Name Date Description
SUBN141.ZIP 04-02-94 Log incoming/outgoing mail per Waffle BBS user
SUBNET10.ZIP 08-10-95 Subnet Pro V1.0: Ms-windows Tool for Any Network Individuals Involved
in Assigning Tcp/Ip Addresses for Networks; can be Used to Determine A
Proper Subnet Mask, Calculate Number of Subnets and Hosts per Subnet
SUBNTX2.ZIP 05-24-90 Fast index extract/create Clipper filter rtn
SUBSF321.ZIP 06-17-93 SUBSF Version 3.2. This program allows Spitfire BBS Sysops to run a
second copy of Spitfire as a door from the main BBS. It supports UL/DL
ratios and QuickLogons. An easy to use config program is provided. This
utility comes in handy for those adult sub-boards.
SUBSL14.ZIP 11-06-91 SUBWAY SLEUTH 1.3 Game of crime detection.
SUBST120.ZIP 11-28-94 Subst (Assign Driveletter to Subdir.) For Os/2 2.X/3.0 Version 1.20.
SUBSTP.ARJ 12-19-13 A native OS/2 protected-mode version of SUBST. This is a freeware
program that emulates the DOS
SUBTERRA.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - Subterrain
SUBUP122.ZIP 03-03-97 Subspace V1.20 to 1.21 Patch From Virgin Games
SUBURB10.ZIP 06-09-96 Lord Suburbia V1.0 - A Lord Igm. Buy Your Own Cottage in the Woods of
Lord! Visit the Back Alley to Steal Objects Stored at Other People's
Cottages. Talk to the Lawman About Problems and Civil Unrest
SUBWAY11.ZIP 04-26-94 Subway V1.1 - New Action Level for the Doom ARCade Game. (Newest File
Date: 04-26-94)
SUBWAY21.ZIP 02-24-88 Simple TSR Comm Program ver2.1 /Com/Docs
SUBX10.ZIP 07-31-95 Subx V1.0: Util That Will Go Through A Dir of Files, Locate all Archive
Files, Create A Subdir (Whose Name is the Filename Minus the Extension)
and Extract all Files From the Archive Into the Subdirectory; 07/31/95
SUCHEN.ZIP 08-08-94 Suchen is an Ms-windows Word Search Adventure Game; 08/08/94; Garry J.
SUCINTE.ZIP 09-16-94 Successful Interviewing
SUCKCL.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - C A V E A T S
SUCKMODS.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - C A V E A T S
SUDETEN.ZIP 09-21-96 Sudetenland V1.0 Strategy Wargame
SUDS22.ZIP 11-26-93 Database, logging, and recipe pgm. For home brewerys. (Newest File
Date: 11-26-93)
SUDSW22.ZIP 12-19-93 Suds for Windows v2.2: Beer making program.
SUDTIC.ZIP 06-21-94 The Innocent Crew Presents: - Slaughter Until Death - A Completely New
Episode for Doom 9 New Levels and Additional Graphics - Get it or Die!
SUEN_20.ARJ 12-19-13 LiveSystems Showuser with special flag/security
SUF303.ZIP 06-05-95 Setup Factory 3.03 for Windows. Using A Visual "Object-oriented"
Project Approach, Setup Factory Gives You the Power and Flexibility to
Create Your Installation Program and Disk Sets Without Writing A Line
of Code
SUF310.ZIP 10-23-95 W Setup Factory 3.1 Allows You to Create Robust, Professional
Installations for Your Windows Product in Only Minutes. The Easiest to
use Setup Builder Available for Any Price and It's Royalty-free!
SUGGEST.LZH 01-06-14 Display subliminal messages (Vol 5, No 20)
SUICIDE.ZIP 09-16-94 How To Commit Suicide
SUICIDE9.ZIP 10-16-95 A Game Magazine
SUIC_FAQ.ZIP 06-07-94 Internet Faq (Ans to Freq Asked Questions) Re: Australian Suicide.
