Name Date Description
SOMERIPS.ZIP 08-24-93 A collection of Ripscreens, Good
SOMESAVE.ZIP 09-09-93 Midi Someone Saved My Life Tonight.
SOMEWHER.ARJ 12-19-13 Sound/Noise Tracker Module.
SOMOTTC1.ZIP 12-16-95 Otterford, Somerset (Uk), Baptisms 1752-1812 Roy Parkhouse.
SONATA.LZH 01-06-14 Sonata Screen Font
SONCIN.ZIP 03-16-93 Hebrew TT font for Windows 3.1. (Newest File Date: 03-16-93)
SONG10.ZIP 08-12-94 Song of the Lark, Willa Cather [Cather #2]
SONG2TDM.ARJ 12-19-13 Sound/Noise Tracker Module.
SONGS110.ZIP 04-14-94 Songs1 v1.0: pre-school educational learning tool that introduces
children to the alphabet numbers, colors and sound; 04/14/94;
PolyVision SoftWare. (Newest File Date: 04-14-94)
SONGS26.ZIP 03-29-93 v2.6 Songs, Game that allows players to get first line of
SONGS28.ZIP 07-19-93 Ver 2.8 Songs, Game That Allows Players to Get First Line of a Song and
Then Guess What the Tune Is! Multi/Bbs/Node, Baud Rates to 115k, Fossil
Driver / Dv Aware. Com-ports 0-15. Now Faster Play From One Menu
SONICCDE.TXT 12-19-13 Sonic 1-2-3-SK Codes for Genesis
SONICS11.ZIP 04-30-95 Sonic Screwdriver: Windows Sound Editor Sonic Screwdriver is A Disk
Based Sound Editor for Handling Wav Format Files. The Sonic Screwdriver
Sound Editor Functions Include: Pitch Shift by Semitone and Octave
SONL.ZIP 03-14-97 Sport "Stars of the Negro Leagues" Electronic Commemoration
SONOMA.ZIP 08-23-94 Medical Marijuana approved in Sonoma County
SONOWAVE.ZIP 03-28-93 There are lots of WAV file playing utilities available for Windows 3.1
but most of them do just that--play WAV files. SonoWave is a bit
different; it plays them, but does a lot more too.
SONR100.ZIP 06-15-95 Simple menu-based interface for uqwk
SONY.ARJ 12-19-13 Sound/Noise Tracker Module.
SONY2010.ZIP 09-26-91 Evaluation of Sony 2010 Shortwave
SONY31.ZIP 04-08-93 Os/2 Device Driver to Support the Sony 31a Non-scsi Cd-rom Drive
Received by Tic-2-pcb 04-16-93 From Ibmos2fx.
SONY53.ZIP 12-07-93 Ibmos2fx Os/2 Device Driver for Sony Cdu 531, 535, 6150, 6201, 6205,
6251, 7201, and 7205 Cd-rom Drives Attached to Sony Cdb-240 Series (Or
Compatible) Host Adapter.
SONYXMAS.ZIP 10-13-95 Sony X-mas Game/Saver
SOP9219A.ARJ 12-19-13 STS Orbit Plus v9219 satellite tracker. 4-30-92) 1 of 2.
SOP9219A.ZIP 04-30-92 Satellite/Shuttle tracking program
SOP9219B.ARJ 12-19-13 STS Orbit Plus v9219 2 of 2.
SOP9219B.ZIP 04-30-92 Satellite/Shuttle tracking program
SOP9250A.ZIP 12-17-92 Stsorbit Plus, Great Program For Graphical Tracking Space
SOP9334A.ZIP 08-18-93 Stsorbit Plus Version 9334: Track and Displayany Satellite for Which
Orbital Data is Available. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industryas
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Aroundthe World. Math Coprocessor
Chip Recommend
SOP9405A.ZIP 01-28-94 Stsorbit Plus Version 9405: Track and Display Any Satellite for Which
Orbital Data is Avail Able. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industry As
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Around the World. Math Coprocessor
SOP9415A.ZIP 04-01-94 STSORBIT PLUS Version 9415: Track and display any satellite for which
orbital data is avail able. Used by NASA and the aerospace industry as
well as hams and "just plain folks" around the world. Math coprocessor
chip recommended. Now includes Multi-Satellite Tracking Feature By:
Dave Ransom, 7130 Avenia Altisima, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274 USA.
