Name Date Description
ST101.ZIP 05-26-93 Screen Thief V 1.01 - the Ultimate Screen Capture System! Screen Thief
is a Screen Capture Program That Will Capture the Screens Other
Programs Cannot Reach! Captures Directly to .Gif, .Pcx, .Tif or .Bmp
ST102A.ZIP 08-29-95 Scantext V1.02a is A Program That Counts the Number of Lines in A File
or Directory in Which There Are Occurrences of A Single Word or A
String of Words.
ST10727B.ZIP 11-26-95 Raf_beta Sysop Statistics 1.08/27 (Beta) Beta Version for Registered
Users Only! Including Configuration Converter .. Copyright (C) 1993-95
by Martin Staael (Mstdk-online.Dk)
ST1103.ZIP 01-21-95 Industry Report - Dec Earnings Up - Perfect Office Deals! - Warp 1mil
Sold - Dkc 6mil Copies Sold - 6 Mil Subs Online - Nintendo Sues Samsung
- Boca Cuts Modem $.
ST1107.ZIP 02-17-95 02/17/95 Str 1107 "The Original Independent Online Magazine" " - Str
Industry Report - Qcopy 1.1 Windows - Prowin Plus 2.1 - Tcp/Ip Now!
Internet Connect V2 - Mitnick Nailed! Sony Giant Monitor
ST1114.ZIP 04-07-95 04/07/95 Str 1114 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" " - Str
Industry Report - Lion King Review - Norton & Win'95 - Editmaster 2.5 -
Satan .Online! - Creative Goodies - Mscape & Doonesbury - Gifiasco Cont
ST1120.ZIP 05-19-95 05/19/95 Str 1120 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" " - D/L
Cisnav 1.1.1 - At&t Sell 3do! Driver Info - Whose Bug is It? Frankie's
Corner - Rupert Who? - Os/2 Warp Connect Ships - Ati Newswire - Hayes
ST1124.ZIP 06-16-95 06/16/95 Str 1124 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" " - Cpu
Industry Report - New Hayes Modems Internet Smut Laws - 133mhz Pentium
Ibm Mftr's Mac Clone - Msn Scrutinized Apple Cuts Mac $ - D-lite Update
ST1126.ZIP 06-30-95 06/30/95 Str 1126 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" " - Cpu
Industry Report - Isdn Series Begins - Apple Email Wares - Gateway, 3m
Shipped! - Lion King Cd - Quicktime Updated! - Pc Users to Double -
ST1130.ZIP 07-28-95 07/28/95 Str 1130 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" - Cpu
Industry Report - Taiwanese Cpus - Adobe & Web - Intel Pentiums - Cdrom
News Updates - Dvorak's New Oui - St Linux Emulator - Usr 33.6 Muscle
Modem -
ST1132.ZIP 08-11-95 08/11/95 Str 1132 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" - Cpu
Industry Report Visio 5 for 95 News - Adobe Photoshop 3.04 Usr Pc Card
- Sybex A Leader! Micrografx News! - Travelrama Review Gateway News! -
Os/2 Warp
ST1136.ZIP 09-08-95 09/08/95 Str 1136 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" - Cpu
Industry Report Visual Dbase 5.5 - Mcafee 225 News - Win95 Rollout
Smooth - Compaq #1 Asia - Sega Channel - Frankie's Corner - Warp Os/2 -
Linux Lines
ST1138.ZIP 09-22-95 09/22/95 Str 1138 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" - Cpu
Industry Report Intel; New Chip Sites - Adaptec 294x - New Cd Standard
- Fcc on Web W95 Email Bug? - Netscape Publishing - Mcafee 2.26 - New
Hp Printers
ST1139.ZIP 09-29-95 09/29/95 Str 1139 "The Original Independent Online Magazine!" - Cpu
Industry Report Micrografx Abc 3d - Qemm & Win95 - Corel 6.0 - Hp Buys
Convex - China Slams Pirates - Sony Psx - Frankie's Corner - Intel
Prgrmr Jailed
ST1293.ZIP 01-28-94 Star Trek location of Starships based on the tv series Star Trek: The
Next Generation. (Newest File Date: 01-28-94)
ST156.ZIP 03-22-94 SCREEN THIEF V 1.56 SCREEN Thief is a screen capture system that
will capture the screens other programs cannot reach! Captures direct
to GIF/TIF/PCX /BMP or text file. Supports most major Super VGA cards
in all modes , including S3, Tseng ET-4000, Paradise, Trident etc.