SUIKA11E.ZIP 09-01-95 Watermelonmean Screen Saver(Suika.Lzh) is A Screen Saver for Windows
.When Selected From the Desktop Dialog Box, A Watermelon Will Appear on
Your Screen.Soon Some of These Watermelon Will be Eaten and Some Will
Grow Legs
SUITE3.ZIP 03-13-93 Virtual Reality Game With Many Areas to Search.
SUM.ZIP 04-12-89 Un*x compatible checksum utility - w/source
SUM101.ARC 04-09-89 Computes Unix compatible sum -r of input file
SUMATION.ZIP 02-22-91 Summation text
SUMBLE.ZIP 04-07-93 The Sumble and You
SUMRZ_10.ZIP 10-31-92 Summariz.Wcm is a Word Perfect for Windows Macro That Creates a New
Document Summarizing the Document That is Current When the Macro is
Invoked. the Source Document Does Not Change. (Newest File Date:
SUMV100.ZIP 01-23-95 Summation V1.0 Strategy Door Game.
SUMV70.ZIP 07-15-94 Ddsdoors Summation V0.7 - Online Strategy Game
SUMV78A.ZIP 09-13-94 Summation! V.78 With Full Rip Support! A Strategy Game Where the
Players Must use Careful Selection and Addition to Defeat Thier
Computer or Human Opponents. Supports Real-time Multi-user, Multi-node,
SUN.ZIP 03-30-90 A list of SUN security bugs
SUN2PC.ARC 09-06-90 DeTar v1.09 (cripple)
SUN2VOC.ZIP 09-14-91 SUN2VOC v1.0 Sun audio files -> Sound Blaster
SUN9401.ZIP 01-03-94 Sunlight Through The Shadows Magazine Vol. II No. 1 - January 1994
Happy New Year!! Feature articles, reviews, fiction, poetry, humour,
information, advertisements, ANSI art, RIP art, and more! Formatted for
the READROOM door, also includes a small text reader for off-line
reading. Type READER or GO and press return! SysOps: You need
Readroom(tm) to have this magazine on-line viewable.
SUN9401T.ZIP 01-05-94 Sunlight Through The Shadows Magazine Vol. II No. 1 - January 1994
PLAIN ASCII/ANSI Edition! (Also available for Readroom! Look for
SUN9401.ZIP for the Readroom version.) Feature articles, reviews,
fiction, poetry, humour, advertisements, ANSI art, and more!
SUN9402.ZIP 02-03-94 Sunlight Through The Shadows Magazine Vol. II No. 2 - February 1994
Special Valentine's Issue! Feature articles, reviews, fiction, poetry,
humour, information, advertisements, ANSI art, RIP art, and more!
Formatted for the READROOM door, also includes a small text reader for
off-line reading. Type READER or GO and press return! SysOps: You need
Readroom(tm) to have this magazine on-line viewable.
SUN9403.ZIP 03-08-94 Sunlight Through The Shadows Magazine Vol. II No. 3 - March 1994
Feature articles, reviews, fiction, poetry, humour, information,
advertisements, ANSI art, RIP art, and more! Formatted for the READROOM
door, also includes a small text reader for off-line reading. Type
READER or GO and press return! SysOps: You need Readroom(tm) to have
this magazine on-line viewable.
SUN9503N.ZIP 03-26-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine (Neobook!) Vol. III No. 2 - March
1995 Special Neobook Version! Feature Articles Reviews, Fiction, Poetry
Humour Information, Advertisements, Monthly Contests (Win Prizes!)
SUN9503T.ZIP 03-22-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine Vol. III No. 2 - Mar. 1995
Feature Articles Reviews, Fiction, Poetry, Humour Information, and More
(Pure 100% Ascii Edition).
SUN9505T.ZIP 04-25-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine Vol. III No. 3/4/5 - May 1995
100% Pure Ascii Version! Feature Articles, Reviews, Fiction Poetry,
Humour, Information, and More!
SUN9506N.ZIP 06-06-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine (Neoboo Vol. III No. 6 - June
1995 Special Neobook Version! Feature Articles, Reviews, Fiction Poetry
Humour, Information, and More! This Issue is Jampacked With Excellent
SUN9507N.ZIP 07-07-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine (Neobook!) Vol. III No. 7 - July
1995 Second-annual "Best Of" Issue! Special Neobook Version! Feature
Articles, Reviews Fiction, Poetry, Humour, Information, and More!
