Name Date Description
RBCOMM33.ARJ 12-19-13 Deskview aware Comms Prog. supports ANSI,VT52
RBCOMM33.ZIP 02-03-91 RBcomm v3.3; a lean and mean comm program (Desqview)
RBCOMM34.ZIP 01-03-93 RBcomm is a lean and mean DESQview-aware comm program by Ralf Brown.
Freeware. Main features of v3.40: . * runs in as little as 46K . *
DESQview-aware to minimize CPU usage; . provides some extra features
under DV . * 250-number dialing
RBCONF.ZIP 08-26-91 Remote boot config utility for Lantastic.
RBCRAP.ZIP 07-11-96 Simul Robocrap.V94 Crap Table Simulator V1.01
RBCRAP10.ZIP 01-07-95 RoboCrap.v94 Version 1.0 RoboCrap.v94 Crap Table Simulator v1.0
A fully-implemented, Las Vegas-style crap table simulation with
all the action and excitement of Craps, one of the fastest moving and
most exciting games in the casino. For up to 3 players, beginners or
RBDATA10.ZIP 09-02-95 Rb Data: Red Baron Roster & Ace Editor From the Creator of Rbhex and
Rbcolor. Rb Data's Ace Edit Allows You to Modify the Date of Appearance
Assigned Unit, and Aircraft Flown by the Aces in the Campaign Game
RBEAR1B.ZIP 01-16-95 A Grateful Windows .Scr Screensaver, A Grateful Bear and A Phish Travel
Across Your Screen.
RBG.ZIP 09-30-95 Fwgraphx Random Background Graphics for Os/2 Desktop.
RBGUN2.ZIP 09-30-95 Red Baron Gunner Accuracy Patch! Reduces the "Accuracy" of the Rear
Gunners in Red Baron by Reducing the Amount of Damage They Cause.
Finally, A Fix for One of the Most Annoying "Flaws" in the Game.
RBHELP.ZIP 04-20-89 MS-DOS help (up to v4.01)
RBHEX3.ZIP 02-20-95 Rb-hex V3 is the Ultimate Red Baron Hex Editing Tool Kit. Edit
Virtually Any Flight Or Combat Characteristic of the Fighter Bomber,
and Recon Aircraft in the Game. Includes Comprehensive Docs for the Red
Baron Aircraft
RBIBOD2.ZIP 01-05-97 Recovery Bible for Os/2 King James Version V.1.0c Kjv Bible New
Testament Specially Marked and Annotated for People in Recovery 12 Step
Programs, or Anyone Studying the Bible. Color Coded Fonts, Hypertext
Links Word
RBIBWD2.ZIP 01-03-97 Recovery Bible for Windows Demo King James Version - V. 1.0 Complete
Kjv Version of New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs Specially Marked and
Annotated for People in Recovery, 12 Step Programs, or Anyone Studying
the Bible.
RBIBWWD1.ZIP 07-31-96 Recovery Bible for Windows Demo Weymouth Modern Speech Version - V. 1.0
Complete Weymouth New Testament Specially Marked and Annotated for
People in Recovery, 12 Step Programs, or Anyone Studying the Bible.
RBIZ.ZIP 08-28-95 Risky Business Tdbs Required in Risky Business You Are the Owner of A
Sales Force. You Must Find Salepersons, Book Flights for Them to
Various Cities and Then Send Them on Their Way. You Also Must Make Sure
the Sec and Oth
RBIZ11.ZIP 10-10-95 Tbb_apps Risky Biz Run A Business Crush Your Comp.
RBKEYSWP.ZIP 06-22-91 Swap Esc, Ctrl, CapsLock keys (in high mem) by R.Brown
RBLOOK13.ZIP 05-08-93 Rblook 1.3 - Scans Robocomm .Logs/Guestimates Phone Bills >> Rblook Was
Something I Threw Together to Aid Me in Tracking a 'Guestimated'
Billing for Each Hub System My Bulletin Board Calls
RBMAZEII.ZIP 07-13-91 RoboMaze II The Lobby, Fast Action Arcade!
RBMGR101.ZIP 02-16-92 DV Reboot manager version 1.01.