ST15EV.ZIP 10-02-92 Stickies! is a note manager for Windows 3.0 and later running in either
Standard or Enhanced mode.
ST200B.ZIP 07-02-89 Sysop tools maintain GT PowerComm Host mode BB
ST20B.ZIP 03-25-93 Stickies! 2.0B - Stickies! is a shareware note manager for Windows 3.0
and later running in either Standard or 386 Enhanced mode.
ST22.ZIP 09-03-90 ScreamTracker v2.2 plays Amiga SoundTracker sounds (good)
ST225.ZIP 01-06-87 ST225 HARD DISK INFO 012B
ST24B.ZIP 02-20-94 Diamond stealth24 beta windows drivers from diamond stealth BBS Newest
File: 2-20-1994. (Newest File Date: 02-20-94)
ST25SOLV.ZIP 02-13-92 Complete solve for Star Trek 25th Anniversary
ST25TH.ZIP 10-16-91 Star Trek 25th anniversary demo VGA
ST2_115A.ZIP 07-28-95 Doom, Doom II, Heretic Multiplayer Game Setup Program V1.15a !freeware!
This is A Multiplayer Game Front End for all of Id's Games. Features:
Chat Mode for Modem Play Uses all of Doom's Command Line Options, Easy
to Use
ST701UP.ZIP 06-30-93 New STEALTH.VXD for QEMM 7.0/7.01 that resolves a problem with regard
to using EMS w/ in Windows Enhanced Mode; 06/30/93; Quarterdeck.
(Newest File Date: 06-30-93)
STA1133.ZIP 08-18-95 08/18/95 Str 1133 "The Original Independen - Cpu Industry Report - Hp
Offers Own Pc - Us & Pgp Policy - Netscape 1.2 - Visual Dbase 5.5 - Abc
Graphic Suite - Mr. T's Catnips - People Talking - Aol Sued Over Rate
STAB10A.ARJ 12-19-13 Stable - Technical Graphs (1 of 2)
STAB10B.ARJ 12-19-13 Stock market technical analysis / graphing
STAB10C.ARJ 12-19-13 Documentation for Stable
STAB200.ZIP 05-07-94 Window Stable Technical Graphs 2.0 - Financial Analysis for Windows 3.1
STAB210.ZIP 04-22-95 Stable Technical Graphs V2.10 - Financial Technical Analysis for
Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Above. Excellent User Interface. Features
Interactive Chart Drawing, Point & Figure, 20+ Indicators, Dde,
Scalable Charts
STAB220.ZIP 10-24-95 Stable Technical Graphs V2.20 - Financial Technical Analysis for
Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Above. Excellent User Interface. Features
Interactive Chart Drawing, Point & Figure, 20+ Indicators, Dde,
Scalable Charts
STAB230.ZIP 09-10-96 Stable Technical Graphs Stock Market Analysis 2.30 for Windows
STABL110.ZIP 04-30-92 Stable investment program v1.10
STABLDOC.ZIP 09-30-91 Documentation for STABLE file 2/2.
STABLE.ARJ 12-19-13 Stock chart/graph program for windows 3.0.
STABLE.ARJ 12-19-13 Stock chart/graph program for windows 3.0.