SUN9508.ZIP 08-06-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine (Aug 1995) Readroom(Tm) Edition.
SUN9508T.ZIP 08-06-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine Vol. III No. 8 - August 1995 Pure
100% Ascii Edition! Feature Articles, Reviews, Fiction Poetry, Humour,
Information, and More!
SUN9509.ZIP 09-07-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine Vol. III No. 9 - September 1995
Feature Articles Reviews, Fiction, Poetry, Humour Information,
Advertisements, Ansi Art, and More! Formatted for the Readroom Door,
SUN9509T.ZIP 09-07-95 Sunlight Through the Shadows Magazine Vol. III No. 9 - September 1995
Pure 100% Ascii Edition! Feature Articles, Reviews, Fiction Poetry,
Humour, Information, and More!
SUNCLOCK.ZIP 10-12-92 DESQview/X clock showing night and day around the world.
SUNCOM.ZIP 02-24-90 Turbo Pascal v5.5 communications program
coloring game for children. Kids have fun with coloring and sound
effects while learning bible truths. Soundblaster sound is optional.
If no soundblaster card is detected the pc speaker alone will play.
SUNDEVIL.ZIP 03-31-93 Info about Operation SunDevil
SUNDZ220.ARJ 12-19-13 SoundZ v2.20 Unicorn Software (bug fix) Handles all you audio librarian
SUNHOF13.ARJ 12-19-13 Sunrise Doors Hot Blt Generator V1.3
SUNHOF13.ZIP 08-15-92 Sunrise Doors Hall of Fame BLT, v1.3
SUNHOF14.ZIP 02-12-93 Sunrise Doors HOF BLT Generator v1.4; SUNHOF is a utility
SUNIQ96.ZIP 03-31-95 Bill Stewart's Essential Unique DOS Utilities, Version 9.6. 23
Utilities, Inluig Dl Hc Esyudlt Directory Branches Fast; Go Lets You
Change Directories Using Partial Names; use Logout Before Turning Your
Machine Off
SUNMON2E.ZIP 08-25-95 Sun & Moon Clock is an Old-fashioned Clock That Sun or A Moon Depending
on Whether If it Was Day or Night.Clouds Also Drifts Through the Sky
Color of the Sky Also Changes. Also Attaches A Digital Clock is
SUNNY401.ZIP 06-25-93 Sunny 2000 4.01 for WINDOWS 3.1 - Calculates the Times of Sunrise,
Sunset, and Twilights. Graphically Displays the Phase of the Moon for
Any Date. Has 94 Pre-Defined Cities to Choose From for Calculations.
Provides a Monthly Calendar to Choose Dates. Requires Vbrun300.Dll File
Not Included. (Newest File Date: 06-25-93)
SUNOU332.ZIP 07-26-93 Calculate sun outages for satellite receivers
SUNPOW11.ZIP 03-01-92 SUNPO will calculate the azimuth and elevation of the sun as a function
of the date and time of day at any place on the earth (with the
possible exception of the poles and precisely where the 0 or 180 degree
meridians cross the equator). It will also compute the approximate
times of sunrise and sunset and the azimuth of the sun at those times.
SUNPO does not take careful account of the fact that a year isn't
composed of exactly 365 twentyfour hour days, so you may expect errors
of a few degrees over a leap year cycle.
SUNS0809.ZIP 08-09-92 Solar Terrestrial Forecast and Review
SUNSET.ZIP 06-20-90 Win 3.0 BMP of a sunset. (Wallpaper).
SUNSET_E.ZIP 07-22-95 Original Art in 640x480 .Bmp Format 2 Rendered Starfighers in the
Forground Pulling G's Against A Sunset. 24 Bit Color But Looks Great on
256 Color Windows 3.1 Wall Paper. By James Gerbino.
SUNSHINE.ZIP 06-14-94 Sunshine Company Contact Info, Suppliers of Twisted Paper and Patterns
SUNSPOT.ZIP 06-19-96 Sunspot - Automatically Activates A Window On Your Desktop When the
Mouse Pointer Passes Over It. Requires Vbrun300.