RBMORPH.ZIP 05-23-93 RoBomorph v1.0; converts *.GIF [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto *.RBO. format fo
RBO102TD.ZIP 01-16-94 RoboBOARD/FX v1.02 TestDrive
RBOOT500.ZIP 08-01-91 Reboot v5.00 Maintains multiple autoexec's
RBOX1641.ZIP 03-03-97 Recipe Box 4.1 for Windows A Culinary Toolkit Developed to Bring the
Power of the Pc Into the Kitchen. Version 4 Includes Nutritional
Database, Multiply Shopping List Tabbed User Interface, Enhanced
Category And
RBOX1642.ZIP 06-19-97 Recipe Box (16bit) V4.2 - Win Culinary Toolkit Brings the Power of the
Computer Into the Kitchen. New Version Includes Nutrition Database,
Multiple Shopping Lists, Tabbed User Interface
RBOX3251.ZIP 03-03-97 Cookprog Recipe Box 5.1 - A Culinary Toolkit (Windows 95)
RBOX3253.ZIP 07-14-97 Recipe Box (32bit) V5.3 - W95 Bring the Power of the Pc Into Your
Kitchen With This Electronic Culinary Toolkit
RBOX40.ZIP 11-19-96 Recipe Box V4.0 - Win Brings the Power of the Pc Into the Kitchen.
Includes Nutritional Database, Shopping List, Tabbed User Interface,
Enhanced Category & Measurement System
RBREAK.LZH 01-06-14 Breakout Game
RBROBOT1.ZIP 01-18-94 RoboROBOT v1.00 by Duke Graphics is an auto- matic message utility
for RoboBOARD/FX. RoboROBOT will automatically send a message to a
user of your system using RoboBOARD/FX templates. A unique "canned
input message" can be created f
RBRVS10.ZIP 01-16-92 This program will assist physicians struggling with the new fee
schedules from Medicare. Although you have to provide the specific
codes (from the Federal Register 11/25/91, available in any public
library), the program does the grunt work of calculating how much
Medicare will pay you.
RBS173C7.ZIP 11-01-91 RBBS-PC v17.3 Text, menus, help files, more
RBSETNV1.ZIP 01-07-91 Setenv & eval environment variables (w C)
RBTAPES.ARJ 12-19-13 Red Baron VCR Tapes. 20 ways to destroy the Hun
RBTCH176.ZIP 06-18-92 RBatch 1.76 RBBS Batch Uploading Interface.
RBTCH222.ZIP 10-26-93 RBatch 2.22 - RBBS Batch Uploading, HS/Link, and BiModem Interface.
Will also support ZSX, Puma, DSZ & PCZ protocols. This version fixes a
problem with ZSX transfers. Enhancements include a distribution list
help file with display based upon
RBTCH225.ZIP 10-26-93 RBatch 2.25 - RBBS Batch Uploading, HS/Link, and BiModem Interface.
Will also support ZSX, Puma, DSZ & PCZ protocols. This new version now
supports the processing of .TIC files! This program DOES NOT need
merges to run on your BBS! Written by
RBTCH230.ZIP 07-24-93 Rbatch 2.30 - Rbbs Batch Uploading, Hs/Link, and Bimodem Interface.
RBTCH240.ZIP 01-01-94 RBatch 2.40 - RBBS Batch Uploading, HS/Link, and BiModem Interface.
This release now supports the LARGE FFS system that is found in the
BusiMods (STUNY), and also will now support RFM. Will support ZSX,
Puma, DSZ & PCZ protocols, and .TIC file processing. RBatch supports
FILE_ID.DIZ, DESC.SDI and .DOZ (c) files. RBatch can also post files
to your BBS locally without ever having to log on. All posting is done
from the DOS command line with the included utility programs. This
program DOES NOT require merges to run on your BBS! Written by Dan
RBTCH241.ZIP 01-09-94 RBatch 2.41 - RBBS Batch Uploading, HS/Link, and BiModem Interface.
This release now supports the LARGE FFS system that is found in the
BusiMods (STUNY), and will be compatible with the RFM mods. Will
support ZSX, Puma, DSZ & PCZ protocols,
RBTCH242.ZIP 03-13-94 Rbatch V2.42. Batch Uploading, Hs/Link, and Bimodem Interface.
RBTN13.ZIP 03-22-94 The RIGHT Button v1.3: MS-Windows replacement/enhancement for the
Program Manager or other Windows shell utility that pops up over any
application with a right or middle mouse button click; apps are shown
as icons for fast access & all Program Manager groups are available via
pop down list boxes; requires VBRUN300.DLL; 03/22/94; Matt E. (Newest
File Date: 03-22-94)
RBT_LEE.ZIP 04-11-93 Everything You Need to Know About Rob. E. Lee.
