Name Date Description
RGCS21.ZIP 12-27-93 RGCS v2.1 - Renegade City Stats Bulletin Create a top XX bulletin of
citys that have the most users calling your BBS. Includes city, # of
users, # of calls, # of minutes. Uses new 12-25 Beta MCI codes (%XX).
RGCTV13.ZIP 05-07-93 RG-CTV v1.3; Crack The Vault, this door is for Renegade an
RGCTV17.ZIP 12-04-93 Crack The Vault 1.7 For RG v7.17, sort 4 vault #'s in order to ] [
win time & file pts. SysOp configs how ] [ much there is to win
and may add a penalty ] [ to users whom lose. THE UTILMATE VERSION!
RGC_155.ZIP 01-13-94 RGCaller v1.55 - New version for Renegade v4-01 and newer ONLY.
Download v1.33 for RG 3-05 or older. Imports information from Renegade
into FrontDoor's or INTERMAIL Logfiles! Like TGFDLOG. Written by
Hellhound/Mike Glaske.
RGD01_02.ZIP 01-22-94 Renegade Documentation for the 01-02eta Release. From the Gs
Connection BBS - 207/799-9080. Renegade Support Board.
RGD04-05.ZIP 04-07-93 Renegade Documentation for the 04-05Šeta
RGD07-17.ZIP 07-21-93 Renegade Documentation for the 07-17Šeta release.
RGD07_17.ZIP 07-21-93 Renegade Documentation for the 07-17Šeta release.
RGD10-05.ZIP 04-17-95 Official Renegade Documentation for version 10-05Exp. From the GS
Connection BBS - 207/799-9080. With Additions from Alpha Quadrant -
204/778-8791. Renegade Support Boards.
RGD12_25.ZIP 12-28-93 Renegade Documentation for the 12-25sseta release. From the GS
Connection BBS - 207/799-9080. Renegade Support Board.
RGDE223S.ZIP 12-13-94 Rgdoomed 2.20 the Latest and Greatest Version of the Doom Editor From
Renegade Graphics. Truly A Great But Easy to use Editor. Shareware
Version Now can Save New Levels of Limited Size! Edits Doom and Doom II
RGDESC.ZIP 10-30-94 This updates your file bases to 10 line file descriptions. Run it from
your DATA directory
RGDESC25.ZIP 12-04-94 RENEGADE DESCRIPTOR v2.50 Std. [Freeware] For RG version 10-31-94 Exp+.
Supports the new 10 line extended structure. Imports FILES.BBS,
ALLFILES.TXT or sysop comment for blank descr. Adds DATE U/L and # of
D/Ls. Now cleans up file description
RGDF015B.ZIP 08-23-92 Renegade Dupe Find v0.15beta
RGDMED10.ZIP 03-29-94 Newest version of Renegade's Doom Editor (Newest File Date: 03-15-94)
RGDOCS.ZIP 01-09-93 Renegade Documents File, not that great, but hey..
RGE19.ZIP 03-20-95 KludgeWare! Renegade Editor Allows you to edit your Renegade
configuration, and to interactively edit the strings. You can change a
SINGLE character instead of retyping the whole string. **SHAREWARE**
RGE20.ZIP 12-25-93 |10K|03ludgeWare! |10R|03enegade |10E|03ditor Easily edit much of your
Renegade configuration. Now supports Message and File base
configuration and color translations *** ShareWare ***
RGEDIT13.ZIP 09-17-95 Somar Regedit V1.3 - Edit Nt Registry Windows Nt Dll Callable by 32 Bit
Visual Basic That can be Used to View And/Or Edit Windows Nt User
Registry Profiles. For Example, A 10 Line Vba for Excel Program can
RGEP25.ZIP 01-24-94 KludgeWare! Renegade Editor - Utility Package Easily edit much of your
Renegade configuration. Now has the PIN Message poster and the FileIN
Files.bbs importer! |15*** |12ShareWare |15***
RGEP251.ZIP 01-30-94 KludgeWare! Renegade Editor - Utility Package Easily edit much of your
Renegade configuration. Now has the PIN Message poster and the FileIN
Files.bbs importer! |15*** |12ShareWare |15***
RGEP261.ZIP 06-13-94 KludgeWare! Renegade Editor - Utility Package Easily edit much of your
Renegade configuration. Also includes PIN Message poster and the FileIN
Files.bbs importer! *** ShareWare ***
RGFC0320.ZIP 03-21-93 Renegade File Commander - Easy to use filebase editor for
RGFL13.ZIP 08-15-92 List maker v1.3
RGFL21.ZIP 08-03-93 RGFL v2.1 - Renegade 7-17 Beta File Lister Creates a list of available
files with extended descriptions, points/size, status, # of times
downloaded, name of uploader, etc. Now create list of new files over
past XX days.