SOP9432A.ZIP 08-02-94 Stsorbit Plus Version 9432: Track and Display Any Satellite for Which
Orbital Data is Avail Able. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industry As
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Around the World. Math Coprocessor
SOP9435A.ZIP 08-25-94 Hamsat Sts Orbit Plus Satellite Tracking Program, V9435a
SOP9435U.ZIP 08-25-94 Stsorbit Plus Version 9435a: Track and Display Any Satellite for Which
Orbital Data is Avail Able. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industry As
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Around the World. Math Coprocessor
SOP9517A.ZIP 05-05-95 Stsorbit Plus Version 9517: Track and Display Any Satellite for Which
Orbital Data is Avail Able. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industry As
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Around the World. Math Coprocessor
SOP9537A.ZIP 09-18-95 Stsorbit Plus Version 9537: Track and Display Any Satellite for Which
Orbital Data is Avail Able. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industry As
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Around the World. Math Coprocessor
SOP9537B.ZIP 09-18-95 Please See Sop9537a.Zip.
SOP9548A.ZIP 11-27-95 M Stsorbit Plus Version 9548: Track and Display Any Satellite for Which
Orbital Data is Avail Able. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industry As
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Around the World. Math Coprocessor
SOP9637A.ZIP 09-13-96 Stsorbit Plus Version 9637: Track and Display Any Satellite for Which
Orbital Data Is Avail- Able. Used by Nasa and the Aerospace Industry As
Well As Hams and "Just Plain Folks" Around the World.
SOPMSG.ARJ 12-19-13 Dummy CoSysop will respond to Mail.
SOPWITH.LZH 01-06-14 Test your skills as a WW I flying ace
SOPWITH2.LZH 01-06-14 Another WW I flying ace program
SORA.ZIP 09-24-93 TTF: Korean Hangul. (Newest File Date: 09-24-93)
SORC072.ZIP 07-17-96 Sorcery V0.72a - be A A Wizard - Online Strategy Game
SORC073.ZIP 09-08-96 Sorcery V.73a - Imagine Yourself A Wise Sorcerer, With Many Spells at
Your Fingertips. What Would You Do? be Nice? Nah. Now *Faster* Than
Ever Summoning!
SORC080.ZIP 01-15-97 Sorcery V.80b Lots of Changes and Even More Additions! You can Now More
Fully Configure Your Game to Create A Good Versus Evil Or Monster
Versus Human or Whatever Type of Game You Want!
SORC091.ZIP 02-24-97 Sorcery V.91b - You can Now Send E-mail and Fight Other Users. One of
the Most Addictive Games Just Gave Your Users Another Reason to Call
Every Day
SORC092.ZIP 05-18-97 Doors Sorcery V.92b - You can Now Send E-mail and Fight Other Users.
One of the Most Addictive Games Just Gave Your Users Another Reason to
Call Every Day! Some Small Updated Code and Bug Fixes
SORC094.ZIP 06-02-97 Sorcery V.94b - You can Now Send E-mail and Fight Other Users. One of
the Most Addictive Games Just Gave Your Users Another Reason to Call
Every Day! Some Small Updated Code and Bug Fixes
SORCAV11.ZIP 01-09-96 Sorcerer's Cave V1.1 is A Simple, Fast Playing Dungeon Adventure for
all Ages, Based on the Author's Card Game Once Called "The Best Game
Since Diplomacy". Explore A Six-level Labyrinth W/30 Types of
Characters Treasures
SORCE1.ZIP 05-29-93 Quickbasic 4.5 Source Code to Demonstrate the Use of Key's & Graphics.
Create's a Circle or Square and Bounces it Off the Walls of Your
Monitor. Can Also be Controlled Using Keypad. Trailing Tail Makes Nice
Designs With
SORCERER.ZIP 02-18-94 Sorcerer's Castle Adventure
SORRY.ZIP 12-29-93 The Board Game Sorry for Os/2 Pm
SORT145E.ZIP 01-02-96 Sorts Ascii-files Fast, many Different Features
SORT1_36.ZIP 04-12-95 Sorts Ascii-files, Many Different Features
SORT2.ZIP 01-04-93 Sort and Merge Multiple Files.