SUNTX10.ZIP 08-12-94 The Art of War, by Sun Tzu [English w/o footnotes]
SUNZU10.ZIP 08-12-94 The Art of War, by Sun Tzu [English and footnotes]
SUN_FUN.ZIP 11-12-95 Fantastic Photos of Various Florida Beach Front Scenes With Spectacular
Sunsets And Clouds! Great for A Sky Enthusiast.
SUN_MOON.ZIP 04-09-93 The Cremeony of the Sun and Moon
SUOM0714.ARJ 12-19-13 OPUS 1.70 Language : Suomi
SUOM0714.ZIP 07-14-91 Language file for Opus: Finnish
SUOMI.GIF 04-28-91 Finland, 8K 640x480x16 border outline and elevation map
SUP.ARJ 12-19-13 .MOD file - supafly
SUP1200.ZIP 09-22-95 Suprafaxmodem V34 Flashrom 1.300-07 9/22/95 Changes File, the New
Listing of the at Command Set, and A V34 Flasher Utility Program. If
Your Modem Currently is Using the 1.200-02 or Earlier Firmware
SUP25V70.ZIP 10-16-94 Super CD ROM Door V2.5 - Easily put CD ROMs onto your Falken BBS. Each
cd rom is categorized into a database and easily marked as online or
offline. If the cdrom is offline, the user can request the file, the
sysop then can easily email the u
SUP35S.ZIP 04-26-94 Superlib 3.5 - Super, Fully Functional Shareware Library
SUP51500.ZIP 04-10-94 Supplimental documentation for Doom and DEU v5.0. (Newest File Date:
SUPASNAP.ZIP 05-09-91 contains 13 images, ranging from whole screens to single l
SUPCM12.ZIP 03-01-95 SuperCmodem! is a fully configurable easy- to-use no-manual-required
support-free complete communication program. This quickie is a no
brainer. Features include: - Internal XYZmodem protocols - Terminal
emulations - Macro/meta keys - Session
SUPDATE2.ZIP 03-30-94 Modified version of supdate, now includes capability to specify source
directory as well as destination directory so you can update the
destination directory from the destination directory. (Newest File
Date: 03-30-94)
SUPDIR11.ZIP 08-20-95 Superdir V1.1 - Dir Util,c Src Avail. Asp Formats for Db Import or DOS
Piping, Multiple Include/Exclude File and Directory Masks, can Sort all
[ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN A Tree (Not Just Within Each Subdirectory).
SUPDM.ZIP 06-17-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
SUPER11B.ZIP 06-03-95 Superher for Windows by Homebrew Software is an Adventure Game Where
You Play Superher and Have Combat, Gain Abilities and Objects to Assist
You in Finding Your Lost Sister. Requires: Windows, Mouse, Vga. Sound
SUPER30.ARJ 12-19-13 Super Recall V3.0 Door by Mike Wilson.
SUPER30.ZIP 03-19-92 Super Recall v3.0 door by Mike Wilson.
SUPER30A.ARJ 12-19-13 Programmer's super-maint v3.00 file 1 of 2 professional make utility
SUPER30B.ARJ 12-19-13 Programmer's SUPER-MAINT v3.00 File 1 of 2
SUPER311.ZIP 10-20-92 SuperMenu v3.11; SuperMenu is a convenient way for you to
SUPERBBS.ZIP 11-20-93 * The Best Promotional Tool For A BBS! * ((((((((("JUST RELEASED!")))))
))))))) SUPER BBS SHOWCASE VERSION 1.2 Sound Blaster! ((Easy To
Configure!)) Smart SYSOPS: Download this program NOW! and find out how
to increase the # of users to Subscribe to your board! * Upload To Your
SYSOP Today! Try It! *
SUPERBUL.ZIP 01-21-96 Superbul.Deh for Dehacked 1.3 Turns Bullet Puffs Into Rocket Explosions
SUPERCDX.ZIP 04-22-94 Super Cd-rom Extensions Replaces Mscdex.Exe 2.1 Thru 2.23. Enhances
Functions. Good! 49. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-22-94.