RGFLCO16.ZIP 10-07-93 RENEGADE FILE LISTER COMPILER v1.60 Šeta Creates selective
RGFLCO30.ZIP 04-17-95 RG FILE LIST COMPILER v3.00 PVT [FREEWARE] Creates selective list of
all your files. Auto-compress, adds file_id.diz, nice format. Updates
date/size. Supports UC2/ARJ/ZIP. More bug fixes. Public domain release.
From: PERSoftWare International
RGFLCO31.ZIP 12-04-94 RG FILE LIST COMPILER v3.10 STD [FREEWARE] For RG v10-31 Exp+ released
in 1994. Creates selective list of all your files. Auto-compress, adds
file_id.diz, nice format. Updates date/size. Supports UC2/ARJ/ZIP.
Quality program from PERSoftWare
RGFPU10.ZIP 07-02-92 Renegade file point award utility.
RGFRC15.ZIP 08-19-95 Renegade Fix Replies Chains V1.50 - for Renegade Bbs's Involved in
Large Amounts of Echo Mail to Keep A Somewhat Accurate Reply Linkage.
Very Fast at Linking 1000s of Messages. 1.50 Now Updates the Reply
Count and can Han
RGGC1_3.ZIP 06-15-92 Gambling Casino v1.30; Let's Users Gamble For File Points
RGGUEST.ZIP 04-28-95 - RGGUEST - v1.00 By Dennis Joslin If you have a 'guest' account on
your Renegade BBS, you NEED this! Resets all kinds of stuff for the
guest user to keep things correct, a must have.
RGHACKPF.ZIP 06-14-94 CaNCeR Productions Presents: A Hack Free Renegade Documentation
Including all necessary information to make RG 99% hack free. Written
By: Ear [CaNCeR]
RGHAK100.ZIP 07-12-95 Rghak - Renegade Fake Hacker Door! the Realistic Renegade Hacker
Program Try It, I Busted So Many Users it Isn't Even Funny! By: Randy
RGHELP13.ZIP 04-28-95 RGhelp v1.30 - Renegade interactive user help file system. Plug and
play eliminates the need for most sysop chats and requests for help.
Full RIP/ANSI support! Must get!!
RGHTNOW.ZIP 08-09-93 669 Music File. Van Halen's Right Now!
RGI05_31.ZIP 06-14-94 Renegade version 5-31 i.
RGISERV.ZIP 05-16-96 Function Library for Rexx Cgi Applications
RGI_0509.ZIP 05-15-94 BBS 05-09-94. Full Installation.
RGI_0717.ZIP 07-17-93 RENEGADE BBS Preliminary Installation Package
RGLABELS.ZIP 01-16-94 - RGLABELS - v1.00 By Dennis Joslin A utility that reads your USERS.DAT
and makes a text file of their names and addresses formatted for labels
Zip Code +4 is optional!
RGLAST14.ZIP 02-22-93 Last Caller Utility v1.4; For Renegade v1-03, makes a file
RGLAST17.ZIP 12-31-93 [ [-/- Last Caller Utility 1.7 -/-] ] [ Use with
Renegade 12-25 ] [ Creates a file with records for the
] [ next caller to view. Pipe Colors!! ] [ Color
and display Configurable!