SORT251.ZIP 02-09-94 Sort, version 2.51 (February, 1994). An enhanced version of the DOS
SORT utility which sorts a lot faster and sorts larger files than DOS
sort does. (Newest File Date: 02-09-94)
SORT32OS.ZIP 09-10-93 SORT32 v2.01; 32-bit sort for OS/2 2.1
SORTBBS.ZIP 04-14-93 BBS List Sorter v2.0 for Renegade; It will sort your BBS L
SORTCONF.ZIP 07-02-92 WC3.x util makes sorted CONFLIST.BBS
SORTDESC.ZIP 05-18-93 Find File Descriptions From File_id. Diz or Captured Files.
SORTDZ10.ZIP 06-22-94 Sortdiz File Id.Diz Sorter Version 1.00 Ya Got Your File Id.Diz Editor
There? Good. But Which Files Do You Need to use it On? This Program
Will Allow You to Determine Which Ones Already Have the File Id.Diz
There Using 4
SORTER40.LZH 01-06-14 Sorts Procomm dialing directory
SORTER50.LZH 01-06-14 Sorts Procomm Plus dialing directory
SORTF.LZH 01-06-14 Sort files as large as 24 megabytes
SORTF235.ARC 02-15-90 V. Buerg's fast text sort utility v2.35 (15 Feb 90)
SORTFMS3.ZIP 09-28-89 Sort new uploads to their RBBS-PC directories
SORTFON.ZIP 08-01-93 A Simple, Free Utility for Sorting the Dialing Directory of the Commo
Telecommunications Software. Place in Abatch File to Run After Using
Commo, and Have the Dialing Directory Regularly Sorted.
SORTF_20.LZH 01-06-14 Sorts large files
SORTIT10.ZIP 02-15-94 SORT-IT.COM Nice File Sorter By Freelance
SORTKIT1.ZIP 09-16-91 TP 6.0 (&5.5) OOPS sort library
SORTTLX.ZIP 01-31-92 Move directory listing from one line to another without ha
SORTX100.ZIP 03-11-94 SortX v1.0: enhancement to DOS' SORT pgm; 03/11/94; Warren S. Macchi.
(Newest File Date: 03-11-94)
SORTX20.ZIP 09-27-95 U Bfds Bfds: Sortx V2.0 is an Enhancement to the Sort Program
Distributed With DOS Operating Systems But With Additional Capabilities
SOS.ZIP 08-12-93 Sink or Swim Ver ?.?? Purported Challenger to Lemmings!!vga Smooth
Scrolling 256 Color Game Files: 2 08-09-93..08-12-93 New: 2
SOS2UTL2.ZIP 08-10-94 Syncmain Native 32-bit Os/2 Utilities for Synchronet V2.00
SOS311.ZIP 03-06-94 SoS V3.11 is a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program that allows
you to save and restore text screens to memory and disk. Memory saves
are limited to a maximum of 9, while disk saves are only limited by the
amount of disk space available. SoS can be invoked within most text
SOSCAL1.ZIP 05-11-93 Soscal 1of3 Easy to Use, Colorful, Calendar Includes 12 Original High
Resolution, Photo Quality Calendar Screens As a Boot Utility, Pops Up
to Display Current Month, Easily Flip Through Past/Future Months
Requires Ibm
SOSCAL2.ZIP 05-11-93 Soscal 2of3
SOSCAL3.ZIP 05-11-93 Soscal 3of3
SOSCTF.ZIP 06-07-97 Quake: - Sosctf
SOSENG.ZIP 10-25-93 Sos-engine V2.20 - Debugging Tool for Clipper,c,tp,basic
SOSINS4.ZIP 09-15-97 Font & Picture list creator
SOSPER10.ZIP 12-29-13 S.O.S. Personal v1.01 S.O.S. Personal Edition v1.01 -
Customizable graphic screen saver for Windows. Displays four
user-definable bitmaps (.BMPs) slide-show fashion. Expandable and
upgradeable - contains information on incorporating other formats such
as .GIF, .PCX, .TIF, .JPG, etc. ASP-authored shareware from Tay-Jee
Software, $14.95.
SOSS.ARJ 12-19-13 Son Of Stan's Server v3.1 SOURCE - file server conforming to SUN
Microsystems NFS protocol v2
SOSS.ZOO 05-15-91 Son of Stan's Server v3.2; PD NFS (req's Clarkson pack.)
