Name Date Description
R12C2B2.ZIP 06-13-93 Unofficial List of Bugs in Autocad Release 12 C2 and Autocad Release 12
for WINDOWS C1. (Newest File Date: 06-13-93)
R1V4_AI1.ZIP 08-06-93 ÚÄÄÄÄ[ Animated Icons for Route 1 v4.0 ]ÄÄÄ¿ ³
³Û ³ Route 1 v4.0 now supports animated ³Û ³
icons. Enclosed are 28 animated icons ³Û ³ for use with Route 1 v4.0
These are ³Û ³ free, but require an installed copy of ³Û ³ Route
1 v4.0 or later. To install, ³Û ³ simply copy all the [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES INto
your ³Û ³ Route 1 directory. ³Û ³
RACES320.ZIP 04-14-94 RACES Bulletin #320 04/04/94. (Newest File Date: 04-14-94)
RACES321.ZIP 04-14-94 RACES Bulletin #321 04/11/94. (Newest File Date: 04-14-94)
RAF_.ZIP 08-16-93 A fully functional demo of the commercial product, Ready, Aim, FILE!
for Windows is the manager! Allows you to create, store, and ret using
256 character file names! User defined cabinet/folder interface - just
like the manu (Newest File Date: 07-28-93)
RAMAGIC2.ZIP 01-19-94 Never lose file data again with ram magic v2 view, search and copy
anything anytime from your system memory. Great utility written in
assembler. Or, just use it to snoop in ram! (Newest File Date: 01-19-94
RANGN111.ZIP 10-08-93 Rangoon v1.11: MS-Windows game of solitaire with all of the 52 cards
faced up; in spite of its simple rules, the game is a challenge to find
the strategy to complete a game; req VBRUN200.DLL; 10/08/93; Rudy
Muller. (Newest File Date: 10-08-93)
RANSOMNO.ZIP 06-08-91 Atm Font. (Newest File Date: 06-08-91)
RASINF.ZIP 04-22-93 Getting Started with RAS (Remote Access Server) for Windows. (Newest
File Date: 04-22-93)
RATE15.ZIP 08-20-93 RateClock v1.5: MS-Windows pgm that calculates the amount of money that
is spent in an extended service session (America Online, Prodigy, or
any other BBS); req VBRUN200.DLL; 08/20/93; Andrew LeMay. (Newest File
Date: 08-20-93)
RAWIN23.ZIP 02-18-94 RetireA (Retirement Analysis) for Windows, version 2.3. A tool to help
the user plan his/her financial future and to offer assistance in
developing strategies about how to use the available incomes at optimum
times. (Newest File Date: 02-18-94)
RBOXES.ZIP 10-27-93 Random Boxes Windows 3.1 Screen Saver. (Newest File Date: 10-27-93)
RCKFRD30.ZIP 02-20-93 Rockford! V3.0: MS-Windows Business Card Designer, W/Access to All
Atm/Facelift Fonts; Line/Circle/Box Drawing Tools; Import Clipart;
Prints Camera-Ready Design Double-Sized for Print Shop;
Vertical/Horizontal Formats, 4 Border Types, Adjustable Margins &
Offsets; Requires Vbrun200.Dll. Ososoft. (Newest File Date: 02-20-93)
RCSDOC.ZIP 09-05-93 Docs for RCS56N.zip (WIN-NT). (Newest File Date: 09-05-93)
RDSIGN2.ZIP 11-03-92 Roadsign icons for windows 3.x. (NEWEST FILE DATE: 11-03-92)
RE20B.ZIP 07-05-93 RE v2.0B: MS-Windows utility VB3Prof w/virtual screens (4), with
RETaskList that allows you to move, kill,. Switch VS w/buttons or on
min. Icon; run applications (w/browse, history); ReStart/Boot; 4
QuickLaunch buttons; resources as text or an ONTOP %-bar; save layouts
as a snapshot of the current app and their VirtScr.pos; reload, change,
del, etc. Later (w/AutoSave/Load); quickmouse wraps your mouse around
the screen and more; req VBRUN300.DLL; 07/05/93; Christophe Mes.
(Newest File Date: 07-05-93)
REALIZE.ZIP 10-02-94 REALIZE 1.0 Full-featured, one-step AutoCad .dxf to POV raytracer
converter. 2D & 3D entities,blocks to OPTIMIZED,READY-TO-RAYTRACE files
POV output is TGA photorealistic (shadows, reflection,refraction).
Needs POVRAY(freeware).Image to 32Kx32Kx16M colors!
RECMGT32.ZIP 12-29-13 RECIPE FILE MANAGEMENT V 3.2 For commercial or institutional food
service operations. Input, edit & print recipes. Cost and resize yields
Resource file helps convert weights/measures of many food products.