RBUILD.ZIP 06-07-95 Novlib10 (07 Jun 95) - Desktop Rebuilding With Dayna's Desktop
RBULL100.ZIP 03-30-97 Doors Rokbull Version 1.00 A Freeware Rok Utility for Rok Version 1.05+
Generate *.Ans/*.Asc Files Which Have the Rankings of the Characters
in Your Rok Game! Easy to Setup & use in Your BBS Bulletins Area. (C)
RBVCR_6.ZIP 01-28-94 A set of custom Red Baron missions. This set of 10 missions requires
that you have the Red Baron Mission Builder add-on installed. Created
by Keith Heitmann.
RBW250SC.ZIP 07-23-96 Recipe Book for Windows 2.50 is A Powerful and Inexpensive Way to
Manage all Your Recipes With Ease. You Don't Have to be A Windows
Expert to Begin Managing Your Recipes Right From the Start.
RBWORD6.ZIP 04-11-95 Steve Dossick's Rabbithelp (R) World's Best-selling Add-on Help System
for Microsoft Word 6.0 Windows Benefits to You: Auto "Plug-in" to
Word's Main Menu. Provides Practical How-to, Step-by- Step Guidance
RB_CONV1.ZIP 05-10-95 Cookprog Recipe Box Conversion Kit V1.0
RB_LIB.ZIP 01-09-96 Doom2 Id: - II A Long Time Ago, Satan Made A
RB_LIB2.ZIP 12-19-95 If You Haven't Allready Played Rb Lib.Wad Then Download This File. It
is the Same Wad Without Any Bugs and A Few Monster Changes. It is an
Exelent Wad Created by Jeff Neyer
RC108.ZIP 10-28-91 Royal Cotillion Solitaire card game v1.08
RC111.ZIP 02-14-92 Royal Cotillion Solitaire version 1.11
RC150.ZIP 08-30-95 Utilnet the Ramsete Commander V1.5 A File Manager " Like " the Famous
Norton Commander With Some New Utilities As Format, System Information,
Show File (Ascii, Dbf), Print, Etc.; Edit (And Create) Text File
RC203A.ZIP 12-19-95 Rc Registration Center V2.03 - (Wccode 4.12) Ultimate!
RC210.ZIP 04-24-95 Rexxcc V2.10 - A Tiny Rexx "Compiler" 95/04/08. "Compiles" Rexx
Programs by Substituting the Source Code With Any Text. Tested With
Nearly all Os/2 Versions Since Os/2 2.1.
RC2HDK20.ZIP 01-17-94 RC2HDK - creates an HLPDK help template from Windows Resource
Description files. (Newest File Date: 01-17-94)
RC2T100P.ARJ 12-19-13 RA config to textfile. .TXT file with your
RCAKV32.ZIP 09-04-94 Another Great Release From Pinky Productions Rob's Celebrity Autograph
Kit V3.02 by Louis R. Martinez. Excellent Program With Tips on Writing
to and Obtaining Autographs and Photos From Tv
RCALC.ARJ 12-19-13 Reverse Polish Notation calculator for Windows3 holds operations in a
RCALC.ZIP 06-19-92 RCALC for Windows 3.X - Reverse Polish Notation Calculator
RCALC103.ZIP 07-04-92 RCALC for Windows 3.X - Talking Reverse Polish Notation Calculator
RCALC2.ZIP 11-23-94 Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator.
RCC20.ZIP 10-24-95 Rcc V2.0 - Fast & Easy, Resistor Color Code Calculation Program.
RCC21.ZIP 11-20-95 M Rcc V2.1 Resistor Color Code From Tc Electronics, the Makers of Acl:
Just Match the Colors to Get A Fast Easy Readout of Coded Values on
Resistors or Input the Values to Get the Colors for Resistors.
Calculates Total Ohm
RCCD17.ZIP 09-09-92 RCCDonor v1.7 - A donor, donation, and event tracking system for
nonprofit agencies. Includes mailing list features, and a variety of
report formats. DOS 3.3 and above, hard drive strongly recommended.
