Ms Word for Windows 6.0 Macro. Tagger is A Macro for
Automatic Numbering Captioning, & Cross-referencing of Figures Tables,
& Equations in Ms Word for Windows 6.0 (Basically A Better
TAGGER40.ZIP 04-01-97 Tagger 4.0 Macro for Ms Word 6/7. Tagger is A Macro for Automatic
Numbering, Captioning, & Cross-referencing of Figures, Tables, &
Equations in Ms Word 6 & 7 (Basically A Better Insertcaption)
TAGGR100.ZIP 12-25-94 TAGGER File lister/tagger V1.00 - Newfile search - Keyword search
- Filename search - Download file description - Local download -
Cursorkey control - Backscroll - Request offline files - Support
userdoes dropfile - Edit taglist - RIP su
TAGHELP.ZIP 01-13-92 Example of CD-ROM file area setup for TAG BBS
TAGID101.ZIP 12-11-89 TAG BBS Ideas v1.01
TAGIT100.ZIP 01-22-95 Tagit V1.0 - Adds Easy-to-use Bookmark and Other Navigation Features to
Win3.1. You Can: Jump Back to Previous Views With Hot Key. Mark Scroll
Position With A Tag and Jump Back There With A Click on It.
TAGIT103.ZIP 03-29-94 Tagline Inserter can be Used Within Your Communications Program.
TAGIT105.ZIP 11-11-96 Tagit/2 is A Program That Will Add Information to Your Outgoing E-mail
TAGIT11.ZIP 09-23-91 Capture Filenames from BBS, automate D/L proc
TAGIT116.ZIP 07-24-95 Tagit V1.16 - Adds A New User Interface to Windows. Lets You Jump Back
and Forth Among Previous Window Views With Hot Keys. You can Also Leave
Markers on Portions You May Want to Refer to Again.
TAGJ0601.ZIP 05-29-92 File 2 of 2: 9500+ tags total. This file is part 2 (J-Z) p
TAGL0193.ZIP 12-30-92 ASCII and Color listing of the TAG BBS's in the world.
TAGL0394.ZIP 03-13-94 International T.A.G. BBS Listing for 03/94. (Newest File Date: 03-13-94
TAGL0593.ZIP 05-02-93 TAGLIST: ASCII listing of the TAG BBS's in the world. Color listing
with TAG's Ctrl-C# codes, for bulletin use. Uploadable Submission form
for additions to the list. Netmail/Echo form for updates/additions to
the list.
TAGL0691.ZIP 05-30-91 Taglines for use with offline mail readers.
TAGL0695.ZIP 06-01-95 TAG International BBS List for 06/95
TAGLIN.ZIP 10-02-92 Taglines to use with most off-line mail readers.
TAGLINES.ZIP 05-29-91 A collection of about 800 of the most fun taglines for off
TAGLST17.ZIP 12-25-92 TAG List will read your .DIR datafiles and generate an equ
TAGLX310.ZIP 08-07-93 TagLine Xpress v3.10; Tagline Manager for offline mail rea
TAGLX330.ZIP 12-10-93 Tag Line Express V3.30 Tag Line Managerfor Offline Mail Readers
Sans Pareil!
TAGLX340.ZIP 02-04-94 TAG LINE XPRESS v3.40 Tagline Manager for offline mail readers.
Offers UNLIMITED taglines; installs automatically into most mail
readers; has a built in quote enhancer; and even suggests taglines
based on your message. Minor update adds new features. Released as
fully functional shareware!
TAGLX400.ZIP 12-29-13 TAG LINE XPRESS V4.00 Enhanced tagline manager for offline mail
readers. Supports UNLIMITED taglines; installs automatically into most
readers; has a built in quote enhancer and signature manager; suggests
taglines based on subject and message content.
TAGLX410.ZIP 10-21-94 TAG LINE XPRESS v4.10 Enhanced Tagline Manager for offline mail
readers. Offers UNLIMITED taglines, installs automatically into several
readers, has a built in quoter and signature manager, steal every
tagline from QWK and Blue Wave mai
TAGM26E.ZIP 04-27-93 Tag BBS System Version 2.76 Update. This Archive Contains the Main
System Files and Overlays.
TAGM26F.ZIP 09-01-93 T.A.G. Version 2.6f; This release adds QWK support to T.A.G. internally
Additionally, several new features have been added for functionality,
along with the usual compliment of minor bug fixes.
TAGM27.ZIP 05-03-94 T.A.G. Version 2.7 Main Programs.
TAGM_241.ZIP 10-08-90 T.A.G. MAIL 2.41 - External mail door for TAG BBS
TAGN26D.ZIP 01-24-93 Tag bbs 2.6d: nodelist compiler.
TAGNEWS1.ZIP 04-28-91 TAG News is a news program that forces the user to read up to his last
call date. TN also supports SL/DSL/AR to allow only certain group of
users to read the news.
TAGR26E.ZIP 04-27-93 T.A.G. Bulletin Board System Data Record Structures.
TAGR27.ZIP 05-09-94 T.A.G. Version 2.7 Pascal and "C" Record Structures.
TAGRB130.ZIP 04-25-93 TagGrab v1.3; Excellent utility for the avid tagline colle
TAGRB150.ZIP 02-22-94 TagGrab v1.5, 2/22/94 Excellent utility for the avid tag- line
collector! Extracts all taglines from your QWK packet and saves them to
your mail reader's tagline file!
TAGS04.ZIP 06-23-93 Maximus BBS and Related Utilities display users' tagged me
TAGS201.ZIP 10-04-95 A Tags Generator V2.01. Tags File Generator For Assembly and C Code.
Fast Code Traversal And Maintenance Allowing A Large Amount Of
Customization of Tag Types Generated Supports Several Tag Formats and
is Fast
TAGS492A.ZIP 04-11-92 Lots of Tag lines!
TAGS492J.ZIP 04-11-92 More taglines! (alpha J Z)
TAGST26.ZIP 01-11-92 Nice Bulletin board system
TAGSTA31.ZIP 02-07-93 Stats for TAG Bulletin Board Systems Version 3.1
TAGSTAT1.ZIP 09-16-93 T.A.G. Statistics v1.0; User/System Statistics Door for T.
TAGS_V01.ZIP 08-01-92 Taglines! Volume #1. Over 1500 funny and strange taglines.
TAGTOOL3.ZIP 10-07-92 Integrate SilverXpress HMS with TAG bbs systems using the
TAGUTILS.ZIP 09-06-93 Inside this ARJ file we have something about ten utils or T.A.G. BBS !
TAGVSCAN.ZIP 08-30-92 TagScan v6.95 - Scan uploaded files against viruses -T.A.G BBS Util
TAGW26.ZIP 01-01-92 T.A.G. Dictionary Package (for 2.6 - 2.7c)
TAGX090.ZIP 12-21-94 TAG-X PROFESSIONAL v0.90 wide-beta eval NEW enhanced tagline manager
for offline mail readers. UNLIMITED taglines, installs automatically
into most readers, built in quote enhancer and signature manager, QWK,
FIDO, Internet compliant, steals