Stand alone or use wit h inventory module. Sample recipes. Reg. $95.00
RECYCL.ZIP 08-13-92 Bit Recycler for Windows - Fun & Games. (Newest File Date: 08-13-92)
REMAKE.ZIP 01-05-93 Reindex T&c Databases if You Need to From Version 3.05. (Newest File
Date: 01-05-93)
REMCNTRL.ZIP 08-07-93 Wav,mid,avi player rq vbrun300.dll !GREAT! (Newest File Date: 08-07-93)
RENTT200.ZIP 08-12-93 RENAMETT v2.00: DOS pgm (not a Win pgm) with the aid of which you can
change the name by which Windows 3.1 refers to a TrueType font;
interactive or automatic mode; 08/12/93; Rufus S. Hendon. (Newest File
Date: 08-12-93)
REPWIN.ZIP 08-25-93 Replica for Windows v1.0! From Farrallon Computing. A document viewing
system that allows anyone who has the freely distributed viewer to see
a properly formated copy of your document. .zip file installs as a
printer driver after unpacking as a .exe file. This test drive allows
you to create 5 documents. (Newest File Date: 08-25-93)
RESCODE.ZIP 08-17-93 ********************************************* ResCode ver 1.0 -
Resistor Coder A Code wheel type windows program to read the value of a
resistor. Includes online help. Requires VBRUN30.DLL ******************
************************** (Newest File Date: 08-17-93)
RESCODE.ZIP 08-17-93 ********************************************* ResCode ver 1.0 -
Resistor Coder A Code wheel type windows program to read the value of a
resistor. Includes online help. Requires VBRUN30.DLL ******************
************************** (Newest File Date: 08-17-93)
RESDUET.ZIP 10-28-93 Resduet+ is a small Windows Restart and Resou up very little desktop
space, can be moved an useful and only slightly noticeable. File sea
(Newest File Date: 10-28-93)
RESKIT12.ZIP 12-29-13 PC PERSONAL RESUME KIT V1.2 The PC Personal Resume Kit allows you
to build an electronic resume (complete with a digitized image of
yourself) that will personify you in an original manner with details to
enhance your personal assets. ORIGINALITY is the key!
RFMATCH5.ZIP 04-06-94 RF Impedance Calculator. (Newest File Date: 04-06-94)
RGAUGE10.ZIP 12-04-92 Rpm Gauge V1.0: MS-Windows Floating Resource Gauge Used to Graphically
Represent User and Gdi Resources in Use, Analogous to a Car's
Tachometer. (Newest File Date: 12-04-92)
RIDE.ZIP 12-29-13 RIDEMATCH 1.0 Match all your employees for car or van pooling.
Unlimited records, supports all printers or print to a file. When
matching it will even match the shift worked. 512K, DOS 3.2+, $75.00
registration ASP author.
RINGMS.ZIP 08-24-93 Ringmaster 1.0 by Tony Bovee. A program launching system for Windows
that can handle up to 255 different programs in up to 15 categories.
Requires VBRUN200. SHAREWARE: $10 (Newest File Date: 08-24-93)
RIPBAR20.ZIP 06-17-93 RipBAR v2.0: MS-Windows utility that is an application/drag n drop
launcher, memory and resource tracker and clock; 06/17/93; Jonathan
Carroll. (Newest File Date: 06-17-93)
RIPBAR30.ZIP 07-18-93 Rip-Bar Application Launcher V3.0. (Newest File Date: 07-18-93)
RIPBAR40.ZIP 09-20-93 RipBar Ver 4.0 for Windows NT. RipBAR provides services like
application launching, drag and drop launching, memory and resource
tracking, and time display, Post-It style notes, HotKey access and
more-rolled into one, unobtrusive package. (Newest File Date: 09-20-93)
RIPBAR41.ZIP 10-11-93 RipBAR v4.1: MS-Windows utility that is an application/drag n drop
launcher, memory and resource tracker and clock; 10/11/93; Jonathan
Carroll. (Newest File Date: 10-11-93)
RIPSPC.ZIP 06-13-93 Ripspace for WINDOWS NT. (Newest File Date: 06-13-93)
RIPSPC20.ZIP 06-13-93 RIPspace v2.0: MS-Windows utility designed to provide information about
how your drives are being used; 06/13/93; Jonathan Carroll. (Newest
File Date: 06-13-93)
RITEON20.ZIP 06-16-93 Righton 2.0 is a Power Tool for Use With WINDOWS 3.1. it Allows You to
Turn Your Unused Right (And Middle) Mouse Buttons Into Any Keystroke
Combination, or Even Turn These Buttons Into a Left-Mouse Double Click!