Registration of $100 includes prin
RCD17.ZIP 04-22-93 Rcd V1.7 - Program Change the Default Disk/Directory in a "Do What I
Mean" Manner. You Can Specify All or Part of the Name of the Directory
You Want to Go To, and Rcd Will Do It's Best to Figure Out Which
RCD21.ZIP 01-25-94 Change disk/directory: "do what I mean" You can specify all or part of
the name of the directory you want to go to, and RCD will do it's best
to figure out which directory you mean, and on which disk. If several
possibilities, a selection window pops up.
RCD22.ZIP 04-27-94 Change Disk/Directory: "Do What I Mean" You can Specify all or Part of
the Name of the Directory You Want to Go To, and Rcd Will Do It's Best
to Figure Out Which Directory You Mean, and on Which Disk. If Several
RCD23.ZIP 01-16-95 Change Disk/Directory: "Do What I Mean" You can Specify all or Part of
the Name of the Directory You Want to Go To, and Rcd Will Do It's Best
to Figure Out Which Directory You Mean, and on Which Disk.
RCD24.ZIP 10-24-95 Bfds Change Disk/Directory: Specify all or Part of the Name of the
Directory You Want to Go To, and Rcd Will Do It's Best to Figure Out
Which Directory
RCDEL262.ZIP 08-26-94 Directory Delete 2.62 - Deletes Entire Directory Trees, But is Faster,
More Powerful and More Flexible Than "Deltree".
RCDSPLAY.ARJ 12-19-13 TP 5.5 units, for general graphics display and analysis. displays for
RCF2101C.ZIP 04-15-97 Rexx Code Formatter
RCF2102B.ZIP 06-10-97 Rexx Code Formatter Allows the Programmer to Format A Program in A
Particular Style
RCFUND12.ZIP 08-21-91 Personal Mutual Fund Transaction Tracker
RCFUNDS.ZIP 12-05-92 RC Funds for Windows - Finance Utility
RCFW.ZIP 12-05-92 RCFUNDS for Windows 1.0
RCFW11.ZIP 04-29-93 RC Funds - Version 1.1 Upgrade
RCFW110.ZIP 07-22-93 Ms-win Database: Tracks Mutual Fund Transactions.
RCHART.ZIP 06-18-96 Rchart - is A Versatile 16-bit Graphing And Charting Component for
Delphi. It Features Points, Lines, Bars, 3dbars, Log Axes, Time Axes,
Panning, Scrolling, Zooming and More Several Demo Projects Are Included
RCHAT300.ZIP 08-28-90 Chat between RBBS-PC 17.3a nodes without doors
RCHESTER.ZIP 12-31-89 A UFO sighting
RCHLP110.ZIP 09-15-94 R/C Helper R/C Helper V1.10! Released Sep. 15,1994 for R/C Cars &
Trucks: Gear Ratios, Frequency "Peg" Board, Battery Check (Print to
Page or Labels). All Outputs Printable. Gear Ratios Now Includs Drag,
RCI.ZIP 03-17-93 Radio Canada International Schedule
RCI0393.ZIP 04-14-93 International Amateur Radio Frequency Schedule
RCIDV500.ZIP 07-19-95 Rcid V5.00 Caller Id for Renegade Copyright (C) 1995 John Otsuka; all
Rights Reserved. Not Much Changes. I Just Removed the Registeration
System. Freeware .
RCKFRD25.ZIP 07-19-92 Need a business card? Rockford!'s your program. Using Rockford! with
Microsoft Windows 3.x, you can design professional-looking business
cards in just a few minutes.
RCKFRD3.ZIP 02-23-93 Easy business card design/print for Windows3.1
RCKFRD35.ZIP 04-09-94 Rockford! 3.5 for Windows from OsoSoft. Req. VBRUN300.DLL. Premiere
business card maker for Windows 3.1. Fonts/Clip Art/Line Drawing. Works
with all custom card stock. Many new features. WYSIWYG. Camera-ready
cards too. (Newest File Date: 04-09-94)
RCKFRD37.ZIP 05-03-94 Ososoft's Rockford! V3.5 Asp - Business Card Maker for Windows 3.1.
Fonts, Clip Art, and Line Drawing. Works With all Custom Card Stock.
Many New Features. Wysiwyg. Camera Ready Cards Too. Shareware.
Registration: $20
RCKFRD40.ZIP 08-18-95 Rockford V4.0 - Design and Print Business Cards in Windows. Use Fonts,
Clip Art, Line Tools. Requires Vbrun300.Dll.
RCKMAIL.ARJ 12-19-13 Robocomm 4.1 Prompt File For Kmail Door.