SOSSEXE.ARJ 12-19-13 Son Of Stan's Server v3.1 EXE's - file server conforming to SUN
Microsystems' NFS protocol v2
SOSSEXE.ZOO 05-15-91 Son of Stan's Server v3.2; PD NFS (req's Clarkson pack.)
SOSSNTR4.ZIP 10-01-95 Soss Nfs Server for Win Nt. Mount Nt Filesystems (Including Ones Which
Are Visible Via Windows-for Workgroups) So That They Are Visible on A
Unix Machine.
SOSTB.ZIP 05-19-93 Solid Oak Software's Dos Tool Box. 76 Utils for Batch File Enhancement,
Command Line Operations, Pc and Network Administration, Process
Automation, and More. Literally 100's of Uses and Functions.
SOSUTL11.ZIP 08-21-93 SuperOscar Softwares Utilities v1.1; Public domain utiliti
SOT01.ZIP 01-20-94 Shareware Overload Trio - HUGE 3 DISK set of 1993 and newer Shareware
and Public Domain. This ZIP contains file descriptions for ALL THREE
DISKS. 3 DISK set is only $29.95 and includes all shipping.
SOTB10.ZIP 07-31-95 Six of the Best V1.0 - the Complete Lottery Entry Management System - A
Very Easy to use Program That Provides A Number of Ways of Selecting
Six Numbers, and As Importantly Keeps A Comprehensive Record of the
SOTCAL20.ZIP 03-13-93 Sot-Calc V2.0 * the Most Feature-Rich Windows Calculator Ever Developed
Features Robust Scientific, Business, Unit Conversion, and Statistics
Modules, Plus: a New "Tape File" Feature, Nearly 100 New Functions, a
Special "Small Window" Mode, Full Clipboard Support, and Much More!
Vbrun200.Dll, Vga, and Win 3.1 Req'd. Shareware From Checkbox Software
*former PC/Computing Winapp of the Month* (Newest File Date: 03-13-93)
SOTCALC.ZIP 03-28-92 SOT-Calc v1.0 * The most feature-rich Windows calculator ever developed
SOTCALC2.ZIP 03-15-93 SOT-Calc v2.0 * The most feature-rich Windows calculator ever developed
Features robust Scientific, Business, Unit Conversion, and Statistics
modules, plus: a new "tape file" feature, nearly 100 new functions, a
special "small window" mode, full clipboard support, and much more!
VBRUN200.DLL, VGA, and Win 3.1 req'd. Shareware from CheckBox Software
*Former PC/Computing WinApp of the Month*
SOTCL10A.ZIP 04-15-92 SOT-Calc v1.0A * The most feature-rich Windows calculator ever
SOTL110.ZIP 09-16-94 Ship of the Line Door Game V1.10 - Sails Ships in the Golden Era of
Wooden Vessles.
SOTU.ZIP 03-30-93 CPSR Press Release on State of the Union Address
SOU94.ZIP 01-27-94 Transcription of President William Jefferson Clinton's first State of
the Union address, delivered before a joint seswsion of the Congress,
January 25, 1994. This is an ASCII text file, suitable for import into
most word processors (unformatted) or readable with most text views.
Delivered in text format from the archives of the Agriculture
Department files server. (Newest File Date: 01-27-94)
SOUL_KT.ZIP 07-31-95 Kt A Level by Ktulu Specifically Designed for Deathmatching for Doom
and Doom2.
SOUND.ZIP 10-19-96 Pm Sound Scheme Editor
SOUND1.TXT 07-14-91 The Sound Site Newsletter #1
SOUND2.TXT 07-14-91 The Sound Site Newsletter #2
SOUND3.TXT 07-14-91 The Sound Site Newsletter #3
SOUND4.TXT 07-14-91 The Sound Site Newsletter #4
SOUND5.TXT 07-14-91 The Sound Site Newsletter #5
SOUND6.TXT 08-05-91 The Sound Site Newsletter #6
SOUND7.TXT 12-07-91 The Sound Site Newsletter #7
SOUND8.TXT 02-20-92 The Sound Site Newsletter #8
Software great utility!