STABLE.ZIP 09-25-91 Stable investments technical Graphs
STABLE10.ZIP 09-25-91 Stable Technical Graphs 1/2
STAB_410.ZIP 01-02-95 Sync Tabs Synchronet Tabs Door V4.10 New Anti-id-hacker Support Test
Drive Access Option - Special Subscription Events (Sse) Monthly Profit
Statistics - Multiple Subscription Levels
STAC2.ARJ 12-19-13 TEC Note on using Stacker 2.0 with QEMM
STAC2.ZIP 12-06-91 Help using Stacker with QEMM
STAC40_R.ZIP 02-13-94 Stacker.Com - Patch for Stacker 4.0 # # Now You Can Install
Stacker-update! # # # ## Copy Stacker.Com on the Original Disk [1/2]
Then Run Setup.Exe - Your Name Is: - Your Company Is: That's All..
Enjoy It..
STAC95.ZIP 04-15-95 Group of Application Notes From Stac on How to use the Stacker Rel 4.X
Compression Driver With the Windows '95 Preview Beta.
STACK.LZH 01-06-14 Recall previous commands and set Function keys
STACK20.ZIP 12-11-92 Stack'Em! v2.0. 'Tetris' type DOOR game for many BBS types
STACK40.ZIP 03-01-94 Stacker 4.0 Tech notes from Stac. (Newest File Date: 03-01-94)
STACK60.LZH 01-06-14 From CtrlAlt Associates
STACK60.LZH 01-06-14 From CtrlAlt Associates
STACKER.ZIP 04-10-92 Stacker for OS/2 2.0 annoucement
STACKER4.ZIP 03-06-94 Tells about the new STACKER 4.0 and what it is compatable with.
by: PEGASUS Autodiz * 813-481-5575>
STACKEY.ARJ 12-19-13 Stackey v3.0 - auto puts keystrokes into Keybrd buffer. Great for
running progs automatically.
STACKEY.ZIP 01-12-93 Batkey/Stackey, The Ultimate BATCH Enhancers
STACKR.ARJ 12-19-13 QD Technote on using Stacker, Optimize and QEMM
STACK_31.ZIP 06-24-94 Stack 'Em Tetris-like Door Game V3.1
STACK_62.ZIP 11-11-93 Updates to Stacker 3.1 to Work With Dos 6.2. Both Executables Are
Datestamped 11/10/93. Uploaded By: Bob Weinstein.
STACMS.ZIP 10-14-91 Information on using Stacker Program
STACSTAT.ZIP 03-22-94 This is a Microsoft explanation of the verdict in the STACKER trial
against MS and vice-versa. As you will see, there ARE two sides to
every story and we have only heard the STAC side of it so far. This is
direct from the Toronto Microsoft BBS. (Newest File Date: 03-22-94)
STADAY1.ZIP 05-15-93 Learn About the United States [1/2]
STADAY2.ZIP 06-07-93 Many Vga Images & Info [2/2]
STAFF200.ZIP 08-31-93 Staff Sargeant 2.0 is a simple freeware Windows utility for the
printing of various types of music manuscript paper, including blank
staff paper, piano/keyboard, organ, guitar tabulature, string quartet,
brass quintet, etc. Bbrun300.dll required. (Newest File Date: 08-31-93)
STAFFS1.ZIP 07-23-93 Staff Sargeant - replacement archive -staffs.zip had a problem -
download this instead. (Newest File Date: 07-23-93)
STAFIELD.ZIP 02-11-91 Starfield v1.0; space-like star demo with mouse
STAGEDAT.ZIP 06-12-91 Utility to strip Prodigy STAGE.DAT file
STAG_D.ZIP 12-12-94 Clar4dem Demo of Super Templates for Windows Tagging Template
STAIN_GL.ZIP 08-09-94 Glass Crafters, Wholeslae/Retail Stained Glass Materials Suppler
Contact Information
STAIR.ARJ 12-19-13 Zep Stairway to Haven VOC file.