RGLST102.ZIP 08-19-95 RGLister v1.02 by Justin Day A RG files system replacement door 21-line
file descriptions Lightbar Menu/Flag/Info And lots more! Not a hack,
get it! Other features include: Never edits RG files Perfectly pauses
(no cut desc) Pipe/Carrot Cod
RGLSTCLR.ZIP 01-28-93 RGLSTCLR creates a file in Renegade's miscellaneous path a
RGM-0524.ZIP 05-24-94 Renegade Maintenance Utility by Cott Lang Packs users, purges users,
packs msgs, packs files, sorts files, fixes data files, packs short
msgs, fixes file sizes and status. Even logs off users for the
maintenance event!
RGM.ZIP 05-21-92 RG Menu Editor v1.01; Replacement for Renegade Menu Edit f
RGM0510.ZIP 03-20-94 ^0 Renegade Maintenance Utility by Cott Lang Packs users, purges
users, packs msgs, packs files, sorts files, fixes data files, packs
short msgs, fixes file sizes and status. Even logs off users for the
maintenance event!
RGM0521.ZIP 03-20-95 Renegade Maintenance Utility by Cott Lang Packs users, purges users,
packs msgs, packs files, sorts files, fixes data files, packs short
msgs, fixes file sizes and status. Even logs off users for the
maintenance event!
RGM1225.ZIP 12-25-93 ^0 Renegade Maintenance Utility by Cott Lang Packs users, purges
users, packs msgs, packs files, sorts files, fixes data files, packs
short msgs, fixes file sizes and status. Even logs off users for the
maintenance event!
RGMD70.ZIP 01-30-95 RGMD 7.0 -/- Renegade Most Downloaded Files by Mike Reeves @ UnderWare
Ltd. [FREEWARE] Most configureable top files lister for RG available.
Allows: Multiple configs, extended desc., headers/footers, colors, and
much more. Supports both 5
RGMENUS1.ZIP 03-15-92 Renegade BBS: ANSI Screen Menus 1/2.
RGMENUS2.ZIP 03-16-92 Renegard BBS: ANSI Screen Menus 2/2.
RGMPT10D.ZIP 03-08-93 RGIMPORT FILES.BBS Importer For the Renegade BBS System
RGMULT.ZIP 01-28-93 Documents for running Renegade under OS/2 or Desqview.
RGNC25.ZIP 11-30-93 NO CARRIER v2.50 sseta. For RG 7-17 EXP+ Creates a bulletin (toggable)
of users that dropped carrier on your BBS. Sends users mail after a
SysOp defined no. of hangups.
RGNUV06.ZIP 04-23-94 Security Robot(Tm): Nuv V0.06c Alpha Door That Validates Users to Two
Different Security Levels If Account Info is Valid. Features Random
Password, BBS Database. Now Handles Expiration Dates. Bug Fixes.
RGNWS301.ZIP 11-06-93 RGNEWS v3.01 - Renegade 07-17 News Manager. Display news to users
once/always, toggle abortable, auto-deletion, file attaches, reading
pause & questions, FSE support, library mode and much more! A must
RGPAGE.ZIP 09-29-94 [Rgpage 1.o] This Program Will Allow SB16 Pages for RG it is a VOC
Player Specially designed for RG comes with Cool Page Very easy to
RGPAUSE1.ZIP 09-05-92 Renegade Pause Utility v1.00. Inserts the Renegade Pause/N
RGPF19.ZIP 04-10-93 RGPF v1.9 - Renegade 4-05 Beta Popular Files Create a list
RGPF20.ZIP 12-27-93 RGPF v2.0 - Renegade Popular Files Lister Create a list of the most
popular files that have been downloaded from your BBS. You can
included as many [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN the list as you like. Uses 12-25 Beta MCI
codes (%XX)
RGPRINT.ZIP 03-29-92 Renegade User Printer; Pulls information including handles
April 5,1993 RGPROT20.ZIP By Ron Romain
RGQ11.ZIP 03-04-93 "Renegade Quoter" v1.1; Reads from a huge file of quotes,
RGQR6_25.ZIP 06-28-93 Renegade Quick Reference; Lists MCI codes, Pipe bar color
RGQUIK11.ZIP 06-15-92 RGQuik v1.1; For use with Renegade BBS Instead of loading
RGRANKS.ZIP 03-22-93 RG RANKS v1.00; A Renegade BBS Rank generator, it takes th
RGRCRD11.ZIP 08-16-93 Renegade Records v1.1 by Carl Johnson Creates bulletin with all-time
records of categories in HISTORY.DAT. v1.1 now features longer files,
with top 3 records per category. Freeware.