(Newest File Date: 06-16-93)
RLZBJ.ZIP 11-13-91 One Player Blackjack Game for Windows 3. (Newest File Date: 11-13-91)
RM100.ZIP 02-23-93 Remind Me V1.00 By Glen Neal This Windows 3.1 is a Weekly Reminder That
Pops Up on the Day and Time You Say. Up to 20 Events Each of 7 Days.
Great for Tv Programs and Chores. (Newest File Date: 02-23-93)
RMD200.ZIP 08-13-92 RAMDRIVE is a high speed RAM DISK DRIVE. It for 16 & 32 bit computers,
but still supports machines. RAMDRIVE requires less than 1k of RAMDRIVE
supports drives up to 128MB. RAMDRI memory. Shareware registration
information i Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP).
RMS32B.ZIP 12-29-13 REFERENCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM V3.2B Many options for view, search,
report, import/export, and tabulation of biblio/reference materials.
dBase-III files, 21 fields: authors, year, source, title, etc.,
free-text abstract/notes. Several list, card, and user defined output
formats. $45-55lic.
ROACH20.ZIP 03-30-93 Harmless, and useless, program for Windows 3.x. Sends realistic raoches
running around your screen. (Newest File Date: 09-12-91)
ROACH20.ZIP 03-30-93 Harmless, and useless, program for Windows 3.x. Sends realistic raoches
running around your screen. (Newest File Date: 09-12-91)
ROCK_.ZIP 03-08-93 Windows business card designer. (Newest File Date: 03-08-93)
ROLODX3D.ZIP 05-17-93 A 3D Rolodex that does everything. Tracks Home and Business Phone
Numbers and Addresses Birthdays and Anniversaries and Reminds you of
them.Prints Mailing Labels and Rotary Index Cards.Dials Numbers with
the click of the mouse.Has a 3D Calendar and Appointment Database and
even has a Doodle Pad for Drawing & Much More.REQUIRES:VBRUN200.DLL
(NEWEST FILE DATE: 05-17-93)
ROLV35.ZIP 12-29-13 ROLLCALL EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT.V.3.3 Rollcall is a complete
tracking system for any business requiring in service and data filing
of employees. Featuring quick easy format. Great for anyone dealing
with Human Resources.
ROSEW502.ZIP 12-29-13 ROSEWOOD JOURNAL V 5.02 A powerful, easy to use Invoice Journal
and complete Accounts Receivable program designed for small to medium
sized businesses. Easy and intuitive data entry and a full range of
reports are just a few of many features.
ROULET20.ZIP 06-01-93 Roulette v2.0S: MS-Windows roulette game w/ great graphics (ball
actually spins in the wheel).Pyramid Software Development. (Newest File
Date: 06-01-93)
ROUNDERS.ZIP 11-22-92 Atm Font. (Newest File Date: 11-22-92)
ROUTE1V4.ZIP 08-01-93 ÚÄÄÄÄÄ[ Route 1 ]ÄÄÄÄÄÄ[ version 4.0 ]ÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³
³Û ³ Route 1 is a powerful shell for Windows ³Û ³ 3.1
or later. Among its features are a ³Û ³ customizable ButtonBar,
SubMenus, a ³Û ³ clock, calendar, drag-drop support, a ³Û ³
powerful script language, full on-line ³Û ³ help, multiple
configurations, sound ³Û ³ support, password protection, an event
³Û ³ scheduler, and an intuitive, efficient ³Û ³ 3-D interface.
(Newest File Date: 08-01-93)
RPCALC32.ZIP 06-30-93 RPCalc32 is an MS-Win RPN style scientific calculator; comes with 100's
of built-in functions including standard math, trigonometric, complex
number, statistical, base, conversion and many others; has its own pgm
editor making it easy to write, save and use commonly used pgm
keystroke sequences; 06/30/93; Legacy Systems. (Newest File Date:
RPGASST.ZIP 03-30-93 A Windows 3.1 based GURPS GM Assistant for calculating range/speed mods
damage to characters, and other stuff. OK but not real useful unless
you play with your machine [event processed 11-08-93]. (Newest File
Date: 03-30-93)
RPM100.ZIP 05-22-93 RestrictProgMan v1.00: MS-Windows utility that enables you deactivate
Program Manager's file/exit, file/run, the entire File-menu,
options/save settings on exit; 05/22/93; Uli Mittermaier. (Newest File
Date: 05-22-93)
RPMSHA.ZIP 12-29-13 RPM/Resources and Projects Manager v3.42
(people) and multi-projects/assignments planning and scheduling program
that manages up to 20 resources and 20 projects SIMULTANEOUSLY. It
shows in spreadsheets and graphics on screen and in reports who is
under/overloaded, by how much in hours or dollars, on which projects/
assignments, and on what dates.