STAIR10.ZIP 01-15-95 Stairway Door Game V1.0 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection. Word Game
That Will Put Your Vocabulary Skills to the Test. The Computer Selects
the Starting Letter and Player Must Make Words Ranging From 2-7 Letters
STAIR11.ZIP 03-04-95 Stairway - Door Game V1.1 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection
STAIR15.ZIP 06-12-96 Stairway - Door Game V1.5 . Part of the Sunrise Door Collection A Word
Game That Will Put Your Vocabulary Skills to the Test. The Computer
Selects the Starting Letter and Player Must Make Words Ranging From 27
STAIR17.ZIP 01-18-97 Stairway Door Game V1.7 Part of the Sunrise Door Collection. A Word
Game That Will Put Your Vocabulary Skills to the Test. The Computer
Selects the Starting Letter and Player Must Make Words Ranging From 27
STAIRWAY.ZIP 11-18-95 L Doom2fdn Stairway to Hell, New Sound and Graphics
STAKDUMP.ZIP 01-04-93 Retreive All Calls Leading to Error.
STALK1.ZIP 05-09-95 This is A Doom2 Wad,replacing Map 1. It is Based Around A Large Central
Courtyard With High Walls Surrounding It.Around the Perimeter There Are
Dark Hallways With Lots of Sniper Windows Overlooking the Whole Area.
STALLREL.ZIP 08-03-96 Wdn_5drv Stallion Drivers for Multi Port Stallion Cards and Windows 95
STAMP.ARJ 12-19-13 Toolbook Stamp Collectors Database (.TBK)
STAMP10.ZIP 03-23-93 Stamper is a utility for Windows 3.1 and later that has one mission in
life: To make the process of changing the time and date setting on
files as easy as possible. If you're a program developer, you probably
already know why this is a useful thing; if you're not, then see the
Hints and Tips section below for some suggestions about how Stamper can
make your life a little easier.
STAMP134.ZIP 06-02-93 Calmer Utilities Series 134 Set File Attributes, File Date and Time
Individually or All At Once. Also Gene- Rates Zero Lenght Files If
Required. Australian Shareware
STAMP20.ZIP 01-07-92 Stamp Database - Written In ToolBook
STAMP300.ARJ 12-19-13 U.S. Philatelist Database v3.00: allows you to keep detailed
information about each stamp
STAMP560.ZIP 08-11-93 Organize Your Stamp Collection V5.60catalog Your Postage Stamps From
All Countries. Fine Specialized Database From Homecraft.
STAMP562.ZIP 01-03-94 Organize! Your Stamp Collection v5.62 A specialized database designed
specifically for cataloging postage stamps from everywhere Completely
menu operated with 3-D pull down menus;Handles up to 10,000,000 stamps
and can alphabetize, search & cross reference any of the info you've
entered about your collection
STAMP6.ZIP 03-01-95 Organize Your Stamp Collection V6.10. Catalog Any Type of Stamp From
Any Country. Use Up to 21 Criteria to Catalog Each Stamp, and Include A
Pcx Image of the Stamp!
STAMP601.ZIP 05-17-94 Organize Your Stamp Collection -v6.01 Catalog Any Type of Stamp From
Any Country. Use Up to 21 Criteria to Catalog Each Stamp, and Include A
Pcx Image of the Stamp! Fast! Easy-to-use and Fully Menu Operated. Just
Fill In
STAMP7.ZIP 10-04-95 D Organize Your Stamp Collection V7.00 Complete System for Cataloging
Stamps From Any Country. Each Stamp can be Cataloged Using Up to 20
Criteria, all of Which Are Fully Searchable and can be Sorted And
STAMPB.ZIP 02-25-92 Stamp collection inventory system for Windows3
STAMPB10.ZIP 02-25-92 StampBase for Windows is stamp collection inventory system for
Microsoft WindowsTM 3.0 or higher. StampBase takes advantage of the
Windows' Graphical User Interface (GUI) and its memory management
capabilities. StampBase is a Windows application. The program will not
work outside the Windows environment.