RGREGFIX.ZIP 08-29-93 Alphabetizes your user registry (REGISTRY.ASW) and cleans up any extra
entries; only the most recent answers are kept. Can be used as event
or linked with menu commands.
RGROUP10.ZIP 03-27-93 Re-Group - Program to manage your Windows 3.1 icons that are currently
on your desktop.
RGRPT100.ZIP 10-14-93 RGReport v1.00beta; Brand new, unique Renegade utility. Wi
RGS.ZIP 04-07-94 R E N E G A D E S U P P O R T Renegade Support Registration
RGSE_1A.ZIP 05-19-94 LiD:::RG String Editor 1.0:::LiD ReneGade String Editor complete with
scrollbars, a full string editing function, and many more detailed
features! 05-05-94 (C) 1994 by LiD LiD:::RG String Editor 1
RGSN0694.ZIP 06-01-94 * Renegade Support Network Package 06-01-94 * A fast growing,
SysOp-minded RG support - - network for ANYONE interested in *TRUE*
- ------------ Renegade support! --------------
RGSN1128.ZIP 11-28-93 * Renegade Support Network Package 11-28-93 * A fast growing,
SysOp-minded RG support - - network for ANYONE interested in *TRUE*
- ------------ Renegade support! --------------
RGSN1194.ZIP 03-20-95 Renegade Support Network Package 11-01-94 A fast growing, SysOp-minded
RG support - - network for ANYONE interested in *TRUE* - ------------
Renegade support! --------------
RGSN_GFX.ZIP 06-01-94 Renegade Support Network graphics (RIPs and ANSs)
RGSTAT14.ZIP 05-13-92 Renegade Stat Sheet v1.04; Simple program intended for use
RGSTRUCT.ZIP 04-01-93 Renegade v04-01: Pascal file structures
RGSTRY15.ZIP 06-22-97 Rgs_rgut User Registry V.1.5 - by Kellar! New Ansis, Same Questions,
But A New Option Love Registry Along With It.. Real Cool and Colorful..
It's Free.. (Rg Only Uses Rg Form)
RGTABS11.ZIP 05-10-94 Rgtabs V1.1 - A Freeware Door for the Renegad Bulletin Board System
V1-02 Exp to Interface With the Tabs 900 Subscription System. Let's
Users Subscrible to Your BBS Via A 1-900 Number! Includes Sign Up Form
RGTAU10.ZIP 12-22-93 RG Top All-Around Users v1.0 by Scott Wiggin This is the BEST bulletin
maker you will EVER see! It combines the Top Uploaders, Top Callers,
and Top Posters, and calculates the Top All-Around Users! Who are
RGTGHACK.ZIP 03-28-95 How to Hack Renegade & Telegard Boards. Files: 11 Dizdate: 05/31/94
Newest: 03/18/95 Oldest: 09/30/93
RGTLB18.ZIP 12-30-94 LastCall/RGtlbox (v1.8ss)Creates Unique Bulletins For Your Renegade Bbs
System, Including, Birthday, System Stats, Quotes, and Much More. DsGp
RGTOP10.ZIP 11-12-92 Renegade Top 10 Bulletin Generator v1.0 Totally Configurab
RGTOSS.ZIP 04-16-93 Toss files directly from AllFix to directory listings usin
RGTRIV14.ZIP 01-04-94 TODAY'S TRIVIA v1.4 for Renegade 01-02 Generates ANSI/ASCII trivia
questions for use as logon/welcome screens! Attractive output, easy to
install, works with new MCI codes, only $5!
RGU250.ZIP 08-31-93 RGUtil v2.5; A Multi-Purpose Utility for Renegade. Generat
RGUE20.ZIP 08-13-92 Renegade BBS Global User Edit v2.0
RGUL20.ZIP 03-25-93 Renegade Userlist v2.0; Essentially replaces the standard
RGUL22.ZIP 01-15-94 Renegade User Lister v2.2 - Makes better user list than the standard RG
one. Creates cool stats at the end! Fixes MCI code pause for RG
versions 12-25 and later. By WiggySoft.