SUPERCLK.ZIP 09-10-92 Superclock is the Definitive Alarm and Clock System for Windows 3.1.
Superclock Allows One to Set an Unlimited Number of Alarms and Attach
Post-It Type Reminders to Them. Alarms May be Scheduled to Reoccur at
Pre-Defined Intervals. Offers Various Options for Using Alarms. Uses
Windows 3.1 Multimedia Capabilities to Play Customizable Sounds for an
Hourly Chime and Alarms. Animated Clock Face Displays the Time in an
Iconized Format. Superclock is Shareware From Southbay Softwar (Newest
File Date: 09-10-92)
SUPERD.ZIP 12-22-90 Super Dial v1.03 Enhanced
SUPERET.ZIP 08-02-91 Moraff Super Entrap, Beware of The Aliens!
SUPERFLY.LZH 01-06-14 Superfly action game for EGA and VGA
SUPERFUS.LZH 01-06-14 Newer version of Fuse
SUPERG21.ZIP 04-25-92 Super Games version 2.1, collection of games
SUPERGC.ZIP 05-07-95 Os2 Super Galciv Challenge!
SUPERGFF.ZIP 04-26-94 Demo of Upcoming Super Galactic Food Fight. Requires Vga. No Sound
Support Has Been Added Yet. In Self Extracting Lzh Format.
SUPERMEM.ZIP 10-02-91 SuperMemo 2 to help you in your education
SUPERNB.ZIP 04-16-95 Super Notebook is A Windows-style Personal Information Manager With all
Sorts of Different Categories to Store Your Information Under.
SUPERRM.ARJ 12-19-13 SoftBlox Resource Monitor for Windows 3.0 graphic display of system
SUPERRM.ZIP 10-25-91 Utility for monitoring Windows resources.
SUPERS.ZIP 12-29-13 SUPER STUFF UTILITIES 3.1 Includes a configurable task manager
that features a run commandw/history, launch menu, and hidden window
support. A utility that allows you to display your Program Manager
groups any whereon the desktop. Also includes a wallpaper changer
SUPERSYS.ZIP 08-02-88 For hams-logger,qsl,beam heading all in one
SUPERT.ZIP 09-08-92 Super Task Man is designed as a replacement to Windows' Task Manager.
SUPERT12.ZIP 08-25-95 Super Trivia V1.2 Door From Bg Creations Release Date 8-22-95.
Excellent Trivia Door That Allows Sysop to Create Their Own Topics!. Up
to 120 Questions
SUPERTM.ZIP 09-08-92 SuperTaskMan(SUPERTM.EXE) Replaces the Windows' Task Manager. Features
a run command with a sizeable history list, a task list with
multi-select support for performing operations on more than one task at
a time, support for hidden windows, and an Enhanced Tile/Cascade option
All features customizable. Full Working Copy. Author-Joe Herrera
SUPERU20.ZIP 05-10-94 Super Users 2.0 Current Version Makes Top Callers, Posters, Uploaders,
K Uploaders, Downloaders, K Downloaders, and Super Users Lists.
SUPERV22.ZIP 07-17-87 Enhanced BIOS interrupt 14 comm support
SUPERVDU.ARJ 12-19-13 .ASM source, gives SUPERVDU.SYS, a terminal device driver. replaces
SUPERWEP.ZIP 11-18-94 The Ultimate Patch! This is the Ultimate Weapon Patch for Doom 1!! Get
This!! You'll Love Me!! Includes Dehacked,too!
SUPERZ.ZIP 07-27-92 Super ZZT Like ZZT
SUPERZIP.ZIP 04-24-97 Superzip 1.0. Superzip is A Free File Compression Utility. Superzip's
Integration With the Win 95 Interface Make it A Necessary Requirement
for Anyone That Uploads/Downloads Files From the Internet Like Simple
SUPER_M1.ZIP 07-01-93 SUPER MACRO LIBRARY FOR LOTUS 1-2-3 (V3.4) < 250+ *.WK1 & 220+ *.MLB
macros for Lotus 1-2-3. Menu-driven macro managers to start the macros
using POINT&SHOOT. Data ranges donot have to be contiguous or with one
type of data. Macros sense Lotus ver & handle 2-D&3-D ranges. Reg. $50
(see ORDER.TXT).