RCLKE130.ZIP 09-18-97 Clock in round window with alarm
RCMA.ZIP 01-12-91 Info on National Scanner Club
RCMASEPT.ZIP 11-02-91 Radio Communications Monitoring Association Newsle
RCMD20.ZIP 12-29-13 RemoteCommand:Doorway for remote drops to DOS
RCMD3217.ZIP 08-16-95 Winsock Rcmd32.Dll is A 32-bit Dll That Works With Windows Nt and
Windows 95 and Provides A Function Similar to the Unix "Rcmd" Library
Function. It Allows You to Execute Commands on A Remote Host Over
Tcp/Ip Unix or Pc
RCMENU30.ARJ 12-19-13 RCMenu v3.0 - Zero K DOS shell. Allows all RAM for applications
RCMENU30.LZH 01-06-14 Allows all RAM for applications
RCMP20.ZIP 09-23-93 Rcmplib V2.0 - Data Compression Lib for Cl '87 and 5.0 - Now Exospace
RCMPLB31.ZIP 01-24-95 RCmpLib v3.1 (24/01/95) CA-CLIPPER COMPRESSION LIBRARY Shareware
Clipper S'87/5.xx library with functions to compress Files, Strings and
Memo fields. Works very fast and has a good compression ratio. Includes
Norton Guide & demo programs. Pr
RCMYST.ZIP 02-03-93 The Rosicrucian Mysteries, By Max Heindel.
RCNTX325.ZIP 02-15-94 RACONTEX 3.25 Text Search & retrieval rivals FolioViews, AskSam,
Zyindex, STAIRS. Includes Word Proximity Search feature. Useful for
legal transcript statutes, manuals. Ideal for on-line manuals for
software. Runs well over a LAN. DOS & Windows.
RCNT_POT.ZIP 08-23-94 Pot references
RCOLOR.ZIP 12-29-13 Change Default Colors In Robocomm 3.0.
RCOMM_V2.ZIP 01-22-88 TSR background communications program
RCONN.ZIP 03-28-94 ConnectivEmail Remote Version - complete remote office environment
offers full service message support, telephone messaging, scheduling,
group chat, group rolodexing and group calendaring. (Newest File Date:
RCONV110.ZIP 03-05-94 Conversions by Rosewood 1.10: Converts Between Metric and Imperial for
A Wide Range of Weights and Measures. Works With Mouse or Keyboard and
Has A Pop-up Calculator.
RCP3217.ZIP 08-16-95 Winsock Rcp32.Dll is A 32-bit Dll That Allows You to Copy Files to and
From Remote Hosts (Unix or A Pc Running Denicomp Systems' Winsock Rshd)
or Between Two Remote Hosts Over Tcp/Ip From Within Your Program.
RCPBOX.ZIP 10-01-93 The Recipe Box is an Ms-windows Recipe Keeper for All Your Valued
Recipes; Search Them by Title, Course, Ingredients; Includes About
100 Sample Recipes; Requires Vbrun300.Dll.
RCPBX22B.ZIP 04-16-94 The Recipe Box V2.2 - Recipe Card Organizer and Printer.
RCPDB100.ZIP 07-29-97 Cookprog Rcpdb Recipe Data Base V1.00 (Windows)
RCPE341.ZIP 10-07-95 Cookprog Recipe Box V3.41 - A Culinary Toolkit
RCPE_213.ZIP 03-19-93 RECIPE BOX V2.13 - A Culinary Toolkit developed to bring the
power of the PC into the kitchen. Whether you are a five star chef,
kitchen gourmet or a food service professional, Recipe Box has the
power and versatility to manage your cul
RCPE_220.ZIP 02-04-94 Recipe Box V2.20 - a Culinary Toolkit Developed to Bring the
Power of the Pc Into the Kitchen. Whether You Are a Five Star Chef,
Kitchen Gourmet or a Food Service Professional, Recipe Box Has the
RCPE_310.ZIP 11-20-94 ecipe Box Version 3.10 RECIPE BOX V3.10 - A Culinary
Toolkit developed to bring the power of the PC into the kitchen.
Whether you are a five star chef, kitchen gourmet or a food service
professional, Recipe Box has the power and versatility to manage your
culinary demands. 512 kb RAM, hard disk recommended, mouse support.
From Sunrise Software, $29.95
RCPE_34.ZIP 05-10-95 Recipe Box V3.4 - A Culinary Toolkit Developed to Bring the Power of
the Pc Into the Kitchen.