SOUNDER.LZH 01-06-14 Makes sounds with the Speaker
SOUNDER2.ARJ 12-19-13 Play Mac Sound Files Through Windows
SOUNDEXP.ZIP 03-05-93 03-06-93 -S-O-U-N-D-E-X--> VOC PLAYER VERSION 1.0 Program for SYSOPS
who own a sound card. Plays various .VOC files. Can be used to promote
your BBS by editing the .VOC files. Automatically install and run. If
you don't have a sound card, thi
SOUNDM10.ZIP 02-20-93 Soundman V1.0: MS-Windows Utility Enables You to Listen to Your Wave
Files. (Newest File Date: 02-20-93)
SOUNDNET.ZIP 09-08-95 This ZIP File Contains an Example Trumpwsk.Ini File for Trumpet Winsock
Which can Replace Your Other One. Also, A Login.Cmd Script. Plus, all
of the Ip Numbers and Access Accounts for 'Sound.Net' 816-842-9400 Data
SOUNDR10.ZIP 01-03-93 SOUNDER v.1.0 Dec 1992 by P. Deatherage This utility allows you to
build, display and print a database of names and associated soundex
codes in a dBase format. It takes GEDCOM files as input and uses
Clipper's built-in soundex function to cre
SOUNDR12.ZIP 10-28-95 A Mod, Mtm, S3m Player Os/2. This is Version 1.2.
SOUNDR20.ZIP 08-25-93 Sounder is a Simple Dos Based Program That Will Calculate a Soundex
Code for One or More Surnames and Place the Information in a Database.
SOUNDS2A.ZIP 12-19-95 Sounds! 2.0a for Windows - Adds A Floating Toolbar With Buttons You can
Assign .Wav Files To! Assign A .Wav File to Different Times of the Day.
Built in Alarm Clocks to Play Favorite .Wav Files at Any Time.
SOUNDSB.ZIP 04-22-94 1-educ Sounds Like A.. Soundblaster Compatible Sounds for Children
SOUNDSS4.ZIP 01-22-96 Sdc_utls Sound System - 4 - by Crew 242 -
SOUNDX13.ZIP 08-14-94 SOUNDX VBX 1.3 This control provides Soundex and Metaphone
algorithms. They convert words or names to codes that represent how
they 'sound'. This can be really useful in a database application
where users need to find names they may not know how to spell exactly.
SOUNDX14.ZIP 02-08-95 Soundx Vbx V1.4 - This Custom Control Gives You the Soundex and
Metaphone Algorighms Through Properties.
SOUNDZ4.ZIP 12-29-13 SOUNDZ V4.00 SoundZ 4.00 The ULTIMATE audio librarian
handles tapes, CDs, 45s,LPs,78s, reels AND MORE! UNLIMITED tunes per
side, standard header info PLUS a text file for each title of up to
5000 lines. Prints lists, catalogs, inserts, labels and more! Finds!
on ALL fields or combination. Handles Laser or DM printer. From Unicorn
Software Limited
SOUP12.ZIP 08-17-93 Simple Offline USENET Packet (SOUP) format 1.2
SOUP2SQ.ZIP 03-04-95 Soup2Sq v 1.0 Convert SOUP To Squish (c) 1995 by S. van Loef With this
program you can import and export SOUP packets into and from a Squish
messagebase. This allows you to read and write Usenet articles and
Internet Email with any message ed
SOUPER14.ZIP 08-01-95 Souper V1.4: Network Mail and News Client Program for Os/2 Warp's
Internet Access Kit Transfers Mail and News Fetched From A Pop3 Server
and Nntp Server Respectively to Soup Formatl; can Also Send Messages in
Soup Reply
SOUPER15.ZIP 05-19-96 Souper V1.5: Os/2 Warp App That Transfers Mail and News From A Pop3
Mail Server & Nntp News Server Respectively to Soup Packets; it can
Also Send Messages in Soup Reply Packets 05/19/96
SOUPINST.ZIP 01-25-96 Fwcomm Document on How to Install Souper V14 and Yarn V0.89 for Os/2
SOUPS_UP.ZIP 04-17-94 166 Mm Recipes Using Packaged or Canned Soups.
SOURC35D.ZIP 05-28-92 Robocom script for WC! 3.50 that allows U/Ls
SOURCE.ZIP 02-15-95 Sourcerer Demo - Visual C++ Developer's Tool That Instantly Displays A
Window With A List of all Functions Contained in Your Source Code.