SUPER_M2.ZIP 07-01-93 SUPER MACRO LIBRARY FOR LOTUS 1-2-3 (V3.4) < Disk 2 of 3
SUPER_M3.ZIP 07-01-93 SUPER MACRO LIBRARY FOR LOTUS 1-2-3 (V3.4) < Disk 3 of 3
SUPFNT14.ZIP 10-28-94 Super Fonts I, Version 1.4 LONG DESCRIPTION:A collection of 17
display soft fonts for LaserJet or compatible printers. Includes Black
Chance, Cooper Black, Cursive Elegant, Dom Casual, Hobo, Old English,
Revue, Stensil & Zap Chance plus WordPerfect & MS Word drivers,utility
programs, and a tutorial on soft font. $25 registration, Elfring Soft
Fonts, 10/28/94
SUPFNT16.ZIP 07-03-96 Ad-dosut Super Fonts I V1.6 - DOS 17 Display Fonts for Laserjet
SUPFONTS.ZIP 08-24-93 SUPER FONTS I, V1.3 Collection of 17 display fonts for LaserJet
or compatible printers. Black Chance, Cooper Black, Cursive Elegant,
Dom Casual, Hobo, Old English, Revenue, Stencil, & Zap Chance in a
variety of sizes. WP & MS Word/Works drivers. $35 registration.
SUPHHDMO.ZIP 01-04-94 SUPERHERO LEAGUE OF HOBOKEN D E M O from Legend Ent. Company... Brought
to you by Chowdery from WCES 1994 in Las Vegas.
SUPHHD_1.ZIP 01-04-94 Superhero League of Hoboken D E M O From Legend Ent. Company..
Brought to You by Chowdery From Wces 1994 in Las Vegas. 1 of 2
SUPHHD_2.ZIP 01-04-94 Superhero League of Hoboken D E M O From Legend Ent. Company..
Brought to You by Chowdery From Wces 1994 in Las Vegas. 2 of 2
SUPK412.ZIP 05-16-89 X/J/WX/K9X modem and Super8K transfer protocol
SUPMAX20.LZH 01-06-14 Beautiful graphics, classical MAXIT game
SUPMK110.ZIP 01-08-94 SUPER!MARKET v1.10 Creates a smart shopping list quickly. List is
in aisle sequence and may be priced. Takes advantage of windows
facilities. Users can customize data and screen layout. Int'l users may
change currency symbol, decimal point, an time display. Requires
Windows 3.1 or OS/2 2.1 Registration fee is $30. (Newest File Date:
SUPMK136.ZIP 05-13-96 Super!market V1.36 is A Windows-based Productivity Product Used to
Create A Shopping List That Includes Prices and Aisle Numbers. The List
can be Printed in Aisle Number Sequence With or Without Pricing
SUPMKT11.ZIP 01-09-94 SUPER!MARKET 1.1 Super!Market is a windows-based home
productivity product. It is used to create a shopping list that
includes prices and aisle numbers. Exploits the advantages of windows
facilities. Int'l users set currency and date. Windows 3.1 or OS/2 2.1
SUPMODEL.ZIP 05-26-94 alt.supermodels
SUPMON.ZIP 06-11-95 Supermon Windows Monitor From Tnt
SUPPDISK.LZH 01-06-14 List of MS supp. drivers disks contents
SUPPORT.ZIP 05-10-92 Support #'s for most hardware software co.
SUPRAFAN.ZIP 01-04-93 Add a switched cooling fan to the Supra faxmodem.
SUPRAFX2.ZIP 01-14-93 *additional Info* for Supra/Winfax Fax Proble. (Newest File Date:
SUPRAHLP.ZIP 07-20-93 Information and help for Supra modems
SUPRAIDM.ZIP 06-12-91 Supradimensionality
SUPRAINF.ARJ 12-19-13 Messages containing information about Supra modems
SUPRAV32.RAM 12-29-13 Supra v.32/v.32bis .RAM file
SUPRBASE.ZIP 01-22-92 Superbase for Windows Demo
SUPRBR12.ZIP 10-11-92 SuperBar - Version 1.2 for Windows Next like floating application
toolbar for Windows 3.xx
SUPRCHAT.ZIP 08-31-95 Superchat, Artificial Intelligence Door and Game! - (8/95) Superchat,
the Latest in Artificial Intelligence That Works With or Without A Bbs!