RCP_RDIS.ZIP 03-30-90 CIAC Advisory Notice
RCR01.ZIP 08-05-96 Rosenthal Conflict Resolver V1 - Asp Professional Diagnostic Tool
Utility From Rosenthal Engineering Corrects Irq, Dma and I/O Conflicts,
the Major Cause of System Crashes, Installation and Configuration
Errors Etc.
RCS55.ARJ 12-19-13 port of RCS 5.5 to MS-DOS using Borland C++ V2.0 as the toolset.
RCS567PC.ZIP 08-01-94 Wprog Rcs is A Revision Control System, Usually Used by Software
Developers to Maintain Revisions of the Source Code for the Software
They Write. Source Included.
RCS567X.ZIP 09-19-95 The Revision Control System (Rcs) is A Software Tool That Assists With
That Task. It Manages Revisions of Text Documents, in Particular Source
Programs, Documentation and Test Data. It Automates Storing Retrieval
RCS56N.ZIP 01-09-94 This is the Latest Version of the Free Software Foundations's Revision
Control System (Version 5.6). it Was Ported to Nt As Part of Research
for a Pc Week Labs Article on Free Software.
RCS57PC1.ZIP 01-26-97 Rcs 5.7: Revision Control System for Software Developers. Disk 1 of 2
RCS57PC2.ZIP 01-25-97 Rcs 5.7: Revision Control System for Software Developers. Disk 2 of 2
RCSE2_1D.ZIP 10-11-96 Nascar/Indycar Racing .Stg File Editor. Setup/All Files
RCSTXT.ARJ 12-19-13 RCS source control program. Documentation.
RCTCLC10.ZIP 08-31-91 RCT_CALC v1.0, MS-Windows rectangle program
RCTRACKS.ZIP 01-20-94 A collection of Roller Coaster Tracks for Walt Disneys 'Coaster'. Great
fun! From '1' , 'You'r Brain on Drugs', 'Tall Dude', 'Big Boy' and many
others! 100 some of the best coasters ever! (Newest File Date: 01-20-94
RCTRIV11.ZIP 01-28-94 R.C. Trivia v1.1: Catholic trivia game; req EGA ; 01/28/94; Catholic
Software. (Newest File Date: 01-28-94)
RCV2.ZIP 05-27-93 Maximus; Remote Control Menu for Maximus BBS Sysops. Inclu
RCVIEW.ARJ 12-19-13 RCview for Win3, extracts resources from .EXE
RCVNET06.ZIP 05-30-94 Current Recovernet Info From Lifeline (12 Step Oriented) BBS all
Conferences Relating to Recovery With Primary Emphasis on 12 Step
Fellowships. All Conferences Support Aliases for Anonymity. For People
Interested in Or
RCVNET09.ZIP 09-30-94 Pcb-napp Current Recovernet Info From Kiss BBS (12step Oriented) all
Conferences Relating to Recovery With Primary Emphasis on 12
Stepfellowships. All Conferences Supportaliases for Anonymity.
RC_PIF.ZIP 05-04-92 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
RD0421.ZIP 04-21-93 Update RG users.dat with info from DOOR.SYS. Can use with Rombrain.
RD100.ZIP 09-14-93 RIPScrip Detect for TriDoor Version 1.00 Routine to detect RIPScrip in
your TriDoor programs. Requires: TriDoor Version 1.21.
RD16A.ARJ 12-19-13 RAMDesk v1.6, Pop-Up Desktop Organizer (1/2)
RD16B.ARJ 12-19-13 RAMDesk v1.6, Dialer, Database & More (2/2)
RD17A.ZIP 08-10-92 RAMDesk v1.7-Similar to Sidekick, 1 of 2
RD17B.ZIP 08-10-92 RAMDesk v1.7-Similar to Sidekick, 2 of 2
RD202IM.ZIP 01-12-93 Ultimate CD-ROM door for WildCat!, Pcboard and other BBS's.
RD400WW.ZIP 01-10-94 Silver Xpress Off-Line Reader Documentation for version V4.00. Word for
Windows Format
RDATE111.ZIP 09-13-93 Redate!- Free Dos Utility: File Redaterv1.11, 09/13/93. (C) 1993 by
David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware.W/Pascal Source.