SOURCE14.ZIP 04-22-93 Source Version 1.4, April 22, 1993 Source Code Printing Program. Any
Language - C, Pascal, Fortran, Clipper, Add Your Own. Auto Print
Include Files. 40+ Print Options. Highlights Comments, Keywords, and
SOURTEST.ZIP 05-26-94 comp.sources.testers
SOUTHBAY.ZIP 05-23-92 Information In Toolbook Format about the South Bay Area
SOUTHERN.ZIP 10-14-93 The Southern Oregon BBS list
SOUTHP.ARJ 12-19-13 Course For Jnug Southpointe Gc Az. For The New Jnug Signature.
SOUTHWIN.ZIP 07-14-91 A Course For Jnug
SOUVENIR.ZIP 05-20-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
SOV&CONS.ZIP 03-02-94 Describes Some Misconceptions Some of the Founders and Early
Patriots Had About About the Constitution for the United States of
America (1787).
SOVEREIG.ZIP 08-24-94 How to become a sovereign citizen
SOVIET1.ZIP 12-31-89 "Soviet Military Review" Article
SOVSAT.ZIP 10-16-89 Soviet Space Frequencies!!!
SOWDEMO.ZIP 06-19-94 Playable Demo of Jtm Productions' New Rpg "The Scent of War I. - Damn
Those Demons." D&d Style Adventure, 10 Races and 10 Classes to Choose
From. Make Parties of Up to 6 Adventurers. Fight Zombies, Goblins,
Wizards, Etc.
SOX7P9.ZIP 04-20-93 Sound File Conversion Utility for Os/2
SP-TC-R.ZIP 04-22-95 S P H E R E ! Cracking Division Presents Time and Chaos PIM [Any
Version] Registration Fix Cracked by The Poltergeist See SPHERE!.NFO
for more info
SP.LZH 01-06-14 Redirect printouts to a disk file
SP0362.ZIP 09-24-92 This program will allow the user to go into the MicroSoft Mail program
while in the program M.S. Word or Lotus 123 running.
SP0548.ZIP 07-27-93 Compaq AVGA/QVision video Windows Drivers. These drivers provide high
resolution displays for Microsoft Windows 3.1 on Compaq machines using
the Advanced VGA or QVision display adapters. (Newest File Date:
SP0631.ZIP 10-13-93 SP0631.ZIP This Softpaq, "QVision Display Dri contains CPQLQV04.DRV and
CPQLQV08.DRV driver for QVision systems to accommodate Microsoft
Windows 3.1. (Newest File Date: 10-13-93)
SP0733.ZIP 05-17-94 Compaq Service Disk. Qvision Display Drivers for Os/2 2.10 and 2.11.
SP0826.ZIP 09-03-91 Space News 8/91
SP0902.ZIP 09-03-91 Space News 9/91
SP10.ZIP 12-30-91 Screen to keyboard Paster, June-Shyan Yih
SP101.ZIP 07-11-92 Simple pleasures 1.01
SP1034.ZIP 11-28-94 Sp1034.Zip (Compaq) Pcmcia Modem Enabler for Dos/Windows Version 1.01
720kb Media After Running Sp1034, Please View Sp1034 for Help.
SP106.ZIP 08-09-93 Simple Pleasures V1.06. Eight Top-notch Solitaire Games, Ranging From
the Simple to the Sublime, All in One Slick Program. Requires Mouse.
SP108.ZIP 03-31-94 Simple Pleasures - Eleven Fun Card Games for E/Vga & Mouse
SP1088.ZIP 01-13-95 Sp1088.Zip Compaq Floating Point Detection Program for Pentium
Processors V1.00 After Running Sp1088, Please View Checkit.Doc for
Instructions and Help for This Utility.
SP1096.ZIP 05-07-95 Compaq Server Diagnostics. V10.03 Rev A.
SP110A.ZIP 01-17-93 SmartPhone is a reference source that can save you time & money if you
make or receive long- distance phone calls, by helping you plan your
calls for optimum use of phone rates. It is a database of area codes,
zip codes, cities, towns, countr
SP112.ZIP 09-05-95 Simple Pleasures Solitaire, Version 1.12. Eight New and Traditional
Solitaire Card Games. Slick Mouse-driven Gui Interface Full-featured
With Lots of Customizable Options. Requires Ega or Vga and A Mouse.