STAMPB15.ZIP 08-29-93 1993 Upgrade to the Best Stamp Collectioninventory System for Ms
Windows V1.5developed Using Visual Basic.
STAMPBWN.ZIP 03-15-93 Stampbase for Windows Vers. 1.5 Released: 3/15/93 BBS Name: Stampb.Zip
Stamp Collection Inventory System Designed for the Hobbyist.
Information About Each Stamp Can Include: Country, Catalog Number,
Category, Issue
STAMPCR2.ZIP 09-21-94 Stamping: Rubber Stamp Carving Techniques
STAMPM.ZIP 10-11-95 D Organize Your Stamp Collection V2.2 For Windows
STAND1.ZIP 02-14-95 This is A Fix to Chris Hopkin's Cool Wad For Doom . Only Changed A Bug
in A Door And Rebuilt the Nodes. Try It.
STANDJN.ZIP 10-03-91 St. andrew's old course for jnug by lee
STANSI.ZIP 03-09-93 Ansi ads for BBS Release of "Star Trek: Before Destruction!" (ST-NOVEL
.ZIP). 2 formats of the same ad.
STAPE24.ZIP 08-12-92 StormTape; The Ultimate in Tape Retrieval Software. This D
STAPP.ZIP 08-26-93 Startapp by Nick Payne. Allows you to set up an icon for which you can
select the working directory you want to use at an applications runtime
This is a very handy front-end for programs like WinWord. Ami Pro,
Excel, etc. FREEWARE. (Newest File Date: 08-26-93)
STAR.LZH 04-08-90 Release 3 of starchart/observe (PS,X11,SunView,etc)
STAR10.ZIP 07-09-95 Starfire Lord & Wakko Enemies!
STAR110.ZIP 08-08-91 Random Star-Trek Quotes.
STAR31.ZIP 12-12-91 Star positions for any time/place on Earth.
STAR3D.LZH 01-06-14 Looks like you are flying through space
STAR425B.ZIP 12-16-89 Star Clash 4.25 - door game for BBS
STAR503.ZIP 09-16-93 Domestic Satellite Locator V5.03 Update
STAR9E.ZIP 03-20-92 Printer Driver That Can be Used for the Star Nx-1000 Rainbow Printer
Under Windows. Fixes the Misalignment Problem, Prints in Colour Too.
(Newest File Date: 03-20-92)
STARB.ARJ 12-19-13 Adobe Type I Font For ATM (Architect)
STARB.ZIP 05-12-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
STARBASE.LZH 01-06-14 Another game for Windows
STARBBS.ZIP 05-02-92 Star Empire BBS, Similar to one GIGANTIC Online Game Door program.
STARBEST.ZIP 03-12-95 Starwar2 Wad Fixed So You can Actually Get Through Level 1 Without
Cheating! for Registered Users of Doom Only!
STARBMP.ZIP 09-14-91 Windows 3.0 wallpaper of Star Trek
STARBST2.ZIP 03-12-95 Doom Starwar2 Wad Ported Over to Doom 2! Bug Fixed That Prevented You
From Completing Level 2 Without Cheating. Even Tougher With Some of the
New Bad Guys in Doom 2.
STARBT2A.ZIP 03-12-95 Bug Fix of Starbst2.Zip for Doom 2. Previous Version of Starwar2.Wad
Ported. This is the Version That Fixes the Yellow Key Problem. Updated
for Doom 2. New Monsters, Very Difficult. Lots of Fun.
STARCHRT.ZIP 09-15-95 Starcharts, Ver. 1.0 Copyright 1995 by Steven C. Strouse Incentive
Chart Program for Ms-windows. Helps Children to Take A More Active Part
in Household Chores and Encourages Them to Develop New Skills and
STARCOM1.LZH 01-06-14 StarCOM v1.0 view internal DOS commands .