RPTR010.ZIP 04-16-94 U.S. Amateur Radio Repeater Directory Database Project - V0.10 - Your
help a. (Newest File Date: 04-16-94)
RRSP94.ZIP 02-05-94 1994 RRSP and RRIF Income Tax Newsletter Windows Help file format (3.1)
required. This newsletter uses Windows Help to provide a hypertext
document. Shareware. Registration gives you the other 6 issues
fully-integrated and a special release when the federal budget is
tabled, later this month. Prepared and issued by Paul S. Hewitt,
Chartered Accountant, Feb 5, 1994. (Newest File Date: 02-05-94)
RS232WIN.ZIP 02-22-91 PC-MAG utility that is great for seeing your serial activity in windows
Simple and efficient. Uploaded by: Lynn Littlefield (Newest File Date:
RSGAGE20.ZIP 03-26-93 Resgauge V2.0: MS-Windows Util That Displays Free System Resources Via
an Icon-Sized "Gas Gauge". (Newest File Date: 03-26-93)
RSGB0206.ZIP 02-10-94 RSGB Bulletin 02/06/94. (HAM) (Newest File Date: 02-10-94)
RSGB0213.ZIP 02-12-94 RSGB Bulletin 02/13/9. (Newest File Date: 02-12-94)
RSGB0220.ZIP 02-22-94 RSGB Bulletin 02/20/94 (HAM). (Newest File Date: 02-22-94)
RSGB0227.ZIP 02-26-94 RSGB Bulletin 02/27/94. (Newest File Date: 02-26-94)
RSGB0403.ZIP 04-06-94 RSGB Bulletin 04/03/94. (Newest File Date: 04-06-94)
RSGB0417.ZIP 04-17-94 RSGB Bulletin 04/17/94. (Newest File Date: 04-17-94)
RSGB1226.ZIP 01-10-94 RSGB Bulletin 12/26/93 (HAM). (Newest File Date: 01-10-94)
RSTCTL42.ZIP 12-29-13 RESTAURANT COST CONTROL V.4.2 Great tool for a Single unit
Restaurant. Take Physical Inventory by category or location. Prices &
extends inventory. Purchase history by product and vendor. (P&L)
analysis. Accts. Payable handles payment by cash, check. Maintains
status all vendors.
RTDX0408.ZIP 04-16-94 RTTY DX Bulletin 04/08/94. (Newest File Date: 04-16-94)
RTFMAG.ZIP 06-21-93 RTF Magic by BKMA. Allows the rapid conversion of WinWord documents
into help files. The Outline feature of WinWord organizes the
information and RTFMagic creates a matching table of contents in your
help file. Browse sequences and buttons are automatically added. This
will not alter your original document. SHAREWARE: $20 (Newest File
Date: 05-19-93)
RUNMAC21.ZIP 09-22-93 Runmac v2.1: WinWord template that serves as a means for displaying
glossary entries, field codes, macros & a one-click Macro Button; your
word processing can be enhanced by typing in glossary/macro names
directly into the document & activating them by using hotkeys;
09/22/93; John R De Palma. (Newest File Date: 09-22-93)
RUNME3.ZIP 10-30-93 File describing WinNT update 2. (Newest File Date: 10-30-93)
RUNNER10.ZIP 08-01-93 Runner v1.0: fast paced arcade game for MSWindows; your runner must
traverse from level to level by turning on the control lights and
escaping through the teleport door, while out running and out-smarting,
the enemy runners; keyboard, mouse or joystick; 08/01/93; Chuck
Johnston/SouthBay Software. (Newest File Date: 08-01-93)
RUSSPAD.ZIP 07-07-93 Russian/English Notepad w/ Russian TrueType font (WIN). (Newest File
Date: 07-07-93)
RUSTTF.ZIP 01-20-93 Russian-Cyrillic True Type Fonts. (Newest File Date: 01-20-93)
RVLE_10.ZIP 10-08-93 Reveille will play musical tunes, either on demand while running, or at
start-up using command line parameters sent it by a separate scheduler
app. NO Sound card required. Includes a message function. Tunes are
stored in simple ASCII text files that emulate BASIC "play" strings.
Tune files may be created or edited within Reveille or with any text
editor. Tune groups may be saved as compilation files. With a timer app
to demonstrate Reveille's command line. Requires Win 3.1 and vbrun300
.dll. Keywords: Music, Windows, Scheduler, Tune, Ply, Timer. Author: F.