RGUNDOC6.ZIP 10-24-93 RENEGADE UNDOC v6.0 for new RG SysOps! Provides a brief list of
undocumented cmds in Renegade as well as helpful hints. Nov '93 Edition
Multinode help added!!
RGUSNT69.ZIP 03-28-95 |15O RENEGADE USERNOTE O |15 . V.69 . |15 . -FaCT- . |15O A division of
|04FEAR|15 O
RGUTIL10.ZIP 04-16-93 RGUtil v1.0 Generates top 15 users bulletins.
RGU_0717.ZIP 07-17-93 Renegade BBS update files
RGV100.ZIP 03-14-93 RGView v1.0; A command line viewer for Renegade BBS .ASC t
RGVA.ZIP 05-12-94 rec.games.video.arcade
RGVW151.ZIP 01-03-94 Renegade Log Viewer v1.51 View your .LOG files and any other color
coded file in DOS, in FULL COLOR! Can Scroll up/down the log!
RGWEEDER.ZIP 01-12-93 Renegade BBS user weeder. Delete inactives.
RGWINDOW.ZIP 06-07-92 Windows PIF file and Icon for Renegade BBS
RG_0509.ZIP 05-10-94 Renegade 05-09-94
RG_0717.ZIP 07-17-93 Renegade v07-17-93, The complete installation package.
RG_D0717.ZIP 07-29-93 Renegade Documentation for the 07-17sseta release.
RG_RIP.ZIP 07-11-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
RG_SZMOD.ZIP 06-28-92 Super Zmodem setup for Renegade BBS. 06/28/92
RG_TOP5.ZIP 06-29-92 5 users bulletin generator
RHBCHMVR.ZIP 04-06-94 STNG "The Reickenback Meneuver". (TXT) (Newest File Date: 04-06-94)
RHCOM8.ZIP 08-18-94 Rhino Software's OS/2 Communicator Modem software
RHE1L1.ZIP 04-08-94 A new twist for DOOM Episode 1 Level 1. (Newest File Date: 04-08-94)
RHE2L3.ZIP 04-08-94 The Castle from Hell - a new DOOM arcade game level for Episode 2,
Level 3. (Newest File Date: 04-08-94)
RHF_NTRO.ZIP 05-26-94 rec.humor.funny
RHINO95.ZIP 09-18-95 S 1995 Rhino Records Catalog With Complete Listings of Every Song on
Every Album. Includes Built-in Ordering and Unlimited Search
Capabilities. Find Any Artist, Song or Album! Published By:
Psg-homecraft Software
RHMIBM.LZH 01-06-14 a side-kick like utility
RHODBT1.ZIP 12-31-89 Evolving Life
RHODBT2.ZIP 12-31-89 Ducks & Saucers & Spheres
RHOLM10.ZIP 02-28-94 "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle A public
domain Etext from Project Gutenberg [Etext #108]
RHRH100.ZIP 11-05-93 RBBS-PC Hack Report Helper v1.00
RHSICOMM.ZIP 04-10-95 Replacement for Comm.Drv for Rockwell Chipse.
RHSLIFE2.ZIP 08-08-93 Classic 'Life' Game. Requires Vga, 80286 1 Mb Ram.
RHUBARB.ZIP 04-24-95 Rhubarb - Lots of Yummy Recipes for Spring! Collected From Lots of
Sharing People on the Cooking Echos! Thanks, and Enjoy!
RHYME.ZIP 10-02-94 RELOR RHYMING DICTIONARY 1.0 This is a rhyming dictionary program
Type in a word and it displays the words that rhyme. It is usefull
for song writers, poets, copywriters, or anyone who uses rhyme words.
Requires DOS 3.3 or higher. A mouse is optional.
RHYME196.ZIP 06-01-96 Rhyming Dictionary V1.96
RHYMES10.ZIP 11-01-96 Rhyme Finder V1.00 - Win Rhyming Dictionary for Windows
RHYMES20.ZIP 02-15-97 Rhyming Dictionary V2.00
RHYMING2.ZIP 11-17-94 Rhymin' Simon Spell-n-find'em (Tm) 2.1 is A Songwriter and Poets'
Rhyming Dictionary and A Spelling Checker for Extremely Poor Spellers!