STARCOM1.LZH 01-06-14 StarCOM v1.0 view internal DOS commands .
STARD11.ZIP 01-11-95 Stardate for Windows 1.0b 2094993.44.592 Stardate Displays the Star
Date As Used in the Star Trek the Next Generation Series. It
Continually Displays the Star Date Corresponding With the Current
"Earth Standard" Time
STARDL31.LZH 01-06-14 Stardial v3.1 update. Dialer for Starlink
STARDOG1.ZIP 11-06-94 Stardog One New Level for Doom II. Over 80 Hours in the Making. I Tried
to Pay As Much Attention to Detail As My Sanity Would Permit. Designed
for Fast and Furious Deathmatch's , But Also Optimized for all
STARED2.ZIP 04-11-93 Star Control II Ship Editor.
STAREXP.ZIP 12-16-95 Star Exploration Ver 1.1! This BBS Door Game is A Game of Galatic
Conquering and Interstellar Fights. You Controll A Completely
Configurable Starship, and You Are Out to Make A Name for Yourself
STARF120.ZIP 05-09-94 Starflic 1.20 - Flic File Compiler and Player, (C) 1994, Trius, Inc.
STARFAQS.ZIP 01-21-94 FAQ's about Star Trek: upcoming TV shows, movies, and much more.
(Newest File Date: 01-21-94)
STARFILE.ZIP 06-15-95 Starfile Utilities for Word 6.0 - Reviewed in Wolr101.
STARFIND.ZIP 06-02-93 Satellite Tacking Program. Good for Setting Up Satellite Dishes, Etc.
STARFLG1.ZIP 07-01-91 Displays US flag/plays Star Spangled Banner.
STARFR.ZIP 11-16-92 Starfire 1.2 is an all-action arcade-quality "shoot-em-up." An evil
alien race has sent a number of huge invasion ships toward earth,
carrying weapons capable of destroying entire planets. Features
256-color VGA graphics, sound card, mouse, a
STARFR14.ZIP 05-12-93 Starfire V1.4 - Arcade Game From Australia, Where Earth is Under Threat
From an Evil, Cowardly Race of Sloboids, Who Are Sending Huge
Motherships With Weapons Capable of Destroying Whole Planets.
STARGFX.ZIP 07-07-94 Add-on for Doom This Wad Contains Replacements for Some of the Sprites
(Monsters, Etc) for Doom by Id Software. Was Created Using Dmadds and
Multiple Star Wars Graphic (Sprite) Patches. 1/1 . Last
STARGPSY.ZIP 04-02-97 Classic Arcade Style Shooter With 16 Bit Color
STARHECK.ZIP 07-24-93 Add-on Zzt Game Parodying Star Trek.
STARLANE.ZIP 12-24-92 Starlanes is a strategic boardgame of intergalactic tradin
STARMU21.ZIP 05-12-93 Star Menu Dos Menuing Shareware Program, Better Than Automenu or Direct
STARMU40.ZIP 03-08-94 Star Menu 4.0 Pro: Dos/Windows Compat- Ible Menu Software With
Multi-boot Capability, Multi-level Passwords, Multi-user, Activity Logs
Scientific Calculator, Personal Organizer Including Calendar, Monthly
Planner, Day
STARMU50.ZIP 03-09-94 STAR MENU 5.0 - New Version! DOS/Windows compat. Menuing software
multi-boot, NEW ALARM CLOCK, screen savers w/ password options,
Scientific Calculator, full-blown Personal Organizer, New
Backup/Restore options for hard drives , MUCH MORE! (Newest File Date:
STARMU60.ZIP 07-13-94 Star Menu for DOS 6.0 - Latest Version! New Lower Prices, Less
Restrictions for Shareware Version, Improved Graphics & Screens,
Seamless Link to Star Menu for Windows 1.0, Much More!