A Great Door Game or for Parties, Looks, Acts, and Types Like A Real
SUPRD265.ZIP 12-22-95 Superedit 2.65 Superedit With Many Features A Multiple Document Editor
an Independent Note Pad for Your Desktop Drag and Drop Calculator, and
Now Supports Large Documents I.E. Diskbuffer As Well As Word Wrap
SUPRDOOM.ZIP 05-26-94 A Great Add-on Wad File for Doom, Superdoom is A Very Well Make Add-on
Wad for the Registered Version of Doom.
SUPRDOOR.ZIP 09-09-91 Great BBS utility for converting door information between door types.
let's you create manual information files.
SUPRDUPE.ZIP 12-08-95 No Stop Suprdupe Drive Synchronizer Backs Up Logical Drives. Makes
Logical Drives the Same. Scrubs Drives of Unwanted Garbage. Get Rid of
Demos That Have No Uninstall Capability. Dump Structures and Data to
SUPRED10.ZIP 02-09-95 Superedit 1.00 Superedit is A Text Editor For Windows That Lets You
Work With Multiple Files at Once and use A Handy Toolbar. It Also
Offers Many Word-processing Options Such As Search and Replace/ Print
SUPRED16.ZIP 05-12-95 Superedit 1.60 Superedit With Many New Features, A Multiple Document
Editor an Independent Note Pad for Your Desktop Drag and Drop
Calculator, and Now Supports Large Documents, I.E. Diskbuffer As Well
As Word Wrap
SUPRED24.ZIP 09-26-95 Superedit 2.40 Superedit With Many Features A Multiple Document Editor
an Independent Note Pad for Your Desktop Drag and Drop Calculator, and
Now Supports Large Documents I.E. Diskbuffer As Well As Word Wrap
SUPRG102.ZIP 06-01-93 SUPERG.EXE v1.02 ASP - Display your PM groups as Super Groups anywhere
on your desktop. Create toolbars, vertical lists, icon lists, etc.
Supports up to 5 different views. This utility is so flexible, you can
create Super Groups within PM groups by selecting an option from the
main menu. Also supports a Status Bar and sort options. Settings are
saved for each Super Group created. (Newest File Date: 06-01-93)
SUPRGP11.ZIP 02-03-94 SuperGroup 1.1 - bug fix for SuperGrp 1.0 that sometimes caused the
icon to not appear properly. Files: 2 Oldest: 2/3/94 Newest: (Newest
File Date: 02-03-94)
SUPRHANG.ZIP 06-29-95 Super Hangman - is A Word-guessing Game for Windows. A Dictionary of
Over 43,000 Words is Included. Requires Vbrun300. Description Copyright
1995 Psl
SUPRIG40.ZIP 03-05-91 SupRig40 - Game for BBS
SUPRIG51.ZIP 10-19-91 Caller drives an 18 wheeler cross country
SUPRIG52.ZIP 05-18-92 Super Rig door game, version 5.2.
SUPRIG6A.ZIP 06-10-95 Super Rig! V6.0a BBS Door Game Ansi Graphics, Multinode, Dte Speeds to
115kbps W/Non-std Irq. Includes A Cb.Radio Simulator and Realistic
Highway Action. Fun for all Ages. (C)1988-95 Late-nite Software. .
SUPRINFO.ZIP 03-05-93 Latest help texts from Supra Corp BBS. Includes sample con
SUPRM21A.ZIP 01-04-96 V2.1a) Supermenu. Popup Access to Win95 Startmenu. Supermenu is A
Popup-menu Which Makes it Possible to Select the Win95 Startmenu Button
From Wherever the Hand is at the Moment When Clicking the Right
SUPRMAN.ZIP 04-26-93 Supermanual V.1.0 (4/25/93) - Clip5x Source Util Creates Complete Users
Manual for Editing or Printing Direct. You Place a Special Header File
in Your Source and Maintain All Text Info in Your Source Code.