This Shareware Version Contains 10 Files Within the Self-extracting
RHYOLI.ZIP 08-16-91 TrueType Font
RH_LS.ARJ 12-19-13 ls - a Unix-like directory listing program for MS-DOS. with C srce
RI35B.ZIP 03-10-95 Readit Text File Viewer, Version 3.50. This Speech Friendly Text File
Viewer Handles Very Large Files; Allows the Setting of "Bookmarks" in
Each File Viewed; Has Support for Accessing 6 Popular Compressed File
RIAB3VD.ZIP 07-29-91 Text explanation for RBBS in a box
RIACS.ZIP 03-31-93 RIACS computer policies
RIAMIS.ARJ 12-19-13 Flight Simulator IV A&SD Scenery various New England airports.
RIBB0892.ZIP 08-01-92 The 401/Rhode Island BBS list for August 1992 08/01/92.
RIBBON.ZIP 05-11-95 About 25 Ribbon Decorations
RIBBONCB.ZIP 10-12-94 Ribboncb Control Bar. Embeddable Control Bar That You can Install Into
Virtually Any App. Launch Applications and Record Macros to Automate
Your Repetitive Tasks.
RICH23.ZIP 06-17-92 Rich Money System v2.3; Budget manager
RICHMAN.ZIP 05-30-93 Much Argument Has Taken Place Over Whether the Words of Jesus in Luke
1619-31 Were Intended to be Understood Literally or As a Parable. Some
Christians Feel That in This Story
RICKSGEN.ZIP 02-23-91 A dBASE III Plus Apps Generator
RICKSHAW.ZIP 12-30-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
RICKY2.ZIP 04-07-94 Ricky the Rat, Version 1.0 Guide Ricky the Rat through a maze and help
him collect money to escape. Supports Sound Blaster and compatible
sound cards. (Newest File Date: 04-07-94)
RICMUR.ZIP 04-29-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
RICOCHET.ZIP 06-12-93 Ricochet is an Action Packed Arcade Game That Calls for You to Blow Up
All Guns of the Opposite Color From Yours; Rob Cauble.
RIDDLELU.ZIP 10-25-95 G Riddle of Master Lu 1.08 - Bugfixes
RIDDLES.ZIP 02-24-95 Riddles - the Spirits of the Ancient Ruin Are Ready to Test Your Mettle
With Their Puzzling Conundrums. Are You Ready to Think on Your Feet?
Requires Windows V3.1 Svga at 640x480x256, 8 Megs of Ram. Demo
RIDE1.ZIP 11-19-93 Ridematch V1.0. Matches Employees to Car or Van Pool. Asp.
RIDE21.ZIP 12-10-94 Ride21.Zip Ridematch Version 2.1 Matches Employees to Car or Van Pool.
Asp Author. Ridematch is A Complete Commute Trip Reduction Program. It
Has Easy to use Menus Will Sort and Match Employees for A Car Or Van
RIDER01.ZIP 04-18-95 Another Fine Doom Wad.
RIDER02.ZIP 04-18-95 Another Fine Doom Wad.
RIDER04.ZIP 04-18-95 Another Fine Doom Wad.
RIDER40.ZIP 02-04-95 Rider Tarot V4.0 "Dr. Scott Swanson", "Games - Card", "Rider Tarot
Version 4.0" "Rider40", "02-04-95", "Vga Tarot Fortune Telling /W Sound
- Prints", "Esoteric Vga Rider Tarot Card Game of Divination.
RIDER60.ZIP 02-01-97 Rider Tarot V6.0. Esoteric Fortune Telling Card Game With Vga Graphics,
Mouse and Sound Blaster Support. Completely Menu Driven Prints Reports
for Future Reference. Uses the World's Most Popular Tarot Card Deck
RIDGEFLD.ARJ 12-19-13 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf Course.
RIDPATCH.ZIP 10-25-95 Patches to the Recently Released Riddle of Master Lu by Sanctuary Woods
Corrects Various Game Crashing Problems.