RDB082.ZIP 12-04-96 Netrexx is A Great Language, Promising to be A 'Better Java Than Java'
RDBALL11.ZIP 01-15-97 Ballistic V1.1 Addictive Fast Paced Arcade Puzzle Game. It Has Superb
256 Color Vga Graphics With Very Smooth Animation and Game Play. When
Used With Launchpad, it can Be Used As A Vga Max Compatible Door Game
RDBALL12.ZIP 02-17-97 Ddsdoors Ballistic V.1.2 - Ballistic is an Addictive Fast Paced Arcade
Puzzle Game. Beautiful 256 Color Vga Graphics, Smooth Animation and
Game Play. When Used in Conjunction With Fzsoft's Launchpad
RDBCODE.ZIP 11-07-95 A Rdb Code Assistant V3.50. Build Messagedlg's And Others by Filling in
the Blanks On Screen. Generate Code With Code Templates Every Function
and Procedure is Listed in The Library
RDCAS11B.ZIP 04-16-95 Red Dragon Casino Lord Igm Copyright (C) 1995 by William Atwell Rd
Casino is A Add on Module for Lord 3.26, Allows Players to Enter A
Casino From the Other Places Menu and Gamble With Thier Money From Lord
RDDWARFD.ZIP 01-01-94 Stereo music / high resolution graphics demo for the hit British sci-fi
comedy series RED DWARF! Requires a Sound Blaster Pro or SB-16 and a
VGA card and monitor capable of 800x600 256 color resolutions. Very
nice music!
RDEBUG21.ZIP 04-03-93 Rdebug is an Full Scale Ide for Debugging Rexx Procedures. it Requires
Mansfield Softwares's Kedit 5.0 for Os/2.
RDEL.ZIP 08-31-95 RDEL is simply a little hack I put together which allows files which
are deleted from the command line to be placed in the Win95 'recycled'
directory. If you're not yet using Win95 then you can use this utility
to keep a copy of all deleted files (which you can later remove) by
making a directory called "recycled" in the root of DOS partitions.
RDF.ZIP 10-24-88 Remove files and directory
RDHOOK11.ZIP 02-01-93 Redhook's Revenge! V1.1 1 Feb 93. 2 or 3 Animated Pirate Characters
Compete for for the Most Gold Doubloons. Inspired by Trivial Pursuit,
Monopoly, Life, Risk, and the Novel Treasure Island. Fight Cites,
Discover Treasure,
RDHOOK13.ZIP 04-01-95 Redhook's Revenge! V1.3 Imagisoft's Pirate Historical Adventure Game of
the Seven Seas. Are Ye Ready for Redhook's Revenge, Matey? Are Ye Fit
to Sail Yer Ship 'Cross Treacherous Seas or Will Ye Drown Like Rats
RDIAL79.ARJ 12-19-13 RDIAL v7.9- automatic Menu and Redialling system for Odyssey.
RDII.EXE 12-19-13 Rick Dangerous II - PC Leisure Demo...Brill! !!!
RDIR107.LZH 01-06-14 Show total usage of subdirectories
RDIR107.LZH 01-06-14 Show total usage of subdirectories
RDIR149.ZIP 07-18-94 RELATIVE DIRECTORY SIZE VER 1.49 DOS's DIR does not show the
size of subdirectories. RDIR shows the relative size of subdirectories
in an ordered list, a Pie chart and a Bar chart. Pinpoints where disk
space is being used. Revised for use on CD_ROM. EGA,CGA or VGA.
RDIR153.ZIP 06-28-95 Rdir (Relative Directory Size) V1.53: Shows Directory Size in Pie/Bar
Charts & Shows The.
RDKYBD.ZIP 01-04-93 A Unit of Read Keyboard Routines.
RDL2HOG2.ZIP 05-25-95 Utility for Descent Game by Interplay Allows Edited Rdl Files to be
Combined Into One Hog File Requires Registered Descent, A Descent Level
Editor (Devil099.Zip or Later), Maybe D Hogman.Zip and the V1.4 Update
RDM2_2B.ZIP 03-08-94 Rundoom V2.2. Front-end Shell for Doom V1.2. Cooperative/Deathmatch 2
Player Modem Play. Select Episode and Level, or Play Them in Order.
Special Random Mode Drops You and Your Buddy Off in A Random Episode/
RDM4_0.ZIP 03-17-94 RunDOOM v4.0 - Front end shell for DOOM 1.2 Here it is and it's got all
the goodies you could want! All of the old options PLUS support for
loading EXTERNAL WAD files and a SAVED GAMED EDITOR for registered DOOM
owners! Optimized code now fits into a smaller package with less memory
usage. If you play DOOM, get this...NOW!!!