Wasti. V.1.0, 10/8/93. (Newest File Date: 10-08-93)
RVRDMO.ZIP 08-01-93 Rover - Windows 3.1 speech recognition demo. Works with any sound card
with a mike. 10 pre-set commands plus 2 user-defined ones. (Newest File
Date: 08-01-93)
R_JAPAN.ZIP 04-14-94 Radio Japan SWBC Sked 04/01 - 09/24/94. (Newest File Date: 04-14-94)
R_STIMP.ZIP 01-07-93 Great Ren & Stimpy Drawing in Corel Draw 3.0. (Newest File Date:
R11NOV.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD NEW: CADalyst R11 tutorial drawings for September/November 1991
R11SEP.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD NEW: CADalyst R11 tutorial drawings for June/September 1991
R12BUG10.ZIP 04-15-93 Unofficial List of Bugs in Autocad Release 12 C0 and C1 - 10th Posting
R13CDPT.ZIP 08-01-95 Rise of the Triad:dark War V1.2 - V1.3 Patch! Cd-rom/Power Pack
Registered Version. This is the Patch for Customers Who Have the Cd-rom
Version, or A Floppy Disk Version That Has Had the Powerpack Applied to
R13FDPT.ZIP 08-01-95 Rise of the Triad:dark War V1.2 - V1.3 Patch! Floppy Disk Registered
Version. This Patch is for Apogee Customers Who Have the Registered
Version of Rott! If You Have the Shareware Episode, Either of the Cdrom
R13SLPT.ZIP 08-01-95 Rise of the Triad:dark War V1.2 - V1.3 Patch! Site License Cd-rom
Registered Version. This is the Patch for Customers Who Have the Site
License Cd-rom Version Only! If You Have the Shareware Version, the
Regular Cd-rom
R13SWPT.ZIP 08-01-95 Rise of the Triad V1.2 - V1.3 Patch! This Patch is for the Shareware
Episode Only! If You Have Any of the Registered Versions Either Floppy
or Cd-rom Based, Then This is Not for You.
R1742PCB.ZIP 01-10-93 Convert RBBS v17.4 MASTER.DIR file to PCBoard v14.x DIRxxx files.
R210FT.ZIP 11-22-94 These Patches Have Not Been Submitted to Novell System Test. The Future
Home for R210ft.Exe Will be Novlib/05. All Users Should Refer to This
Library for Future Releases.
R232MN12.ZIP 10-24-92 Transparent RS232 DOS monitor for Win 3.1
R2DBF121.ZIP 05-31-92 Convert v1.21; Writes a .DBF from RBBS users file. Includes Clipper, C
Pascal Source
R2LOGO.ARJ 12-19-13 3d-Studio R.2 DEMO .FLI animation. Great new reflections, waves, etc.
R2WOLF.ZIP 08-13-94 Wolfenstein for Doom. Good!
R386_100.ZIP 05-03-95 RBBSMail/386 v1.00: Fidonet mail processor
R386_995.ZIP 05-08-94 Rbbsmail/386 Beta .995
R386_997.ZIP 07-19-94 Rbbsmail/386.997 (Wide Beta) Fidonet Echomail Processor.
R3UTIL3.ZIP 02-05-92 Utilites for use on LANTASTIC networks
R3UTIL7.ARJ 12-19-13 Updated Rick Roth's Lantastic Utilities
R3UTIL7.ZIP 06-10-92 Updated Rick Roth's Lantastic utilities pack.
R402B01.ZIP 06-10-94 Olr_sx 4.02b01 Patch for Sx V4.01 Reader (Real Mode)
R402B01P.ZIP 06-10-94 Olr_sx 4.02b01 Patch for Sx V4.01 Reader (Protected Mode)
R402B02.ZIP 06-26-94 Olr_sx 4.02b02 Patch for Sx V4.01b02 Reader (Real Mode)
R402B02P.ZIP 06-26-94 Olr_sx 4.02b02 Patch for Sx V4.01b02 Reader (Protected Mode)
R402B03P.ZIP 07-06-94 Olr_sx 4.02b03p Patch for Sx Protected Mode Reader
R5000.ZIP 02-17-93 Mods: Kenwood R-5000, Option Mods
R5000MOD.ZIP 07-18-90 Kenwood R5000
R5000TXT.ZIP 06-11-90 Kenwood R5000
R7000.ZIP 03-27-91 IC-R7000
R7000C.ZIP 03-17-91 IC-R7000
R7000D.ZIP 07-27-90 IC-R7000
R7000R.ZIP 03-17-91 IC-R7000
R800.ZIP 10-24-95 Rescueme V2.0 Computer Clock Battery (Cmos) Utility can be Installed on
Virtually Any Ibm Pc, Pc Compatible or Ps/2 System. DOS 5.0 or Higher.
Contains Full-color Catalog Describing Product. For Instructions Type
Read Me
R8TUNER2.ZIP 02-28-92 COntrol for Drake R8 SWL receiver. (2-92).