SP1208.ZIP 05-23-95 Compaq Q-vision 2000 Drivers for Os/2 2.11 &.
SP1245.ZIP 06-15-95 Compaq Pc Setup and Diagnostics Ver P10.05.
SP1250.ZIP 08-20-96 Pcmcia Support Software for Ms Dos/Windows Version 3.12 the Files
Included on This Diskette Enable the Pcmcia Functionality on Lte Elites
and Contura 400 Family Within A Microsoft Dos/Windows Environment
SP130.ZIP 01-07-94 SmartPhone v1.30 is a database that can save you time & money if you
make or receive long distance phone calls, by helping you plan your
calls to use lower phone rates. Includes database of area codes, zip
codes, cities, towns, countries, time zones, population etc. Can pay
for itself the first day you use it. More great shareware from Pinnacle
SP1411.ZIP 10-20-95 W Sp1411 Compaq Pc Diagnostics for Windows Version 1.06 Rev B. P/N
181312-009 use With: Deskpro/M Family, Deskpro/I Family, Deskpro Xe
Family Deskpro Xl Family, Presario Family Prolinea Family, Contura,
Contura Aero
SP1859.ZIP 05-20-96 Compaq Utility Display Driver Support for Microsoft Windows 95 Using
the Compaq/Cl7543 Graphics Drivers Ver 2.30 Rev A This Creates the Lte
5000 Windows 95 Video Support Diskette 2.30a Containing Video Drivers
to Support
SP2035.ZIP 08-01-96 Portable Supplemental Programs Ver. 2.03 Rev. A the Drivers Included on
This Diskette Contains the Portable Supplemental Programs for Armada
1100, and 4100 Family Running Windows 95
SP2037.ZIP 08-01-96 Computer Setup for Portables Ver. 1.11 Rev. G the Drivers Included on
This Diskette Contains the Computer Setup for Portables Programs for
Armada 1100, and 4100 Family
SP2039.ZIP 08-02-96 Portable Computer Setup for Windows 3.1 Version: 3.10 Rev A. The
Drivers Included on This Diskette Contains the Portable Computer Setup
Programs for Armada 1100, and 4100 Family Running Windows 3.1.
SP2040.ZIP 08-02-96 Supplemental Programs for DOS 6.2 Version: 1.09 Rev A. The Drivers
Included on This Diskette Programs for Armada 1100, and 4100 Windows 3
SP2041.ZIP 08-08-96 Supplemental Programs for Windows 31 Version: 2.03 Rev A. The Drivers
Included on This Diskette Contains the Supplemental Programs for Armada
1100, and 4100 Family Running Windows 3.1.
SP2130.ZIP 08-07-96 Program Cpquartz.Com Resolves the Inherent Time Loss or Gain Issues
Associated With the DOS System Time for Mission Critical Applications
by Updating the DOS System Time Via the Real Time Clock Approximately
SP250.ZIP 03-02-94 SHREDIT Professional v2.50: Powerful Encrypt Utility. Fast, and
self-explanitory. This s documenting utility will put an end to your d
security problems. Upto 99 passwords per fil
SP2A10.ZIP 01-04-93 Convert a Sprint File to Pure Ascii.
SP2V101.ZIP 05-02-97 Steel Panthers II 1.01
SP3211US.ZIP 12-29-96 Pasdelph Tool for Splitting and Composing Files; Used
SP32V10A.ZIP 01-14-97 Screen Print 32 V1.0a - Print Your Screen By Simply Hitting the Print
Screen Button On Your Keyboard. No Icons to Clutter Up Your Desktop. No
Config Neccesary. Will Also Print A Specific Screen Area If Required.
SP3_0203.ZIP 05-24-95 For Owners of the Pvi-486sp3 Asus Motherboards - A New Bios Version
0203. You Must Have the Sis 496/497 B Chipset. Includes an Updated Ncr
Scsi Bios (03.06.00) That Took Care or My Pci-sc200 Controller Lockups.
SP40.ZIP 12-08-93 Stock Partner v4.0
SP4RPT.ZIP 11-03-90 A report on a secure data network system transport