STARMU71.ZIP 01-19-95 Star Menu for DOS 7.1 - the Ultimate DOS Program Launcher! New
Super-vga Graphics, New Color Schemes; Run Windows Applications
Directly From Dos. Many New Menu Options & Features!
STARMU80.ZIP 09-15-95 Star Menu for DOS 8.0 - the Ultimate DOS Program Launcher! Many Useful
Utilities Included. New Super-vga Graphics, New Color Schemes; Run
Windows Applications Directly From Dos. Now Compatible With Windows 3.1
3.11, 95
STARP212.ZIP 04-20-95 Star Player V2.12 Multi-module S3m/Mtm/Mod Player for Gus and Sb. New
Mtm Module Support! Features: Load 8 Modules Into Extended Memory, Flip
Modules in DOS Continuous Play, Wildcard File Loading and Much More.
STARP223.ZIP 09-24-95 Starplayer - Version 2.23 Sdc
STARRY.ZIP 04-02-91 Starry Nights Indoor Astronomy by Rob Crockett
STARS.LZH 01-06-14 Similar to Fireworks
STARS.ZIP 12-31-89 A table of stars and their distance from our Sun (
STARS110.ZIP 09-09-96 Stars! Windows 95 Screen Saver Makes Your Screen A Portal to Other
Galaxies. Variable Star Direction and More! With Context Sensitive Help
and Desktop Properties Preview. Version 1.10 1996 M. Sephton Tektonix
STARS12.ZIP 07-23-93 A Screen Saver That's Also Fun to Watch.
STARS26.ZIP 10-16-96 Win Single or Multi-player Space Strategy Conquest Game
STARS26U.ZIP 10-16-96 Update Patch Upgrading Registered Stars! to V26
STARS3D.ZIP 06-13-95 Animation Which Depicts A View of the Instellar Neighborhood
Surrounding the Sun Out to 6 Parsecs or 19.56 Light Years.
STARSATM.ZIP 07-07-93 ATM Font: Stars & Stripes. (Newest File Date: 07-07-93)
STARSAV1.ZIP 09-09-95 Freeware From the Psychedelic Starfish Manual Screen Saver for Dos. Run
This Program When You Will be Away From Your Computer for A While.
It'll Protect Your Screen From Phosphor Burn-in. Personalized Copies
Made On
STARSDOS.ZIP 11-22-95 A This is A Turbo Pascal Program. It Draws Stars on the Screen and
Removes Them Until A Key is Pressed. Includes Source Code and Compiled
STARSHIP.LZH 01-06-14 Starship Invasion - a fun Star Trek like game
STARSHOW.ZIP 05-02-95 Starshow Viewer is A Shareware Astronomy Program That Displays Stars,
Constellations Planets, Galaxies, Nebulae, and Star Clusters. You can
Change the Location, Angle or Time of View and Zoom in or Out to See
the Universe
STARSHW4.ZIP 07-01-95 Starshow Viewer Version 1.04 is A Shareware Astronomy Program That
Displays Stars, Constellations, Planets, Galaxies, Nebulae, and Star
Clusters. You can Change the Location
STARS_.ZIP 05-12-95 Stars! is A Full-blown Interstellar Strategy Game for Windows. Designed
for Single or Multi Player Play Via Network, Modem or BBS Comes With
Extensive Help and Tutorial and Advanced Computer Players.
STARS_11.ZIP 11-11-95 Great Windows Game - Explore the Galaxy
STARS_2.ZIP 11-20-95 Stars! V2.0 Shareware Version
START11.ZIP 03-06-94 Startup 1.1: Windows Startup Program Manager Utility. Iconic, Menu,
Drag and Drop. Windows Startup. Enhances Windows Startup. Permits the
User to "Skip" Startup Programs. Additional Features Include: Variable
START12.ZIP 03-20-93 Set windows to run certain events on set days
START213.ARJ 12-19-13 An alternate START command for OS/2.