R8_DX33.ZIP 06-29-92 Drake R8 Control Pgm. V:3.3 W/muf
R95.ZIP 01-30-91 BIN->TXT for HAM radio
RA-KIT1.ARJ 12-19-13 Great Starter Kit for Remote-Access.. Includes Menus and TextFiles.
RA1.ZIP 04-09-94 Saved game to dagger of amon ra act 1 retrieved this save file if you
are stuck playing.this is not the full game but is saved file.you will
need the full game to use these files. (Newest File Date: 04-09-94)
RA16_2B1.ZIP 12-09-95 Realaudio Player for Netscape, V2.0 Beta 1 Lets You Hear Sounds Online
at Certain Web Sites. Note, A Pentium is "Required for all Features,"
Whatever That Means G . Enjoy!
RA20SET.ZIP 08-19-96 Easiest Way to Setup Real Audio 2.0 in Webex
RA2CRACK.ZIP 08-26-93 Remote Access V2.0 KeyMaker..
RA2FLS.ARJ 12-19-13 FILES.RA -> FILELIST.CFG conv. utility for RA and FILELIST by Steven
RA2GCMSG.ZIP 04-24-94 Globalm, Make Global Changes to Your Remote Access Version 2 Message
Bases. Lots of Options. Can Make Changes to Whole Base or Selected
Ranges. Freeware!
RA2GV022.ZIP 04-11-94 Converts Remote Access V2.0 User File to Grapevine Format.
RA2SG100.ZIP 04-23-97 Ra2sg V1.00 - Remote Access to Shotgun Converter Version 1.00 by Eric
Molitor (Emolitor@juno.Com)
RA2TAGU.ZIP 05-21-92 RA to T.A.G. Conversions utility
RA2T_100.ZIP 08-28-94 Ra_2_tag! V1.00 (Ra 2.02 Compatible!) File Tagging Door With Excellent
Cd-rom Support Even If A Cd is Not Online!
RA2T_104.ZIP 04-01-95 Ra 2 Tag V1.04 (C) J.H.R. Software (Tm) File Tagging Door With
Excellent Cd-rom Support Even If A Cd is Not Online! Ra 2 Tag can be
Used to List, Search and Request Files. This Utillity Uses the Ra
RA2T_107.ZIP 01-12-96 Rad_dors Ra_2_tag V1.07 (C) - File Tagging Door W/ Excellent Cd-rom
Support Even If A Cd is Not Online! J.H.R. Software (Tm)
RA2T_200.ZIP 06-07-96 Ra 2 Tag V2.00 for Ra 2.50/2.02/2.00. File Tagging Door With Excellent
Cd-rom Support Even If A Cd is Not Online! Ra 2 Tag can be Used to List
Search and Request Files. This Utillity Uses the Ra Filebase Ans is
RA32_2B1.ZIP 12-06-95 Real Audio for Netscape 32
RA32_3B1.ZIP 09-22-96 Realaudio 3-32 Bit. Beta Stereo at 288
RAADDLOG.LZH 01-06-14 Add log entries to RA SYSTEM.LOG
RAASI101.ZIP 09-04-91 Charts Hindu Horoscope for date/time/location
RAAW6059.ZIP 09-11-96 Arcserve 6 for Netware. Arcserve.Exe Replacement File. See Enclosed
Readme.Txt Fil for Application Instructions and Details Replaces File
RAB20.ZIP 01-08-95 RAB V2.00 - Remote Access 2.0 filebase updater from FILES.BBS Usefull
for all old-fashion sysops who still use files.bbs instead of the RAMGR
Never use GENFBASE and RAFILE again !
RABASE2.ARJ 12-19-13 RemoteAccess Message Base Statistics v1.21a
RABBID.ZIP 01-06-96 G_os2 Rabbids Revenge is A Toyland Add-on Level
RABBS303.ZIP 02-28-93 Lists 100's of verified bbs's & tells what they offer.
RABBS403.ZIP 03-11-94 BBSList: International Listing of BBS system. (Newest File Date:
RABBSLST.ZIP 02-04-94 This is a list of Remote Access BBS's from around the country.
Downloaded from the Remote Access support board. Many interesting BBSes
on this one. (Newest File Date: 02-04-94)
RABBTT.ARJ 12-19-13 RabbitEars TrueType font
RABCF10.ZIP 07-21-95 Roxie's Abc Fish V1.00 Kids Love to Play "Go Fish" and Now can Play
"Roxie's Abc Fish" With Roxie, A Charismatic, Animated Talking Cat. A
Friendly Companion for Your Child, Roxie Will Aid Your Child in
RABH32.ZIP 05-04-94 Steve Dossick's RabbitHelp World's best-selling Add-On Help System For
Microsoft Word 6.0 Windows For Microsoft Excel 5.0 Windows. For
WordPerfect 6.1 Windows Benefits: Auto "Plug-In" to all main menus.