SUPRMENU.ARJ 12-19-13 SuperMenu (Version 2.11) - easy and comprehensiv menu system
SUPRT001.ZIP 05-01-92 Technical Support BBS List for May 92
SUPRT002.ZIP 06-01-92 BBS List: manufacturers shareware authors #'s
SUPRT302.ZIP 01-31-93 List of commercial hardware/software/shareware sup
SUPRT309.ZIP 10-13-93 Listing of support BBS numbers from over 300 hardware and
SUPRT403.ZIP 03-11-94 A list of Vendors Support BBS Numbers. (Newest File Date: 03-11-94)
SUPRT405.ZIP 05-10-94 Technical Support BBS Listing for May '94 This List Contains Only Bbs's
Ran by Hard- Ware Manufacturers, Commercial Software Companies,and
Shareware Software Companies. Files: 7 New: 5-10-1994 Old: 5-1-1994
SUPRT409.ZIP 09-08-94 Technical Support BBS List for September 94 Lists Over 500 Bbs's That
Are Ran by Commercial & Shareware Hardware/Software Manufacturers for
the Support of Their Products. Also Included is A List of Faxback
SUPRTAPE.ZIP 07-17-93 SuperTape for Renegade by: Mr.Clean Allows your Tape Drive to be online
storage on your Renegade BBS.
SUPRTM30.ZIP 05-04-93 SUPERTM.EXE v3.00 ASP - Super Task Man replaces Windows' taskman.exe.
THIS IS the taskman that should have come with Windows. Features a run
command with history list, an enhanced tasklist that supports
multi-select operations, a configurable quick launch menu, and system
resource information. Super Task Man's features are also completely
configurable. Fly with it...
SUPRTREK.LZH 01-06-14 Begin-a game that tests your skill to command a starfleet
SUPRULE.ZIP 09-20-94 Rules of the Supreme Court
SUPRWEP7.ZIP 02-15-95 Super Weapons 7! Wow! A Doom2.Exe File That Makes Your Weapons Shoot
Faster Then the Chaingun and With No Limit on Ammo! Awesome!
SUPSC30.ZIP 08-14-91 Superscan! v3.0: Virus scanner for BBS's
SUPSETUP.ZIP 07-25-95 Supersetup A Versatile, Configurable Setup Routine Creator Supersetup
Enables the Developer to Create A Sophisticated Professional Setup
Program for His/Her Application. Has the Ability to Split/Merge Files
to Multiple
SUPSLIDE.LZH 01-06-14 SuperSlider puzzle game for Win 3.
SUPSPD11.ZIP 05-12-95 S U P E R S P E E D Version 1.1. This Speedy Car Racing Game Delivers
Pure Action for Up to Four Players. Challenge Your Friends or Compete
Against the Computer's Drivers. Eventful Tracks With all the Obstacles
You Want
SUPWEPND.ZIP 08-24-95 The Patch File Will Change Your Rocket Launcher to Shoot Barrels With
Twice As Much Power, and the Plasma Rifle Shoots Lost Souls.
SUPZBATS.ZIP 02-18-93 How To Set Up SZModem v2.0 (SZMODEM.EXE) With TriBBS v4.x
SURF.ZIP 06-16-92 Wave Editor for Windows, Utilities Such as Echo,reduce/Increase
Hiss/Shows Sound Graphicly, Change Volume, Ect. (Newest File Date:
SURF09.ARJ 12-19-13 Manipulates, edits .WAV files
SURF09.ZIP 06-15-92 Surf is designed to be a toolbox for modifying and editing Windows 3.1
WAV files. You'll need Windows 3.1 and a sound device capable of
digital output (e.g. SoundBlaster, Pro Audio Spectrum, Adlib Gold, etc)
Regular Adlib cards cannot play WAV files. There is a driver for the
built-in speaker inside your PC that was released after Windows 3.1.
The quality is poor, but it is free from Microsoft. Version .9 Beta