START213.ZIP 06-19-92 Alternate Version of The OS/2 Start Command.
STARTBBS.ZIP 02-24-90 So you wanna start a BBS? Read this.
STARTCLN.ZIP 01-06-96 Start Clean V1.0 for Windows 95 Cleans the Start Menu by Removing
Unnecessary Links and Directories. A Must Have for Any Power User
STARTD.ZIP 10-10-95 Ibmews Ibmews Startdos V2.0 is A Utility to Start DOS Sessions With
Settings From an Os/2 Session. Useful Companion to Mshell and Tshell.
STARTD22.ZIP 06-05-93 STARTD v1.0; Difference between this program and the OS/2
STARTER.1 09-19-90 Usenet CBIP starter kit #1 (Instruct., Basic UUDECODE)
STARTER.2 05-31-90 Usenet CBIP starter kit #2 (Pascal UUDECODE)
STARTER.3 05-31-90 Usenet CBIP starter kit #3 (C UUDECODE)
STARTER.KIT 05-19-91 Usenet CBIP starter kit r1.7 (16 Apr 91)
STARTREK.ZIP 05-16-89 STARTREK THE COMPUTER PROGRAM A full featured game, with tutorial
on how to write software using the game as an example. The techniques
used are a subset of the real world. Enjoy the game, learn how it was
coded and why, then modify it. Become a programmer.
STARTRI.ZOO 12-07-90 Space like effect
STARTRKR.ARJ 12-19-13 Description and rating for every episode
STARTS10.ZIP 12-28-95 Fwdrivrs This Os/2 Base Device Driver Plays A True Startup Sound on
Your Soundblaster Card (Or Compatible) As Soon As the Os/2 Logo is
Displayed, and Doesn't Require the Mmpm/2 Overhead
STARTSCR.ZIP 02-08-97 Startscr 1.0. Start Your Screen Saver With A Click of A Button on the
System Tray
STARV710.ZIP 09-03-96 Satellite Location Guide
STARW410.ZIP 06-10-94 rec.arts.sf.starwars
STARWAR1.ZIP 05-16-94 Wad File for Doom. Deathstar Map.
STARWARS.ZIP 08-24-93 RIP, Super StarDestroyer and the DeathStar
STARWN11.ZIP 10-06-94 Star Menu for Windows 1.1 - Replaces File Mgr With Very Easy to use &
Powerful Menuing Software. Full Multimedia Support and Seamless Link to
Star Menu for DOS 6.X More!
STARWN3A.ZIP 03-09-95 Star Menu V3.0. The Ultimate Application Launcher! New Cd-rom/Removable
Disk Runners, New Activity Log, New Application Scheduler, New
Icon/Graphics Support Includes Ico, Exe, Dll, Icl Rsl, Wmf & Bmp Files.
STARWRBK.ZIP 12-21-91 3 backgrounds for GeoWorks w/Star Wars chars
STARZ.ZIP 10-31-91 Misplays head-on view of oncoming stars
STAR_108.ZIP 11-30-93 SpitFire Bulletin Generator v1.08 ** Part of a New type of Utilities
written by a SpitFire BBS SysOp who wants to see more people creating
Inexpensive Add-Ons for our BBSi For More Popular BBSi, added a RIP
Graphics Into the Bulletin. (Quicker on every time RAN!)
STAR_31.ZIP 05-27-92 Star Printer Drivers for Windows 3.0 & 3.1 for Star 9 & 24 Pin and
Laser Printers. (Newest File Date: 05-27-92)
STAR_TT.ZIP 03-01-94 A Star Trek-style Truetype Font for Windows.
STAS100.ZIP 10-22-91 Stock Traders Acctg Sys:Track Buys/Sales
STAT.ZIP 08-15-93 Statnlm - Server Resource Utilization Tool