Provides practical how-to, step-by-step guidance for the most commonly
used tasks in day to day work. Turn out polished, professional looking
documents and spreadsheets. The ideal on-line training program.
RABHLP97.ZIP 03-26-97 Steve Dossick's Rabbithelp (R) Windows 95/Nt Edition World's
Best-selling "Plug-in" Help for Microsoft Word 7 for Microsoft Excel 7
for Wordperfect 7 for Lotus 1-2-3 Ver 5
RABHP318.ZIP 11-14-95 T Rabbithelp V3.18. Plug-in Help System For Word for Windows, Excel,
Wordperfect For Windows, Lotus 1-2-3 Windows. Auto `plug-in' To all
Main Menus. Provides Practical How-to Step by Step Guidance for the
Most Commonly Use
RABIM50.ARJ 12-19-13 Bimodem interface for RA v. 5.00
RABIR110.ARJ 12-19-13 Birthday utility for RA v1.10
RABIR110.ZIP 11-29-91 RABIRTH v1.10 RA Utility for Displaying DOB's
RABIR210.ZIP 08-15-93 Birthday utility for RA 1.11/2.00/PB 1.30
RABI_132.ARJ 12-19-13 RemoteAccess Bimodem interface v1.32
RABK_111.ZIP 07-21-94 Rabackup V1.11 Great New Handy Program That Will Automatically Backup
Your Remoteaccess System [ARCHIVES.FIDOBBS.NET] - FILES IN A Archived File. Features: Support
for Ra 2.0x New Ra Style Logging Password Protection of Archive Backup
Your File
RABPERF.ZIP 10-01-94 Add-on Help System for Wordperfect 6.0.
RABPRF61.ZIP 02-11-95 Rabbithelp - World's Best-selling "Add-on" Help for Wordperfect V6.1
for Windows.
RABS_100.ZIP 04-21-93 (v1.00) Remote Access Backup System. Backups (archives/copies) Remote
Access system and control files, the UserBase, the FILES.BBS's, the
FrontDoor files, the AllFix files, the James files, the FMail files,
the GEcho files and the IMail files
RABWORD.ZIP 08-14-94 Steve Dossick's Rabbithelp (Tm) "Add-on" Help System for Microsoft Word
6.0 Windows Benefits to You: Auto "Plug-in" to Word's Main Menu.
Provides Practical How-to, Step-by Step Guidance for the Most Commonly
Used Tasks
RABWRD6.ZIP 02-11-95 Rabbithelp for Microsoft Word 6.0 Windows. Auto "Plug-in" to Word's
Main Menu.
RAC0115.ZIP 01-22-95 Rac Spcl News Bulletin 01/15/95.
RAC10.ZIP 07-18-91 RaChat v1.0; multiline conference package for RemoteAccess
RACAL140.ARJ 12-19-13 Complete stats reporter for RA 1.10
RACALLR2.ARJ 12-19-13 "Who Called Today" Door --Many Features--
RACALNI.EXE 10-23-95 Racal ES3210 EISA Ethernet, NI5210/16, NI5210/8, NI6510 (dated 6-13-95)
RACBV203.ZIP 05-20-94 Racbv V2.03 - Call Back Verifier! Uses Door.Sys/Exitinfo.Bbs, (Ra V2.Xx
. Free!
RACCD11.ZIP 06-13-94 (R) the Intelligent Choice in Data Communications This File Has Been
Brought to You by the Sysops and Fdns of the North American and
European Filegate Project in Collaboration With U.S. Robotics, the
Sysop's Preferred
RACDBASE.ZIP 10-15-89 Dbase III+ compatible freq list FL,CA
RACE150.ARJ 12-19-13 RemoteAccessCallerEditor, v 1.50 - Janke
RACE155.ZIP 05-06-93 BBS Drag Racing vn 1.55. Great door game where you race against the
other callers. You can go to the pits and outfit your car before you
head to the track and bet a bundle against your opponent or the track.
Try it.
RACE203.ZIP 08-21-93 Remote Access Caller Editor Version 2.03 -maintenance Upgrade - the
Best User Editor Available for Remote Access 2.00 BBS Systems
RACE3B10.ZIP 07-09-94 Rad_beta Race V3.0beta/10 - Mike Janke's Remoteaccess Caller Editor.
RACEDIVE.ZIP 08-28-95 Diverace an Os/2 Game Programming Example
RACER13.ZIP 10-04-96 Racer for Os/2. Text-based Racing Car Game by Antonino Iannella.