RIFLEMIC.ZIP 07-17-94 Rifle Microphone
RIFT1_2.ZIP 03-22-95 My Personal Best Level for Doom. Hope You Like It. It Supports Single,
Co-op, and Deathmatch(Yes!). It is Very Large and Has Many Monsters. I
Think I Even Included A Batch File, Though I Really Can't Remember.
RIG-EQF1.ZIP 04-29-91 Kenwood control prg for all rigs - award winning!
RIGEL1.ZIP 02-27-95 Rigel1 Wad.
RIGEQ158.ZIP 08-18-92 KENWOOD RADIO control for amateur operators & swl buffs. i
RIGEQF20.ZIP 01-19-94 RIG-EQF V2.00 Rig-EQF is a control program that interfaces with
all computer- ready Kenwood rigs. A large frequency display, memory
management, programmable scanning, and user-friendly control over most
radio functions. Call 800-995-1605 to register - just $20!
RIGGS.ZIP 03-31-93 A collection of documents from the EFF regarding R
RIGGS_CO.ZIP 03-31-93 US vs Riggs
RIGHTS_O.ZIP 03-31-93 Rights of Expression in CyberSpace
RIGMGR20.ZIP 02-08-94 RIG MANAGER 2.0 for Kenwood Radios Rig Management & Control Program.
Simply the BEST Windows-Based Rig Control Shareware. Many Features
including Comprehensive Memory Management, Active Band Plan Mode, W1AW
Operating Schedule w/Freq Control, SAREX & RS-12 Satellite Mode. If you
have a Kenwood Rig this program's for you! Supersedes ver 1.2 (RIG_V12
.ZIP) (Newest File Date: 02-08-94)
RIGS100.ZIP 05-24-95 Rigs100.Zip V 1.0 Ri-group Specialist Makes Adding Icons to Your
Program Manager Simple: Select A Group Add to and Then Double Click on
the Program You Want to Add. Fully Functional - Requires Vbrun300.Dll -
$5 Us.
RIG_EQF.ZIP 06-12-91 Front end program for Kenwood interface
RIM300.ZIP 12-03-92 Robo-board icon mover utility.
RIME9001.ZIP 03-14-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 01/90
RIME9002.ZIP 02-17-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 02/90
RIME9003.ZIP 01-13-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 03/90
RIME9004.ZIP 04-21-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 04/90
RIME9005.ZIP 05-17-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 05/90
RIME9006.ZIP 06-19-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 06/90
RIME9007.ZIP 07-17-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 07/90
RIME9008.ZIP 08-11-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 08/90
RIME9009.ZIP 09-10-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 09/90
RIME9010.ZIP 10-13-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 10/90
RIME9011.ZIP 11-14-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 11/90
RIME9012.ZIP 12-18-90 RIME Times Newsletter for 12/90
RIME9102.ZIP 02-16-91 RIME Times Newsletter for 02/91
RIME9104.ZIP 04-22-91 RIME Times Newsletter for 04/91
RIME9105.ZIP 05-15-91 RIME Times Newsletter for 05/91
RIME9106.ZIP 06-25-91 RIME Times Newsletter for 06/91
RIME9107.ZIP 07-20-91 RIME Times Newsletter for 07/91
RIME9112.ZIP 12-01-91 RIME Times Newsletter for 12/91
RIME9203.ZIP 03-01-92 RIME Times Newsletter for 03/92
RIME9204.ZIP 04-01-92 April 1992 RIME Times RelayNet Newsletter
RIME9205.ZIP 05-01-92 RIME TIMES Magazine for May 1992.
RIME9206.ZIP 06-04-92 RIME Times Newsletter for 06/92
RIME9207.ZIP 06-30-92 July 1992 RIME Times Newsletter
RIMEBMP.ZIP 08-27-91 WIN3 BMP, RelayNet Logo as wallpaper.
RIMEMAN.ZIP 04-03-93 RelayNet/RIME users guide
RIMSHOT.ZIP 01-11-92 RimShot Version 1.0 Game of artillery
RIMSTAR.ZIP 03-07-95 Rimstar Os/2 Programmer's Demo.
RING14.ZIP 10-15-91 Ring console bell, optionally on error