RDMAPLIF.ZIP 05-17-96 15 Questions Answered From the Scriptures
RDMEM107.ZIP 04-08-94 Upgrade to READMEM, the RAM dump program. Fixes a bug that would not
let you enter a leading 0 in edit mode. (Newest File Date: 04-08-94)
RDMICONS.ZIP 10-29-92 Wide Variety Selection Of RIP Graphics Icons
RDMV600.ZIP 02-08-95 Research Data Master V6.00 - an Easy to use and Powerful Database
Program to Store and Retrieve Miscellaneous Genealogical Information.
Allows Complete Documentation of Sources of Information.
RDMV601.ZIP 02-14-95 Research Data Master V6.01 - an Easy to use A Program to Store and
Retrieve Miscella Information. Allows Complete Documentatio Information
An Almost Unlimited Replac Ancestry File's Rdf
RDOBJSRC.ARC 03-14-89 READOBJ pgm sources
RDODC20A.ZIP 08-06-93 Redodoc V2.0a. Converts Documents Into 2 Files for Printing, One for
Side One of the Sheets & One for the Other Side.
RDOG11.ZIP 06-12-95 Red Dog V1.1 for Windows by Lvc Software. Needs Vbrun300.Dll to Run.
Designed and Tested to Run Under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Red Dog,
or Acey Duecy, is A Popular Card Game Played in Casinos in Las Vegas
and Atlantic
RDOG12.ZIP 08-24-96 Win Red Dog V1.2 for Windows by Lvc Software
RDOG12B.ZIP 12-19-95 Red Dog V1.2b for Windows by Lvc Software. Needs Vbrun300.Dll to Run.
Designed and Tested to Run Under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Red Dog,
or Acey Duecy, is A Popular Card Game Played in Casinos in Las Vegas
and Atlantic
RDOOM16.ZIP 03-27-94 Randoom Version 1.6 Randoom is a Utility Which Will Randomize the
Placement of Objects In the Doom Playfield. Additionally, Randoom Has
Some Smarts About the Manner in Which It Will Randomize Things - It's
Designed To Neve
RDOOM165.ZIP 04-11-94 RanDOOM version 1.65 RanDOOM is a utility which will randomize the
placement of objects in the DOOM playfield. Additionally, RanDOOM has
some smarts about the manner in which it will randomize things - it's
designed to never leave you with a pillar blocking the exit, or a
keycard on the opposite side of the door from where you start, or to
erase all the DEATHMATCH warp-in spots with other objects preventing
DEATHMATCH network play, or to replace the endgame bosses with other
objects (thus preventing the completion of an episode). In short,
RanDOOM should always leave you with a playable level.
RDORSYS1.ZIP 01-23-94 RBBS DoorSys 1.01 dorinfox.def -> door.sys Get onboard the Door.Sys
expressway today!
RDRM20.ZIP 04-20-93 READROOM v2.0 Online magazine reading door Full support fo
RDSFL099.ZIP 07-17-95 Random Scenarios for Lord 3.26 Randomly Select Scenarios/Flavors Before
the Game Loads. Quick Configuration. 17 Jul 1995 by Ron Dean (Freeware)
RDSIRA10.ZIP 09-10-94 Rude Dog Sira V.1.0 the Rude Dog Single Image Random Ansi Generator
Creates 3d Ansis Much Like the Stereogram Posters Seen in Malls all
Across the U.S. Great for Unique BBS Logon Screens.
RDSTDERR.LZH 10-17-89 Redirect stderr to a file (w source)
RDS_V120.ARJ 12-19-13 Secure Dos Shell v1.20 for RA.
RDS_V301.ZIP 08-14-94 Rds Remote DOS Shell V 3.01 Major Release - Disp Software: Rds - Remote
DOS Shell Version/Date : V 3.01august 15th, 1994 - Rds is A Online
RDT202E.ZIP 09-10-96 Mcafee Remote Desktop 32 V2.0.2.
RDTPV10S.ZIP 05-18-96 Road Trip Version 1.0 Automobile Card Game Accumulate Points by
Traveling Miles and Avoiding Hazard Cards Played by the Computer
Opponent. Whoever Has the Most Points When all the Cards Are Gone, is
the Winner Windows