RACES10.ZIP 08-08-95 Races 1.0 Lord Igm
RACES21.ZIP 01-26-92 Horse racing game for points, multi/node
RACES28.ZIP 03-29-93 Ver 2.8 Races, a horse racing game to let players bet all
RACES30.ZIP 12-12-93 Ver 3.0 Races, a Horse Racing Game to Let Players Bet All Their Points
Away. Multi-bbs, Multi-node, Baud Rates Up to 115k, Fossil Driver / Dv
Aware. Game Played From One Main Menu for a Faster Game. it Now Has a
RACES362.ZIP 02-12-95 Races Bulletin #362 - Ops: Incidental Races Benefits.
RACES364.ZIP 02-12-95 Races Bulletin #364 - Mgt: Policy - New Workers Checklist 1/2.
RACES365.ZIP 02-12-95 Races Bulletin #365 - Mgt: Policy - New Workers Checklist 2/2.
RACES389.ZIP 08-05-95 Races Bulletin #389 - Mgt: Volunteers Images & Issues 2/7.
RACES392.ZIP 08-22-95 Races Bulletin #392 - Mgt: Volunteers Images & Issues 5/7.
RACES396.ZIP 10-07-95 Races Bulletin #396 - Ops: Ways to be Involved 2/2.
RACETRK.ZIP 12-27-94 Race Track V1.0 is A Windows Shareware Version of the Classic Swiss
Racing Simulation Game. Requires Vbrun300.Dll. Not an Arcade Game But
Just As Exciting - it Takes Thinking Rather Than Reflexes. Build Your
Own Tracks
RACEV11.ZIP 07-18-96 BBS Horse Racing V1.1 Released 07/19/96 Horse Racing Door Game for Any
Door.Sys Bbs! Do You Have What it Takes to Become A Member of the
Million Dollar Club? Choose From 6 Different Horses in Each Race.
RACEV13.ZIP 09-29-96 BBS Horse Racing V1.3 Horse Racing Door Game! Do You Have What it Takes
to Become A Member of the Million Dollar Club? Choose From 6 Different
Horses in Each Race. Will You Horse Win, Place or Show? the Odds Are
RACE_10.ZIP 08-13-97 The Racer's Companion: Car racer's program
RACING.ZIP 06-10-90 Race car freq. list
RACKET.ZIP 07-28-93 Great Game of Racket Ball for Cga Monitors!
RACKM155.ZIP 08-10-96 Rack-em-up! V 1.55 Very Slick Card Game by Robin Farkas/Rob Flor.
Arrange Cards in Ascending Order & Get 3 in A Row. High Scorers Offered
Bonus Round of Quick (Timed) Trivia. This Game is Addicting!
RACNT10.ZIP 11-07-93 RA Count v1.0 - A RemoteAccess v2.* Total Call utility. Command line
utility to change the number of calls reported to the bbs. Used for
corrupted or lost SYSINFO.BBS. ! FREE ! By jLc Software.
RAD205.ZIP 08-23-91 Door that allows access to dBase files.
RAD209.ZIP 10-01-91 Remote Access Database v2.09
RAD211.ARJ 12-19-13 RAD v2.11 Universal On-line Database
RAD211.ZIP 11-18-91 dBASE III+ Clone with Communications
RAD215.ZIP 10-30-93 RAD Plus - REMOTE ACCESS DATABASE is a dBASE compatible Database Door.
Lotus like online menus or a command mode using basic xbase like
commands. Has SysOp related features like Chat, Jump to DOS, Toggle
User Levels, immediate hangup, etc. Displays info files on databases,
has user passwords. Can be maintained remotely. For any BBS system that
can create a Dorinfo1.def file.
RADARDSS.ZIP 12-12-93 Deskpic Screen Saver Module Radar Sweeps Your Screen.
RADARJAM.ZIP 09-02-94 Highway Radar Jamming
RADB_200.ZIP 05-01-91 RemoteAccess D'Bridge calls Today! v2.00
RADB_300.ARJ 12-19-13 RA & DB Callers Today v3.00 ( For RA 1.10 )
RADB_300.ZIP 11-15-91 RA DB Callers Today v3.00 (For RA 1.10).
RADCD104.ZIP 10-07-95 Radcd Ver 1.04 - Major Update Remoteaccess Dropped Carrier Detector
Reads Ra.Log and Posts Message to Users Who Drop Caller. Can Modify Sec
for Excessive Drops, User File Maint Included. Supports Multi-line
RADCOM.ZIP 02-15-94 PERSONAL RADCOM VER. 4.00 Radiation Plume Dispersion Program-
Personal RADCOM is a radiation cloud (plume) dispersion program for
nuclear reactors. Program allows the user to enter the weather
conditions and the amount of radiation being released and then shows
downwind concentrations and plume location. Engineering REED CONSULTING
RADF100.ZIP 12-06-95 G_os2 Rexx-adventure Lets You Play and Write Text